Day Family Genealogy
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Oswego County, NY



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Isaac Rush  June 1849Oswego County, NY I287757
2 Bateman, Stephen  1832Oswego County, NY I329186
3 Bennett, Parker Hudson  1852Oswego County, NY I355182
4 Burt, Sally Sarah  Abt 1785Oswego County, NY I440201
5 Carter, Phineas  Abt 1841Oswego County, NY I696592
6 Clark, Ann  1845Oswego County, NY I329180
7 Clark, Arletta  1848Oswego County, NY I329179
8 Clark, Edward  Abt 1838Oswego County, NY I434914
9 Clark, Ella A.  Abt 1850Oswego County, NY I329174
10 Clark, Emily A.  Abt 1834Oswego County, NY I434913
11 Clark, Emory W.  1832Oswego County, NY I329182
12 Clark, Marion A.  1837Oswego County, NY I329177
13 Clark, Newton L.  1841Oswego County, NY I329181
14 Clark, Rosaltha  1846Oswego County, NY I329176
15 Clark, Sarah L.  1843Oswego County, NY I329178
16 Clark, Susan M.  1834Oswego County, NY I329175
17 Drake, Albert M.  3 Nov 1831Oswego County, NY I345414
18 Eastman, Charles Carroll  3 Feb 1841Oswego County, NY I323526
19 Gifford, Gardner  1778-1800Oswego County, NY I496375
20 Hager, Harriet  Abt 1810Oswego County, NY I345190
21 Loomis, Dewitt Charles  23 Sep 1864Oswego County, NY I444961
22 Rice, Laura Ann  27 Apr 1824Oswego County, NY I45371
23 Rice, Lovinnia  10 Jul 1820Oswego County, NY I45365
24 Rice, William Harrison  12 Oct 1813Oswego County, NY I440198
25 Rude, Hiram  Abt 1831Oswego County, NY I515588
26 Simons, Adda  6 Feb 1864Oswego County, NY I162982
27 Simons, Alice  Apr 1859Oswego County, NY I162981
28 Taylor, Oran Harmon  12 Nov 1877Oswego County, NY I697262
29 Thorp, Henry Morgan  1836Oswego County, NY I257259
30 Welch, S.A.  Abt 1839Oswego County, NY I329187
31 Wheeler, John Hoffman  22 Feb 1857Oswego County, NY I696984
32 Woodward, Charlie  8 Oct 1855Oswego County, NY I345526
33 Woodward, Harriet H.  19 Jul 1863Oswego County, NY I345527
34 Woodward, Jerome B.  Abt 1823Oswego County, NY I345525


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Benson, John  Oswego County, NY I531239
2 Bigelow, Amanda  20 May 1857Oswego County, NY I117179
3 Bishop, John  Oswego County, NY I583133
4 Breese, Sarah  16 Jun 1879Oswego County, NY I476659
5 Cheesman, Caroline Eliza  12 Dec 1859Oswego County, NY I518450
6 Clark, Chauncey M.  Aft 1880Oswego County, NY I434912
7 Clark, Justus T.  31 Jul 1873Oswego County, NY I294591
8 Clark, Veranda  28 Jan 1874Oswego County, NY I294587
9 Clark), Lucy (Mrs.  Aft 1860Oswego County, NY I200522
10 Fish, Simeon  23 Oct 1846Oswego County, NY I699740
11 Frary, Orange  8 Jan 1842Oswego County, NY I268406
12 Gale, Polly  Aft Aug 1826Oswego County, NY I496357
13 Hager, Harriet  Abt 1858Oswego County, NY I345190
14 Kilborn, David  1847Oswego County, NY I687460
15 Miner, Warren Bruce  2 Oct 1992Oswego County, NY I218746
16 Peckham, David  Aft 1870Oswego County, NY I656073
17 Ransom, Samuel  13 Dec 1861Oswego County, NY I610806
18 Simons, Adda  20 Feb 1864Oswego County, NY I162982
19 Simons, Alice  19 Aug 1865Oswego County, NY I162981
20 Taft, Ferdinand Vandeveere  9 Jan 1881Oswego County, NY I450679
21 Tuttle, John  29 Sep 1876Oswego County, NY I496970
22 Weller, Ann  1832Oswego County, NY I268409


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Smith, Azariah  1 Aug 1828Oswego County, NY I28132


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Goodrich  1 Sep 1879Oswego County, NY F116381
2 Calkins / Ludington  1855Oswego County, NY F186378
3 Calkins / Pruyn  Abt 1792Oswego County, NY F186372
4 Clark / Clark)  Bef 1824Oswego County, NY F68164
5 Hale / Kinne  Abt 1830Oswego County, NY F104602
6 Halstead / Isham  1 Oct 1908Oswego County, NY F249561
7 Isham / Halstead  23 Sep 1908Oswego County, NY F249559
8 Isham / McCarrey  15 Apr 1914Oswego County, NY F249272
9 Lewis / Doty  12 Aug 1827Oswego County, NY F37957
10 Newell / Comstock  Abt 1829Oswego County, NY F224556
11 Odekirk / Dutcher  1830Oswego County, NY F22720
12 Sabin / Van Valkenburg  Abt 1840Oswego County, NY F117768
13 Simons / Helmer  Bef 1829Oswego County, NY F106601
14 Thorp / Miller  1826Oswego County, NY F128326
15 Woodruff / Pierce  7 Jan 1871Oswego County, NY F9662
16 Woodward / Drake  5 Oct 1848Oswego County, NY F123428