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Complete Revision of:

A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England

showing three generations of those who came before May 1692

on the basis of John Farmer`s Register






Volume 1 originally published Boston 1860-62


Second revision published by James Savage 1965

Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company 1965

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KATES. See Cates.


KATHERICK. See Carthrick.


SAMUEL KEAIS, New Hampshire, married 4 February 1696, Mary, widow of John Hoddy, had Samuel, born 11 April 1697; and William, 27 August 1699.


RICHARD KEATS, Boston 1677, bricklayer.


BENJAMIN KEAYNE, Boston 1638, only son of Rober Keaynet, born in London, came with his father when his age was rated perhaps two or more years too low, freeman 6 September 1639, Artillery Company 1638, married before 9 June 1639, Sarah Dudley, daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley, had only child Ann; lived some short time at Lynn, was a Major went home, in disgust with his wife about 1645, and repudiated her; died 1668.  She had been disciplined November 1646 for irregular prophesy, and was excommunicated in October 1647, and sadly degraded but was made the wife of one Pacey.  Ann, who was well provided for in will of grandfather Keayne, making the chief gentleman here to assist his wife "to dispose of her for her future education unto some such wise and godly mistress or family where she may have her carnal disposition most of all subdued and reformed by strict discipline; and also that they would show like care and assistance in seasonable time to provide some fit and godly match, proportional to her estate and condition that she may live comfortable and be fit to do good in her place, and not to suffer her to be circumvented or to cast away herself upon some swagger. gentleman or other, that will look more after the enjoyment what she hath, than live in the fear of God, and true love to her," married 11 December 1657, Edward Lane, a merchant from London, and, next, to Nicholas Paige; but she seems ill to have repaid the pious care of her grandfather and died 30 June 1704.  Her grandfather took care, that her mother "Sarah Dudley, now Sarah Pacey, may have no part" of the property thus giving to the daughter.  The unhappy wife of Keayne died November 1659.  See Winthrop I. 314 and II. 4.

JOHN KEAYNE, Hingham, died 14 January 1650, of who no more is known but that his name appears sometimes Cane. 

ROBERT KEAYNE, Boston, merchant of the Taylors' company of London, came in the Defence, 1635, aged 40, with wife Ann, 38; and son Benjamin, 16; perhaps, however, some of these years are designedly wrong.  In 1624 he had been one of the undertakers, who encouraged the Plymouth Pilgrims, and of his published spirit no doubt can be felt by any who reads his will, begun 1 August 1653, and for some years extended.  Of husband a very short abstract is seen in Genealogical Registrar VI. 89 and 152.  He was freeman 25 May 1636, Representative 1638 and 9, one of the founders of Artillery Company having been "trained up in military discipline from his younger years" in London Artillery; died 23 March 1656, and his widow married 16 October 1660, Samuel Cole.

WILLIAM KEAYNE, Boston, had wife Agnes, who joined the church 31 May 1646.


KEBY, or KEBBY. See Kibby.


KEDALL, KEDELL, or KEEDELL, is a strange name of two maids that married very reputable at Watertown, viz. Mary, 11 January 1655, Thomas Whitney; and Bethia, 3 November 1666, Theophilus Phillips; and long and large inquiry has been foiled as to their origin.


BENJAMIN KEDEN, Boston 1661, servant of Rice Jones.


JOHN KEELER, Norwalk, son of Ralph Keeler, married 18 June 1678, Mehitable Rockwell, daughter of John Rockwell, had Elizabeth, born 19 March 1679; John, 26 December 1682; and, perhaps, others; was Representative 1698.

RALPH KEELER, Hartford, had a lot in 1640, though not original proprietor there, had Rebecca, born 9 February 1651; and Elizabeth who may have been born at Norwalk; besides an elder daughter who married Thomas Moorhouse, who was not named in the will of 20 August 1672, when he calls his age 59 years, and the Court of Probate corrected the oversight in her favor.  With the first settlement of Norwalk he planted there, was freeman 1668, had John, Ralph, Samuel, and Jonah, who died 1676; and died 1672, between 20 August and 10 September.  He had married Sarah, widow of Henry Whelpley.

RALPH KEELER, Norwalk, perhaps the eldest son of the preceding, freeman 1675, had Sarah, who married 7 December 1702, Nathan Olmstead, as may be guessed from Hall, 194.  Probably he had other children.

SAMUEL KEELER, Norwalk, brother of the preceding, was in the great Narragansett fight, 19 December 1675, married 10 March 1682, Sarah Sension, daughter of Mark Sension, or St. John, had Samuel; and probably more; was Representative 1701.

WALTER KEELER, Norwalk 1651, perhaps a nonentity.


EDWARD KEELEY, or EDWARD KEILEY, New Haven, a proprietor in 1685, may be he, who came from London, 1635, in the Hopewell, Captain Bundocke, aged 14.  In his will, of 27 September 1690, is named no wife nor child, but legacies of his small property are seen to Nathan Andrews and two others.


ARTHUR KEEN, or ARTHUR KEAN, Boston, died March or April 1687, his will being of 21 March in that year, probated 14 April following.  It mentioned wife Jane, to whom he gave all his estate for her life; son John and daughter Sarah Pierce, who was wife of William, married 13 July 1666, equal share of remainder.

JAMES KEEN, or JAMES KEAN, Braintree 1645, was Captain.

JOHN KEEN, or JOHN KEAN, Boston 1662, mariner, and in few years innholder, may be that passenger in the Confidence from Southampton, 1638, aged 17, with Martha, 60, who may have been his mother, Elizabeth, Martha, Josias, and Sarah, probably his brother and sister.

JOSIAH KEEN, or JOSIAH KEAN, Duxbury, married Hannah Dingley, daughter of John Dingley, had John, born 1661; Josiah; Matthew; and Hannah.  The last married 1695, Isaac Oldham of Scituate. 

WILLIAM KEEN, or WILLIAM KEAN, Salem 1638, of who Felt says, he had in that year a grant of land and nobody else tells anything.


ALEXANDER KEENY, ALEXANDER KENY, or ALEXANDER KEENEY, Wethersfield, freeman 1667, died 1680, leaving Alexander, 18; Thomas and Sarah, twins 16; Joseph, 14; Lydia, 11; Ebenezer, 8; and Richard, 6.  His widow Alice died 1683.

JOHN KEENY, JOHN KENY, or JOHN KEENEY, New London, son of William Keeny, freeman 1670, married October 1661, Sarah Douglas, daughter of William Douglas, had Susanna, born September 1662; John, William, and Hannah.

WILLIAM KEENY, WILLIAM KENY, or WILLIAM KEENEY, Gloucester, by wife Agnes, had Susanna; Mary; and John, born about 1640; removed to New London about 1651; in 1662 was aged about 61, and his wife 63; he died 1675.  Susanna married Ralph Parker; and Mary married Samuel Beebe.  This name is not became Kinne.


JOHN KEEP, Springfield 1660, freeman 1669, married 31 December 1663, Sarah Leonard, had Sarah, born 1666; Elizabeth, 1668, died young; Samuel, 1670; Hannah, 1673; and Jabez, who was, with his mother taken by the Indians 20 March 1676, when the husband was killed, as were the mother and children soon after.  The Commander of the forces on Connecticut River Major Savage, in despatch of 28 March tells the story.

SAMUEL KEEP, Springfield, son of the preceding, married 1696, Sarah Colton, had twelve children.


JOHN KEESE, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, married 18 September 1682, Ann Manton, daughter of Shadrach Manton, had Alice, born August 1683; William, 26 October 1685; Patience, 27 June 1690; John, 14 March 1693; Shadrach, 5 October 1695; Ann, 26 October 1698; and he died 10 December 1700.


FRANCIS KERT, Northampton, had come from the East part of the Colony on serving in Philip's war, was at the Falls fight, 19 May 1676; married Hannah French, daughter of John French, had Francis, John, and, perhaps, Thomas.


JOHN KEETCH, Boston, by wife Hannah, had Mary, who died 1 January 1656, says the record.


KEISAR. See Keysar.


JAMES KEITH, first minister of Bridgewater, bred at one of the colleges In Aberdeen, came about 1662, was ordained early in 1664, when he was under 21 years, about 23 July 1719, in 76th year.  In the solemn induction a part was born by Reverend Increase Mather, perhaps the youngest minister in the assembly; yet in the Magnalia III. 4, with heedlessness, strange even in Cotton Mather, his third classis, "of such minister as came over to New England after the reestablishment of the Episcopal Church government" in England among all the veterans is crowded in our Keith; which might be less, could not be more than 18 years.  Ever honored should be his name for opposition to the design of putting to death the child of King Philip.  His first wife was Susanna Edson, probably daughter of Deacon Samuel Edson, and his second, 1707, was Mary Williams of Taunton, widow of Thomas; and all his children were by the first.  Of one daughter as I presume, the marriage is found at Taunton in the records of Jonathan Howard and Susanna Keith 8 January 1689.  Progeny of his sons James, Joseph, Samuel, Timothy, John, and Josiah, is scattered through most of the United States.  At Bridgewater alone in 1810, this name counted 200.  Of his daughters Margaret married a Hunt; and Mary married Ephraim Howard.

JAMES KEITH, Bridgewater, son of the preceding, by wife Mary, had James, born 1696; Mary, 1698; Gershom, 1701; Israel, 1703; Faithful, 1704; Esther, 1707; Jane, 1709; and Simeon, 1712; removed to Mendon 1719. JOHN KEITH, Bridgewater, brother of the preceding, married 1711, Hannah Washburn, daughter of Samuel Washburn, had John, born 1712; James, 1716; Israel, 1719; Hannah, 1721; Kezia, 1723; Daniel, 1725; Susanna, 1727; Zephaniah, 1730; Joseph; and Mary; and died 1761.  His widow died 1766.

JOSEPH KEITH, Bridgewater, brother of the preceding, married Elizabeth Fobes, daughter of Edward Fobes, had Ann, born 1695; Susanna, 1697; Joseph, 1699; Jemima, 1701; Eleazer, 1703; Abigail, 1705; Ephraim, 1707; Ichabod, 1709; Martha, 1711; Mary, 1713; and Elizabeth 1716; was Representative 1726, and made his will 1730; and his widow made hers 1759.

JOSIAH KEITH, Bridgewater, brother of the preceding, married 1703, Mary Lothrop, daughter of Samuel Lothrop, had Margaret, born 1704; Joseph, 1706; William, 1708; Mark, 1710; Sarah, 1712; Mary, 1714; Daniel, 1716; Jane; Silence; and Phebe; and removed to Easton.

SAMUEL KEITH, Bridgewater, brother of the preceding, married 1703, Bethia Fobes, daughter of Edward Fobes, had Constant, born 1703; Amos, 1705; Samuel, 1707; Bethia, 1710; Susanna, 1714; Ebenezer, 1716; Robert, 1718; Jane, 1720; and Benjamin, 1723, and died 1750.

TIMOTHY KEITH, Bridgewater, brother of the preceding, married 1710, Hannah Fobes, daughter of Edward Fobes, had Timothy, born 1711; Abiah, 1712; Nathan, 1714; and Hannah, 1718.  His wife died 1765; and he died 1767, in 83d year says Mitchell, from whose work all of this family is taken.  Four at Harvard and three at the other New England colleges had been graduates in 1829.


JAMES KELLEN, JAMES KILLIN, or JAMES KELLING, Charlestown, married 12 December 1679, Hannah Trarice, perhaps daughter of John Trarice, had James, born 10 May following, Samuel, 1 October 1682; and Margaret, 25 October 1684.


DANIEL KELLOGG, Norwalk 1655, by first wife who is unknown to us, had Mary, born 1663, who married 1680, Joseph Platt of Milford; and Rachel, February 1664, who married December 1684, Abraham Nichols; and he married 1665, Bridget Bouton, daughter of John Bouton, as second wife had Sarah, February 1666, who married not, as often said Daniel Brinsmead, but Caleb Nichols the second; Elizabeth, August 1668 (but I find confusion in Hall, 187), who died young; Daniel, 7 May 1671; Samuel, February 1674; Lydia, April 1676; Benjamin and Joseph, twins March 1678, of who Benjamin died before November 1703; was Representative 1670, and six of seven years after; and died 1688.

DANIEL KELLOGG, Norwalk, eldest son of the preceding, had Daniel, born 7 March 1691; John, about 1701; Benjamin, 1704; Joanna, 1706; and Eliasaph, July 1709; and the father died that year.  Whether he had more than one wife or who was mother of his children I find not.

JOSEPH KELLOGG, Farmington, weaver, freeman 1654, had Elizabeth, born 3 March 1651; Joseph, 11 August 1653; Nathaniel, baptized 29 October 1654; who all died young; John, baptized 28, not as printed in Genealogical Registrar XIV. 126, making it Monday, 29 December 1656; and Martin; removed 1659 to Boston, had Edward, born 1 October 1660, but next year sold his property in Boston and went to Hadley; where his first wife Joanna died 14 September 1666, and he married 9 May following Abigail Terry, daughter of Stephen Terry.  Besides these children he had Samuel, 28 September 1662; Joanna, 8 December 1664, who married 29 November 1683, John Smith of Hadley; and Sarah, 27 August 1666; all by first; and by second wife had Stephen, 9 April 1668; Nathaniel, 8 October 1669; Abigail, 9 October 1671; Elizabeth, October 1673; Prudence, 14 October 1675; Ebenezer, 22 November 1677; Jonathan, 25 December 1679; Daniel, 23 March 1682, died in 2 years; Joseph, 12 May 1684; Daniel, again, 10 June 1686 and Ephraim, 1687, died young.  All the daughters were married.  In the Falls fight he was a Lieutenant and commanded the men of Hadley.  He died 1707, then having of the twenty, fourteen adult children.  As they scattered so much, I give the places of residence of most of the eleven.  Son John, who had ten children by two wives lived at Hadley; Martin was at Hatfield, and Deerfield; Edward had nine children born at Hadley, and then removed to Brookfield; Samuel, settled at Hartford, had nine children; Stephen, in Westfield, had eleven children; Nathaniel, at Hadley and Amherst, had eight or nine children; Ebenezer, and Jonathan settled at Colchester; Joseph, who had no children, and died 9 September 1724, was at Hatfield.

JOSEPH KELLOGG, called junior, was at Hadley in 1678, old enough to take oath of fidelity in February 1679.

JOSEPH KELLOGG, Norwalk, son of the first Daniel Kellogg, married 25 November 1702, Sarah Plum, daughter of John Plum of Milford, had Elizabeth, born 5 October 1703; Sarah, 5 April 1706; Joseph, 26 September 1707; Rachel, 15 July 1710; Hannah, 1 August 1712; and his wife died 17 August following, but the same page of Hall, in the next line, says he married Mary, widow of Andrew Lyon, on 17 August 1712, which must be a mistake for; 10 October, and this was less than eight weeks after death of first wife; and had David, 28 September 1715; and Benjamin, 26 September 1717; and died about 1721.

MARTIN KELLOGG, Hatfield, son of the first Joseph Kellogg, married 10 December 1684, Ann Insdale, daughter of Samuel Hinsdale, had Martin, born 26 October 1686; and Ann, 14 July 1689; by second wife Sarah Dickinson, daughter of the first John Dickinson of Hadley, widow of Samuel Lane, had Joseph, 8 November 1691; Joanna, 8 February 1693; Rebecca, 22 December 1695; and Jonathan, 17 December 1698.  He, with children Martin, Joseph, Joanna, and Rebecca, were taken 29 February 1704, by the French and Indians when they destroyed Deerfield (where he had lived some years) and carried to Canada, and long kept prisoners but all came back, except Joanna, who married an Indian child and bore him children.

NATHANIEL KELLOGG, Farmington 1653, probably brother of Joseph Kellogg, had been one of the settlers at Hartford 1640, though not original proprietor, had wife Elizabeth, but no children, and died after short residence at Farmington.  From his will of 4 June 1657, gives all his house and lands at Farmington to wife for life, and after to his brother John Kellogg and two married sisters all dwelling in Old England and ordered, that brother and sister shall pay cousin i. e. nephew Joseph’s three children £6. etc.  My correspondence inferred as most soundly he might, “that the family had an English origin, rather than a Scotch one.”  This would correct the suggestion in Genealogical Registrar XII. 199, repeated in XIV. 126.  Even without inquiry as to first coming, we know that within the bounds of New England at the date of that will there could not be one Scottish family in two thousand.  However, in the same Volume XIV. 377, a more reasonable tradition is offered that the family was from Isle of Wight.

NATHANIEL KELLOGG, Hadley, son of Joseph Kellogg of the same, married 28 June 1692, Sarah Boltwood, daughter of Samuel Boltwood, had Nathaniel, born 22 September 1693; Eleazer, 31 May 1695; Ezekiel, 15 April 1697; Samuel, 4 April 1699; Sarah, 12 March 1701; Abigail, 19 March 1703; Mary, 9 March 1706; Ephraim, 2 August 1709; and perhaps Experience; removed to Amherst, and died 30 October 1750.

SAMUEL KELLOGG, Hatfield, perhaps brother of first Joseph Kellogg, married 24 November 1664, Sarah Day, widow of Nathaniel Guno, daughter of Robert Day, had Samuel, born 1669; Nathaniel, 1671; Ebenezer, 1674; and Joseph, 1676, who was killed with his mother 19 September 1677 by the Indians who carried young Samuel off to Canada, whence he came back.  He married 1679, Sarah Root of Westfield, had John, born 1680; and Thomas, 1681; who both died at Hatfied unmarried over 70 years of age; and Sarah, 1684.  The elder sons Nathaniel and Ebenezer settled at Colchester, and perhaps, Samuel too.

SAMUEL KELLOGG, Hartford, son perhaps, of Joseph Kellogg the first, married 22 September 1687, Sarah Merrill, daughter of John Merrill, had Samuel, born 1688; Margaret, January 1690; Abraham, 1692; John, 16 December 1694; Isaac, January 1697; Jacob, 17 April 1699; Benjamin, 1 January 1702; Joseph, 13 April 1703; and Daniel, April 1706; was Deacon, and died 1717.

SAMUEL KELLOGG, Norwalk, son of the first Daniel Kellogg, married 6 September 1704, Sarah Platt, daughter of John Platt, had Sarah, born 26 September 1705; Samuel, 23 December 1706; Mary, 29 January or June 1709; Martin, 23 March 1711; Abigail, 19 January 1713; Lydia, 30 October 1715; Gideon, 5 December 1717; and Epenetus, 26 June 1719.

STEPHEN KELLOGG, Westfield, son of Joseph Kellogg of Hadley, by wife Lydia, had Lydia, born 24 January 1697; Moses, 26 October 1700, died young; Abigail, 27 December 1702; Daniel, 16 December 1704; Ephraim, 2 July 1707; Mercy, 30 October 1709; Noah, 13 February 1712; Silas, 7 April 1714; Amos, 13 September 1716; and died 5 June 1722.  Twenty of this name had, in 1829, been graduates at the New England colleges.  Large account of the descendants of Silas Kellogg, fifth son of Stephen Kellogg, before mentioned, who was the fifth son of Joseph Kellogg the first, may be seen in Genealogical Registrar XII. 202-6.


THOMAS KELLOND, Boston, merchant recently from England, had warrant, in May 1661, from our Governor Endicot, for pursuit that was fruitless of the regicides, Whalley and Goffe; married Abigail Hawkins, daughter of Captain Thomas Hawkins, widow of Samuel Moore, had Susanna, born 21 October 1665; John, 2 June 1667, died young; John, again, 13 February 1669, died young; Thomas, 18 July 1670, died young; Samuel, 11 September 1671; Elizabeth, 14 August 1673; Thomas, again, 29 August 1674; John, again, 15 June 1678; and Richard, 26 September 1681; died 12 July 1686, and his widow married third husband Honorable John Foster, who she outlived, 2 Massachusetts History Collection VIII. 68,105; Hutchinson 1. 243, 330; and Hutchinson Collection 334, where is the very curious document called their return.

THOMAS KELLOND, Boston, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 6 August 1687, died soon; Elizabeth again, 5 December 1689; Mary, 4 July 1697; and Thomas, 4 March 1699.


ABEL KELLY; Salem, freeman 2 June 1641, removed to where I know not.

BENJAMIN KELLY, a freeman of Massachusetts 1669, I can assign to no town with confidence.

DAVID KELLY, Boston, by wife Elizabeth, had David, born 18 December 1647; and Samuel, 1653, and another Samuel, 9 October 1657.  He died 1662, and his widow Elizabeth had administration of the children being referred to.  She married 4 August 1663, Robert Smith.

DAVID KELLY, Portsmouth, and Newbury, mariner, was, probably son of the preceding.

HENRY KELLY, Lancaster, was freeman 1668, if the printer have not mistaken the name, that, perhaps, was intended for Kerley.

JOHN KELLY, Newbury, among the first settlers came, says Coffin, from Newbury in Berks, 1635, had Sarah, born 12 February 1641; and John, 2 July 1642, died 28 December 1644.

JOHN KELLY, Newbury, only son of the preceding, married 25 May 1663, Sarah Knight, daughter of Richard Knight, had Richard, born 28 February 1666; John, 17 June 1668; Sarah, 1 September 1670; Abiel, 12 December 1672; Rebecca, 15 May 1675; Mary, 24 May 1678; Jonathan, 20 March 1681; Joseph, 1 December 1683; and Hannah, 17 November 1686.  He was freeman 1669, and died 21 March 1718.  His son John by his second wife Elizabeth Emery, besides seven other children, had John, born 8 October 1697, lived at Atkinson, died 27 April 1783, who was father of Colonel Moses Kelly, who died 2 August 1824, aged 86, and of Reverend William Kelly, Harvard College 1767, first minister of Warner, and father of John Kelly, the assistant secretary of the New Hampshire Historical Society, and Registrar of, probably for Rockingham.  A John Kelly was adminstered freeman of Connecticut 1658; but of his residence I learn not.

RENALD KELLY, or REGINALD KELLY, Pemaquid, took oath of fidelity 1674. 

ROGER KELLY, Isle of Shoals 1668, married at Exeter, 29 September 1681, Mary Holdridge, daughter of William Holdridge of Salisbury, was Representative at the first General Court in Boston says Farmer, under the new charter 1692.  Twelve of this name had, in 1829, been graduates at the New England colleges.


DANIEL KELSEY, son of William, went to Long Island where the family name has spread.

JOHN KELSEY, Hartford, son of William Kelsey, freeman 1668, married Phebe Disbrow, daughter of Nicholas Disbrow, removed to Killingworth; was Lieutenant 1709, leaving wife Hannah, children John, Joseph, Josiah, and three daughters, wives of Joseph Wilcoxson, Nathaniel Parmelee, and John Lane.

MARK KELSEY, Windsor, not brother of the preceding, married 8 March 1659, Rebecca Hoskins, had Rebecca, born 2 January following, and John, who died young.  His wife died 28 August 1683, and within four months he took second wife Abigail Atwood, who died 28 March 1713.

STEPHEN KELSEY, Hartford, son of William Kelsey, married 15 November 1672, Hannah Ingersoll, eldest daughter of John Ingersoll, first of Westfield, not "Higginson of Wethersfield," as Hinman, page 151, says, and repeats, 261; had Hannah, born 1675; Stephen, 20 September 1677; John, 20 January 1680; Daniel, 14 September 1682; William, 19 February 1685; James, 21 August 1687; and Charles, 15 June 1692; and died 30 November 1710.

WILLIAM KELSEY, Cambridge 1632, freeman 4 March 1635, removed to Hartford, thence, about 1663, to Killingworth, but at Hartford the only children born were Abigail, in April 1645; Stephen, 7 November 1647; and Daniel, February 1650; but, no doubt, others were omitted in the record or were earlier born at Cambridge, was Representative in 1671, when the record is Callsey, but oft it is Kelse, Kelso, Kelsea, Kelsa, or Kelsy.

WILLIAM KELSEY, of Hartford, by wife Abigail, had Abigail, born 1694; Jonathan, 1696; Ruth, 1698; and he died that year.




KEMBLE, or KEMBALL. See Kimball.


EDWARD KEMPE, Dedham, freeman 13 March 1639, probably was of Wenham 1651, and after a blacksmith, and died 17 December 1668, at Chelmsford, to whhere he removed 1655.  His will of 27 December preceding names only daughter Esther, wife of Samuel Foster, and her son Samuel Foster, and his own kinsman Samuel of Groton.

ROBERT KEMPE, Dedham 1639, administered with wife of the church that year, as was Esther on 6 March 1646

SAMUEL KEMPE, Billerica 1659, after probably at Andover, and at Groton, where the family widely extended, by wife Sarah, had Jonathan, born 6 April 1668; Mehitable, 4 January 1673; and Bethia, 9 July 1683.

WILLIAM KEMPE, Duxbury, is called in the custom house certificate from Southampton, April 1635, a servant, passenger in the James, arriving at Boston, 3 June following.  But I presume there is intentional carelessness in the number of passengers and as Thomas Thacher is not named this man's name may be miscalled; had William; and died September 1641, leaving widow Elizabeth administrator.

WILLIAM KEMPE Dover 1664, of who no more is known.

WILLIAM KEMPE, Duxbury, son of the first William Kempe, married Patience Thacher, daughter of Reverend Thomas Thacher.


DANIEL KEMPSTER, Cambridge, freeman 1647. Abigail, perhaps his daughter, more probably his wife, died 22 October 1657.  His will, of 27 September 1665, probated 2 1667, names no wife nor children.


DANIEL KEMPTHORNE, Cambridge, is in the list of creditors of James Astwood "for keeping his sons," 1653.

SIMON KEMPTHORNE, Charlestown, perhaps son of Daniel Kempthorne, married Mary Long, daughter of Robert Long, had Sarah, born 1656, who died 21 October 1671.  Early in July 1656 he brought from Barbados, as master of the ship Swallow, two women, the first Quakers in this Colony for which he was blamed by the Court-of Assistance, and he died about 1657.  His widow died 14 January 1675.


EPHRAIM KEMPTON, Scituate, perhaps brother of Manasseh, is included in the list of those able to bear arms, 1643, with Ephraim Kemton junior, but his name is erased because no doubt, he was too old or infirm, and he died about May 1645.  We know not when he came, but it was after 1627, as may clearly be inferred, for he is not mentioned in the divison of cattle that year.

EPHRAIM KEMPTON, Scituate, probably son of the preceding, born in England, married 28 January 1646, Joanna Rawlins, daughter of Thomas Rawlins, had Joanna, born 29 September 1647; Patience, 2 October 1648, died soon; Ephraim, 1 October 1649; Manasseh, 1 January 1652; and died 1655.  His widow died 31 March next year.  Deane, 299, is deficient in dates.

EPHRAIM KEMPTON, Boston, gunsmith, probably son of the preceding, had removed before 1677 to Salem, but, perhaps, after having there, by wife Mary Reeves, daughter of John Reeves of Salkem, Ephraim, born 14 November 1674; Kempton (if we can believe Essex Institute II. 25) but I suppose his name was John, 1 February 1676; and Samuel, 4 March 1681;  went to Plymouth late in life, and his son of the same name married 2 June 1702, Patience, daughter of famous Elder Faunce; and his widow is one of the instances, well authenticated (as very few are) of much exceeding 100 years of age.  Her memory was accurate, if not happy, for she saw the head of Philip, the great Indians King, upon a pole at Plymouth, where it remained over 20 years from his fall, and said, that a wren used to make her nest in the skull, where she hatched her young every year.

MANASSEH KEMPTON, Plymouth, one of the "old comers," probably in the Ann, 1623, though the name in the division of lands is printed Faunce, standing next to John Faunce, but the infrequent baptized name encourages this conjecture, and in the division of cattle, 1627, he had share with Julian Bradford, his wife, sister of Governor Bradford, widow of George Morton; was Representative 1639, at the first assembly in the Colony and for nine years more; was one of the first purchasers with Governor Bradford of Dartmouth, and died 14 January 1663; and the record adds: "He did much good in his place, the time God lent him."  His widow died 19 February 1665, in 81st year.  See Russell's Guide to Plymouth, appendix XI.


ROBERT KEN, Reading, among early settlers


FRANCIS KENDALL, Woburn 1640, married 24 December 1644, Mary Tidd, had John, born 2 July 1646; Thomas, 10 January 1649; Mary, 20 January 1651; Elizabeth 15 January 1653; Hannah, 26 January 1655; Rebecca, 2 March 1657; Samuel, 8 March 1659; Jacob, 25 January 1661; and Abigail, 6 April 1666; was freeman 1647; in 1700 swore he was about fourscore years old.  His wife died 1705, and his will was probated soon after his death 1708.  Mary married Israel Read; Elizabeth married James Pierce; Hannah married William Green, as his second wife; Rebecca married Joshua Eaton; and Abigail married 24 May 1656, William Read.

JACOB KENDALL, Woburn, son of the preceding, married 2 January 1684, Persis Hayward, had Persis, born 24 August 1685; Jacob, 12 January 1687; Joseph, 17 December 1688; Jonathan, 2 November 1690, died very soon; Daniel, 23 October 1691.  His wife died 19 October 1694; and he married 10 January following Alice Temple, had Ebenezer, 9 November 1695; John, 19 January 1697; Sarah, 18 July 1698; Esther, 20 November 1699; Hezekiah, 26 May 1701; Nathan, 12 December 1702; Susanna, 27 October 1704; Phebe, 19 December 1706; David, 28 September 1708; Ebenezer, again, 5 April 1710; Alice, 31 January 1712; Abraham, 26 April 1712, according to the strange record; and Jacob, 22 April 1714.

JOHN KENDALL, Cambridge 1647, died 21 March 1661.  His daughter Elizabeth married 26 June 1647, Morris Somes of Gloucester.

JOHN KENDALL, Woburn, eldest child of Francis Kendall, married 29 January 1668, Hannah Bartlett, daughter of Thomas Bartlett, had Mary, born 1 September 1671; Lydia, 23 April 1674; Francis, 4 December 1678, died soon.  By second wife Elizabeth Comey, probably daughter of David, married 29 March 1681, had Francis, again, 11 April 1682; John, 7 October 1684; David, 14 November 1686; Elizabeth, 23 February 1689; Jonathan, 28 November 1690; and Rebecca, 22 March 1693; and he had third wife Eunice Brooks, widow of Samuel Carter, daughter of John Brooks.  He was freeman 1678.

ROBERT KENDALL, Massachusetts 1640.  Felt.

SAMUEL KENDALL, Woburn, son of Francis Kendall, married 13 November 1683, Rebecca Mixer, daughter of Isaac Mixer, had Samuel, born 13 August 1684; Isaac, 13 September 1686; Joshua, 14 March 1689; Rebecca, 6 July 1691, died soon; and his wife died 25 October following.  He married 30 March 1692, Mary Locke, daughter of William Locke, had Mary, born 3 February 1693; Rebecca, 26 January 1693; Abigail, 31 March 1697; Ebenezer, 16 May 1700; Ruth, 23 April 1703; and Tabitha, 22 January 1707; removed to Lancaster, and his will, says Barry, was probated 1749.

THOMAS KENDALL, Lynn, brother of Francis Kendall, freeman 1648, had one son who died young and another daughter besides the eight following: Elizabeth, born 17 February 1643; Rebecca, 10 February 1645; Mary, 24 December 1647; Hannah, 29 January 1650; removed to Reading, had Sarah, 22 June 1653; Abigail, 30 November 1655; Susanna, 27 June 1658; and Tabitha, 5 November 1660; was Deacon, and died 22 July 1681.  His widow Rebecca died 17 July 1703, aged 85.  Rebecca married 1665, James Boutell of Reading; Mary married Abraham Bryant; Hannah married 13 November  whose name is lost to me; and Tabitha married John Person.

THOMAS KENDALL, Woburn, son of Francis Kendall, by wife Ruth, married 1673, had Ruth, born 17 February 1675; Thomas, 19 May 1677; Mary, 27 February 1680; Samuel, 29 October 1682, father of Reverend Samuel, Harvard College 1731, of New Salem; Ralph, 4 May 1685; Eliezer, 16 November 1687; Jabez and Jane, twins 10 September 1692; and a son died at birth 16 December 1695, and the wife died two days after.  He married second wife 30 March 1696, Abigail Broughton, who died 31 December 1716, and he died 25 May 1730.  One of this name suffered death at Cambridge for the supposed crime of witchcraft, according to Hale, 18 and 19.  In 1828 eight of this name had been graduates at Harvard and three at other New England colleges.


JOHN KENNARD, Haddam, about 1674, married Rebecca Spencer, daughter of Jared Spencer of the same, and died February 1689, leaving John, 6 years old; and Elizabeth 2.  His widow married John Tanner.


ALEXANDER KENNEDY, Plymouth, by wife Elizabeth, had Hannah, born 1678; Elizabeth 1682; Joanna, 1685; William, 1689; Sarah, 1693; Annable, 1698; and John, 1703.  Descendants are at Middleborough.


RICHARD KENNET, Boston, died 1 April 1693.  His widow Susanna had administration.  I suppose he was an apothecary.


ROGER KENNICUT, Malden, married November 1661, Joanna Sheperson, had Joanna, born January 1664; Lydia, January 1667; and John, October 1669; was freeman 1670, but sold his estate 30 January 1679, he and his wife then called of Swanzey.


ALLEN KENNISTON, or ALLEN KINISTON, Salem 1638, or earlier, for Dorothy E. his wife is by Felt mentioned 1636, but in 1638 a grant of land was made to him, was freeman 18 May 1642, and died 1648; his will, made 10 November of that year was probated in the month following.

CHRISTOPHER KENNISTON, or CHRISTOPHER KINISTON, Portsmouth, married at Exeter, 4 December 1677, Mary Mushamore.  Perhaps he was son of William Kenniston.

JOHN KENNISTON, or JOHN KINISTON, Dover 1663, Greenland 1675, was killed by the Indians and his house burned 16 April 1677. Belknap I. 81.



ANDREW KENNY, or ANDREW KENNEY, Malden, by wife Elizabeth, had Samuel, born 28 October 1690.

DANIEL KENNY, or DANIEL KENNEY, Salem, son of Thomas Kenny, by wife Mary, had Daniel, born 19 October 1705;

HENRY KENNY, or HENRY KENNEY, Salem, by wife Ann, had John, born January 1651, baptized September 1654; Thomas, 1 March 1655; Hannah, 2 March 1657; Mary, born May, baptized 3 July 1659; Sarah, born 20 August 1661, baptized 29 June 1662; Elizabeth born December 1662; Lydia, April 1666; and Henry, 1 May 1669. 

HENRY KENNY, or HENRY KENNEY, Salem, perhaps son of the preceding, married 14 May 1691, Priscilla Lewis, had Jemima, born 14 February 1693; Priscilla, 29 October 1696; Dinah, 9 December 1698; and Mary, 5 April 1701.

JOHN KENNY, or JOHN KENNEY, Salem, had Hannah, baptized 8 March 1657, who probably died young, as his will names only wife Sarah; and he died 1670, says Felt.

JOHN KENNY, or JOHN KENNEY, Salem, son of Henry Kenny, married 17 June 1675, Elizabeth Look, perhaps daughter of Thomas Look, had John, born 25 March following; and Elizabeth 6 February 1678; but by another wife perhaps, had John, 15 August 1689; and Samuel, 26 October 1691.


THOMAS KENNY, or THOMAS KENNEY, Salem, son of Henry Kenny, married 23 May 1677, Elizabeth Knight, possibly daughter of Philip Knight, had Thomas, born 27 July 1678; Joseph, 7 September 1680; Daniel, 23 July 1682; and Jonathan, 27 May 1686. 

WILLIAM KENNY, or WILLIAM KENNEY, Gloucester, had removed before 1652 to New London, Gloucester 1664.  Gibbs.



ELIJAH KENRICK, ELIJAH KENERICK, often ELIJAH KENDRICK, Cambridge, son of John Kenrick, married Hannah Jackson, daughter of Deacon John Jackson of the same, had Margaret, born 29 January 1669; Hannah, 5 August 1670; Ann, 3 July 1672; John, 7 July 1675; Elijah, 11 May 1678; and Ebenezer, 12 February 1680; and died 24 December following.  His widow married 20 January 1683, John Hyde.

GEORGE KENRICK, GEORGE KENERICK, often GEORGE KENDRICK, Scituate 1634, freeman 1635, joined the church with wife 9 April 1637, had Deborah, baptized 25 November 1638, died in few weeks; Joseph, born February 1640; was Representative 1642 and 4, removed to Rehoboth 1645, says Deane, but more probably to Boston, where is recorded the birth by wife Jane of Joseph; and Deborah, 16 August 1646.  His son Isaac died 13 January 1676.

JOHN KENRICK, JOHN KENERICK, often JOHN KENDRICK, Boston 1639, administered 11 August of that year into the church, so that he had come, probably the former year if not earlier, and there is no slight reason to think he came with Mather in the James from Bristol, 1630; by wife Ann Smith, sister probably of Robert Smith, from London, had Hannah, baptized 9 February 1640, who died soon; John, 3 October 1641; Elijah, 21 January 1644, then six days old, died soon; Elijah, again, or Elisha, as the false record has it, 18, baptized 19 October 1645; and Hannah, again, 20 March 1652, who married 10 April 1674, Jonathan Metcalf.  He lived after 1652, when she sold his estate in Boston proper, in that part of Boston called Muddy River now Brookline, where his wife died 15 November 1656; but removed 1658 to Cambridge village, now Newton, there died 29 August 1686, aged 80, if we may reckon from his will of 21 January 1684, called himself about 78.  His widow Judith died says Roxbury record 23 August 1687.

JOHN KENRICK, JOHN KENERICK, often JOHN KENDRICK, Ipswich, or Rowley, married 12 November 1657, Lydia Cheny.

JOHN KENRICK, JOHN KENERICK, often JOHN KENDRICK, Newton, son of John Kenrick of Boston, by wife Esther, had Mercy, born 1 July 1673; Grace, 10 September 1674; Maria, 28 January 1676; Esther, 25 September 1677; Sarah, 26 February 1679; Hannah, 15 December 1680; Ann, 4 November 1682; Abigail, 12 November 1684; Mary; John, 6 January 1690; Elizabeth, 9 February 1693; Caleb, 8 March 1695; and Margaret, 15 January 1697; of who all but Abigail and John are named with grandson John Lyon, in his will, made the year of his death.  He served as selectman nine years, was freeman 1690, died 30 September 1721; and his widow died 1723, in 70th year.  He was ancestor of late John Kenrick Esq.

THOMAS KENRICK, THOMAS KENERICK, often THOMAS KENDRICK, Rehoboth, married 17 June 1681, Mary Perry, had Jehiel, born 23 March 1682; and Mary, 2 January 1684.  Some descendants make the first syllable end with d


JAMES KENT, Newbury, brother of Richard Kent junior, freeman 1669, had only son John, born 1641, possibly in England, died 12 December 1681.

JOHN KENT, Dedham 1652, freeman 1654, but of who no more is learned.

JOHN KENT, Charlestown, by wife Hannah Grissell, who died 9 January 1696, had Hannah, born 2 July 1667; Mary, 3 February 1670; Joshua, 15 June, baptized 7 July 1672, died soon; Joshua, again, 5, baptized 6 July 1673; Joseph, 13, baptized 17 October 1675; Samuel, 23 March 1678, died at 25 years; Ebenezer, born 18 August 1680; and Lydia, 16 July 1683.

JOHN KENT, Newbury, son of James Kent, freeman 1669, married 24 February 1663, Mary Hobbs, had John, born 8 April 1665, died soon; Sarah, 1 August 1666, married June 1696, Jacob Tappan; Mary, 10 September 1668, who died 17 March 1703; Richard, 25 June 1670; Jane, who Mr. Coffin says, married James Smith about 1696; but I know not who he was; John, 16 July 1675, died under 28 years; James, 3 September 1679; and William, 31 July 1682, who died at 20 years; and he died 30 January 1718; in 77th year.

JOHN KENT, Newbury, perhaps son of Richard Kent the first, married 13 March 1666, Sarah Woodman, had Sarah, born 30 August 1667; John, 23 November 1668; Richard, 17 January 1673; Mary, 24 October 1674; Emma, 20 April 1677; Hannah, 10 September 1679; Judith; Rebecca, 20 February 1685; and James, 5 March 1687.  Coffin says, Emma Kent, a widow but of which is unknown, died 10 January 1677.

JOHN KENT, Suffield, son of Samuel Kent, married 9 May 1686, Abigail Dudley, daughter of William Dudley, had Mary, born 26 January 1686, died in few weeks; John, 26 January 1688; Abigail, 28 September 1690; Deborah, 22 August 1693; Dudley, 23 October 1695; Mary, again, 29 October 1697, died soon; Daniel, 14 December 1698; Abner, 7 June 1701; Elisha, 3 July 1704; and by second wife Abigail Wenchell, had Joseph, 26 February 1710; Noah, 28 April 1714; and Experience, 4 March 1717; and died 11 April 1721, leaving widow with those ten children of which Elisha, Yale College 1729, was a minister whose son Moses, Yale College 1752, was father of the Honorable James Kent, LL.D. the distinguised jurist, late Chancellor of New York.

JOSEPH KENT, Dedham, brother of John Kent, as I guess from the equal bequests in the will of Elizabeth Hardier.  See Genealogical Registrar XIII. 12.

JOSEPH KENT, Charlestown, son of John Kent, died 30 May 1753, in 79th year as the gravestone asserts, when he was probably under 78.

JOSHUA KENT, Dedham 1643, probably brother of first John Kent, administered of the church November 1644, went home, and came again, 1645, bringing two brothers, it is said, but, perhaps, only one; freeman 1646; by wife Mary, had Lydia, born 17, baptized 28 February 1647; went, with wife again to England that year, his reasons not well satisfying his friends in the church but came, again, in October 1648, probably disheartened by the convulsions of his native land; that year had Sarah, born 27 March baptized 7 April 1650; and Mary, baptized 14 December 1651.

JOSEPH KENT, New Hampshire 1689.

OLIVER KENT, Dover 1648, died about 1670, leaving widow Dorothy.

RICHARD KENT, Ipswich 1634, came that year with another of the same church and surname, perhaps a couson, in the Mary and John, freeman 4 March 1635, removed with first settlers to Newbury 1635, left in England Sarah, and other daughters of who one, Rebecca, had married in England Samuel Scallard, and after his death she came, and, perhaps, brought daughter Mary, who married 4 December 1666, John Rolfe; and the mother married October 1647, John Bishop; but here, says Coffin, he had John, born 20 July 1645; and he died 11 June 1654.

RICHARD KENT, Newbury 1635, came the year before in the Mary and John, brother of James Kent, had wife Jane, who died 26 June 1674, and he married 6 January 1675, Joanna, widow of Nicholas Davison of Charlestown, and died 25 November 1689, without children, but gave his estate to his nephew John.

SAMUEL KENT, Gloucester, perhaps son of Thomas Kent of the same, born probably in England, by wife Frances Woodall, as Babson gives the name, married 17 January 1655, had Sarah, born 14 August 1657; Mary, 19 December 1658; Samuel, 26 October 1661; and John, 28 April 1664; was probably of Brookfield 1673-5, Suffield 1678, and back again to Gloucester, freeman 1681; but the same year of Suffield then part of Springfield, there his wife died 10 August 1683, and he died 2 February 1691.

SAMUEL KENT, Suffield, son of the preceding, married 1 November 1683, Priscilla Hunter, daughter of William Hunter, had Samuel, born 8 December 1685; Thomas, 3 April 1688; John, 24 August 1690, died young; and Josiah, 1692; he married 1696, second wife Martha, had Martha, who died soon; as did her mother, and he married 1700, third wife widow Esther Phelps, had Martha, 1703; Daniel and Mary, twins 1704; besides two, Benjamin, and Priscilla, of whose dates we hear not.  He died 1740, in his will of 1737 names the five surviving sons and three daughters.

STEPHEN KENT, Newbury, brother of the first Richard Kent, came, says Coffin, 1635; but if so, he went home, and came again 1638, in the Confidence from Southampton, with wife Margery, and four or five servants.  In his case is observation how readily the officers of the custom-house acquiesced in false statements to avoid the arbitrary orders of the Lords of Traae and plantation for his age is marking 17, that of his wife 16, and George March, servant 16; besides Hugh March, 20; Anthony Sadler, 9; Nicholas Wallington, a poor boy, without any years; and Rebecca Kent, 16, called servant perhaps to increase the delusion.  He was older, probably for he was sworn a freeman 22 May 1639; had Elizabeth, born 1 March 1642, died at 11 years; Hannah, 20 March 1644; Stephen, 6 March 1648; Rebecca, 3 August 1650; David, 26 May 1657; and Mary.  He had three wives Ann, the second died 3 May 1660; and he married 9 May 1662, Eleanor, widow of William Scadlock of Saco; and removed to Haverhill, thence to Woodbridge, New Jersey.  Hannah married 19 September 1669, Isaac Toppan, and died 10 December 1688; Rebecca married 12 August 1667, John Farnham the first of Andover.

THOMAS KENT, Gloucester 1643, died 1 April 1658; and his widow died 6 or 16 October 1671.

THOMAS KENT, Gloucester, perhaps son of the preceding, married 28 March 1659, Joan Penny, daughter of Thomas Penny, had Thomas, born 31 March 1660; Mary, 22 January 1662; Mercy and Joan, twins 24 February 1665, died both in 6 days; Joan, again, 5 August 1666; and John, 2 January 1677; was of Brookfield 1671, freeman 1690. 

WILLIAM KENT, Boston 1662, married Mary, widow of John Mears; of Artillery Company 1667, its Ensign 1673, died 9 July 1691.  Seven of this name had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard and nine at other New England colleges.


EDMUND KERLEY, EDMUND CARSLEY, or EDMUND CARLSLY, of Ashmore, County Dorset, near Shaftsbury, husbandman, embarked in the Confidence, 24 April 1638 aged 22, at Southampton; but we know no more of him.

HENRY KERLEY, HENRY CARSLEY, or HENRY CARLSLY, Lancaster, son of William Kerley, born about 1632, brought probably by his father to Hingham, married 2 November 1654, Elizabeth White, daughter of John White, had Henry, born 1658; William, 1659; Joseph, 1669; and probably other children; freeman 1668; but in 1676, after his wife (a sister of famous Mary Rowlandson, the wife of the minister) with the two last named children, were killed by the Indians 10 February at the assault (in which Mrs. Rowlandson as she has related, was taken) he married 18 April 1676, Elizabeth How at Charlestown, went to Marlborough, and there spent the rest of his days, was a Captain, and his deposition against Andros, 27 December 1689, with Thomas How, is given in Revolution in New England.  Justif. 35.  See Willard's History of Lancaster, 27, 8, and 38.

WILLIAM KERLEY, WILLIAM CARSLEY, or WILLIAM CARLSLY, Hingham 1637, of Sudbury about 1641, removed to Lancaster, freeman 1647; in his old age married second wife 16 May 1664, Rebecca, widow of Thomas Josselyn, and died 14 July 1670, leaving William, and Henry, before mentioned.  His will of 26 July 1669 adds nothing to our acquaintance with his family.

WILLIAM KERLEY, WILLIAM CARSLEY, or WILLIAM CARLSLY, Sudbury, eldest son probably of the preceding, by which he was, perhaps, left in England, came in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, called of Ashmore, with Edmund, before mentioned, who may have been uncle or brother removed to Marlborough, freeman 1666; by wife Jane, had Mary, born at Sudbury 4 May 1667; Sarah, 23 January 1669; and Hannah, 8 January 1671; was an Ensign, died at Marlborough, 4 January 1684.  I suppose the name is misprinted Kerby in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 241.


HENRY KESKEYS, Boston, by wife Ruth, had Henry, born 3 May 1656.


EDWARD KETCHAM, Ipswich 1635, freeman 9 March 1637, may reasonably be thought progenitor of all of the name in our country, and therefore I regret the more that we are ignorant of the circumstances of his migration and subsequent residence.  By conjecture it seems to me, that

EDWARD KETCHAM of Stratford, who died before 1678, was his son whose daughter Rebecca married 14 February 1678, Thomas Taylor of Norwalk.  An Edward Ketcham married Mary Harcutt, daughter of Richard Harcutt, but probably he was of Long Island, yet may have been the Stratford man, who in his will of June 1655 names three daughters Mary, Hannah, and Esther.

HENRY KETCHAM, Ipswich 1638, perhaps son of the preceding.

JOHN KETCHAM, Ipswich 1648, probably son of Edward, removed to that part of Long Island, called Setauket, now Brookhaven, constable, stood up for the jurisdiction of Connecticut, was honored 1662, with a commission to make his neighbor swear, and Representative 1664.  In 1668 he removed to Newtown, there was a man of influence to his death 1697.  Riker, 89.

JOSEPH KETCHAM, Norwalk 1672, possibly son of the preceding, or grandson of Edward Ketcham, married 3 April 1679, Mercy Lindall, daughter of Deacon Henry Lindall of New Haven, had Nathaniel, born 23 January 1680; and Sarah, 19 February 1672; was in town service 1701.

SAMUEL KETCHAM, Newtown, Long Island, 1655, probably brother of John Ketcham, was of Setauket, freeman of Connecticut 1664, and with Edward Ketcham, who may, also, have been brother at Huntington, 1672.


JAMES KETTLE, Salem, son of the first John Kettle, by wife Elizabeth, had John and Nathaniel, twins born 9 December 1689, of who John, probably died soon; James, 27 December 1691; Elizabeth, 19 January 1694; and John, again, 3 July 1696;

JOHN KETTLE, Gloucester, was in 1641, then a minor, charged for breach of Sabbath etc.; by wife Elizabeth Allen, daughter of the first William Allen of Salem, had John, born 1654; William, 1656; Elizabeth, born 15 February 1658; Mary, 5 March 1660; Samuel, 2 April 1662; and James, 20 March 1665.  He removed and died at Salem 12 October 1685, probably from him is derived the name Kettle Cove at the adjoining town of Manchester.

JOHN KETTLE, Charlestown, eldest son of Richard Kettle of the same, was, perhaps, of Portsmouth 1663.  He married first, Sarah Goodenow, daughter of Edmund Goodenow, had John (who married 11 September 1688, Abigail Austin, daughter of Richard Austin, and died at Charlestown 17 March 1691, aged 30); Sarah, born in Sudbury, 8 March 1663; and Joseph.  He had a second wife Mr. Wyman says, Elizabeth Ward, daughter of Samuel Ward the second, who was carried away from Lancaster in 1676, says Frothingham, 82; and by her had only Jonathan, born at Lancaster 24 November 1670. 

JONATHAN KETTLE, Charlestown 1677, youngest brother of the preceding, married 30 March 1676, Abigail Convers, daughter of James Convers, who died 25 January 1691, aged 33, had Jonathan, born 1677, who died soon, and he died 18 December 1720.  His other children Ann, born 1679; Jonathan. 1681; and Abigail, 1684, were baptized 29 March 1685, when he joined to the church; and he had after James, 1686; and David, 1689, died the same year.

JOSEPH KETTLE, Charlestown, elder brother of the preceding, freeman 1670, married 5 July 1665, Hannah Frothingham, daughter of William Frothingham, had Hannah, who died 26 June 1666; Hannah, again, died 5 September 1669; Richard, baptized 1 May 1670; Esther, 29 January 1671, died 25 May 1678; Hannah, 27 October 1672, died young; Joseph, 31 January 1675; Elizabeth, 18 March 1677, Esther, again, 13 February 1679; William, 6 February 1681; Mary, 25 March 1683; Benjamin, 7 September 1684; Rebecca, 7 January 1687; and Hannah, again, 7 July 1689.  His son Richard died 7 December 1690; and his wife died 15 September 1693; he was chosen Deacon 1695; married for second wife Dorothy, widow of Thomas Hett, who died 11 December 1710, in her 60th year, and he died 5 April 1711.

NATHANIEL KETTLE, Charlestown, brother of the preceding, by first wife Hannah, married 13 June 1669, who died 19 November 1670, had only Nathaniel; married 30 October 1672, Hannah Eidder, daughter of James Eidder, both united with the church 22 March 1686, and on 29 of same had baptized Nathaniel, James, Samuel, Hannah, and Sarah; Rebecca, 30 January 1687; Rachel, born 10, baptized 14 April 1689; Union, 15 March 1691; and Richard, 10 December 1693.  He had three others, who died before baptism, was one of the constables, 1690, and died 1723.

PETER KETTLE, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 10, from London; but who can tell, whether he grew to manhood, where he lived, who he married or when he died. ?

RICHARD KETTLE, Charlestown 1633, butcher, freeman 4 March 1635, by wife Esther Ward, daughter of Samuel Ward, had Hannah, baptized 29 October 1637, married 21 January 1657, John Call; John, born 6, baptized 8 December 1639; Joseph, 15, baptized 21 February 1641; Samuel, 19 November 1642; Nathaniel, 11 October 1644; Jonathan, 1646.  Perhaps we may doubt the church record of Budington, 247, of the date, 25 July 1633, gives the adminstration of "Richard Kettle and Esther his wife" as a modern interpolation in its latter clause, because the Boston church record of 26 January 1634 has this entry, "Esther Ward, our brother Atherton Hough's maid servant" for evidence of her administration and the dismissal on 17 July 1642 reads, "Our sister Esther Ward, now wife to Richard Kettle of Charlestown hath letter of recommendation granted unto her to the church at Charlestown".  Possibly he had two wives named Esther, but it is less probable than that the Charlestown church record was enriched with a postlimited additions.  It must always be remembered that we have not original church record of early years in either Boston or Charlestown church, but only copies made probably between 1650 and 1670, of both.  He was usually called Sergeant, and died 28 June 1681, aged 71.  Esther, his wife died 2 or 5 July 1679.

ROBERT KETTLE, Gloucester 1653, perhaps brother of John, who was three years older.

SAMUEL KETTLE, Charlestown, son of Richard Kettle, married 11 July 1665, Mercy Hayden, daughter of James Hayden, who died 19 October 1692, aged 45; and he married 3 May 1694, Mary Hett, widow of Nathaniel Frothingham, daughter of Thomas Hett; and by the first had Mary, baptized 1 May 1670, though born 8 October 1666; and Mercy, 18 May 1679; freeman 1670, was one of the tythingmen 1680, died 20 December 1694.  His widow died 5 June 1710, aged 62 years


JOHN KEY, Dover, had James, taken about 1690 by the Indians and soon killed.  Magnalia VII. 69.  But he and another John, called junior, perhaps his son, were prisoned from Piscataqua, at Quebec, 1695.


ELIAS KEYES, Sudbury, son of Robert Keyes, married 11 September 1665, Sarah Blandford, daughter of John Blandford, had Elias, born 15 November 1666; James, 13 September 1670; Sarah, 11 April 1673; and Thomas, 8 February 1675; perhaps, also, John.

PETER KEYES, Sudbury, perhaps son of Robert Keyes, by wife Elizabeth, had, probably John, born 1664, who was one of the fanned of the church at Shrewsbury; and, perhaps others, before or after Esther, 12 February 1668.

ROBERT KEYES, Watertown 1633, by wife Sarah, had Sarah, born 26 May 1633; Rebecca, 17 March 1638; Mary, 17 June 1639, died soon; Mary, again, February 1642, died soon; Elias, 20 May 1643, before mentioned, removed to Newbury, there had Mary, again, 16 June 1645, may have returned to Watertown, perhaps had Peter, and others; and he died 16 July 1647.  His widow married November 1658, John Gage; Mary married 16 February 1664, Benjamin Cady of Andover.

SOLOMON KEYES, Newbury, married 2 October 1653, Frances Grant, had Hannah, born 12 September 1654; Sarah, 24 August 1656; Mary, 26 September 1658; Jane, 20 October 1650; and Judith, 16 September 1662; removed to Chelmsford, there he had Solomon, baptized 25 June 1665; and was tythingman 1679.  His daughter Jane married 17 May 1680, Samuel Cleveland.  His grandson Solomon was distinguished by personal courage, as is seen at Lovewell's fight, in Hoyt's Antiq. Researches, 218, 274; and he was killed 8 September 1755, when the French and Indians under Baron Dieskau were defeated.  Five of this name had, in 1826, been graduates at Dartmouth.  Sometimes it was writen as sounding Kies.


JOHN KEYSAN, or JOHN KEZAN, Haverhill, married Hannah Davis, daughter of John Davis of Dover, but date, or other particular is unknown.


ELIZUR KEYSER, ELIZUR KEAZER, or ELIZUR KEASUR, Lynn, son of George Keyser, married 9 December 1679, Mary Collins, had Sarah, born 6 December 1686.

GEORGE KEYSER, GEORGE KEAZER, or GEORGE KEASUR, Lynn, a tanner, freeman 14 March 1639, removed to Salem, married Elizabeth Holyoke, daughter of Edward Holyoke, had Elizur; George, born May 1657; and Edward, 20 June 1659.  His wife died 24 June 1659, and the last child following in November after; and he died 1676, or by another account September 1690, aged 73.  Elizur followed the same trade.

JOHN KEYSER, JOHN KEAZER, or JOHN KEASUR, Haverhill 1682, a tanner, son of George Keyser, took oath of fidelity 28 November 1677, had sons John,George, and Timothy.

THOMAS KEYSER, THOMAS KEAZER, or THOMAS KEASUR, Lynn 1638, perhaps brother of George Keyser, by wife Mary, had Rebecca, born November 1640; and Thomas, both baptized 15 June 1645, in her own right, when the girl is called about 4 years and 7 months and the boy 2 years and 5 weeks; Timothy, baptized 15 February 1646, about 5 days old, at Boston, where he was merchant and shipmaster, acted that year in both capacities on the detestable voyage to Africa for stealing natives.  See Winthrop II. 243, 379.


ARTHUR KIRBY, ARTHUR KIRBE, or ARTHUR KIRBEE, Salem, fisherman, or mariner, by wife Abigail Ager, daughter of William Ager of the same, had Abigail, born 4 January 1659; Arthur, 6 January 1661; William, who died 14 September 1661; and, perhaps, twins Mary; though she is not on town record yet the record of church has "Mary, William, Abigail, who died 3 October 1662, and Arthur Kippins, child of Abigail Kippins, baptized 13 April 1662;" but, perhaps, the name of this last child may be on the town record Elizabeth.  Other children were Elizabeth, 12 May 1662, Joseph, also on both records the town for births marking 23 February but not the year and the church for baptisms given 23 May 1666; and the same has Hannah, 23 August 1668, while that of the town has among born Hannah, 28 June 1669; Sarah, 31 May 1670; and Jerusha, 19 April 1672.  Errors are easily found in records of the elder days; but it is not necessary in this case to charge wrong on either town or church.  He probably died early in 1685, for his inventory is of 29 June.

EDWARD KIRBY, EDWARD KIRBE, or EDWARD KIRBEE, Boston 1645, a sawyer, lived at Muddy River had Reuben, baptized 30 June 1653; and Elizabeth, born 27 January baptized 4 March 1655, both at Roxbury, in right of their mother Mary, a sister of the church at Boston which she joined 29 November 1645, says the record and had baptized on 30th James, about 32 years old, and Elisha, about 10 months 10 days.  Morse adds to these four more, as, probably Joshua; Rebecca, 1 May 1657; Edward; and, perhaps, Hannah.  His widow Grizzle had administration 15 August 1661.  One Rachel Kirby died at Dorchester 16 July 1657.

ELISHA KIRBY, ELISHA KIRBE, or ELISHA KIRBEE, Salem, married 12 December 1667, Rachel Cook, had John, born 1 February 1668; Edward, 2 February 1670; Elisha, 28 March 1673, died young; and James, 27 December 1675; removed to Enfield 1682, then part of Springfield, had Isaac, the first male child in East, born 21 March 1683; and Rachel, 17 April 1688; and he may have had others before he died 3 April 1735, and tradition with its aptness to exaggerate made him 97; but, in 1693, he calls himself about "48 years".  Perhaps he was son of the preceding or of the following.

HENRY KIRBY, HENRY KIRBE, or HENRY KIRBEE, Dorchester, tailor, freeman 18 May 1642, Artillery Company 1644, died 10 July or August 1661.

JAMES KIRBY, JAMES KIRBE, or JAMES KIRBEE, Dorchester, son of Edward Kirby, removed to Cambridge, by wife Hannah, had Mary, born 1668; Ann, 1670; James, 1674; and Elizabeth, born 13, baptized 14 August 1681.  But this last was by second wife Sarah Stephenson, daughter of Andrew Stephenson, married 23 October 1679 as widow of John Lowden.

JOSEPH KIRBY, JOSEPH KIRBE, or JOSEPH KIRBEE, Salem, married Abigail Anger, daughter of William Anger.

JOSHUA KIRBY, JOSHUA KIRBE, or JOSHUA KIRBEE, Sherborn, by Morse, the autocrat of Sherborn regarded as son of Edward, married 24 May 1688, at Woburn, Mary Comy, daughter of David Comy, had Edward; Sarah, born 1708; and Joshua, 2 June 1712.  His wife died 9 July following and he died 1731. 



JOHN KIDBY, Duxbury 1640. 

LEWIS KIDBY, Boston 1640, fisherman.


JAMES KIDD, Dover 1657, took oath of fidelity 30 November 1677; was of Exeter 1688.


EDWARD KIDDER, by Eaton called one of the first settlers of Reading, but I know no more, unless, as is probable he were the man (as Eaton is liberal in counting first) who bound himself at Wrexham, in County Denbigh, 28 July 1675 to serve four years in Boston, Theophilus Yale of Chester, in England as a shoemaker.

EPHRAIM KIDDER, Billerica, son of James Kidder the first, married 1 August 1685, Rachel Crosby, eldest daughter of Simon Crosby, had Joseph; Ephraim, born 26 April 1688; and Rachel, 1 April 1691; Alice, 8 February 1693; Hannah and Dorothy, twins born at Medford 2 September 1696; Thomas, 3 August 1700; Benjamin, 3 August 1702; and Richard, 10 May 1705; his wife died 14 September 1721; and he died 25 September 1724.

JAMES KIDDER, Cambridge 1619, son of James Kidder, born about 1626, at East Grinstead, County Sussex, by wife Ann Moore, daughter of Elder Francis Moore, married 1649, had Hannah, born 1 March 1650; Dorothy, 1651; James, 3 January 1654; John, 1655; Thomas, 1 March 1657; all baptized, as Mitchell's Reg. tested without given dates; Nathaniel, baptized 27 February 1659; Ephraim, born 31 August 1660, baptized 26 May 1661; and dismissed to church at Billerica, there had Stephen, 26 November 1662; Enoch, 16 September 1664; Samuel, 7 January 1666; Sarah, 1 June 1667; and Joseph, 30 November 1670; and died about 1683.  Descendants, it is commonly said, may be found in every state of this Union.  Dorothy married 6 June 1673, the second Jonathan Hyde; and Sarah married 30 January 1690, George Brown.

JAMES KIDDER, Billerica, eldest son of the preceding, married 23 September 1678, Elizabeth Bunn, had James, born 27 June 1679; John, 27 January 1681; Joseph, 21 April 1683; Elizabeth, 30 March 1686; Hannah, 25 April 1689; and Samuel, 2 March 1691; and his wife died 10 August following.

JOHN KIDDER, Chelmsford, brother of the preceding, married 3 September 1684, Lydia Parker, had Ann, born 12 September 1685; John, 23 December 1687; and Thomas, 13 October 1690.

NATHANIEL KIDDER, Newton, perhaps son of James Kidder the first, died 1690.

SAMUEL KIDDER, Cambridge, son of James Kidder, married 23 December 1689, Sarah Griggs, daughter of John Griggs, had Sarah, born 17 August 1690; Francis, 1692; Samuel, 1694, died at 24 years; James, 1696, died at 18 years; John, 1701; and Joseph, 1704, died in 21st year, and the father died 4 July 1724.

STEPHEN KIDDER, Berwick 1633, in the employment of Mason the Patentee.  See in Belknap 425, letter of Ambrose Gibbons.

STEPHEN KIDDER, Charlestown, son of the first James Kidder, by wife Mary, had Stephen, baptized at Boston, 31 October 1697, died soon; others, of whom some earlier, were Ann; Sarah; Elizabeth; Mary, baptized 21 October 1694; Stephen, 21 June 1696, died soon; Isaac; John; and Abigail.  His wife died 17 September 1722, and he died 5 July 1748.

THADDEUS KIDDER, Marblehead 1674.

THOMAS KIDDER, Watertown, probably brother of the second Stephen Kidder, was freeman 1690.  Four of this name had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard and four at other New England colleges.


ABRAHAM KILBOURN, or ABRAHAM KILBORNE, Glastonbury, youngest son of the first John Kilbourn, married 26 October 1699, Sarah Goodrich, daughter of John Goodrich, had Samuel, born 25 January 1701; Sarah, 20 May 1702; and Abraham, 12 April 1708; and died 9 March 1713.

EBENEZER KILBOURN, or EBENEZER KILBORNE, Glastonbury, brother of the preceding, married 20 September 1692, Grace Bulkley, daughter of Peter Bulkley, had Grace, born 25 June 1693; Ebenezer, 27 March 1696; Eleazer, 26 July 1698; Josiah, 5 June 1702; Daniel, 5 May 1705; Margaret, 3 October 1707; Sarah, 13 April 1710; and George, posthumous 24 April 1712; and died 17 December 1711, probably suddenly, certainly without will.

GEORGE KILBOURN, or GEORGE KILBORNE, Roxbury 1636, freeman 13 May 1640, in the church record is called servant, removed to Rowley, by wife Elizabeth, had Mary, born 3 May 1649; Joseph, 1 February 1652; Jacob, 12 January 1655, one of the flower of Essex in Lothrop's Company killed by the Indians 18 September 1675, at Bloody Brook; Samuel, 11 September 1656; Isaac, 26 January 1659; and Elizabeth, 1 February 1663. He was son of Thomas, baptized at Wood Ditton, County Cambridge, 12 February 1612.

GEORGE KILBOURN, or GEORGE KILBORNE, Glastonbury, son of John Kilbourn, married 16 May 1689, Abigail Atwood, daughter of Thomas Atwood, had George, born 14 September 1690, died at 21 years; Israel, 5 May 1692, died in few weeks; Abigail, 5 September 1696; Hezekiah, 24 June 1700, Yale College 1720; and Pelatiah, 7 February 1704, Yale College 1724.  His wife died 8 February 1740; and he 8 February of the next year.

ISAAC KILBOURN, or ISAAC KILBORNE, Rowley 1691, son of George Kilbourn of the same, married 24 July 1684, Mary Cheny, daughter of the second John Cheny of Newbury, had Elizabeth, born 10 April 1685; Martha, 25 November 1687; Mary, 17 March 1697; John, 12 May 1700; and Isaac, 15 October 1707; and died 19 December 1713.  He was born deaf and dumb.

JACOB KILBOURN, or JACOB KILBORNE, Rowley, brother of the preceding, was a soldier, it is said, in the Indians war; perhaps was never married but died in the service.

JOHN KILBOURN, or JOHN KILBORNE, Wethersfield 1647, son of Thomas Kilbourn, born in England, came in the Increase with his father 1635, by wife Naomi, who died about 1 October 1659, had John, born 15 February 1651; Thomas, 1653; and Naomi; and by wife Sarah Brownson, perhaps daughter of John Brownson of Hartford, had Ebenezer, born 1665; Sarah; George, 1668; Mary; Joseph, about 1672; and Abraham, 1675.  He was Representative 1660, 1, and 2; made his will 24 September 1688, but lived many years after at Glastonbury, and died 9 April 1703; and his widow died 4 December 1711.  Of all these children except Mary, the mother is known.  Naomi married 30 October 1679, Thomas Hale; Sarah married 16 December 1681, Joseph Crane.

JOHN KILBOURN, or JOHN KILBORNE, Glastonbury, son of the preceding, married 4 March 1674, Susanna Hills, daughter of William Hills of Hartford, had Susanna, born 4 February 1675, died at 10 years; John, 30 October 1676; Ebenezer, 10 March 1679; Jonathan, 17 September 1681; Benjamin, 30 March 1684; David, 25 February 1688; and Abraham, 25 August 1691.   His wife died October 1701, aged 50; and he married 12 May 1702, Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of John Mitchell; and died 25 November 1711, and his widow died 8 June 1718.

JOSEPH KILBOURN, or JOSEPH KILBORNE, Rowley 1691, son of George Kilbourn, married 1678, Frances Trumbull, perhaps daughter of the first John Trumbull of the same, had Joseph, born 20 October 1678, died soon; Ann, 28 November 1680; Joseph, 16 January 1684; George, 21 January 1687, Mary, 22 September 1689; Elizabeth 22 June 1692; and Abigail, 14 July 1694, and he died 5 March 1723.

JOSEPH KILBOURN, or JOSEPH KILBORNE, Glastonbury, son of the first John Kilbourn, married 4 June 1696, Dorothy Butler, daughter of Samuel Butler, had Dorothy, born 17 April 1697; Joseph, 9 July 1700; Jonathan, 17 March 1703; James, 13 April 1707; and his wife died 19 August 1709.  He married 29 June 1710, Esther Gibbs, daughter of Jacob Gibbs, and had Benjamin, 27 July 1711; Esther, 4 August 1713; Elizabeth, 19 October 1716; and Mary, 9 February 1720.  He died at Litchfield (of which he was an early settler 1721) but the date is unknown, for his will of 1737 was probated seven years later.

SAMUEL KILBOURN, or SAMUEL KILBORNE, Rowley, son of George Kilbourn, married 12 November 1682, Mary Foster, daughter of William Foster, had Hannah, born 2 October following; Samuel, 20 July 1687; David, 12 March 1689; Mary, 21 July 1696; Jedediah, 20 April 1699; and Eliphalet, 1706; and died 22 April 1722.

THOMAS KILBOURN, or THOMAS KILBORNE, Wethersfield, from Wood Ditton, in County Cambridge, came to Boston in the Increase, 1635, aged 55, with wife Frances, 50; and children Margaret, 23, as the custom-house record imports, but she was baptized 23 September 1607; Lydia, 92, but baptized 14 July 1616, and that age might have suited better an elder sister Elizabeth, baptized 12 May 1614, who did not come; Mary, 16; Frances, 12, baptized 4 September 1621; and John, 10, baptized 29 September 1624.  He died before 25 December 1640, when mentioned of the lands of Frances the widow Is found.  She died November 1650.  Margaret married Richard Law, the grandfather of Governor Law; Lydia married Robert Hayward or Howard of Windsor; Mary married John Root; and Frances married Thomas Uffoot; and the three first named had children, but the last none.  To the diligent fondness of Payne Kenyon Kilbourn of Litchfield, Esq. in 1847, were we indebted for a copious memorial of predecessors and descendants in 140 pages, which is multiplied threefold in 1856.

THOMAS KILBOURN, or THOMAS KILBORNE, who came in the Elizabeth, from Ipswich, 1634, aged 24, with wife Elizabeth, 20, was eldest son of the preceding, baptized 30 November 1609, sent by the father in advance to make preparations for the family migration, but no more is known of him, so that it is not improble that soon after his father arrived he went home.

THOMAS KILBOURN, or THOMAS KILBORNE, Hartford, son of the first John Kilbourn, married Hannah Hills, daughter of William Hills, had Thomas, born about 1677; John; Mary, 1686; Naomi, 1693; and Samuel, 1696. probably the last three diedyoung, for they are not named in settlement of the estate after his death 1712.


CHRISTOPHER KILBY, Boston, by wife Sarah, had Nathaniel, born 20 March 1694; Miriam, 5 December 1696; John, 24 August 1699; Rebecca, 27 December 1701; Samuel, 2 October 1706; Sarah, 10 July 1708; and Mary, 18 November 1712.

EDWARD KILBY, Boston, married 9 May 1662, Elizabeth Josselyn, widow of Edward Yeomans, daughter of Thomas Josselyn.

JOHN KILBY, Boston, perhaps brother of Christopher Kilby, by wife Rebecca, had Elizabeth, born 15 September 1686; John, 24 December 1688; Sarah, 8 March 1692; Christopher, 9 December 1693, probably died soon; Richard, 2 January 1695; William, 6 April 1698; Catharine, 10 February 1700; Rebecca, 30 March 1702; Christopher, again, 25 May 1705; Nicholas, 28 July 1708; and Ebenezer, 25 June 1711.


ROGER KILCUP, Boston, perhaps son of William Kilcup, freeman 1690, married 4 July 1695, Abigail Dudson, daughter of Joseph Dudson, had Dudson, was of Artillery Company and died 1 October 1702, aged 82.  I presume his widow married 11 October 1704 Ezekiel Lewis.

WILLIAM KILCUP, Boston 1649, in few years was of Charlestown with wife Grace, and called a sieve-maker; may have had daughter Sarah married to Richard Wilson before August 1654, though in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 277, a different conjecture is given.


AUSTIN KILHAM, AUSTIN KILLAM, AUSTIN KILLUM, AUSTIN KELHAM, or AUSTIN KEELUM or AUGUSTINE KILHAM, AUGUSTINE KILLAM, AUGUSTINE KILLUM, AUGUSTINE KELHAM, or AUGUSTINE KEELUM, Salem 1637, had then, says Felt, a grant of land but was of Dedham soon after, and may have short time lived at Ipswich; by wife Alice had Lot, born 11 September 1640; and Sarah, 4 January 1642; was freeman 2 June 1641.  He was of the church at Wenham before 1655, when he removed to Chelmsford.


DANIEL KILHAM, DANIEL KILLAM, DANIEL KILLUM, DANIEL KELHAM, or DANIEL KEELUM, Wenham, son of the preceding, freeman 1680.  He married about 1673, Sarah, widow of John Fairfield.

JOHN KILHAM, JOHN KILLAM, JOHN KILLUM, JOHN KELHAM, or JOHN KEELUM, Dedham 1654; perhaps was of Brookfield 1690, and his family in poverty.

LOT KILHAM, LOT KILLAM, LOT KILLUM, LOT KELHAM, or LOT KEELUM, Salem, son of Austin Kilham, married 22 May 1666, Hannah Goodale, daughter of Robert Goodale, had Hannah, born March 1667; James, May 1669, died soon; Ephraim, June 1672, died soon; Ruth, September 1673, died in one day; Ruth, again, 15 January 1676; went to Enfield, died 26 October 1683, being the first death in the town.  He had James, and probably other children.


ROBERT KILTON, is on the list of Gallop's Company in Phips's crusade against Quebec 1690, but of what town he was inhabitant or of any thing else about him, we are ignorant yet.

THOMAS KILTON in the Company of Captain Withington of Dorchester in the same disastrious expedition our knowledge is no larger.  See the History of Dorchester 256.


BENJAMIN KIMBALL, sometimes BENJAMIN KEMBALL, Rowley 1664, probably son of Richard Kimball, had been, 1659, perhaps of Exeter, married April 1661, Mary Hazeltine, daughter of Robert Hazeltine, had Ann, born 22 December following, was freeman 1682.

CALEB KIMBALL, sometimes CALEB KEMBALL, Ipswich 1665, son probably youngest of Richard Kimball, had wife Hannah, and children Caleb, Ann, Elizabeth, Abigail, Mary, Robert, and Benjamin; was killed by the Indians 18 September 1675, with the flower of Essex, under Captain Lothrop at Bloody Brook.


EPHRAIM KIMBALL, sometimes EPHRAIM KEMBALL, Wenham, freeman 1690.

GILES KIMBALL, sometimes GILES KEMBALL, Charlestown 1656, brother of Thomas Kimball, died at Boston, 1 August 1659.

HENRY KIMBALL, sometimes HENRY KEMBALL, Watertown, probably brother of Richard Kimball the first, came in the Elizabeth, 1634, from Ipswich, aged 44, with wife Susanna, 35; children Elizabeth 4; and Susan, 1 and 1/2; and servant Richard Cutting, 11; freeman 2 May 1638; had John, born 5 March 1638, died soon; Mary, 26 November 1641; Richard, 13 October 1643; and John, again, 25 December 1645; and died 1648, his inventory being of 22 July.  His widow married again, and died 19 August 1684.  Elizabeth married Captain Thomas Straight, and Susanna married John Randall, both of Watertown.

HENRY KIMBALL, sometimes HENRY KEMBALL, Ipswich 1640, eldest son of Richard Kimball the first, perhaps settled first at Watertown, and from Ipswich removed and may have been the blacksmith of Boston, 1657, who had wife Mary, that outlived him, and had administration of his estate January 1676; and son Timothy finished the settlement of estate after death of his mother.  He was a man of large business.

HENRY KIMBALL, sometimes HENRY KEMBALL, Charlestown, married 13 November 1656, Sarah, that I presume to be daughter of John Fownell, who died 10 August following.  He married second wife Mary, daughter of Thomas Brigden, had Zechary, Mary, Sarah, and Henry.

HENRY KIMBALL, sometimes HENRY KEMBALL, Wenham, died probably early in 1676, for widow Elizabeth had administration 30 June of that year.

JOHN KIMBALL, sometimes JOHN KEMBALL, Newbury, married 25 February 1665, Mary Hobbs, had Mary, born 19 July 1667; and John, 15 October 1668, and the father died same month.

JOHN KIMBALL, sometimes JOHN KEMBALL, Boston, carpenter, or cooper, perhaps both, son of Thomas Kimball of the same, died probably at New York, where he made his will, 10 May 1695, in which he gave his wife Elizabeth his lands and houses for her life, after to his sister Sarah Knight for her life, and after to Elizabeth Knight, daughter of Richard Knight of Boston.

JOHN KIMBALL, sometimes JOHN KEMBALL, Watertown, probably son of Henry Kimball of the same, married 19 January 1668, Hannah Bartlett, daughter of Thomas Bartlett, had Hannah, born 11 July 1671, died young; Susanna, 18 July 1670; John, 3 August 1678; and Hannah, again, 8 June 1681; was freeman 1690, was a cooper, and died 7 June 1714; and his widow died 22 November 1715.

JOHN KIMBALL, sometimes JOHN KEMBALL, Amesbury, took oath of fidelity 20 December 1677, and was made freeman 1690.

JOHN KIMBALL, sometimes JOHN KEMBALL, Boxford, freeman 1690.

RICHARD KIMBALL, sometimes RICHARD KEMBALL, Watertown, probably brother of Henry Kimball of the same, came from Ipswich, Old England 1634, aged 39, in the Elizabeth, with wife Ursula; children Henry, 15; Richard, 11; Mary, 9; Martha, 5; John, 3; and Thomas, 1; and servant John Laverick, 15; was freeman 6 May 1635; removed 1638 to Ipswich, there had more children, and died 1675, leaving Henry, Richard, Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Caleb, Sarah, and another daughter wife of John Severns.  He is called by Thomas Scott (a passenger with wife and family in the same ship) brother and this may means, that one married a sister of the other, or they married sister but in this case not, I judge, the mere church relationship.  See Scott.  It is said, that two of his sons Thomas and William, were killed by the Indians in 1675; but I suppose Caleb was one.  A William Kimball of Captain Oliver's Company was wounded 19 December 1675, in the great battle of Narraganset, but he was of Boston, and served as substitute for his master, John Clear.  An Elizabeth Kimball, aged 13, was passenger in the same ship with Henry and Richard; but on the custom-house list is not inserted as child of either, but under the care of Thomas Reyner.

RICHARD KIMBALL, sometimes RICHARD KEMBALL, Bradford, son of Richard Kimball, born in England, long lived in Ipswich, but was of Bradford when freeman 1685.

SAMUEL KIMBALL, sometimes SAMUEL KEMBALL, Wenham, freeman 1682.

SAMUEL KIMBALL, sometimes SAMUEL KEMBALL, Boston, mariner, perhaps eldest son of Thomas Kimball of the same, may have been a soldier in Moseley's Company in December 1675, and died 1684, on return voyage and his father took administration.

THOMAS KIMBALL, sometimes THOMAS KEMBALL, Charlestown 1653, merchant, by wife Elizabeth Trarice, perhaps eldest daughter of Nicholas Trarice, had John, born 1 July 1656, removed to Boston, and had Sarah, 19 April 1666; Rebecca, 12 July 1668; Henry, 14 March 1670, and Elizabeth, 8 September 1671.  He was buried on Copp's hill, died 29 January 1689, was born 15 January 1622.  Sarah married Richard Knight of Boston, and attained no little celebration as skilled in trade and observant of manners.  See Knight.

THOMAS KIMBALL, sometimes THOMAS KEMBALL, Ipswich, son of Richard Kimball, an early settler of that part of Rowley, that after was called Bradford, had eight children of which the eldest was Richard.  He was killed by the Indians 3 May 1676, when his wife Mary and five children Joanna, Thomas, Joseph, Priscilla, and John, were taken prisoners, carried about forty miles into the wilderness, and allowed to come home 13 June following.  His estate was good.

THOMAS KIMBALL, sometimes THOMAS KEMBALL, Dover 1660. This name is spelled often Kemble.  Ten had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard and twenty two at other colleges in New England.


ABRAHAM KIMBERLY, New Haven, son of Thomas Kimberly, by wife Hannah, who was baptized on administration of the church probably 24, certainly not (as the record in Genealogical Registrar IX. 360, says) 25 July 1659, which was Monday, had Hannah, born 11 January 1656; Sarah, baptized July 1659, died young; Mary, born 1668; Sarah, 1672; Abraham, 1675; and family  tradition says, went to South Carolina, and there was killed by the Indians.  These children were all born in Albemarle County of Carolina.  His widow came home, and married John Curtis of Stratford, and there she had put on record the births of each of the children.  Mary married John Blakeman, and Sarah married Benjamin Hurd.  With this family Goodwin was quite bewildered. 

ELEAZER KIMBERLY, Glastonbury, son of Thomas Kimberly, said to be the first male born in New Haven, was in 1661 school master at Wethersfield, and continued in that employment at intervals till 1689; was freeman 1667, and in 1696 succeeded Colonel John Allyn, as Secretary of the Colony, and so continued to his death February 1709.  He left son Thomas, and four daughters referred to in his will, two married, and two, Elizabeth and Ruth, unmarried. 

NATHANIEL KIMBERLY, New Haven, son of Thomas Kimberley, had Nathaniel, born 4 January 1667; Elizabeth, and two other daughters April 1679, one without name, the other, Sarah. 

THOMAS KIMBERLY, Dorchester 1635, had wife Alice, with whom he removed to New Haven 1639; his estate was then small.  His wife by who he had Eleazer, baptized 17 November 1639; and Abiah, 19 December 1641; besides five or six others, died 1659, at New Haven; he married another wife Mary, widow of William Preston, and removed to Stratford, there died 1673; in his will of 11 January of that year he names his sons Thomas, Abraham, Nathaniel, and Eleazer, wife Margaret and several daughters.  Of these Hannah was born so late as 1656; Abiah married a Boardman, and she and three children are referred to in his will; and Mary married Nathaniel Hayes, probably and her 3 children Nathaniel, Elizabeth and Mary, are named in it.

THOMAS KIMBERLY was freeman 1669, had wife Hannah, and with Nathaniel, proprietor at New Haven 1685; but he had no children, and it is said Nathaniel left son of the same name.  Great variations in spelling of this name occurs both at Dorchester and New Haven;


KINNERSLY, KIMERLY, KEMMERLY, and even with C for first letter are found.  At New Haven the family is perpetuated with repute, and four had been graduates at Yale in 1829.


WILLIAM KIME, Dover 1668-71.


GEORGE KIMWRIGHT, Dorchester, married about 1653, the wealthy widow of John Holland, removed to Cambridge, about 1664; but I doubt the spelling of the surname.


DANIEL KINCAID, New Hampshire, came, 1689, probably from Scotland.


ARTHUR KIND, Boston, by wife Jane, had Sarah, born November 1646; James, who died 9 July 1654; Mary, who died 27 October 1655; James, again, 29 October 1655; Nathaniel, May 1658; Thomas, 26 September 1659; Mary, 27 April 1662; and William, 26 February 1665.  This name is perverted to Knide in Genealogical Registrar XV. 134.


ALEXANDER KING, Wickford, Rhode Island, 1674.

BENJAMIN KING, Northampton, son of John King of the same, married 16 May 1700, Mary James, daughter of Abel James, had Elisha, born 11 November 1717, the only child, and he died 20 January following.  His widow married 1721, Jonathan Graves.

CLEMENT KING, Marshfield, by Miss Thomas, in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 192, is favored with wife Susanna, who died or was buried 19 June 1669; but whose son or whose daughter when born or married is not to be easily known.  A later report, in the same volume 229, makes the daughter of wife occuring thirty years after.

DANIEL KING, Lynn 1647, a merchant, born about 1601, died 28 May 1672.  His will of 7 February preceding probated 26 June following, names wife and children Daniel, Hannah, wife of John Blaney, Elizabeth Redding, and Sarah, wife of Ezekiel Needham.  His widow Elizabeth who had been widow Corwin, says Lewis, died 26 February 1677 or 8.  His estate was very good.

DANIEL KING, Charlestown 1658, son probably of the preceding was, perhaps, of Salem 1676, but intermediate at Lynn, married 11 March 1663, Tabitha Walker, had Richard born 1 March 1668; Tabitha, 6 January 1670; John; Sarah, 11 April 1672; Elizabeth, 19 March 1674.  John has a date, given by Felt, but as it is inconsistant with the one that precedes him, it is marked here as the other may be erronous.

DAVID KING, Westfield, brother of Benjamin King, by wife Abigail, had David, born 1702; Thankful, 1704; Moses, 1706; Stephen, 1708; Benjamin, 1710; Aaron, 1714; Asahel and Eldad, twins 1718, of who the first named died soon; and Gideon, 1722; removed to a new plantation now Sheffield, and died 1710.  In his will he named all the children except Asahel.

EDWARD KING, Windsor, an Irish servant, had grant of land 1663, lived on Long Island when he died 1702; had two daughters named Mary Hilliard and Sarah Cady, required administration on his estate.  Their husband's names are not found.  Perhaps there were other children.

FEARNOT KING, Westfield, son probably of John King of Weymouth, married 14 May 1677, Mary Fowler, daughter of Ambrose Fowler, had Mary, born 7 March 1678; Elizabeth, 12 May 1680; Abigail, 15 February 1683; Experience, 1 May 1684, died in 10 days; Deborah, 3 March 1686; Ebenezer, 3 September 1687; and John, 30 September 1690; and died 1 February 1703.

GEORGE KING, freeman of Massachusetts 18 April 1637, came in the Hercules, 1634, and by Farmer is set down as Newbury, but he must soon have removed for Coffin names him not.

HENRY KING, came in the James from Southampton, 1635, is called a laborer, but I hear no more of him.

HEZEKIAH KING, Weymouth, by wife Mary, had Mary, born 10 October 1679; and Samuel, 20 April 1686; and probably others.  

ISAAC KING, Weymouth, a soldier in Captain Johnson's Company in the great Narraganset fight, 19 December 1675, when he was wounded, probably he is called Hezekiah in that list of Genealogical Registrar VIII. 242.

JAMES KING, Suffield, died 1722, leaving James, born before he went thither; William, 1679, died next year; Annis, 1681; Benoni, 1685, died next year; Joseph, 1687, died soon; and Mary, 1692.  His wife was Elizabeth.

JOHN KING, Northampton, is by Hinman said to have come at the age of 16 in 1645, lived at Hartford, and 5 years after married Sarah Holton, daughter of John Holton; but part of this is erronous, for he married 18 November 1656, Sarah Holton, daughter of William Holton, who of course, was sister, not daughter of John Holton; had John, born July 1657; William, 28 March 1660; Thomas, 14 July 1662 ; Samuel, 6 January 1665; Eleazer, 26 March 1667, who died at 32 years unmarried; Joseph, 23 March 1669, died next year; Sarah, 3 May 1671; Joseph, again, 8 May 1673; Benjamin, 1 March 1675; Thankful, September 1679; David, 1677, or 1681; and Jonathan, 25 April 1683; and his wife died 8 May following; was Representative 1679 and 89; married second wife Sarah Whiting, widow of Jacob Mygatt, daughter of William Whiting, was a Captain, and died 3 December 1703.  Sarah married 22 December 1692, Ebenezer Pomeroy; and Thankful married 1704, Samuel Clapp.

JOHN KING, Weymouth, by wife Esther, had Fearnot, born 29 June 1655; John, 12 April 1659, died soon; John, again, 25 December 1661; Esther, 28 September 1664; and Patience, 4 October 1668.  Perhaps he was son born in England of an elder.

JOHN KING of the same, who had Mary, born 15 June 1639; and Abigail, 14 March 1641, whose second or third wife made her will, 14 June 1652, in which her son Joseph Barker, and daughter Sarah Hunt are referred to; and this younger John may be the officer in the Indians war, 1691, mentioned by Niles in his History 3 Massachusetts History Collection VI. 227.

JOHN KING, Salem, son perhaps of William King of the same, married September 1660, Elizabeth Goldthwait, daughter of Thomas Goldthwait of the same, had John, born October 1662; Samuel, May 1664; William, June 1669; Elizabeth, February 1672; Jonathan, 1675; Thomas, 1678, died at 2 years; Hannah, 15 April 1681; and Mary, 28 March 1687.  Probably he had second wife Ann, daughter of that widow Dorcas Hoar, who was long imprisoned and sentenced to death for witchcraft, but he and his wife obtained reprieve. 

JOHN KING, Northampton, eldest son of John King of the same, freeman 1690, married 4 November 1686, Mehitable Pomeroy, daughter of Medad Pomeroy, had Mehitable, born 13 March 1690; Experience, 17 April 1693; Medad, 26 March 1699; Catharine, 17 August 1701; John, 1 April 1704; twin children 1 June 1706, both died soon; andThankful, 18 February 1709, died in few days.  He died 20 March 1720; and his widow died 8 November 1755, in her 90th year.

JOSEPH KING, Northampton, brother of the preceding, married 3 June 1696, Mindwell Pomeroy, daughter of Medad Pomeroy, had Sarah, born 10 March 1697; Esther, 1 January 1700, died young, Eunice, 12 March 1703; Mindwell, 15 March 1705; Phineas, 27 September 1707; Joseph, 24 November 1709; Thankful, 9 February 1712; and Simeon, 28 October 1714; he married second wife 30 August 1733, Mindwell Porter, and died 3 December 1734.

JONATHAN KING, Northampton, youngest brother of the preceding, married 3 April 1711, Mary French, perhaps daughter of Thomas French of Deerfield, had Jonathan, born 25 January 1712; Abigail, 1 December 1713; Charles, 3 July 1716; Mary, 31 May 1718; Beriah, 2 October 1721, died April following; Seth, 18 April 1723; Oliver, 20 April 1726, who died at Louisbourg, soon after its conquest 1745; removed to Bolton, and had Gideon, 24 August 1729.  See Hinman, 280.  His wife died 24 March 1758, aged 71, and he died 10 June 1774. 

JOSEPH KING, one of the flower of Essex, killed with his Captain and great part of his Company at Bloody Brook, may have been brother of John King. 

MARK KING, Charlestown 1658, by wife Mary, administered of the church 20 November 1659, had Mark; besides Mary, born 28 March preceding both baptized 27 November of that year; two children baptized 6 May 1660, whose names are not found; Hannah, 18 December 1664, died soon; Hannah, again, 4 March 1666; and Samuel, 19 November 1671.

PETER KING, Sudbury 1654, Deacon, and Representative 1689 and 90, died 27 August 1704.  Probably he had children of which one may have been Peter, another Richard, and was freeman 1690.

PHILIP KING, Weymouth 1672.  His daughter Mary married John Leonard.

RALPH King, Lynn 1648, married 2 March 1664, Elizabeth Walker, had Ralph, born 13 August 1667; Daniel, 10 October 1669; Sarah, 25 November 1671; Richard, 3 May 1677; and Mary, 28 July 1679 ; freeman 1680, was Captain, and died 1689.

RICHARD KING, probably of Salem, had daughter, and his widow married Richard Bishop of Salem, to whom in her right was granted administration of estate of King as early as 1635.  Felt.

ROBERT KING, came in the Confidence from Southampton, 1638, aged 24, a servant, but we know no more.

SAMUEL KING, Plymouth 1643, had Samuel, born 29 August 1649; and Isaac, 24 October 1651.

SAMUEL KING, Weymouth, by wife Experience, had Susanna, born 6 May 1659; Elizabeth, 23 September 1662; Experience, 6 October 1664; Sarah, 31 January 1666; and Samuel, 1 March 1671; was freeman 1681.  Another Samuel, at Weymouth, or the same, had Abigail, born 20 April 1681.

SAMUEL KING, Northampton, brother of Benjamin King, married 1690, Joanna, widow of Thomas Alvord, had Eliakim, born 19 February 1692; Samuel, 19 November 1693; Jemima; and twin children 31 July 1699, who both died soon; and he died 3 October 1701; and his widow married 1702, Deliverance Bridgman.

THOMAS KING, Sudbury, and Lancaster, by wife Ann, who died 24 December 1642, had Thomas, born 4 December 1642, died 3 January 1645.  The father also, died soon, for his inventory was taken by Captain John Coolidge and Hugh Mason, 23 April following.  Possibly he was that youth of 15, who came from Ipswich at the same time, in 1634, with the other Thomas a few years older, but in a different ship, the Elizabeth.

THOMAS KING, Watertown 1640, probably in the Frances from Ipswich, 1634, aged 19, came with so many, who sat down at that place, but first was, probably at Hampton; by wife Mary, had Thomas, born 6 March 1641; Mary, 2 February 1643; and died 7 December 1644.  His widow married 9 March 1645, James Cutler.

THOMAS KING, perhaps son of the preceding, in 1676 was of Marlborough.

THOMAS KING, Scituate, came in the Blessing, from London, 1635, aged 21, in company with William Vassall, united with the church 25 February 1638, but did not remove next year with the pastor and his many friends; by wife Sarah, had Rhoda, born 11 October 1639; George, 24 December 1642, who it is thought died young; Thomas, 21 June 1645; Daniel, 4 February 1648; Sarah, 24 May 1650; and John, 30 May 1652, died in few weeks; and his wife died 6 June after.  He next married 31 March 1653, Jane, widow of Elder William Hatch, who died 8 October following, had third wife Ann; but children of the first wife only are heard of; was Ruling Elder, and died 1691; his will is of this date.  Rhoda married 8 October 1656, at Boston, John Rogers of Scituate.

THOMAS KING, Scituate, son of the preceding, was a Deacon, had two wives.  One probably Mary Sprague, daughter of the first William Sprague of Hingham, who must have been second wife, for in 1669 he married Elizabeth Clap, daughter of Thomas Clap of Scituate.  He had several children of whom Daniel was of Marshfield; and Sarah married Elisha Bisby junior, says Deane.  In the same ship with him came Susanna, aged 30, who may have been aunt.

THOMAS KING, Sudbury, married 26 December 1655, Bridget Davis.

THOMAS KING, Taunton, died 30 March 1713, aged 70, says gravestone.  He may be that Weymouth inhabitant who by wife Mary, had John, born 29 August 1670; Mary, 12 June 1673; and, perhaps, had children after removing to Taunton.

THOMAS KING, Hatfield and Hartford, brother of Benjamin King, married 17 November 1683, Abigail Strong, daughter of Jedediah Strong, had Thomas, born at Northampton, 3 December 1684, died young; Abigail, 1687; and Mary, 1691, both at Hatfield; besides Thomas; and Robert; both at Hartford, where, after death of his first wife 1689, he married 1690, Mary Webster, daughter of Robert Webster, who died 27 September 1706.  He had third wife and died 26 December 1711, and his widow died 2 January following.

WILLIAM KING, Salem, came from London in the Abigail, 1635, aged 28, freeman 25 May 1636, which is inconsistent in trifling degree with Felt, who says he had grant of land 1637, and was freeman after it; had there baptized Mehitable, on 25 December 1636; John, 1 November 1638; and Deliverance, 31 October 1641.  In his case, we find not the wife in the valuable list of children mentioned, as was commonly the much more natural occurrence, but he seems to have been the superior polemic, if not devotee; as, in the antinomous perversity of 1637, he was one of the five men in Salem required to be disarmed for the public safety; and in the more violent ragings of spiritual insubordination 1659, his Christian kindness to the Quakers exposed him to whipping and banishment.  From the latter he was restored on repentence 1661.

WILLIAM KING, Isle of Shoals, died 28 May 1664, leaving William.

WILLIAM KING, Boston, who by wife Sarah Griggs, daughter of George Griggs, had William, born 6 November 1655, is, perhaps, father of that man, honored by Dunton in 1686, who died 1690.  The widow of William married before July 1662, Roger Burgiss, and died 1664.

WILLIAM KING, Northampton, brother of Benjamin King, married 1686, Elizabeth Denslow, daughter of Henry Denslow of Windsor, and had William, born 7 September 1687; Daniel, 17 October 1689; Josiah, 27 August 1693; John, 11 June 1697; Eleazer, December 1701; and Elizabeth, 15 June 1707.  He died 20 September 1728; and his widow died 27 May 1746, aged 80.  Of the great family of Kings at Northampton, a hundred and fifty years since, near all are extinct.  A Winifred King was married at Boston, 15 January 1657, to Joseph Benham of New Haven, but her father is not known.  Seven of this name, Farmer saw, had, in 1829, been graduates at Harvard and twenty two at other colleges of New England and Union and New Jersey.


EDWARD KINGMAN, Weymouth, a soldier of Captain Johnson's Company 1675, in the Narraganset campaign.

HENRY KINGMAN, Weymouth, freeman 3 March 1636, Representative 1638 and 52; his wife Joan died 11 April 1659; son Henry, perhaps eldest, died May 1660.  In his will of 24 May 1666, he calls his age 74, or thereabouts, mentioned sons Edward, Thomas, John, and daughters Holbrook; Davis, wife of Tobias, married 13 December 1649; and Barnard; of which the last was dead leaving five children.

JOHN KINGMAN, Weymouth, son of the preceding, by wife Elizabeth, had John, born 30 April 1664; Henry, 11 May 1668; Samuel, 28 May 1670, Elizabeth, 9 July 1673; Deliverance, 12 March 1676; Susanna, March 1678, died soon; and Susanna, again, 12 April 1679; was freeman 1666, removed to Bridgewater, and died 1690.

THOMAS KINGMAN, Weymouth, brother of the preceding, by wife Rebecca, had Rebecca, born 2 July 1664, died young; Hannah, 1 June 1666; Thomas, 11 February 1671; John; and four others; was freeman 1681.  Of the original stock descendants have been numerous and reputable.


ELEAZER KINGSBURY, Dedham, son of Joseph of the same, was freeman 1690.

EPHRAIM KINGSBURY, Haverhill, perhaps son of Henry Kingsbury of the same, killed by the Indians 2 May 1676, probably unmarried.

HENRY KINGSBURY, Ipswich 1638, came, with wife Margaret, and two or more children in the Talbot, one of the fleet of Winthrop 1630; is number 23 on the list of members in the Church of Boston, and his wife 26, against her name being written "dead since," that means, I presume, to refer to the original MS lost after the third or fourth year.  Of him we learn no more, but possibly he lived at Ipswich 1648.  Winthrop Appendix about 41 and 45.

HENRY KINGSBURY, Ipswich, called himself 54 years old in a deposition of 1669, with wife Susanna, by whom he had Susanna, who married 29 January 1663, Joseph Pike; John; James, perhaps; Joseph, born about 1656, and other children, probably Samuel, and Thomas; may be the son of the preceding, lived at Ipswich 1660, at Rowley 1662, and she died at Haverhill, 21 February 1679, and he died there 1 October 1687.  Perhaps he had Ephraim.

JAMES KINGSBURY, Haverhill, perhaps son of Henry Kingsbury, or of Thomas Kingsbury, took oath of fidelity 28 November 1677, had married 6 January 1674, Sarah Button, daughter of Matthias Button, removed later to Connecticut, and in 1730 was of Plainfield.

JOHN KINGSBURY, Watertown, freeman 3 March 1636, removed that year to Dedham, of which he was Representative 1647.  From his will, of 2 December 1659, probated 16 October following, we find that his wife was Margaret, only child John, brother Joseph, and his son John, and kinsmen Henry Kingsbury of Ipswich, and Thomas Cooper of Seaconk, all, with other children of brother Joseph to be favored with parts of his estate.

JOHN KINGSBURY, Dedham, perhaps son of the preceding, died before middle life, and his widow Elizabeth Fuller, daughter of Thomas Fuller, married 17 September 1672, Michael Metcalf, third of the same.

JOHN KINGSBURY, Rowley 1667, son probably of Henry Kinsbury the second, cannot be the man (yet was probably his father) mentioned by Coffin, who says he had by wife Hannah, John, born at Newbury, 8 April 1689, for this son of Henry died at Haverhill, 23 January 1671, leaving one son John, born 28 July 1667, and one daughter as in Genealogical Registrar VI. 346; and his widow Elizabeth married 11 December 1672, Peter Green, and died five years after.

JOSEPH KINGSBURY, Dedham, brother of the first John Kingsbury of the same, freeman 2 June 1641, by wife Milicent, had Mary, born 1 September 1637; Elizabeth, 14 September 1638; Joseph, 17 February 1641; John, 15 of some month not stated 1643; Eleazer, 17 May 1645; and probably others, of whom one may have been Sarah, who died 24 January 1646.

JOSEPH KINGSBURY, Wrentham, son perhaps of the preceding, by wife Mary, had Elizabeth, born 14 May 1670; Eleazer, 12 May 1673; Hannah, 26 July 1675; Mary, 19 July 1680; and probably one or more intermediate, when records of the town were lost.  His wife died 31 July 1680; and he married 7 September 1681 another Mary, was freeman 1682.

JOSEPH KINGSBURY, Haverhill, son of Henry Kingsbury the second, married 2 April 1669, Love Ayers, as family tradition tells, and had Joseph, Nathaniel, Mary, Elizabeth, and Susanna, with which it adds, that he removed about 1708 (when his employer, Captain Simon Wainwright had been killed by the Indians) to Norwich, there died 1741. 

NATHANIEL KINGSBURY, Dedham, freeman 1677, was, perhaps, son of Joseph Kingsbury of the same, married Mary Bacon, daughter of John Bacon of the same.

SAMUEL KINGSBURY, Haverhill, probably son of the second Henry Kingsbury, married 5 November 1679, Huldah Corliss, and died 26 September 1698, she survived.

THOMAS KINGSBURY was brother of the first Henry Kingsbury perhaps, but I have knowledge of no more, except that he agreed to embark with him.  See Winthrop II. 340.

THOMAS KINGSBURY, Haverhill, son perhaps of the preceding, swore fidelity 1677, was more probably son of the second Henry Kingsbury, married 29 June 1691, widow Deborah Eastman, and, next, 19 January 1703, Sarah Haines, who outlived him, but no children by either is known.  Two of this name had been graduates at Harvard in 1834, and twelve at other New England colleges.


ELDAD KINGSLEY, or ELDAD KINSLEY, Rehoboth 1663, son of John Kingsley of Dorchester, aided that year Reverend John Myles in forming First baptist Church of Massachusetts; married Mehitable Morey, daughter of Roger Morey in 1662, and had John; Samuel; Jonathan; Mary, born 7 October 1675; and Nathaniel, 5 February 1679, and died 28 August 1679.  Professor Kinglsey the late venerable and well beloved of New Haven, was of the seventh generation from the first John Kingsley, through Eldad Kingsley.

ENOS KINGSLEY, or ENOS KINSLEY, Northampton, brother probably of the preceding, married 15 June 1662, Sarah Haynes, daughter of Edmund Haynes of Springfield, had John, born 1664, died soon; Sarah, 1665; John, again, 1667; Haynes, 1669, died at 20 years; Ann; Samuel, 1675; Remember, 1677, died soon; and Hannah, 1681; was freeman 1680, and died 9 December 1708.

JOHN KINGSLEY, or JOHN KINSLEY, Dorchester 1635, came probably with some friend of Mather, and was here before him; at least was one of the seven pillars on formation of the new church for him, 23 August 1636, and was the last survivor; had Freedom; Eldad, born 1638; Enos; Edward; and Renewal, 19 March 1644; removed to Rehoboth, after 1648, when he was in office, and 1658; there lived, and suffered the Indians hostilities of which in a letter of supplication for relief, under date of 5 May 1676, most sad picture is given.  It is printed in Trumbull, Colony record II. 445.  His will, of 2 November 1677, mentioned only 3 children Edward, Enos, and Freedom; but a daughter probably then dead had married John French of Northampton.  Perhaps another daughter married Timothy Jones.  One John Kingsley, perhaps the same, of Rehoboth, was buried 6 January 1679, and Mary, probably his wife 29 of the same month.

JOHN KINGSLEY, or JOHN KINSLEY, Dorchester, son of Stephen Kingsley, married a daughter of William Daniels, perhaps named Alice Daniels, had Susanna, born 1671.  This wife died 14 January 1674, and 16 March following he married Mary Maury or Morey, and he and wife died 1679.

JOHN KINGSLEY, or JOHN KINSLEY, Milton, married Abigail Leoanrd, daughter of James Leonard, had Abigail; Mary, born 1676; John; Stephen; Samuel; and Elizabeth, and about 1698, leaving the wife and children here named.

SAMUEL KINGSLEY, or SAMUEL KINSLEY, Billerica, freeman 1651, married Hannah Brackett, daughter of Captain Richard Brackett, died 21 May 1662; and his widow and her father were administrators.

SAMUEL KINGSLEY, or SAMUEL KINSLEY, Braintree, probably son of Stephen Kingsley, by wife Hannah, had Hannah, born 27 July 1666; Elizabeth 22 November 1657; and Mary, 3 March 1659, possibly this may be the child that died 26 March 1658, as near that time in the year the counted is easily mistaken in records.  He may be the same as the preceding, I think.  A Samuel Kingsley, perhaps his son was born 1662, and in the next generation of Bridgewater, married Mary, daughter of John Washburn.

STEPHEN KINGSLEY, or KINSLEY, Dorchester, perhaps brother of John Kingsley, freeman 13 May 1640, representative 1650, removed to Braintree, there had Mary, born 30 August 1640; ordained Ruling Elder of the church that was gathered 17 September 1639.  He removed finally to Milton, was Representative 1666, and in his will of 27 May, probated 3 July following in 1673, provides for son John, three sons-in-law, Henry Crane, Anthony Gulliver, and Robert Mason, besides a son and two daughters children of his son Samuel, probably deceased.


HENRY KINGSNOTH, or HENRY KINGSWORTH, Guilford 1639, signed the covenant for settlement of 1 June, married Mary Stevens, daughter of John Stevens of the same; died 1668, his will was of 31 July, and inventory taken 4 November of that year.  To son of his brother Daniel Kingsnorth, of Staplehurst in Kent, was given his estate, and his widow married 2 June 1669, John Collins as his second wife.


WILLIAM KINGSMILL, a Quaker, punished at Boston with 15 stripes, which did not, however it might reasonably be anticipated prevent him from renouncing his errors.


KINNICUT.  See Kennicut.


ROBERT KINSMAN, or ROBERT KINGSMAN, Ipswich 1635, came the year preceding in the Mary and John, had soon after a grant of land, married a daughter of Thomas Boreman, and died January 1665.

ROBERT KINSMAN, or ROBERT KINGSMAN, Ipswich, son of the preceding, freeman 1674, married Rebecca Burley, eldest daughter of Andrew Burley of the same, was a warm opponent of Andros, Representative 1692. Revolution in New England Justif. 14.


KIPPEN or KIPPINS.  See Kibby.


HENRY KIRBY, a soldier, 1676, servant in Turner's Company on Connecticut River, who may be the Salem freeman 1677, spelled in the list Kirrey, unless, as seems more probable that be intended for Skerry.

JOHN KIRBY, Middletown, whither Dr. Field thought, he removed from Boston, and Hinman made him of Hartford 1645; but before the settlement of Middletown, he had been at Hartford and Wethersfield, and at Plymouth 1643; had Elizabeth, born at Hartford, 8 September 1646; and at Wethersfield, Hannah, 1649; John and Eunice, twins 18 December 1651; Sarah, 1653; Joseph, 17 July 1656; Bethia, 19 February 1659; Susanna, 3 May 1664; and Abigail, 6 March 1666.  He owned an estate at Rowington, near Kenilworth in Warwickshire.  His son John Kirby was killed by the Indians 1676; and he died April 1677, his will bears date 6, and was probated 27 of that month.  He left widow Elizabeth and children Mary, then wife of Emanuel Buck, aged 32; Hannah, wife of Thomas Andrews, 27; Esther, wife of Benajah Stone, 25; Sarah, wife of Samuel Hubbard, 23; Joseph, 21; Bethia, 18; Susanna, 13; and Abigail, 11; besides Elizabeth, wife of David Sage, who was deceased.  Susanna married Abraham Cruttenden.

JOSEPH KIRBY, Middletown, only surviving son of the preceding, went to Carolina, but at the end of some years came home poor, had lawsuit with other heirs about estate of his father.

RICHARD KIRBY, Lynn, removed 1637 to Sandwich, by wife Jane, had Increase, and probably Abigail, twins born February 1650, of who Abigail was buried the same, and Increase, the next month, and the mother and her son Richard were buried in March of that year.  He was imprisoned as a Quaker 1658, may have taken oath of fidelity at Dartmouth 1684, where he married 2 November 1678, Abigail Rowland of Dartmouth, perhaps as second or third wife.  By former wife Patience, he had at Dartmouth Sarah, born 1 May 1667; John, 2 March 1673; and Robert, 10 March 1675.  Perhaps he was of Oyster Bay, Long Island, 1685.

ROBERT KIRBY, Dartmouth 1684, or near that time.

WILLIAM KIRBY, Boston, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 20 December 1640, who died 12 July 1642.  He was the executioner 1657 and 8, lived in 1667, may be that freeman of 1647, printed Kerley.


JOSEPH KIRGE, is the un-English name given to one of "the flower of Essex," who fell at Bloody Brook under Captain Lothrop, 18 September 1675, which probably should be King.


HENRY KIRK, Dover 1665.

THOMAS KIRK, Boston, merchant from London, or as Sir Thomas Temple wrote, then here, Captain of a ship, was sent with Thomas Kellond, bearing warrant from Governor Endicott, 1662, to arrest in the regicides Whalley and Goffe.  Hutchinson I. 215. 3 Massachusetts History Collection VIII. 325.  Full report from their search, a curious paper, is in Hutchinson Collection 334.

ZECHARIAH KIRK, Boston 1686, married Abigail Rawlins, daughter of Joshua Rawlins.


WILLIAM KIRKEETE, WILLIAM KIRKEET, or WILLIAM CARKEET, Saco, died 1662, leaving property by inventory of £134.  The name seems strange, yet one William Kirkeete of Lynn, who may have come from Saco, by wife Lydia, had Robert, born at Salem 11 November 1697.


THOMAS KIRKHAM, Wethersfield 1648, had Samuel, and, perhaps other children, but not on record. The name is variously spelt, sometimes with initial C.


JOHN KIRKMAN, Lynn 1632, freeman 4 March 1633, Representative 1635.


JOHN KIRTLAND, or JOHN KERTLAND, now commonly JOHN KIRKLAND, Saybrook, by tradition called one of the first settlers but may not reasonably be thought among the inhabitants of first 30 or 40 years, was a son of Nathaniel Kirtland of Lynn, married 18 November 1679, Lydia Pratt, daughter of Lieutenant William Pratt, had John, born 11 July 1681; Priscilla, 1 February 1683; Lydia, 11 October 1685; Elizabeth, 27 June 1688; Nathaniel 24 October 1690; Philip, 28 May 1693; Martha, 11 August 1695; Samuel, 19 January 1699; Daniel, 17 June 1701; and Parnell, 16 October 1704; was a Lieutenant, and about 20 January 17160 he was made heir by John Westall to all his good estate, especially £500 by him, husband of Kirtland's aunt, reserved for her.  The ninth of these children Daniel Kirtland, Yale College 1720, first minister of Third Church at Norwich, called Newent (through affection for the town of that name in the North West part of Of.), had tenth child Samuel Kirtland, the celebrated missionary to the Indians of the six nations, who was father of the more distinguished John Thornton Kirtland, the ever Honorable President of Harvard University.

NATHANIEL KIRTLAND, or NATHANIEL KERTLAND, now commonly NATHANIEL KIRKLAND, Lynn, came in the Hopewell, Captain Bundock, from London, 1635, aged 19, called of Sherington, in County Bucks, near Olney, went to Long Island, with first settled there, but after few years came back to Lynn, there by wife Parnell, had Ann, born 16 April 1658; John, August 1659; Hannah, 15 April 1662; Elizabeth, 20 March 1664; Martha and Mary, twins 15 May 1667; and he died December 1686.  Hannah married 20 February 1679, William Pratt of Saybrook.

NATHANIEL KIRTLAND, or NATHANIEL KERTLAND, now commonly NATHANIEL KIRKLAND, Lynn, probably son of the preceding, born at Southold, Long Island, married 20 January 1675, Mary Rand, had Nathaniel, born 3 May 1677; Mary, 1 February 1680; Priscilla, 9 April 1683; and Elizabeth, 22 June 1685.  His widow married 24 April 1690, Dr. John H. Burchsted.

PHILIP KIRTLAND, or PHILIP KERTLAND, now commonly PHILIP KIRKLAND, Lynn, came in the Hopewell, Captain Bundock, from London, 1633, aged 21, called on the custom-house record of Sherington near Olney in County Rucks, was probably brother of Nathaniel Kirtland, first mentioned, and went with him to settle Long Island, and came back sooner than he, was a shoemaker, Lewis says; by wife Alice, had Mary, born 3 or 8 June 1640; Sarah, 27 September 1646; Susanna, 8 March 1652; Hannah and Ebenezer, twins 12 June 1654.  He had elder brother John Kirtland, whose residence is unknown, and died before July 1659, and his widow Alice married Evan Thomas of Boston, who in favor of the children made conveyance of estate in trust 24 April 1661.  Sarah married 5 October 1664, John Davis.

PHILIP KIRTLAND, or PHILIP KERTLAND, now commonly PHILIP KIRKLAND, Lynn, perhaps son of the preceding, perhaps of the first Nathaniel Kirtland, married 14 October 1679, Ruth Pierce.


JOHN KIRTSHAW, Newtown, Long Island, 1655.


HENRY KISKEYES, or HENRY KESKEYS, Boston, married 7 August 1656, Ruth Graves, daughter of Richard Graves, had Henry, born 3 May 1657, misprinted in Genealogical Registrar X. 68.


ROBERT KITCHELL, Guilford 1639, had wife Margaret, son Samuel; Hannah, who married 12 November 1656, Jeremiah Peck; and Sarah, died May 1657; was given power, in 1665, to hold court at Guilford, but next year removed to New Jersey where he was distinguished, and is called in history the benefactor of Newark.  His widow removed to Greenwich, there died 1679.

SAMUEL KITCHELL, Guilford, son of the preceding, was Ensign 1665, married 11 March 1657, at New Haven, Elizabeth Wakeman, daughter of John Wakeman, had Sarah, born the same year, died 5 January following; Elizabeth, born 1 February baptized 13 March 1659; and Abigail, 10, baptized 11 August 1661; but then lived at New Haven may have had more children at Guilford.  In July 1667, united with Bruen and others, he purchasing large tract from Indians in and around Newark, New Jersey.


JOHN KITCHEN, Salem 1640, freeman 28 February 1643, shoemaker, by wife Elizabeth, had there baptized: Elizabeth and Hannah, 12 March 1643, who were not probably twins, but the father was not earlier of the church; Joseph, 20 April 1645; John, 28 June 1646, died soon; Mary, 23 April 1648, who married 20 February 1666, Timothy Robinson; John, again, 21 March 1652; and Robert, 15 April 1655; besides, probably Abigail, who married 3 June 1669, John Guppy; and Priscilla, who married October 1672, Nathaniel Hum (if this be not abbreviation); but certainly Benjamin, born 28 August 1669, and died next month.  He was chosen sealer of leather, 1655, and died 1676. 

ROBERT KITCHEN, Salem, son of the preceding, merchant and shipowner, died 28 October 1712, in 56th year says gravestone; and his son Robert Kitchen, a student at Harvard College died 20 September 1716.


JOSEPH KITCHERELL, JOSEPH KETCHERWELL, JOSEPH KETCHERING, or JOSEPH KECHERELL, sometimes with the first letter C, Charlestown 1636, perhaps the same, whose wife perhaps, or sister Sarah on administration there by the church 30 November 1643, is spelled Kitcherin, and for which Felt shows, in Salem, grant of land 1639, and administration to the church in the same year.  I doubt he was not many years at either place, being marked in the church record as drowning, as in Essex Institute Collections I. 39, where the c is mistaken for t. 

SAMUEL KITCHERELL, SAMUEL KETCHERWELL, SAMUEL KETCHERING, or SAMUEL KECHERELL, sometimes with the first letter C, Hartford, by wife Martha, had Martha; Samuel, and Hannah, born 4 January 1646; and died 1650.  His widow married 2 January 1651, Anthony Dorchester of Springfield, where Samuel died 9 June 1651, and Hannah died 29 April 1658, and Martha married 1 December 1659, Abel Wright.


JOHN KITTREDGE, Billerica 1661, or earlier, the ancestor of the many thousands of the name in our land came, it is said, in youth with his mother, was a farmer; had John, born 24 January 1666; James, 28 March 1668; Daniel, 23 July 1670; Jonathan, 1674, died 1696; and Benoni, 1677, posthumous, for the father died 18 October 1676.  Much do I regret, that of those five sons our information is confined to

JOHN KITTREDGE, Billerica, son of the preceding, married 3 August 1685, Hannah French, perhaps daughter by second wife of William French, had six sons and five daughters, and died 27 April 1714.  He was, says Farmer, the first of the family with that prefix, Dr. which has since been so frequent with his progeny, of which three at Harvard and nineteen at other New England colleges had been graduates in 1834.


AARON KNAPP, Taunton 1643, may have been father of Elizabeth, who married 17 February 1674, Nicholas Stoughton; and besides had Mary, baptized at Roxbury, 20 November 1659; and he died before 1676.  Baylies, II. 267, 278.

CALEB KNAPP, Stamford, son of Nicholas Knapp, freeman 1670, made his will 11 December 1674, died soon.   He names wife Hannah, and children Caleb, who was born 1661; John, 1664; Moses; Samuel; Sarah; and Hannah. 

JAMES KNAPP, Watertown 1652, son of William Knapp the first, born in England, married Elizabeth Warren, daughter of John Warren, had Elizabeth, born 21 April 1655; and James, 26 May 1657, who died 26 September following.  In the autumn of 1671, at Groton, where he then lived, his wife suffered terribly by witchcraft, if the trifling story in the Magnalia VI. 67, is good for any thing. 

JOHN KNAPP, Watertown, brother of the preceding, married 25 May 1660, Sarah Young, had John, born 4 May 1661; and Sarah, 5 September 1662; and several others, for his will of 22 January 1696, probated 27 April following, though it names not either of these, who were, perhaps daughter, mentioned widow Sarah, and children Henry, Isaac, John, Daniel, and Abigail. 

JOHN KNAPP, Taunton, married 7 October 1685, Sarah Austin.  Possibly he was son of the preceding. 

JONATHAN KNAPP, Fairfield, son of the first Roger Knapp, died young, for his inventory is of 1 February 1676.

JOSHUA KNAPP, Greenwich 1670, son of Nicholas Knapp, married 9 June 1657, at Stamford, Hannah Close, had good estate by inventory of 1685, though he died 27 October 1684, leaving children Hannah, aged 25; Joshua, 22; Joseph, 20; Ruth, 18; Timothy, 16; Benjamin, 10; Caleb, 7; Jonathan, 5.  His widow married John Bowers.

MOSES KNAPP, Greenwich 1670, brother of the preceding probably youngest, but perhaps was only a land holder, and never lived at Greenwich but at Stamford as early as 1667, and there his father gave him land by his will; married about 1669, Abigail Wescoat, daughter of Richard Wescoat.  Whether he had children I am not advised but he was living certainly at Stamford up to 1701, perhaps later.

NICHOLAS KNAPP, Watertown, may have come in the fleet with Winthrop and Saltonstall 1630, by wife Elinor, had Jonathan, who was buried 27 December 1631; Timothy, born 14 December 1632; Joshua, 5 January 1635; Caleb, 20 January 1637; Sarah, 5 January 1639; Ruth, 6 January 1641; and Hannah, 6 March 1643; removed to Stamford, there, I suppose, had Moses, and Lydia.  His wife Elinor died 16 August 1658, and he married 9 March following Unity, widow of Peter Brown, who had been widow of Clement Buxton; died April 1670.  His will of 15 of that month names four sons Caleb, Joshua, Moses, Timothy; and four daughters Sarah, Hannah, Lydia, and Ruth.  Sarah married 6 September 1667, Peter Disbrough; and Ruth married 20 November following Joseph Ferris.

ROGER KNAPP, New Haven 1643-7, Fairfield 1656-70, and probably later, had made his will 21 March 1673; named wife Elizabeth, and children Jonathan, Josiah, Lydia, Roger, John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Mary, some of whom were minors, and his inventory is of 20 September 1675.

ROGER KNAPP, Fairfield, son of the preceding died 1691, but no account is found of his family.

THOMAS KNAPP, Sudbury, married at Watertown, 19 September 1688, Mary Grout, daughter of John Grout, and died beyond sea, leaving widow and children Sarah, aged 9 years, and Mary, 6, when administration was issued 28 May 1697.

TIMOTHY KNAPP, Stamford, son perhaps eldest of Nicholas Knapp, Representative for Rye 1670, was of Greenwich, lived 1697.  In that century a single p was used.

WILLIAM KNAPP, Watertown 1636, died 30 August 1658, "aged about 80 years".  Perhaps he came as early as Nicholas Knapp; and had, in his will of 1655, not named any wife but referred to children of which several were brought by him from England and to grandchildren.  His children were William; Mary; Elizabeth; John, born 1624; James, 1627; Ann; and Judith.  Mary married Thomas Smith; Elizabeth married in England a Buttery; Ann married Thomas Philbrick, but died before her father who in his will names her children; and Judith married Nicholas Cady.

WILLIAM KNAPP, Watertown, son of the preceding, by wife Mary, had probably Joseph, besides Priscilla, born 10 November 1642; and by wife Margaret had Judith, born 2 March 1653; Elizabeth, 23 July 1657; and, perhaps, others; left widow Priscilla, who had been widow of Thomas Akers, and son John.  Three of this name had, in 1829, been graduates at Harvard and as many at other New England colleges.


JOHN KNEELAND, Boston, one of the founders of the Scot's Charitable Society 1657, by wife Mary, had Mary, born 6 October 1659, died next year; Hannah, 18 July 1663; Mary, again, 13 April 1666; John, 9 November 1668; Solomon, 7 February 1671; and Ruth, 30 July 1673.  He died at Roxbury, 11 August 1691, aged 59.

PHILIP KNEELAND, Lynn 1637.  Several of this name have been graduates at Harvard of who William, 1751, was nine years a tutor, and President of marriedM.S.; died 2 November 1788, aged 56.


JOHN KNELL, JOHN KNEALE, or JOHN KNILL, Charlestown, perhaps son of Nicholas Knell, removed to Boston, had wife Elizabeth, who became third wife of Nathaniel Bachiler of Hampton, 23 October 1689.  Children of Knell were John, born 13 May 1679, baptized 12 September 1680; Hannah, baptized 1 May 1681; and Richard, born 26, baptized 27 May 1683.

NICHOLAS KNELL, NICHOLAS KNEALE, or NICHOLAS KNILL, Stratford 1650, married Elizabeth Newman, widow of Thomas Knowles, daughter of Francis Newman, of New Haven, had John, born 24 October 1651, died soon; Elizabeth, 3 May 1653; Isaac, February 1655; John, again, 17 December 1657; by the government was granted in 1668, 50 acres, and as much more next year; and died 2 April 1675.  His will names only wife and the two sons.  He seems to have been a man of some consequence, has Mr. prefix, and the mention in town records of his death calls him "that aged benefactor of the country."

PHILIP KNELL, PHILIP KNEALE, or PHILIP KNILL, Charlestown, perhaps brother of John Knell, by wife Ruth, married 5 October 1666, as widow Allen, had Ruth, born 6, baptized 10 July 1670; Elizabeth, 15, baptized 26 April 1674; and Philip, 4 July 1675, baptized the same day.  His widow petitioned the Governor and Council 30 October 1697, for redress in the case of her servant Sambo, impressed under 21 years of age.  His will, made at the age of 51 or 2 years, 18 February 1689, was not probated before 15 October 1699.



ALEXANDER KNIGHT, or ALEXANDER KNIGHTS, Ipswich 1635, had kept an inn at Chelmsford, England, says Vincent in his History of the Pequot War.  Perhaps we may be justified in thinking he came in the Defence, but could not obtain license to embark, being a subsidy man; we know at least, that in that ship that year came from London, Sarah Knight aged 50; and Dorothy, 30, of who one might be wife and the other sister or daughter.

APSIA KNIGHT, or APSIA KNIGHTS, Charlestown 1637, if the force of Frothingham, 57 and 88, can render such a name credible.  Without sight of the MS, I should indulge the license of modest conjecture to make it Apphia.

BENJAMIN KNIGHT, or BENJAMIN KNIGHTS, Newbury; son of the second John Knight of the same, married Abigail Jaques, daughter of Henry Jaques, had Benjamin, born 8 February 1693; Isaac, 15 January 1695; Abigail, 15 April 1697; Daniel, 4 December 1699, died young; Daniel, again, 11 January 1702; and George, 31 January 1704.

CHARLES KNIGHT, or CHARLES KNIGHTS, Salem, married 9 May 1667, Sarah Lemon, daughter I presume of Robert Lemon, had Elizabeth, born 18 May 1668; Mary, 7 April 1670; and Sarah, 22 July 1673; was a soldier of Gardner's Company wounded in the great Narraganset fight, 19 December 1675.  In Essex Institute II. 256, this name is Knite.

DANIEL KNIGHT, or DANIEL KNIGHTS, York 1640, perhaps in Indians war removed to Lynn, died 29 October 1672.  He may have been infant son of Jacob Knight.

EZEKIEL KNIGHT, or EZEKIEL KNIGHTS, Salem, if the grant of land 1637, which Felt mentioned drew him thither, but most of his days was of Braintree, by wife Elizabeth, who was buried 28 April 1642, had Ezekiel, born 1 February 1641, died at 7 months.

EZEKIEL KNIGHT, or EZEKIEL KNIGHTS, Wells 1645, probably had wife and children in early life, and may be the same as the preceding, was commissioner, i. e. Representative 1661, at York, much betrusted in public service, and after 1662 married Mary Eaton, daughter of Governor Theophilus Eaton, widow of Valentine Hill of Dover, formerly of Boston; and, next, the widow of John Lovering, and she died before 29 June 1675, when he presented a bill for support of the children of Lovering, and he died 1687.  His will of 18 April in that year probated 16 September following, made Mr. Shubael Dummer, Captain Job Alcock, and Mr. John Bass executors but its provision was very plain; all estate to wife for her life, and of remaining two parts to son Ezekiel, and one to daughter Elizabeth Wentworth of Dover, who is believed to have been wife of Ezekiel Wentworth.


GEORGE KNIGHT, or GEORGE KNIGHTS, Hingham, came, 1638, in the Diligent, with wife and children from Barrow, a parish of County Suffolk near Bury St. Edmunds.

GEORGE KNIGHT, or GEORGE KNIGHTS, Scarborough, died 1671, in his will of 5 April of that year gives to wife Elinor, son Nathan, and daughter Elizabeth.  His widow married Henry Brooking, as perhaps I may be justified for conjecture ny the dark passage in Genealogical Registrar IX. 220.

GEORGE KNIGHT, or GEORGE KNIGHTS, Hartford 1671, died 19 April 1698, his inventory being of 15 June next year leaving widow Sarah, several daughters but no sons.  His wife was Sarah Church, daughter of John Church, and children were Sarah, born 27 April 1680, who married as Porter writes, 25 December 1699, George Saxton; Love, 10 September 1682, married 20 November 1702, Thomas Andrews; Ann, 6 April 1688, married 9 December 1715, probably as second wife Samuel Galpin; and Elizabeth, 13 December 1690, married 12 June 1707, Nathaniel Cole. 

JACOB KNIGHT, or JACOB KNIGHTS, Lynn, son of William Knight, married 25 December 1668, Sarah Burt, had Sarah, born 28 November 1670, died within 13 months; Daniel, 25 October 1672; Elizabeth, 4 August 1677.  His wife Sarah, died 14 February 1682, and he married 18 September following Hannah Rand.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Dorchester 1634, with prefix of respect, probably removed but may have been that John Knight who died in a town not mentioned 4 November 1634.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Newbury, came from Southampton, 1635, in the James; was a tailor of Romsey in Hants, administered freeman with his brother Richard Knight 25 May 1636, had wife Elizabeth, who died 20 March 1645, and by her, or a former wife had John, born 1622.  His next wife was Ann, widow of Richard Ingersoll of Salem, and he died May 1670.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Watertown 1636, a maulster, not in my opinion the freeman of 1636, as Bond thought was among original proprietors of Sudbury 1642, probably the freeman of 10 May 1643, was of Woburn 1653, first signer of a petition for church liberty.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Beverly, a mason, son of William Knight, brought from England by his father before 1637, went home, it is said, to take part in the great civil war on the side of Parliament; married in England but soon after came hither, had eldest son John, besides William, Joseph, Emma, and Martha, went again to England about 1672, to obtain estate left by his father, and there died.  All this was sworn by two witnesses at Beverly in June 1743, each of the age of 85 years, who knew him, and his eldest son John, and the eldest son of that John, then lived at Manchester.  It must not, then, be supposed that he was the same as the following as plausible might be suggested.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Newbury, son of John Knight of the; same, born in England, married 1647, Bathshua Ingersoll, daughter of Richard Ingersoll of Salem, had John, born 16 August 1648; Joseph, 21 June 1662; Elizabeth, 18 October 1655; Mary, 8 September 1657; Sarah, 13 April 1660; Hannah, 22 March 1662, died young; Hannah, again, 30 August 1664; Richard, 26 July 1666; Benjamin, 21 August 1668; and Isaac, 31 August 1672, who died at 18 years; was freeman 1671, and died 25 February 1678, in 56th year and his widow died 25 October 1705.  Elizabeth married 25 February 1674, Cutting Noyes; Mary married 13 January 1681, Timothy Noyes; and Hannah married 31 March 1684, James Noyes.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Charlestown 1653, son of John Knight, a cooper, was probably born in England, married 25 April 1654, Ruhamah Johnson, had Ruhamah, born 29 January 1655, died at two weeks; Elizabeth, 3 June 1656; John, 4 November 1657; Ruhamah, again, 16 February 1659; and Abigail, baptized 25 November 1660; but I know not, whether he had others of second or third wife though it seems probable in the church records of adminstration 1667, Abigail Knight is called daughter of sister Stower's, and that may indicate, but not exclusively a maiden; for "goodman John Knight" comes in few months after; and on 23 September 1677 is found "Mary Knight the wife of our brother John Knight.  He married 19 December 1678, widow Mary Clements, as fourth wife and she died 12 July 1682, and, again, "9 January 1680, Mary Knight, wife of our brother John Knight" and finally, "9 March 1684, Sarah Knight, wife of our brother John killed by dismissal from Boston First Church" as Budington's valuable list, pp. 248, 9 and 50 show.  So that we might take the last two, or even three to belong to John the younger and leave enough but five wives this man had.  From the will of another John of Charlestown, no doubt his father made 14 February 1673, of wh. we see not the day of probated but find the inventory of 1 June 1674, we find no other relat. named but Elizabeth and Abigail, daughters of his son John, s.-in-law Robert Peirce of Woburn, and the wife his own died Mary, and makes overseer, his friend and brother (but this means only, I judge, the children’s relationship) John Chickering, who was the physician.  For his third wife this John of Charlestown took, 22 June 1668, Mary Bridge, who died October 1678.  In spite of his five wives he lived to ripe age, for in 1679 he was called 46 years old, and his fourth wife 52; and his will, made 28 November 1701, was probated 13 December 1714.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Lynn, had Martha, born 11 August 1657.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Northampton, freeman 1676.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Charlestown, not son of John Knight of the same, by wife Persis, had Persis, baptized 2 May 1669, died young; Mary, 31 July 1670; Persis, again, 17 March 1672; John, 23 November 1673; Samuel, 12 September 1675; perhaps several more, and some of these may belong to the other John of Charlestown for, Mr. Wyman assures me, no John of Charlestown had wife Persis.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Newbury, eldest brother of Benjamin Knight, married 1 January 1672, Rebecca Noyes, daughter of Reverend James Noyes, had James, born 3 September 1672; Rebecca, 27 April 1674; John, 3 April 1676; Sarah, 25 February 1679; Elizabeth, 13 April 1681; Joseph, 9 October 1683; and Nathaniel, 22 December 1688.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Woburn, not son of the first John Knight of Charlestown, married 2 March 1681, Abigail Craggin, eldest child of John Craggin, had Abigail, born 27 December 1681; John, 31 January 1684, died next year; John, again, 3 March 1686; Benjamin, 20 March 1688, died under 10 years; Samuel, 27 September 1690; Ebenezer, 20 August 1695; Rebecca, 14 May 1698; Benjamin, 20 October 1700; and Amaziah, 14 December 1703.

JOHN KNIGHT, or JOHN KNIGHTS, Dover, perhaps son of Richard Knight of the same, married Leah, widow of Benedictus Tarr, it is said, but no more is known of him, except that his inventory was brought in 17 June 1700.

JONATHAN KNIGHT, or JONATHAN KNIGHTS, Salem 1670, married probably at Woburn 31 March 1663, Ruth Wright, and had Jonathan; Ebenezer; Enos; Ruth; and Deborah; and he died 17 January 1683.  He was probably son of the first Philip Knight.  A John Knight, with wife Mary, and Joseph, with wife Hannah, early at Watertown, are mentioned by Bond, but no issue is found in his volumes.

JOSEPH KNIGHT, or JOSEPH KNIGHTS, Woburn, freeman 1652, had Sarah, born 8 March 1651; Samuel, 8 September 1652, died next year; Hannah, 25 March 1654; John, 16 January 1656; Elizabeth, 7 April 1658; Mary, 6 June 1660, died at 10 months; Dinah, 4 July 1661; Samuel, again, 18 March 1663; Mary, again, 12 December 1672, died in few months; Joseph, 12 December 1673; Edward, 31 August 1677; Isaac, 24 February 1680, died next month; James, 22 April 1681, died next day; Ruth, 7 May 1682; Ebenezer, 24 August 1684; and Amos, 19 May 1687; but most probably by more than one wife and quite probably by two Josephs.  The senior died 13 August 1687, and his widow Hannah died 13 January 1695.

JOSEPH KNIGHT, or JOSEPH KNIGHTS, named by Thomas Spaule of Boston, in his will of 23 February 1671, as the husband of testator's daughter Mary Spaule, and having children and to her and them making residence, devise after that to his own wife during widow.  I guess was of Boston.

JOSEPH KNIGHT, or JOSEPH KNIGHTS, Newbury, brother of Benjamin Knight, freeman 1684, married 31 October 1677, Deborah Coffin, probably daughter of second Tristram Coffin, had Judith, born 23 October 1678; John, 20 January 1680, died at 16 years; Joseph, 16 February 1682, died within two years; Deborah, 26 April 1684; Sarah, 3 November 1686; Elizabeth, 18 April 1690; Joseph, again, 16 February 1692; Mary, 3 September 1693; Tristram, 9 June 1695; John, again, 10 December 1696; and Stephen, 9 October 1699; was Ensign, and died 29 January 1723.

JOSEPH KNIGHT, or JOSEPH KNIGHTS, Woburn, freeman 1676, perhaps son of first Joseph Knight, who married 4 April 1699, Martha Lilly, in his will of 16 January 1733 names wife Martha, and daughters Martha, Ruth, Rebecca, Hannah, Mary, and Dorothy.


MICHAEL KNIGHT, or MICHAEL KNIGHTS, Woburn, married 20 October 1657, Mary Bullard, had Mary, born 14 October 1658; Jonathan, 23 March 1662; Joshua, 20 January 1665; Lydia, 29 September 1674; and he had been administered freeman 1654.

PHILIP KNIGHT, or PHILIP KNIGHTS, Charlestown, had wife Margery, children Jonathan, Philip, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Mary; who at his death were of the ages respectively, about 26, 23, 17, 13, and 11; but he had removed long, before to Topsfield, or near it, and died November 1668.  Perhaps Mary married 5 June 1677, Daniel Ross. 

PHILIP KNIGHT, or PHILIP KNIGHTS, Wenham 1669, son of the preceding was of Salem 1670.

RICHARD KNIGHT, or RICHARD KNIGHTS, Newbury, probably younger brother of the first John Knight, came with him from Southampton in the James, 1635, called in the custom-house record tailor of Romsey, in Hants, married says Coffin, Agnes Coffley, who died 29 March 1679, had Rebecca, born 7 March 1643; Sarah, 23 March 1648; Ann; and Elizabeth.  He was sworn freeman 25 May 1636, was Deacon, and died 4 August 1683, in 81st year.

RICHARD KNIGHT, or RICHARD KNIGHTS, Weymouth 1637, mentioned by Winthrop II. 348, may be he who was recorded an inhabitant of Boston early in 1642, a slater, being administered of the church a few days before and, perhaps, son of a widow Sarah, administered in May 1639; freeman 18 May 1642, by wife Dinah, had Samuel, born 9 January baptized 12 February 1643, and buried 25 September following; Joseph, 16, baptized 18 May 1615; and by wife Joanna, had Joanna, born 24 January 1653; James, 1 February 1665; but it may be very difficult to distinguish him from others of the name.

RICHARD KNIGHT, or RICHARD KNIGHTS, Hampton, perhaps Portsmouth, 1643, was, perhaps, of Dover 1659, or before 1668, of Boston, a merchant.

RICHARD KNIGHT, or RICHARD KNIGHTS, Boston, by wife Joanna, had James, who died 27 September 1662; Sarah, born 6 November 1656; and Mary, 25 January 1659.

RICHARD KNIGHT, or RICHARD KNIGHTS, Newport 1648, next year chosen General Sergent, whatever that may means, and many years bought Iand of Indians on the continuance 1665 in conjunction with Henry Hall of Westerly.  He had eldest son John Knight of Norwich, as from law papers I learn; and this may imply, that he had other children.

RICHARD KNIGHT, or RICHARD KNIGHTS, Boston 1673, bricklayer, was called to serve in Philip's war on Connecticut River in Captain Turner's Company.  Perhaps he married Sarah Kimball, and had daughter Elizabeth to which her uncle John Kimball gave estate.  This Richard Knight was bred a carver, but married a wife of superior mind, Sarah Kemble, daughter of Thomas Kemble, or Kimball, of Charlestown.  They had only child Elizabeth, who married John Livingston of New London, and outlived him.  Some proof of the mother's literary skill is furnished by her journal of travels in 1704 from Boston to New York and back, published so late as 1825 by Theodore Dwight, Esq.  She had removed after the death of her husband to Norwich, and thence to New London, where she died 25 September 1727.  See Caulkins's History 372. 

RICHARD KNIGHT, or RICHARD KNIGHTS, Newbury, son of the second John Knight of the same, married Elizabeth Jacques, daughter of Henry Jacques, had Henry, born 6 July 1697; and Elizabeth, 11 March 1702. 

ROBERT KNIGHT, or RICHARD KNIGHTS, Hampton 1640, removed to Boston, had, by first wife, Samuel, born 1642, who probably died young.  He married Ann, the young widow of Thomas Cromwell, the rich privateersman, I presume early in 1650, and may thereafter have spent a year or more in Maine, but had Edward, born 5 February 1652; and Martha, 1 September 1653; besides James, in 1654, who probably died soon; and he died 27 June 1655; his will of 8 May preceding gave all to wife with care of only children Edward and Martha.

ROBERT KNIGHT, or ROBERT KNIGHTS, Marblehead 1648, may be he who died at Cambridge 29 October 1652; but nothing more is known.

ROBERT KNIGHT, or ROBERT KNIGHTS of Marblehead 1673.

ROBERT KNIGHT, or ROBERT KNIGHTS, Kittery 1647, removed to York, died 1676, his will of 23 June, probated 24 August of that year, mentioned son Richard Knight, living in Boston. 

ROGER KNIGHT, or ROGER KNIGHTS, Portsmouth 1631, among the people sent by Mason the patentee.  Belknap I. 425.  His daughter Mary married John Bruster or John Brewster of Portsmouth.  

SAMUEL KNIGHT, or SAMUEL KNIGHTS, Roxbury, married 16 October 1685, Sarah Howe, perhaps daughter of Abraham Howe of the same, had Mehitable, born 9 September 1686, died under 17 years; Samuel, who died 20 May 1689; and Ebenezer, February 1694.

THOMAS KNIGHT, or THOMAS KNIGHTS, Salem 1661, a mason, perhaps son of Walter Knight. 

TOBY KNIGHT, or TOBY KNIGHTS, Newport 1638. 

WALTER KNIGHT, or WALTER KNIGHTS, Salem 1626, had been here in 1622, and is now sent over by the Dorchester people to strengthen Conant; perhaps was of Duxbury 1638; in 1653 gives evidence about something that occurred in 1622, perhaps only hearsay, he called his age 66. 

WILLIAM KNIGHT, or WILLIAM KNIGHTS, Salem, a mason, had grant of land 1637, yet seems rather to belong to Lynn, freeman 2 May 1638, had John, Ann, Francis, Hannah, all by second wife Elizabeth, Jacob, Daniel, Elizabeth, and Mary, and died 5 March 1656.  From Lewis was this account derived by Farmer; yet there is evidence that he had John and Francis, Joanna, and Mary only, all brought from England and that the sons both went home, and there Francis died without issue; but John after serving the parliamentary cause in the civil war, obtained possession of estate in England that was his father’s, married and died in that country.  His will, of 2 December 1653, provides for division of estate among the children of both wives, each named. and to eldest son Jacob doubled portion.  The inventory was returned when the will was probated 28 June 1655.

WILLIAM KNIGHT, or WILLIAM KNIGHTS, Topsfield, came, perhaps, in 1638, though by no means can I agree with Farmer in making him freeman on 2 May of that year, implies of course that he had come as early as 1637, when the prefix of respect, is wanting to this name next year; however it may be that he came not before 1639, in which year he had grant of 200 acres at Ipswich, to the outlying farmers of which town, in 1641, at the place called New Meadows, he began to preach.  This was 8 or 9 years before the incorporation by its present name, nor was a church allowed to be gathered there before 1645, as Winthrop II. 254, tells, so that probably Knight was discouraged at least before 1648, we know he went home.  Mather, putting him into his first class of ministers found no Christian name for him, yet as about twenty others of the same list show the same deficiency, we may be sure, he did not much inquire.  Of this name, had, in 1834, eight been graduates at the various New England colleges.  Yet none at Harvard.


GEORGE KNOCKER, and THOMAS KNOCKER, misprinted thus in Genealogical Registrar III. 80 for Knower of Charlestown.


HANSERD KNOLLYS, Dover, was born it is said, 1598 at Cawkwell in County Lincoln, bred at the University of Cambridge, ordained 23 June 1629, as a priest by the Bishop of Peterborough, renounced the Church of England in 1636, and in 1638 came to New England though some english books say a year earlier.  On arrival at Boston, he was refused permission of residence through suspicion of antinomous taint, so that he went to New Hampshire jurisdiction, and in 1641 home, reaching London 24 December.  See Winthrop I. 326; II. 27. Yet Brook's Lives of the Purit. III. sub voce, with Crosby's History of Baptists I. 334, furnished more favorable views of his character and even Mather's Magnalia III. 6 refers to the death of the "goodman in a good old age;" while in our times an Association in England of the baptist Communion honors the confessor by adopting the title of the Hanserd Knollys' Society.


GEORGE KNOTT, Sandwich 1637, perhaps removed thither from Lynn, died 1, buried 3 May 1648, leaving widow Martha, son Samuel, and daughter Martha, whom he wished Thomas Dunham to marry, as in his nuncupative will of that date expressed, but she married 18 November 1650, Thomas Tobey.

JAMES KNOTT, a soldier on Connecticut River 1676, under Captain Turner.

RICHARD KNOTT, Marblehead 1678, a surgeon with prefix of respect.  He probably had wife Ruth.


GEORGE KNOWER, Charlestown 1631, may have come in the fleet with Winthrop, lived on the Malden side, died 13 February 1675, leaving property to wife Elizabeth, son Jonathan, born 1645, and daughter Mary Mirable.  He, or rather his wife (for the men were too timid) united in the petition 28 October 1651, to the General Court, in favor of Reverend Mr. Matthews.  Frothingham, 81, 85, 126.  In his will of 3 December 1674 he calls himself about 67 years of age.  He mentioned in it another daughter, wife of Moses Bucknam.

JONATHAN KNOWER, Malden, freeman 1690, spelled Knohre, was son of the preceding, by wife Sarah Winslow, daughter of John Winslow, had Sarah, born July 1680; Jonathan, 1682; Thomas, 24 November 1685, died soon; Elizabeth, 22 April 1688, who died in few weeks; John, 22 March 1689; John, again, 22 May 1690; and Thomas, again, 28 April 1694.

JOSEPH KNOWER, Massachusetts 1639. Felt.

SAMUEL KNOWER, Malden, by wife Elizabeth, had Samuel, born 28 December 1690; is in Genealogical Registrar VI. 336 an error, for the father’s name is Kenny.  This name is, also, falsely spelled Knowlton in Volume X. 163 of the same valuble periodical, though it is right in Volume VI. 336.

THOMAS KNOWER, Charlestown, perhaps brother of George Knower, was punished 1632, and went home I suppose, but came again in 1635, then called 33 years, with Nell (as I judge the name printed Moll) 29; and Sarah, 7; thought to be wife and daughter in the Abigail, bearing the clerk's designation at the London custom-house Knore; and died November 1641.  His inventory is on our record as that of Thomas Knocker.


ALEXANDER KNOWLES, a freeman of Massachusetts 7 December 1636, whose residence is unknown to me; but in few years he removed to Fairfield, there was in good esteem; and was chosen an Assistant of the Colony of Connecticut 1658.  He died December 1663, in his will mentioned sons John and Joshua, daughter Elizabeth Ford, wife of Thomas, and her five children and, perhaps, another daughter at Milford.

ELEAZUR KNOWLES, Stratford, son of Thomas Knowles of New Haven, was one of the original projectors of the new town of Woodbury, and of the early settlers; by wife Mary Porter, daughter of the first Daniel Porter, had Thomas, born 26 December 1683; Isaac, died young; Mary, 22 March 1687; Ann, 5 January 1689; Samuel, 15 April 1691; Isaac, again, 28 July 1696; and Elizabeth, 30 March 1698; and died 31 January 1731.  His widow died 24 October 1732.

HENRY KNOWLES, Warwick, on list of freeman 1655, in 1644, was of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and had, I suppose, married a daughter of Robert Potter of Warwick; and 1671 was in his 62d year.  6 January when, I judge, his will was made, by which he names sons John, William, and Henry, daughters Mary, who had married 9 November 1668, Moses Lippit, and Martha, wife of Samuel Eldredge; and at Kingstown, or into Piarraganset, that disputed territory, probably all the brothers and sister were gathered.

HENRY KNOWLES, Kingstown, son of the preceding, married Alice Fish, daughter of Thomas Fish, had no children but in his will of 1726, names sister Martha Eldredge, and several nephew and nieces.

JOHN KNOWLES, Watertown, the second minister of that town, was born in Lincolnshire, bred at Magdalen College Cambridge, where he was matriculated, a pensioner July 1620, signed without final s; had his bornA. January 1623, O S and M about 1627, with last letter, and was chosen a fellow of Catharine Hall, 9 July 1627, though Mather says, of Emanuel in his common heedless way.  He was not probably a settler, minister before coming over to us in August 1638; he joined uith the church at Boston 15 August of next year having married probably in England the widow of Ephraim Davis; in March following was dismissed to go to aid Phillips at Watertown and there was ordained 9 December 1640 as pastor, went on a mission, 1642, to Virginia, back next year, was freeman 1650, and next year went home, and for some time preached at Bristol, was silenced by the act of 1662, and during the plague of London, 1665, was there with wife Elizabeth.  On the death of President Chauncey, 1672, he was proposed to succeed him as head of Harvard College, though in Mather's History we should not look to discover any thing like it, for that writer is very sparing of his facts in the chapter devoted to this life, III. 216, and in the first classis inserted him without baptized name.  He had at Watertown by wife Elizabeth, Mary, born 9 April 1641; Elizabeth. 16 May 1643; and Hannah, who are found to be his children, the first two by a gift in will of Edward How to each and Hannah, by her petition after coming back hither in 1681. calls herself his child representing injury by desertion of her and her children by husband Benjamin Eyre, and prayed for divorce, 17 November 1685.  He died 10 November 1685, at great age.

JOHN KNOWLES, Fairfield, son of Alexander Knowles, freeman 1664, died 1673, named in his will of 1 November in that year, children John, Joshua, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Rebecca, and referred to his brother Joshua Knowles, as having taken for his own testator's son Joshua.

JOHN KNOWLES, Eastham, son of Richard Knowles, married 28 December 1670, Apphia Bangs, daughter of Edward Bangs, had Edward, born 7 November 1671; John, 10 July 1673; and Deborah, 2 March 1675.  His widow married Joseph Atwood.

JOHN KNOWLES, Hampton, took oath of allegiance December 1678.

JOHN KNOWLES, Warwick, eldest son of the first Henry Knowles, had no children, died 16 December 1716, had made his will December 1714.

JOSHUA KNOWLES, Fairfield, brother of John Knowles of the same, freeman 1658, was living In 1673.

RICHARD KNOWLES, Cambridge 1638, by wife Ruth, had James, born 17 November 1648; may be he that death at Hampton 1 February 1682.

RICHARD KNOWLES, Plymouth, had Samuel, born 17 September 1651; removed to Eastham, had Mehitable, 20 May 1653; Barbara, 28 September 1656; and, perhaps, Mercy and others before or after.  Mercy married 5 February 1668, Ephraim Doane; Barbara married 13 June 1677, Thomas Mayo.

SAMUEL KNOWLES, Eastham, son of the preceding, married December 1679, Mercy Freeman, daughter of Honorable John Freeman, had James, born 13 August 1680; Mercy, 13 September 1681; Samuel, 15 January 1683; Nathaniel, 15 May 1686; Richard, July 1688, Rebecca, March 1690; John, April 1692; Ruth, November 1694; Cornelius, October 1695; and Amos, 1702.

THOMAS KNOWLES, New Haven 1645, was dead leaving Eleazer and Thomas, before 1648.  His widow Elizabeth Newman, daughter of Francis Newman, married Nicholas Knill of Stratford.

WILLIAM KNOWLES, Kingstown, son of the first Henry Knowles of Warwick, died 1727, and his widow Alice died 1730.  His will, made 6 October 1721, names wife Alice, daughters Rose Wilson, Martha Sherman, Mary Chase, and Alice Screvin, and sons Henry, William, Daniel, Robert, and John.


ABRAHAM KNOWLTON, Salisbury 1677, probably son of the first John Knowlton.

BENJAMIN KNOWLTON, Springfield, married 1676, Hannah Mirick, had Mary, born 1677; Benjamin, 1679; Sarah, 1682; Mercy, 1683, died young; Joseph, 1687; and Mercy, again, posthumous.  He died 19 August 1690.

JOHN KNOWLTON, Ipswich, freeman 2 June 1641, died about 1654, leaving wife Margaret, children John, Abraham, and Elizabeth.

JOHN KNOWLTON, Ipswich, son of the preceding, freeman 1680, living then at Wenham, died 8 October 1684; by wife Sarah, had William; Samuel; Joseph, born 1651; and Nathaniel, 29 June 1658.

JONATHAN KNOWLTON, Malden, by wife Sarah, had Elizabeth, born 22 April 1688.

NATHANIEL KNOWLTON, Ipswich, perhaps son of William Knowlton, freeman 1683, was a man of consequence.

SAMUEL KNOWLTON, Wenham, perhaps younger brother of the preceding, freeman 1680.

THOMAS KNOWLTON, Ipswich 1643, brother of the first John Knowlton, married 24 November 1668, Hannah Green, was Deacon, and prison-keeper, died 3 April 1692, aged 70.  He married for second wife 17 May 1682, as is said, Mary Kimball.

WILLIAM KNOWLTON, Hingham 1635, was, Felt thought, the bricklayer, who died at Ipswich 1644, founder of a respectable family and in my opinion, the Hingham name, gives Nolton, by Lincoln, means, that same Norton, who was of Ipswich.

WILLIAM KNOWLTON, Ipswich 1669, perhaps son of the preceding.


JOHN KNOX, Watertown, by wife Hannah, had Sarah, baptized, 26 December 1686; John, 3 February 1689; and James, 17 May 1690.


KOLDOM, the older spelling of Coldham.


JOHN KOSTLO, by wife Sarah, had Sarah, born 8 March 1663; and John, 6 August 1666.




LAWRENCE LACOCK, Boston 1644, ship carpenter, had wife Alice.


LAWRENCE LACY, Andover, had Lawrence, born 1683. Abbot, 39.  He was "the first person she afflicted", as poor Elizabeth Johnson was driven to confessing in the sad delusion of 1692.

MORGAN LACY, Saco about 1660.


DANIEL LADD, Ipswich, came in the Mary and John, 1634, by tradition called son of Nathaniel Ladd, was one of the first townsmen of Salisbury, about 1639, but, perhaps, not long there, and became permanent inhabitant of Haverhill after birth of one or two children.  By wife Ann, he had Elizabeth, born 11 December 1640; Daniel, 26 September 1642; Lydia, 8 June 1645; the three being on record at Salisbury; Mary, 14 February 1647; Nathaniel, 10 March 1602; Ezekiel, 16 September 1654; and Sarah, 4 November 1657.  Both he and his wife were living 1678.  Elizabeth married at Haverhill, 14 May 1663, Nathaniel Smith.  Part of the family tradition that Nathaniel, father of Daniel was from Dartmouth, in Devon, may be reasonable enough, at least it bears no inherent improbability as the more fondly desired clause of the story does, that he was one of the first comers to Plymouth; for that phrase belongs only to those who arrived in the years 1620, 1, and 3, of which was no Ladd; and minute inquiry even shows, there was nobody in either of the three passenger lists with that baptized name. 

DANIEL LADD, Haverhill, eldest son of the preceding, married 24 November 1668, Lydia Singletary, was Representative 1693, and 4.

EZEKIAL LADD, Haverhill, brother of the preceding, took oath of fidelity 28 November 1677.

JOHN LADD, married at Woburn, 12 June 1678, Elizabeth Fifield.

JOSEPH LADD, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, whose will of 1669 names children Joseph, William, Daniel, Mary, and Sarah.

NATHANIEL LADD, Exeter, son of the first Daniel Ladd, erronously said to be from Scotland, or Devonshire (perhaps tradition thought these adjoining towns), married 1678, Elizabeth Gilman, was mortally wounded 11 August 1691 at Maquoit, left wife and seven children.  His grandson Captain Daniel Ladd fell in batble with the Indians 12 August 1746 at Concord, New Hampshire.

SAMUEL LADD, Ipswich, son of the first Daniel Ladd, married a daughter of George Corliss.


ROWLAND LAHORNE, Plymouth 1636, Charlestown 1649, had wife Flora.


DANIEL LAIGHTON, or DANIEL LEIGHTON, Newport, perhaps son of John Laighton of the same, by wife Rebecca, had Thomas, born 2 March 1666; Daniel, 28 October 1667; Rebecca, 24 February 1669; Jeremy, 21 December 1670; Adam, 5 November 1672; Elizabeth, 12 March 1674 ; and Mary, 31 August 1675.

EZEKIEL LAIGHTON, or EZEKIEL LEIGHTON, Rowley 1691, son of Richard Laighton.

GEORGE LAIGHTON, or GEORGE LEIGHTON, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 1638, freeman there 1655; married Elizabeth Hazard, daughter of Thomas Hazard of the same.

JOHN LAIGHTON, or JOHN LEIGHTON, Ipswich 1648, may have been ten years before at Newport.

JOHN LAIGHTON, or JOHN LEIGHTON, Kittery, son of William Laighton, married 13 June 1686, Honor Langdon, daughter probably of the first Tobias Langdon, had Elizabeth, born 30 May 1691; Mary, 7 May 1693; William, 9 September 1696; John, 27 May 1699; Tobias, 17 November 1701; and Samuel, 22 November 1707; was sheriff of the County of York, and died 10 November 1724, and his widow died 21 November 1737, in 75th year.

JOHN LAIGHTON, or JOHN LEIGHTON, Rowley 1691, son of Richard Laighton.

RICHARD LAIGHTON, or RICHARD LEIGHTON, Rowley 1643.  His will, of 1682, names children John, Ezekiel, Mary, and Sarah, of who Mary married probably Francis Spofford of the same.

SAMUEL LAIGHTON, or SAMUEL LEIGHTON, Lynn, probably son of Thomas Laighton, married 14 February 1680, Sarah Graves, daughter perhaps of the first Samuel Graves, had Elizabeth, born 30 October 1681; Samuel, 10 February 1683, died at two days; and, perhaps, others. 

THOMAS LAIGHTON, or THOMAS LEIGHTON, Lynn, freeman 14 March 1639, Representative 12 years between 1646 and 61, had Thomas, Margaret, Samuel, Rebecca, and Elizabeth.

THOMAS LAIGHTON, or THOMAS LEIGHTON, Saco 1645, had John Laighton, who married 1665, Martha, daughter of Robert Booth.  Folsom.

THOMAS LAIGHTON, or THOMAS LEIGHTON, Dover 1648, died 22 January 1672, in his 68th year leaving only son Thomas; Mary, who married Thomas Roberts, junior; Elizabeth, who married John Hall; and Sarah.  His widow Joanna married 16 July 1673, Job Clements, outlived him, and died 15 January 1704, in 88th year.

THOMAS LAIGHTON, or THOMAS LEIGHTON, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 1638, freeman there 1655, perhaps was brother of George Laighton.

THOMAS LAIGHTON, or THOMAS LEIGHTON, Dover, only son of Thomas Laighton of the same, freeman 1672, married a daughter of Hatevil Nutter, had Thomas, Elizabeth, and John; and died before 1711.  Elizabeth married Philip Cromwell, and, next, Philip Chesley.

THOMAS LAIGHTON, or THOMAS LEIGHTON, Lynn, perhaps son of the first Thomas Laighton, freeman 1680, married 28 December 1670, Sarah Redknap, had Thomas, born 15 October 1671; Sarah, 16 September 1673; Joseph, 14 October 1675; and Margaret, 13 June 1677; his wife died 26 February 1680, and he married 2 December following Hannah Silsbee or Silsby, who might easily be recorded for Libby.

WILLIAM LAIGHTON, or WILLIAM LEIGHTON, Kittery, married before 1650, Catharine Frost, daughter of Nicholas Frost, had John, born May 1661; and Elizabeth, about 1663, who died young; and he died September 1666.  His inventory of 6 June following was of £308, 16,6; and the widow married Joseph Hammond, outlived him, and died 1 August 1715.  One Laighton, commonly in the earlier day, spelt conforming to sound Layton, was killed by the Indians near Swanzey, on the first hour of outbreak of Philip's war; 24 June 1675.  In our day the name is usually Laughton or Leighton, and it is very difficult to trace.


HENRY LAKE, Salem 1649, a currier, perhaps the same who was of Dorchester 1658, brother of Thomas Lake of the same.

JAMES LAKE, Massachusetts 1647.  Felt.  Perhaps only a transient one.

JOHN LAKE, Boston 1643, a tailor; freeman 1644, by wife Mary Coy, sister of Matthew and Richard Coy, had Caleb, born 27 May baptized 1 June 1645, but probably died young; and the father died 6 August 1677, leaving widow Lucy, and gave her some of his estate residual to John and Mary, children of his brother, but mentioned no children of his own.  His will of 4 of the same month as Hammond in his Diary tells, was written by Richard Sharp of Boston, who died the next day, so one day before testator, and Lake's widow died 13 May following.

JOHN LAKE, Boston, perhaps nephew of the preceding, died 1691, unmarried

LANCELOT LAKE, Boston 1695, a physician, of who nothing is known but that he married 6 May 1708, widow Catharine Child, and 3 March following in his will, probated 3 October 1715, gave her all his estate.  He died 17 September and, I presume, it was a doubt in the mind of the widow whether the estate would amount to the few shillings of expense.  His gravestone was lately found in the cemetery of King's Chapel.

THOMAS LAKE, Dorchester, freeman 2 June 1641, died 27 October 1678; his wife Alice, who was ten years older, having died 7 days before, often the name was written yet probably not by himself, Like, or Leake.  His will, made after death of his wife names no children but gives his property to brother Henry, and equally to children of brother Henry, except that Thomas Lake should have £5 more.

THOMAS LAKE, Boston, where he owned lands, before his residence, an eminent merchant, came from London to New Haven, there married Mary Goodyear, daughter of Stephen Goodyear, the Deputy-Governor of that Colony, had Stephen, born 13 February 1650; Mary, 27 July 1663, died in few weeks; Thomas, 9 February 1657; Mary, again, 1 May 1659, died soon; Edward, 28 June 1661, died soon; Edward, again, 15 July 1662, died soon; Ann, 12 October 1663; John, 22 February 1666; Nathaniel, 18 July 1668; Rebecca, 6 July 1670; and Sarah, 14 September 1671.  He purchased 1654, from John Richards, half of Arousick Island in the Kennebeck, and many years held a trading house there, was freeman 1671, selectman, had large transaction with the Indians by whom he was killed 14 or 16 August 1676, being on a visit.  He had made his will during a sickness so long before as 27 January 1664, from which we learn, that he was brother of John, that his wife had sister Lydia, and not much more.  His estate was large; and his son Thomas Lake enjoyed it at London, where he died 22 May 1711, at the Middle Temple; and his daughter Ann, wife of Reverend John Cotton at Hampton, married 17 August 1686, next, of Reverend Increase Mather, who she survived, died at Brookline, 29 March 1737.

WILLIAM LAKE, Salem 1665, a cooper; perhaps son of Henry Lake, married about August 1661, Ann Stratton, had Ann, born 1 June 1662, died soon; Abigail, 21 April 1667; Mary, 1 February 1669; and William, 12 March 1675; was allowed 1674, to sell beer and cider, as was his widow Ann in 1681.  Of Mrs. Margaret Lake at New London 1646, and many years after at Ipswich [see Genealogical Registrar Vl. 165], much hard labor has been expended by Miss Caulkins to learn her derivation and marriage but in vain.  She died says Felt, 1672, leaving two daughters, Hannah, wife of John Gallop; and Martha, wife of Thomas Harris.


WILLIAM LAKEMAN, Representative of the Isle of Shoals 1692, says Farmer.


JOHN LAKIN, Reading, brother probably younger of William Lakin, was driven from Groton, I suppose, during the Indians war, but had, by wife Mary, Sarah, born 4 February 1662; William, 12 May 1664; Abigail, 13 March 1667; Joseph, 14 April 1670; Benjamin, 6 November 1672; and Josiah, 14 September 1675; and probably went back to Groton where he was Ensign, and had been of the first settlers, died 21 March 1697.  His father was son of William, and died in England says Butler, and his widow married William Martin; but his name is not given.  Three of the sons perhaps all, had family.  He had a daughter Mary, elder than any of these children, married 18 July 1674, Henry Willard; and Sarah married about 1691, Benjamin Willard.

THOMAS LAKIN, is by Farmer, mistaken for the following.

WILLIAM LAKIN, Groton, freeman 1670, died 10 December 1672, in 90th or 91st year.  Tradition more credible than common makes him bringing the grandchildren William and John, perhaps at the same time with William Martin of Reading, who married their mother, yet it does not tell the name of their father nor whether the mother married in England to Martin, nor whether the grandfather had wife on this side of the water, nor when or whence he came. Both he and Martin were engaged in plantation 1655, of Groton.  Shattuck, 95, borrows the tradition of Butler in History of Groton 273, that he emigrated in his old age from Redington.  But this must be mistake, as there is no such place in England, probably the parish of Ridlington is meant.  That is a small parish in the hundred of Martinsley, County Rutland, 2 and 1/4 miles from Uppingham; or more likely the native seat of the Lakins may have been the smaller parish of the same name in the hundred of Tunstead, County Norfolk 4 and ¼ miles from North Walsham.  If he came with Martin his old age should not be thought of; for he passed about thirty years here.

WILLIAM LAKIN, Reading, brother of John Lakin, by wife Lydia Brown, daughter of the first Abraham Brown, had William, born 6 May 1655; John, 3 January 1658; and Jonathan, 28 June 1661; removed to Groton and had Abraham, 10 January 1664, died soon; William, May 1665; Abraham, again, 11 September 1667; and Elias, 8 January 1669; was freeman 1672, unless (which is not probable) it was he, not his grandfather in 1670; Lieutenant 1673; and died 22 February 1700.  Great list of descendants appears in Butler's valuable History of Groton.


ABEL LAMB, Cambridge, perhaps son of Thomas Lamb of Roxbury, in the employment of William French, was buried 16 October 1649.

ABIEL LAMB, Roxbury, son of Thomas Lamb, was one of brave Captain Johnson's Company December 1675, had baptized there sons Harbottle, 28 February 1675; Abiel, born 23 December baptized 4 January 1680; Jonathan, born 11 November 1682; and Samuel, baptized 12 April 1685; but I know not his wife and suspect, that be lived over the line of the town, for the town record has not one of these births.  He removed to Framingham, then part of Sudbury, about 1695, was constable 1700, selectman 1701, and died before 1710.

CALEB LAMB, Roxbury, mariner, brother of the preceding, married 30 June 1669, Mary Wise, daughter of Joseph Wise, had Thomas, born 26 April baptized 15 May 1670; Caleb, 29, baptized 31 December 1671; Joseph, 11, baptized 16 November 1673; Mary, 13 April 1678, died soon; Jeremiah, 24, baptized 25 May 1679; Mary, again, 7, baptized 13 March 1681; Elizabeth, baptized 4 March 1683 (but the town record has, erronously I suppose, John, born 5 April 1683); John, 29, baptized 30 March 1684; and Eunice, baptized 22 November 1685, of which is no mention in the town record that supplies Huldah, born 31 January 1688.  He died Barry thinks, about 1697.

DANIEL LAMB, Springfield, probably son of John Lamb, freeman 1690, had a family and died 1692.

EDWARD LAMB, Watertown 1633, had wife Margaret; children Hannah, born 27 December 1633; Mary, 10 September 1635, died soon; Samuel, 3 April 1637; Mary, again, 30 April 1639; John and Increase, twins 13 February 1640, died both in a week; and removed to Boston, there had Elizabeth, baptized 27 August 1648, about 11 days old. His widow married Samuel Allen.  Collections record III. 216 and IV. part I. page 31.

JOHN LAMB, Springfield 1653, probably son of Thomas Lamb, came 1630, with his father, had John, born 1654, died soon; John and Thomas, twins 1655, of whi John died at 21 years; Joanna, 1657; Sarah, 1660; Samuel, 1663; Daniel, 1666; Mary, 1669, died young; Abigail, 1670; and Joshua, 1674.  He for second or third wife in 1688 married Lydia Wright, widow of John Norton, who before was widow of Lawrence Bliss, and daughter of Deacon Samuel Wright, and died 28 September 1690.  His daughters Joanna, who married Samuel Stebbins, and Sarah died after marriage, but before him; Thomas, and Joshua, probably removed to Stonington; at least they at Stonington have no children on record; Samuel and Daniel lived at Stonington.

JOHN LAMB, New London 1664-9, was offered in the latter year to be made freeman in November 1677, lost a son by being struck by a mill-wheel, as told in Bradstreet's Journal.  He perhaps was in 1712 in that part made Groton.

JOSHUA LAMB, Roxbury, son of Thomas Lamb, married Mary Alcock, daughter of John Alcock, had Joshua, baptized 7 March 1675; Dorothy, 8 June 1679; George, 27 March 1681; John, 22 April 1683, died soon; Elizabeth, born 2 March 1684, died soon; John, again, 3, baptized 8 February 1685, died at four months; and Samuel, 9, baptized 11 April 1686.  He was a merchant, purchaser of Sir William Berkeley lands at Roanoke in Virginia which he sold 1677, and died 23 September 1690.  His widow died 9 October 1700.  Dorothy, married Reverend Dudley Woodbridge, first minister of Simsbury, and, also, his successor, Reverend Timothy Woodbridge.

SAMUEL LAMB, Springfield, freeman 1690.

THOMAS LAMB, Roxbury, came, 1630, in the fleet with Winthrop, brought wife Elizabeth, and two children Thomas and John, required administration 19 October, had Samuel, born in October baptized that year at Dorchester, before the church at Roxbury was gathered, and was freeman 18 May following, had Abel, fourth son born October 1633; Decline, the first daughter born April 1637, who married 7 December 1666, Stephen Smith; and Benjamin, the sixth child October 1639, died soon, as did his mother, both buried on 28 November.  Barry calls this last child of Elizabeth Caleb; but the church record is copious, and explicit to the contrary.  The town record said Benjamin, born 27 November but a modern hand erased that, and wrongfully inserted Caleb.  Such violation of the vestal purity of record is less rare than might be expected.  He married 16 July 1640, Dorothy Harbottle, "a godly sister of the church" had Caleb, born 9 April 1641; Joshua, 27, baptized 28 November 1642; Mary, baptized 29 September 1644; and Abiel, 2 August 1646.  The father died 28 March preceding, and apostle Eliot notes (on the baptism) his "not long afore leaving his children to the Lord to be their father", and his widow married 2 February 1652, Thomas Hawley.  See Winthrop II. 339, 40.  Mary married Thomas Swan. 

WILLIAM LAMB, Boston 1668, died 1685.


DANIEL LAMBERT, Salem, eldest son of John Lambert, married 5 June 1682, Mary Gray, daughter perhaps, of the first Robert Gray, had Mary, born 20 February 1683; Elizabeth, 9 April 1684; Daniel, 7 December 1686; Samuel, 5 February 1688, died soon; Samuel, again, 7 April 1689; Preserved, 21 April 1691, died at 5 months; and Joseph, 12 April 1692.

EBENEZER LAMBERT, Salem, youngest son of John Lambert, by wife Mary, had Margaret, born 26 July 1696; Mary, 26 March 1703; and Eunice 3 April 1706.

EZRA LAMBERT, Salem, fisherman, taken by the French 1689.

FRANCIS LAMBERT, Rowley, freeman 13 May 1640, by wife Jane, had John; Ann; brought from England probably with other children, and here had Jonathan, born 1639; Gershom, 1643; and Thomas, 1645; and died 1648.  His will of 26 September 1647 names all but Thomas Lambert.

GERSHOM LAMBERT, Rowley, son of Francis Lambert probably died unmarried, his will, early in 1664, named no wife nor children, but only brothers John, Thomas, Thomas Wilson, aunt Rogers, sister Ann Wilson, and some other relatives besides brother Thomas Nelson, made executor.

GERSHOM LAMBERT, Stonington, possibly son of Francis Lambert, married Deborah Frink, daughter of John Frink, had John, born 10 May 1687; perhaps removed to New London, there had Gershom, baptized 14 August 1692.

JESSE LAMBERT, Milford 1680, married 10 May 1688, Deborah Fowler, daughter of William Fowler the second, had Rachel, whose date of birth is not seen, though she must have been young, if married (as the History of Ancient Woodbury tells) 30 December 1703; Martha, who died at 20 years unmarried; Richard, died young; Sarah; Jesse, born 20 April 1698; Deborah, died unmarried; Elizabeth, and David, 1700.  He had second wife Joanna, and died 1718. Much idle tradition and wild genealogy accomplished the introduction of this name in Cothren, 607.

JOHN LAMBERT, Lynn, a fisherman, about 1644, Salem 1663, by wife Preserved, had Daniel, born 3 October 1658; Sarah, 7 February 1660; Ezekiel,  3 March 1661; Samuel, who died 7 July 1662, probably very young; Samuel, again, 16 March 1664; Mary, 26 April 1667; Jonathan, 27 December 1669; Hannah, December 1671, died in few days; and Ebenezer, 2 April 1674; at Lynn again till dying 28 October 1676.

JOHN LAMBERT, Saybrook, married 15 January 1668, Mary Lews.

JOHN LAMBERT, Hingham, removed says Deane, to Scituate, there had John Lambert, born 1693.

MICHAEL LAMBERT, Lynn 1647, had wife Elizabeth, who died October 1657, and he married 1659, Elinor, widow of Strong Furnell, had Michael, and Mary, born 23 January 1662; and, perhaps, by third wife Moses, 27 April 1673; and died 18 August 1676.  He left four children Michael, Abigail, Moses, and Rebecca, for Mary, who had died young.

MICHAEL LAMBERT, Stonington, perhaps son of the preceding, married 19 April 1688, Elizabeth Starke.

RICHARD LAMBERT, Salem 1637, had then grant of land and, perhaps, daughter Esther, who married 8 October 1659, Jeremiah Bootman.

RICHARD LAMBERT, Salem, perhaps son of the preceding, not possibly the same, was killed by the Indians 18 September 1675, at Bloody Brook, with the flower of Essex, under Captain Lothrop.

ROBERT LAMBERT, Boston, came from Dartmouth, in Devon, it is said, was among the founders of the First Church of Baptists in Boston 1665.

SAMUEL LAMBERT, Salem, son of John Lambert, had Margaret, born 14 January 1691; Preserved, 30 April 1692; and Samuel, 2 January 1694; perhaps more. 

THOMAS LAMBERT, Dorchester 1637, may be he of Boston, who by wife Mary, had Thomas, born 6 November 1659.

THOMAS LAMBERT, Rowley, son of Francis Lambert, married Edna Northend, had Thomas, born 1678; Nathan, 1681; and two daughters.

WILLIAM LAMBERT, came in the Susan and Ellen, from London, 1635, aged 26; but where he sat down is unknown.


GEORGE LAMBERTON, New Haven 1641, probably merchant from London, was one of the chief inhabitants employed 1643 in projecting a settlement at Delaware, but resisted by the Swedes, who vindicated their right; by wife Margaret, had Mercy, baptized 17 January 1641; Desire, 13 March 1642; and Obedience, 9 February 1645; besides Hope, George, and Hannah; went in January 1646 for England in the ship of 80 tons, "cut out of the ice 3 miles," with Mr. Gregson, the wife of Deputy-Governor Goodyear, and others, who was never heard of. Johnson, in his wifeW.P. and Winthrop II. 266, well relate the matter; but Mather, Magnalia I. 25, has provided the great superiority resulting from tradition of a story told 50 years after to the contempory narrative by taken the "dimensions" of the ship in the air, Mather's worthy correspondence could make her about 150 tons.  His readers admit, that benefits of similar measure the ecclesiastical history gained in his everyday life.  He left widow who married Deputy Governor Stephen Goodyear, and, perhaps, daughters Elizabeth, who married 1654, Daniel Sillevant; Desire, married 1659, Thomas Cooper junior of Springfield; Hannah married Samuel Wells; and, next, Colonel John Allyn; and Obedience, who married 1676, Samuel Smith.  Yet it is not sure, that these were his daughters and possibly another family may have come, for at Jamaica, Long Island, was a



THOMAS LAMBSHEAD, Marblehead 1666.  Felt.  Sister Lampbshead was of the second church in Boston 1673.


LAMPHEAR. See Landfear.


HENRY LAMPREY, HENRY LAMPHREY, HENRY LAMPER, or HENRY LAMPRELL, Boston 1652, a cooper, by wife Julian, had Mary, born 8 March 1653; and Mary, again, 19 March 1657; but elder children he had, perhaps before coming, Henry, Daniel, and Elizabeth.  He probably removed to Hampton, or Exeter, perhaps both in different times, was of grand jury 1684, when was, also, a David Lamprey there.  In 1678 he, Benjamin, and Daniel took the oath of allegiance.

HENRY LAMPREY, HENRY LAMPHREY, HENRY LAMPER, or HENRY LAMPRELL, the son not the father I suppose, married 24 July 1686, Elizabeth Mitchell.


BARNABAS LAMSON, Cambridge 1635, had brought Joseph Lamson, probably other children, perhaps all those named in his will, Genealogical Registrar II. 104, which distribributed them to near friends in the church: Mary, Sarah, Barnaby, Martha, and Joseph.  He died before 1642.  Mary married Philip Cook; Joseph Lamson was of Cambridge 1658.

BARNABAS LAMSON, Salisbury 1652, is thought to be the son of the preceding.

JOHN LAMSON, Ipswich, freeman 27 May 1674; if I may venture to assume, that the name printed in Colony record V. 536, as likewise Mr. Paige's list, Lumpson, is wrong.

JONATHAN LAMSON, New Haven; son of Thomas Lamson, was a proprietor 1685.

JOSEPH LAMSON, Malden, son perhaps, more probably grandson of the first Barnabas Lamson, served in Philip's war, March 1676, then aged 18, under Captain Turner, on Connecticut River, was freeman 1690; by wife Elizabeth Mitchell, married 12 December 1679, who died 10 June 1703, had Elizabeth, born 24 October 1680; Joseph, 28 July 1684; John, 15 April 1687; Elizabeth again, 29 August 1689; William, 25 October 1694; Caleb, 12 June 1697; and Hannah, 9 October 1699.  He had second wife Hannah, widow of Thomas Welsh; and a third, Dorothy Mousal, outlived him.  His will, of 16 July 1722, was produced 19 September following.

SAMUEL LAMSON, Reading, among early settlers, was freeman 1677, died 1692; where Samuel  junior might be his son.

THOMAS LAMSON, New Haven, died 1664, in his will names only two children Jonathan, who was baptized 2 March 1645, died 1686, unmarried; and Zubah, who married 5 May 1670, Joshua Wills of Windsor.  But he took second wife 6 November 1663, Elizabeth, widow of Henry Line, and died in few weeks.  His posthumous son Eleazer was born 14 August, and his widow married John Morris, and lived not long after. 

WILLIAM LAMSON, Ipswich, freeman 17 May 1637, died 1 February 1659, leaving wife Sarah, and eight children whose names are not seen.  His widow married 10 April 1661, Thomas Hartshorn of Reading.  Of this name, that often in early records had its middle letter b, or p, two had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard and four at other New England colleges.


HENRY LANCASTER, or HENRY LANKASTER, Dover 1634, testified in 1682, that he knows Walford of Portsmouth 50 years before.  It may be the same as Langstaff.

JOSEPH LANCASTER, or JOSEPH LANKASTER, Salisbury, by wife Mary, had Joseph, born 25 February 1666; Mary, 8 September 1667; and Thomas, 15 March 1669; removed to Amesbury, freeman 1690.

WALTER LANCASTER, or WALTER LANKASTER, Fairfield 1654, had lands perhaps never occupied, but removed soon.

WILLIAM LANCASTER, or WILLIAM LANKASTER, Providence, did not remove in 1676.


LANCLON, easily mistaken for Langdon, which may be referred to.


EDWARD LAND, Duxbury 1666.


CHARLES LANDDIER, Dover 1672.  It seems an unusual name, but may not be impossible.


JOHN LANDER, Portsmouth or Kittery 1639, a fisherman, died before 1646.  Belknap I. 28.

THOMAS LANDER, Lynn, came in the Abigail, from London, 1635, aged 22; removed 1637 to Sandwich; there had John, born 2 January 1651.

WILLIAM LANDER, Marshfield 1643, died 1648.  It seems to be often spelled with a u in the first syllable.


GEORGE LANDFEAR, or GEORGE LAMPHEAR, Westerly, Rhode Island, 1669, had Richard, Shadrach, John, Theodosius, Seth, and daughters of which one was wife of Eber Crandall; Mary, wife of Peter Button; Sarah, who married 21 March 1708, James Covey; and Elizabeth, who married 12 January 1710, James Pendleton; and he died 6 October 1731,

RICHARD LANDFEAR, or RICHARD LAMPHEAR, Westerly 1679, perhaps son of the preceding, by wife Mary, had Amie, born 22 June 1715; Lucy, 9 July 1718; Esther, 21 February 1721; Zerviah, 12 October 1724; and Jerusha, 25 January 1727.

SETH LANDFEAR, or SETH LAMPHEAR, Westerly, brother of the preceding, by wife Sarah, had Elizabeth, born 10 August 1715; and Elisha.

SHADRACH LANDFEAR, or SHADRACH LAMPHEAR, Westerly, brother of the preceding, married 15 June 1696, Experience Reed, had Oliver, Ann, Experience, Prudence, Mary, Solomon, John, and Hezekiah. 

THEODOSIUS LANDFEAR, or THEODOSIUS LAMPHEAR, Westerly, brother of the preceding, married 22 January 1708, Rachel Covey, had Theodosius, born 31 January 1709; James, 22 November 1710; Joshua, 23 November 1712; Abigail, 27 March 1715; Susanna, 14 December 1716; Nathaniel, 22 March 1718; Mary, 14 December 1721, Samuel, 23 December 1723; Stephen, 5 February 1726; Jabez, 25 March 1731; and Joseph, 20 September 1736.


JAMES LANDON, Boston, or Charlestown, member of the First Baptist Church 1670.  Mr.Wyman thinks this name was Lowden.

JOSEPH LANDON, Bristol 1688, with no wife or children.


AMBROSE LANE, Portsmouth 1648-50, then called (as from its original settlement it had been), Strawberry bank, shipmaster, was, perhaps, brother of Sampson, who mortaged to him that year all his property for £1,000.

ANDREW LANE, Hingham 1635, son of William Lane, was called feltmaker, by wife Tryphena, had Mary, Abigail, and Andrew, all baptized in August 1646; John, 30 January 1648; and with this son I pause to expose many errors. To him is given son Samuel, born 16 March 1678 by wife Mehitable Hobart.  Sorry am I to observe that in the Genealogical Registrar XIII 91, the statement that "John Lane, baptized in Norton, 30 June 1648, married Mehitable Hobart," labors under such incongruence.  It says that Andrew and Tryphena had seven children when the names of nine are known.  No son Samuel had he, no Mehitable Hobart can be found for that John to marry and he could not be baptized at Norton that day, for the town was not begun to be settled till many years after, nor could he be baptized anywhere else in New England on 30 June 1648, which was not Sunday, but Friday. Besides those four children we find Ephraim, baptized February 1650; Deborah, 20 June 1652; Joshua, 20 August 1654; Caleb, 17 July 1657; and Hannah, 17 October 1658; and he died 1 May 1675.  His widow died 2 June 1707, "about 95 years of age," says the town record.  All the daughters were married.  Abigail married perhaps, John Low, first, but certainly 27 December 1665, Daniel Stodder, and Deborah married 30 December 1674, William Sprague; but whether the date of Mary, who married William Orcutt, were earlier or later in marriage than her sister Abigail, is uncertain; and Hannah married Thomas with a surname utterly illegible in the original and plainly false in the copy of probably register.  All the sons and the husbands of the daughters gave, 27 July 1675, to their mothers acquitted of the estate of deceased for her life, which has signatures of each, but Orcutt's is by [ ] mark, and the husband of the youngest daughter might as well have used a bear's claw to write his.

ANDREW LANE, Hingham, son of the preceding, freeman 1677, by wife Elizabeth, had John, born 13 October 1673; Elizabeth, 20 November 1675; Andrew, 8 February 1678; Bethia, 10 August 1680; Isaac, 8 April 1683; Jonathan, 27 December 1685; and Solomon, 12 January 1694, who died at 21 years.  He died 4 December 1717, and his widow died 12 November 1727.

DANIEL LANE, New London 1652, married Catharine, widow of Thomas Doxy, removed 1661 to Long Island, was one of the grantees of Brookhaven 1666.

EBENEZER LANE. Hingham, son of George Lane, married 27 December 1688, Hannah, whose surname is uncertain, had Sarah, born 24 December 1692; Ebenezer, 11 December 1694; Peter, 25 May 1697; and Susanna.  He had served in brave Captain Johnson's Company in Philip's war.

EDWARD LANE, Boston, a merchant, came in the Speedwell from London 1656, aged 36, having bought 1651 estate of Robert Harding, married 11 December 1657, Ann Keayne, daughter of Benjamin Keayne, had Ann, born 5 October 1660, about 27 June following; and Edward, 20 February 1662.  He next year sold estate at Malden to Richard Dexter, and lived not long after.  His widow married Nicholas Paige.

EPHRAIM LANE, Hingham, son of Andrew Lane, served in Philip's war, with Johnson's Company, married late in life, 20 February 1701, Susanna Huet, daughter of Ephraim Huet of Scituate, had Ephraim, born July 1703; and his wife died 15 May 1708.  For second wife he took, 29 December following Elizabeth Beal, youngest daughter of Jeremiah Beal, and had Jeremiah, 8 June 1710; about 1 December 1715, and his widow died 30 July following.

GEORGE LANE, Hingham 1635, brother of Andrew Lane, born in England, by wife Sarah, had Sarah, baptized March 1638; Hannah, 24 February 1639; Josiah, 23 May 1641; Susanna, 23 June 1644; John; Elizabeth; Ebenezer, baptized 25 August 1650; Mary, born 11, baptized 17 April 1653; and Peter, 23, baptized 27 July 1656; freeman 1672, died 4 June 1689.  His widow died 26 March 1696.  Sarah married 31 Oct; 1655, James Lewis of Barnstable; Hannah married December 1665, Thomas Humphrey of Dover; Susanna married 23 December 1665, William Roberts; Elizabeth married Walter Pore; and Mary married an Ellis.

GEORGE LANE, Portsmouth, freeman 1672.

ISAAC LANE, Middletown 1669, married 5 November of that year Hannah Brown, only daughter of Nathaniel Brown, had Hannah, born 27 March 1672; Elizabeth, 24 January 1673; Eleanor, 9 April 1674; Isaac and John, twins 22 December 1675, both died soon; John and Sarah, twins 28 February 1677, both died soon; Sarah, again, 24 or 29 September 1678; Samuel, 24 November 1679, died soon; John, again, 10 January 1681; Nathaniel, 29 June 1682, died soon; Isaac, 5 November 1683; Benoni, 13 February 1683, died at 4 years; Mary, 25 April 1687, died soon; Mary, again, 20 August 1688, died soon; Abigail, 8 April 1690, died very soon; and Nathaniel, again, 28 March 1694, died at 8 years; and the father who in October 1704 called his age 65, died 18 July 1711.

JAMES LANE, Boston, carpenter, had come from Plymouth in Old England with son Francis Lane, not long before making his will, 2 October 1662, probated same month.  Such is the opinion naturally derived from refering to his son James and wife Dousabel, remained at home, and subsequent action of Court.

JAMES LANE, Malden, had John, born about 1653, besides Henry, Samuel, and Job, but some of these may have been born at Falmouth on Casco Bay, whither he removed about 1658, says Babson, 111, and there was killed by the Indians. 

JOB LANE, Rehoboth 1644, was in England in June 1647, when his kinsman Thomas Howell, of Marshfield, made his will, named him to be executor but he declined that trust, yet after some years came back, and settled at Malden, freeman 1656, had by wife Sarah, who died 19 May 1659, Rebecca, born April 1658, died young.  He married September 1660, Hannah Reyner or Ann Reyner, daughter of Reverend John Reyner, had John, born October 1661; Ann, September 1662, died in few weeks; Jemima, 19 August 1666; Dorothy, 24 July 1669; and Rebecca, again, 6 April 1674; removed to Billerica, was Representative 1676, 9, and for Malden 1685, and under the new Charter in 1692.  His will is of 28 September 1696, and he died 23 August following.  His widow died 30 April 1704.  From the will we learn that he had other daughters Mary, wife of William Avery, who with children Mary and Sarah, are remembered; Elizabeth, wife of Robert Avery (m. 13 April 1676), with her daughter Rachel; another Ann, wife of James Foster of Dorchester; and Sarah, wife of Samuel Fitch; and that Jemima married Matthew Whipple; and Dorothy married 24 November 1693, Edward Sprague.

JOHN LANE, Milford 1640, perhaps, or soon after had good estate, freeman 1665, died 1669, leaving will made that year.

JOHN LANE, Boston 1674, cordwainer.

JOHN LANE, Hingham, son of George Lane, 1674, carpenter, married 18 June 1674, Mehitable Hobart, whose father is unknown.  Had Samuel, born 16 March 1678; Priscilla, 15 March 1680; Mary, 3 April 1682; and Asaph, 21 July 1685.

JOHN LANE, Hingham, son of Andrew Lane, married 21 January 1680, Sarah Beal, daughter of Jeremiah Beal, had Sarah, born 12 December 1683; Hannah, 22 August 1685; Rachel, 23 May 1688; and Susanna, 4 December 1690.  His wife died 13 December 1693, and he married 18 November 1697, Tabitha, daughter of John Stodder, had Tabitha, 11 September 1698; and his wife died 2 March 1707; and he died 12 March 1730.

JOHN LANE, Falmouth before 1690, son of James Lane, was driven to Gloucester by the Indians hostilities after marrying at Falmouth, Dorcas Wallis, daughter of John Wallis, but at Gloucester had Hepzibah, born 1694; Mary, 1696; Joseph, 1698; Benjamin, 1700; Deborah, 1703; and Job, 1705; besides James, John, Dorcas, Josiah, Sarah, and David.  He was living at age of 81, but time of his death is unknown. 

JOHN LANE, Billerica, only son of Job Lane of the same, married 20 March 1680, Susanna Whipple, daughter of the second John Whipple of Ipswich, had Susanna, born 24 February 1682; Job, 19 December 1884, died in few weeks; Mary, 15 May 1686; Jemima, 27 June 1688, died in few days; Job, again, 22 June 1689; John, 20 October 1691; Martha, 1 October 1694; James, 12 August 1696; and Joseph, 18 February 1699; freeman 1690, was Major, Representative 1702; his wife died 4 August 1713, and he died 17 January 1715.

JOHN LANE, Killingworth, son of Robert Lane, married 31 December 1700, Lydia Kelsey, daughter of John Kelsey, had Sarah, born 17 September 1701; Robert, 1 July 1704, who died young; Lydia, 9 June 1706; John, 20 April 1708; and Daniel, 11 April 1710.  His wife died 22 April following and he married 16 January 1711, Hannah Parke, had Hannah, 14 October following Robert, 4 November 1713; Joseph, 11 February 1715; Stephen, 1 August 1719; and Joseph, 8 May 1723. 

JONATHAN LANE, Killingworth, younger brother of the preceding, married 1 February 1711, Mercy Welman, eldest daughter of William Welman, had Elizabeth, born 17 March 1712; Nathan, 22 July 1717; Zeruiah, 6 September 1723; and his wife died 13 November 1727.  He married next 17 September 1730,  Patience Strong, had Jonathan, 22 December 1731; Noah, 13 January 1734; and died 7 November 1759.  His widow died 18 August 1773.

JOSHUA LANE, a soldier under Captain Turner in March 1676, on Connecticut River from East part of the Colony, was after at Falmouth.

JOSIAH LANE, Hingham, son of George Lane, by wife Mary, had only Mary, born 26 September 1671, and the mother died in 5 days.  Next, he married 9 May 1672, Deborah Gill, daughter of Thomas Gill, had Josiah, born 27 January 1675; George, 22 June 1677; Deborah, 21 November 1679; Sarah, 12 February 1682; Thomas, 29 May 1684; Peter, 21 December 1687, died next day; Peter, again, 2 March 1690, died at 3 months; Peter, again, 15 July 1691; and Ruth, 26 July 1696, died young.

ROBERT LANE, Stratford 1665-85.  He may be the man by Field, 107, said to be from Derbyshire, and an early settler, but with no more precise date, at Killingworth.  He married 19 December 1665, Sarah Picket, daughter of John Picket, had Sarah, born 24 February 1667; Hannah, 26 December 1668; Daniel, 27 July 1671; John, 12 July 1674; Elizabeth 31 January 1677; Margaret, 18, but another record says, 25 August 1679; Rebecca, 7 March 1682; Jonathan, 16 October 1685; and Mary, 23 September 1688.  In 1695 he removed to Killingworth, there died 12 April 1718; and his widow died 11 March 1725.  He was Representative for Stratford 1686.

SAMSON LANE, Portsmouth 1631, one of Mason's men, said to have come from Teignmouth in Devon, purchased 1646 the estate that had been Thomas Wannerton's, and was then called master of the Neptune of Dartmouth, in 1650 mortgaged the estate and his other property included a ship on the stocks to Ambrose Lane, before mentioned, and probably went home.

SAMUEL LANE, Hadley, had been a soldier, 1676, from the East under Captain Turner, married 11 December 1677, Sarah Dickinson, daughter of the first John Dickinson of Hadley, had Samuel, and Sarah, removed to Suffield, there had Mary, born 7 May 1684; John, 3 April 1686; and Elizabeth, and he died about 1690, leaving these five children and his widow married 27 February 1691, Martin Kellogg.

WILLIAM LANE, Dorchester 1641, from whose will, made 28 February 1651, probated 6 July 1654, we learn that he had sons Andrew and George, both of Hingham, daughters Mary Long, and Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Rider, besides daughters whose baptized names are not seen, wives of Nathaniel Baker, and of Thomas Lincoln of Hingham.

WILLIAM LANE, Boston 1651, freeman 1657, by wife Mary, had Samuel, born 23 January 1652; John, 5 February 1654; and Mary, 15 May 1656, says record in Genealogical Registrar IX. 312.  His wife died 2 May 1656, by Genealogical Registrar X. 220; and he married 21 August following Mary Brewer, daughter of Thomas Brewer of Roxbury, had Sarah, 15 June 1657; William, 1 October 1659; and Elizabeth, 3 February 1662.  I testified that both the extractions in Genealogical Registrar that are so inconsistent, are truly taken from what purports to be the record in Boston, and both in the same handwriting.  But the age was not, I think, quite so credable as to receive for "absolute verity" assertion that the mother died thirteen days before her last child was born.  Possibly the recorder might have intended 22 instead of 2 May.  Instances of such carelessness are often seen.

WILLIAM LANE, Boston, son of the preceding, married 21 June 1680, Sarah Webster, daughter of Thomas Webster of Hampton.  Six of this name had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard and seven at other New England colleges.


JACOB LANESON, Weymouth, by wife Susanna, had Abigail, born 11 November 1680; and Susanna, 24 December 1683.


LANFEAR. See Landfear.


JOHN LANG, Portsmouth, married a daughter of William Brooking.


GREGORY LANGBURY, Pemaquid, took oath of fidelity 1674.

JOHN LANGBURY, a soldier, killed 19 May 1676 at the Falls fight.  As he was of Turner's Company he was from the East.


THOMAS LANGDEN, New Haven 1650, a taverner, who had wife and one son at least, Joseph, born 23 March 1650.  Being censured and fined, more than once, for not restraining the drink or speech of his guests, he probably gave up his premises, hired of Richard Malbon, one of the Court and, perhaps, went home.  The name was, in the registrar of births, ll for final n at first, but has been altered.


BENJAMIN LANGDON, Boston 1674, son of John Langdon the first, by wife Phebe, had John, born 20 May 1678.

DANIEL LANGDON, Bristol, in 1688 had wife and seven children but no more is known.

DAVID LANGDON, Boston, by wife Martha, had David, born 20 September 1685; Samuel, 13 November 1686; Jonathan, 2 January 1688; Mary, 4 April 1698; Martha, 23 November 1701; and Sarah, 7 February 1704; and he died 21 January 1725, in 75th year.

JOHN LANGDON, Boston 1648, sailmaker, had Sarah; Benjamin; Abigail, born 25 August 1660; and, perhaps, others.  Sarah married 1664, Thomas Randall of Marblehead.

JOHN LANGDON, Farmington, joined the church there 7 February 1653, was a Deacon, married the widow of Thomas Gridley.

JOHN LANGDON, Salem, when he was going to sea, in December 1676, made a nuncupative will, probated October following, showing no wife nor children.

JOHN LANGDON, Boston, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 1686; Josiah, 28 January 1687;  Ephraim, 25, baptized 26 January 1690; Mary, baptized 15 November 1691; Joanna, 22 October 1693; Nathaniel, 14 September 1695; Margaret, born 23, baptized 29 August 1697; John, born 17 October 1698; and Margaret, again, 10 August 1703.  He died 6 December 1732, aged 82.

JOSEPH LANGDON, Farmington, son of John Langdon of the same, had Sarah, Joseph, John, and Samuel, all baptized 6 June 1697, in right of his wife who joined the church on Sunday preceding.  See Genealogical Registrar XII. 37, and correct the misspelling.

PHILIP LANGDON, Boston, brother of the second John Langdon of the same, a mariner, by wife Mary, had Philip; Susanna, born 23 October 1677; John, 22 August 1682; James, 15 August 1685, Samuel, 22 December 1687; Mary, 24 March 1690; and Paul, 12 September 1693.  He died 11 December 1697, and his widow died 14 February 1717.  Samuel, was father of Reverend Samuel, diedD. born 12 January 1723, Harvard College 1740, minister of the first church at Portsmouth, made President of Harvard College 1774-80, injured, compelled to resign, died minister at Hampton Falls, 29 November 1797.

TOBIAS LANGDON, Portsmouth 1662, had wife Elizabeth Sherburne, daughter of Henry Sherburne, married 10 June 1656, and probably several children died 27 July 1664.

TOBIAS LANGDON, Portsmouth, perhaps son of the preceding, married 17 November 1686, Mary Hubbard, had Elizabeth, born 17 November 1687; Tobias, 11 October 1689; Martha, 7 March 1692; Richard, 14 April 1694; Joseph, 28 February 1696; Mark, 15 September 1698; Samuel, 6 September 1700; William, 30 October 1702; and John, 28 May 1707.  John, the youngest child was father of John Langdon, born 1740, died 18 September 1819, having served as chief magisrate of the State, called President two years, and Governor six years, and sat twelve years in Senate of United States.  Six of this name had, in 1826, been graduates at Harvard and eight at the other New England colleges.


HENRY LANGER, Boston 1645, by wife Ann, had Susanna, born 16 January 1646.

RICHARD LANGER, Hingham 1636, very aged, when he made his will, 20 February 1660, probated 2 May 1661, in which he refers to daughters Dinah and Elizabeth, who should record each 4s from his daughter Margaret, wife of Thomas Lincoln, to whose eldest son Joshua, the testator gave his lands at Hingham.


JOHN LANGFORD, Salem, moved in from another town, but which is unknown, though prepondence of probability is in favor of Sudbury.  He was freeman 1645, yet his name is not among church members in Salem, down to 1650; but there he was lived 1689, as, Farmer says, is shown by Revolution in New England Justif. 41. Mr. Felt assures me, there was a Francis Lingford of Essex County in 1663; and possibly he may have been of the same family.

RICHARD LANGFORD, written Lanckford, Plymouth 1632.


RICHARD LANGHORNE, or RICHARD LONGEIORNE, Rowley 1649, died 1669, had probably Sarah, and other children.

THOMAS LANGHORNE, or THOMAS LONGEIORNE, Cambridge 1644, brother of the preceding, by wife Sarah Green, daughter of Bartholomew Green, had, besides Thomas, who was born 26 August 1647, buried 5 April 1648, Sarah, 26 February 1649; Elizabeth and Mary, baptized all as the precious register of matchless Mitchell proves, but at dates not given; Samuel, 9 December 1660; Mercy, 11 May 1662; and Patience, 3 April 1664.  He was the town drummer, and died 6 May 1685, aged, says the gravestone, about 68 years.  Mary died 27 March 1654, born as the record says in one place, in September in another in March preceding.


ABEL LANGLEY, Rowley 1651. 

DANIEL LANGLEY, Boston 1689, mariner, went with others, that year to take a piratical vessel in Vineyard Sound, of which in Genealogical Registrar II. 393, is accounted.

JOHN LANGLEY, Hingham, married January 1666, Sarah Gill, daughter of Thomas Gill, was a soldier in the Company of brave Captain Johnson of Roxbury, December 1675, an innholder 1695.  Of his children I know only Sarah, born 15 March 1668, who married November 1686, Jonathan May of Hingham.

WILLIAM LANGLEY, Lynn, freeman 14 March 1639, in 1677 was, I think, of Charleston.  But it may be well to see Longley.


RICHARD LANGMEAD, Boston perhaps, mariner, died 1660, leaving wife Ellen, who had administration 18 June 1661.


HENRY LANGSTAFF Portsmouth 1631, or soon after sent over by Mason, the patentee, was of the grand jury 1643, and at Dover 1648, had Sarah, who married Anthony Nutter, also Henry; and died by a fall, says Pike's Journal 18 July 1706, near 100 years old.


GEORGE LANGTON, GEORGE LANCKTON, or GEORGE LANKTON, Springfield 1646, married a second wife 29 June 1648, Hannah, widow of Edmund Haynes, had Esther (strangely called son in the record printed in Genealogical Registrar IX. 171), born 22 August 1649, and no more children, but had formerly been at Wethersfield, and by first wife had there or in England several children; removed about 1658, to Northampton, there died 29 December 1676.  His will mentioned son John, daughters Pritchet [who was Hannah, wife of Nathaniel, married 1651], Corbee [probably widow of William of Haddam], Hanshet [who was Deliverance, wife of Thomas], Hannum [who was Esther, wife of John,] and grandson Samuel. 

JOHN LANGTON, JOHN LANCKTON, or JOHN LANKTON, Farmington 1650, son of the preceding, born probably in England, was Representative 1668, Deacon, and died 1689; had probably no children by second wife widow of Deacon Thomas Gridley, but by former wife four children: John, who died 1683, leaving John; Samuel, who was baptized 13 February 1653, and lived with his grandfather at Northampton; Joseph, baptized 1660, lived at Farmington; and Elizabeth, who married Luke Hayes. 

JOHN LANGTON, JOHN LANCKTON, or JOHN LANKTON, Hadley, son of John Langton, had John, born 1670; and died 1683; but who was wife I see not. 

JOSEPH LANGTON, JOSEPH LANCKTON, or JOSEPH LANKTON, Ipswich 1648, may have been son of Roger Langton. 

JOSEPH LANGTON, JOSEPH LANCKTON, or JOSEPH LANKTON, Farmington, son of John Langton, married October 1683, Susanna Root, daughter of the first John Root, had Sarah, born April 1685; Joseph, March 1688; John, 3 April 1691; Samuel, December 1694; all baptized 6 June 1697; Susanna, born October 1696, baptized 29 August following; Ebenezer, born 17 July 1701; Mary and Mercy, twins April 1704; and Thomas, September 1707.  His widow died 5 December 1712; and he married 18 October 1714, Mary, widow of Joseph Royce, daughter of Thomas Porter, and died 30 March 1736.

ROGER LANGTON, ROGER LANCKTON, or ROGER LANKTON, Ipswich, freeman 4 March 1635.  His inventory of 24 January 1672 may seem to prove, that he died that winter.

SAMUEL LANGTON, SAMUEL LANCKTON, or SAMUEL LANKTON, Northampton, son of John Langton, married 1676, Elizabeth, widow of Praisever Turner, was freeman 1681, and died 11 August 1683, leaving John, and Samuel. His widow took third husband David Alexander.  This name is often misprinted interchanging with Langdon.


ANDREW LANGWORTH, Newport 1656, married about 1661, Rachel Hubbard, daughter of Samuel Hubbard.


JOHN LAPHAM, Malden, married August 1671, a Hollis, and I find no more of him.

JOHN LAPHAM, Providence, married 6 April 1673, Mercy Mann, daughter of Francis Mann of the same, had Mary, born 1 March 1673; John, 13 December 1677; and William, 29 November 1679.  He was called 45 years old in 1680.

THOMAS LAPHAM, Scituate 1635, joined Lothrop's church 24 April 1636, married 13 March 1637, Mary Tilden, daughter of Nathaniel Tilden, had Elizabeth, baptized 6 May 1638; Mary; Thomas, born 1643; Lydia; Rebecca, 1645; Joseph, 1648; in which year the father died having made his will 15 June 1644, in which the four elder children are named and wife made executrix.  Lydia married 1666, Samuel Bates of Hingham.

THOMAS LAPHAM, Marshfield, elder son of the preceding.


STEPHEN LAPTHORNE, Scarborough 1640:


JOHN LARAN, Jamaica, Long Island, 1656.


JERVICE LARGE, Scituate, a servant of Samuel Hinckley, brought probably from County Kent, was buried 9 August 1636.

JOHN LARGE, Branford 1672, perhaps came over from Long Island, may be the man who married at Saybrook, 1 November 1659, Phebe Lee, daughter of Thomas Lee, and possibly was son of William Large.

WILLIAM LARGE, Hingham 1635, removed with wife to Cape Cod, perhaps further.


HENRY LARGIN, Boston, by wife Ann, had Susanna, born 16 January 1646; and by wife Alice, had Joseph, born 23 November 1653, who died in few weeks.

JOHN LARGIN, a soldier, from the East under Captain Turner, at Hatfield, 1676.


MORDECAI LARKHAM, Beverly 1681, has numerous descendants it is believed, written the name Larcom.

THOMAS LARKHAM, Dover 1640, was a cause, or occasion of trouble, though so popular for a time that the people called their town after that from whence he came, Northam, near Barnstable, in Devon; but he went off in 1642, died at home 1669, in 68th year.  His son George Larkham, bred at Trinity College Cambridge, was minister of Cockermouth, in Cumberland, ejected 1662, died 26 December 1700, in 71st year.


EDWARD LARKIN, Charlestown 1638, by wife Joan, had John, born 10 March 1640, Sarah, 4 September 1641; but another record says Elizabeth, born 5 Sept, Thomas, 18 October 1644; and, I presume, Edward; certainly Sarah, again, 12 March 1648; was freeman 13 May 1640, Artillery Company 1644.  He died before middle life, probably, and the widow married John Pentecost; and she died 27 January 1686, aged 70.

EDWARD LARKIN, Newport, in the list of freeman 1655, was Representative 1663.  He was of Westerly, in the same Colony 1669; and by wife Elizabeth Hall, daughter of the first Henry Hall, had Edward and John, probably also Roger, and daughter Hannah to dwell there ten years later.

EDWARD LARKIN, Westerly, son of the preceding, married Mary Cottrell, daughter of Nicholas Cottrell, had Stephen, Nicholas, David, Elizabeth, Penelope, Tabitha, Edward, John, Samuel, and Lydia.

EDWARD LARKIN, Charlestown, perhaps son of the first Edward Larkin, married 1 November 1688, Mary Walker, had Edward, who died 18 November 1689; John, baptized 7 September 1690; Mary, 10 September 1693; John, again, 17 February 1635; Edward, again, 13 September 1696; Joanna, 19 March 1699; and Samuel, 26 October 1701.

JOHN LARKIN, Charlestown, perhaps brother of the first Edward Larkin, by wife Joan, had Hannah, born 16 March 1643, who married 15 February 1665, John Newell, outlived him, and died 10 December 1704.

JOHN LARKIN, Charlestown, son probably of first Edward Larkin, married 9 November 1664, Joanna Hale, daughter of Deacon Robert Hale, had Joanna, who died 3 June 1673; Edward, John, and Robert, baptized at once, 4 July 1675, of who Robert died in few weeks; Joanna, again, 12 March 1676; Sarah, 2 December 1677; and he died 17 February 1678.

ROGER LARKIN, Westerly, perhaps son of the first Edward Larkin of the same, married Hannah Babcock, daughter of the second James Babcock of the same; but I know no more.

THOMAS LARKIN, Charlestown, son of Edward Larkin, shoemaker, married 13 September 1666, Hannah Remington, who died 9 November 1673, and 18 June following married Elizabeth Dowse, daughter of Francis Dowse, widow of Samuel Miles, had Thomas, who died 20 May 1676; and Thomas, again, baptized 9 September and died 8 November 1677; and died himself 10 December following of smallpox.  Gladly would we receive better notes of this very numerous family if the stocks spring from Edward alone, or not, is not known to me.  At Salem, in 1668, was Mordecai, but unless he be the same as Larcom, of him I hear nothing, except that he signed that year petition against imposts.


BENJAMIN LARRABEE, Falmouth, son of Isaac Larrabee, a military man, recovered the property of his father, who with his family, had been forced to fly from the war, married Deborah Ingersoll, daughter of John Ingersoll, had Benjamin, born 1700; and he died 1733.  See Willis, II. 27.

GREENFIELD LARRABEE, Saybrook, had (by his wife Phebe Brown of Providence, widow of Thomas Lee, who died on his passage leaving her with three children) Greenfield, born 20 April 1648; John, 23 February 1650; Elizabeth, 23 January 1653; Joseph, March 1655, died young; and Sarah, 3 March 1658.  He was dead in November 1662.  Elizabeth married Joshua Hempstead, and Sarah married 2 June 1678, John Fox, both of New London.

GREENFIELD LARRABEE, Saybrook, son of the preceding, married March 1673, Alice Parke, daughter of Thomas Parke of New London, had Thomas, born June 1675; John, 19 June 1677; Phebe, 13 December 1680; Alice, 18 August 1684; Dorothy 25 March 1687; Nathaniel, January 1689; Elizabeth, September 1692; Greenfield, 13 June 1696; and his wife died 23 November 1729.  He lived in that part of Norwich, now Preston, and died 4 February 1739, almost 91 years old. 

ISAAC LARRABEE, Falmouth about 1680, being driven off by the Indians, went to Lynn, says Willis; had Benjamin, born 1666, at Casco, before mentioned; besides Samuel, and Thomas.  In Maine the name spread much. 

JOHN LARRABEE, Lyme, son of the first Greenfield Larrabee, died October 1725, leaving several children of who were John and Joseph of Coventry.

WILLIAM LARRABEE, married at Malden November 1655, Elizabeth Felt, perhaps daughter of George Felt, was freeman 1690.  Sometimes this name is perverted to Leatherby, as very often it was sound.


CORNELIUS LARY, Exeter, took oath of fidelity 30 November 1677.


HUGH LASKIN, Salem 1636, freeman 22 May 1639.  His wife died 28 July 1658, and he died March 1659.


WILLIAM LATCOME, a passenger in the Hercules 1634, as printed In Genealogical Registrar IX. 267, which may be error for Larcom, or Larkham; but nothing can be known.


CARY LATHAM, Cambridge, m Elizabeth Masters, daughter of John Masters, and probably widow of Edmund Lockwood, had Thomas, born November 1639; Joseph, 2 December of a year to be supplied by conjecture, as the record is deficient; removed early to New London, where he was of active service, Representative 1664, and after to 70.  He had there Elizabeth, who married 25 January 1678, John Leeds; Jane, married Hugh Hubbard; Lydia, married John Packer; and Hannah, who married probably John Lockwood.  He died 1685.

JOSEPH LATHAM, New London, son of the preceding.  Took wife Mary at Newfoundland, there had Cary, born 14 July 1668, and at New London ten more children.  At his death in 1706 left seven sons one daughter.

LEWIS LATHAM, Newport, of whom we know no more, but that his daughter Frances married Jeremiah Clark, and was mother of Governor Walter and others; but it may be that he never came to our shores.

ROBERT LATHAM, Cambridge, perhaps brother of Cary Latham, lived two years or more with Reverend Thomas Shepard, removed to Marshfield, where he was constable 1643, thence to Plymouth, where he married Susanna Winslow, daughter of John Winslow, in 1649, and had Mercy, born 2 June 1650; before 1667 removed to Bridgewater, had sons James, Chilton, Joseph, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Sarah.  Mitchell thinks him son of William Latham.  Hannah married Joseph Wachburn.

THOMAS LATHAM, New London, son of Cary Latham, married 15 October 1673, Rebecca Wells, daughter of Hugh Wells, had only child Samuel; and his widow married 24 June 1676, John Packer.  Groton side of the harbor of New London was the residence of the family still perpetuated there.

WILLIAM LATHAM, PlYmouth, came in the Mayflower, 1620, served to Governor Carver, only a youth, and, in 1627, had share in the division of cattle, being in the lot with Governor Bradford, yet was never named as one of the Mayflower's Company in 1620 when he was a boy under Carver's charge, and for the division of lands in 1624, with another servant of Carver, may have helped John Howland to count four heads.  By the discovery of Bradford's History his right to passage in the first ship is provided.  He was of Duxbury 1637-9, and Marshfield 1643, and 8, and in Bradford we see, that after so long residing here, he went home to England, thence to the Bahamas, and died of starvation.  Of one Latham, in our country, there is idle tradition that he was brought up with Charles I, but no benefit or evil of the companionship is boasted.


LATHROP. See Lothrop.


CHRISTOPHER LATTIMORE, or CHRISTOPHER LATIMER, Marblehead 1648, in 1663 sold dwelling-house to Robert Hooper, but was there living 1675.

HUGH LATTIMORE, or HUGH LATIMER, Marblehead, perhaps son of the preceding, married 1669, Mary Pitt, daughter of Susanna, wife of William Pitt, or Pitts, probably by Philip Alley, her former husband.

JOHN LATTIMORE, or JOHN LATIMER, Wethersfield, had Rebecca, born 1646; Naomi, 1648; Abigail, 1649; John, 1650; Elisheba, 1652; Jonathan, 1655; and Bezaleel, 1657; all with wife Ann named in his will 1662, when he died.  Elizabeth married Thomas Hollister of Wethersfield.

ROBERT LATTIMORE, or ROBERT LATIMER, New London, mariner, about 1660, married probably at Boston, Ann Griggs, widow of Matthew Jones, and daughter of George Griggs, had Robert, born 5 February 1664; and Elizabeth, 14 November 1667; and he died 1671.  Elizabeth married Jonathan Prentiss.

ROBERT LATTIMORE, or ROBERT LATIMER, New London, son of the preceding, died 2 November 1728, leaving John, perhaps Harvard College 1703; Robert; Jonathan; Samuel; and Peter.


JOSIAH LATTING, JOSIAH LETTEN, or JOSIAH LETTIN, Huntington, or Oyster Bay, Long Island, 1685, was son probably of Richard Latting.

RICHARD LATTING, RICHARD LETTEN, or RICHARD LETTIN, Concord, had Josiah, born 20 February 1641; and another son on 12 September 1643; but the record gives not the name; removed to Fairfield, and thence in few years to Long Island, at Huntington.  In 1663 he was ordered to depart for not submitting to jurisdiction of Connecticut and in November 1672 was by New York, denounced for disloyal speech against the Duke.


THOMAS LAUGHTON, Boston 1660.  He was of Lynn 1666-79, and probably had son Thomas, as he is called senior in later years.


JAMES LAURENSO, and JOHN LAURENSO, Newtown, Long Island, 1686, were probably of Dutch descent.


FRANCIS LAURIE, Salem, of which the Historical Collections of Essex Institute Ir. 15, gives all that I have learned, that his will of 6 November 1665, probated June following, mentioned son-in-law John Neal and wife Mary, and grandchildren Jeremiah, John Jonathan, Joseph, and Lydia.  But conjecture is bold enough to suggest, that the same man is intended, where Felt, II. 447, places the graveyard "on the hill above Francis Lawe's house;" and there is no doubt of the soundness of the conjecture after turning to the article Lawes in this volume; but whose reading, Felt's or Patch's should be preferred, must be left to another eye to decide. 

GILBERT LAURIE, Boston 1686, went to preach that year in absence of Moody, at Portsmouth, was probably a Scotchman, and may be presumed to have gone home in 1689.


STEPHEN LAVENUKE, a Frenchman, married 25 September 1672, Mary Dival, perhaps French also, had Isabella, born 22 December 1673; Judith, 1677, who died 22 April 1758; and Stephen, in 1678, who died 1 January 1764.


JOHN LAVERICK, perhaps at Watertown, as servant of Richard Kimball, came at the age of 15, in the Elizabeth from Ipswich, 1634.


GEORGE LAVER, and JACOB LAVER, Portsmouth 1683, petitioners to the King against Governor Cranfield that year.  Belknap I. 473.


ANDREW LAW, Hingham 1604, had Joshua, Josiah, and Caleb, is by Farmer erronously given I suppose, for Lane.

JOHN LAW, Concord, married 5 March 1660, Lydia Draper, daughter of Roger Draper, had John, born 1661; Thomas, 1663; Stephen, 1665; and Samuel.

JONATHAN LAW, Milford 1667, freeman 1669, perhaps only son of Richard Law, married Sarah Clark, daughter of George Clark, by her had Jonathan Law, born 6 August 1674, Harvard College 1695, who was Chief Justice 16 years and a distinguished Governor of Connecticut.

LYMAN LAW, Gravesend, Long Island, 1650.  Thompson. 

RICHARD LAW, Wethersfield 1638, may, therefore, have first been at Watertown, married Margaret Kilbourne, eldest daughter of Thomas Kilbourne, had Abigail, Jonathan, and Sarah, and probably more children; removed early to Stamford, may have been Representative in New Haven Court certainly was, after the union, in Connecticut 1665, 6, 9, and 72.  His daughter Abigail married Jonathan Sellick; and Sarah married John Sellick. 

WILLIAM LAW, Rowley 1643. probate record shows that he was dead 1669, leaving wife Faith, and four children.  Fifteen of this name, often in old records having es final, had, in 1829, been graduates at the New England colleges, most at Yale.


FRANCIS LAWES, Salem, a weaver, born at Norwich, England, embarked at Ipswich 8 April arriving at Boston 20 June 1637, with wife Lydia, aged 49, one child Mary, and two servants Samuel Lincoln, 18; and Ann Smith, 19. He was freeman 2 June 1641, and died about 1666.  Mary, married John Neal, and, next, Andrew Mansfield.  See Laurie.


BENJAMIN LAWRENCE, Charlestown, second son of George Lawrence of Watertown, married in Boston, 4 July 1689, Mary Clough, perhaps daughter of John Clough, had John, baptized 22 November 1696; Abigail, 30 October 1698; William and Elizabeth twins 14 July 1700, both died soon; Elizabeth again, 4 October 1702; Benjamin, 10 September 1704; and Mary, 28 February 1707; but all these by second wife Ann, widow of Benjamin Phillips, who he married 3 February 1696, who died 11 January 1716, aged only 37, says Bond, which is a strange error, for she bore her first child to former husband about 36 years before on 18th November of the same year he took third wife Ann Coolidge, widow of Nathaniel Adams, daughter of Nathaniel Coolidge of Watertown; and she died 28 December 1718, aged 47, so that 9 July following he could take his fourth wife Elizabeth Bennett, who outlived him, and he died 26 November 1738, aged 75.

DANIEL LAWRENCE, Charlestown, twin brother of the preceding, a painter, married 19 June 1689, Sarah Counts, daughter of Edward Counts, who probably brought him no husband and died in few years; served in the army, and was in the garrison at Brookfield taken by the Indians in the assault, 27 July 1693, but was recovered, got back to Charlestown, there by wife Hannah Mason, married November 1695, had Daniel, baptized 9 August 1696; Samuel, 22 May 1698, at Mather's church In Boston; Hannah, 26 February 1700, at Charlestown; Sarah, 29 March 1702, died soon; Lydia, 30 January 1704; and Sarah, again, 3 February 1706.  His wife died 27 August 1721, aged 56, and he married 23 August following Maud Russell, daughter of the Honorable James Russell; and died 20 October 1743.

DAVID LAWRENCE, New Hampshire, 1683, died about 1710, leaving widow Mary, children Joseph, David, and Phebe, and grandchildren David and Jonathan.

ENOCH LAWRENCE, Groton, son of John Lawrence of the same, married 6 March 1677, Ruth Whitney, widow of John Shattuck, daughter of John Whitney, had Nathaniel, born 21 February 1678; Daniel, 7 March 1681; Zechariah, 16 July 1 683; and Jeremiah, 1 May 1686; died at great age 28 September 1744.

GEORGE LAWRENCE, Watertown, married 29 September 1657, Elizabeth Crispe, died probably of Benjamin Crispe, had Elizabeth, born 30 February says the record meaning perhaps 28, 1659; Judith, 12 May 1660; Hannah, 24 March 1662; John, 25 March 1664, killed by accident at ten years; Benjamin and Daniel, twins 2 May 1666; George, 4 June 1668; Sarah; Mary, 4 December 1671; Martha; and Grace, 3 June 1680.  His wife died 28 May 1681, and he married 16 August 1691, Elizabeth, perhaps widow of Joseph Holland, had Joseph; and Rachel and Patience, twins 14 July 1694.  He died 21 March 1709.  Elizabeth married 29 January 1679, Thomas Whitney; Judith married John Stearns; Hannah married probably Obadiah Sawtell; Sarah married Thomas Rider; Mary married 5 April 1689, John Earle, and, next, Michael Flagg; Martha married 29 November 1697, John Dix; and Grace married an Edes.

GEORGE LAWRENCE, Watertown, son of the preceding, by wife Mary, had Mary, born 16 February 1697; George, 3 June 1698; Elizabeth, 9 October 1700; John, 20 February 1704; David, 16 July 1706; Sarah, 20 January 1709; William, 20 May 1711; and Ann, 1 March 1714, and he died 5 March 1736.

HENRY LAWRENCE, Charlestown 1635.  Frothingham, 84.  A widow Christian who Bond thought to be his, died 3 March 1648.

ISAAC LAWRENCE, Norwich, son of the first John Lawrence, married 19 April 1682, Abigail Bellows, daughter of John Bellows.

JOHN LAWRENCE, Watertown, freeman 17 April 1637, by wife Elizabeth, had John, born 14 March 1636; Nathaniel, 15 October 1639; Joseph, March 1642, died at 2 months; Joseph, again, 30 May 1643; Jonathan, perhaps his twin brother died soon; Mary, 16 July 1645; Peleg, 10 January 1647; Enoch, 5 March 1649; Samuel; Isaac; Elizabeth, 9 May 1665; Jonathan, again; and Zechariah, 9 March 1669; all at Watertown except Elizabeth born at Boston, who may however have been another John's.  He removed about 1662 to Groton, and his wife died there 29 August 1663; and he married 2 November 1664, Susanna Batchelor, daughter of William Batchelor of Charlestown, had Abigail, born 11 January 1666, probably died young; and Susanna, 3 July 1667.  He died 11 July 1667, and his widow removed to Charlestown, there died 8 July 1668.  His will, of 24 April 1667, provides for wife and children as well as all the children of the former wife except John and Peleg, who may have been before provided for by deeds.  His widow in her will, names father and mother Batchelor, sister Rachel Atwood, and Abigail Austin, and both her own children, but in the will of grandfather only Susanna, her daughter is named so that we may infer, that Abigail was deceased before February 1670, when his will was made.  Mary married 25 August 1663, Indigo Potter, so shortly before the death of her mother that her father noticed it in his will.

JOHN LAWRENCE, Charlestown, son of the preceding, by wife Susanna, had Hannah, born 22 February 1659; Abigail, about 1661; Sarah; David; and John, baptized after his mother's 2nd married at her request 24 April 1681, as she joined the church 6 March before, then widow of the first Thomas Tarbell.  He died 1672, his inventory was taken 17 June; and his widow married 15 August 1676, Thomas Tarbell.

JOHN LAWRENCE, Newtown, Long Island, one of the patentees of Hempstead 1644, was there in 1655, but was first of Ipswich, came at the age of 17 with his mother Joan Tuttle, and sixteen other Tuttles, in the Planter, from London, 1635, having certificates from St. Albans, County Herts; after the conquest of New York, removed thither and was an alderman, mayor of the city, Judge of the Supreme Court of the Province, died 1699.  He had Joseph, John, Thomas, Martha, Susanna, and Mary, who were all married but none left issue to reach maturity except this last, whose husband was William Whittingham.

JOHN LAWRENCE, Boston, married 8 February 1654, Elizabeth Atkinson, had Elizabeth, born 9 May 1653, but who the wife was, or his parentage, is unknown.  Perhaps he was the published executioner, appointed 1669, served many years complaining of inadequacy of support by loss of employment.

JOHN LAWRENCE, Boston, of that part call Muddy River now Brookline, married 30 September 1657, Sarah Buckminster, daughter of Thomas Buckminster, or by record Buckmaster.

JOHN LAWRENCE, Wrentham, by wife Sarah, who died 25 March 1684, had Mary, born 16 March 1682.

JOHN LAWRENCE, Hadley, brother of Daniel Lawrence, married 1684, Sarah Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith of Hadley, had John, born 1686, died next year; Mary, 1688; Deliverance, 1693; and Sarah, 1694.  He was killed by the Indians 1694 at Brookfield, whither he had recently removed.  His widow married 1705, Ebenezer Wells of Hatfield.

NATHANIEL LAWRENCE, Groton, son of John Lawrence, freeman 1672, married 13 March 1660, Sarah Morse, daughter of John Morse of Sudbury, had Nathaniel, born 4 April 1661; Sarah, 1 January 1663, died soon, both at Sudbury; Hannah, 3 July 1664; John, 29 July 1667, who died at Lexington, 12 March 1746; Mary, 3 March 1670; Sarah, again, 16 May 1672; Elizabeth, 6 September 1674, died next year; Elizabeth again; and Deborah, 24 March 1683; and by second wife Hannah, had Hannah, again, 26 April 1687; Mary, again, 16 October 1690; and Jonathan, 14 June 1696; and died 14 April 1724.  As in his will of 4 August 1718, no wife is named.  It may seem probable that she was dead.  His son John of Lexington, blacksmith, had Amos Lawrence, youngest of ten children whose third son Samuel Lawrence was father of Amos, Luther, William, Abbot Lawrence, the minister of the United States at the Court of London, and Samuel Lawrence, all distinguished in our day for published servants and private munification.

NICHOLAS LAWRENCE, Charlestown 1648, may have been that brother of first John Lawrence, designated by his will.

NICHOLAS LAWRENCE, Dorchester, son of Thomas Lawrence, by wife Mary, had Patience, born 13 June 1658, died young; and he died 1685; in his will of 26 January probated 21 May of that year gives his wife Mary, and eldest son without naming him, and calls the children Mary, Rebecca, Nicholas, and Benjamin.

PELEG LAWRENCE, Groton, brother of Nathaniel Lawrence, married 1668, Elizabeth Morse, daughter of John Morse, had Eliab, born 9 January 1669; Samuel, 16 October 1671; Eleazer, 28 February 1674; Elizabeth, who died 10 October 1685; Jonathan, 29 March 1679; Abigail, 6 October 1681; Jeremiah, 3 January 1687, died soon; Joseph, 12 June 1688; Daniel; and Susanna; and died 1692.

RICHARD LAWRENCE, Branford 1646, had Bethia and Esther, both baptized at New Haven, 1 June 1652, who are not found on the records of births at Branford, but others are, Eleazer, born 17 January 1668; Eldad, 15 July 1655, died soon; and Sarah, 27 May 1657.  He signed the agreement for removal to New Jersey 1666, and was established at Passaic, June 1668.

ROBERT LAWRENCE, Falmouth 1680, married Mary Phillips, widow of George Munjoy, daughter of John Phillips of Dorchester, was a man of distinction, Lieutenant of the town, killed at the taking, May 1690, by the French and Indians; and his widow had third husband Stephen Cross, 1690, at Boston.  Willis, I. 212.

THOMAS LAWRENCE, Hingham 1638, married Elizabeth Bates, daughter of James Bates of Dorchester, had Nicholas, born at Hingham; Mary and Elizabeth at Dorchester; died 5 November 1655, and his widow removed to Dorchester with her children Nicholas, before mentioned; Mary, who married 28 October 1608, Thomas Maudesley, and Elizabeth married 31 December 1658, William Smead.

THOMAS LAWRENCE, Milford 1639, an original settler, died 1648.

THOMAS LAWRENCE, Newtown, Long Island, 1656, may have been of Stamford 1670, was brother of John Lawrence and William Lawrence of Newtown, and much engaged in the politics of New York 1689, died 1703.  Accounts of him and both brothers with large genealogical details is in Riker's Annals of Newtown 281-290.

THOMAS LAWRENCE, Brookfield, brother of Daniel Lawrence, was killed by the Indians 27 July 1693.

WILLIAM LAWRENCE, Duxbury 1643.  At Duxbury he married a daughter of Francis Sprague.

WILLIAM LAWRENCE, Newtown, Long Island, 1645, may be the youth who was embarked in the Planter at London, 1635, aged 12, with elder brothers John Lawrence and Thomas Lawrence, before mentioned, lived first at Ipswich with his mother, was a man of great energy, died 1680, had children by two wives, and his widow married Sir Philip Carteret, Governor of New Jersey.  Seven of this name had been graduates at Harvard and six at other New England colleges in 1831.


CHRISTOPHER LAWSON, Exeter 1639, removed to Boston, by wife Elizabeth, had Thomas, born 4 May 1643; and Mary, 27 October 1645; was a cooper, removed to Maine before 1665, there purchased Swan Island in Kennebeck River from the Indians and was an important man.  Sullivan, 290; Holmes, I. 349-; Folsom, 128; Williamson, II. 172.  Yet so ill did he agree with his brother that their mutual complaints came to the General Court 1669.

DEODATE LAWSON, Scituate, son of Reverend Thomas Lawson of Denton, County Norfolk, England, is first heard of at Martha's Vineyard 1676, had been bred to divinity, I presume, but knows nothing, for even Cotton Mather, though he gives him a place among his contemporary fellow servants in Hecatompolis, felt unable to introduce him into either of his three classes; lived after few years at Boston, joined with our third, or Old South Church (had it been the second who then was taught by the Mathers, father and son, his name would have found, as it should, room in the Magnalia, III.). He took the oath of freeman 1680, was called to preach 1683 at Salem village, now Danvers, where no church was yet formed, but George Burrows had taught the people about two years and they would have ordained Lawson in the latter part of 1686; but having lost his first wife and her daughter Ann, he luckily for him went to settle at Scituate.  Second church of which he was third minister and dismissed in 1698 for having been absent more than two years gone home.  At Boston, by wife Jane, he had Deodate, born 1682; and he had second wife Deborah Allen, married 6 May 1690, by whom he had at Scituate Deborah, born 1694; and Richard, 1696.  Deane, 195; Calamy, II. 629.  Calef, who shows how slight was his escape from peril of the witchcraft delusion, calls him Lowson.

HENRY LAWSON, Massachusetts probably came 1630, and died early in 1631.

JAMES LAWSON, Dartmouth, swore fidelity 1684.

JOHN LAWSON, Boston 1690, had Ann, baptized 10 November 1700; Sarah, 29 March 1702; and John and Savil, 16 July 1704, the record at Mather's church being "twins of John, lately died".

ROGER LAWSON, Boston, mariner, 1690.


GEORGE LAWTON, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, had Isaac, born 11 December 1650; George; perhaps Job; and certainly Robert; but no more can be learned of him except that his daughter Ruth married 10 February 1681, William Wodell; and Mercy married 19 January 1682, James Tripp; probably he died 5 October 1693; at least, one George then died, and the record adds, "his son Job died 8 October 1697."

GEORGE LAWTON, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, perhaps son of the preceding, married 17 January 1678, Naomi Hunt, had Elizabeth, born 15 November following; George, 30 April 1685; Robert, 4 October 1688; Job, 22 January 1693; and died 11 September 1697.  His widow married 11 October 1701, his brother Isaac.

ISAAC LAWTON, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, son of the first George Lawton, married 3 March 1674, Elizabeth Talman, daughter of Peter Talman, had Elizabeth, born 16 February following; Sarah, 25 October 1676; Ann, 25 April 1678, Isaac, 21 May 1681; Mary, 3 April 1683; Ichabod, 12 March 1680; Thomas, 25 April 1687; Susanna, 3 April 1689; Job, 28 April 1691; Ruth, 9 April 1694; and John, 2 September 1696.  His wife died 20 May 1701, and he married 11 October following Naomi Hunt, widow of his brother George; and she died 3 January 1720. 

JAMES LAWTON, Suffield, son of John Lawton, had Jacob Lawton, who was several years Representative and, from Caprice, adopted in his business as a lawyer the name of Christopher Jacob Lawton.

JOHN LAWTON, Newtown, Long Island, 1656, may be the one who married at Boston 21 September 1659, widow Joanna Mullins; and had second wife perhaps that Mary Boomer, daughter of Matthew Boomer, or some such name, who next married 3 June 1678, Gideon Freeborn as his second wife at Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

JOHN LAWTON, Suffield, had James, Benedicta, Mary, and, perhaps, others, died 19 December 1690; and his widow Benedicta died 18 November 1692.  Both of the daughters were married 1683.

ROBERT LAWTON, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, son perhaps youngest of George Lawton the first, married 16 February 1681, Mary Wodell, daughter of Gershom Wodell or Waddell, had Mary, born 20 February 1682; George, 1 September 1685; Elizabeth, 12 September 1688; Robert, 5 January 1696; and died 25 January 1706; and his widow died 14 January 1731.

THOMAS LAWTON, probably of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, may have been an early settler for his daughter Elizabeth married 25 July 1667, Peleg Shearman of that place; Sarah married 1 August 1667, George Sisson, and Ann married 26 May 1669, Giles Slocum.


EDWARD LAY, Hartford 1640, removed to Saybrook 1648, on East side, or Lyme, died before 1657, or perhaps removed to Portsmouth, Rhode Island. where in 1679 he was living 71 years old.

JOHN LAY, Saybrook 1648, perhaps brother of the preceding, was on the side of the River incorporated 1667, as Lyme, in his will of 16 or 18 January 1675, two days before he died calls himself aged, names sons John and James, by former wife and Peter and John of his present wife Abigail, daughters Abigail, Susanna, and Elizabeth, John, and, perhaps, others.  Of these children were born in England.  James Lay, one of the sons died about 1683; and the widow Abigail died 1686.

JOHN LAY, Lyme, son of the preceding, born in England, probably was badly wounded in the great swamp fight, 19 December 1675, had wife Sarah, and children Sarah, born 4 February 1665; Rebecca, 9 September 1666; Edward, 26 January 1668; Catharine, 11 February 1672; Abigail, 9 September 1673; Marah, 21 March 1678; Elizabeth, 18 December 1681; John, 25 March 1683; and Phebe, 13 January 1685; and died 13 November 1696, aged 63; and his widow died 12 June 1702.  Possibly this Lyme name may be the same as Laigh or Lee. 

ROBERT LAY, Lynn 1638, removed to Saybrook, probably 1647, in December of this year was married, had Phebe, born 5 January 1651; and Robert, 6 March 1654; was freeman 1657, Representative 1666; his wife Sarah died 21 May 1676, aged about 59, and he died 9 July 1689, aged 72.  Phebe married 1667, John Denison of Stonington.

ROBERT LAY, Saybrook, son of the preceding, married 22 January 1680, Mary Stanton, had Robert, born 27 January 1681; Sarah, 19 February 1683; Mary, 3 October 1685; Thomas, 10 May 1688; Samuel and Temperance, twins 25 July 1691, of who Samuel died soon; Samuel, again, 18 February 1695; Phebe, 14 Aug; 1698; and Dorothy, 3 June 1701.

WILLIAM LAY, Boston, by wife Mary, had Susanna, born 6 August 1690.  It is spelt Ley, sometimes, and, also, Lee.


LAYLAND. See Leland.


LAYTON. See Laighton.


HENRY LAZELL, Barnstable 1637, of who no more is heard.

ISAAC LAZELL, Hingham, son of John Lazell, married 20 January 1686, Abigail Leavitt, or Abiab Leavitt, daughter of John Leavitt, had Abiah, born 26 June 1687; and Isaac, 6 September 1690; and died 18 October following I think, in Phip's sad expedition against Quebec.  The widow administrated 28 April 1691, and married Isaac Johnson.

ISRAEL LAZELL, Hingham, youngest brother of the preceding, married 6 July 1698, Rachel Lincoln, daughter of Daniel Lincoln, had Isaac, born 30 August 1701; Israel, 8 January 1704; Daniel, 1 February 1706; and Jonathan, 19 March 1708.

JOHN LAZELL, Hingham 1647, married 29 November but another record says 22 December 1649, Elizabeth Gates, daughter of Stephen Gates, had John, baptized 8 September 1650, died under 15 years; Thomas, born 15, baptized 19 September 1652; Joshua, 17 November 1654, baptized 6 May following; Stephen, born  6 or 10, baptized 19 October 1656; Elizabeth, 28 February baptized 21 November 1658, who died at 18 years; Isaac, born 10 or 15 July 1660; Hannah, 31 August 1662; Mary, 2 September 1664; Sarah, 29 November 1666; John, again, 25 April 1669; and Israel, 24 September 1671; was freeman 1678.  His will, of 2 September 1695, probated 16 January 1700, mentioned four sons living besides grandchild Joshua, son of his son Joshua, and the two children Isaac and Abiah, son and daughter of his son Isaac, both the father’s deceased.  The daughters are named Hannah Turner, Mary Burr, and Sarah, who married 17 April 1693, Peter Ripley.

JOHN LAZELL, Hingham, tenth child of the preceding, married 26 March 1696, Deborah Lincoln, had John, born 23 January following; and Joshua, 29 December 1703.

JOSHUA LAZELL, Hingham, brother of the preceding, died 12 February 1688, and his widow Mary, whom he married "the last of January" 1681, had administration on his estate 28 April 1691.  Their children were Elizabeth, born 20 December 1681; Martha, 23 February 1683; Joshua, 15 November 1686; and Simon, 12 September 1688.

STEPHEN LAZELL, Hingham, brother of the preceding, by wife Sarah, had Lydia, born 20 September 1688, died next year; Phebe, 23 February 1690; Stephen, 29 January 1691; Lydia, again, 26 November 1693; Mary, who died 28 December 1698; and Mary, again, 11 May 1700; besides another whose name is not found, unless it be that Israel, baptized 2 October 1692.  He died 16 January 1718, in his will of 9 of that month probated 4 March following, speaks of his five children.

THOMAS LAZELL, Duxbury, married 26 April 1685, Mary Allen, removed to Plympton, Falmouth, C.C. and Windham, says Windsor.  Early this name seems Lassell, or Lasell.


JOHN LEA, a youth, aged 13, came 1634, in the Francis, from Ipswich, probably as servant to William Westwood.

WILLIAM LEA, a youth of 16, came in the Planter, 1635, from London.  Possibly this may be the same as Lee.


AMBROSE LEACH, Boston 1648, is spoke of in Hutchinson Collection 298, and, in 1663, was concerned in Narraganset, or the King's Province.

BENJAMIN LEACH. Bridgewater, son of Giles Leach, married 1702, Hepzibah Washburn, daughter of Joseph Washburn, had Ann, born 1703; Joseph, 1705; Mary, 1708; Sarah, 1711; Benjamin, 1713; Ichabod, 1716; Jerathmeel and Benanuel, twins 1718; Nokes, 1720; Susanna, 1722; Hannah, 1725; Phebe; Nathan; and Eunice.

DAVID LEACH, Bridgewater, brother of the preceding, by wife Hannah, had Mercy, born 1693; Hannah, 1696; Ephraim, 1699; Experience, 1702; David, 1706; Mehitable, 1711; and Abigail, 1714; and he died 1707.

EBENEZER LEACH, Bridgewater, brother of the preceding, married 1707, Prudence Stetson of Scituate, may have had Lydia and possibly others.

EDMUND LEACH, New Haven 1647-9 and may be longer.

GILES LEACH, Weymouth 1656, but removed to Bridgewater before 1665 says Mitchell, who mentioned that he married Ann Nokes, 1656 (but Weymouth record says, 20 January 1657), had Sarah, born 1656 (but record says, 13 November 1657); Elizabeth; Samuel, 1662; David; John; Ebenezer; Benjamin; and, perhaps, others, adding that Sarah married John Aldrich; and Elizabeth married 1693, John Emerson.

JOHN LEACH, Salem 1637, then had, says Felt, grant of land, was brother of Lawrence Leach, died December 1658.  He gave his small property to his nephew Richard's son John Leach.

JOHN LEACH, Salem 1637, son of Lawrence Leach, born in England, had grant of land says Felt, that year and there baptized John, 3 September 1648; John and Sarah, twins November 1648; Rachel, 6 April 1651; Sarah, again, 6 June 1652; Elizabeth, 27 November 1653; Mary, 3 September 1654; Richard, 15 June 1656; Remember, and Hannah, 3 November 1661; was probably the freeman 1681.  Mary married 2 March 1681, Thomas Field.

JOHN LEACH, Beverly 1671, who married 20 May 1667, Elizabeth Flint, probably daughter of the first Thomas Flint, may have been son of the preceding, or of other son of Lawrence Leach.

JOHN LEACH, Bridgewater, son of Giles Leach, by wife Alice, had John, born 1695 ; Giles, 1697; Stephen, 1698; Abiel, 1700; Ebenezer, 1702; Mehitable, 1704; Timothy, 1707; Nehemiah, 1709; Solomon, 1712; and Jesse, 1714; and died 1744.

LAWRENCE LEACH, Salem 1629, came in one of the fleet with Higginson, required administration 19 October 1630, and 18 May following was sworn freeman, died June 1662, aged 82, or 85, leaving all his estate to widow Elizabeth who died 1674.  Of his sons besides John, and Robert, herein mentioned, Clement lived in England, and Richard died here 1647, leaving sons John and Robert.

RICHARD LEACH, Salem 1639, married Ann Fuller, freeman 1665, Lieutenant 1675, and Captain two years after, died 1687, leaving several children of who I only know that Hannah was baptized 2 June 1662; and Sarah married 7 February 1667, Joseph Herrick.

ROBERT LEACH, Charlestown 1637, where Mary united with the church 9 September 1639, might be thought his wife, but Felt gives him grant of land at Salem 1637; and the freeman of 1644, was member of neither of the churches in those towns, yet he is said to be son of Lawrence Leach, and to have died before his father.  However, we may presume there was one at each, and he of Charlestown was householder in 1658 and 78, chosen tythingman 1679, and died 22 May 1688, aged a 80, says the record.

SAMUEL LEACH, Salem, died June 1673, and next year in July, his widow Alice had administration of good estate of Robert, her husband of Manchester. 

ROBERT LEACH, and SAMUEL LEACH were inhabitants of Manchester, and in favor of that small town petitioned for relief, in 1686, from expense of supporting worship.  See Genealogical Registrar X. 322.

SETH LEACH, Bridgewater, married Mary Whitman, daughter of Thomas Whitman.  The name was frequent.  A Margaret Leach, aged 15, was passenger in the Planter, another Margaret Leach, 22, in the Susan and Ellen, both from London 1635.

SAMUEL LEACH, Bridgewater, son of Giles Leach, married Mary Byram, daughter of Nicholas Byram, had Samuel, Josiah, Seth, and Elijah.

THOMAS LEACH, New London 1680, married Abigail Haughton, daughter of Richard Haughton, who died soon after her child Sarah was born 7 July 1684.  By two other wives he had ten children more before 1719.


HENRY LEADBETTER, Dorchester, married 18 March 1660, Sarah Tolman, daughter of Thomas Tolman, had Sarah, born 31 December 1660; Catharine, 28 April 1662; Henry, 16 October 1664; Deliverance, 9 April 1667; Increase, 20 January 1672; Ebenezer, 10 May 1676; and Israel, 10 October 1678; was freeman 1671, and constable 1673; and died 20 April 1722.  His widow Relief Holland died 7 July 1743, aged 92.  She had been widow of Timothy Foster, and first of John Dowse, being daughter of John Holland.  But the Genealogical Registrar XIV. 248 in the family pedigree of Tolman, strangely makes her mother not the father but the son Henry, who was many years younger than herself.  Sarah married 1684, Henry Withington; and Catharine married 29 May 1684, Ephraim Payson.  Of the sons Henry and Israel were married as well as the following.

INCREASE LEADBETTER, Dorchester, son of the preceding, had wife Sarah, who died 16 June 1734, aged 53 years, and he. died 10 November 1737.


GEORGE LEADER, Kittery, submitted to Massachusetts 1652.

JOHN LEADER, Boston, son of Thomas Leader of the same, by wife Abigail, had Rebecca, born 10 April 1652; Abigail, 29 May 1653; and Thomas, 19 November 1654; and he died before his father.

RICHARD LEADER, Lynn 1645, superintendent of iron works, tried copper mining in Endicott's farm at Salem, meeting ill success, went, 1650, to Berwick, had grant of exclusive use of the Little River to erect mills, and was a magistrate.  Winthrop Il. 356; Belknap I. 56; Lewis, 96; Sullivan, 326.  In 1654 he was called of Strawberry bank.

SAMUEL LEADER, Boston 1670, son of Thomas Leader, executor of his will.

THOMAS LEADER, Dedham 1640.  His wife Susanna was recorded of the church 10 April 1641; he removed to Boston 1647, his second wife Rebecca died 16 December 1653, and he died 28 October 1663.  His will of 17 of that month proves, that he had third wife Alice, son Thomas, deceased, and that he well provided for his widow with three children of Thomas, and his other son Samuel.


JACOB LEAGER, JACOB LEGARE, or JACOB LEGER, Boston, tailor, freeman 2 June 1641, had Hannah, born 14 November 1655; and died 24 February 1664, leaving widow Ann Blake, daughter of William Blake of Dorchester, his second wife who married a Hallowell, and daughter Bethia, who married Fearnot Shaw.  His will of 10 November 1662, probated 19 March following provided for wife and daughters Bethia and Hannah.


SAMUEL LEAMAN, Charlestown, by wife Mary, had Joanna, born 28 May 1676, died soon; Nathaniel, died young; Rebecca, died young; and Elizabeth, 13 November 1684.  Eaton calls him one of the first settlers of Reading.


JOHN LEAR, or JOHN LEARE, Salem 1658.

TOBIAS LEAR, or TOBIAS LEARE, Portsmouth 1665, married Elizabeth Sherburne, daughter probably eldest of Henry Sherburne, and died about 1681, leaving Tobias, who may have been of Newcastle 1727; Elizabeth; and another daughter.  A Mrs. Lear died at Portsmouth 1775, in 105th year.  Tobias Lear, Harvard College 1783, private Secretary of Washington, died October 1816.


BENONI LEARNED, BENONI LARNED, or BENONI LARNET, sometimes BENONI LARNIT, and BENONI LERNET, Chelmsford, son of Isaac Learned the first, married at Sherborn, 10 June 1680, Mary Fanning, daughter of Thomas Fanning of Watertown, had Thomas, born 11 February 1682, Benjamin, 15 August 1685 or 6; Mary, 10 October 1688; and the mother died four days after.  By second wife Sarah More, he had Hannah, 10 September 1690; Sarah, 31 May 1692; Elizabeth, 28 April 1694; John, 2 May 1696; Tabitha, 19 March 1698; Abigail, 4 July 1700; Thankful, 1 August 1702; Edward, 2 December 1705; and Bathsheba, 3 May 1708.  He was Deacon and died 10 April 1738; his wife Sarah died 25 January 1737; and, in the short interval, a third wife Sarah is given him by Morse.

ISAAC LEARNED, ISAAC LARNED, or ISAAC LARNET, sometimes ISAAC LARNIT, and ISAAC LERNET, Woburn, only son of William Learned, born in England, freeman 1647, married 9 July 1646, Mary Stearns, eldest child of Isaac Stearns, had Mary, born 7 August 1647; Hannah, 24 August 1649; William, 1 October 1650; removed to Chelmsford, there had Sarah, 28 October or 15 November 1653; Isaac, 16 September or 5 October 1655, and Benoni, 4 December 1656, baptized December 1657; was a selectman, and died 27 November or 4 December 1657.  His widow married 9 June 1662, John Burge, and died next year; Mary married Moses Barron; Hannah married 1666, Joseph Farwell; and Sarah married Jonathan Barrett.

ISAAC LEARNED, ISAAC LARNED, or ISAAC LARNET, sometimes ISAAC LARNIT, and ISAAC LERNET, Chelmsford, son of the preceding, served at the Narraganset fight, 19 December 1675, as a soldier in Davenport's Company and was then wounded; married 23 July 1679, Sarah Bigelow, daughter of John Bigelow, had Isaac, born 10 May 1680; Sarah, 16 March 1682; Abigail, 11 March 1684; Mary, 12 April 1686; William, 12 February 1688; Ebenezer, September 1690; Samuel, 4 October 1692; Hannah, 16 September 1694; Elizabeth, 27 July 1696; Moses, 29 April 1699; and Martha, 2 May 1702; and he died 15 September 1737.

WILLIAM LEARNED, WILLIAM LARNED, or WILLIAM LARNET, sometimes WILLIAM LARNIT, and WILLIAM LERNET, Charlestown 1632, may have come two years before, but is first heard of in joining the church with his wife Goodith in December being the first administrator since the separation from Boston church; was freeman 14 May 1634, selectman 1636, and in the same office, first at the settling off of town of Woburn to where he removed 1641.  In the great trouble of 1637 he was on the side of moderates so far as to disapprove the banishment of Wheelwright.  He died says the record 1 March, but Frothingham, whp may have reason, says 5 April 1646.  A widow Sarah, says the record, died 24 January 1661, at Malden, and I find administration 2 April following on estate of widow Jane (but no doubt the same person), of Malden, yet I am wholly unable to guess who would have been the husband unless she were a second wife of William, or we presume the record of administration into the church means only to designate her as his wife without given a name.  This to me seems the best solution.


EDWARD LEATHERS, Dover 1665.  Perhaps he was commonly regarded as of Gipsey blood.


DAVID LEAVENWORTH, and THOMAS LEAVENWORTH, Woodbury, as Cothren, in his History page 612, tells by aid of tradition came about 1690 from Germany; and that David was drowned in youth; and of Thomas, nothing.  But one of my Hartford correspondents refers to the State archives as containing a document of 11 June 1684, by Grace Leavenworth, widow of Woodbury, and my own suspicion is that the German derivation should be some centuries earlier.


THOMAS LEAVER, Rowley 1643, town clerk, married Damaris Bayley, daughter of James Bayley of the same; and we hear no more, but that he died 27 December 1683, leaving probably Thomas, and, perhaps, others; certainly Prudence, born 1 January 1645, who married 11 October 1671, Benjamin Gage, as his second wife and, next, 6 April 1674, Samuel Stickney.


ARATUS LEAVITT, Hampton, son of Thomas Leavitt, married Ruth Sleeper, daughter of Thomas Sleeper, who died 10 January 1726; and he died 14 January 1739.

HEZRON LEAVITT, Hampton, son of Thomas Leavitt, married 25 September 1667, Martha Taylor, daughter of Anthony Taylor, had Lydia, born 5 August 1668; John, 24 November 1670; James, 31 January 1673, died soon; Moses, 30 January 1674; Thomas, 8 May 1677, died young, probably; and James, again, 1686.

ISRAEL LEAVITT, Hingham, son of John Leavitt, married 10 June 1677, Lydia Jackson, daughter of Abraham Jackson of Plymouth, had John, born 6 July 1678 (who died 29 July 1749, leaving John, who died 13 April 1797, in 86th year); Israel, 1 August 1680; Solomon, 24 February 1682; Elisha, 16 July 1684; Abraham, 27 November 1686; Sarah, 8 February 1689; Lydia; Hannah, 30 June 1693; and Mary, 18 February 1696; and he died 26 December 1696, not 1699, as the gravestone says.  His widow married Preserved Hall.  She and all the children were living July 1708. 

JOHN LEAVITT, Dorchester 1634, removed to Hingham, freeman 3 March 1636, was Representative 1656, 64, a Deacon, died 20 November 1691, aged 83.  By wife Sarah, who died 26 May 1700, he probably had John; Hannah, baptized 7 April 1639; Samuel, April 1641; Elizabeth, 28 April 1644; Jeremiah, 1 March 1646; Israel, 23 April 1648; Moses, born 12 August 1650; Josiah, 4, baptized 8 May 1653; Nehemiah, 21 January baptized 24 February 1656; Sarah, born 22 February 1659; Mary 12 June 1661; Hannah, the second 20 March 1664; and Abigail, 9, baptized 15 December 1667.  His will, of 30 November 1689, mentioned these except John (and of him names the wife who was married to Joseph Turner) and Jeremiah, of the son and first Hannah, and Elizabeth of the daughters who were dead (and of Elizabeth names the son).  Sarah married 17 April 1678, Nehemiah Clap of Dorchester; and after him Samuel Howe; Hannah 2nd married 25 October 1683, Joseph Loring; and Abigail married 20 January 1686, Isaac Lazell.  But the two elder daughters who were dead had married viz.: Hannah, 29 July 1659, to John Lobdell, and died 23 April 1662; and Elizabeth married 25 March 1667, Samuel Judkins.  Moses went to Exeter before 1683.

JOHN LEAVITT, Exeter, or Dover, 1645.

JOHN LEAVITT, Hingham, son of John Leavitt of the same, married 27 June 1664, Bathsheba Hobart, daughter of the Reverend Peter Hobart, and died before his father.  His widow married Joseph Turner.

JOSIAH LEAVITT, Hingham, brother of the preceding; was freeman 1679; married 20 October 1676, Margaret Johnson, daughter of Humphrey Johnson, had Josiah, born 28 July 1679; Joseph, 23 July 1681; Margaret, 20 October 1683; Jeremiah, 21 August 1685; Joshua, 1 August 1687; David, 16 August 1691; Asaph, 31 July 1695; Hezekiah, 17 September 1697; and Mary, 7 October 1699; every one, with his wife named in his will, 2 August 1708.  He died 14 September following and his widow died 12 June 1739.  Joshua, his son was early at Suffield, where his estate in 1734, was divided among 5 children.

MOSES LEAVITT, Exeter, son of the first John Leavitt, married 26 October 1681, Dorothy Dudley, daughter of Reverend Samuel Dudley, had John; Dudley; Daniel; Stephen; Joseph; and seven more, whose names are not known.

NEHEMIAH LEAVITT, Hingham, brother of the preceding, by wife Alice, had Mary, born 19 August 1693, died next month; another child died 18 October 1694, whose name was probably Jacob; Daniel, 30 May 1697; and Abigail, 10 December 1699. 

SAMUEL LEAVITT, Exeter, brother of the preceding, had James, was Representative 1684.

THOMAS LEAVITT, Exeter 1639, may have been brother of the first John Leavitt, before 1644 removed to Hampton, and died 28 November 1696; leaving says Farmer, sons Hezron, Aratus, born 1646; John; Thomas; James, 1602, died young; Isabel; Jemima; and Heriah; but the order is unknown.  His wife Isabel died 19 February 1700.  His name is used as a grantee, with John Wheelwright and two others in that enormous forgery of the deed of the whole South and East part of the Province of New Hampshire with the Isle of Shoals from Indian sachems 17 May 1629, certainly more than seven years before the principal Wheelwright came to this country, and near nine years before that honest purchase by Wheelwright of all the lands for 30 miles between the great River Merrimack and Piscataqua.  Nor can any evidence be discovered probably before the geneal conflagration of this globe, that Leavitt was here a single year earlier than Wheelwright.


JAMES LE BLONDE, Boston 1689, probably a Huguenot, whose wife Ann united 1690, with Mather's church, had there baptized James, 20 April 1690, died soon; James, again, 7 June 1691; Ann, 9 April 1693, died soon; Peter, 6 January 1695; Gabriel, 6 March 1698; Ann, again, 15 December 1700; Philippa, 23 April 1704; Marian, 10 March 1706; and Alexander, 4 September 1709.


THOMAS LECHFORD, Boston, a lawyer from one of the Inns of Court at London, came 1637, left here, after vain attempt to earn bread, and being Artillery Company 1640, in the same ship with Hugh Peter, Thomas Welde, and John Winthrop, the younger.  He got his book through the press almost two years before Welde's, and Cotton says he died shortly after its publish.  I think he designed this as evidence of the displeasure of heaven; but the date may be admirable, however erronous the construction of it.




WILLIAM LEDDRA, Boston, convicted September 1660, of being a Quaker, next year for returning sentence on 9th and hanged 14 March.  An excellent letter to the wife of his bosom upon the day before execution, is preserved.  Sewel, History I. 336, 459. 65, 8.  Hutchinson I. 202, calls him Ledea.


ABRAHAM LEE, Dover 1680, a man of some skill in natural science, married 21 June 1686, Esther Waldron, widow of Henry Elkins, and daughter of Major Richard Waldron, was killed with the father of his wife by the Indians 27 June 1689.  His widow married Richard Jose, sheriff of the Province, outlived him, and died in the Island of Jersey, says the pedigree of Waldron in Genealogical Registrar V. 182. 

DAVID LEE, Northampton, son of the second John Lee, married 5 September 1695, Lydia Strong, daughter of Jedediah Strong. 

EDWARD LEE, Hartford 1648, is by me thought the same as Lay.

HENRY LEE, Manchester 1650, was brother of Thomas Lee of Ipswich, and probably removed to Boston 1656.  He died March 1675, at Manchester, in his will of 12 February preceding named wife Mary, children John, Samuel, Thomas, Hannah, and Sarah. 

JOHN LEE, Ipswich 1640, had, it is said, come about 1635, from London, had John, born about 1639; and Joseph, late in 1643; died 1671.  Family tradition makes him married on our side of the water, yet tells not the name of the wife but gives him four daughters, three without names, of which one married a Patch; one a Hunkins; another a Tuttle, and exact account of the other is, that she was called Ann, died unmarried 28 September 1691. On the same evidence it is shown, that original the name was Leigh, and the son of this man agreed to change it.

JOHN LEE, Saco 1645, was of the grand jury that year but in December 1647, was dead or removed.

JOHN LEE, Farmington 1653, died 1690, had wife Mary Hart, daughter of Stephen Hart, and children John, born 11 June 1659, baptized 22 July 1660; Mary, born 14 August 1664; Stephen, 2 April 1667; Thomas, 1671; David, 1674; and Tabitha, 1677.  His widow married 1691, Jedediah Strong, as his third wife; Mary married Stephen Upson, 28 December 1682; Tabitha married Preserved Strong of Northampton, son of her mother's husband; and they removed to Coventry, whither, also, her brother David removed after some years at Northampton.

JOHN LEE, Westfield, son of Walter Lee, was in the Falls fight, 1676, married 9 December 1680, Sarah Pixley, probably daughter of William Pixley, had John, born 8 July 1683, died within two weeks as did the mother In one.  By second wife Elizabeth Crampton, daughter of Dennis Crampton, married 1686, had John, again, 2 August 1687; Elizabeth, 14 December 1689; Sarah, 24 April 1692; Abigail, 28 October 1694; Ruth, 1 April 1697; Joanna, 1702; Samuel, 1704; and Margaret, 1707; and died 13 November 1711.  His widow was Sarah, and she with son John were administrators.

JOHN LEE, Boston, son of the first John Lee, by family tradition is called a surgeon in the navy, and said to have married and had family.  Two sons and two daughters but no names or dates are given and unhappily no illustrations.  Of this obscurity can be got from record of Boston, so that acquiesence in the result of the authority, that in this branch the name became extinct, is easy.

JOHN LEE, Farmington, son of John Lee of the same, married 27 December 1682, Elizabeth Loomis, died perhaps of Thomas Loomis of Windsor, had John, born 7 December 1683; and Jonathan, 20 March 1686; both baptized 28 November (not 27) 1686; Mary, born 15 March baptized 4 May 1690; Elizabeth, baptized 5 February 1693; Samuel,  23 March baptized 1 April 1694; and Hezekiah, baptized 6 June 1687; Elizabeth, born 6  March 1700; and Ruth, 14 January 1703.  He died 24 April 1723. 

JOHN LEE, Lyme, eldest son of Thomas Lee, married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Richard Smith; and I know no more of him.

JOSEPH LEE, Ipswich, son of John Lee of the same, married Mary Woodhouse, eldest child of Henry Woodhouse of Concord, had Woodis, born 17 October 1679, died soon; Joseph, 16 October 1680; Mary, 14 July 1682; Ann, 17 May 1684; Henry, 16 May 1686; John, 10 September 1688, died in three months; Woodis, again, 18 December 1689; and Hannah, 10 April 1691, died next month.  He removed to Concord, where his wife died and he married 15 November 1697, Mary, widow of Edmund Wigley, daughter of John Miles, who died 25 November 1708.  He took third wife 28 January 1713, widow Mary Fox, and died 4 November 1716.  His widow married Daniel Hoar.  His sons Joseph, Henry, and Woodis largely and honorably perpetuated the name.

JOSEPH LEE, Manchester 1684.

JOSHUA LEE, Boston, married 14 December 1688, widow Mary Engs.

NATHANIEL LEE, Westfield, son of Walter Lee, married Abigail Warner, daughter of Daniel Warner of Farmington, had Daniel, born 1698, died young; Nathaniel, 1700, died before his father, but had two sons who then were lived; Abigail, 1702, died young; Margaret, 1705; Daniel, again, 1707; Hezekiah, 1710, died young; twin children 1711, both died soon; and a daughter 1717, who died soon; and he died 26 April 1745.

ROBERT LEE, Plymouth 1636, was, probably from London, administered freeman 3 January 1637, may have been short time in 1638 at Lynn; had wife Mary, and children Ann and Mary, was living 1654.  Either he or his wife was brother or sister of John Atwood or his wife who left them part of their estate.  See Genealogical Registrar IV. 173, and V. 260.  Mary married 26 October 1651, John Howland, junior.

SAMUEL LEE, Boston, may seem only a transient visitor, as he is called of Virginia in the record of his marriage 2 August 1655, to Elizabeth Rowland of Boston, yet though the husband has prefix of respect, I regret to remark, that the wife is equally unknown.  Yet perhaps he was the Malden man, who had Elizabeth, born November 1670; and she may have married 24 May 1690, Jonathan Howard.

SAMUEL LEE, Bristol, born in London 1623, bred at Magdalen College Oxford, there created marriedA. 14 April 1648, and, in violation of their rights, made, 9 April 1651, one of the Proctors of the University.  See Wood's Fasti Oxon. II. 164.  He came over hither 24 June 1686, arriving 22 August as in Sewall's Almanac, and became the settled minister of Bristol 8 May 1687; preached at the published fast in Boston 17 June 1691, and embarked for home, on the voyage was taken by a French privateer, carried into St. Maloes, there died in prison, the same year Mather, III. 223, makes some amends for the brevity of his narrative by the praise of its subject.  But Baylies follows Eliot in more sober estimate of him.  Rebecca, his daughter was third wife of John Saffin.  In a letter to her husband 19 July 1710, Mather, who after some years was married to her sister Lydia, shows, in an extraordinary manner, exceeded never by him unless in his intemperent address to Governor Joseph Dudley, his harshness of admonition and resolution to government; another daughter Catharine was wife of Henry Howell, after of Stephen Sewall; and this connection was associated with one of the principal causes of the many miseries that afflicted the latter days of Cotton Mather.  See 4 Massachusetts Hist Collections II. 122.

SAMUEL LEE, Malden, freeman 1671, died August 1676, aged 36, married 4 November 1662, Mercy Call, daughter of Thomas Call.  He may have had Mercy to married 2 December 1686, Richard Wicks; and his widow married 25 October 1677, John Allen.

STEPHEN LEE, Kensington, physician, son of John Lee of Farmington, married 1 October 1690, Elizabeth Royce, perhaps daughter of Isaac Royce, had Isaac, born 5 September 1691; Elizabeth, 18 April 1693, died in few hours; Elizabeth again, 12 July 1694; Sarah, 8 November 1696; Stephen, 18 April 1700, killed by accident at 18 years; Martha, 17 February 1702; Mary, September 1704; Ebenezer, 14 September 1706, died under 19 years; Hannah, 15 October 1708; Josiah, 13 August 1711; and died 1753.  His widow died 1760.

STEPHEN LEE, Westfield, son of Walter Lee, married 23 December 1691, Elizabeth Woodward, daughter of John Woodward, had Thomas, born 5 November 1692; and Samuel, 9 May 1695.  He removed to Lebanon.

STEPHEN LEE, Lyme, youngest son of Thomas Lee, married Abigail Lord and removed to New London.

THOMAS LEE, Ipswich 1648, brother of Henry Lee and John Lee, died 1662, aged about 82. 

THOMAS LEE, Lyme, came about 1641 with his mother and two sisters Phebe Lee and Jane Lee, the father whose name was Thomas Lee, having died as the tradition was, on the voyage, of smallpox.  The survivors came from Boston to Saybrook, though the father of the mother by the same authority, is called Brown of Providence.  This son must have been very young, for Lyme record gives him children up to 1702, and his first, John, by wife Sarah Kirkland, was born 21 September 1670; Thomas, 10 December 1672; Sarah, 14 January 1673; and after this wife died 21 May 1676, he took 13 July following second wife Mary De Wolf, perhaps daughter of Balthazar De Wolf, and had Phebe, born 14 April 1677; Mary, 23 April 1679; Elizabeth, 20 October 1681; William, 10 April 1684; Stephen, 27 June 1686, died at 8 years Joseph, 14 May 1688; Benjamin, 8 October 1690; Hannah, 25 February 1695; Stephen, again, 19 January 1699; and Lydia, 18 February 1702.  He was Ensign, Representative 1676, and died 30 May 1705, and his widow Mary became second wife of second Matthew Griswold.  His sister Jane married June 1689, Samuel Hyde of Norwich; and Phebe married 1 November 1659, perhaps, John Large of Saybrook.  Of his daughters Sarah married Daniel Buckingham; Mary married Joseph Beckwith, had two more husbands and in 1757, then widow for third time, made a visit to her brother Stephen; Elizabeth married 28 December 1699, Samuel Peck; and Hannah married John Griswold. 

THOMAS LEE, Bristol 1689, had wife and six children.

THOMAS LEE, Lyme, son of the second Thomas Lee of the same, married Elizabeth Graham, perhaps daughter of Benjamin Graham of Hartford. 

THOMAS LEE, Farmington, son of John Lee of the same, married 11 September 1707, Mary Camp, daughter of John Camp of Hartford, had Lydia, born 22 June following; Mary, 2 October 1709; Jared, baptized 11 November 1711; Joseph, 1713; John and Thomas, twins born 7 December 1716; and by second wife Elizabeth Hubbard, married 1725, had Ebenezer, 1727. 

WALTER LEE, Windsor, freeman of Connecticut 1654, removed to Northampton 1656, thence, about 1665 to Westfield, there died 9 February 1718, at great age.  His children were John, born 2 January 1657; Timothy, 8 August 1659, died soon; Stephen, 5 March 1662; and Nathaniel, 25 December 1663; all at Northampton; this last record at Westfield, but, perhaps, some years after; Mary, 13 January 1665, recorded at Springfield, probably before he was fixed at Windsor; Elizabeth, 28 February 1667, died young; Hannah, 9 January 1668; and Abigail, 11 December 1670.  His wife died 29 February 1696; and he married 1705, second wife Hepzibah, widow of Caleb Pomeroy, who died 18 November 1711.

WILLIAM LEE, Lyme, second son of Thomas Lee, married Mary Griffing of Long Island, often the spelling is Laigh, and it may sometimes be Lay. Twenty four of this name had been graduates in 1834, at the New England colleges of which one half at Harvard.


BENJAMIN LEEDS, Dorchester, son of Richard Leeds, freeman 1670, married 17 September 1667, Mary Brimsmead, daughter of William Brimsmead, had Benjamin, died 13 March 1718, aged 80.  It would be pleasant to know what means the insertion of this name among freeman 1680.  He had second wife who died 10 August 1692; and again married 11 August 1636, Abigail Knight, who died 29 June 1712.  No children by either of the last two wives is known, and all of the names in our vicinity are descendants of his brother.

JOHN LEEDS, New London 1674, mariner, from Staplehoe, County Kent, called himself 39 years old in September 1680, married 25 January 1678, Elizabeth Latham, daughter of Cary Latham, had John, baptized 13 March 1681; Elizabeth, 16 October 1681; William, born 3 March baptized 20 May 1683; Gideon; and Thomas, both baptized after death of father 1 August 1697.  He lived on Groton side, where William lived 1712.

JOHN LEEDS, Watertown, had, says Bond, Elizabeth; John; Edward; Joseph; Abigail; and Deborah, baptized 19 January 1688; but he could not name the wife.

JOSEPH LEEDS, Dorchester, brother of Benjamin Leeds, removed about 1661 to Northampton, married 8 November of that year Miriam Cook, daughter of Captain Aaron Cook, had Miriam, born 1663; one, in 1664; Joseph, 1665; who all died young; Joanna, 1667; Miriam, again, 1670; John, 1672, died soon; John, again, 1674; Joseph, 1670, died soon; Benjamin, 1677; was in the Falls fight, 19 May 1676, and next year went back to his native town, there had Samuel, 1679; Elizabeth 1684; and Rebecca, 1687; died 28 January 1715, aged about 77.  His widow Miriam died 23 August 1720.

RICHARD LEEDS, Dorchester, embarked April 1637 at Great Yarmouth, County Norfolk, aged 32, with wife Joan, 23, and a child whose name is not found in the England records; had a grant of land that year at Salem, says Felt, but did not continue there, had Benjamin and Joseph, twins born 14 July 1637, baptized 4 April 1639; freeman 1645, a selectman 1653; constable 1664, died 18 March 1693, aged about 98, says the inscription over his grave whereas his declaration in 1637 would prove him to be 88.  The fond exaggeration of his days is seen in the will, made a few days before dying, probated 1 April following, beginning with this language: "being by the patience of God near an hundred years old."  It names only sons Joseph and Benjamin; daughter Hannah Clap, wife of Samuel, who was baptized 16 February 1640; daughter-in-law Miriam, wife of Joseph, and grandson Joseph.


PHILIP LEEK, New Haven, took oath of fidelity 1644, had Philip, born 26 August 1646; Eleazer, baptized 12 September 1647, who is called Ebenezer Leek at the Probate Court, distribution of the estate of his father; Thomas Leek, 21 January 1649, who was a proprietor; and had family 1685; Mary, perhaps 15 June 1651, but the town record much more reliably says she was born 16 June 1652; and Joanna, born 22 January baptized 28 March 1658; and died May 1676.  Mary married 9 March 1675, John Davis; and Joanna married 6 February 1678, Henry Stephens.


EDWARD LEES, Guilford, perhaps son of Hugh Lees, married at Saybrook, 7 November 1676, Elizabeth Wright, was a proprietor 1685.

HUGH LEES, Saybrook 1648, lived there 1664.

WILLIAM LEES, Norwalk, probably son of the preceding, but the diligent annalist, Hall, names not wife or children, except Deborah, who married 9 March 1710, John Scrivener; yet shows him there 1672-87.


ANDREW LEETE, Guilford, son of Governor William Leete, freeman 1670, Representative 1675, an Assistant 1678, married 1 June 1669, Elizabeth Jordan, daughter of Thomas Jordan, had William, born 24 March 1671; Caleb, 10 December 1673; Samuel, 1677; Dorothy, 1680; Abigail, 1683; and Mercy, 1685; and was a proprietor 1685.  His wife died 4 March 1701, and he died 31 October 1702, all the children then living.

JOHN LEETE, Guilford, brother of the preceding, said to be the first English male child born in the town, freeman 1671, was a proprietor 1685; married 4 October 1670, Mary Chittenden, daughter of William Chittenden, had Ann, born 5 August 1671; John, 4 June 1673; Joshua, 7 July 1676; Sarah, 16 December 1677; Pelatiah, 26 March 1680; Mehitable, 10 December 1683; Benjamin, 26 December 1686; and Daniel, 23 December 1689, died young.  He died 26 November 1692; and the widow died 9 March 1712. 

WILLIAM LEETE, Guilford, signed the plantation covenant of 1 June 1639, was an Assistant of New Hampshire Colony 1643 to 57, Deputy-Governor 1658, Governor 1661 to 63; on the union with Connecticut became an Assistant to 1669, then Deputy-Governor to 1676, when, on death of Governor Winthrop, he was chosen to that office, and so by annual elections till his death at Hartford, 16 April 1683.  He was often a Commissioner of the United Colonies of New England from 1655 to 79.  Of three wives I presume the first wife Ann, who died 1 September 1668, or rather was buried that day, was mother of all the children: John, born about 1639; Andrew; William; Abigail; Caleb, 24 August 1651, died at 21 years; Graciana, 22 December 1653; Peregrine, 12 January 1658, died young; Joshua, died 22 February 1660, probably very young; and Ann, 15 March 1662.  Abigail married 26 October 1671, Reverend John Woodbridge of Killingworth, and Ann married 9 or 19 November 1683, John Trowbridge, and, next, 1696, Ebenezer Collins; and Graciana lived long, infirm in body and mind.  His second wife Sarah married 7 April 1670, had been widow of Henry Rotherford, died 10 February 1674.  Mary, the third wife widow of Reverend Nicholas Street, who outlived him but a few months; had been wife of Governor Francis Newman. 

WILLIAM LEETE, Guilford, youngest surviving son of the preceding, freeman 1671, Representative 1677, died 1 June 1687, leaving widow Mary, who married Stephen Bradley, and died Mary, 11 January 1672, who married 1 August 1691, James Hooker.


JOHN LEETH, Boston, by wife Hannah, had Martha, born 31 August 1654.  It may be the same as Leathe.


MICHAEL LEFFINGWELL, sometimes in old record read MICHAEL LEPPINGWELL, or MICHAEL LAPPlNGWELL, Woburn, had Hannah, born 4 January 1643, died in few weeks; Hannah, again, 6 January 1646; Sarah, 10 March 1647; Thomas, 13 January 1649; Ruth, 2 January 1650; Michael, 8 June 1651, died in a week; Rachel, 4 March 1653; Abigail, 24 May 1655; Esther, 16 May 1657; and Tabitha, 8 May 1660; and he died 22 March 1687.  Genealogical Registrar VII. 284, gives from Boston copy of record different dates. 

THOMAS LEFFINGWELL, sometimes in old record read THOMAS LEPPINGWELL, or THOMAS LAPPlNGWELL, Saybrook 1637, probably on the East side of the River, had Rachel, born 17 March 1648; Thomas, 27 August 1649; Jonathan, 6 December 1650; Joseph, 24 December 1652; Mary, 10 December 1654; and Nathaniel, 11 December 1656; was one of the purchasers of the tract from the Indians 1659, now including Norwich and several other towns, and with the first settlement of Norwich its Representative 1662, and many following years was an active partisan, when he was Lieutenant in Philip's war.

THOMAS LEFFINGWELL, sometimes in old record read THOMAS LEPPINGWELL, or THOMAS LAPPlNGWELL, Woburn, son of Michael Leffingwell, married 11 May 1675, Sarah Knight, who died 16 August 1691, and he married 15 January following Hannah Duntlin.  There was a family of this name at Bristol 1689; but baptized name of the husband is not found.


JOHN LEGAT, or JOHN LEGGETT, Hampton 1640, Exeter 1642, clerk of the writs, kept school in each; at Hampton in 1649; married 1644, Ann, Thomas Wilson's widow.


FRANCIS LEGAREE, Boston 1690, a Huguenot goldsmith, with two sons.


JOHN LEGGE, Salem 1631, servant of John Humfrey, came in the fleet with Winthrop, lived at Marblehead, was freeman 6 May 1635, died 1674.  His will of 16 November 1672, mentioned wife Elizabeth, sons Samuel, John, and Daniel, the last being youngest, and two children of each of the other sons.

JOHN LEGGE, Marblehead, son of the preceding, freeman 1680, had Samuel, who was a mariner of Boston in 1671; and John of Marblehead 1691.


MATTHEW LEGROVE, a soldier, who died in Philip’s war, often called Groe, Grove, or Groves.

NICHOLAS LEGROVE, Salem 1668, by wife Hannah, had Susanna, born 8 May 1673, who married 16 July 1694, Benjamin Patch.


JOHN LEIGH, a soldier in Moseley's Company December 1675, of who I see no more.

JOSEPH LEIGH, Ipswich 1651.  Perhaps it is the same as the name of like sound, Lee.

THOMAS LEIGH, Roxbury, nephew of Captain Thomas Brattle, died 20 July 1694, aged 30.  A family of this name was at Bristol, in 1689, but the baptized name of the husband is unknown to me.


LEIGHTON. See Laighton.


EDWARD LEISTER, or EDWARD LISTER, a youth from London, in the employment of Stephen Hopkins, came in the Mayflower, 1620.  But we know no more of him, except his punishment for fighting a duel with another youth from London, and Bradford, who calls him Litster, 4 Massachusetts History Collection III. 455, says, he went to Virginia and there died.


EBENEZER LELAND, Sherborn, son of Henry Leland, by wife Deborah, had Deborah, born 16 August 1679; Ebenezer, 14 January 1681; Timothy, 22 February 1684 ; James, 22 September 1687; Susanna, 1690 ; Patience, 1695 ; Martha, 8 September 1699; Isaac, 19 April 1702; Sibella, 1708; and Amariah, 11 December 1710; but by a second wife Patience Sabin, were the last five.  His third wife was Mary Hunt.  In October 1742 administration of his estate was given to his son Timothy.

ELEAZER LELAND, Sherborn, younger brother of the preceding, had wife Sarah, married 13 July perhaps of the year  1690, but no children, and died 5 December 1703, though he made his will, in which no name is found but that of the wife 16 October 1691.

HENRY LELAND, Dorchester 1603, son of the first Hopestill Leland, removed to Medfield, had by wife Margaret Badcock, or Babcock, sister of Robert Badcock (who in family tradition he is vainly reckoned to have brought perhaps with her first born, from England 1652), Hopestill, baptized at Dorchester May 1653, died soon; Hopestill, again, 15 November 1655; Experience, 16 May 1656; Ebenezer, 2 or 25 January 1658; and Eleazer, 16 June 1660; with wife Margaret are named the four children in his will of 27 March probated 8 June 1680.  He was of that part of Medfield which became Sherborn.  Experience married it is said, 1672, John Colburn of Dedham.