List of Early New England Marriages
- Updated 12 Nov 2012

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Donald F. Day, Ottawa, ON, Canada
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First Name Of Husband Starting With  ( Q )

Marriages are listed as follows;

1st column - First Name of Husband  then last name
2nd Column - Wife first name then last name
3rd Column - Marriage Date
4th Column - Marriage Location
5th Column - Source of information

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Qember Haulkins Abigail Bliss 7 Dec 1766 Congregational Church, Griswold, New London County, CT Early Connecticut Marriages
Quartus Newel Lucy Foot 28 Feb 1805 First Congregational Church, Southington, Hartford County, CT Sketches of Southington, Conn., Heman R. Timlow, Hartford, 1875
Quash (negro) Tabitha Willoughby (negro) 9 Oct 1760 Congregational Church, Newington, Hartford County, CT Early Annals of Newington, 1874