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Princeton, Mercer County, NJ


Latitude: 40.3572976, Longitude: -74.6672226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cleveland, Richard Folsom  28 Oct 1897Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I36248
2 Cooley, Catharine  Abt 1811Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I275160
3 Cooley, William Scudder  Abt 1809Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I275159
4 Fitzrandolph, John  4 Apr 1749Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I103901
5 Fitzrandolph, Nathaniel  11 Nov 1703Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I103899
6 Gibby, William Dwight  11 Mar 1868Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I434431
7 Luce, Eleanor  27 Sep 1796Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I42484
8 Lund, Dana  Abt 1961Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I250066
9 Mershon, John  22 Aug 1773Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I326653
10 Olden, Ruth Sexton  18 Jun 1813Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I293789
11 Packer, James  14 Feb 1725Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I467919
12 Scott, Mehitable Hettie  14 Feb 1757Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I434495
13 Scudder, Hannah  1788Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I275127
14 Snowden, Reverend Samuel Finley  6 Nov 1767Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I476689
15 Stockton, Richard  1 Oct 1730Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I169719
16 Stockton, Ruth  26 May 1729Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I434503
17 Truesdell, Thomas  Abt 1769Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I194861
18 Updike, Jerusha  Abt 1769Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I439549
19 Updike, Miss  Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I105942
20 White, James Hamilton  1809Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I333546
21 Woodbridge, Frederick Dudley  15 Apr 1960Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I298242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashley, Harmon Hadley  Sep 1970Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I40109
2 Barlow, Arthur William  12 Jun 1991Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I585458
3 Bennett, Anna Margaret  7 Dec 1968Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I293429
4 Bishop, Charles Seaman  Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I86111
5 Burr, Aaron  24 Sep 1757Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I197535
6 Chew, Guy  19 Apr 1826Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I405456
7 Cleveland, 22nd & 24th U.S. President Grover Stephen  24 Jun 1908Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I11423
8 Cleveland, Ruth  7 Jan 1904Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I11432
9 Coleman, Olivia Maria  28 Sep 1847Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I267428
10 Creamer, Jacqueline Winifred  Dec 1973Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I537378
11 Doty, Benjamin  11 May 1746Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I604125
12 Edwards, Dwight Woodbridge  15 Oct 1967Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I197637
13 Edwards, Reverend Jonathan  28 Mar 1758Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I73059
14 Ely, Montague Ripka  26 May 1880Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I530300
15 Fitzrandolph, Benjamin  5 Oct 1746Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I103890
16 Hooglandt, Katriena  15 Nov 1796Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I499244
17 Leonard, Frances Mranees  8 Mar 1898Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I350076
18 Lund, Dana  Abt 1961Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I250066
19 Mattison, Aaron Jr.  2 Nov 1800Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I662918
20 McFarland, Helen Josephine  30 Nov 1971Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I298238
21 Miller, Reverend Samuel D.D.  7 Jan 1850Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I528621
22 Olden, Ruth Sexton  28 Jul 1861Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I293789
23 Perkins, Matthew  Abt 1763Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I259005
24 Sergeant, Jonathan Esq.  Jan 1777Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I528407
25 Towne, Mary Rebecca  1963Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I339778
26 Woodbridge, Frederick Dudley  16 Jun 1986Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I298242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cleveland, 22nd & 24th U.S. President Grover Stephen  June 1908Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I11423


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cleveland, Francis Grover  18 Jul 1903Princeton, Mercer County, NJ I36249


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Breese / Finley  14 Nov 1765Princeton, Mercer County, NJ F171168
2 Dell / Cleveland  28 Nov 1917Princeton, Mercer County, NJ F4052
3 Force / Updike  Abt 1790Princeton, Mercer County, NJ F157701
4 Stebbins / Olden  Sep 1848Princeton, Mercer County, NJ F102444
5 Woodbridge / Edwards  7 Jun 1764Princeton, Mercer County, NJ F1116