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A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England

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NATHANIEL DADE, NATHANIEL DAVY, NATHANIEL DADY, or NATHANIEL DAWDY, and even NATHANIEL DANDY, Charlestown, son of William Dade.  He married 17 June 1663, Hannah Miller, daughter of Richard Miller, had no children but Hannah, born 4 April 1664, died very soon; and Nathaniel, baptized 23 July 1665, died next year, and he died some time about the birth of his son.  His widow married 4 October 1667, John Edmonds, and third husband 22 May 1684, Deacon Aaron Ludkin.  She died 13 December 1707.

WILLIAM DADE, WILLIAM DAVY, WILLIAM DADY, or WILLIAM DAWDY, and even WILLIAM DANDY Charlestown 1630, a butcher, came in the fleet with Winthrop probably for his name stands on the list of Boston church, next after John Winthrop junior, who came, however, in 1631.  He was of the 35 earliest members of the church of Charlestown, freeman 1 April 1633.  By wife Dorothy, had Benjamin, baptized 24 March 1635; Nathaniel, 22 January 1637; and Zechary, born 16 May 1644.  He died April 1682, aged 77, leaving estate to wife Dorothy, a William, and daughter Abigail.  Frothingham, 79.

WILLIAM DADE, WILLIAM DAVY, WILLIAM DADY, or WILLIAM DAWDY, and even WILLIAM DANDY, Charlestown, son of the preceding.  He died before his father leaving wife and two children, William, baptized 16 April 1671, and Abigail, 3 November 1672.  Martha, his widow, died 13 January 1709, aged 76.

WILLIAM DADE, WILLIAM DAVY, WILLIAM DADY, or WILLIAM DAWDY, and even WILLIAM DANDY, born at Charlestown, perhaps a great grandson of first William Dade.  He died at Brimfield 1756, in middle age, leaving six children. The name is perpetuated in Hampshire County whence some have removed to New York.


JOHN DAFFORNE, or JOHN DAFFERN, Boston.  By wife Mary, had Mary, born 15, baptized 22 April 1677; John, 3, baptized 5 August 1678; Isaac, 20 November baptized 5 December 1680; and Richard, whose birth is not known but baptized 10 June 1683.  Perhaps he had been driven away from some frontier settlement in the Indians war, and went back.  Yet in the great fire of March 1760, one of the sufferers, as we see in Drake's valuable History of Boston, page 652, was Isaac Dafforne, perhaps grandson of John Dafforne.


RICHARD DAGAN, Scituate 1690.  He had Elizabeth born 1693; and Thomas, 1694.  Deane tells little more.


JOHN DAGGETT, or JOHN DOGGETT, as on record at Watertown, but JOHN DOGHEAD, or JOHN DOGED at Plymouth, Watertown 1630, probably came in the fleet with Winthrop, for on 19 October 1630 he desired administration, and 18 May 1631 was made freeman.  He removed perhaps with Mayhew to the Vineyard, and 1645 to Rehoboth.  He was Representative 1648.  He married at Plymouth, 29 August 1667, probably as second wife widow Bathsheba Pratt, then called himself of Martin's Vineyard. 

JOHN DAGGETT, or JOHN DOGGETT, as on record at Watertown, but JOHN DOGHEAD, or JOHN DOGED at Plymouth, Marshfield, perhaps son perhaps grandson of the preceding.  He married 3 September 1691, Mehitable Truant; but this may have been second wife, and his first, Persis Sprague, daughter of William Sprague of Hingham, who died 1684.

SAMUEL DAGGETT, or SAMUEL DOGGETT, as on record at Watertown, but SAMUEL DOGHEAD, or SAMUEL DOGED at Plymouth, Marshfield, probably brother of the preceding.  He married 24 January 1682, Mary Rogers, who died April 1690.  On 21 January 1691 he married Bathsheba Holmes, daughter probably of John Holmes.  By the first were born Samuel, Mary, and Sarah.  By the second Elizabeth, he had Ebenezer, Bathsheba, John, and Isaac, all baptized 27 September 1702; and afterwards Lydia, Persis, Seth, and Abigail. 

THOMAS DAGGETT, or THOMAS DOGGETT, as on record at Watertown, but THOMAS DOGHEAD, or THOMAS DOGED at Plymouth, Concord.  He came as servant of Thomas Oliver, 1637, aged 30, from Norwich, England.  His wife died 23 August 1642. 

THOMAS DAGGETT, or THOMAS DOGGETT, as on record at Watertown, but THOMAS DOGHEAD, or THOMAS DOGED at Plymouth, Marshfield, or Duxbury, perhaps son of the first John Daggett.  He married 17 August 1654, Joan Chillingworth, or January Chillingworth, daughter of Thomas Chillingworth, had Rebecca, born 1655; but she was his second wife and died 4 September 1684.  By former wife he had John, Samuel, Sarah, and perhaps others, and died 1692.  After removing to Middleborough, was a Captain and Magistrate.  Mather tells of his giving insight into Indians witchcraft.  Magnalia VI. 52. 

THOMAS DAGGETT, or THOMAS DOGGETT, as on record at Watertown, but THOMAS DOGHEAD, or THOMAS DOGED at Plymouth, Bristol.  In February 1680, he had wife and two children. Thirteen of this name had been graduates at Yale 1828; of who Reverend Naphtali Daggett, who died 25 November 1780, was President from 1766 to 1777.


PETER DAILLE, Boston, first minister of the Huguenot or French Protestant Church.  He came about 1686.  He died 20 May 1715, in his 66th year, says the Newsletter of 23rd May, but in the contemporary note of Reverend William Cooper, aged about 70.  He had three wives.  Esther Latonice he married probably in France, who died 14 December 1896; Psyche, died 31 August 1713; and Martha, who survived.  James Bowdoin was executor of his will made 20 April 1715 in which is named his brother Paul Daille' Vaugelade of Amsfort in Holland.  Neal, History of Pur. IV. 250, mentioned a Daille of Paris.  Snow, History of Boston, 201.  3 Massachusetts History Collections II. 52.  Worcester Magazine II. 349.


JOHN DAKIN, JOHN DAKYNGS, or JOHN DAKING, Concord, perhaps son of Thomas Dakin.  By wife Susan, had John, born 20 March 1661, unless there be in the record mistake of name.

THOMAS DAKIN, THOMAS DAKYNGS, or THOMAS DAKING, Concord.  He had Joseph, John, Samuel, and Sarah, this last born 8 October 1659.  Perhaps all were by wife Sarah, who died ten days after the last born.  He married 11 June 1660, widow Susan Stratton, and may have had one of the children under the last named wife.


JOHN DALE, Salem 1682.  By wife Elizabeth, had John, born 2 November 1685; Elizabeth 1 March 1687; Lydia, 24 February 1689; Mary, 7 June 1691; and Samuel, 21 November 1694. 

ROBERT DALE, Woburn.  He married 30 November 1680, Joanna Farrar, daughter of John Farrar, had Martha, born 9 February 1684; Abigail, 29 July 1687; Joanna, 26 July 1690; and Rebecca, 24 January 1698.  He died 9 February 1700.

THOMAS DALE, Salem, though his surname is perhaps Daley.


DALEY, in Essex Institute History Collections II. 44, perhaps was brother of John Dale, above mentioned.  He had Ann, born 16 September 1682; and Mary, 6 July 1685.


GILBERT DALISSON, or GILBERT DALISON, Milford about 1647, as Lambert presumes.  At Boston, we learn by records that he married 24 October 1661, widow Margaret Story.  Perhaps later in life he had wife Mary, and good estate but no children.  He died 1689.  He gave his property after death of wife to John Barton of Salem, and he to pay £10 to Thomas Marshall, yet no relationship is known with either of them.


DALKIN, -----, Medford, the escape of whose wife from drowning is told by Winthrop II. 162.


PHILEMON DALTON, or PHILEMON DOLTON, Watertown, linen-weaver.  He came in the Increase, 1635, aged 45 with wife Hannah, 35; and Samuel, 5 and ½.  He removed to Dedham, probably in 1637, thence to Hampton 1640, and perhaps to Ipswich.  There he died 4 June 1662 by injury from fall of a tree. Shortly before he was freeman 3 March 1636, he had second wife Dorothy, left only three children of who probably one was Philemon of Hampton 1685.  His widow married 25 November 1662, Godfrey Dearborn.

PHILEMON DALTON, or PHILEMON DOLTON, Hampton, son probably of the preceding, but he may have been grandson.  He married 25 September 1690, Abigail Gove, daughter of Edward Gove. 

SAMUEL DALTON, or SAMUEL DOLTON, Hampton, son of the first Philemon Dalton, born in England.  He married 1676, as second or third wife Mehitable Palmer, daughter of Henry Palmer, who survived him, with children, some by former wife, Samuel, Philemon, and Timothy.  He was town clerk 1658, Representative 1662-74, of the Councilors under President Cutt, at first, 1680.  He died 22 August 1681.  His son Timothy died at Boston, 16 years of age, 24 October 1681.  His widow, I think, married 26 November 1683, Reverend Zechariah Symmes of Bradford. 

SAMUEL DALTON, or SAMUEL DOLTON, Hampton, son probably of the preceding, took oath of fidelity 25 April 1678. 

TIMOTHY DALTON, or TIMOTHY DOLTON, Dedham 1637, elder brother of the first Philemon Dalton, bred at St. John's College Cambridge, where he had his A.B. 1613.  He was freeman 7 September 1637; had been in office in England, and in 1639 was called to be teacher in the church at Hampton.  There died without issue 28 December 1661, aged about 84.  He had Timothy, who died probably at full age, before his father.  His widow Ruth died 12 May 1665, aged 88.  The wills of husband and wife established good ministerial funds in Hampton. 

WILLIAM DALTON, or WILLIAM DOLTON, Ipswich, an Irish youth, brought in the Goodfellow, sold by the shipmaster, George Dell, to Samuel Symonds, 10 May 1654, having been sent by command of the English government  after the triumphs of Cromwell in Ireland.


JOHN DAME, JOHN DAMME, or JOHN DAM, Dover 1640, or earlier.  By wife Elizabeth, had John; Elizabeth born 1 May 1649; Mary, 4 September 1651; William, 4 October 1653; Susanna, 14 December 1661; and Judith, born November 1666.  He was freeman 1672 and Deacon.  He died 27 January 1690, in advanced age.  Judith married 6 July 1684, Thomas Tebbets, and died before middle age.

JOHN DAME, JOHN DAMME, or JOHN DAM, Dover, eldest son of the preceding.  He married before 1663, Jane Rowe, daughter of Richard Rowe, for his daughter Abigail was born 5 April 1663.  He married second wife 9 November 1664, Elizabeth Furber, daughter of William Furber, had John, born 11 January 1666, died soon; John, again, 23 February 1668, and Alice, 14 December 1670.  He died 8 January 1706.

NICHOLAS DAME, NICHOLAS DAMME, or NICHOLAS DAM, Dover, perhaps brother or son of the first John Dame.  In February 1690 joined with most of the New Hampshire people in prayer to be joined to Massachusetts.

WILLIAM DAME, WILLIAM DAMME, or WILLIAM DAM, Dover, brother of the preceding.  He married Martha Pomfret, daughter of William Pomfret, had Pomfret, born 4 March 1681; Martha, 29 March 1683; William, 14 November 1686; Samuel, 6 March 1689; Sarah, 21 April 1692; and Leah, 17 February 1695.  Formerly the name was written as sometimes it now is, Dam.


HUMPHREY DAMERILL, Boston, a master mariner, appraised of whose estate to be devised between wife and children.  He died 27 April 1654.  His widow Sarah married 15 September 1654, John Hawkins.

JOHN DAMERILL, Boston 1657, son of the preceding.



JOHN DAMON, JOHN DAMMAN, JOHN DAMAN, or JOHN DAMING, Scituate 1643, came with sister Hannah, minors, under care of William Gilson, their uncle, one of the chief men of the town, as early as 1633, and had his estate.  He married June 1644, Catharine Merritt, daughter of Henry Merritt, had Deborah, born 25 April 1645; John, 3 November 1647; Zechary, 1649, died soon; Mary, July 1651; Daniel, February 1653; Zechary, again, 1654; and his wife died.  He married 1659, Martha Howland, had son Experience, born 1662; Silence, 1663; Ebenezer, 1665; Ichabod, 1668; Margaret, 1670; and Hannah, 1672.  He was Representative 1675, 76, and died 1677.  His widow married Peter Bacon of Taunton. John served in Philip's war.  Ebenezer married a daughter of Bacon, but was weak, and his estate was in his mother's hands, not managed by him, as Deane tells.  Deborah married 1666, Thomas Woodworth.  Experience, and Ichabod, also, had son of same names.

JOHN DAMON, JOHN DAMMAN, JOHN DAMAN, or JOHN DAMING, Reading, freeman 1645.  He had John, who died 14 January 1652, and John, again, born 18 March 1652; daughter Abiah, 26 August 1654; Samuel, 23 June 1656; Joseph, 18 August 1661; probably also, others.  He was a Deacon and died 1708.  Samuel and Thomas, of Reading, freeman 1691, were, perhaps, his sons and may have had families.

JOHN DAMON, JOHN DAMMAN, JOHN DAMAN, or JOHN DAMING, Charlestown, son of the preceding.  By wife Susan, had Susanna, baptized 8 March 1685; and Elizabeth 28 September 1690.  He died at Charlestown 20 January 1692.  His widow died 1729, aged 73.

ZACHARY DAMON, ZACHARY DAMMAN, ZACHARY DAMAN, or ZACHARY DAMING, Scituate, son of John Damon of the same, served in Philip's war.  He married 1679, Martha Woodworth, daughter of Walter Woodworth, had many children whose names Deane knows not; and died 1730.  In the Reading family the number is doubled.


BENJAMIN DANA, Cambridge, son of Richard Dana.  He married 24 May 1688, Mary Buckmaster, had Benjamin, born 28 April 1689, progenitor of a long line; Isaac, 3 October 1697, ancestor of Governor Dana of Maine; Joseph Dana, 21 February 1700, father of Reverend Joseph, Yale College 1760, D.D, the celebrated minister of Ipswich, 62 years; William Dana, 11 October 1703, father of Reverend Samuel Dana, born about 1705, minister of Groton; and Jedediah, 6 October 1705.  He died 13 August 1738.  No daughter is mentioned in the family genealogy.

DANIEL DANA, Cambridge, brother of the preceding.  He married Naomi Crosswell, had Thomas, baptized at Charlestown, 25 March 1694; and other children of who a second Caleb Dana was father of Reverend James Dana, Harvard College 1753, father of Honorable Samuel W. Dana, Yale College 1775, Senator of United States; and third son Richard Dana, born 7 July 1700, Harvard College 1718.  He married 31 January 1737, Lydia Trowbridge (who died at Boston 17 May 1772), was father of Reverend Edmund Dana, Harvard College 1759, who had a curacy at Wroxeter near Shrewsbury in County Salop, in England, died 1823, and Francis Dana, Harvard College 1762, ambassador to Russia, and Chief Justice of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, who died 26 April 1811.  He died 10 October 1749, and his widow Naomi died 24 February 1751, aged 82.  A fourth son was Ebenezer Dana of Pomfret.

JACOB DANA, Cambridge, eldest brother of the preceding that survived infancy.  By wife Patience, had two sons Samuel and Jacob, and five daughters, and died at Cambridge 1699.  He was grandfather of Anderson Dana killed in the massacre at Wyoming, 1779, who was father of Reverend Sylvester Dana, Yale College 1797, and minister of Orford, New Hampshire.

JOSEPH DANA, Concord, brother of the preceding.  He married 1682, Mary Goble, daughter of the second Thomas Goble of Charlestown, had one child who died young, and Joseph Dana, born 22 September 1685, who went to Connecticut and probably had family.

RICHARD DANA, Cambridge.  He married Ann Bullard, had John, born 15 April 1649, died in six months; Hannah, 8 July 1651; Samuel, 13 October 1653, died next month; Jacob, 2 February 1655; Joseph, 21 May 1666; Benjamin, 20 February baptized 8 April 1660; Elizabeth, 27 April 1662; Daniel, 20 March baptized 3 April 1663; died Abiah, died young; Deliverance, 5 March 1667; Sarah, who died 11 January 1670; and Sarah, again, 1 January 1670; twelve in all.  One daughter probably Hannah married Samuel Oldham; one, perhaps Elizabeth, perhaps Deliverance married Daniel Woodward; and Sarah married Samuel Hyde.  The time of his death by a fall in his barn, is given 2 April 1690, but the partition of estate was not before 15 April 1695, which devised to widow and four sons besides Oldham, Woodward, and Hyde is found.  Thirteen of this family had been graduates in 1839 at Harvard and thirteen at other New England Colleges.


JOHN DAND, Boston 1641, clerk in the prothonotary's office (but I hear not where), gave much trouble by joining others in petition for enlargement of privileges 1645.  Winslow describes him as living in another man's house at board hire.  He was not a freeholder.  See our General Court's Declaration in Hutchinson con. 211, one of the most curious papers in that invaluable collection.  We might presume, on his ill-success in Massachusetts, that he went home, but Farmer says he was of Dover 1654.  Winthrop II. 262, 92-5.  The learned author of "Gens Sylvestrina," one of the most agreeable books of genealogy ever printed says, the Dands were "the most considerable family in the sixteenth century at Mansfield in Nottinghamshire."  Yet they were mercers, as he tells.


WILLIAM DANDY, Charlestown, probably called Davy in Frothingham, 181, was in 1680 one of the tythingmen of the town.  See Dady.


DANIEL DANE, Andover, son probably of Reverend Francis Dane.  By wife Deliverance, had Nathaniel, born 26 March 1684.  But he had lived at Concord, was one of the tythingmen there 1680. 

FRANCIS DANE, Andover, son of John Dane of Roxbury, born in England, was of Ipswich 1648, and soon after ordained second minister of Andover.  Was brought by his father 1636, it is said, in the same ship with Nathaniel Rogers, who was half a year on her passage from London to Boston.  By wife Elizabeth Ingalls, daughter of Edmund Ingalls, married before he went to Andover, who died 9 June 1676, were all his children probably born, but we have not their names or dates, with exactness.  Yet two, Nathaniel and Elizabeth were born perhaps before his ordination.  Besides these, he had, also, Albert, and two named Francis, who all died young; Hannah, who married 14 November 1666, William Goodhue; Phebe married 30 May 1671, Joseph Robinson; Abigail married 12 October 1675, Francis Faulkner; and Francis, again.  He married second wife 22 November 1677, Mary Thomas, who died 18 February 1689; and, third wife, Hannah Abbot, daughter of George Abbot, who survived to June 1711.  He died 17 February 1697, aged 82.  He was in danger from the cruel infatuation of 1692, when others of high rank fled from the suspicion of witchcraft, and of his humbler neighbors sheep of his fold, innocent of the nonsense as himself not a few suffered.  Hutchinson Il. 38.

FRANCIS DANE, Andover, son of the preceding.  He married 16 November 1681, Hannah Poor, freeman 1691.  He died 1738, aged 81, leaving Francis, John, Joseph, and Daniel.

JOHN DANE, Roxbury, from County Essex, England.  He came 1636, bringing children of a wife Francis, Elizabeth and John.  He was perhaps the freeman of 2 June 1641.  He married 2 July 1643, Ann Chandler, or Hannah Chandler, or Annis Chandler, daughter of William Chandler.  He died says town record, buried says the church record, 14 September 1658.  His will, of a week preceding probated 16 October 1658, names only those children of which he calls Elizabeth Howe, perhaps wife of the second Abraham of Roxbury.  Perhaps he had removed a short time to Ipswich, and came back to Roxbury.  His widow had third husband John Parmenter of Sudbury, and she died 15 March 1683.

JOHN DANE, Ipswich, son of the preceding, born in England at Colchester 1613.  He perhaps came to Roxbury 1636, with his father.  He was freeman 2 June 1641, unless that name in the record of the Colony applies to his father and he be freeman of 1682.  He was a surgeon,.  He died 29th September 1684, leaving good estate for that day.  He had Mary born 1639, who married 24 August 1658, William Chandler of Andover, who was son of her grandfather's second wife.  His will names wife, two sons John and Philemon, daughters Elizabeth and Sarah, grandchildren Mary Chandler and Daniel Hovey.  In the close investigation of recent days it is found that Elizabeth married Reginald Foster; Sarah married 23 September 1668, Daniel Warner; and a daughter Rebecca married James Hovey, who perhaps was the man killed by the Indians at Brookfield, 2 August 1675.  The deficiency of Ipswich records leaves all else unknown but he was ancestor of Honorable Nathan Dane, Harvard College 1778, L.L., of Beverly, distinguished in jurisprudence, and of Honorable Joseph Dane, Harvard College 1799, of Maine.

NATHANIEL DANE, Andover, son of Reverend Francis Dane.  He married 12 December 1672, Deliverance Hazeltine, daughter of Robert Hazeltine, had Nathaniel, died 16 October 1674; and Francis, died 3 November 1679; probably others.  He died 1725, aged 80.  His wife was imprisoned on charge of witchcraft 1692; and when innocence would not avail, saved her life by false confession of guilt.  On either plea, guilty or not, the father of lies was sure to triumph. 

PHILEMON DANE, Ipswich, son of second John Dane, freeman 1674, was a physician.  He married 7 October 1685, Mary Thompson.  On 25 December 1690, took second wife Ruth Converse, daughter of James Converse of Woburn.  He died 18 October 1716.  Of his children Mary; Philemon, born 1693, died next year; Philemon, again and Edward, twins 17 July 1695; and Ruth, 24 August 1698.  No doubt of the mother can be felt, unless the first may have been by former wife.

THOMAS DANE, Concord, had, I suppose.  By wife Elizabeth, had a daughter born 24 February 1643, and certainly by her had Hannah, 18 March 1645, if this be the real name of him printed.  Dann in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 347, with who conf. G. R. IV. 271.

WILLIAM DANE, Woburn.  He had Martha, born 17 August 1671; William, 5 July 1673; Samuel, 26 July 1675; John, 25 June 1677; Sarah, in 1687.  All by wife Martha.  Great difficulty occurs in turning over records by frequent substitution of Dean, or Deane, or Daine, for Dane, and the reverse.


JOHN DANFORTH, Dorchester, son of the first Reverend Samuel Danforth, ordained 28 June 1682, seventh minister of that church.  He married 21 November 1682, Elizabeth Minot (but in Genealogical Registrar VII. 58, called Hetty Minot), daughter of James Minot, who died 6 June 1722.  He died 26 May 1730.  His age has been overstated by 8 years in Dr. Harris and others.  He had Elijah Danforth, born 1683, Harvard College 1703, died 8 October 1736; John, 26 January 1689, died 2 March 1729; and (besides Mehitable, whose grave stone tells, that she died 1 May 1727, in 27th year), Samuel Danforth, Harvard College 1715, Judge of Probate, counselor and mandamus counselor whose wife Elizabeth Symmes died 13 January 1775, aged 67, and he died 27 October 1777, aged 81.  This Samuel was father of Samuel Danforth, the distinguished physician, Harvard College 1758, who died 16 November 1827, aged 86; and of Thomas Danforth, Harvard College 1762, who at the revolution adhered to the crown, and died at London April 1820.  See the fine note by William T. Harris in Genealogical Registrar VII. 315. 

JONATHAN DANFORTH, Billerica, youngest son of Nicholas Danforth, born probably at Framlingham, County Suffolk, came 1634 with his father.  He married 22 November 1655, Elizabeth Poulter, daughter of John Poulter of Billerica, deceased, had eleven children; Mary, born 29 January 1657; Elizabeth, 27 May 1658; Jonathan; John, who died 7 February 1661; a daughter whose name is not certain, 23 January 1661; Thomas, 29 April 1670, died at 3 months; Nicholas, 1 July 1671; and another John, 22 February 1662, however, being the only ones known by me; except Ann, who married 22 January 1690, Oliver Whiting.  Of six sons only two, Jonathan, born 1659, freeman 1690, and Samuel, 1666, left issue.  He was, perhaps, freeman 1652, the first Captain of Billerica, Representative 1684, distinguished as surveyor of land, and town clerk 20 years.  He died 7 September 1712, leaving widow, his second wife.

JONATHAN DANFORTH, Billerica, son of the preceding.  He married 27 June 1682, Rebecca Parker of Billerica, had Rebecca, born 30 June 1683; Thomas, 17 March 1685; and Jonathan, 22 March 1688.  Perhaps the father died that year.  But in the Diary of Noadiah Russell, Genealogical Registrar VII. 57, it is told that he died 13 November 1682.  Yet this may easily be reconciled by supposing Russell Danforth to mean the son of Thomas, not of Jonathan; though Bond mistook him for the latter.

NICHOLAS DANFORTH, Cambridge, from Framlingham, County Suffolk, came 1631, freeman 3 March 1636, Representative 1636 and 37.  He died April 1638, leaving Thomas, who was born 1622; Samuel Danforth, September 1626, Harvard College 1643; Jonathan, 29 February 1628; Ann, probably 1620, wife of Matthew Bridge; Lydia, wife of William Beaman; and the eldest, Elizabeth 1618, wife of Andrew Belcher, grandmother of Governor Jonathan.  His wife Elizabeth died 1629 in England.

SAMUEL DANFORTH, Roxbury, son of the preceding, born in England, came with his father, was freeman 1647, and again his name is given 1648, ordained as colleague with Reverend John Eliot, 24 September 1650.  He married 5 November 1651, Mary Wilson, youngest child of Reverend John Wilson of Boston, had Samuel, born 14 January 1653 "at nine o'clock at night," baptized at Boston two days after by his grandfather, died at 6 months; Mary, 24, baptized 28 May 1654, died at 5 and 1/2 years; Elizabeth, baptized 13 July though her birth was given in Genealogical Registrar 1656, died at 3 and 1/2 years; Sarah, 30 October baptized 7 November 1658, died at 1 year; these three in ten days; John Danforth, 8, baptized 11 November 1660, Harvard College 1677; Mary, again, 13, baptized 15 March 1663; Elizabeth again, 9 February 1665, died at 7 and 1/2 years; Samuel Danforth, again, born 10, baptized 16, but born 18 December 1666, according to Genealogical Registrar VII.321, Harvard College 1683; Sarah, again, 21, baptized 27 February 1670; Thomas, 3 April 1672, died in ten days; and Elizabeth again, 16 October 1673, died in few days.  The father died 19 November 1674, in his 49th year and was buried on Monday following.   Ellis in History of Roxbury, page 96, notes the death as 1674, and the children as twelve, in both points following Farmer, and wisely repudiating the town record that makes it 1673.  In both, he is following Genealogical Registrar VII. 317 by a writer of scrupulous accuracy which, however, miscounted his years.  Farmer, Ellis, and Harris must, I presume, include a posthumous child as in the will anticipated; and yet none of them give the name.  His will, probated 24  December 1674, was made, say the witnesses, "The day immediately preceding his death" but we must go behind them to know the month or year.  His widow married Ruck, says Farmer, in Memoirs of Harvard Graduates page 32; but in his MS notes upon his General Registrar, he spells the name Rocke.

SAMUEL DANFORTH, Taunton, son of the preceding, ordained 1687.  He married Hannah Allen, daughter of Reverend James Allen of Boston, had Elizabeth, born 29 July 1689; Mary and Samuel, twins 1 June 1691, both died soon; James, 11, baptized 13 November 1692; Sarah, 18, baptized 25 November 1694;  Samuel, 4, baptized 10 January 1697; Mary, again, 5, baptized 11 December 1698; Hannah, 2, baptized 8 December 1700; Thomas, 22, baptized 23 May 1703; John, 21, baptized 25 February 1705, died next year; Martha, 2 September 1707, died soon; Bethia, 16 August 1709; Rachel, 8 July 1711; and Nathaniel, 31 May 1714.  He died 14 November 1727.  Ten children outlived him, and his widow died 3 December 1761. 

THOMAS DANFORTH, Cambridge, eldest son of Nicholas Danforth, born in England, came with his father, freeman 10 May 1643, Representative 1657 and 58; Assistant 1659-78, Deputy Governor 1679-86, and again after the close of Andros's usurpation.  He was appointed President 1680, for Maine, and in 1692, Judge of Supreme Court for the horrible proceedings against witches.  His wife died 26 March 1697; and he died 5 November 1699.  He married 23 February 1644, Mary Withington, daughter of Henry Withington of Dorchester, had Sarah, born 16 April 1645, died at six months; Sarah, again, or, as another record reads, Mary, 11 November 1646; Mary, 20 April 1649, died soon; Mary, again, 28 July 1650; Samuel Danforth, 5 October 1652, Harvard College 1671, a good scholar who died at London of smallpox, 22 December 1676; Thomas, 16 December 1654; Jonathan, 27 February 1657, died in few weeks; Jonathan Danforth, again, 10, baptized 13 February 1659, Harvard College 1679, died 13 November 1682; Joseph, 18, baptized 22 September 1661, died at 2 years; Benjamin, 20, baptized 24 May 1663, died at 3 months; Elizabeth, 17, baptized 29 January 1665; and Bethia, baptized 16 June 1667, died next year.  Posterity is known only in the female line.  His daughter Mary became 2nd wife of Thomas Brown of Sudbury, after mid life, but in youth had married Solomon Phipps junior of Charlestown, who died soon; and Elizabeth married 3 October 1682, Francis Foxcroft. 

WILLIAM DANFORTH, Newbury 1667, born only 14 years before at London; perhaps was soldier in December 1675, of Johnson's company.  By first wife who died 18 October 1678, had no children.  By second wife Sarah Thurlo, had William; Mary; Richard, born 31 January 1680; John, 8 December 1681, died 1 October 1772; Jonathan, 18 May 1685; Thomas, 11 September 1688; Francis, 15 March 1691; and Joseph, 12 May 1694.  Descendants, says Farmer, are in New Hampshire and some of them spell their name Danford.  Eleven graduates at Harvard are all male line descendants of Nicholas Danforth.



JAMES DANIEL, or JAMES DANIELS, Exeter, took oath of allegiance 30 November 1677.

JOSEPH DANIEL, or JOSEPH DANIELS, Falmouth 1680.  Willis, I. 217.  Perhaps he had been of Medfield 1649-78. 

JOHN DANIEL, or JOHN DANIELS, New London 1663.  He married 19 January 1665, Mary Chappel, daughter of George Chappel, had John, born 19. January 1666; Mary, 12 October 1667; Thomas, 30 December 1669; Christian, 3 March 1671; Hannah, 20 April 1674; Rachel, 27 February 1676; Sarah, 10 February 1679; Jonathan, 15 October 1682; and Clement, whose date is not given.  He died 1709 or 1710. 

JOHN DANIEL, or JOHN DANIELS, New London, son of the preceding.  He married 3 December 1685, Agnes Beebe.  He died 14 January 1756, wanting, therefore, but 15 days of 90 years.

RICHARD DANIEL, or RICHARD DANIELS, Billerica 1675, lived also at Andover, and is spoken of by Gookin in his account of the Indians

ROBERT DANIEL, or ROBERT DANIELS, Watertown, removed 1651 to Cambridge, freeman 14 March 1639.  He had Robert, born at Cambridge 1 December 1641.  His wife Elizabeth died 2 October 1643, and he died at Cambridge 6 July 1655.  His will of 3 July 1655 names wife of uncertain letters, like Reana Andrews, who he married only 2 May 1654, and five children, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Fanning; Samuel; and minors Joseph, Sarah, and Mary, the last of whom was born 2 September 1642.  His widow married Edmund Frost, as his third wife

ROBERT DANIEL, or ROBERT DANIELS, Sudbury.  He died there 1662.  He may have been son of the preceding. 

SAMUEL DANIEL, or SAMUEL DANIELS, Watertown 1652, then took oath of fidelity, was son of the first Robert Daniel, born in England, and soon after the death of his father, sold out his estate and removed.  He was perhaps father of Samuel Daniel of Watertown who married 10 May 1671, Mary Grant, and had Robert, born 23 April 1672; Samuel, 1 April 1674, died next year; and Joseph, 3 February 1677.

STEPHEN DANIEL, or STEPHEN DANIELS, Saybrook, perhaps, 1650; removed to New Haven.  He married Anna Gregson, or Hannah Gregson, daughter of Thomas Gregson, had Joanna, born 1 September 1652; Elizabeth, 1 October 1655; Rebecca, 30 January baptized 28 February 1658.  He perhaps removed but the family did not, for Joanna married there 7 December 1671, John Glover; Elizabeth married 9 May 1682, John Winston; and Rebecca married the same day, John Thompson; and Grigson's widow gave, 1692, some property to her daughter Anna Daniel.

STEPHEN DANIEL, or STEPHEN DANIELS, at Salem 1668.  To a petition against imposts signed his name, and no more is known of him.  By the History Collections of Essex Institute II. 43, wherein we learn that he married 26 July 1666, Mary Prince, had Stephen, born 6 December 1667, died under 20 years; John, 12 April 1669; Mary, 13 July 1670.  His wife died October 1679.  He married 3 December 1680, Susanna Hyde, had Susanna, 28 August 1686. 

THOMAS DANIEL, or THOMAS DANIELS, Cambridge, possibly son of Robert Daniel.  He died or was buried 6 November 1644.

THOMAS DANIEL, or THOMAS DANIELS, Kittery 1652, removed to Portsmouth.  He married Bridget Cutt, daughter of Richard Cutt.  He was a Captain and of the first council 1680, under President John Cutt, 11 December 1684, Thomas Graffort. 


WILLIAM DANIEL, or WILLIAM DANIELS, Dorchester, freeman  1648.  He married Catharine Grinoway, daughter of John Grinoway.  A daughter married John Kingsley, and died 1671.  Another daughter Hannah married 11 February 1673, Benjamin Babcock.  His will of 2 July 1678, mentioned wife, sons John and Samuel, and daughter Hannah.  Alice Daniels had, says Felt, grant of land 1637, at Salem.  Distinction of family with, or without final s is probably to be universally observed.


ROBERT DANTS, or ROBERT DANKS, Northampton 1671.  He married Elizabeth Webb, daughter of John Webb, had Mehitable; Robert, who died 1675; Elizabeth born 1677; Robert, 1680; and Mercy, 1682. Elizabeth, mother or daughter died December 1691.  He died about 24 February 1692.  The name was long, kept up, but is now extinct at Northampton yet whence he came is unknown.  A Robert Dants, perhaps his father, was freeman 10 May 1643, of course belonged to some Eastern town of the Colony.


THOMAS DARKE, Weymouth, of early, but not known date.


DENNIS DARLEY, Braintree, an early settler says Farmer.

EDWARD DARLEY, Boston.  He married 25 January 1660, Susanna Hooke.


GEORGE DARLING, Lynn 1650-70.  He had Joseph, born March 1667; was of Marblehead 1674; Lewis; and Dana, son. 

JOHN DARLING, Braintree 1660-90, many years was of Salem, may have been brother of George Darling.  He had wife Catharine. 

JOHN DARLING, Fairfield.  He married Elizabeth Beers, daughter of James Beers the first. 

THOMAS DARLING, Salem, only son of John Darling, it is said.  With wife Joanna of Salem 1690; had Mary, born 16 March 1691; and Margaret, 4 June 1695; Barry.  Thirteen of this name had been graduates at the New England Colleges in 1828.


JOHN DARMAN, Braintree.  He had John, born 1644, died young; Joseph, 1645; and John, again, 1653.


JOHN DARRELL, came in the Mary Ann from Great Yarmouth 1637, desiring to go to Salem; but no more is known.


GEORGE DARROW, or GEORGE DARRAH, New London 1676.  By wife Mary, had Mary, baptized December 1678; George, October 1680; Nicholas, May 1683; Jane, April 1692, besides Richard.  He was a Sergeant, and died about 1704.


AMBROSE DART, Boston.  He married 24 June 1653, Ann Addis, daughter of William Addis of Gloucester, had William, born 1 January 1655.

DANIEL DART, New London, eldest son of Richard Dart.  He married 4 August 1686, Elizabeth Douglas, eldest daughter of William Douglas second, had Thomas, born 8 July 1687; Elizabeth 14 October 1689; Daniel, 31 August 1691; John, 2 December 1693; Maria, 13 November 1695; Ebenezer, 16 May 1698; Abiah, 2 December 1701; Lydia, 4 November 1703; Samuel, 12 December 1705; Jabez, 12 March 1708; and Ruth, 26 August 1711.  He after removed to Bolton.

EBENEZER DART, New London, brother of the preceding.  By wife Mary, had John, born 11 October 1707; Bethia, 12 December 1709; and Mary, 19 August 1711. 

RICHARD DART, New London 1664.  By wife Bethia, had Dinah, born 13 January 1665; Daniel, 3 May 1666; Richard, 7 May 1667; Roger, 22 November 1670; Ebenezer, 18 February 1673; Ann, 14 February 1675; Bethia, 30 July 1677; Elizabeth, 1 December 1679; Sarah, 10 June 1681; and Mary, 1685.  He took second wife Mary Wadley, daughter of William Wadley of Saybrook.  For another wife he took, 3 December 1680, Susanna, widow probably of Isaac Hyde.  He died 24 September 1724, aged 89.  Ann married August 1699, John Morgan.

RICHARD DART, New London, and son of the preceding.  He married 22 June 1699, Elizabeth Strickland, perhaps daughter of Peter Strickland, had only child named on record Peter, born 9 April 1709. 

ROGER DART, New London.  He married 24 July 1717, Prudence Beckwith, had Lucy, born 10 May 1722; Ann, 31 May 1724; Roger, 14 July 1726; Richard, 20 December 1728; William, 12 December 1730; Prudence, 5 December 1732; Hannah, 25 July 1735; Margaret, 1 March 1737; and Solomon, 10 April 1739.


ROBERT DARVALL, ROBERT DARVILL, or ROBERT DARVELL, Sudbury, an original proprietor.  He died 26 February 1662; had Elizabeth.  By wife Esther, had Mary, born 10 May 1642; and Dorothy, named in the will of their grandfather of 16 January 1662, in which he gave the mother 5 and 1/2 acres of land at Norchurch in County Herts "commonly called Harrot's end."  Elizabeth, his daughter perhaps by a former wife married at Sudbury 30 November 1654, the second Peter Noyes.  He also names daughter Mary Darvall who married that year Joseph Noyes, nephew of Peter Noyes.



JOHN DASSETT, Braintree, one of the founders of the church 17 September 1639, freeman 13 May 1640.  He had Joseph, born and died December 1642, who may have been his youngest child for his division of lands 24 February 1640, was for seven heads.  His name in Genealogical Registrar IX. 142, is distorted to Deffet.  He died 1677, his will of March 1677 was probated 27 April 1677.  It gave all to his son John.  Mary, his daughter perhaps, born in England, married John Biggs, and 2nd Captain John Minot. 

JOHN DASSETT, Braintree, perhaps son of the preceding.  He married 15 September 1662, Hannah Flynt, daughter of Thomas Flynt of Concord, as one report is, though I think a better is, 15 November as the town record to Ann Flynt, daughter of Reverend Henry Flynt, had John, born 2 May 1664; I suppose, Joseph Dassett, next, 14 October 1666, Harvard College 1687, who died much lamenting says Sewall, and was buried 23 July 1693; Mary, 27 September 1670; and Sarah, 1 December 1673.  His father had removed to Boston shortly before his death, and this son, a cordwainer of good estate, was probably the freeman of 1657.  He died 1699.  Administration was given 14 September to widow Martha and son John.  His widow perhaps married Timothy Dwight.


CHARLES DAVENPORT, Dorchester, son of Thomas Davenport.  By wife Waitstill, had Eunice, born 20 June 1679; Sarah, 10 July 1681 ; Paul, 30 January 1684; Thomas, 13 January 1688, died at 2 months; Waitstill, 18 July 1689; Abigail, 10 March 1693; Thomas, again, 22 August 1695; Charles, 15 February 1701; and Mary, 14 March 1704.  He was freeman 1690, often selectman, and died 1 February 1720.  His widow died 9 August 1747, aged 88. 

EBENEZER DAVENPORT, Dorchester, brother of the preceding.  He married Dorcas Andrews, daughter of James Andrews of Falmouth, had Mary, born at Boston 15 July 1683, removed to Falmouth, had Tabitha, born there 3 May 1688; but driven thence by the Indians 1690.  He came again to Dorchester, and had Esther, 11 February 1691; James, 1 March 1693; Zeruiah, 14 February 1696; Hepzibah, 11 April 1697; Thankful, 8 March 1700; Elisha, 26 September 1703; and Ebenezer, 23 October 1706.  His wife died 24 November 1723, and he died 19 or 29 July 1738, as grave stone tells.  But he had married 26 May 1724, Sarah Bartlett, and had a third wife Patience, who parted from him 3 years before he made his will, 26 January 1730, and in this document he cuts her off. 

ELEAZER DAVENPORT, Boston, mariner, son of Captain Richard Davenport.  He married Rebecca Addington, daughter of Isaac Addington, had Addington Davenport, born 3 August 1670, Harvard College 1689, who was a minister of eminence, and Judge of the Supreme Court; Eleazer, 13 April 1674; Rebecca, 7 August 1676; and Nathaniel, 20 June 1678.  He died at sea, 8 October 1678 on voyage to St. Kitts, where the vessel was afterwards wrecked. 

FRANCIS DAVENPORT, Boston 1675, mariner.  He married Ann Snelling, daughter of Dr. William Snelling.

HUMPHREY DAVENPORT, Dorchester, came from Barbados.  He married Rachel Holmes, daughter of Thomas Holmes, had Richard; removed to Hartford, there had William.  In 1667 his wife was convicted of playing cards. They removed to New York, where greater laxity might be indulged in.

JOHN DAVENPORT, New Haven, first minister there, son of John Davenport, says Wood's Athenae Oxon. not, as the fondness of Mather states, Mayor of Coventry, in idle attempt to magnify a great man.  He was born 1597, bred at Oxford, but not administered as Mather has it, of Brazen Nose, 1611, entered 1613, at Merton College, thence after two years removed to Magdalen Hall, where he procured D.D. 1625 was preacher at St. Stephens, Coleman Street, London, perhaps not quite so early as the Magnalia imports.  Being in 1633 complained of for nonconformity, went to Amsterdam, thence came to New England 1637, with Governor Eaton, arrived at Boston 26 June, and next year with him settled New Haven.  Mr. Haven, the accomplished editor of Archaeologia Americana, Volume III. in preliminaries removed cxxxvi. corrects that looselessness of the Magnalia as to the Mayor of Coventry; yet falls into slight error as to the coming of this famous divine.  On page lxxxv he says: "When the times grew favorable for the Puritans he returned to England" from his refuge in Holland; but more exact expression should be, in my judgment thus: "As the times grew not favorable for the Puritans, he returned no more to England" except to embark privately, perhaps without landing, for he dared not appear in London.  After near 30 years of great influence in the Colony of his own plantation removed to Boston.  Freeman 1669, having with very injurious controversy been installed as successor of Wilson, 9 December 1668, at the First Church causing foundation of Third Church in Boston, gathered 12 May 1669 at Charlestown, and violent heats in the commonwealth for many years.  The great body of the clergymen favored the new church as did a major part of the Assistants of six opponents, three, including Governor Bellingham, being of the old church.  He was at New Haven, eager in defense of Goffe and Whalley, the regicides in 1661, and perhaps much aided in their escape. Yet a most curious, if not characteristic letter from him furnishes no small light to the history of his acting given by Dr. Stiles, as it tends to exculpate, or inculpate, him, according to the eyes with which it is read, in 3 Massachusetts History Collections VIII. 327.  With his name is frequently associated that of a cousin possibly a brother Christopher Davenport, born 1598, a Catholic priest of great learning not a Jesuit, under the name of Santa Clara, who died 31 May 1680. Mather, III. 52, denies that he was a brother" as a certain Woodden Historian, in his Athenae Oxon. has reported".  By this merciless punishment of honest Anthony, the immortal author of the Magnalia fully proves how much better qualified, he was for executioner than judge.  We know no children but John Davenport, called only son though he certainly had younger born Joseph Davenport, who died probably before his father, and perhaps had daughters before or after coming to New England.  He died 15 March 1670.  Elizabeth, perhaps his widow, died 15 September 1676, aged 73, if the grave stone be correct.  In the present age a descendant of the venerable father of New Haven, a Benedict Davenport, Esq. called himself of the twenty-fourth generation has confidently carried the line of his family back to Orme de Davenport, 1086, or the 20th of the Conqueror.  Such labors are seldom reverenced in our country.

JOHN DAVENPORT, New Haven 1657, son of the Reverend John Davenport, merchant, born in England or Holland, but which is uncertain, was brought by Mr. Fenwick in 1639, in one of the only two ships that ever came to New Hampshire from England.  He married 27 November 1663, Abigail Pierson, daughter of Reverend Abraham Pierson of Branford, had John, born 7, baptized 11 June 1665, died in few weeks; Elizabeth, 7 October baptized 18 November (not as church record says, 19) 1666, who married December 1700, Warham Mather; John Davenport, again, baptized 28 February 1669, Harvard College 1687; Abraham, born March 1671; Abigail, 15 September 1672, married 27 October 1691, Reverend James Pierpont of New Haven, and died within four months; and Mary, 17 September 1676, who married 22 May 1694, Nathaniel Wood.  He had removed to Boston at the same time with his father.  He was freeman 1669, and about 1687, at New Haven, where his inventory is of 27 June in that year.  Yet in the Pedigree, Genealogical Registrar IX. 147, it is said he died 1676.

JOHN DAVENPORT, Boston, son of Captain Richard Davenport.  He married 1 November 1667, Bridget Watkins, had Richard, born 13 November 1670; John, 13 June 1672; and perhaps more. 

JOHN DAVENPORT, Stamford, son of second John Davenport, ordained 1694.  He died 5 February 1731.  He had, by two wives (of which the first married 18 April 1695, was Martha Gold, widow of John Sellick, daughter of Major Nathan Gold, who died 1 December 1712) nine children of whom John, born 21 January 1698, Deotate, 23 October 1706, by the first; and James Davenport, Yale College 1732, and Abraham Davenport, Yale College 1732.  By the second they have many descendants in Connecticut.

JOHN DAVENPORT, Dorchester, son of Thomas Davenport.  By wife Naomi, had John, born 10 June 1695; Ephraim, 1698; Samuel, 1700; Joseph, 30 August 1701; Stephen, 8 October 1703; Mehitable, 30 August 1705; and Benjamin, 12 August 1707.  He died 21 March 1725.

JONATHAN DAVENPORT, Dorchester, brother of the preceding.  By wife Hannah married 1 December 1680, had Thomas, born 10 December 1681; Jonathan, 3 November 1684; Hannah, 23 December 1686; Simon, 27 December 1688; Ebenezer, 2 September 1691; John, 12 January 1694; Joseph, 25 March 1696; Benjamin, 6 October 1698; and Sarah, 10 December 1700.   All, except the first, were born at Little Compton. 

NATHANIEL DAVENPORT, Boston, brother of Richard Davenport.  He married Elizabeth Thacher, daughter of Reverend Thomas Thacher.  He was freeman 1673, a brave Captain in Philip's war.  He was killed 19 December 1675, with four of his company and many others in the Narraganset fight.  Hutchinson I. 299.  His widow married 1677, Samuel Davis, master of the ship Gabriel.

RICHARD DAVENPORT, Salem, came with Captain Endicot in the Abigail, September 1628, from Weymouth, in County Dorset, a few miles from Dorchester, near where probably he was born about 1606.  He was freeman 3 September 1634, Ensign next month when his friend Endicot cut out the red cross in the national banner, in admiration of which rashness he gave a daughter born that year her name, Truecross.  He was Lieutenant, with a happier spirit when he was, 1636, wounded in the Pequot expedition.  He was Representative 1637, and that year directed to receive the arms from Wheelwright's friends; artillery company 1639.  He removed 1642, to Boston, and was appointed Captain of the castle, where he was killed by lightning, 15 July 1665.  His wife was Elizabeth and children Nathaniel; Truecross, born 1634, or more probably 1635; Experience, baptized 27 August 1637; and John, 19 September 1641, all at Salem, but the records of the church being for the earliest years lost, the baptism of the oldest child is not known.  At Boston he had Samuel, baptized 28 June 1646; Sarah, 30 September 1649; Elizabeth, 13 September 1652; and William, born 11 May 1656, baptized 7 days old.  His widow died 24 June 1678.  Truecross married 10 November 1654, Stephen Minot; and Elizabeth married Asaph Eliot.  William was a Sergeant in Phips's Quebec expedition but whether he was married is unknown, and he died soon after reaching home.  Prince, Ann. I. 174.  Johnson, W. W. P.

THOMAS DAVENPORT, Dorchester 1640, freeman 18 May 1642, perhaps living 1660 at Cambridge.  He died 9 November 1685, leaving wife Mary, who died 4 October 1691.  He had Sarah, born 28 December 1643; Thomas, who was killed in Philip's war 19 December 1675, in Johnson's company; Mary, baptized 21 January 1649; Charles; Mehitable, born 14 February 1657; Jonathan, 6 March 1659; Ebenezer, 26 April 1661; and John, baptized 20 November 1664.  Mary married Samuel Maxfield.  Often in early records inexperienced readers will be misled by finding this name as Danfort, or Damport.

WILLIAM DAVENPORT Hartford, son of Humphrey Davenport, left by his father to care of Captain Thomas Watts, was a carpenter.  He had wife Elizabeth who died about 19 February 1697, aged 27.  Five of this name had been graduates 1834 at Harvard, and eight at the other New England Colleges.


JOHN DAVID, Boston, known to me only as witness to the will of Major Holmes, November 1649.


SAMUEL DAVIDS, Boston, heard of only in May 1663, as appraiser on estate of Robert Lincoln.

EDMUND DAVIE, Harvard College 1674, of whom we know nothing, but what the collection catalogue of 1698 tells, that he had taken his married daughter at Padua, and was then dead.  Unsatisfactory conjecture may suppose that he was younger brother of Humphrey Davie.

GEORGE DAVIE, Sheepscot, near Wiscasset, as early as 1653, wounded by Indians 1676.  Sullivan, 148, 293. 

HUMPHREY DAVIE, Boston, merchant son of Sir John Davie, who had been created a baronet 9 September 1641, came from London 1662, possibly to encourage Reverend James Allen, freeman 1665, artillery company 1665, Representative for Billerica, because he had estate there 1665-69, for Woburn 1678, probably on equal reason, an Assistant 1679-86.  He married as second or third wife Sarah Richards, daughter of James Richards of Hartford, who had left large estate that caused his removal thither; had by her, Humphrey and William.  He died 18 February 1689.  By former wife he had John Davie, Harvard College 1681, but whether she came with him from London, I find not.  His widow married Honorable Jonathan Tyng. 

HUMPHREY DAVIE, Hartford, son of the preceding.  He died 1718.  Hinman, 128, confused father and son but on page 206 corrected himself in part; yet in the Richards connection 228, again mistakes both father and son as well as mother and daughter.

JOHN DAVIE, Boston, freeman 25 May 1636, a supporter of Wheelwright and Mrs. Hutchinson, punished therefore.  Winthrop I. 248.  I presume he is the man administered of the church in January before, but the Elder wrote the name Davisse, and called him joiner.  Most of the names Davie or Davy, Davies, or Davis are convertible.  He may have gone to Duxbury where one of these names sold estate 1650.

JOHN DAVIE, Boston, eldest son of Humphrey Davie.  He married Elizabeth Richards, daughter of James Richards of Hartford.  He removed to New London, where Reverend Gurdon Saltonstall, who married her sister Jerusha Richards, baptized his children Mary, 4 February 1694; Sarah, 30 November 1695; John, 8 September 1700; and Humphrey, 31 May 1702.  Besides these he had one son and one daughter, but whether earlier, later, or one were intermediate was not known to me.  By most careful scrutiny of records at New London performed by Miss Caulkins; yet happily Davie became town clerk of Groton, when it was incorporated 1704, and in his own writing is this list of his children: Mary, born 30 June 1693; Sarah, 21 October 1695; Elizabeth, 17 March 1698; John, 27 July 1700; Humphrey, 12 April 1702; and William, 22 March 1706.  His residence had been in that part of New London, for he says, "all born in the town now called Groton."  He owned a house with 2 and 1/2 acres on Beacon hill in Boston, and part of a powder-mill at Dorchester.  He was collector of taxes 1694, selectman 1696, and was styled yeoman 1699.  In 1704 he was active in promoting incorporation of East part of New London, as Groton.  He lived there.  When he became heir to the estate and succeeded to the title of his grandfather Sir John Davie, he left his concerns to the management of his brother-in-law, then became Governor of Connecticut who describes himself "Attorney to Sir John Davie of Creedy, County Devon, within the kingdom of England, Baronet."  Hinman, 228, says his wife Elizabeth was in 1709, wife of Jonathan Taylor; but some doubt is felt about this.

SAMUEL DAVIE, Boston 1668.  A widow Mary Davie of Charlestown had there baptized William, aged 13, on 11 August 1689.   


ANDREW DAVIS, or ANDREW DAVIES, New London, perhaps son of John Davis of that town.  He married before 1684, Mary Bayley, daughter of Thomas Bayley, and left descendants.

ANTHONY DAVIS, or ANTHONY DAVIES, Boston.  He died June 1674, leaving wife Elizabeth

BARNABY DAVIS, or BARNABY DAVIES, Charlestown 1636, or after, came in the Blessing, 1635, aged 36.  He died 27 November 1685, aged about 86.  Frothingham, 152, has his name 1668 at division of wood and commons on Mistick side; and page 183, has Barnaby junior, probably his son born about 1638, in the list of householders 1678.  Other children were Nathaniel, Hopewell, James, Samuel, and Patience, who married William Ridland.

BENJAMIN DAVIS, or BENJAMIN DAVIES, Boston 1670, son of William Davis, merchant, a Major, and of artillery company 1673.  He married Sarah Richards, daughter of James Richards of Hartford.  He was freeman 1690.  He was one of the founders of Brattle Street Church.  He died 26 November 1704.

CORNELIUS DAVIS, or CORNELIUS DAVIES, Newbury, son of John Davis of Newbury.  By wife Sarah, had Samuel, born 11 April 1689; Judith, 2 June 1691; Cornelius, 9 October 1693; James, 5 April 1695, died 1697; Elizabeth, 15 July 1697.  His wife having died 6 March 1696.  The last child was by second wife Elizabeth Hidden who he married 1696.

DANIEL DAVIS, or DANIEL DAVIES, Kittery 1649, freeman 1652.

DOLOR DAVIS, or DOLOR DAVIES, DOLLARD DAVIS, or DOLLARD DAVIES, or DOLLAR DAVIS, or DOLLAR DAVIES, Cambridge 1634.  Is said to have married 1625 in England, Margery Willard, daughter of Richard, sister of Simon Willard, if so, he was probably from Kent, and this conjecture is confirmed to me by collateral evidence.  Yet the graveyard at Benefield in County Northampton, as Dr. Palfrey assures me, contains the names of his ancestors.  His wife and children John, aged 9, Mary, 4, and Elizabeth 1, embarked at London, April 1635, in the Elizabeth, to follow him.  He removed about 1640, and had land that year in Duxbury, and was of that church when he removed to Barnstable and joined that 27 August 1648, with his wife but had his daughter Ruth baptized at Barnstable 24 March 1645.  He was freeman of that Colony 1646; and in the list of those able to bear arms 1643, is this man's name "and his sons."  Who may be intended by the last word, is not precisely understood, but probably John alone.  Yet at the end of that list stand John and Nicholas, who might well, therefore, be thought brothers certainly not son.  But two sons he did have, Simon, and Samuel, both younger by much than John, who was executor of his will.  Before removing to Duxbury he lived some years at Concord, and was one of the proprietors of Groton 1655, engaged in its first settlement and made one of its selectmen by the General Court of the Colony.  Still it is not likely, that he ever inhabited in the new plantation, but leaving his younger son to reside at Concord, went back to Barnstable and there died 1673.  His daughter Ruth married 1663, it is said, Stephen Hall; and Mary, who married 15 June 1653, Thomas Lewis of Barnstable was probably another

DOLOR DAVIS, or DOLOR DAVIES, Barnstable, son probably of John Davis of the same.  He married 3 August 1681, Hannah Lynnell, daughter of David Lynnell, had Shobal, or Shubael, born 23 April 1685 Thomas, August 1687; Hannah, December 1689; Stephen; Thankful, March 1696; Daniel, July 1698; Job, July 1700; Noah, September 1702; and Remember; Mercy, 15 October 1704.

EDWARD DAVIS, or EDWARD DAVIES, Boston.  He married 16 September 1657, Hannah Gridley, daughter of Richard Gridley.

EPHRAIM DAVIS, or EPHRAIM DAVIES, Haverhill.  He married 29 December 1660, Mary Johnson of Andover.  He took oath of allegiance 28 November 1677.  He died 1681, leaving children Stephen, Ephraim, Thomas, Jonathan, Mary, Susanna, and Hannah. 

EPHRAIM DAVIS, or EPHRAIM DAVIES, Haverhill, perhaps son of the preceding, perhaps of the first James Davis.  He married at Andover 19 March 1688, Mary Eires, or Mary Ayers.

EPHRAIM DAVIS, or EPHRAIM DAVIES, Newbury, son of John Davis of the same.  By wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth born 7 April 1690; John, 17 May 1692; Mary, 20 July 1694; Ephraim, 20 March 1697; and Joseph, 16 November 1699.

FRANCIS DAVIS, or FRANCIS DAVIES, Amesbury, swore allegiance 20 December 1677.

GEORGE DAVIS, or GEORGE DAVIES, Boston 1644, blacksmith, perhaps the freeman of 1645, one of the founders of Second Church.  By wife Barbara, who had joined first church 22 August 1647, had Samuel, born 17 October 1651; and, if the record be not false, John, 3 June 1652.  He was a Sergeant and died early in 1655.  He throve by his trade, for the inventory valued one fourth of George Munjoy's ship Swan, and five sixteenths of Benjamin Munjoy's ship Delight.  His widow married 14 January 1656, John Brimblecome, first, who was one of the witnesses to his will, and for third husband Thomas Chadwell.  His will, made 23 September 1654, was probated 25 April 1655.  And anticipating the mother of his wife again, he made various provisions for the two sons.  See Genealogical Registrar V. 306, and IX. 35.

GEORGE DAVIS, or GEORGE DAVIES, Lynn, freeman 1647.  He had Hannah, born 31 May 1650; Sarah, 1 September 1651; removed to Reading, there had Elizabeth, 16 January 1655; Mary, 16 January 1658; John,  20 July 1660; and Susanna, 11 March 1662.  Sarah probably married 11 June 1670, Abraham Cole.

GEORGE DAVIS, or GEORGE DAVIES, Weymouth 1654,  blacksmith.

GEORGE DAVIS, or GEORGE DAVIES, Boston 1650, went 1644 to North Carolina.  In his will, before departing, provides for wife, sons Benjamin, and Joseph, and five daughters.

GERSHOM DAVIS, or GERSHOM DAVIES, Cambridge.  He had wife Sarah, who died 20 November 1713, aged 55; son Gershom.  He died 6 February 1718, aged 75.

HOPEWELL DAVIS, or HOPEWELL DAVIES, Charlestown, son of Barnaby Davis.  By wife Sarah Boynton (married 18 September 1682, who died 14 December 1704, aged 47), had Joseph, baptized 13 February 1687; Ebenezer, 6 May 1688; Sarah, 2  November 1690; Ellen,14 January 1694; and John, 6 November 1698.

ISAAC DAVIS, or ISAAC DAVIES,  Salem 1637, Beverly 1650, perhaps was after at Casco; unless this was another whose eldest son John, born 1660, was living at Gloucester, 1733, with other sons Samuel and James, besides child of a daughter who married a Fitz, and was of Ipswich, and another daughter who married Smith.  He had after first destruction of Falmouth, estate set out 1680, but on second destruction probably moved to safer quarters.  Willis, I. 160, 209.

JABEZ DAVIS, or JABEZ DAVIES, Barnstable, son of the first John Davis of the same.  He married 20 August 1689, Experience Lynnell, had Nathan, born 2 March 1690; Samuel, 25 September 1692; Bathsheba, 16 January 1694; Isaac,  23 April 1696; Abigail, 26 April 1698; Jacob, October 1699; and Mercy, 16 February 1701.

JACOB DAVIS, or JACOB DAVIES, Gloucester, son of John Davis of the same.  He married 20 January 1662, Elizabeth Bennet, had Jacob, born 26 January 1663; John, 25 November 1665, died soon; Elizabeth, 27 June  1667; Susanna, 27 June 1670; Moses, 6 July 1673; Mary, 3 June 1676; Aaron, January 1679; and John, again, 1 July 1681.

JACOB DAVIS, or JACOB DAVIES, Falmouth, son of Lawrence Davis, had a family.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, Newbury, freeman 4 March 1635, removed to Haverhill 1640.  He had wife Cicely.  He was Representative 1660.  He died 19 or 29 January 1679, aged 90.  In his will of 17 March 1676, names as his children John, Ephraim, Samuel, and Sarah, wife of John Page junior.  His wife had died 28 May 1673.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, Hampton 1638, freeman 13 Mar 1640.  Belknap I 21.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, junior, perhaps son of the preceding, was of Hampton 1643, may have lived at Haverhill, there took oath of allegiance 28 November 1677.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES,  Boston 1634, mariner.  He brought wife Joanna, had Jacob, born 11 July 1639; and daughter Josebeth, 20, baptized 28 August 1642, who married John Wing of Boston; besides John, who died 13 November 1653.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, Plymouth 1639, a tailor, may have been of Newport. The year before had grant of land for service in the Pequot war, but was gone in 1643.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, Boston.  By wife Mary, had Mary, born 7 Mar 1647. 

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, Charlestown 1658, brother of Hopewell.  By wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, baptized at 21 years on 6 May 1694; and Patience, aged 18 on 21 April 1696.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, Haverhill, freeman 1666, was, perhaps, son of James Davis, the aged, of that town.  He may have married a daughter of John Eaton of Haverhill, had son John.  He died 18 July 1694, leaving widow Mary, and children Elisha, James, Sarah, and Constance.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, Gloucester.  By wife Mehitable, who died 9 June 1666, had John, born 10 March 1660; James, 16 March 1662, died soon; James, again, 22 January 1663, died soon; and Joseph, 1665, died soon.  He married 6 December 1666, Elizabeth Bachelor, had Elizabeth, born 11 September 1669; Abigail,13 April 1672; Joseph, again, 25 January 1674; Susanna, 20 November 1676; and Ebenezer, 26 January 1682.  He died 1717.  Babson says, he was son of John Davis, and was third husband of Mary Collins, daughter of John Collins.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, Scituate 1673.  There married Elizabeth Randall, daughter of William Randall, and removed to Boston.

JAMES DAVIS, or JAMES DAVIES, Dover, son of John Davis of the same, was a Colonel.  He died 1749 at the age of 87, and had children.  Whose unusual length of life is thus mentioned by Farmer from Belknap.  He had James, born 10 July 1689, died at 93; Thomas, at 88; Samuel, 99; Daniel, 65; Sarah Hicks, 91; Hannah Deering, 77; Elizabeth Hicks, 79; Ephraim, 87; and Phebe Mathes, 85. 

JENKYN DAVIS, or JENKYN DAVIES, Lynn, freeman 9 March 1637, a joiner, who had been in the employment of Mr. Humfrey, who unhappily put his daughters to board with Davis when he went to the West Indies.  By wife Sarah, had John, and a daughter.  He died 1662.  Winthrop II. 45.  Lewis.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Boston 1635, a joiner, artillery company 1643.  I presume this to be the same man who came in the Increase 1635, aged 29; and perhaps was the John Davie, friend of Wheelwright, in the former article.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Gloucester, 1651, removed after some years to Ipswich.  Of him no more is known except that he left at Gloucester James and Jacob.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Newbury 1641.  By wife Mary, had Mary, born 6 October 1642, died young; John, 15 January 1645; Zechary, 22 February 1646; Jeremy, 21 June 1648; Mary, again, 12 August 1650; Cornelius, 15 April  1653; and Ephraim, 29 September 1655, before mentioned, and died 12 November 1675.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Watertown.  He married Mary Spring, daughter of John Spring, had Mary, born 20 March 1642, and probably John, and Benjamin.  He died early as did his widow.  Administration being given 19 June 1656.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Reading.  He had John, who died 4 November 1660.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Barnstable, eldest son of Dolor Davis, born in England.  He married 15 March 1649, Hannah Lynnell, daughter of Robert Lynnell, had John, born 6 January 1650; Samuel, December 1651; Hannah and Mary, twins 3 January 1654; Joseph and Benjamin, twins June 1656; Simon, July 1658; Dolor, October 1660; and Jabez.  Mary married Benjamin Goodspeed.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, York 1650, an important person, kept an inn, freeman probably of Massachusetts 1652, at least he owned the jurisdiction then, as also another

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, perhaps his son.  He was Lieutenant, Captain and at last Sergeant Major for the Province, and Deputy President 1680-85.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Haverhill, son of James Davis of the same, born in England.  He married 10 December 1646, Jane Peaslee, perhaps sister of the first Joseph Peaslee of the same, had Mary, born 6 November 1647; Sarah, 7 March 1649; John, 22 August 1651.  He removed to Dover and had Hannah, 24 December 1653; Jane, 29 December 1655, died within 9 months; Moses, 30 December 1657; Joseph, 26 January 1660; James, 23 May 1662; Jane, again, 15 May 1664; Jemima; and Judith. His second wife Mary died 12 January 1684.  His will of 1 April 1685, was probated 25 May 1686.  His daughter Mary married Josiah Heath; Sarah married James Smith; and Hannah married says Mr. Quint, John Kezan.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, New Haven, son of William Davis, taught the school probably at Hartford, preached there 1656, and next year was lost in Garrett's ship, with Jonathan Ince, Nathaniel Pelham, and Thomas Mayhew, on their voyage to London, all young men of great promise.  Winthrop II. 329 in notes.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Boston, brother perhaps of Edward Davis, a joiner.  By wife Return Gridley (daughter of Richard Gridley married 9 April 1656), had Grace, born 4 March 1657; and Richard, 15 April 1659.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Roxbury 1653, a tailor.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, New London 1651-64.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Charlestown 1668, fined for hospitality to a Quaker.  Frothingham, 158. He may have removed soon to Westerly, where there was one John 1669.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Boston, son of George Davis, a tailor in 1673, may have been freeman 1675.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Lynn.  He married 5 October 1661, Sarah Kirtland, daughter of Philip Kirtland, had Sarah, born 10 November 1665, died at two months; Sarah, again, 5 February 1667, died at 6 months; Mary, 25 July 1668; Joseph, 10 June 1672, died July 1673; John, 16 June 1674 ; Sarah, again, 1 February 1676; Ebenezer, 2 October 1678; and Benjamin, 27 September 1681.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Roxbury, blacksmith, son of William Davis of the same.  He married 5 February 1668, Mary Devotion, daughter of Edward Devotion, had, as is said, three sons and two daughters: John, born 11 January 1671; William, 11 August 1673; Mary, 6 April 1676, died at 18 years; Elizabeth, 18 April 1678; and Samuel, 23 June 1681.  His wife Mary died 12 January 1684.  He was freeman 1690.  He died 16 March 1705, aged about 62.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Barnstable, son of John Davis of the same.  He married 2 February 1674, Ruth Goodspeed, daughter of Roger Goodspeed, had John, born November 1675, died before 6 years; Benjamin, 8 September 1679; John, again, 17 March 1684; and Nathaniel, 17 July 1686; these three baptized 3 May 1691, the father having joined the church two weeks before, and had Jabez baptized 10 May following.  A second wife Mary Hamblen married 22 February 1692, had Shobal or Shubael, born 10 July 1694; James, 24 March 1696; and Ebenezer, 13 May 1697.  She died November 1698.  He married 8 May 1699 widow Hannah Bacon, had Nicholas, born 12 March 1700.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Saco, Representative 1682, "disaccepted, as a scandalous person," says the record.

JOHN DAVIS, or JOHN DAVIES, Newbury, son of John Davis of the same.  He married 8 April 1681, Sarah Carter, had Mary, born 23 March 1683; Sarah, 13 July 1685.  By wife Mary, as I read Coffin, had John, 29 July 1692.

JOSEPH DAVIS, or JOSEPH DAVIES, Kittery 1660, constable that year may have been son of Nicholas Davis. 

JOSEPH DAVIS, or JOSEPH DAVIES, Boston.  He married 7 May 1662, Elizabeth Saywell, daughter of David Saywell, freeman 1666, artillery company 1675.

JOSEPH DAVIS, or JOSEPH DAVIES, perhaps of Roxbury.  There married 28 October 1670, Sarah Chamberlain, but I know not, that either belonged in that place.  In the neighborhood, Joseph Davis, of Muddy River had Mehitable, born 3 February 1685.  Possibly he may be the man named in the letter of Reverend Edmund Browne, to Governor Leverett, printed in Genealogical Registrar VII. 268, as Daby.

JOSEPH DAVIS, or JOSEPH DAVIES, Barnstable, probably son of John Davis of the same.  He married 28 March 1682, Mary Claghorn, daughter of James Claghorn, had Simeon, born 19 January 1683; Mary, June 1685; Joseph, April 1687; and Robert, 13 June 1689.

JOSIAH DAVIS, or JOSIAH DAVIES, Barnstable, son of Robert Davis of the same.  He married 25 June 1679, Ann Tayler, daughter of Richard Tayler, had John, born 2 September 1681; Hannah, April 1683; Josiah, August 1687; Seth, October 1692; Ruth, February 1694; Sarah, February 1696; Jonathan, 1698; Stephen, 12 December 1700; and Ann, 5 April 1702.

LAWRENCE DAVIS, or LAWRENCE DAVIES, Falmouth 1662.  He had Rachel, born 1663; Jacob; and perhaps others.  He removed to Ipswich during the first Indian war, but came back 1681, but no more is told, only that Rachel married 1st Robert Haynes; and 2nd a Wedgewood of Hampton. 

MOSES DAVIS, or MOSES DAVIES, Dover, son of John Davis of the same.  He married 16 January 1681, Ruhamah Dow of Haverhill, and there had John, born 4 January 1682; and Moses, 2 November 1686; besides Jabez; and Ebenezer, 10 June 1702, both at Dover; and both father and son Moses were killed by the Indians 10 June 1724.  Belknap,

NATHANIEL DAVIS, or NATHANIEL DAVIES, Massachusetts came in the Mary and John, or perhaps the Hercules, having qualified himself by taken oath of allegiance and supremacy 16 April 1634, but where he sat down I find not.  See Genealogical Registrar IX. 268.

NATHANIEL DAVIS, or NATHANIEL DAVIES, Charlestown 1677, son of Barnaby Davis.  He had married 31 March 1675, Mary Convers, who died 6 November 1690, aged 36.  He married 15 July 1692, Mary Edmunds, daughter of Joshua Edmunds, who died 18 April 1721, aged 65.  Nathaniel, his eldest child baptized 19 April 1677, died at Charlestown the same year.  He had, also, Mary, baptized 9 May 1680; Barnabas, 31 December 1681; Sarah, 22  July 1683; Zachary, 5 August 1688; and Mary, 16 July 1695.  He was one of the constables 1690.

NICHOLAS DAVIS, or NICHOLAS DAVIES, Charlestown.  He came in the Planter early in 1635, aged 40, with Sarah, 48, probably his wife, and Joseph, 13, perhaps his son, with four servants whose names are then given.  Was in 1640 one of the promoters of settling of Woburn, where his wife Sarah died 24 May 1643.  He married 12 July 1643 Elizabeth Isaacs, daughter of Joseph Isaacs.  Probably he removed to York, and was there in 1652.  His will, of 27 April 1667, probated 12 March 1670, refers not to any sons yet opens many remote relations, or perhaps those of his wife as cousin Barnard, the wife of Matthew of Boston; cousin William Locke of Woburn (spelled Owborne); daughter Astine's (or Austin's) children, Mary and Sarah, besides Mary, Elizabeth, and Mehitable Dodd. 

NICHOLAS DAVIS, or NICHOLAS DAVIES, Barnstable, able to bear arms 1643, when he is last on the list, so that possibly it may be an error, as Hamblen puts him into a list of inhabitants.  Administered after 1660.  He may have been of Newport 1638, and there learned the strange policy of toleration in religion. In Sewel, I. 388,  it is said he favored the Quakers at their first coming.  He had wife Mary, and was banished from Massachusetts for his peaceful pravity.  At Newport he was drowned before 24 July 1672, as Roger Williams in his big book against the Quakers, page 26, tells that in his public conference, there, with the friends of George Fox, he made good use of the event.

PHILIP DAVIS, or PHILIP DAVIES, Plymouth 1638, removed to Duxbury after.  Farmer MS.

PHILIP DAVIS, or PHILIP DAVIES, Hartford, came, perhaps, in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, aged 12; but if so, be probably was first at Newbury, where William Ilsley, with whom he came, pitched his tent.  He married a daughter of Thomas Coleman of Hadley.  He was freeman of Connecticut 1656, and died 1689.  He had two daughters but no sons.


RICHARD DAVIS, or RICHARD DAVIES, Roxbury.  He married about 1654, Sarah Burrill, daughter of John Burrill, had Richard, born 5 January 1658, who died next year; Richard, again, 26 May 1661; and Sarah.  He died 6 March 1663, his will of 20 February 1663 being probated 19 March 1663.  But there was a posthumous child.  The widow married Samuel Chandler in 1664, and died in August 1665.

ROBERT DAVIS, or ROBERT DAVIES, Sudbury.  He came in 1638, aged 30 with Margaret, perhaps his sister 26 (who married a Burnett), in the Confidence of Southampton, as servant of Peter Noyes.  He had wife Bridget who survived, daughters Sarah, born 10 April 1646; and Rebecca.  He died 19 July 1655.  His will of 17 July 1655 was probated 2 October 1655.

ROBERT DAVIS, or ROBERT DAVIES, Yarmouth 1643, or earlier.  He had Deborah, born January 1646; Mary, 28 May 1648; Andrew, May 1650; John, 1 March 1652; Robert, August 1654; Josiah, September 1656; Hannah, September 1658; Sarah, October 1660; and Tristram.  Perhaps Sarah married 23 October 1679, Joseph Young.

SAMUEL DAVIS, or SAMUEL DAVIES, Watertown, removed early in 1646 to Boston.  He had wife Ann who died soon.  He married 20 July 1651, Sarah Thayer, daughter of Richard Thayer of Boston, had Samuel, born 22 March 1654; William, 4 September 1656, died next year; and Sarah, 19 December 1657, who died August following; besides Zechariah, 29 July 1659.  But in Genealogical Registrar XV. 133, his surname is wildly turned to Doves.  Probably he is the freeman of 1645, and perhaps brother of George Davis.  It may be, that his widow married 6 May 1663, Jonathan Hayward.

SAMUEL DAVIS, or SAMUEL DAVIES, Groton.  By wife Mary, had a daughter born 31 January 1662; John, 10 March 1664; Sarah, 12 August 1667 ; Samuel, 10 January 1669, Barnabas, 17 April 1672 ; and a daughter 10 April 1674.  He died 28 December 1699.

SAMUEL DAVIS, or SAMUEL DAVIES, Salisbury.  He married 19 December 1663, Deborah Barnes, daughter of William Barnes, had Samuel, born 26 January 1667.  Perhaps he was of Amesbury, there took oath of allegiance 20 December 1677.

SAMUEL DAVIS, or SAMUEL DAVIES, Concord, son of Dolor Davis.  He married 11 January 1665, Mary Mead, had Mary, born 27 September 1666; Samuel, 21 June 1669; Daniel, 26 March 1673; Eliezer, Stephen; and Simon, 9 August 1683.  I presume this is the man, by Felt inserted as of Lynn.  He married 11 January 1666, Mary Meddowes.  Genealogical Register V. 96.

SAMUEL DAVIS, or SAMUEL DAVIES, Roxbury, perhaps son of William Davis of the same, removed to Northampton 1668, was freeman 1676.  He had two wives of which second was Elizabeth Smead, daughter of William Smead married 1681.  He died 26 July 1690, leaving besides three daughters, Samuel, born 1672; and John, 1677.

SAMUEL DAVIS, or SAMUEL DAVIES, Boston 1673, son of George Davis, mariner.  He had wife Deborah, who died early.  He married 1677, Elizabeth Thacher, daughter of brave Nathaniel Davenport, daughter of Reverend Thomas Thacher. 

SAMUEL DAVIS, or SAMUEL DAVIES, Charlestown, had served under Captain Turner, 1676, in Philip's war, but as early as 22 November 1658 by wife Mary, had Elizabeth.

SIMON DAVIS, or SIMON DAVIES, Concord, son of Dolor Davis.  He married 12 December 1660, Mary Blood, daughter of James Blood, had Simon, born 2 October 1661; Mary, 3 October 1663; Sarah, 15 March 1666; James, 19 June 1668; Ellen, 22 October 1672; Ebenezer, 1676; and Hannah, 1 April 1679.  He was freeman 1690 and Representative.  

SIMON DAVIS, or SIMON DAVIES was of Bristol, February 1689, with wife and one child.

STEPHEN DAVIS, or STEPHEN DAVIES, Hartford 1646, freeman of Connecticut 1658.

SYLVANUS DAVIS, or SYLVANUS DAVIES, Sheepscot 1659, swore allegiance to the King 1665, wounded by the Indians 1676 at Arowsick, when Captain Lake was killed.  Removed to Falmouth 1680, there had command of the fort in the next Indians war, taken by the French and Indians combined force, 20 May 1690, carried to Canada.  After his return was put into the Council the Charter of William and Mary 1691; wrote an account of the conduct of the war, which is in 3 Massachusetts History Collections I. 101.  He lived at Hull in latter days.  He died 1704, leaving wife but no children.  His will, 8 April 1703, probated 6 May 1704, gives all his quarter of Casco lands to 3 daughters of James English, each of them paying £3.  To his wife and all his other estate to John Nelson, he "promising justice and kindness" to Davis's wife.  Willis, I. 161, 209.

THEOPHILUS DAVIS, or THEOPHILUS DAVIES, Saco, constable in 1636. Folsom, 33,121.  It is almost certain that he soon removed.

THOMAS DAVIS, or THOMAS DAVIES, Newbury, a sawyer, from Marlborough in County Wilts, came in the James 1635, embarked at Southampton in April, arriving at Boston 3 June, freeman 2 June 1641.  He removed next year to Haverhill, where he had son Joseph, and died 1683, aged 80.  He brought Says Coffin, wife Christian from England and his posterity is numerous.  This name among the passengers from Southampton in the James, by record at State Paper office.  Somerby read Thomas James.  It seems a wild error of his or mine; but if my reading be correct, his surname may be that of the ship.

THOMAS DAVIS, or THOMAS DAVIES, Saco, an early settler assessed towards public worship 1636.

THOMAS DAVIS, or THOMAS DAVIES, Boston, son of William Davis.  He married 12 September 1689, Hannah Allen (daughter of one whom no research of mine, or even of Shurtleff, can identify), daughter of Governor Leverett, had Thomas Davis, the Secretary of the Province of New Hampshire 1692.  The late, beloved, John Davis, editor of Morton's Memorandum President of the Massachusetts History Society, about forty years Judge of the District Court of the U. S.  He was not, in male line, of New England ancestry, but was son of Thomas Davis, who was born 1722 at Albany, whither his father had removed from North Carolina.

TOBIAS DAVIS, or TOBIAS DAVIES Roxbury, brother of Richard Davis of the same.  He married Sarah Morrill, daughter of Isaac Morrill, had Sarah, born 10 February 1647.  His wife died 23 January 1649 by church records, but 15 February 1649 says the town.  He married 13 December next, Bridget Kinsman, had John, born 17 April 1651; Tobias, 10 June 1653; Isaac, 7 December 1655, who died at 27 years; Samuel, baptized with the three preceding 12 June 1659, who died young; Samuel, again, 24 March 1661, died at 18; and Abigail, in town record said to be born 6 September 1671.  He was of artillery company 1666.  He died 25 April 1690.

TOBIAS DAVIS, or TOBIAS DAVIES, Dover, freeman 1666.

TRISTRAM DAVIS, or TRISTRAM DAVIES, Scituate, son of Robert Davis of Yarmouth.  He married 1694, perhaps for second wife Sarah Archer of Braintree, had Elizabeth, born 1695.  He removed as Deane thinks, but yet supposes Hannah Davis who married there 1709 to be a daughter.

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, Boston.  By wife Mary, had Abigail, born 31 October 1635, died at 4 years; Thomas, 15 March 1637, died young; Aaron, 20 July 1638, died next year; John, who died young, in 1641; Trine, 10 August 1642; Mary, 3 October 1644, perhaps died soon; and Thomas, again, 8, baptized 7 September 1645.  The Book of possessions in early days shows William Davis senior and William Davis junior, in Boston, but who was father of these children is to be determined.  I fear, only by conjecture one was a gunsmith, and one was dead 10 November 1655, when Isaac Collamore gave in the inventory of his estate only £7.  His widow Mary soon married John Cowdall

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, New Haven 1639.  He had John Davis, Harvard College 1651, the scholar, before mentioned, lost on his voyage to England.  He died 1659, leaving widow Martha Wakeman, who was sister of John Wakeman, and she died 1663.  His only surviving child Sarah married William Russell, and to educate his son Noadiah, the grandmother left £60.

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, Salem 1639, had that year grant of land, probably removed to Boston or elsewhere, may be the mariner, who at Boston made his will 14 September 1655, as in Genealogical Registrar V. 298, and Ib. IX. 141.

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, Boston, apothecary.  He was administered of the church 28 July 1644, in which year he married Margaret Pynchon, daughter of William Pynchon of Springfield, perhaps a second wife.  By her he had several children of whom Thomas, born 3 September 1645, may have been one; also, Benjamin; Elizabeth; Ephraim, who died 2 August 1652; and William, the last, born 25 June 1663.  His wife died 3 July 1663.  He married next, Huldah Symmes, daughter of Reverend Zechariah Symmes, had Mary, born 3 December 1656; Rebecca, 3 August 1658; Huldah, 21 December 1659; Ruth, 12 February 1662; John, 10 June 1663; and Deborah, 13 April 1665, died young.  By another wife Judith, had Margaret, 13 November 1667; and perhaps Hannah.  He had still another wife Sarah, and hope of progeny by her when he made his will, in which all of these children except Deborah, are mentioned.  He was a man of wealth, enterprise, and discretion, artillery company 1643, freeman 1645, a Captain, Representative for Springfield 1652, where probably he lived some few years also for Haverhill 1668, was employed as commander of a troop in Ninigret's troubles, joint commissioner in 1653 with Leverett to the Dutch Governor at New York, and one of the founders of the Third Church.  His will, made 17 May 1676, probated 26 May 1676, being only two days after his death, 24 May 1676.  He gave £400 to wife Sarah, and contains many particulars.  His widow married Captain Edward Palmes of New London.

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, Roxbury, probably brother of Tobias Davis, freeman 1673.  He had John, born 1 October 1643; Samuel, 21 February 1645; Joseph, whose date, presumed, is 12 October 1649.  His wife Elizabeth died or was buried 4 Mar 1658.  He married 21 October next Alice Thorp, who had William and Elizabeth baptized 14 June 1663.  Perhaps they were not living when this second wife died 1667, probably soon after birth of Jonathan, 28 February of that year.  He had, also, Matthew, but I know not the day of his birth or whether he were not by a third wife made executrix but not named in his will of 6 December 1683, in which he mentioned all these children, and that Matthew and Jonathan are under age.  He died 9 December 1683, aged 66.

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, Boston.  By wife Mary Parker, daughter of Nicholas Parker, had Joanna, born 16 August 1655.  I presume, that the same man by wife Susanna, had Joanna, born 26 July 1657.  He sold his estate in 1658, and went to Barbados.

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, Marblehead, a petitioner 1668 against imposters.

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, Roxbury, perhaps son of William Davis the first of Boston.  He had Mary, born 28 March 1669; Ann, 24 December 1670; next record of 1672 gives him Benjamin, 31 May, and Rachel, 26 August but whose record of the two is false is uncertain; perhaps the year 1674 is omitted for the latter child Ichabod, 1 April 1676; Ebenezer, 9 April 1678; William, 3 January 1680; Sarah, 20 July 1681; and Isaac, 18 April 1683; and a William, perhaps the same.  He died there 23 January 1706.

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, Boston, mariner.   In his will 31 October 1690, not probated before 5 August 1701, gives estate to wife Mary and children not named.

WILLIAM DAVIS, or WILLIAM DAVIES, Haverhill.  He married 31 December 1700, Mary Kelly, daughter of John Kelly, junior, of Newbury.

ZACHARY DAVIS, or ZACHARY DAVIES, Newbury, son of John Davis of the same.  He married 4 February 1681, Judith Brown, had Judith, born 7 September 1684, died at 18 years; and Elizabeth, 26 April 1687.  In many instances, some of the above named are spelled Davies, as well as Davis; and the utmost care, in arranging relationships between parties with a name so widely diffused will sometimes be at fault.  "A courageous soldier," is the designation of a Sergeant Davis in the Pequot war 1637; but who can individualize him?  There came in the Elizabeth 1635, from London to Boston, Margaret Davis, aged 32, with her children John, 9; Mary, 4; and Elizabeth 1; the wife and family no doubt a Dolor who had come a year or two before.  Twenty of this name had in 1834 been graduates at Harvard, and as many more at the other New England Colleges.


DANIEL DAVISON, Ipswich, probably son of Nicholas Davison, removed to Newbury.  He married Abigail Coffin, daughter of Peter Coffin of Dover, had Nicholas, born 16 May 1680; Sarah, 1 February 1682; Daniel, 23 May 1686; Mary, 21 May, 1689; and Peter, 20 October 1692.  He was a man of note, artillery company 1672, Major of the County regiment, had lived first at Charlestown, and was a merchant in 1676.  By wife Abigail, had Abigail, baptized 13 February of that year; and Joanna, 29 April 1677; both at Charlestown.  He may have short time removed to Stonington.

NICHOLAS DAVISON, Charlestown 1639, one of the chief men, agent of Governor Cradock.  By wife Joanna Hodges, had Daniel; and Sarah, who married 24 March 1665, Joseph Lynde.  He was of artillery company 1648.  He went home 1635, probably on business, and came back 1656, in the Speedwell, then 45 years old, and died 1664, leaving good estate.  His will of 26 March 1655, made in view of a voyage to Barbados, thence towards England, probated 11 July 1664, names wife Joan, children Daniel and Sarah, brother John Davison of whom he knows not where he was, sister-in-law Mary Hodges, wife of brother-in-law John Anderson, two nephews or nieces, perhaps not in our country, and children of brother Jeremy Davidson who was married and lived at Lynn, England as late as 1652.  An Indians sagamore gave him mortgage of Nahant.  His inventory included land in Boston, Charlestown, Pemaquid, and about 2100 acres near Windsor on both sides of the Connecticut was £1869.11.11.

PETER DAVISON, Stonington, about 1680 or 90, was perhaps brother of Daniel Davison, or of

THOMAS DAVISON, who was in the same quarter at that time.


DAWDY. See Dady.


AMBROSE DAWES, Boston, son of William Dawes, freeman 1671.  He married Mary Bumstead, daughter of Thomas Bumstead, had Mary, born 24 September 1664; Rebecca, 25 February 1666; Susanna,19 March 1668, died young; William, 19 December 1671; Susannah, again, 11 January 1674; Joseph, 21 October 1677; and Thomas, 1 November 1680.

FRANCIS DAWES, Boston.  He had Elizabeth who married 16 October 1659, Samuel Miles.  This man may have written his name Dowse.

JOHN DAWES, Windsor 1647, in 1653 banished from the Colony for threatening Governor Hopkins, may have, but not probably come for refuge to Boston.  There by wife Mary, had Robert, born 29 March 1655; Mary, 12 April 1657; and Samuel, 1 May 1660.

WILLIAM DAWES, Braintree, came in the Planter 1635, a bricklayer, aged 15, by the custom house regulation in London.  He married Susanna Mills, eldest daughter of John Mills, had Ambrose, born 24 July 1642.  He removed to Boston in 1652, there had William, born 8 March 1655; and Robert about 1656.  He was freeman 1646.  He died 24 March 1703, aged 86, says the record.  I think he had, also, Hannah, 7 January 1660; but the record gives her to John and Susanna, and very good reason is known for distrust of that volume.  Robert Dawes was a soldier under Captain Turner 1676, on Connecticut river.  Susan Dawes, possibly a sister aged 16, came in the Blessing 1635, later in the year.


JOSEPH DAWSE, Charlestown, is printed as one of Moseley's company December 1675, perhaps for Dowse.


DANIEL DAWSON, Ipswich, may easily be misprinted for Davison.  But Coffin, in Genealogical Registrar VI. 250 calls widow 1693, Margaret.  Yet she may have been second wife of Davison.

GEORGE DAWSON, Boston 1679, a Quaker, who had been whipped for attending the meeting 1677.

HENRY DAWSON, Boston, administered of the church 16 May 1641, freeman 2 June after, a laborer, whose wife was in England.  He was in the employment of William Hudson junior, who when he went to serve in the Parliament's cause against the King, left the care of his family two years to this young man, in consequence of which he was brought into great peril of his life, as set forth in Winthrop II. 249.  Probably he repented soon, for he was in October 1646, restored to his rank.

HENRY DAWSON, Boston, a soldier, in the company of Captain William Turner in February at Medfield, and on Connecticut river April 1676, under Captain Pierce, freeman 1678.

HENRY DAWSON, Boston, perhaps son of the preceding if not the same, freeman 1690.  He had baptized at Second Church Thomas, 22 November 1691; James, 9 February 1696; Hannah, 20 March 1698; and Elizabeth, 31 March 1700.

ROBERT DAWSON, New Haven, had John, born 1677.  By first wife Sarah Tuttle, daughter of William Tuttle, as erroneous has been said, and next married next Hannah Russell, daughter of John Russell, had Thomas, born 1693.


JOSIAS DAWSTIN, Medford or Reading 1640, by the first deed in Suffolk registered took grant of his message from Matthew Cradock, Esq. of London, skinner, former Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony 26 April 1641.  In Reading records of birth of his children Hannah, 20 February 1649, who died November following, and Sarah, 25 September 1653, the name is given without wife.


ANTHONY DAY, Gloucester 1645.  He had wife Susanna, and seven children: John born 28 April 1657; Ezekiel, 12 March 1660, died soon; Ezekiel, again, 19 May 1662; Nathaniel, 9 September 1665; Elizabeth, 2 April 1667; Samuel, 25 February 1670; and Joseph, 4 April 1672; besides elder ones, Thomas, and Timothy, of unknown dates.  He died 23 April 1707, aged 90.  His widow died 10 December 1717, aged 93.

EZEKIEL DAY, Gloucester, son of Anthony Day.  He married 27 January 1690, Mary Rowe, daughter of Hugh Rowe.  He died 18 February 1725, leaving five sons Ezekiel, Pelatiah, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Jonathan.  He was one of the witnesses 15 July 1692, to the invasion by the French or Indians or Devils, whose story is in its proper place in Mather, Magnalia VII. 83.

ISAAC DAY, Cambridge.  By wife Susanna, had Robert, born 24 October 1686; and Susanna, 28 November 1688.  Robert Day died 4 February 1688.  He was a London citizen embroiderer, but when he came, who was his wife, when he removed, are matters unknown.  Probably he left in the summer of 1692.

JAMES DAY, Ipswich, perhaps son of Robert Day of the same, freeman 1673.

JOHN DAY, I can find no proper habitation.  Yet one is seen subscribed to memorial, 1668, at Salem, against imposters.  He was son of Thomas Day.  He married 6 July 1668 Ann Coleman, had Ann, born 18 October 1669; John, 24 January 1671; and Stephen, 16 October 1673.  This John Day died June 1680, and to his widow Ann, administration was given 1 July 1680.  Perhaps he had Mary, who married 20 August 1666, a Coldfax.

JOHN DAY, Hartford, son of Robert Day, of the same.  By wife Sarah Maynard, had Joseph, born about 1675; John, 1677; Thomas; Mary; Maynard; Sarah, baptized 19 September 1686; William, 24 April 1692; and Joseph, again, 14 June 1699.

JOHN DAY, Boston 1677, a merchant.  He died 1677.  In his will of 4 September 1677 calls himself of Frome Woodlands, near Warminster, in Wiltshire, on the border of Somersetshire, and gives all his property to brother Robert Day of the same place; and probably had no wife or children.

JOHN DAY, Dedham, eldest son of Ralph Day, was probably a soldier of Moseley's company December 1676.  He married 22 May 1678, Abigail Pond, had John, born 11 October 1679.  He removed to Wrentham, there had Ralph, 9 December 1681; Abigail, 12 January 1684, who died young; Jonathan, 12 or 21 March 1689; and Abigail, again, 1 January or, as another account has it, perhaps by mistake of the numeral for the month 1 November 1693; and perhaps other children.

JOHN DAY, Gloucester, brother of Ezekiel Day.  He married 12 December 1682, Abigail Leach, who died 9 February 1726, aged 63.  He was a witness to spectral delusions in July 1692, as set forth in the Magnalia. 

JOSEPH DAY, Gloucester, son probably youngest of Anthony Day.  He married 15 August 1696, Elizabeth Gouge, says Babson, had Jeremiah, William, and several daughters, perhaps also Joseph.

MATTHEW DAY, Cambridge, printer, son of Stephen Day, born in England, Steward of the College 1645, freeman 1646.  He made his nuncupable will 10 May 1649, died soon after.  Harris, Epitaph says the town record marked his burial on the same day, 10 May 1649.  That document which is in Genealogical Registrar III. 181, leads us to infer that he had no wife or children, though little child Moses Day is named who was probably his brother, but Mr. Paige gives strong sanction to the opinion that he was son of William Bordman, who married a niece of Day.  He gave liberally to the College £4, to Elder Frost, and something to several others, yet most to his mother who was present.  His name is in the imprint of Danforth's Almanac, 1647.

NATHANIEL DAY, Ipswich 1637.  Kimball.

NATHANIEL DAY, Gloucester, son of Anthony Day.  He married 13 February 1690, Ruth Rowe, daughter of Hugh Rowe, had Benjamin, Nathaniel, David, and seven daughters.  He probably removed before 1721.

RALPH DAY, Dedham, freeman 1645.  He died 28 October 1677.  In his will of 12 September 1677, wife Abigail Pond, who was daughter of Daniel Pond, and children John, Ralph, Mary, who was wife of John Paine, Abigail, and son-in-law John Ruggles, are named.  But his first wife was Susan Fairbanks, daughter of Jonathan Fairbanks, who in 1668 mentioned her four children in his will, and they are found in Dedham church record to be Elizabeth, baptized 3 July 1648, taken with the town record that shows Mary, born 9 November 1649; Susan, 1652; and John, 15 April 1654; while the next is found Abigail, daughter of Ralph Day and Abigail, April 1661.

RALPH DAY, Dedham, son of the preceding, freeman 1690.  He married 10 August 1681, Sarah Fuller, daughter of Thomas Fuller, had Ralph, born 28 October 1683; Thomas, 19 June 1686; Sarah; Mary; Jeremiah, 23 September 1693; and Abiel.

ROBERT DAY, Cambridge, came in the Elizabeth 1634, from Ipswich, aged 30, with wife Mary 28, freeman 6 May 1636.  He went to Hartford, perhaps with Hooker in 1636, or very soon after, had several lots among first proprietors.  His first wife died probably before removing.  And the mother of his children was Edatha Stebbins, sister of Deacon Edward Stebbins.  She is named in his will, 20 May 1648, which is printed in Trumbull's Colony Record of Connecticut I. 487.  Though children are provided for, we find neither names nor number.  They were Thomas; Sarah, who married September 1658, Nathaniel Gunn of Hartford, and next, 24 November 1664, Samuel Kellogg of Hatfield, and was killed with her son Joseph Kellogg, 19 September 1677, by the Indians; Mary, who married 28 October 1659, Samuel Ely of Springfield, and next, 12 April 1694, Thomas Stebbins, and next, 11 December 1696, Deacon John Coleman of Hatfield, where she died 1725; and John Day, before mentioned.  His widow married John Maynard of Hartford, who died without children, leaving to the church "provided they carry themselves well towards" their mother some decent estate.  She next married in 1657 or 58, Elizur Holyoke of Springfield, who she survived by twelve years, and she died 24 October 1688.  Of descendants of this Robert Day, in the male line, full account is printed by Reverend George E. Day of Northampton.

ROBERT DAY, Ipswich, came in the Hopewell, Captain Bundocke, 1635, from London, aged 30, freeman 2 June 1641, was living in 1681.  Perhaps Sarah married at Ipswich 17 June 1674, David Fiske, was his daughter Hannah, who came in the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 20, may not have been a relative.

SAMUEL DAY, Gloucester, son of Anthony Day.  He married 9 August 1692, Rachel Rowe, daughter of Hugh Rowe, had two children whose names are not seen in Babson, who says she died 6 September 1698, and of the husband no more is known.

STEPHEN DAY, Cambridge, the earliest printer on our side of the ocean, was a locksmith of Cambridge, England, brought over in the John, 1638, by Reverend Josse Glover who died on the voyage.  He began business in March 1639, but was, I fear, unthrifty, for in 1647 the Almanac of his press purports to come from his son who was very young, and the year following Greene became ruler in the office.  Yet he was enterprising, having for his great service, unluckily, been rewarded by grant of 300 acres in 1641.  He was 2 years after engaged in settling of Lancaster, and reduced to work as journeyman of Greene all his latter days.  He brought from England wife Rebecca, who had been widow, mother of William Boardman, had Matthew Day, before mentioned, and probably after committed hither had Stephen Day, who died 1 December 1639, and possibly but not probably Moses Day.  His wife died 27 October 1659.  He was administered of the church 28 February 1661, but was never freeman, and died 22 December 1668, aged 58.  A catalogue of books of his printing is given by Thomas Day in his History I. 227-34.

THOMAS DAY, Springfield 1658, son of Robert Day of Hartford.  He married 27 October 1659, Sarah Cooper, daughter of Lieutenant Thomas Cooper, had Thomas, born 23 March says the town record but family record says November 1662, the freeman of 1690; Sarah, 14 June 1664; Mary, 15 December 1666; John, 20 February 1669, died soon; Samuel, 20 May 1671; John, again, 20 September 1673; Ebenezer, 8 September 1675, died soon; Ebenezer, again, 5 September 1677; Jonathan, 8 August 1680; and Abigail.  Eight of these children lived to marry before his death.  He was freeman 1668.  He died 27 December 1711, and the widow survived to 21 November 1726.

THOMAS DAY, Gloucester.  He married 30 December 1673, Mary Laughton, or Mary Langton, had Thomas, born 27 May 1675; Mary, December 1677; and Joseph, 24 January 1680.  His wife and daughter were killed by lightning in his house 15 July 1706.  He died 29 January 1726.  An earlier

THOMAS DAY, whose inventory was found by Coffin 1670, was perhaps father of the preceding, born about 1651, and of Sarah, about 1652, may have been of Salem, a signer of memorial 1668, against imposters, was father of John Day, another signer.  By wife Mary, had Abigail, born 22 December 1667. 

TIMOTHY DAY, Gloucester, freeman 1690.  He married 24 July 1679, Phebe Wildes, daughter probably of the second John Wildes, who died 8 April 1723, aged 70, had Timothy, Anthony, John, Joseph, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and Susanna, besides some who died infants, as Babson tells.

WENTWORTH DAY, Boston 1640, has prefix of respect on administration to the church 22 September, but called a single man.  Soon after marriage had Elizabeth, baptized 26 September 1641, at 8 days old; and Wentworth, 13 August 1643, at  6 days.  He was a surgeon at Cambridge, and is honored by Reverend Mr. Hale in his tract on Witchcraft, as saving in 1602, a woman charged with the horrid offence.  Perhaps he went home, for one of this unusual name was, in 1668, fined and imprisoned as one of the fifth monarchy men, setting up the imaginary reign of King Jesus to disturb the absolute throne of Oliver Cromwell in his last year.  In September 1661, living in London, he had a legacy in the will of Edward Shrimpton.

WILLIAM DAY, Boston 1669, a mariner.  Of descendants of first Robert Day, a Reverend was published some years since by Reverend George E. Day, which shows that nineteen had been graduates at Yale, and one at each of the Colleges following Dartmouth College, Williams, Amherst, and Brown, and that ten of the eleven ministers were living at his date of publication.  One at Harvard College 1806 was the earliest of the name in that catalogue.


ABRAHAM DAYNES, ABRAHAM DEANS, or ABRAHAM DAINES, New London 1664, supposed to have come from Casco.  He married 27 December 1671, Sarah Peake, daughter of William Peake, had Joanna, born February 1672; John, baptized February 1674; Thomas, July 1677.  He removed to Norwich, there had Ebenezer, born 27 October 1680; Sarah, 19 January 1683; and Ephraim, 15 January 1686.


RALPH DAYTON, New Haven a 1639, signed the covenant of habitants but not at its format.  Yet lived there 10 years.  He was of Easthampton, Long Island 1650, and later.  Sometimes the name is Daighton.

SAMUEL DAYTON, Southampton, Long Island 1641, probably at New Haven 1646, and Brookhaven about 1655.  Perhaps the distinguished family of New Jersey is of this stock.


JOHN DEACON, Plymouth, of which no more is known but that he died 1636.

JOHN DEACON, Lynn.  He came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 25, with wife Alice 30, who died 27 July 1657.  He was a blacksmith.  He married 25 December 1657, Elizabeth Pickering, daughter of John Pickering, who died 30 August 1662.  He removed to Boston, was of Mather's church 1669.

JOHN DEACON, Salem.  He had wife Elizabeth who died 30 August 1662.


CHARLES DEALE, Milford 1658, was encouraged to raise tobacco by grant of land that year, perhaps had been there a year or more.  He had wife Pity in 1672, but no children, and he died about 1686.

WILLIAM DEALE, Haverhill 1662.


BENJAMIN DEAN, often with final e, BENJAMIN DEANE, Taunton, son of Walter Dean.  He married 6 January 1681, Sarah Williams, had Naomi, born 1 November 1681, died at 2 months; Hannah, 26 December 1682; Israel, 2 February 1685; Mary, 15 June 1687; Damaris, 4 September 1689; Sarah, 30 August 1692; Elizabeth, 26 March 1695; Mehitable, 9 June 1697; Benjamin, 31 July 1699; Ebenezer, 24 February 1702; Lydia, 11 December 1704; and Josiah, 23 October 1707.  He made his will 2 February 1723, which was probated 14 April 1725, so allowing us to obtain approximately his death.

DANIEL DEAN, often with final e, DANIEL DEANE, Concord, perhaps at Sudbury 1663, a Lieutenant.  He died 29 November 1725, aged 97.  Shattuck.

EZRA DEAN, often with final e, EZRA DEANE, Taunton, brother of Benjamin Dean.  He married 17 December 1678, Bethia Edson, daughter of Deacon Samuel Edson of Bridgewater, had Bethia, born 14 October 1679, died soon; Ezra, 14 October 1680; Samuel, 11 April 1681, unless Colony Register is wrong, died soon; Seth, 3 June 1683; Margaret; and Ephraim.  His death was between 28 October 1727 and 15 February 1732.  Very striking instances of old age in fifteen children of his son Ezra Dean are mentioned in the Memoirs of Deane family.

GEORGE DEAN, often with final e, GEORGE DEANE, Salem 1660-1686, was a cordwainer.  By wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 2 January 1661, died soon; John; Thomas; George; Joseph, about 1671; Benjamin; Elizabeth, and Hannah; of not one can the date of birth or death be ascertained, and gladly can we read in family record that Elizabeth married Jonathan Lambert; and that Hannah married 11 June 1701, John Cook; that John, Thomas, and Joseph had families and of George and Benjamin only that they died before 1706.

ISAAC DEAN, often with final e, ISAAC DEANE, Taunton, son of John Dean.  He married 24 January 1678, Hannah Leonard, daughter of James Leonard of the same, had Alice, born 20 November 1678; Abigail, 16 November 1680; Hannah, 24 April 1683; Nathaniel, 25 April 1685; Jonathan; Abiah; and Deborah.  His will was probated 11 April 1710 by his widow.  In his youth he lived at New Haven in family of Captain Thomas Jeffrey, who had married a relative of his, and left him a legacy of £10.

ISRAEL DEAN, often with final e, ISRAEL DEANE, Taunton, brother of the preceding, a Lieutenant  in Philip's war, was in the great swamp fight.  He died unmarried, and made his will 7 August 1677.

JAMES DEAN, often with final e, JAMES DEANE, Stonington, blacksmith, had John, born 15 May 1672; James, 31 October 1674; Sarah, 4 September 1676; a son whose name is not legible, 28 November 1678; Onesiphorus and Mary, twins 28 March both died next month 1680; Francis, September 1682; William, born and died 1684; William, again, 12 September 1689.  Some confusion of names and dates is feared in various old MS.  Even the baptismal church record of four more children count wrong days for two, as Hannah, April 1686; William, 6 July 1690; Nathaniel, 20 April 1693; and Jonathan, April 1695; the first having Saturday, and the last, Monday.  Some variation as well in dates as names may be seen in records, both of church and town.  John Dean was progenitor of Honorable Silas Dean 1758, the ambassador with Franklin in France, and James Dean was of late Professor James Dean.

JOHN DEAN, often with final e, JOHN DEANE, Dorchester 1636, came from Chard, Somersetshire, removed to Taunton, of where he was one of the first purchasers 1639, having been made freeman of the  Colony 4 December 1638.  By wife Alice who survived him, had John; Thomas; Israel; Isaac; Nathaniel; and Elizabeth who married Josiah Edson, Esq. of Bridgewater.  At her death in 1734, was called about 84.  He died 1660, between 25 April 1660 date of his will, and 7 June  1660 of the inventory, aged about 60.

JOHN DEAN, often with final e, JOHN DEANE, Taunton, son of the preceding.  By tradition called the first English child born there about 1639.  He married 7 November 1663, Sarah Edson, daughter of Deacon Samuel Edson of Bridgewater, had Samuel, born 24 January 1667; Sarah, 9 November 1668; John, 28 July 1670, died soon; Mehitable, 9 October 1671; John, again, 18 September 1674; Elizabeth, 15 March 1676;  Mary, 15 July 1680; Susanna, 13 August 1683; and Israel, 4 August 1685.  He died 18 February 1717, aged 77, during the great snow, which was so deep as long to keep knowledge of the occurrence from his neighbors.

JOHN DEAN, often with final e, JOHN DEANE, Dedham.  By wife Sarah, had John, born 25 April 1677; Sarah, 13 December 1678; Ebenezer, 17 May 1681; Joseph, 14 March 1683; Jeremiah, 24 March 1685; Elizabeth, 13 October 1689; and Abigail, 12 June 1694.

JOHN DEAN, often with final e, JOHN DEANE, Dover.  He was killed by the Indians 1694, when his wife and daughter were taken but soon escaped.  Belknap I.138.

JOHN DEAN, often with final e, JOHN DEANE, Salem, son perhaps eldest of George Dean of the same.  He had daughter Elizabeth.  It is said he died before 2 December 1698.

JOHN DEAN, often with final e, JOHN DEANE, Woburn, youngest son of William Dean of the same.  He married Mary Farmer, daughter of Edward Farmer of the same, had John, born 10 January 1705; William, 7 May 1706; Edward, 14 September 1707; Ebenezer, 28 January 1709; Thomas, 23 November 1712; Molly, 16 April 1715; and Samuel, 24 February 1717.

JONAS DEAN, often with final e, JONAS DEANE, Scituate 1690, by Deane in his History of Scituate, presumed to have come from Taunton, England.  Had Thomas, born 1691; and Ephraim, 1694.  He died 1697, and his widow Eunice married 1701, Deacon James Torrey. 

JOSEPH DEAN, often with final e, JOSEPH DEANE, Taunton, brother of Benjamin Dean.  He had Joseph, Samuel, James, and Sarah.  He died between 3 December 1728, and 11 February 1729, leaving widow Mary.

JOSEPH DEAN, often with final e, JOSEPH DEANE, Concord, only son and eldest child of Thomas Dean of the same.  He married 1662, Elizabeth Fuller, had Thomas, born 15 September 1664; Joseph, 5 April 1667; Daniel, 29 April 1669; Elizabeth, 4 August 1671; Sarah, 4 August 1675; Deborah, 29 September 1678; Hannah, 13 November 1682; and Benjamin.

JOSEPH DEAN, often with final e, JOSEPH DEANE, Salem, son of George Dean of the same, a shipmaster.  He married 16 March 1697, Elizabeth Flint, whose father is unknown to me, had Joseph, born 29 August of what year is not told, but the child died in November following; Elizabeth, 20 October 1701, died in few weeks; Desire, 26 April 1703; Mary and Elizabeth twins 5, baptized 23 September 1705; and Joseph, 15 July 1708, baptized 22 May 1709.

SAMUEL DEAN, often with final e, SAMUEL DEANE, Stamford 1650.  He had John, born 1659; Joseph, 1661, and others.

SAMUEL DEAN, often with final e, SAMUEL DEANE, Lancaster 1653.

STEPHEN DEAN, often with final e, STEPHEN DEANE, Plymouth, one of the first comers in the Fortune, 1621, built the first corn mill in New England 1632.  He married about 1627, Elizabeth Ring, daughter of the widow Ring, had Elizabeth, Miriam, and Susanna.  He died September 1634.  His widow married 16 September 1635, Josiah Cook, and she died about 1687.  The daughter Elizabeth married William Twining; Miriam was not married as late as 1669, but late in her days married John Wing of Yarmouth; Susanna married 4 April 1660, Joseph Rogers junior; and next, 23 October 1663, Stephen Snow. 

THOMAS DEAN, often with final e, THOMAS DEANE, Concord, came in the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 32, a carpenter.  By wife Elizabeth, had Sarah; a daughter, perhaps Margaret born 24 February 1643; Hannah, 18 March 1646; Elizabeth, 25 December 1648, died at six months; and first born Joseph, before mentioned about 1638.  He had second wife Mildred, who died 15 September 1673.  He was freeman 1672.  He died 5 February 1676.  In some records the name is given Dane.

THOMAS DEAN, often with final e, THOMAS DEANE, Boston, a merchant of extensive business, came from Hampshire, was born about 1640.  He married 1665, Sarah Brown, daughter of William Brown of Salem, had Sarah, born 1666, who went with her father to England and there married Robert Woodward, Dean of Sarum; and Elizabeth 1667, who probably died young.  His wife died soon after, or perhaps before.  He was freeman 1669.  He married second wife Ann Farr, daughter of William Farr of London, had Thomas, born 1673; Rebecca, 1677.  He went home about 1678, and had James and Samuel.  He was some time in London, but went down to Hampshire and died 27 April 1686.  A mural monument to his membership is in Frefolk church.  His youngest son conveyed part of his estate here by deed from London 1730.

THOMAS DEAN, often with final e, THOMAS DEANE, Charlestown, mariner.  He married 15 September 1668, Elizabeth Burrage, daughter of John Burrage the first of the same, and had children John and Catharine, as by a will imperfect appears.  His inventory was of 25 May 1674.  The children were brought to baptizm 9 September 1677.  His widow married 12 August 1680, John Poor.

THOMAS DEAN, often with final e, THOMAS DEANE, Taunton, son of first John Dean.  He married 5 January 1670, Catharine Stephens, who survived him, had Thomas, born 1 February 1671, died in few days; Hannah, 14 February 1672; Thomas, again; Deborah; Catharine; Lydia; Mercy; and Elizabeth.  His will was probated 15 July 1697.

THOMAS DEAN, often with final e, THOMAS DEANE, Salem, son of George Dean of the same.  By wife Mary, had George, born 7 August 1692; Mary; and Thomas.  He had second wife 9 December 1701, Elizabeth Beedle, a widow as is said of Thomas.  He died about 1706.

THOMAS DEAN, often with final e, THOMAS DEANE, Boston.  He married Jane Scammon, daughter of Richard Scammon of Exeter, who died 9 October 1726, had Mary, born 20 August 1692; Thomas, 28 November 1694; Jane, 17 June 1636; Elizabeth, 20 September 1697; and Jane, again, 2 September 1698.  He removed to Hampton Falls and Salisbury.  He died about 1737.  Where he was born, or who was his father or grandfather, is beyond my knowledge.

WALTER DEAN, often with final e, WALTER DEANE, Taunton, younger brother of first John Dean, was from Chard in County Somerset, 12 or 14 miles from Taunton, freeman of that Colony 4 December 1638 had been with his brother first at Dorchester.  He married it is said, Eleanor Strong, daughter of Richard Strong of Taunton, England, who had come with her brother John Strong.  He had six children of whom only Benjamin, Ezra, and Joseph, before mentioned  are known.  He was Representative 1640, perhaps, and selectman many years after; and was with his wife living so late as 1693.

WILLIAM DEAN, often with final e, WILLIAM DEANE, Woburn.  He married 1 September 1670, Martha Bateman, daughter I presume, of Thomas Bateman of Concord, had Martha, born 17 August 1671; William, 5 July 1673; Samuel, 26 July 1675; John, 25 June 1677; and Sarah, who died young.

WILLIAM DEAN, often with final e, WILLIAM DEANE, Boston 1668.  By wife Jane, had Jane, born 12 March 1678.

WILLIAM DEAN, often with final e, WILLIAM DEANE, Dedham, carpenter.  He married 13 December 1677, Mehitable Wood, had Hannah, born 5 December 1678; Alice, 18 October 1680; Judith, 3 November 1682; Josiah, 7 March 1685; and Abigail, 23 January 1687.  He removed to Rehoboth, and had Seth, 7 April 1697; and William, 12 October 1701.  Rachel Dean, a widow came from London 1635 in the Planter married 28 October 1636, Joseph Beedle, or Joseph Biddle.  His will provides for her daughter Martha Dean who probably came with her mother.


EDMUND DEAR, or EDMUND DEARE, Ipswich, claimed legacy, 1678, by nuncupative will of Robert Denton. 

EDWARD DEAR, or EDWARD DEARE, Ipswich 1683, had, before 1665.  He married Elizabeth Griffin, daughter of Humphrey Griffin.



EBENEZER DEARBORN, Hampton, son of Thomas Dearborn.  He married 7 October 1703, Abigail Sanborn, had Ebenezer, born 27 January 1705; Mehitable, 14 November 1708; Peter, 14 November 1710; Benjamin, 13 August 1713; Thomas, 3 December 1715; Michael, 24 April 1719; Abigail, 27 January 1721; and Mary, 11 June 1723.  He removed with his family to Chester, where he was one of the first settlers.

GODFREY DEARBORN, Exeter 1639, was from some part of Devonshire perhaps Exeter.  His wife died 1651 or 52.  He had Henry Dearborn, born about 1632; Thomas Dearborn, about 1634; perhaps, also, a daughter brought from England.  Had here John, born about 1642, and probably two more daughters of which one was Sarah.  He was selectman in 1648, but early in 1651 was settler at Hampton.  There married 25 November 1662, Dorothy Dalton, daughter of Philemon Dalton, and lived in a house of which his descendants are still occupying.  Was a selectman and town clerk and died 4 February 1686.  His will was of 14 December 1680  His widow died before 1696.  Of his three daughters not named in the will, but earlier provided for, one was, perhaps, Esther, wife of Richard Shortridge of Portsmouth (for in the will is bequeathed to grandchildren Ann, son); and Sarah.  He married 9 December 1679 Thomas Nudd.

HENRY DEARBORN, Hampton, eldest son of the preceding, born in England.  He married 10 January 1666, Elizabeth Marion, daughter of John Marion, who died 6 July 1716, aged 72, had John, born 10 October 1666; Samuel, 11 January 1670; Elizabeth, 13 December 1672, died young; Sarah, 9 November 1675; Abigail; Elizabeth again, 19 November 1681; and Henry, 28 October 1688.  He died 18 January 1725, aged 92.  Sarah married 30 January 1698, Philemon Blake; Abigail married 28 May 1701, Samuel Palmer; and Elizabeth married 30 December 1704, William Sanborn.

HENRY DEARBORN, Hampton, son probably youngest of the preceding.  He married 28 October 1708, Hannah Dow, daughter of Simon Dow, who died 10 February 1717.  He married 3 January 1721, Mary Roby, daughter of Samuel Roby, who died 5 May 1739.  He married 3rd wife Esther, who survived him; and he died 26 April 1756.  His children by first wife were Sarah, born 20 February 1709; Hannah, 10 December 1710; Elizabeth; Henry, about 1715; and Simon, 21 January 1717.  By second wife he had only child Mary, born 2 June 1722.  But all the sons died before him.

JOHN DEARBORN, Hampton, youngest son of Godfrey Dearborn.  He married 12 December 1672, Mary Ward, daughter of Thomas Ward, had John, born 2 September 1673; Thomas, 22 June 1676; and Mary, 6 May 1678.  His wife died about 14 December 1725, aged 73.  He died 14 November 1730.

JOHN DEARBORN, Hampton, eldest son of first Henry Dearborn.  He married 4 November 1689, Abigail Bachelder, daughter of Nathaniel Bachelder, who died 14 November 1736, aged 68, had Deborah, born 8 February 1690; Jonathan, 8 May 1691; Elizabeth, 31 August 1692; Esther, 15 June 1694; Joseph, 8 February 1696; Abigail, 24 January 1700; Lydia, 4 April 1702; Ruth, 21 May 1705; Simon, 31 July 1706; and Benjamin, 12 November 1710.  He was Deacon of the church of New Hampton.  He died 22 November 1700.

JONATHAN DEARBORN, Hampton, youngest son of Thomas Dearborn.  By wife Mary, who died 5 April 1744, had Jonathan, born 22 May 1709; Daniel; Nathaniel; Shubael; and Mary.  He had second wife Sarah, who died 22 October 1762, aged 73.  He died 10 September 1771.

SAMUEL DEARBORN, Hampton, son of first Henry Dearborn.  He married 12 July 1694, Mercy Bachelder, daughter of Nathaniel Bachelder, had Mary, born 23 April 1695; Mercy and Mehitable, twins 21 February 1697; Sarah, 27 June 1699; Mercy, again, 18 February 1702; Jeremiah, 1 April 1704; Elizabeth, 9 November 1706, died soon; Nathaniel, 21 January 1710; Henry, 27 December 1712; Samuel, 1 September 1715; and Abigail, 19 October 1720.

SAMUEL DEARBORN, Hampton, eldest brother of Jonathan Dearborn.  He married 16 December 1698, Sarah Gove, youngest daughter of Edward Gove, had Ann, born 18 December 1699; Edward,26 May 1702; and Reuben.

THOMAS DEARBORN, Hampton, son of Godfrey Dearborn, born in England.  He married 28 December 1665, Hannah Colcord, daughter of Edward Colcord, who died 17 July 1720, aged 76, had Samuel, born 27 May 1676; Ebenezer, 3 October 1679; both before mentioned; Thomas, about 1681; and Jonathan, 18 November 1686.  He died 14 April 1710, and may have had children born within 10 years of his marriage but names are not given.

THOMAS DEARBORN, Hampton, son of the preceding.  He married 2 January 1701, Huldah Smith, daughter of John Smith, the cooper.  He had Mary, born 15 June 1702; Theodate, 18 December 1710; and Huldah, 3 November 1714, who all died young.


GEORGE DEARING, or GEORGE DEERING, Scarborough 1639.  He had probably son Roger.  His widow Elizabeth married Jonas Bayley.

ROGER DEARING, or ROGER DEERING, Scarborough, son probably of the preceding.  He died 1676.  He had son Roger Dearing at Kittery, who returned inventory 26 June 1676, in the amount of £136. 7. 3.

SAMUEL DEARING, or SAMUEL DEERING, Braintree.  He married Bethia Baxter, daughter of Gregory Baxter, had Bethia, born 6 April 1649.  His wife died 11 May 1651.  He married 15 November 1651 Mary Ray, and had Mary, 16 January 1653; Hannah, 14 February 1655; and Sarah, 30 June 1657, who died in few weeks.  This wife died 1 July 1657.  He married 10 November next, Mary Newcomb, daughter of Francis Newcomb, and had Rachel, and perhaps other children.  He was of the original settlers at Block Island 1661.

SAMUEL DEARING, or SAMUEL DEERING, Wrentham, perhaps son of the preceding.  By wife Hannah, had Hannah, born 23 January 1688, died young; Sarah, 3 December 1689; and Hannah, again, 16 April 1691.  But much contradiction appears in Genealogical Registrar XII. 347, unless we make two Samuels contemporary there, or will allow for perversion of numerals.


JOHN DEATH, Sudbury 1672.  By wife Mary Peabody, daughter of Francis Peabody of Topsfield, had John, born 2 January 1677; Hepzibah, 5 June 1680; Lydia, 26 March 1682; Samuel,12 September 1684; and Ruth, 20 July 1688.  He removed 1678 to Sherborn.  He perhaps died early.  His widow married 1690, Samuel Eames.  See Barry.

JOHN DEATH, Framingham, son of the preceding.  He married 17 January 1699, Elizabeth Barber, who died 28 May 1710, up to which time he was of Sherborn, where his son John was born 1710, and died soon.  He had in Sherborn 2nd wife Waitstill, and children Henry, born 22 September 1714; Mary, 10 October 1716; John, again, 4 December 1718, died young; Ruth, 20 April 1721; Abigail, 3 October 1723; John, 27 May 1726; Waitstill, 27 October 1728; and Hepzibah, 1731.  He died 14 December 1754.  This name was common in that part of the county, some years since, but within few years by the legislation, it has been changed to How.




JOHN DECKER, Exeter, 1672.

VALENTINE DECROW, Marshfield.  He married 26 February 1678, or 9, Martha Bourne, and she died 25 March 1724.


WILLIAM DEINS, named in a valuable paper on the Sturbridge black lead mine in Genealogical Registrar X. 160, as an overseer of said works, about 1657-59.  Gladly should we learn more, but it may well be despaired of; and probably the resident of this skilful man was transient as the prosperity of the undertaking.


JOHN DELAND, Beverly.  He had John, born 1685; Philip, 1687; and William, 1689.


JOHN DELANO, early JOHN DELANOYE, JOHN DELAUNY, or JOHN DELANOY, Duxbury, son of Philip Delano the first, was living 1690, but thought he probably had wife and family.  Of them nothing is known.

JONATHAN DELANO, early JONATHAN DELANOYE, JONATHAN DELAUNY, or JONATHAN DELANOY, Dartmouth, brother of the preceding, according to family genealogy was born 1648.  He married 26 February 1678, Mercy Warren, daughter of Nathaniel Warren, had Jonathan, Jabez, Sarah, Mercy, Nathan, Bethia, Susanna, Nathaniel, Esther, Jethro, and Thomas, as in the family scroll insertion, and we may regret that dates are not attained though order of successful is probably preserved.  He was constable, town clerk, surveyor, selectman, Lieutenant, and in 1689 Representative.  He died 23 December 1720, in 73rd year as Ricketson, 386, copies the inscription on grave stone, but family genealogy says 28 December.


PHILIP DELANO, early PHILIP DELANOYE, PHILIP DELAUNY, or PHILIP DELANOY, Plymouth, came in the Fortune 1621, born of French or Flemish Protestant parents, but of the England church at Leyden, Winslow says, and 19 years old at his coming.  He was son probably of Jean and Marie de Launey, baptized 7 December 1603 in the Walloon church of Leyden.  He was freeman of that Colony 1632.  He removed soon after to Duxbury.  He married 19 December 1634, Esther Dewsbury, and next, married 1657, Mary Pontus, widow of James Glass, daughter of William Pontus (though Ricketson makes her daughter of James Churchill, who is wholly unknown to me).  He had children (of which we are uncertain who may be elder or younger, whether all, or part, by first wife) Thomas, Mary, Philip, John, Jane, Rebecca, Jonathan, Esther, and Samuel.  But as a family genealogy in MS. has been given to me, though it is confined to the descendants of Jonathan, yet as it purports to give the offspring of the Dewsbury married three sons Samuel, Thomas, and Jonathan, besides one who died soon, it might seem probable that three daughters and one son came of the second marriage.  He removed to Bridgewater, was one of the purchasers of Dartmouth 1652, and in 1662, of Middleborough.  He died about 1681, about 79 years old.  Mary married 29 November 1655, Jonathan Durham.

PHILIP DELANO, early PHILIP DELANOYE, PHILIP DELAUNY, or PHILIP DELANOY, Duxbury, son of the preceding, had Philip, born early in 1678.  That is all known of this branch of the family.

SAMUEL DELANO, early SAMUEL DELANOYE, SAMUEL DELAUNY, or SAMUEL DELANOY, Duxbury, brother of the preceding.  He married Elizabeth Standish, daughter of Alexander Standish, and of his family we know no more.

THOMAS DELANO, early THOMAS DELANOYE, THOMAS DELAUNY, or THOMAS DELANOY, Duxbury, brother perhaps eldest of the preceding.  He married Mary Alden, daughter perhaps youngest of first John Alden, had Thomas, but we know not his date of birth nor indeed but by conjecture that he was of this wife whose marriage is given before 1667.  He married next, 24 October 1692 or 1699, Hannah Warren, widow of Robert Bartlett, daughter of Richard Warren.  In Winsor, 226, and 251, the various dates of this second marriage are found.  De la Noye was the name at first.


GEORGE DELL, or GEORGE DILL, Salem, 1693, removed to Boston, freeman 1651.  By wife Abigail, had John, born October 1645; Samuel, 31 August 1647; Joseph, February 1650; and Benjamin, 27 April 1632.  He was an active merchant.  He died abroad, probably in 1654, for an imperfect will of 3 November 1653, recites that he was bound from England to Ireland, thence to Virginia etc.  He had good amount of property.  Winthrop II 312.  His widow married 8 November 1655, John Hanniford.

JOSEPH DELL, or JOSEPH DILL, Boston, mariner, probably son of the preceding.  He had, 1678, wife  Elizabeth.

PETER DELL, or PETER DILL, Chelmsford 1691.


DAVID DEMING, DAVID DEMON, or DAVID DEMENT, Wethersfield, son of first John Deming.  By wife Mary (married 16 July 1678 by one report, and by another 14 August 1678) had David Deming, born 20 July 1681, Harvard College 1700, minister of Medway; Samuel, 9 August 1683; and Honour, 9 May 1685; to whom Chapin adds Mehitable, without date of birth.  He lived some years at Cambridge, and after in Boston. 

EBENEZER DEMING, EBENEZER DEMON, or EBENEZER DEMENT, Wethersfield, youngest brother of the preceding.  By wife Sarah, married 16 July 1677, had Ebenezer, born 5 May 1678; John, 26 July 1679; Sarah, 6 January 1681; Prudence; Ephraim; and Josiah.  He died 2 May 1705.

JOHN DEMING, JOHN DEMON, or JOHN DEMENT, Wethersfield 1635, one of the chief settlers, Representative very often from 1649 to 61, named in the charter of 1662.  He married Honour Treat, daughter of Richard Treat, had John, born 9 September 1638; and others.  His will of 26 June 1690, with probate 1705, names sons John; Jonathan, 1639; Samuel, 1646; David; Ebenezer; and five daughters, wives of John Morgan (whose name probably was Rachel); of Richard Beckley; of John Hurlbut (who was Mary); of Thomas Wright; and probably Sarah, wife of Samuel Moody, besides some grandchildren.

JOHN DEMING, JOHN DEMON, or JOHN DEMENT, Wethersfield, son of the preceding.  He married at Northampton, 20 September 1657, or by another account 12 December 1657, Mary Magot, or Mary Mygate, daughter of Joseph Mygate, had John, born 9 September 1658; Joseph, 1 June 1661; Jonathan, 12 February 1663; Mary, 1 July 1666; Samuel, 25 August 1668; Jacob, 26 August 1670 and Sarah, 17 January 1672; besides Hezekiah, as named by Chapin.  He was selectman 1662, Representative 1669 and 72, and died 23 January 1712. 

JONATHAN DEMING, JONATHAN DEMON, or JONATHAN DEMENT, Wethersfield, brother of the preceding, by two wives: Sarah married 21 November 1660, who died 5 June 1668; and Elizabeth Gilbert, daughter of Josiah Gilbert, married 25 December 1673, had Jonathan, born 27 November 1661; Thomas, 27 November 1679; Charles, 10 June 1681; Benjamin, 20 July 1684; Jacob, 20 December 1689; and seven daughters.  He died 8 January 1700 suddenly, aged about 61.  The daughters were, according to Chapin, Sarah, born 12 August 1663; Mary, 11 July 1665; Comfort, 5 June 1668; Elizabeth, 12 June 1674; one, with ineffable name, 16 February 1676; Mary, again, 24 October 1692; and Ann, 1 October 1695.  His widow died 4 September 1714.

NICHOLAS DEMING, NICHOLAS DEMON, or NICHOLAS DEMENT, Pemaquid, swore fidelity to Massachusetts 1674.

SAMUEL DEMING, SAMUEL DEMON, or SAMUEL DEMENT, Wethersfield, brother of Jonathan Deming.  By wife Sarah Kirby, daughter of John Kirby, married 29 March 1694, had John, born 7 or 27 December 1694; David, 29 December 1696; Samuel, 12 June 1699; Honour, 16 December 1701; and William, 10 May 1705.  He died 6 April 1709, aged about 63; of course he was past middle age at marriage.

THOMAS DEMING, THOMAS DEMON, or THOMAS DEMENT, Wethersfield, perhaps brother of first John Deming.  He married 24 July 1645, Mary Sheaffe, was of Farmington, and removed again to Southampton, Long Island, thence to Easthampton, where posterity is still living. Sometimes in the record the name is Demon, or Dement, and the affinity is exceedingly difficult to be traced with exactness.  Eight of this name had, in 1828, been graduates at New England Colleges.




HENRY DENGAYNE, or HENRY DINGHAM, Watertown, a physician, had grants of land in February and June 1637, as Francis in his History Sketch, 132, tells.  He married April 1641, Elizabeth Alcock, daughter of Deacon George Alcock, and died of apoplexy, 8 December 1645, as Roxbury church record tells.


THOMAS DENHAM, Rye, in Connecticut jurisdiction in 1681 was 60 years old.  In 1677 he had preached at Rye, and the General court voted £10 to encourage his settlement.  But no more is known.  In Mather’s Hecatompolis he is not seen.


DANIEL DENISON, DANIEL DENYSON, Cambridge 1633, son of William Denison of Roxbury, born in England about 1612, freeman 1 April 1634.  He married Patience Dudley, daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley, who survived and was executrix of his will.  He removed to Ipswich with its early planters, and was its Representative 1635, and seven years after, speaker 1649, and 51, and 52, artillery company 1660, and in every rank of the military to the highest in 1660, an Assistant from 1654 till death on 19 September 1682, aged 70.  His widow died 8 February 1690.  Of children I find no mention of any but John and Elizabeth, wife of John Rogers, President of Harvard College.  His will of 18 July 1673, with codicil of 28 February 1679, and another of 22 December 1680, gives names of his grandchildren is in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 23.

EDWARD DENISON, EDWARD DENYSON, Roxbury, brother of the preceding, born in England.  He married 20 March 1641, Elizabeth Weld, daughter of Joseph Weld, had Elizabeth, born 8 August 1642; John, 14 May 1644, died at 4 months; Edward, who died 6 October 1646; Jeremiah, 6 December 1647, baptized 9 January following died May 1649; Joseph, baptized 8 April 1649, died next month; Margaret, born 15, baptized 19 December 1650; Mary, baptized 27 March 1654; Hannah, born 10, baptized 16 September 1655; Sarah, 4 November baptized 6 December 1657, who married Thomas Robinson; Deborah, 16, baptized 23 September 1660, died in 1663; one, without name, buried as soon as born 2 June 1663; William Denison, born 18 September 1664, Harvard College 1681; and Deborah, again, 30 October 1666, died next year,  He died 26 April 1668.  He had been among the friends of Wheelwright, disarmed in 1637, yet dignified as Mr. but was made freeman 1648, and was Representative in 1652 and 55.  His widow Elizabeth died 5 February 1717.  The son William and two daughters were the only children of this large number that survived him.

GEORGE DENISON, GEORGE DENYSON, Roxbury, brother of the preceding, born in England about 1620, or perhaps earlier.  He married May 1640, Bridget Thomson, had Sarah, baptized 20 March 1642; and Hannah, born 20, baptized 21 May 1643.  In August 1643 his wife died, and he went to England, served in the Parliament's army.  There found second wife Ann Borrodell, daughter of John Borrodell, or John Borrowdale, who gave her a house in Cork, Ireland.  But he came back to Roxbury, had John, born 14 June 1646; Ann, 20 May 1649.  He was freeman 1648, and some two or three years after went to Pequot, as New London was called.  There had George, 1652; William, 1655; Borrodell, 1657; Margaret, 1660; and Mary, 1670, who died 1671; all baptized 1670.  He was a Captain 1653, and much distinguished in Philip's war as a skilful and enterprising commander.  He died 23 October 1694, at Hartford.  In his will of 20 November 1693 names John, George, William, besides daughters Sarah, wife of Thomas Stanton, Hannah, wife of Joseph Saxton, Ann, wife of Gershom Palmer, Margaret Brown, and Borrodell, wife of Samuel Stanton.  His widow died 26 September 1712, aged 97 by the grave stone.

GEORGE DENISON, GEORGE DENYSON, Stonington, or Westerly, son of the preceding.  He married Mary Gorham or Mercy Gorham, daughter of John Gorham of Barnstable, had Edward, and Joseph, both baptized 1683; Mercy, 1685; Samuel, 1686; Elizabeth 1690; Desire, 1693; Thankful, 1695; and George, 1699.

JAMES DENISON, JAMES DENYSON, New Haven.  He married 25 November 1662, Bethia Boykem, daughter of Jarvis Boykem, had James, born August 1664, died soon; John, November 1665, died at 3 years; Mary, or Mercy, 26 July 1668; Sarah, 12 April 1671; Hannah, 1673 probably died young; John and James, again, twins 6 February 1677, of who James died soon; Elizabeth, 24 November 1681; and James, again, 5 January 1683.  He died 8 May 1719, aged 78.  Sarah married 1710, Joseph Sackett; and Elizabeth married 1707, Samuel Harrison.

JAMES DENISON, JAMES DENYSON, New Haven, youngest son of the preceding.  He had Jesse, James, Desire, Lydia, Sybil, Abigail, Sarah, and John.

JOHN DENISON, JOHN DENYSON, Ipswich 1648.  By Farmer was thought to be a brother of the Major General but I can hardly think so, unless he went home, as we know no more of him.

JOHN DENISON, JOHN DENYSON, Ipswich, only son of Daniel Denison.  He married Martha Symonds, daughter of Deputy Governor Symonds, had John Denison, Harvard College 1684 (who was minister of Ipswich, colleague with Hubbard.  He married Elizabeth Saltonstall, daughter of Nathaniel Saltonstall.  He died soon, in September 1689, leaving only child John Denison, Harvard College 1710.  The widow married Reverend Rowland Cotton; and had Daniel; and Martha.  She died 9 January 1671.  His widow before death of his father had married Richard Martin, who may have been son of Samuel Martin.  Martha.  He married Matthew Whipple,  She died 12 September 1728, aged 60.

JOHN DENISON, JOHN DENYSON, Stonington, eldest son of George Denison the first.  He married 1667, Phebe Lay, daughter of Robert Lay of Saybrook, had Phebe, born 1667; John, January 1669; George Denison, 28 March 1671, Harvard College 1693, a man of much distinction; Robert, 17 September 1673; William, 7 April 1677; Daniel, 28 March 1680; Samuel, 23 February 1683, died soon; Ann, 3 October 1684; and Sarah, 29 July 1692; besides Phebe, born probably between Ann and Sarah, as she has that order of success in father's will.  He died 1698.  His eldest son had the Saybrook land given to his mother by her father and died 1699, having had three sons and one daughter.  George Denison was clerk of the Courts.  Robert had Robert Denison, who at the taking of Louisburg 1745, was Captain in Governor Wolcott's regiment, and for good service was made Major.

JOHN DENISON, JOHN DENYSON, New Haven, son of first James Denison.  He married Grace Brown, daughter of John Brown, had Abigail, born 13 November 1705; Sarah and John, twins 10 May 1708, of who John died soon; Elizabeth, 28 August 1710; Mehitable, 2 October 1713; and Mary, 29 March 1716.

ROBERT DENISON, ROBERT DENYSON, Milford, about 1645.  He had Samuel, born 1656; Esther, 1658; and Hannah, 1662.  He removed 1667 with Branford people to Newark, New Jersey.


WILLIAM DENISON, WILLIAM DENYSON, Roxbury.  He came with wife Margaret, and sons Daniel, Edward and George, before mentioned.  In 1631 was, perhaps in the Lion with Winthrop's wife and eldest son besides apostle Eliot.  In the record of which church he stands third in the list.  He was freeman 3 July 1632, Representative 1635, but in 1637 takes side with Wheelwright, and was disarmed.  His wife died 3 February 1646, in the church record of Eliot's affection, called "old mother Denison".  He died 25 January 1654.

WILLIAM DENISON, WILLIAM DENYSON, Boston, lived at Pulling point.  He married 27 October 1659, Mary Parker.

WILLIAM DENISON, WILLIAM DENYSON, Stonington, youngest son of George Denison the Captain, was a Lieutenant.  He married Sarah Stanton, widow of the second Thomas Prentice of Newton, daughter of Thomas Stanton the first, had William, baptized 1686; Sarah, born 1689; and George, 1692.  He died 26 March 1715, aged 59.

WILLIAM DENISON, WILLIAM DENYSON, Roxbury, son of Edward Denison, freeman 1690, was Representative 1692.  He married 12 May 1686, Dorothy Weld, daughter of Thomas Weld; but the town record has no children.  He died 22 March 1718.  His widow married 28 April 1720, Samuel Williams the second.  Of this name six had been graduates in 1834 at Harvard but not one within 90 years, and of them I am uncertain about the parentage of Daniel, in 1690, and George, in 1693, but the earlier has the star mark in the catalogue of 1698.  At other New England Colleges seven had been graduates besides two with double names.


WILLIAM DENLO, Pemaquid, took oath of fidelity to Massachusetts 1674.


ALEXANDER DENMAN, perhaps of Hampton.  He married about 1678, the widow of Abraham Perkins, junior, probably daughter of Thomas Sleeper.

JOHN DENMAN, Dorchester.  He had Mary who married Clement Maxfield.  But great uncertainty prevails with reference to his residence as no success in following the search for line in Dorchester.  In the administration on estate of widow Smead by her brother Israel Stoughton, 1639, of Dorchester this man is entitled to a share of her property as well as his daughter Maxfield.

PHILIP DENMAN, Derby.  He had born there, Mary, in 1678; Elizabeth 1680; Sarah, 1682; Micah, 1684; and Hannah.  He died 1698.  In his will mentioned wife and the five children.


PATRICK DENMARK, Dover 1663, was after at Saco.  He had Patrick, born 8 April 1664; and James, 13 March 1666.


JOHN DENNETT, Portsmouth, freeman 1672.  He had Ephraim, born 2 August 1683, who was a counselor appointed by mandamus, 1732, for New Hampshire, where the name continues. 


FRANCIS DENNING, and JOHN DENNING, Massachusetts 1664.  Felt.

WILLIAM DENNING, Boston 1634, was in the employment of William Brenton, and perhaps came with him the year preceding.  He died 20 January 1654.  By his will made 18 January 1654, probated 31 January 1654, his wife Ann and son Obadiah are named, but the latter absent, and the father gives him, "in case he doth not come personally into the country," for half the testator’s estate "twenty shillings and no more."


EDWARD DENNIS, Boston 1636.  By wife Sarah, had Sarah, baptized 9 August 1640, and Mary, at 6 days old, 3 July 1642; Martha, born 1, baptized 5 May 1644; John, 18, baptized 22 February 1646; and Joseph, 13 June 1648.  He came in the employment of William Hutchinson.  His widow Sarah married 15 August 1656, Abner Ordway of Watertown.

GEORGE DENNIS, New London 1680, came thither from Long Island.  He married 26 January 1681, Elizabeth Raymond, daughter of Joshua Raymond, had Ebenezer, born 23 October 1682.

JAMES DENNIS, Boston.  By wife Mary, had John, born 6 December 1653; and John, again, 4 August 1655, both died soon; Mary, 4 August 1660; James; Amos; and Agnes.  He may have lived at Marblehead 1674, and later.


ROBERT DENNIS, Yarmouth 1643-1669.  He had there Mary, born 19 September 1649.

ROBERT DENNIS, Newport, perhaps son of the preceding.  He married 19 November 1672, Sarah Howland of Duxbury, (says the Friend's record of Newport) perhaps daughter of John Howland the second, had Mary, born 20 September 1673; Robert, 6 November 1677; Sarah, 31 October 1679; and John, 15 August 1682.

THOMAS DENNIS, Boston 1630.  He came in the fleet with Winthrop, had Thomas, born on the voyage, probably therefore on board the Jewell, 29 May, as related by Winthrop I. 21.  He removed to New Jersey and was a proprietor of Woodbridge, and its Representative 1668.  Samuel Dennis, possibly his son, was of the council in that Province 1684-92.

THOMAS DENNIS, Boston 1657, probably son of the preceding.  He married Mary Beamsley, widow of Robison, daughter of William Beamsley, who mentioned her in his will.

THOMAS DENNIS, Rowley 1691.  He may have been a proprietor 1678 at Ipswich.

WILLIAM DENNIS, Scituate.  He made his will 16 February 1650, as by the abstract in Genealogical Registrar V. 335, is shown, but though his wife Judith is made executrix and he gives only to son-in-law William Parker and Remember, Dependence, and Experience Litchfield, child of Lawrence, who had married Judith, daughter of his wife no doubt.  Yet there may be doubt whether any children of his mentions Parker or Litchfield.


HENRY DENSLOW, Windsor 1644, probably was from Dorchester.  He had Susanna, born 3 September 1646; Mary, 10 April 1651; Ruth, 19 September 1653; Abigail, 5 February 1656; Deborah, 21 December 1657; Samuel, 19 December 1659; Hannah, 1 March 1662; and Elizabeth, 11 February 1666.  He was killed by the Indians 1676.  Susanna married 1 August 1666, John Hodge; Mary married 5 April 1669, Thomas Rowley; Deborah married 1678, John Hoskins; Elizabeth married 1686, William King of Northampton; and Hannah married 1687, Henry Burt.

JOHN DENSLOW, Windsor, perhaps brother of the preceding or of Nicholas Denslow, or both, freeman of Connecticut 1657.  He married 7 June 1655, Mary Eggleston, had John, born 13 August 1656; Mary, 10 March 1658; Thomas, 22 April 1661; Deborah, 29 May 1663; Joseph, 12 April 1665; Benjamin, 30 March 1668; Abraham, 8 March 1670; George, 8 April 1672; Isaac, 12 April 1674; and Abigail, 7 November 1677, who died at 12 years; besides Abraham, 8 March 1679.  He died 10 September 1689.

NICHOLAS DENSLOW, Dorchester 1630, perhaps came in the Mary and John, or in the fleet  with Winthrop, freeman 4 March 1633.  He removed about 1640 to Windsor.  He died March 1667.  By wife Elizabeth, who died 13 August 1669, had no sons but two daughters Joan, who married Aaron Cook, as his second wife and Temperance, who married Thomas Buckland.

SAMUEL DENSLOW, Windsor, son of Henry Denslow.  He had Hannah, born 14 November 1690; Elizabeth, 9 March 1693; Sarah, 13 February 1695; Samuel, 14 July 1697; Benjamin, 29 March 1701; and Joseph, 24 March 1704.


FRANCIS DENT, Lynn, freeman 14 May 1634.  He died 1638 or early in 1639.


DANIEL DENTON, Jamaica, Long Island 1656, perhaps eldest son of Reverend Richard Denton, a justice in 1666, perhaps went to England, at least he published 1670 at London a brief description of New York etc. but after few years returned to our country and fixed himself at Springfield.  He married 24 April 1676, Hannah Leonard, daughter of John Leonard, perhaps as second or third wife, had Hannah, born 1677; Samuel, 1679; and Sarah, 1681.  He was probably a school-master, certainly a physician, always had prefix of respect in the record.  He called himself in 1684, of Westfield, but removed to Jamaica 1686.  But at Springfield Abigail Denton, probably his daughter by former wife, married 9 October 1682, Benjamin Stebbins.

RICHARD DENTON, Wethersfield about 1640, bred at the University of Cambridge where he had his A.B. 1623, being of Catherine Hall.  He perhaps came over in 1638, or 39; and we fear, that the long dissentions at Wethersfield about Reverend Henry Smith made it desirable for him to remove about 1644.  He he went to Stamford, and after few months or years to Hempstead, Long Island, where he died 1663.  Probably he had family perhaps Daniel Denton, before mentioned.  We learn from Mather that he had been a minister at Halifax in Yorkshire and the most of his chapter 9 in Book III. 95 is taken up with telling that he was a little man, blind of one eye, and wrote a system of divinity.  Better authority tells that he was of good family and had, in 1631, curacy of Coley Chapel in that large parish.

RICHARD DENTON, Dorchester.  He married 11 December 1657, Ruth Tileston, daughter of Thomas Tileston.  He died 28 December 1658.  His widow married 13 October 1663, Timothy Foster.

ROBERT DENTON, Ipswich.  He died about June 1678, probably without heir.


CHARLES DERBY, Salem, son of Roger Derby.  He died 8 October 1690 in the crusade against Quebec.

EDWARD DERBY, Braintree 1660.  He married 25 January of that year Susanna Hooke, had Mary, Eleazer, and others. This Eleazer had Eleazer Derby, and was grandfather of Reverend Jonathan Derby in Harvard College 1747.  Catalogue gives Dorby.

EDWARD DERBY, Weymouth, perhaps son of the preceding.  By wife Ruth, had Edward, born 18 May 1688; and Samuel, 1 May 1689.

FRANCIS DERBY, Warwick, died 1663.  His will of October 1663 mentions wife Ann, eldest son Francis, and other children without naming them. The widow married John Read.  Her son Francis was born 20 January 1660; and Eleazer, 21 March 1662.

FRANCIS DERBY, Warwick, son of the preceding.  He had his house burned by the Indians.  Removed to Southold, Long Island, before April 1683.

JOHN DERBY, Plymouth 1637, son of Christopher Derby, from west part of Dorset shire.  He removed to Yarmouth before 1643, and was dead in February 1652, yet his inventory is of 22 February 1656.  He had a son born "the last of February" 1648, whose name is lost from the record; and Matthew, 8 February 1650.

RICHARD DERBY, Plymouth 1637, brother of John Derby, called a gentleman.

RICHARD DERBY, Salem, son of Roger Derby.  He married 25 February 1702, Martha Haskett, had John, born 27 December 1702; Mary, 9 January 1707; Richard, 12 September 1712; and Martha.  He died 25 July 1715.

ROGER DERBY, Ipswich 1671.  He came from Topsham in Devonshire.  He removed 1681 to Salem, there died 1698.  In England he had married 23 August 1668, Lucretia Kilham, or Lucretia Hilman, who died 25 May 1689, and had Charles, born in England 27 July 1669; Experience, 18 December 1671; Samuel, 24 November 1673; Roger, 1 January 1675; John, 25 February 1677; Richard, 8 October 1679; Lucretia, 17 August 1681; and Ebenezer, 9 July 1683, died at 5 years.  His wife died 25 May 1689.  He took a second wife Elizabeth by whom he had Elizabeth, 14 March 1692; Margaret, 10 December 1695; and Martha, 11 September 1697.  His eldest son died in the sad expedition of Phips, 1690.  Martha married 1719, Joshua Hicks.  He was a shopkeeper, assisted by his wife in that way.  He was founder of the distinguished family of this name, great grandfather of Elias Hasket Derby who died 1799 at Salem.

ROGER DERBY, Salem, son of the preceding.  By wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 10 March 1692; Margaret, 14 August 1693; Ann, 10 December 1695; and Martha, 30 September 1697.  Variations of this patronymic to Dorby and Darby may be presumed.  Nine of this name included Reverend Jonathan Dorby 1747, minister of Scituate, a man of great promise, great grandson of Edward Derby before mentioned.  Had been graduates in 1828 at Harvard and one at Bowd.


GEORGE DERING, or GEORGE DEERING, Scarborough 1645.  Maine History Collections I. 288.  See Dearing.

HENRY DERING, or HENRY DEERING, Boston 1663, born as the family genealogy has it, 16 August 1639.  He married 8 June 1664, Ann Benning, daughter of Ralph Benning, had Ann, born 31 May 1667.  He married next, 15 November 1676, Elizabeth Mitchelson, widow of Theodore Atkinson, daughter of Edward Mitchelson, had Elizabeth, born 4 January 1679; Mary and Martha, twins 1682, both died young; and Henry, 6 October 1684.  He was Ensign in one of the Boston military companies.  He and his wife were buried 1717 in one grave; as in another were Robert Winsor and wife the same evening.  Hutchinson II. 223.  Elizabeth married William Welsteed.

HENRY DERING, or HENRY DEERING, Boston, son of the preceding.  He married 8 February 1709, Elizabeth Packer, had Henry, born 1712, died soon; Henry, again, 1713, died young; Elizabeth, 20 November 1715; Mary, 17 February 1718; Thomas, 16 May 1720; Henry, third, 1722, died young; Ann, 6 October 1724; Mitchelson, 1726, died young; Sarah, 1728, died young; Abigail, 1730, died young; Sarah, again, 25 November 1732; and Henry, fourth, 13 January 1735.  The family name was perpetuated by Thomas.  But another Deering family which I am unable to get account of, was of Braintree, and spread to Wrentham.


WILLIAM DERMIT, Piscataqua 1633, under Wannerton.  Belknap I. 425.


ISAAC DESBOROUGH, Lynn.  He came in the Hopewell, Captain Bundock, from London 1635, aged 18.  He was of Elltisley, about 12 miles from Cambridge, England.  He was, no doubt, relative of Major General John Desborough, who married a sister of Oliver Cromwell, and so by the usurpery entrusted to be of his upper house; and we may be sure went home in few years after 1638, when Lewis gives him residing here.

SAMUEL DESBOROUGH, New Haven 1639, probably from London, son of James Desborough of Elltisley in County Cambridge, England.  Lord of that manor, probably brother of Isaac Desborough, born 13 or 30 November 1619.  He was one of the early settlers of Guilford 1641.  At the gathering of the church 19 June 1643, though so young, he was one of the seven pillars. The name of his wife is not found, probably he had more than one.  Daughter Sarah, born March 1649, is the only record of his family.  In Mather, II. cap. 12, he is called John Desborough in the list of Assistants of the Colony, but that error is less gross than that of the date 1637, which was before any part of the Colony was occupied by Christians.  He went home in the autumn of 1650, with his minister Whitfield.  His wife died of smallpox late in 1654.  He married Rose Penoyer, daughter of Samuel Penoyer, whose brother William Penoyer, a merchant of London, benefactor of Harvard College was trustee in the main settlement.  Being brother of John Desborough, the Major General who had married a sister of Cromwell, and was one of his Lords, he got rapid preferment, was a General officer, commissioner of the revenues, and was soon chosen to Parliament in 1651 for Edinburgh, and in 1656 by Oliver's favor was returned to another of his assemblies, nicknamed Parliaments for Mid Lothian, and rose to be Chancellor for the ancient kingdom, with £2,000 annual allowance in which Station he continued some time under Richard. That successor in the royal protector ship, his brother was one of the principal instruments of overthrowing; as he had, indeed, successfully counteracted the desperate ambition of the great captain for the title of king, though he was elevated by his brother-in-law to a seat in the "other house," with the empty name of Lord.  See the very copious and curious letters of Maidstone to Governor Winthrop of Connecticut 3 Massachusetts History Collections I. 185.  How long he preserved this dignity in the conquered Kingdom is not told.  He died 10 December 1690, at family estate of Elsworth, Cambridge shire.  See Styles, History of the Judges, 35.  Noble, member of the Cromwell family II. 254.


ISAAC DESCHAMPS, Boston.  He had Isaac, baptized at Old South church 17 June 1677.  He was probably a Huguenot.


DEUCE. See Druce.


JOSEPH DEVELL, JOSEPH DEVEL, JOSEPH DAVOLL, or JOSEPH DEVILL, Portsmouth, Rhode Island or Newport, perhaps son of William Devell of the same, was of Westerly 1669.  He married Mary Brayton, daughter of the first Francis Brayton, as I judge, had Mary, who died young.  His wife died before 1671.  He lived in the Niantic country, then his daughter Mary married 18 March 1689, James Talman.  He had second wife Elizabeth who outlived him, and she married Christopher Champlin. 

WILLIAM DEVELL, WILLIAM DEVEL, WILLIAM DAVOLL, or WILLIAM DEVILL, Braintree.  He had John, born 24 June 1643, died at 3 weeks.  He probably removed to Newport, there was in list of freeman 1655.


THOMAS DEVENISH, or THOMAS DAVENISH, Salem 1639, administered with wife Mary of the church 1641, freeman 2 June of that year.  He had Mary, baptized 18 July 1641; and Bethia, 30 November 1643; and probably other children.


JOHN DEVEREUX, JOHN DEVORIX or JOHN DEVEROE, Salem, came, perhaps in the fleet with Winthrop 1630, a youth of 16, was on Marblehead side 1648, freeman 1683, and living in 1694.  Probably by wife Ann, he had John, and Susanna, who married 10 January 1695, Stephen Parker of Andover.  Four of these names had been graduates In 1834 at Harvard and two at Yale.  A large family of divines of this name was in Suffolk England 3 Massachusetts History Collections X. 148.


EDWARD DEVOTION, Roxbury, lived at that part of Boston called Muddy River, now Brookline, when he joined the church at Brookline March 1645, then single, freeman 1645.  He had baptized Mary, 25 February 1649, four days old; his wife Mary was baptized the same day at Roxbury; Elizabeth, at Brookline 20 April 1651; and at Roxbury Martha, 13 March 1653; Hannah, 3 December 1654; at Brookline again, Deborah, 17 May 1657, died unmarried at 25 years; John, 26 June 1659; and at Roxbury again, Sarah, 19 January 1662; Edward, 12 July 1663; and Thomas, 1 May 1670.  He died 28 September 1685, aged 64.  In his will made 25 September 1685 of whom wife Mary and son John were executors, he mentioned also sons Edward and Thomas, daughter Sarah Griffin, but no other daughters.   Of the daughters Elizabeth married 2 September 1674, Joseph Weld, died 15 February 1679; Martha married 2 September 1674, John Ruggles junior, grandson of Thomas Ruggles; and Hannah married 1 May 1679, John Ruggles who had married her sister and died 17 December 1700; but she married a Paine, after death of Ruggles 16 December 1694.

JOHN DEVOTION, Suffield, son of the preceding.  In his will of October 1732, probated February 1733, it names wife Hannah, sons Edward, Reverend Ebenezer, and Constant, and Thomas, both sons of his deceased son John, also the heirs of his two deceased daughters Hannah Leavitt, and Abigail Eddy, also granddaughter Elizabeth Pratt, and son-in-law Joseph Kellogg.  He left good estate.  His son Ebenezer Devotion, Harvard College 1707, ordained 28 June 1710, minister of Suffield, born at Brookline, was father of Reverend Ebenezer Devotion, Yale College 1732, of Windham, who died 6 September 1802, aged 72, and so progenitor of many other graduates at that College.


AMBROSE DEW, or AMBROSE DUE, Boston, cordwainer.  He married 10 February 1652, Esther Barker, daughter of Nicholas Barker, had Patience, born 1 December 1654.

THOMAS DEW, or THOMAS DUE, Marblehead 1668.


THOMAS DEWER, Boston 1648, tailor.  By wife Ann, had Thomas, who died 3 December 1652; David; John; Sampson; Joseph, 24 June 1652; and Thomas, again, the last born 26 August 1655.


JOHN DEWERSON, Salisbury 1666.


ISRAEL DEWEY, Windsor, son of Thomas Dewey.  He married 28 August 1668, Abigail Drake, daughter of Job Drake, had Israel, born 30 December 1673.  He died 1678.

JEDEDIAH DEWEY, Westfield, brother of the preceding, freeman 1680.  By wife Sarah, had Sarah, born 28 March 1672; Margaret, 10 January 1674; Jedediah, 14 June 1676; Daniel, 9 March 1679; Thomas, 29 June 1682; Joseph, 10 May 1684; Hannah, 14 March 1686; Mary, 1 March 1688; James, 3 April 1692; and Abigail, 17 November 1694.  His wife died 20 November 1711, and he died 1718.

JOHN DEWEY, Windsor, may have been son of Thomas Dewey by first wife.  He was drowned 23 June 1640.

JOSIAH DEWEY, Westfield, son of Thomas Dewey.  He married 6 November 1662, Hepzibah Lyman, daughter of Richard Lyman of Northampton.  By second wife Experience, had Nathaniel and Ebenezer, twins born 20 February 1672, of whom Ebenezer died young; Joseph, 11 August 1674, died young; Elizabeth, 10 July 1677; Joseph and Experience, twins 9 April 1682, of whom Joseph died at 2 months; and Benjamin, 8 July 1685, died soon.  He removed to Lebanon 1696.

THOMAS DEWEY, Dorchester 1633, whose name Dr. Harris read Duce, freeman 14 May 1634.  He removed early, perhaps with Warham to Windsor.  There married 22 March 1639, widow Frances Clark (who had only child Mary), by her had Thomas, baptized 16 February 1640; Josiah, 10 October 1641; Ann, 15 October 1643; Israel, born 25 September 1645; and Jedediah, 15 December 1647.  The valuable recent History of Windsor page 578, makes the last two dates of baptism which could not be, for one was Wednesday, and one Thursday.  He was Cornet of the troop.  He died or was buried 27 April 1648.  His widow married 2 or 30 November 1648, George Phelps, who removed about 1668 to Westfield, and with him went the entire Dewey's except Israel.

THOMAS DEWEY, Northampton, son of the preceding, but first at Westfield.  He married 1 June 1663, Constance Hawes, daughter of Richard Hawes, of Dorchester, had Mary, who died 11 January 1666; Samuel, born 25 June 1670; Hannah, 21 February 1672; Elizabeth, 10 January 1676; James, 3 July 1678, died young; Abigail, 14 February 1680; James, again, 12 November 1683, died young.  He died 27 April 1690 at Westfield.  His widow died 26 April 1703.  All of this name in New England of which twelve had been graduates in 1834 at New England Colleges descend from Thomas Dewey.


HENRY DEWHURST, came in the Defence 1635, aged 35.


ANDREW DEWING, sometimes ANDREW DEWEN, Dedham, artillery company 1644, freeman 1646.  He had there baptized John, 17 March 1650, died soon; John, again, 29 June 1651; Rachel, 27 June 1658; perhaps Jonathan; and others, besides one 19 April 1663, whose name (perhaps Lydia, who married 15 December 1683, John Bacon) is not given in the record; and Ann, 6 May 1666, who married 17 February 1686, Daniel Wight of the same.

JONATHAN DEWING, sometimes JONATHAN DEWEN, Dedham, perhaps son of the preceding.  He married Susanna Bacon, daughter of John Bacon of the same.


BALTHAZAR DEWOLF, Wethersfield 1664, removed to Lyme 1668.  There had a daughter of age to live in a neighbor's family; Edward, Simon, and Stephen, which may have been all, as was Simon, his son (or not).  He joined with him in 1678, as member of the town train band, in a petition.

EDWARD DEWOLF, Lyme.  He had Simon, born 28 November 1671; Charles, 18 September 1673; Benjamin, 3 December 1675; besides Edward, whose date is not on the record.

SIMON DEWOLF, Lyme, son of Balthazar Dewolf.  He married 12 November 1682, Sarah Lay, had Simon, born 1683; Sarah, 1685; John, 1687; Josiah, 1689; Phebe, 1692; Daniel, 1693; and Jabez.  He died 1696.

STEPHEN DEWOLF, Lyme 1676.  He had Edward, born about 1686.  By a second wife Hannah, who survived, he ad others.  He died 17 October 1702.


FRANCIS DEXTER, a youth of 13, came in the Planter 1635; but where he lived is unknown.

GREGORY DEXTER, Providence, preacher in the Baptist Church 1643, had been a printer and stationer in London, there brought out that curious book, Roger Williams’ Key into the language of America, and his admiration of the author induced him to follow or accompany him.  He was town clerk 1654, and President the year before.  He died at 90 years it is said, in 1700.  His children by wife Abigail were Stephen, born 1 November 1647; James, 6 May, perhaps 1650, but the year is not plain; John, 6 November 1652; and Abigail, 24 September 1655, who married James Angel.  But in the later days, a descendant of the sixth generation from Gregory Dexter has enlarged the family with Peleg, 1658.  Thomas, I. 418.  Knowles, 253, 270.

JAMES DEXTER, Providence, son probably of Gregory Dexter, swore allegiance May 1671.  He had, it is said, Peleg, born 1673; and Isabel, 1675.

JOHN DEXTER, Charlestown, or Malden, son probably of Richard Dexter.  By wife Sarah, it is said, had Sarah, born 11 June 1674.  He died 8 December 1677.  This son John had, it is said, eight children of which the second son Samuel Dexter was minister of distinction at Dedham, and illustrated descendants to our day.

JOHN DEXTER, Sandwich, son of the second Thomas Dexter.  He married 10 November 1682, Mehitable Hallet, daughter of the first Andrew Hallet, had Elizabeth, born 1 November following; Thomas, 26 August 1686; Abigail, 26 May 1689.  He removed to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, there was living 24 June 1717.

JOHN DEXTER, Providence, brother of James Dexter of the same, probably for he took the oath of allegiance at the same time.  And to him the family genealogy gives Stephen, born 1689; James, 1691; John, 1692; Mary, 1694; Abigail, 1696; Sarah, 1698; Phebe, 1700; Ann, 1702; and Alice, 1705.

PELEG DEXTER, Providence, perhaps son of Gregory Dexter.  He had, it is said, John, Gideon, James, and Barzillai, yet no date for either is found, nor name of mother nor daughter of father, which deficiencies would raise doubts as to authenticity, were not the same want felt as to the others. The misfortune is bitterly aggravated by the failure of all issue to the whole four sons and leaves no slight fear of their right on the chart.

RICHARD DEXTER, Boston, administered a townsman 28 February 1642.  He was of Charlestown 1644, on Mystic side, where his estate descended through five generations.  By wife Bridget, one of the friends of the meek preacher, Marmaduke Matthews of Malden, he had Sarah, born 1 November 1644, who married Edmund Pinson, as second wife I presume; and other children of whose names I know only Elizabeth who married about 1658, James Mellen; and Alice, wife of Benjamin Mussey, both born perhaps in England.  And two other children it is said, of which one was John, born about 1640; and the other named Ann.  He was, I think, grandfather of John Dexter, the father of Reverend Samuel Dexter, born at Malden, 23 October 1700, Harvard College 1720, minister of Dedham, ordained 6 May 1724, father of Honorable Samuel Dexter, born 16 March 1726, who was distinguished as patriot before the Revolution and died at Mendon 10 June 1810, leaving bequeath to promote the study of sacred literature at Harvard College.

STEPHEN DEXTER, Providence, son probably of Gregory Dexter, took oath of allegiance June 1668.  He had John, born 1670, and no more is told of.  Not one of Gregory's children is the time of death given on the beautiful genealogy chart.

STEPHEN DEXTER, Barnstable, son of William Dexter.  He married 27 April 1696, Ann Sanders, had Mary, born 24 August 1696; one son born 22 December 1697, died next month; Abigail, 13 May 1699; Content, 5 February 1701; Ann, 9 March 1703; Sarah, 1 June 1705; Stephen, 26 July 1707; Mercy, 5 July 1709; Marian, 8 March 1712; and Cornelius, 21 March 1714.

THOMAS DEXTER, Lynn 1630.  He came probably in the fleet with Winthrop freeman 18 May 1631, whose name has been omitted in printed volumes because he was disfranchised 4 March 1633.  He was one of the purchasers to promote settling of Sandwich 1637, but did not remove for several years.  Was administered freeman of Plymouth Colony 1 June 1658, lived at Barnstable.  There had Mary, born 11 August 1649, had probably other children besides Thomas and William, perhaps born in England, certainly the former; and the kindness of tradition gives him doubtfully grandson Richard Dexter, and great grandson William Dexter.  He died in Boston early in 1677.  Lewis, 159.

THOMAS DEXTER, Sandwich, eldest son of the preceding, born in England.  He married Elizabeth whose surname is unknown, who died 19 March 1714, had Elizabeth, born 21 September 1651, who died young; Mary, who married Daniel Allen of Swanzey; John; and perhaps more, besides Elizabeth again, 7 April 1660; and Abigail, 12 June 1663, who married 30 January 1684, Jonathan Hallett.  He died 29 December 1686.

WILLIAM DEXTER, Barnstable, son of the first Thomas Dexter.  He married July 1653, Sarah Vincent, had Mary, born January 1654; Stephen, May 1657, Philip, September 1659; James, May 1662; Thomas, July 1665; John, August 1668; and Benjamin, February 1670.  He died at Rochester 1694.  Six of these names had been graduates at Harvard and six at Yale and Brown.


ABRAHAM DIBBLE, ABRAHAM DEEBLE, or ABRAHAM DEBLE, Boston, son of John Dibble.  By wife Lydia Teffe, who was perhaps daughter of William Teffe, or William Tift, had John, born 7 July 1648.  He removed probably to Haddam, was there May 1673, thence perhaps removed to Suffield.  He died 31 December 1690.  He had also Abraham, who died 1676, aged 6 years; much elder Benjamin, who swore allegiance to Massachusetts 30 January 1679, but settled at Simsbury; and perhaps other children, certainly some daughters as Abigail, who married 1 February 1683, John Filley of Suffield; and Lydia, who married Thomas Pixley.  By future investigation it may possibly be probable that another Abraham Dibble than him of Boston was father of these.

EBENEZER DIBBLE, EBENEZER DEEBLE, or EBENEZER DEBLE, Windsor, son of Thomas Dibble.  He married 27 October 1663, Mary Wakefield, daughter of John Wakefield, had Mary, born 27 December 1664; Wakefield, 15 September 1667; Martha, 10 March 1670, died young; Ebenezer, 18 August 1671; and John, 9 February 1674.  He was killed by the Indians in Philip's war at the great swamp fight 19 December 1675.  His widow married 1677, James Hillier; and daughter Mary married 10 May 1681, John Enno.

ISRAEL DIBBLE, ISRAEL DEEBLE, or ISRAEL DEBLE, Windsor, eldest son of Thomas Dibble.  He married 28 November 1661, Elizabeth Hull, daughter of Josiah Hull, had Josiah, born 15 May 1667; Thomas, 16 September 1670; Elizabeth, 27 March 1673; George, 26 January 1676; John, 18 April 1678, died in six months.  The father died 12 December 1697.

JOHN DIBBLE, JOHN DEEBLE, or JOHN DEBLE, Springfield 1641.  He had (perhaps before going thither) Abraham and Samuel; and after, Zachary, born 4 April 1644; Elizabeth, 17, baptized 18 January 1646; and Sarah (posthumous) 21 March 1647.  He died September 1646.  His widow married November 1647, William Graves of Stamford.

ROBERT DIBBLE, ROBERT DEEBLE, or ROBERT DEBLE, Dorchester 1634, wrote his name Deeble, freeman 6 May 1635, was living there in 1652.

SAMUEL DIBBLE, SAMUEL DEEBLE, or SAMUEL DEBLE, Stamford 1667, son of John Dibble.

SAMUEL DIBBLE, SAMUEL DEEBLE, or SAMUEL DEBLE, Simsbury, brother of Israel Dibble.  By first wife had Abigail, born 19 January 1666.  He married 21 January 1669, second wife Hepzibah Bartlett, daughter of John Bartlett, had Hepzibah, born 19 December 1669; Joanna, 14 October 1672; Samuel, 13 April 1675, died soon; Samuel, again, 4 May 1677; Mindwell, 17 February 1681; Thankful, 19 June 1685; and Patience, 25 October 1687.  In Genealogical Registrar V. 66, two of the children have different names from these.  His wife died December 1701.

THOMAS DIBBLE, THOMAS DEEBLE, or THOMAS DEBLE, Dorchester, perhaps son of Robert Dibble, freeman 17 May 1637.  He removed early to Windsor, and in April 1640 was administered freeman of Connecticut.   He had Israel, born 29 August 1637; Samuel, who died 31 May 1641; Ebenezer, baptized 26 September 1641; Hepzibah, 25 December 1642; Samuel, again, 24 March 1644; Miriam, 7 December 1645; Thomas, born 3 September 1647; and Joanna, 1 February 1650, died soon.  His wife died 14 May 1681.  He married 25 June 1683, Elizabeth Hinsdale, daughter of Robert Hinsdale, who died 25 September 1689.   All the sons had families.  He died at great age, 17 October 1700.  Hepzibah married 15 April 1664, Samuel Gibbs; and Miriam married 14 December 1676, the second Jonathan Gillet, as his second wife.

THOMAS DIBBLE, THOMAS DEEBLE, or THOMAS DEBLE, Windsor, son of the preceding.  He married 10 October 1676, Mary Tucker, who was born 4 October 1653, in England, says the family record.  He had Thomas, born 21 August 1677; a child 30 July 1679, died before birth; and Mary, 9 August 1680, died young; Abraham, 1684; George, 1687; and Mary, 1689.

ZECHARY DIBBLE, ZECHARY DEEBLE, or ZECHARY DEBLE, Stamford 1665, son of John Dibble.  He married 10 May 1666, Sarah Waterbury, had Zechary, born 1667.  In October 1672 his wife obtained divorce for several causes; and not long after married Nicholas Webster.


JOHN DIBBS, Salisbury.  He married about 1689, Hepzibah Merrill, had Michael, born 6 May 1690.




WILLIAM DICK, Salem 1668.  Perhaps it is the same as Dixey.


JOHN DICKARSON, Plymouth.  He married 10 July 1651, Elizabeth Howland, the young widow of Ephraim Hicks, daughter of John Howland.


JEREMIAH DICKENS, Windsor, often spelled JEREMIAH DIGGINS, and Hinman, 21, gives date of 1648.  He had a family before 1690. 

NATHANIEL DICKENS, Providence, among, freeman 1655.  He married widow Joan Tyler; but no more is told of him.


ABRAHAM DICKERMAN, New Haven, son of Thomas Dickerman the first, born perhaps in England, was there about 1662, with wife Mary Cooper, daughter of John Cooper.  He married 2 December 1658, had daughter Mary, had born there, Sarah, born 28 April 1663; Hannah, 6, baptized 12 November 1665; Ruth, 5 April 1668; Abigail, 26 September 1670; Abraham, 14 January 1674; Isaac, 7 November 1677; and Rebecca, 27 February 1680; all, except Hannah named in his will of 1710.  He was a Lieutenant and he died 2 November 1711.  Mary married 21 June 1677, Samuel Bassett; Sarah, 2 October 1683, Nathaniel Sperry; Ruth, 1 March 1688, Nathaniel Bradley; Abigail, 21 January 1690, Ebenezer Sperry; and Rebecca, 1709, Isaac Foote.  The children of another daughter, perhaps Hannah, who married 6 July 1693, Caleb Chedsey, as his second wife are also named in the will.

JOHN DICKERMAN, Reading, of who Eaton tells only that he was early settler.

THOMAS DICKERMAN, Dorchester 1636, a tailor, freeman 14 March 1639.  He had Isaac, born November 1637; died soon.  The father died 3 January 1658.  His widow Ellen acted as administrator, and married John Bullard of Medfield.

THOMAS DICKERMAN, Malden, perhaps eldest son of the preceding, born in England.  He had Sarah, born October 1653; Lydia, June 1655; Thomas, August 1657; and Hannah, 27 December 1659.  His wife Elizabeth died 10 May 1671.  By another wife of name unknown had Ann, March 1674.


AZARIAH DICKINSON, Hadley, youngest son of Nathaniel Dickinson.  He had wife Dorcas.  He was a soldier in Philip's war, and killed by the Indians 25 August 1675.  His widow married next year Jonathan Marsh.

HEZEKIAH DICKINSON, Hatfield, brother of the preceding.  He married 4 December 1679, Abigail Blackman, daughter of Samuel Blackman, had Joanna, born 2 February 1684; Jonathan Dickinson, 22 April 1688, Yale College 1706.  He removed to Springfield, there had Moses Dickinson, 12 December 1695, Yale College 1717; and Adam, 5 February 1702; but between Jonathan and Moses came Abigail and Elizabeth whose record is not found.  He was a short time of Stratford on the Sound, but soon on the river, inn holder and trader, living sometime at Hadley, yet died at Springfield 14 June 1707.  His widow married 1708, Thomas Ingersoll.  Jonathan Dickinson was celebrity as a theologian and the first President of New Jersey College; and Moses Dickinson was minister in New Jersey, thence transplanted to Norwalk.

JAMES DICKINSON, Rowley, son of Thomas Dickinson, freeman 1684.  By wife Rebecca, had Thomas, born 1666; John, 1672; James, 1678 ; Samuel, 1681; Ivory, 1684 ; besides four daughters.

JOHN DICKINSON, Salisbury 1640.  He had wife Mary, who died 16 April 1647; had Mary, born 12 March 1640; and John, 20 October 1642.  He had, perhaps, Ann, a second wife who died 1679.  He married 14 April 1681, Alice Roper, who may have been daughter of John Roper of Dedham.  He died 30 December 1683.

JOHN DICKINSON, Wethersfield 1648, son of Nathaniel Dickinson of the same, born in England.  He married 1648, Frances Foote, third daughter of Nathaniel Foote of the same, had Hannah, born 6 December of that year; Mary; John; Jonathan, who died young; Sarah; Elizabeth, died young; Rebecca, born 1658; Abigail; Mercy; and Mehitable.  He removed to Hadley 1659, and died before his father in 1676.  His widow by contract of marriage 21 August 1677, became second wife of Francis Barnard of Hadley.  Hannah married 23 September 1668, Samuel Gillett of Hatfield, who was killed in the Falls fight, 19 May 1676; and next, she married 15 May 1677, Stephen Jennings of the  same, and, 19 September following was captured by the Indians, carried to Canada, got back next year.  She removed to Brookfield, where her husband was killed by the Indians 22 July 1710.  Mary married 1674, Samuel Northam of Hadley; Sarah married 11 December 1677, Samuel Lane of the same; and next, 27 February 1691, she married Martin Kellogg, as his second wife; Rebecca married 11 February 1681, Joseph Smith of Hadley; Abigail married 6 December 1683, Thomas Croft, and next, 30 November 1704, Samuel Crofoot, as his second wife; Mercy married 8 June 1688, Joseph Chamberlain; and Mehitable married 26 June 1689, John Ingram, junior,

JOHN DICKINSON, Salisbury, son of the first John Dickinson.  He married 17 May 1671, Hannah Gough, who died 15 December 1679. 

JOSEPH DICKINSON, Northampton, son of Nathaniel Dickinson, born perhaps in England, was before removed from Wethersfield, freeman of Connecticut 1657.  He married Phebe Bracy, sister of John Bracy and Thomas Bracy, granddaughter of William Bisby of London, had Samuel, born 1666; Joseph, 1668; Nathaniel, 1670; John, 1672; and Azariah, 1674.  He removed to Northfield, there was, with Captain Beers.  He was killed by the Indians 4 September 1675.

NATHANIEL DICKINSON, Wethersfield 1637, town clerk 1645, Representative 1646-56, removed 1659 to Hadley.  He was Deacon in both places, freeman 1661, lived a few years at Hatfield, but went back to Hadley.  He died 16 June 1676.  Four children John, Joseph, Thomas, and Hannah or Ann he took with him on first going to Wethersfield.  There had another six, Samuel, born 1638; Obadiah, 15 April 1641; Nathaniel, August 1643, or perhaps four years earlier; Nehemiah, about 1644; Hezekiah, February 1646; and Azariah, 4 October 1648.  The first two and last two are before mentioned.  Hannah, who in her latter days is called Ann.  She married 1st John Clary junior, 1670, who died at Northfield; and 2nd Enos Kingsley of Northampton.

NATHANIEL DICKINSON, Hatfield, son of the preceding.  He married early in 1662, and by wife Hannah, had Nathaniel, born 1663; Hannah, 1666; John, 1667; Mary, 1673; Daniel, 1675; and Rebecca, 1677.  His wife died 1679.  He had second wife Elizabeth Wright, daughter of Samuel Wright in 1684.  He had third wife but no more children.  He was freeman 1690.  He died 11 October 1710. 

NEHEMIAH DICKINSON, Hadley, brother of the preceding, whose grave stone marks his death 1723, aged 79.  By wife Sarah, had Nehemiah, born 1672; William, 1675; John, 1676, died soon; Mary and John, again, twins 1678, of who John died soon; Sarah, 1680; Samuel, 1682; Hannah, 1684; Esther, 1687; Nathaniel, 1689; Israel, 1691; Abigail, 1693; Ebenezer, 1696; and Rebecca, 1699.  He was freeman 1690.

OBADIAH DICKINSON, Hatfield, brother of the preceding.  He married 1668 Sarah Beardsley, had Sarah, born 1669; Obadiah, 1672; Daniel, 1674; and Eliphalet.  His house was burned 19 September 1677, by the Indians, his wife wounded, and he with one child taken off to Canada.  After returning he had second wife Mehitable, and by her had Noadiah, born 1694; and Mehitable, 1698, having removed to Wethersfield, where he died 10 June 1698.

PHILEMON DICKINSON, Salem, tanner, came with Benjamin Cooper of Brampton, County Suffolk, as one of his servants (but this might be to deceive an arbitrary government ), embarked 10 May 1637, in the Mary Ann from Yarmouth, had grant of land 1639, administered of the church 1641, freeman 2 June 1641.  He married Mary Payne, daughter of Thomas Payne of Salem, had baptized there Mary, 20 March 1642; Thomas, 10 March 1644; Elizabeth, 1646; and Peter, 9 July 1648.  He removed to Southold, Long Island, and was in 1662 recorded as freeman of Connecticut.  His will was presented in New York, where his widow Mary was made administrator 28 October 1672.  Perhaps his daughter Elizabeth married July 1670, Morgan Owen.  Uniformly this name is Dickerson in New York records as it is found in the Augmentation Office, Westminster Hall, on the return from custom house at Yarmouth; but the name of baptism is spelt Feleaman, that seems much unlike that of the friend of St. Paul.  Honorable Mahlon Dickinson, late a Senator from New Jersey is a descendant.

SAMUEL DICKINSON, Hatfield, son of Nathaniel Dickinson.  He married 1668, Martha Bridgeman, daughter of James Bridgeman of Springfield, had Samuel, born 1669; Nathaniel, 1672; Sarah, 1675; Azariah, 1678; Ebenezer, 1681; Ann, 1683; Josiah, 1686; and Hannah, 1689.  He was freeman 1690.  He died 30 November 1711. 

THOMAS DICKINSON, Fairfield, had been at New Haven 1642, and it is unknown when he removed to Fairfield, but there he died about 1658, his inventory being of 11 September  1658 leaving Thomas, three daughters, and widow Mary.

THOMAS DICKINSON, Rowley 1643.  He died 1662, leaving James, and four daughters

THOMAS DICKINSON, Stratford, thought to be son of Thomas Dickinson of Fairfield.  He died early in 1700, his inventory being of 14 February 1700 leaving widow Lydia, and children Thomas, Elizabeth, Daniel, Nathaniel and Sybel.

THOMAS DICKINSON, Hadley, son of Nathaniel Dickinson, freeman of Connecticut 1657, before his father removed from Wethersfield, freeman of Massachusetts 1661.  He married 1667, Hannah Crow, daughter of John Crow of Hartford, had Elizabeth, born 1668; Hannah, 1670; Thomas, 1672; Esther, 1674; Mehitable and Nathaniel, twins 1675, of who Nathaniel died soon.  He removed about 1678 to Wethersfield, there had Elihu, and Ebenezer, and died 1716.  Of thirty-one graduates in the New England Colleges 1834, only three had been at Harvard.


JOHN DICKSON, Cambridge, son of William Dickson.  He married 12 May 1687, Margery Winship, daughter of Edward Winship, who died 6 October 1734, aged 71.  He died 22 March 1738, aged 81. 

WILLIAM DICKSON, Cambridge, freeman 18 May 1642.  By wife Jane, who died 4 December 1689, aged about 73, had Lydia; Mary, born 10 August 1644, who died or was buried 21 July 1648; Abigail, 10 March 1648; Mary, again, 17 January 1650; Hannah; and John, 21 March 1656; all baptized says Mitchell, in his church.  He died 5 August 1692, aged 78.  Often it is Dixon.


ABRAHAM DIKE, ABRAHAM DYKE, or ABRAHAM DIKES, Dorchester, before 1656, when he sold part of his lot to Thomas Wiswall.

ANTHONY DIKE, ANTHONY DYKE, or ANTHONY DIKES, Salem.  By wife Margery, had Anthony, born 24 March 1666; Nathaniel, 25 December 1667; Margery, 16 August 1669; Jonathan, 28 March 1666; Nathaniel, 25 December 1667; Margery, 16 August 1669; Jonathan, 28 March 1673; Mary; and Benjamin, 22 February 1680.  He died 1679 and administration 28 November 1679 was granted to his widow.  Felt confused him with Anthony Dick, mentioned in Winthrop History I. 287, of which very little is ever heard.

RICHARD DIKE, RICHARD DYKE, or RICHARD DIKES, Gloucester.  He married 7 August 1667, Rebecca Doliver, had Samuel, born 8 November 1670; Sarah, 28 May 1673; Mary, 7 November 1675; Joseph, 29 January 1678; Job, 3 July 1680; Elizabeth, 1683; John, 1686; Hannah, 1688; and James, 1692.  He died 6 May 1729.  Rebecca married 1706 Josiah Tainer.


GEORGE DILL, Watertown 1671, says Bond.  He died there 1716, a pauper.  Perhaps it is the same as Dell.

THOMAS DILL, Marblehead.  He died June 1668.  Administration was given to Richard, of which no more is known.


EDWARD DILLINGHAM, Lynn 1636, from Bitteswell, County Leicester, where he had estate, removed next year to Sandwich; was Representative 1642.  He had Henry and John, the younger born in England about 1630.  His will of 1 May 1666, probated 1 June 1667, is abstracted in Genealogical Registrar VII. 225.

EDWARD DILLINGHAM, Sandwich, son of Henry Dillingham.  He left children Edward, John, and Simeon. 

HENRY DILLINGHAM, Sandwich, son of Edward Dillingham first of the same, born in England, bore arms 1643.  He had Edward, and John.

JOHN DILLINGHAM, Ipswich, who came in the fleet with Winthrop, was, perhaps, brother of Edward Dillingham, a man of respectable condition, as is probable by the prefix.  At his request, 19 October 1630, and also at administration as freeman 18 May following, came from Leicestershire.  Was first of Boston, being number 71 of the list of members, and dead is written against it, so that he died soon, leaving wife Sarah, and children Edward and Sarah; but Sarah alone was living when her mother made her will at Ipswich, 10 July 1636.  She married John Caldwell, and was probably a relative to Richard Saltonstall and Samuel Appleton, as may be judged from that instrument.  See the fine Appleton family Memoirs.

JOHN DILLINGHAM, New Haven 1644.

JOHN DILLINGHAM, Sandwich, brother of Henry Dillingham, born in England.  He married 24 March 1651, Elizabeth Feake, daughter of Henry Feake, had John, born 1663,  perhaps others before or after.  He was a Captain, and died 21 May 1715 at Harwich.  His widow died 15 December 1720.

JOHN DILLINGHAM, Barnstable, son of the preceding.  He married Lydia Chapman, probably daughter of Isaac Chapman, had Lydia; Hannah; Rebecca; Abigail; John, born 1701; Thankful; and Sarah; but the dates, or even order of births are unknown.  He died 11 September 1746; and his widow died 9 September 1760.


JOHN DIMAN, JOHN DYMOND, JOHN DIAMOND, JOHN DYAMONT, or JOHN DIMOND, Lynn 1647, perhaps removed to Kittery before 1652, there called rope maker. 

JOHN DIMAN, JOHN DYMOND, JOHN DIAMOND, JOHN DYAMONT, or JOHN DIMOND, New London.  He married 17 June 1674, Rebecca Bemis, widow of Tobias Minter, daughter of James Bemis. 

MOSES DIMAN, MOSES DYMOND, MOSES DIAMOND, MOSES DYAMONT, or MOSES DIMOND, Fairfield 1670, son of Thomas, had large estate.  He had wife Abigail, son Moses, and daughters Abigail, Esther, and Grace.  His will was dated 21 March 1684, and the inventory is a few weeks later.  This name is often written without final d always at Yale.  His widow married 1685, Edward Howard. 


THOMAS DIMAN, THOMAS DYMOND, THOMAS DIAMOND, THOMAS DYAMONT, or THOMAS DIMOND, Fairfield, lost a vessel and cargo by fire in 1656.  He died 1658.  He had Thomas, Moses, before mentioned, and John.  It may be, that he is the same person under Deming; but it is not likely.

THOMAS DIMAN, THOMAS DYMOND, THOMAS DIAMOND, THOMAS DYAMONT, or THOMAS DIMOND, Fairfield, probably son of the preceding, a mariner.  He married 22 September 1670, Elizabeth Bradley, daughter of Peter Bradley.  He removed to New London, had Elizabeth, born 14 August 1672; Thomas, 22 July 1675; Moses, 14 May 1677; Ruth, 12 September 1680; and John, 25 July 1686.  He died 1687. 

WILLIAM DIMAN, WILLIAM DYMOND, WILLIAM DIAMOND, WILLIAM DYAMONT, or WILLIAM DIMOND, Kittery, perhaps son of John Diman of the same.  In 1679 left widow Joan, and children John, Margaret, and Grace.


JOHN DIMMOCK, JOHN DIMUCK, or JOHN DIMICK, Barnstable, son of Shubael Dimmock.  By wife Elizabeth, had Sarah, baptized 2 August 1691; Hannah, 31 July 1692; Mary, 19 August 1694; Theophilus, 11 October 1696; Timothy, 11 September 1698; and Ebenezer, 24 March 1700.

SHUBAEL DIMMOCK, SHUBAEL DIMUCK, or SHUBAEL DIMICK, Barnstable, son of Thomas Dimmock.  He married April 1663 Joanna Bursley, daughter of John Bursley for second wife.  By first wife had Thomas, born April 1664; John, January 1666; Timothy, March 1668; Shubael, February 1673; Joseph, September 1675; Mehitable, 1677; Benjamin, March 1680; Joanna, March 1682; and Thankful, November 1684.  He was Representative 1685, 86 and 89, but removed to Mansfield, Connecticut where his wife died 8 May 1727, aged 81; and he died 29 October 1732.  But his eldest son Thomas was killed by the East Indians 1697, then a Captain at Damariscotta, as in Magnalia VII. 92, may be read.

THOMAS DIMMOCK, THOMAS DIMUCK, or THOMAS DIMICK, Dorchester 1635, selectman that year, freeman 25 May 1636.  He removed to Hingham 1638, next year to Scituate, and in 1640 to Barnstable, of which he was 7 August 1650 ordained Ruling Elder, and Representative 5 years, being the first from the town in December 1640.  He had Thomas, before mentioned; perhaps John, and certainly Timothy, baptized 12 January 1640, died in few months; Mehitable, 17 April 1642; Shubael, 16 September 1644; besides a son and daughter twins, buried without names, 18 March 1641.  He died 1659, but the widow was living 1683.  His nuncupative will gave all to his wife Ann for the reason that, "the children were hers as well as his."  Various spellings has this name appearing in; and it may, originally, be the same as that of Dymocke, the heredity champion of England who at coronations, owes the service of challenge to all competitors for the crown.


FATHERGONE DINELY, or FATHERGONE DYNELEY, Boston, butcher, youngest son of William Dinely, got his name from the incident of his father's loss "in a violent tempest of wind and snow," on 15 December 1638, between Boston and Roxbury, ten days before his birth.  He married April 1663, Hannah Porter, daughter of Edward Porter, died early.  Inventory by the widow was returned 23 January 1675.

JOHN DINELY, or JOHN DYNELEY, Boston 1651, mariner, eldest brother of the preceding, born probably in England.

THOMAS DINELY, or THOMAS DYNELEY, Boston, perhaps brother of the preceding.  He died 15 January 1655. 

WILLIAM DINELY, or WILLIAM DYNELEY, Boston 1635, barber surgeon, number 340 in the list of church members, freeman 17 April 1637.  By wife Alice, had Thomas, born 9, baptized 17 January 1636; Abigail, baptized 8 October 1637 though the town record has birth in December; and Father gone, before mentioned birth 25 of December 1638.  In the church record of his baptism on 6 January 1639 is marked "son of our gone brother"; was one of the favorites of his fellow Christian, Mrs. Hutchinson, and therefore disarmed November 1637, and died in a storm 15 December 1637 on Boston neck.  Winthrop I. 248, 286. Johnson's observation In his Wonderwork Province are more ludicrous than philosophical.  In August 1638 his widow married Richard Crichley.


DlNGHAM.  See Dengayne.


JACOB DINGLEY, Marshfield, son of John Dingley.  By wife Elizabeth, had John, and Joseph.  He died 18 August 1691.  His widow died 30 March 1718. 

JOHN DINGLEY, Lynn, removed to Sandwich 1637, thence to Marshfield, about 1644, and died 1658.  By wife Sarah, had Jacob, before mentioned; Mary, who married 19 December 1654, Captain Josiah Standish, and died the next year; Sarah, probably who married 1658, William Ford junior; and Hannah, who married Josiah Kean; besides probably that John Dingley who was buried 9 July 1665.  The family spread into Duxbury; and descendants remain in that neighborhood. 

RICHARD DINGLEY, a Baptist minister of Newport 1685, had come to Boston from England, removed 1694 to South Carolina.  Benedict.  Backus, II. 109.


EDWARD DINNY, Boston, freeman 17 April 1637. 

WILLIAM DINNY, freeman 9  March 1637, brother it may be, of the preceding.  But I have some reason for thinking this name Dennis.


WILLIAM DINSDALE, Boston, an early proprietor whose house and garden are set out in the book of possessions.  By wife Martha, had John, born May 1644; Martha, 10 January 1649; Mary, 24 September 1651; and Sarah, 7 January or 2 June 1657.  He was freeman 1657, artillery company 1658; and in 1663 was aged 47.  He died at Barbados.


NICHOLAS DISBROW, NICHOLAS DISBOROW, or NICHOLAS DESBROUGH, Hartford 1639, an early settler not original proprietor.  He married 1640, Mary Brunson, had Phebe, baptized 20 December 1646; Abigail, born 1 February 1649, and probably more.  After 1669, says Porter, he married Elizabeth Strickland, daughter of Thwaite Strickland.  He died in 1683, aged 71, and left four daughters: Mary married Obadiah Spencer; one married Samuel Eggleston; Phebe married John Kelsey; and Abigail married Robert Flood.  In the year of his death, some ridiculous mischief is, by the Magnalia VI. 69, honorary as a tragedy of witchcraft; but Cotton borrowed the nonsense from his father's  Remarkable Providence page 113. By Colony Record of Connecticut I. 45, he seems to have been unfortunate in his early relations.

PETER DISBROW, PETER DISBOROW or PETER DESBROUGH, Rye, in New Haven jurisdiction 1660, of which he was one of the purchasers from the Indians, Representative 1665, perhaps also for Greenwich.  In 1681 was called 50 years old.  He had married Sarah Knapp, daughter of Nicholas Knapp of Stamford.  A John Disbrow of Rye 1683 may have been his son.

THOMAS DISBROW, THOMAS DISBOROW, or THOMAS DESBROUGH, Fairfield 1685, or earlier,  perhaps son of the preceding.  He had wife Mercy, and son Thomas, who seems to be of age at death of his father early in 1707.


TEAGUE DISCO, Exeter, took oath of allegiance 30 November 1677.


WILLIAM DISER, sometimes WILLIAM DICER, Salem 1668, perhaps ill spelled or very rare name, signed to petition against imposters.  He married 20 November 1664, Elizabeth Austin, had Elizabeth, born 2 July 1667; and Honor, 2 April 1673.


HENRY DISPAW, Lynn.  He died 4 October 1676.  His will of 20 February 1676 named sons Henry and Edward. 

HENRY DISPAW, Lynn, probably son of the preceding, had child born June 1680, who died next month.  This seems a very strange name, found by Mr. Felt, perhaps once spelled wrong.  It is Dispan in Essex Institute II. 273.


JOHN DIVEN, Lynn 1643.  He perhaps had John; died 4 October 1684.  Lewis.  His son

JOHN DIVEN was perhaps of Lynn, freeman 1691, had John, born 16 May 1678; Ezekiel, 25 December 1681, died in few days; perhaps may have died at the date given to the preceding.  Mary Diven, perhaps sister of the younger daughter of the elder John Diven.  He married 23 March 1663, Jonathan Witt.


ANTHONY DIX, Plymouth, one of the first comers, 1623, in the Ann, took a share in the division of land next year but not in the division of cattle 1627, because he left the Colony and joined with Conant and other Massachusetts people.  He was freeman 18 May 1631.  He was taken by the pirate Bull in 1632, but allowed easily to escape.  In 1637 was of Charlestown or Salem, had wife Tabitha, who after his death married Nathaniel Pitman.  He was lost by shipwreck of his 30 ton boat on Cape Cod 15 December 1638, the same storm in New Hampshire.  See Winthrop I. 287, who spells the name Dick which Felt prefers to give as Dike, and both Dikes and Deekes are found in some records.

ANTHONY DIX, Salem, son perhaps of the preceding.  By wife Margery, had Anthony, born probably 24 March 1666; Nathaniel, 25 December 1667; Margery, 16 August 1669; Jonathan, 28 March 1673; Mary; and Benjamin, 22 February 1680. 

EDWARD DIX, Watertown.  He came probably in the fleet with Winthrop.  He was first of Boston, number 49 among members of the church, and freeman 4 March 1635.  By wife Jane Wilkinson, had Abigail, born 2 May 1637; Mary, 2 May 1639; John, 4  September 1640; and Rebecca, 18 February 1642.  He had second wife Susanna, who survived him.  He was a selectman, and died 9 July 1660.  The daughters were all married: Abigail, 1 December 1653, to Thomas Parks of Cambridge; Mary, 5 February 1663, Abraham Brown, junior; and Rebecca, 18 February 1668, Thomas Flagg junior.  His will of 25 June 1660 makes son John executor.  But the inventory was sworn to deceased, followed by Sergeant John Wincoll, his guardian.  Bond gives him another daughter Deborah, without date of birth who married Richard Barnes of Marlborough, he says, and distinguished him from the Boston church members by remarking that he embarked at age of 19, on 16 January 1635, and that Jane Wilkinson, aged 20 embarked at same time.  So there must have been two of the name.  But the members of Boston church and not the youth of 19 must have been that freeman, and this Deborah must have been a widow for she was mother of Leonard of Wethersfield. 

JOHN DIX, Taunton 1669. Baylies, II. 241. 

JOHN DIX, Watertown, son of Edward Dix.  He married 7 January 1671, Elizabeth Barnard, daughter of John Barnard, had Elizabeth, born 4 December 1671; John, 6 March 1673; Mary, 27 February 1675, died next year; Abigail, 15 March 1677; Rebecca, 1 March 1679, died soon; Deborah, 20 July 1680; Edward, 25 September 1682; Joseph, 8 September 1686; and Jane, baptized 13 October 1689.  He died 7 November 1714, leaving widow Elizabeth.

JOHN DIX, Hartford, perhaps brother of Leonard Dix, was required by court to marry Mary Birdwell, but was complaining of beating her, 1676.  He was there taxed 1683; and sold his house and land 1686.  One of his children John died 1692.

JOHN DIX, Reading, brother of Ralph Dix, freeman 1691. 

JOHN DIX, Wethersfield, son of Leonard Dix of the same.  He had wife Rebecca, and perhaps children not mentioned.  He died November 1711, aged 50, and his widow died next month.

LEONARD DIX, Wethersfield, 1645.  He had wife Sarah.  He died 7 December 1697, leaving John, Samuel, and three daughters.  He had been at Branford, had grant of land there 1648.  He was born probably 1624.  His will which names the daughters Mercy, Hannah, and Elizabeth, provided for the widow who died 1709. 

RALPH DIX, Ipswich 1647, fisherman.  He had wife Esther, and children John, born 12 March 1659; Samuel, 28 August 1661.  He removed next year to Reading, had there Stephen, 18 June 1664; and Stephen, again, 14 December 1672.  He was freeman 1684, and died 1688.  Of his descendants are Reverend Samuel Dix, Harvard College 1758, and J.A. Dix, late U.S. senator from New York. 

RALPH DIX, Malden, freeman 1685, had lived at Reading years before. 

SAMUEL DIX, from Norwich, England, had leave to embark at Great Yarmouth 8 April 1637, being aged 43 years with wife Joane, 38; two children Priscilla and Abigail; and two servants William Storey and Daniel Linsey, to come to Boston to inhabit, but I have not yet learned where he sat down.

WILLIAM DIX, Hartford, perhaps brother of Leonard Dix, a single man.  He died March 1676 or 77.  Six of this name, in 1834, had been graduates at Harvard.


DIXER. See Dixey.


JOHN DIXEY, Salem 1639.  Felt.

JOHN DIXEY, of Salem.  He married 9 December 1679, Sarah Collins.  He probably was son of the first Thomas Dixey. 

THOMAS DIXEY, Salem 1637.  He had there baptized Mary, 12 January 1645; Abigail, 1 October 1648; Thomas, 29 January 1654; Margaret, 16 March 1656; and John, 26 April 1657.  He was of Marblehead 1674.  He died 1691.  Another Thomas Dixey, at Marblehead, signed the petition against imposters 1668, as did the Salem man.  Yet perhaps it was the same man, for in such cases it is sometimes thought that more value attaches to the number than to the argument and undue artifice is employed to swell the list.  Margaret Dixey, aged 18, was one of the servants of Percival Greene, embarked at London 1635, in the Susan and Ellen. 

WILLIAM DIXEY, Salem, had come to Cape Ann 1629, was next at Lynn.  He had baptized at Salem, Abigail, 25 December 1636; Ann, 17 May 1638; John, 1639; Elizabeth, 1641; and others.  He was freeman 14 May 1634.  He was Captain of Beverly about 1677.  He died 1690, aged 82.  Lewis.  Felt.  Gibbs.  Whitman. 3 Massachusetts History Collections VII. 260.  Ann married 11 August 1657, Nehemiah Howard; and Elizabeth married 15 December 1658, Samuel Morgan.


JEREMIAH DIXON, New Haven 1639.  He was one of the seven for founders of the church 4 June, removed before 1644.

WILLIAM DIXON, probably was of Charlestown 1633-8, Kittery 1649, freeman 1652.  He died March 1666, perhaps then of York.  In his will of 13 February 1666, he gave to wife Joan, son James, daughter Susanna Frost, perhaps wife of Charles, to John Brown, and to children of Henry Milbury.  Seven of this name, besides four called Dickson, had, in 1834, been graduates at the New England Colleges though none of either at Harvard.  See Dickson.


JAMES DIXWELL, New Haven, a proprietor 1685, unless the record be wrong, as by confused with the assumed surname, I suspect.

JOHN DIXWELL, Dorchester 1640, gave his share with others, in Thompson's Island 7 February 1642, for support of a free school.  My insertion of this name should be accompanied with explanation.  That no other notice of such a one, near that time, is found.  What thus I read in the lithograph copy published by the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society, as frontispiece to that Editor of Blake's Ann. 1846, the number on the list being 47, is by a writer of considerable research, in Genealogical Registrar V. 391, called John Pearce.  Yet it may be necessary, for whoever will form an opinion on either side, to ask which of the two, number 30, or number 47, is likely to be the facsimile of signature of John Pierce, who had been selectman and Representative of the town, and soon after the date of the benefactor removed to Boston. 

JOHN DIXWELL, New Haven, came in 1664, it is said, after long concealment in Europe or elsewhere, flying from prosecution as one of the regicides.  It is supposed his first quiet residence was at Hadley, with Goffe and Whalley, under shelter of Reverend John Russell, though the length of time is unknown.   At New Haven he was called by himself and others, James Davids.  He married 3 November 1673, I think for second wife, Joanna Ling, daughter of Benjamin Ling, with whom (who died in few weeks) he obtained comfortable property.  He married again 23 October 1677, Bethia How or Bathsheba How, daughter of Jeremy How, had Mary, born 9 June 1679; John, 6 March 1681; and Elizabeth, 14 July 1682, who died young.  His widow died at Middletown 27 December 1729, aged 83, so that she was 39 years younger than her husband.  His concealment was perfect, but his real name was known to one or more of the chief people and confessed by himself shortly before his death 18 March 1690 in his 82nd year.  His only daughter Mary married 23 December 1707, John Collins of Middletown.  The family was and still is highly respected in Kent; and in the great civil war, the head of it, Sir Basil, stood and suffered for the royal cause. 

JOHN DIXWELL, Boston, son of the preceding, took his father's true name, was in good esteem at New Haven.  He married 1 September 1708, Mary Prout, daughter of John Prout.  He removed to Boston, was a goldsmith, a Ruling Elder of the New North church.  He died 2 April 1725 of smallpox by inoculation leaving his 2nd wife Abigail, and children Basil, born 7 July 1711, so called for his great uncle, Sir Basil Dixwell, a Baron; John, 1718, and Elizabeth, 1716, who were all by first wife.  Their uncle Prout was guardian of all the children.  The father left small estate, but no will.  His son John, who was of artillery company 1741, died 1749, without male issue.  By wife Abigail Bridgham of Boston married 18 April 1723, female line perpetuated. The stock, and John Hunt, Harvard College 1796, a descendant was permitted to assume the surname of the regicide.


DANIEL DOANE, Eastham 1658, perhaps son of John Doane.  He married Hepzibah Cole, had Constant, born 7 March 1670.

EPHRAIM DOANE, Eastham, may have been brother of the preceding.  He married 5 February 1668, Mercy Knowles, probably daughter of Richard Knowles, had Patience, born 28 January 1669, died soon; Apphia, 18 (colony record says 28), July 1670; Hezekiah, August 1672; Thomas, 4 September 1674; Ebenezer, April 1676; Nehemiah, August 1680, died soon; Patience, again, April 1682; and Ruhama, 30 April 1685.

HENRY DOANE, Watertown 1643.

JOHN DOANE, Plymouth 1630, an Assistant 1633, but not after, as he declined the civic office on being chosen Deacon.  He removed 1644 to Eastham, there was Deacon.  He died 21 February 1686.  His age was great, perhaps 95.  One report of his death makes it in 1707, and age 110, but it is not supported by any authority; and probably the father and son possibly grandson of the same name were confused by the report of the childish exaggeration.  His wife Abigail had, besides Daniel, before mentioned John; Ephraim; Lydia, who married 1645, Samuel Hicks; Abigail, born 13 January 1632, at the age of 60, became second wife of Samuel Lothrop, outlived him many years and died 23 January 1735.  About 3 years before a century sermon (I presume on her entry upon the hundredth year), had been preached in her room by Reverend Joseph Lord.  See Boston Weekly Journal of 1735. 

JOHN DOANE, Eastham, son of the preceding.  He married 30 April 1662, Hannah Bangs, daughter of Edward Bangs, had John, born 20 March 1663, died in few weeks; John, again, 29 May 1664; Ann, 25 July 1666; Rebecca, 12 May 1668; Isaac, 2 June 1670; and Samuel, 2 March 1673.  He probably died 1707.  Another John came in the Truelove from London, 1635, aged 16. 

RICHARD DOANE, Rhode Island 1672.


JOHN DOBER, Springfield, had grant of land 1643, but removed.


GEORGE DOBSON, Boston.  He married 24 November 1653, Mary Bostwick.


DANIEL DODD, sometimes DANIEL DOD, Branford 1644.  By wife Mary married about 1646, had Mary; Hannah; Daniel; all baptized at New Haven 1 June 1651; Ebenezer, born 11 December 1651; a daughter 29 March 1653, died soon; Stephen, 16 February 1656; and Samuel, 2 May 1657.  His wife died 26 May 1657, and he died January 1666.  Mary married about 1660, Aaron Blatchley.  All the sons but Stephen, removed to Newark, New Jersey.  The Edward Dodd who married 1705, at Hartford, was of a different family.  Hinman, 209, has him, but I doubt, that my plan must exclude him. 

GEORGE DODD, sometimes GEORGE DOD, Boston 1645, a mariner.  By wife Mary, had Patience, born 11 April 1646, baptized 16 May 1647 (as the wife joined the church the day preceding), who died at 3 months; Isaac, 3 September 1651; Mary, 5 July 1653; and Elizabeth, 5 April 1657; besides Mehitable, 25 May 1660.  He died in London.  See Genealogical Registrar XII. 154, 5. 

STEPHEN DODD, sometimes STEPHEN DOD, Guilford, son of Daniel Dodd.  He married 18 May 1678, Mary Stevens, or Sarah Stevens, daughter of William Stevens, who died before him, had Daniel, born 1679; and Samuel, 1681.  He died 26 October 1691. 

THOMAS DODD, sometimes THOMAS DOD, Marblehead 1674.  Dana, 8.

WILLIAM DODD, sometimes WILLIAM DOD, Salem 1644.  Reverend Stephen Dodd, author of the valuable East Haven Register is descendant of Daniel Dodd.


EDWARD DODGE, Beverly, youngest son of Richard Dodge of the same.  He married 30 April 1673, Mary Haskell, daughter of William Haskell the first of Gloucester, had Mary, born 12 April 1675; Elinor; Jonathan, 3 July 1679; Edith, 3 January 1681; Ruth, 15 August 1685; Edward, 1687; Hannah, 1692; and Mark 1694.  He was freeman 1683.

ISRAEL DODGE, New London 1690.

JOHN DODGE, Beverly, son of William Dodge.  He married 10 April 1659, Sarah Procter, daughter of John Procter, who died 8 February 1716, had, at Salem, before division of the town, John, born 2 January 1662.  He removed and was Representative perhaps for Rowley 1664, yet administered freeman only on 29 April 1668.  Other children were William; Sarah, baptized 16 February 1668; Hannah, 16 May 1669, died soon; Hannah, again, 2 July 1671; and Martha, born 5 February baptized 26 October 1673. 

JOHN DODGE, Beverly, son of Richard Dodge.  By wife Sarah, had Deliverance, born 10 or 15 March 1661; John, 15 April 1662, both baptized 5 April 1663; Josiah, 4 January 1665; Sarah, 13 January 1667; Ebenezer, 1 August 1670; Mary, 15 August 1672; Deborah, 1674, died next year; and Andrew, 1676.  He was freeman 1683.  His wife died 8 February 1706; and he died 11 October 1711. 

JOHN DODGE, Wenham, freeman 1690. 

JOSEPH DODGE, Beverly, son of Richard Dodge.  He married 21 February 1672, Sarah Eaton, had Abigail, born 1672, died young; Joseph; Prudence, 28 March 1680; Abigail, 12 September 1681; Josiah, 29 August 1683, died soon; Josiah, again, 8 June 1684; Sarah, 11 August 1685; Elisha, 1687; Charity, 7 March 1689; and Nathaniel, 17 April 1694.  His wife died 12 December 1714; and he died 10 August 1716.  He was freeman 1680. 

JOSIAH DODGE, a soldier of Lothrop's company called the flower of Essex.  He was killed at Bloody Brook 18 September 1675. 

RICHARD DODGE, Salem 1638, perhaps brother of William Dodge, administered of the church May 1644  He had by wife Edith, probably several children earlier, and certainly John and Mary, both born in England of unknown dates, but baptized 3 July of that year; Richard, born 1643; and Sarah, 1644.  Yet not found in freeman's list, was, in 1667, one of the founders of Beverly church.  He made his will 1670, with Edward and Joseph executors in which he names wife Edith, children Richard, Samuel, Edward, Joseph, the last three of uncertain dates, daughter Mary, wife of Zechary Herrick, and Sarah, besides brothers William and Michael in England.  He died 15 June 1671; and his widow died 27 June 1678.  Sarah married July 1667, Peter Woodbury.

RICHARD DODGE, Wenham, son of the preceding, freeman 1690.  He married 23 February 1668, Mary Eaton, had Richard, born 12 July 1670; Mary, 30 March 1672; Martha, 1674; Daniel, 26 April 1677; and William, 1678.  He died 13 April 1705.  His widow died 28 November 1716, aged 75. 

SAMUEL DODGE, Beverly, or more probably Wenham, brother of the preceding.  By wife Mary Parker, perhaps sister of Hananiah Parker of Reading, who died 1705, had Samuel, born 22 January 1668, died young; Joseph, 14 February 1670; Hananiah, 9 January 1672; Ann, 20 December 1674; Antipas, 7 September 1677; Mary, 6 June 1680; Amy, 27 August 1682; Deborah, 6 April 1685; Jabesh, 22 March 1686; Parker; and Samuel, again, 11 December 1692. 

WILLIAM DODGE, Salem 1629, came in the Lion's Whelp, called a skilful husbandman, from Dorset shire, when Governor Cradock commends him to Captain Endicot.  He had John, baptized 25 December 1636; William, born 19 September baptized 4 October 1640; and Hannah, baptized 24 July 1642.  He was freeman 17 April 1637, lived on Beverly side, and was one of the founders of the church there 1667.  Roger Haskell called him son-in-law.  Hannah married Samuel Porter, and next, Thomas Woodbury.

WILLIAM DODGE, Beverly, son of the preceding.  He married Mary Conant, daughter of Roger Conant, as in the Will of Conant appears; but she had been daughter of John Balch; had William, born 20 March 1664; Mary, 26 May 1666; Joshua, 29 August 1669; Hannah, 9 July 1671; Elizabeth, 26 October 1673; and Sarah, 3 March 1678.  He married 6 May 1685, Joanna Hale, daughter of Robert Hale, widow of John Larkin of Charlestown, as second wife.  He had Robert and Rebecca, twins 9 October 1686, of who Rebecca died 22 June following, but Robert lived over 77 years.  Third wife 1698, Mary Creatty, was daughter of Captain Andrew Creatty of Marblehead.  He gained reputation in Indians wars.  He was freeman 1683, Representative 1690.  Of eight of this name who had in 1834 been graduates at Harvard, Daniel Dodge, 1700 is the first; and ten more are in the other New England Colleges.


ANTHONY DODSON, Scituate 1650.  He married 12 November 1651, Mary Williams, daughter of John Williams senior, had Sarah, born 26 August 1652; Gershom, 14 February 1654; Mary, 1656; Jonathan, 1659; Patience; Bethia; and Eunice.  Sarah married 1671, Thomas Stetson; Gershom Dodson was a soldier, under Captain Pierce, killed 26 March 1676 at Rehoboth fight; Mary married 1687, John Booth junior; Patience married 1683, John Pierce, son of the Captain under which her brother was, and who fell with him; Eunice married 1717, Simon Delis; Bethia was unmarried 1695 when her mother mentioned her in her will. 

JONATHAN DODSON, Scituate, son of the preceding.  He married Abigail Gannett, daughter of Matthew Gannett, who died says the gravestone, 16 November 1695, aged 44.  He had Jonathan, Anthony, Deborah, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, and Gershom, born between 1695 and 1704, and all living at his death.  The name is not preserved in Scituate.  Deane, 263.  Some incongruity, perhaps, in the statement of Deane as to birth of the children and that date of death of his wife may be reconciled by assuming that most of the children were by another wife.


NICHOLAS DOE, Dover 1667, at Oyster River now Durham.  By wife Martha, had John, born 25 August 1669; Sampson, 1 April 1670; and Elizabeth, 7 February 1679.  He died 1691.  Descendants are in the same region, and some spelled the name Dow.


DOGGETT, or DOGHEAD. See Daggett.


CHRISTIAN DOLACK, Dover 1663 and 4, was there taxed.

EDMUND DOLBEARE, Salem.  He had Elizabeth, born 3 October 1684; Sarah, 29 January 1686; Thomas, 1 December 1687; Barnard, 18 September 1689, died soon; and Barnard, again, 18 April 1691.


ANDREW DOLBERY, Boston 1677, mariner.  He had wife Elizabeth, who joined Second Church in July 1691, and had Elizabeth, baptized 12 of the same.


ABNER DOLE, Newbury, youngest son of Richard Dole.  He married 1 November 1694, Mary Jewett of Rowley, had Henry, born 28 October 1695.  His wife died 4 weeks after (November 1695).  He married 5 January 1699, Sarah Belcher of Boston, had Nathaniel, 29 March 1701; Sarah, 14 January 1703; and Abner, 19 May 1706. 

BENJAMIN DOLE, Hampton, a physician, son of John Dole, as is seen in Genealogical Registrar XV. 288.  He married 11 December 1700, Frances Sherburne, daughter of Samuel Sherburne, had Jonathan, Mary, and Love.  He died 1707.  His widow died 15 August 1744, aged 67. 

GEORGE DOLE, Lynn, removed 1637 to Sandwich.  Lewis. 

HENRY DOLE, Newbury, son of Richard Dole.  He married 3 November 1686, Sarah Brocklebank, daughter of Captain Samuel Brocklebank of Rowley, had Apphia, 28 February 1688; and Sarah, 12 February 1690.

JOHN DOLE, Newbury, eldest son of Richard Dole, a physician.  He married 23 October 1676, Mary Gerrish, daughter of Captain William Gerrish, had Hannah, born 16 August 1677; Benjamin, 16 November 1679; Mary, 14 November 1681; Sarah, 11 December 1683; John, 16 February 1686; Moses, 24 December 1688; and Elizabeth, 16 August 1692.  He was freeman 1679.  He died 1696. 

RICHARD DOLE, Newbury 1639, son of William Dole, a tanner in Thornbury, County Gloucester, who bound him apprentice for 7 years to John Lowell, and Mary, his wife; came with Lowell, a youth, born at Bristol 1624, a merchant.  He married 3 May 1647, Hannah Rolfe, daughter probably of Henry Rolfe, mother of all his children (who died 16 November 1678), had John, born 10 August 1648; Richard, 6 September 1650;  Ann, 26 March 1653; Benjamin, 14 June 1654; Joseph, 6 August 1657; William, 10 April 1660; Henry, 9 March 1663; Hannah, 23 October 1665; Apphia, 7 December 1668; and Abner, 8 March 1672.  He married 4 March 1679, Hannah Brocklebank, daughter of Captain Samuel Brocklebank, who perhaps made him remove to Rowley.  He had third wife Patience Walker, daughter of Shubael Walker.  His daughter Hannah married John Moody; and Apphia married Peter Coffin. 

RICHARD DOLE,  Newbury, son of the preceding.  He married 7 June 1677, Sarah Greenleaf, daughter of Stephen Greenleaf, had Richard, born 28 April 1678, who lived over 86 years; Elizabeth, 21 December 1680; Sarah, 14 February 1681; Hannah, 3 December 1682; John, 2 February 1684; Stephen, 2 December 1686, died soon; Stephen, again, 1687; Joseph, 5 December 1689; and Mary, 1 July 1694. 

WILLIAM DOLE, Newbury, brother of the preceding.  He married 13 October 1684, Mary Brocklebank, daughter of Captain Samuel Brocklebank, had William, born 12 January 1685; Hannah, 28 March 1686; Mary, 1 February 1688;  Richard, 31 December 1689; Jane, 23 January 1692; Patience, 8 April 1694;  Apphia, 13 May 1696; Samuel, 1 June 1699; and Benjamin, 2 July  1702.


CHRISTIAN DOLHAFF, or CHRISTIAN DOLHERT, Exeter 1684.  He died August 1708, leaving Samuel, Richard, Thomas, Mary, Prudence, and Catharine.  Belknap I. 472.  Pike.  Kelley.  It may be the same as Dolack, and so careful a copier as Reverend Mr. Quint, in Genealogical Registrar VI. 202, by easy mistake made it Dolhoss.


JOSEPH DOLIBER, JOSEPH DELLABER, or JOSEPH DALLIBER, now JOSEPH DOLIVER, Salem 1640, Marblehead 1648, was constable 1660.  Dana, 7.  He was living 1672.

SAMUEL DOLIBER, SAMUEL DELLABER, or SAMUEL DALLIBER, now SAMUEL DOLIVER, Marblehead 1648, Gloucester 1654.  There by wife Mary Elwell, daughter of Robert Elwell, had Samuel, born 9 July 1658; Mary, 26 March 1662; Richard, 18 April 1665; Sarah, 24  December 1667; and John, 2 September 1671.  He died 1683.  Dana.  Gloucester Telegraph. 

WILLIAM DOLIBER, WILLIAM DELLABER, or WILLIAM DALLIBER, now WILLIAM DOLIVER, Gloucester.  He married 4 October 1682, Ann Higginson, daughter of Reverend John Higginson, who was apprehended in 1692 (the year of horrible delusions), for witchcraft, but either good sense, not her own, or favor of her father saved her life.  Felt, II. 478.


ALEXANDER DOMMETT, Boston, mariner.  He was taken by the Turks 1681, at the same time, I suppose, as John Greene, whose disaster is told by Noadiah Russell in his Diary.  See Genealogical Registrar VII. 54.


HUGH DONN, Dover 1664.


HENRY DONNELL, HENRY DENNELL, or HENRY DUNNELL, Kittery 1650, freeman 1652, removed to Falmouth.  He married a daughter of Thomas Reading of Saco, had Henry and Samuel.  Willis, I. 209.

SAMUEL DONNELL, SAMUEL DENNELL, or SAMUEL DUNNELL, York 1680, son of the preceding.  He had Nathaniel, born 18 November 1689.  He was a Magistrate, Judge of the C.C.P.  Named by Increase Mather and King William, of the Council in the New Charter 1691.  He died 9 March 1718, aged 72.  Some of our writers, Douglas, and Hutchinson II. 14, call his surname SAMUEL DANIEL. See Alden's Epit. II. 21, and 3 Massachusetts History Collections IX. 83.  Nathaniel, his son died 9 February 1780, aged 91. 

THOMAS DONNELL, THOMAS DENNELL, or THOMAS DUNNELL, York 1660, took oath of fidelity to Massachusetts 1652.


ABRAHAM DOOLITTLE, Boston, went to New Haven 1644.  He had Sarah; Abraham, born 12 February 1650; Elizabeth, 12 April 1652; Mary, 22 February 1654, who perhaps died young; John, 14 June 1655; the four last baptized 26 April 1657; Abigail, baptized 22 May 1659, died young; these, it is said, were by first wife and the following by Abigail Moss, daughter of John Moss.  He married 2 July 1663, this second wife; had Samuel, born 7 July 1665; Joseph, 12 February 1667; Abigail, again, 26 February 1669.  He was Representative 1668 and 72, but removed to Wallingford 1670.  There had Ebenezer, about 1672; Daniel, 1675, besides two daughters perhaps, and certainly Theophilus.  He died 11 August 1690.  In his will he names wife Abigail, the seven sons and three daughters Sarah Ebenatha, Elizabeth Brockett, and Abigail, unmarried.  Early it was Dowlittle. The name became common at Wallingford.

ABRAHAM DOOLITTLE, Wallingford, son of the preceding.  He married 9 November 1680, Mercy Holt, daughter of William Holt of New Haven, had John, born 13 August 1681; Abraham, 27 March 1684; Sarah, February 1686; and Susanna, 15 April 1688.  He had no children by second wife Ruth Lothrop.  But by third wife Elizabeth Thorpe, daughter of Samuel Thorpe, had Samuel, Joseph, and Thomas, and he died 10 November 1732.

DANIEL DOOLITTLE, Wallingford, brother of the preceding, removed to Middletown.  He married Hannah Cornwell, had David, went back to Wallingford.  He died 1755.  

EBENEZER DOOLITTLE, Wallingford, brother of the preceding.  He married Sarah Hall, daughter of Samuel Hall.  He died December 1711. 

JOHN DOOLITTLE, Lynn 1643.  Lewis.  He removed to Boston, and in that part named Rumney Marsh, now Chelsea, was constable 1653.  Snow, 137.  His will of 22 September 1681, probated 14 October 1681 names wife Sybel Nutt married 30 October 1674, who had been daughter of Miles Nutt of Malden, and first of John Bibble; but no children.  Having by contract of marriage with said Sybel bound himself that he would give house and lands at Malden, he gives that and other estate to her, besides provided for her children and grandchildren. The widow Sybel made her will 25 December 1683, and she died 23 September 1690.  He was brother of the first Abraham Doolittle, who owned land at Rumney Marsh. 

JOHN DOOLITTLE, Wallingford, son of the first Abraham Doolittle.  He married 13 February 1682, Mary Peck, and second wife Grace Blakesley.  He had Benjamin, born 10 July 1695, and Samuel.  Six of this name had been graduates at Yale in 1828, of who Reverend Benjamin Doolittle, 1716.  He died 9 January 1749, aged 53.


ANTHONY DORCHESTER, Springfield.  He came from Windsor, about 1649, where he had been some years but had been, first, at Hingham perhaps.  By first wife Sarah, who died 9 November 1649, had three children.  By second wife Martha Kitcherell, daughter of Samuel Kitcherell (not Richards, as the charming author of "Hartford in the Olden Time" read the record), of Hartford.  He married 2 January 1651, had three more.  He had third wife the daughter of John Harmon.  He took oath of allegiance 31 December 1678, and died 28 August 1682.  The children were John, born at Windsor 5 November 1644; James; Mary; Benjamin; Sarah, who married 27 November 1673, Joseph Stebbins; and Esther.  The dates of each, as well as the respective mothers are not known

BENJAMIN DORCHESTER, Springfield, son of the preceding.  He died 24 May 1676, leaving wife Sarah Burt, daughter of Jonathan Burt.  He married only the year before.  She married 1677 Luke Hitchcock. 

JAMES DORCHESTER, and JOHN DORCHESTER, Springfield, son probably of Anthony Dorchester, swore allegiance 31 December 1678, or next day, and was made freeman 1690.  James Dorchester married Sarah Parsons, daughter of Benjamin Parsons; and John Dorchester married Mary Harmon, daughter of John Harmon.


JOHN DORITCH, Salem.  Though a boy, was required witness in the cases of witchcraft 1692, especially against Giles Cory and George Jacobs, both of whom suffered death.


JOHN DORLAND, JOHN DORLAN, JOHN DARLAN, or JOHN DURLAND, Salem 1674, permitted as inn holder in that year had early been a fisherman.  He married a daughter of Richard Bishop of the same, had daughter Mary, remembered in the division of estate of the grandfather.  Felt.


EDMUND DORMAN, New Haven 1657.  He married 15 or 26 December 1662, Hannah Hull, daughter of Richard Hull, had Samuel, born 16 July 1666, died soon; John, 8 January 1668; Joseph, 13 December 1669; Benjamin, 15 October 1673; Hannah, 1 March 1676; and Mary, 12 May 1680.  He was a proprietor 1685.  His wife married 19 September 1700, was Elizabeth Bunnell, widow probably of Benjamin; and these last five children were living when he died 1 May 1711.  Hannah was wife of George Johnson; and Mary of Thomas Leavensworth, both of Stratford. 

JOHN DORMAN, Ipswich.  He died probably 1662.  His inventory is of 12 February 1682.  

JOSEPH DORMAN, New Haven, son of Edmund Dorman.  He married 24 August 1693, Mary Wilmott, daughter probably of William Wilmott.

THOMAS DORMAN, Ipswich, one of the earliest settlers, freeman 4 March 1635.  He removed perhaps, to Rowley.  He died at Topsfield 25 April 1670, aged 70.  Felt says Daniel Bradley was his son-in-law.  Ephraim and Thomas, his two sons were of Topsfield 1684.


EDWARD DORR, Roxbury, perhaps came from Pemaquid, had there swore fidelity 1674.  By wife Elizabeth Hawley, daughter of Thomas Hawley, had Edward, baptized 4 July 1680, died young; Ann, whose birth is not given, but she died 5 October 1683, probably before baptism.  He lived a year or two about 1680 in Boston.  He had at Roxbury, Edward, again, born 15, baptized 18 November 1683, died in few days; Ebenezer, 25 January 1688; Edmund, 19 October 1692; Harbottle, 11 May 1696; and a daughter Clemence, 17 July 1700.  He had second wife it is said, the daughter of Ebenezer Clap.  Reverend Joseph Dorr, Harvard College 1711, first of ten graduates at Harvard before 1828, of this name, was minister of Mendon; and four had been graduates at the other colleges


JOHN DORSET, Boston. 1676, in which year his wife died, had son John and daughter Comfort.


BARNABY DORYFALL, or BARNABY DORIFIELD, Boston, came in the Mary and Jane 1633, I presume, with Coddington, for he was administered of the church nearly the same time with the new wife who Coddington brought in that ship, and there came in 1634 by the Elizabeth from Ipswich.  Ann Doryfall aged 24, perhaps sister of Barnabas Doryfall, called when administered 2 November following "our brother William Coddington's maid servant".  He lived at Braintree, then part of Boston, and Coddington had large farm there.  He was freeman 25 May 1636.


EDWARD DOTEY, EDWARD DOTY, EDWARD DOTE, or EDWARD DOTEN, Plymouth.  He came in the Mayflower 1620, a London youth in the service of Stephen Hopkins.  He was the one of the signers of the solemn compact in Cape Cod harbor 11 November 1620 and was with his master in the shallop that in December following discovered Plymouth harbor; yet 18 June following was party in the first duel fought in New England.  He retrieved his character by change from youthful folly.  He married probably as second wife (if the date were, as one of my correspondents gives it, about 1643, though less probably is given by another), 6 January 1635, Faith Clark, daughter of Tristram Clark, had William; Faith; Edward; John; Isaac, born 8 February 1648; Desire; Thomas; and Joseph, 30 April 1651.  Bradford, 451, says, he had by second wife seven children living in 1650.  He was in 1652 one of the purchasers of Dartmouth, but removed to Yarmouth.  He died 23 August 1655.  His will of 20 March 1655 names only wife and Edward.  His widow married 14 March 1667, John Phillips of Duxbury and outlived him.  Desire married William Sherman junior, outlived him, and married Israel Holmes, and last married Alexander Standish, outlived him, and died 1723. 

EDWARD DOTEY, EDWARD DOTY, EDWARD DOTE, or EDWARD DOTEN, son of the preceding.  He married 26 February 1663, Sarah Faunce, daughter of John Faunce, and sister of the famous Elder Faunce, had Edward, born 20 May 1664; Sarah, 9 June 1666; John, 4 August 1668; Martha and Mary, twins 9 July 1671; Elizabeth, 22 December 1673; Patience, 7 July 1676; Mercy, 6 February 1678, died young; Samuel, 17 May 1681; Mercy, again, 23 September 1684; and Benjamin, 30 May 1689.  He was drowned 8 February 1690 with his son John, between Plymouth and Boston.  The widow married 1693, John Buck.  Sarah, the eldest daughter married 1687, James Warren, grandfather of the late General James Warren; and Mary married 1699, Joseph Allyne, whose daughter Mary, born 1702, was mother of the ardent patriot James Otis, and grandmother of the late H.G. Otis, a distinguished senator of the U.S.; and Elizabeth married Tobias Oakman.  Descendants of these Otis and Warren family have interm. 

JOHN DOTEY, JOHN DOTY, JOHN DOTE, or JOHN DOTEN, brother of the preceding.  By wife Elizabeth Cooke, daughter of Jacob Cooke, widow perhaps of Daniel Wilcox, had John, born 24 August 1668; Edward, 28 June 1671; Jacob, 24 May 1673; Elizabeth, 10 February 1676; Isaac, 25 October 1678; Samuel, 31 January 1682; Elisha, 13 July 1686; Josiah, October 1689; and Martha, October 1692, soon after which the wife died.  By second wife Sarah, had Sarah, 19 February 1696; Patience, 3 July 1697; and Desire, 19 April 1699.

JOSEPH DOTEY, JOSEPH DOTY, JOSEPH DOTE, or JOSEPH DOTEN, Rochester, probably brother of the preceding.  He had Joseph, born 31 March 1683; Deborah, 31 March 1685; John, 1 March 1688; Mercy, 12 January 1692; Fish, 18 January 1697; and Mary, 28 July 1699. 

THOMAS DOTEY, THOMAS DOTY, THOMAS DOTE, or THOMAS DOTEN, brother probably youngest, of the preceding.  He was one of the first purchasers of Middleborough, 1662, but a youth.  By wife Mary, had Thomas, born 22 July 1679; and Hannah, December 1675 married 12 January 1699, Jonathan Delano, and died 12 April 1764; her husband survived less than nine months and died in 89th year.


ROGER DOUBLEDAY, Boston 1674, currier.  He died 22 November 1690.


FRANCIS DOUGHTY, Taunton 1639, removed 1641 to Long Island where he was hardly as well treated as the minister of the gospel should have been.  Adrian Van der Donck, an official under Van Rensselaer a patentee, who married his daughter printed a statement of his case.  Baylies, I. 289.  Lechford has notice of him in very few words. 

JAMES DOUGHTY, Scituate.  He married 15 August 1649, Lydia Turner, daughter of Humphrey Turner, had, between 1650 and 1670, Mary, James, Elizabeth, Martha, Lydia, Sarah, Samuel, Robert, and Susanna.  He was a soldier in Philip's war.  Deane, 264, thinks the family went to Connecticut.

THOMAS DOUGHTY, Dover 1657-67.  Perhaps he removed over to Berwick, and Doughty's Falls may have the name from him.


HENRY DOUGLASS, Boston, freeman 1657.  His daughter Ann married 1 September 1660, Eliphalet Het. 

JOHN DOUGLASS, Dover.  He married 16 September 1687, neither a widow Nason whose husband is not of my acquaintance nor her baptized name, as printed in Genealogical Registrar VII. 119.

ROBERT DOUGLASS, New London, son of William Douglass.  He married 1665, Mary Hempstead, daughter of Robert Hempstead, had William, born 1666; Mary, 1668; Ann, 1669; John, 1671; Hannah, 1673; Sarah, 1674; Elizabeth, 1677; Thomas, 1679; and Phebe, 1681.  His wife died 1711; and he died 1716.

WILLIAM DOUGLASS, perhaps of Gloucester first, but of Boston 1640, cooper, freeman 1646.  By wife Ann, had Ann; Robert, born 1639; Elizabeth, 26 August 1641; Sarah, 8 April 1643; and William, 1 April 1645, the last three baptized 8 March 1646.  He removed to New London, was Deacon and Representative 1672, and perhaps later.  He died 26 July 1682, aged 71.  Ann Mable, his wife, was daughter of Thomas Mable of Ringstead, Northampton shire.   Ann, his daughter married 14 October 1658, Nathaniel Geary; Elizabeth married 16 February 1659, John Chandler; both of Roxbury; and Sarah married 1661, John Keeny of New London. 

WILLIAM DOUGLASS, New London, son of the preceding.  He married 18 December 1667, Abiah Hough, daughter of William Hough, had Elizabeth, born 1668; Sarah, 1671; William, 1672; Abiah, 1675; Rebecca, 1678; Ann, 1680; and Richard 1682.  He was Deacon, and he died 9 March 1725.


DOUSE. See Dawse.


MATTHEW DOVE, Salem.  He had children baptized there, Hannah, and Elizabeth, 10 September 1654; Dorcas, 5 October 1656; Bethia, 30 May 1658; Daniel, 3 November 1661; Deborah, 20 May 1666; and a daughter whose name is not on the record 1 July following, besides Sarah, born 3 July 1660, died in a few days; Matthew, 3 December 1667; and Ruth, 15 October 1673.  But the birth of Doreas is made 11 days later than the baptism.  Many such gross errors fall under our notice in records of Boston and other towns as well as Salem; and when the church or the town records is to be preferred, must commonly be decided in favor of the church for obvious reasons.  Yet at New Haven the opposite conclusion is the right one, for the town record is unusually correct, and that of the church very inexact.  Two fifths of those in the Genealogical Registrar IX. 357-63, are wrong. This name of Dove, in the History Collections of Essex Institute II. 43, is made Dour, through misread of the old chirography for the last letter, as I presume; but Mr. Patch very rarely fails.  Hannah married 20 March 1671, Richard Harris.


FRANCIS DOW, Salisbury, in the record of proprietors has the prefix of respect, and is third in the list, came from the city of Salisbury in County Wilts, before 1650.

HENRY DOW, Watertown 1637, a husbandman, aged 29.  He came from Ormsby in Norfolk 1637 with wife Joan, who was buried 10 June 1640, four children and a servant Ann Manning, 17.  He was freeman 2 May 1638.  He had Joseph, born 20 March 1639; and Thomas, who died soon.  By 2nd wife who Bond calls Margaret Cole of Dedham, had Daniel, 22 September 1641; and Mary, 14 September 1643.  He married before 1645, another wife, widow Nudd, and removed to Hampton.  He was Representative 1655 and 56.  He died 21 April 1659.  In his will he mentioned wife Margaret Nudd, perhaps the daughter of Nudd, and children Henry, born in England 1634; Mary, at Watertown 14 September 1643; Hannah; Thomas; and Jeremiah, besides Joseph, 20 March 1639; and Daniel, 2 September 1641.  Joseph died 17 August 1680 at Hampton. 

HENRY DOW, Hampton, son of the preceding, born in England, freeman 1666.  He married 17 June 1659, Hannah Page, daughter of Robert Page.  He became marshal of the Province 1680, a mandatory council 1702.  He died 6 May 1702, aged 73.  Belknap I. 55. 94. 411. 

HENRY DOW, Salisbury.  He married 7 December 1694, Mary Mussey. 

JOHN DOW, Haverhill.  He married 23 May 1696, Sarah Brown, daughter of Abraham Brown of Salisbury. 

JOHN DOW, freeman 1666,

STEPHEN DOW, freeman 1668, and

STEPHEN DOW, junior, all of Haverhill 1690, were, perhaps, son and grandson of Thomas Dow.

JOSEPH DOW, Hampton, probably son of Henry Dow the first of the same; took oath of fidelity in April 1678, with Joseph junior and Samuel, perhaps his sons. 

MATTHEW DOW, Salem.  See Dove. 

ROBERT DOW, Salisbury.  By wife Sarah, had Robert, born 23 July 1676; and Martha, 1 October 1678. 

SAMUEL DOW, perhaps of Dover, certainly of some part of New Hampshire.  By wife Abigail, had Joseph, born 13 December 1686. 

SAMUEL DOW, Hartford.  He married 12 December 1665, Mary Graves, daughter of the first George Graves of the same. 

SIMON DOW, New Hampshire.  By wife Sarah, had Mary, born 19 November 1686.  He left widow who married 21 November 1711, the second Onesiphorus Page. 

THOMAS DOW, Newbury, an early settler, freeman 22 June 1642.  By wife Phebe, had Stephen, born 29 March 1642; Mary, 26 April 1644; Martha, 1 June 1648; John; and Thomas.  He removed to Haverhill, and died 31 May 1654.  In his will made only two days before his death (29 May 1654), the widow Phebe and the five children (but John and Thomas first), are mentioned.  So that, possibly they were older than the others. 

THOMAS DOW, Ipswich 1675, perhaps son of the preceding.  He had wife Sarah Wall, daughter probably of James Wall of Hampton, married 1663, who died 7 February 1682.  By wife Susanna, had John, born 24 April 1685; Ebenezer, 26 May 1692; perhaps Thomas, 29 November 1694; Hannah, 3 October 1697; and Jeremiah, 12 December 1699.  Nine of this name had been, in 1834, graduates at Yale or Dartmouth College, and two at Harvard.



HENRY DOWD, HENRY DOUDE, HENRY DOWDE, or HENRY DOWDY, Guilford 1639.  He died or was buried 31 August 1668.  By wife Elizabeth who died 1683, had Rebecca; Mary; Sarah; John, born 24 May 1650; Thomas; and Jacob, 16 February 1653, all living in 1680, besides Jeremiah, who died 1668; and Elizabeth, who died 1669.  Rebecca married 1662, Daniel Evarts; Mary married 1666, Samuel Hughes; and Sarah married a Bowers. 

JOHN DOWD, JOHN DOUDE, JOHN DOWDE, or JOHN DOWDY, Guilford, son of the preceding.  He married 1679, Hannah, had Cornelius, born 1680; and Sarah, 1682.  His wife died 1687.  He married 1688, Mary Bartlett, had Mary, born 1688; John, 1691; Jacob, 1693; David, 1695; Abraham, 1697; Isaac, 1699; Hannah, 1703; Ebenezer, 1706; and Elizabeth, 1708.

THOMAS DOWD, THOMAS DOUDE, THOMAS DOWDE, or THOMAS DOWDY, Guilford, brother of the preceding.  He married 1678, Ruth Johnson, had Ebenezer, born 1680, died young; Thomas; Mehitable; Joseph, 1688; and Abraham, 1690.  This name, when uttered as one syllable easily became Dodd, in careless hands.


LEONARD DOWDEN, Boston 1679.  He married Mercy Paddy, daughter of William Paddy.  He died 1682, and his widow died 11 March 1694.


JAMES DOWELL, Boston 1669, mariner.


DEERMAN DOWNAM, Braintree.  By wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 15 January 1646; and John, 15 February 1648.  The prename seems very strange; but such is the office copy of the records at Boston. 

JOHN DOWNAM, Braintree, perhaps brother of the preceding.  By wife Dorothy, had John, or, I think, Thomas, born 30 September 1644, died 9 October following; Joseph, if anybody will believe the official copy of records in Boston, 30 April 1645; John, again, 7 March 1653; Mercy, 7 March 1655; Dorothy, who died 18 March 1659, only a few weeks old; and again Dorothy.

THOMAS DOWNAM, Boston.  He had Josiah, Sarah, and Hannah, all baptized at Old South Church 17 June 1677.


EBENEZER DOWNE, EBENEZER DOWNS, or EBENEZER DOWNES, New Haven, son of John Downe of the same.  He married 28 November 1694, Mary Umphrevile, perhaps daughter of John Umphrevile.


JOHN DOWNE, JOHN DOWNS, or JOHN DOWNES, Boston.  By wife Dorothy, had Mary, born 4 March 1657; and Dorothy, 31 January 1659. 

JOHN DOWNE, JOHN DOWNS, or JOHN DOWNES, New Haven 1654, had been there 1648, as a servant perhaps a minor.  He had John, born 5 March 1659, died young; Samuel, 28 October 1662; Mary, 28 January 1665; Ebenezer, 3 April 1667; Deliverance and Elizabeth twins, 19 April 1669; Hannah, 19 January 1671; John, again, 25 November 1672; Daniel, 29 August 1674; Nathaniel, 17 December 1676; and Ruth, 5 July 1679. 


THOMAS DOWNE, THOMAS DOWNS, or THOMAS DOWNES, Boston, came in the Defence, 1635, perhaps aged 25.  By wife Catharine, had Rebecca, born 22 April 1652; and Thomas, 17 March 1654.  He was at Dover 1657.  There had Elizabeth, born 17 November 1663,  He died 21 January 1697.  Mary, killed by the Indians at Dover 26 July 1696, going from church was, perhaps, his daughter.

THOMAS DOWNE, THOMAS DOWNS, or THOMAS DOWNES, Boston 1674, mariner, son of the preceding.  He probably married Susanna Eliot, daughter of Jacob Eliot, who died 14 March 1688. 

THOMAS DOWNE, THOMAS DOWNS, or THOMAS DOWNES, Dover.  By wife Martha, had Gershom, born 10 January 1680.  He after marrying Abigail Hall, daughter of John Hall, was killed by the Indians 1711.


WILLIAM DOWNE, WILLIAM DOWNS, or WILLIAM DOWNES, Boston 1676.  He married Hannah Appleton, eldest child of Samuel Appleton of Ipswich.  Six of this name had been graduates at Harvard before 1823.


ANDREW DOWNER, Newbury, son of Joseph Downer.  He married 28 December 1699, Susanna Huntington, had John, born 22 October 1700; Mary, 22 May 1702; and Gideon, 5 September 1705.

JOSEPH DOWNER, Newbury.  He married 9 July 1660, Mary Knight, daughter of John Knight, had Mary, born 18 March 1662; Joseph, 25 March 1666; and Andrew, 25 July 1672.

JOSEPH DOWNER, Newbury, son probably eldest of the preceding.  By wife Hannah, had Joseph, born 29 September 1693; John, 15 March 1695; Andrew, 14 May 1697; Samuel, 12 April 1699; Richard, 11 February 1702; Hannah, 16 February 1704; and Benjamin, 24 February 1706.

ROBERT DOWNER, Salisbury 1665, had some years earlier been of Newbury.  He married 6 May 1675, Sarah Eaton, daughter of John Eaton, had John, born 1 April 1681; Andrew, 7 September 1683; Samuel, 5 April 1686; Joseph, 4 March 1688; Sarah, 6 October 1690; Mary, 22 February 1696; and Joseph, 15 May 1699.


BENJAMIN DOWNING, Hatfield 1679, took the oath of allegiance that year.  He married 1679 Sarah Hunter, daughter perhaps eldest, of William Hunter.  He may have been, but probably not, son of Emanuel Downing. 

DENNIS DOWNING, Kittery 1650, in November 1652 swore allegiance to Massachusetts.  He was killed by the Indians 4 July 1697, unless the sufferer were sons of the first.

EMANUEL DOWNING, Salem, from London, where he was a lawyer of the Inner Temple, inhabitant of the parish of St. Michael, Cornhill Ward, was, probably son of Reverend Emanuel Downing.  He was a clergyman in Ireland, whose letter to Archbishop Usher may be found in Parr's Life of that prelate.  He came in 1638 with his wife Lucy Winthrop, daughter of Adam Winthrop, Esq. of Groton, in County Suffolk, where she was baptized 27 January 1601, sister of our first Governor of Massachusetts married 10 April 1622.  They were administered of the church 4 November 1638.  He was sworn a freeman March 1639, Representative the same year 1640, 41, 44 and 48; was proposed for an Assistant in 1641, but not chosen.  His children were George, born probably in 1623, or 24, and was, perhaps, kept in school at home until his father came; Mary, who came May 1633 with Governor Coddington in the Mary and Jane. In November of that year was administered of the church in Boston.  James Downing, who was brought by his uncle, the Governor in the Arbella 1630.  Susan, who came at the same time with Mary; Ann; Lucy; and these following born on our side of the ocean, John, baptized 1 March 1640; and Dorcas, 7 February 1641.  He went home early in 1642, back next year and went again, in 1644, on business, but came back next year.  The date of his death is not found, nor that of his wife though we see proof of his requirement to the General court September 1653 for his 600 acres to be laid out, and of her living 4 August 1656, when she gave to Captain Joseph Gardner dowry on his mother with her daughter and the same shows that her husband Emanuel was dead.  The son James, I think, lived at Ipswich; Mary married Anthony Stoddard of Boston; Ann was wife of the intrepid Captain Gardner, killed at the great Narraganset swamp fight in Philip's war, and after married Governor Bradstreet. There was a John Downing who died at Boston 29 April 1694, but he was a merchant from Nevis, where was his family and estate 

GEORGE DOWNING, Salem, son of the preceding, born in London, was partly prepared for College by Reverend John Fiske, and graduated in the first class Harvard College 1642.  He went to England by way of Newfoundland, St. Kitts, Barbados, and Nevis, and in each Island was desired to preach, but perhaps saw prospect of greater usefulness in his native land, where he became, as his uncle Winthrop tells, 1645, a chaplain in the regiment of Okey, who after was made one of the judges to sign the warrant for execution of Charles 1.  He got forward fast (possibly faster, as Okey sunk), in favor with Cromwell, who made him his resident at the Hague.  In 1654 united with "the blood of all the Howards" by marriage with Frances, descended through the second son from that fourth Duke of Norfolk, who was by Queen Elizabeth beheaded for tenderness to Mary, Queen of Scots.  The Honorable Charles Howard, brother of Frances, was the first, of only three by Oliver created peers of England under the title of Viscount Morpeth.  The infirmity of this honor was, soon after the restoration strengthened by his creation 20 April 1661, as first Earl of Carlisle, which title is now enjoyed by his lineal heirs.  Previous to this dignity conferred on the Howard stock, and even before his restoration. The kin, had made Downing a knight for his good conduct in Holland; and, 1 July 1663, he was made baronet, by the style of Sir George Downing of Gamlingay, in County Cambridge, where his estate was called the largest in that county.  His wife died 10 July 1683, and he died 1684.  His son Charles was one of the tellers in the Exchange by indenture at London 13 September 1700, sold the estate at Salem, that was his grandfather's and to him from Emanuel had come through George, as in our Register of Essex County Vol. XVII. appears.  His eldest son Sir George Downing married Catharine, eldest daughter of James, Earl of Salisbury, of the illustrated house of Cecil, and there son Sir George, Downing after sitting in two Parliaments of Queen Anne, and the first of George II died without issue, and left the splendid residence devise to the University of Cambridge who laid the foundation of Downing College.  In possession of Dawson Turner, Esq. Father, son at Great Yarmouth, is a collection of Downing papers, in which some curious matter may probably exist.  I had slight inspection of them in 1842, but looked only at the earliest, when the New England youth was scout-master-general in Scotland.  A dispatch from Downing, of 3 September 1651, that day of Worcester route, who Cromwell, with proper forecast, called his crowning mercy, may be read in Cary's Memorials of the civil war, Vol. II.  It is far more perspicuous and soldier-like than that of the Commander-in-Chief.  But the skill or valor of such a field was no longer in request, and it was to his fidelity probity, and diligence in other affairs that Oliver directed John Milton to certify.  Winthrop II. 241. Hutchinson I. 111.

JOHN DOWNING, Charlestown.  He married Joanna who bore him Mary, 6 August 1659.  He died 13 November 1659.  She was given administration of his estate 2 April 1663, and she married 29 October 1663 Richard Holly. 

JOHN DOWNING, Wells, perhaps son of Dennis Downing, or brother.  He had John, born about 1660. 

JOHN DOWNING, Ipswich.  He married 2 November 1669, Mehitable Brabrook, daughter of Richard Brabrook, had John, born 31 October 1673; Margaret, 7 February 1679; and Richard, who died 3 November 1702. 

JOHN DOWNING, Braintree 1673, was a soldier in Philip's war with Captain Turner, in April 1676, on Connecticut river.  Settled at Hatfield.  He married soon after, Mary Meakins, daughter of Thomas Meakins junior (who had been killed by the Indians the year before), had Jonathan, born 1677; and John, 1678.  He perhaps removed from Hatfield.

JOSHUA DOWNING, Kittery, perhaps son of Dennis Downing of the same.  By wife Rebecca, had Elizabeth, born late in the 17th century; and perhaps others. 

MALCOLM DOWNING, Lynn, a Scotchman.  He married June 1653, Margaret Sullivan, had Mary, born February 1655; Hannah, 3 April 1657; Sarah, 1 March 1659; Margaret, 15 January 1661; Priscilla, 15 March 1662; Catharine, 15 August 1665; John, 20 November 1667; and Joanna, 26 February 1671. 

RICHARD DOWNING of Ipswich.  He died 3 November 1702, but I know nothing more of him, except that in 1664 (three years before he was married), he was 27 years old, yet from seeing him among proprietors of Salem or Marblehead 1674, had wife Mary.  I venture to guess that he was a grandson of Emanuel Downing. 

THEOPHILUS DOWNING, Salem 1642, had grant of land 29 November of that year.  He had son Theophilus, baptized 13 March 1642; Ann, or Hannah, 8 September 1644; and Benjamin, 17 January 1647.  In the first two instances the children are noted as of our sister Downing and in the last as of Ellen Downing.  He is called the fisherman, and nothing, more is ascertained.  He was of Marblehead part of the town, perhaps brother of Richard Downing or of Malcolm Downing, and may have had other children.  His wife may have come from some other town. 

WILLIAM DOWNING, Boston, freeman 1690.


WILLIAM DOWNTON, Salem, freeman 1668.  By wife Rebecca, had William, born 12 April 1665; John, 17 June 1669.  He was gaol-keeper 1686.  Perhaps his daughter Mary married 15 November 1676, Thomas Flint. 

WILLIAM DOWNTON, Ipswich, perhaps son of the preceding.  By wife Mary, had William, born 8 April 1695; Mary, 7 April 1696; and Elizabeth, 4 June 1698.  Felt.


BENJAMIN DOWSE, Roxbury, son of Lawrence Dowse.  He married 7 April 1680, Mary Hewin.  He was freeman 1690. 

ELEAZER DOWSE, Charlestown, youngest son of Lawrence Dowse.  By wife Mary Edmunds, daughter of Daniel Edmunds, married 21 September 1693, had Jonathan, born 21, baptized 24 February 1695; Mary, 2 April 1697; Elizabeth, 12 February 1699; and Eleazer, 11 May 1701.  He died 1725.  His will of 5 July 1725 was probated 20 August 1725.  He was grandfather of Thomas Dowse, the munificent benefactor of the Massachusetts History Society, the most attractive part of whose library was his donation.

FRANCIS DOWSE, Boston, in the employment  of George Burden 1640, freeman 2 June 1641.  By wife Catharine, had Elizabeth, baptized 17 July, about 2 days old, says church record but that of the careless town officer reads born 20 August 1642; Mary, baptized 21 April 1644; Hannah, 7, baptized 11 January 1646; Deborah, 1 January 1652; Naomi, 26 October 1653; Lydia, 10 March 1655; and Sarah, 2 June 1657; besides Mary, again, 30 January 1659.  He removed to Charlestown, and I know not the time of his death but have noted that his wife outlived him, and she died 14 March 1698.  Elizabeth, his daughter married 16 October 1659, Samuel Miles. 

JOHN DOWSE, Charlestown 1674, son of Lawrence Dowse, freeman 1676.  He married 31 October 1672 Relief Holland, daughter of John Holland of Dorchester, had John, born 27 July 1673, died soon; John, again, 21 July 1674, baptized 23 May 1675, died young; Relief, 6, baptized 9 April 1676; and Nathaniel, 8 February 1678, who died 1 March 1678.  After his death 28 November 1677, the widow married 9 March 1681, Timothy Foster of Dorchester. 

JONATHAN DOWSE, Charlestown, son of Lawrence Dowse.  He married 18 November 1694, Elizabeth Ballard, daughter of Samuel Ballard, had Jonathan Dowse, born 17, baptized 22 September 1695, Harvard College 1715; Elizabeth 9 April 1697, died soon; Samuel, born 21 April 1699, died soon; and Samuel, again, 21 July 1700.  His wife died 22 January 1701.  He married 3 or 30 July 1701 Catharine Herbert, had Edward, born August 1703, died next year; Edward Dowse, again, 1 March 1705, Harvard College 1725; Catharine, 17 baptized 18 May 1707; Joseph, 11, baptized 16 January 1709; Elizabeth 13 November 1710; and Lawrence, 5 August 1712.  He was a man of high repute, and died 28 January 1745.  Only sons Nathaniel, Joseph, and Samuel, his executors, survived.

JOSEPH DOWSE, Charlestown, brother of the preceding.  He married 11 July 1678, Mary George, daughter of John George, had Joseph, baptized 17 July 1681; Lawrence, born 13, baptized 16 July 1682; Margery, born 22 February 1686; Mary, 6 February 1688; Elizabeth, 23 August 1691; and Alice, 7 January 1694.

LAWRENCE DOWSE, Boston, carpenter.  By wife Martha, who died at Charlestown, October 1644, had Samuel, born 1642, and John, born October 1644, died next year; both baptized 23 March 1645, Samuel, called 2 years and 14 weeks; John, about 22 weeks.  He married at Charlestown, Margery Rand, daughter of Robert Rand, had Elizabeth, born at Boston 15 March 1647; others at Charlestown, John, 1650; Mary; Joseph, 1654; Benjamin, 4 July 1656, died young; Benjamin, again, 3 December 1658; Nathaniel, who died 4 November 1658; Nathaniel, again; Jonathan; Sarah, 26 July 1663; and Eleazer, 25, baptized 31 January 1669.  He died 14 March 1692, 78 years.  His widow died 12 April 1714, in her 90th year.  Elizabeth married 18 June 1674, Thomas Larkin, as second wife.

LODOWICK DOWSE, Sherborn.  He had Mary, born 8 September 1683; Stephen, 4 March 1686; Martha 18 July 1688; and Samuel, 29 April 1695. 

NATHANIEL DOWSE, Charlestown, son of Lawrence Dowse.  He married 7 September 1685, Dorothy Edmunds, daughter of John Edmunds, had Hannah, born 13 June 1686, died soon; Nathaniel, 30 January baptized 19 February 1688; Hannah, again, 13, baptized 19 January 1690; Dorothy, 1, baptized 3 May 1691; John, 13, baptized 17 September 1693; Benjamin, 22, baptized 27 October 1695; Elizabeth, baptized 9 March 1701; and Sarah, born 30 November 1704.  He was a Captain, and died 23 August 1719, aged 61. 

SAMUEL DOWSE son of Lawrence Dowse, freeman 1674.  He had first wife Hannah Ludkin, daughter of Aaron Ludkin.  He married 8 August 1670, bringing him Samuel, born 11, baptized 14 May 1676, and she died 12 days after (26 May 1676); the child died 3 days after (17 May 1676).  He married 7 March 1677, second wife Faith Jewett, daughter of Maximilian Jewett of Rowley, by whom he had Ann, born 19 December 1677; Samuel, again, 19 November 1679, baptized 16 May 1680; John, 10, baptized 13 November 1681; Martha, born 10, baptized 18 November 1683; Mary, born 17 April 1686; Maximilian, 14 October 1688; Sarah, 19 March 1691; and Ebenezer, 4, baptized 10 September 1693. 

SAMUEL DOWSE, Portsmouth, New Hampshire or its neighbor.  He married 1 March 1689, Sarah Berry of Newcastle, perhaps daughter of the first William Berry, had Joanna, born the next day; Samuel, 4 October 1690; John, 8 February 1693; Ann, 16 February 1695; Solomon, 3 January 1697; Susannah, 6 November 1699; and another, whether son or daughter can hardly be conjectured from the name given to it in Genealogical Registrar VII. 119.


THOMAS DOXY, New London 1650.  By wife Catharine, had Thomas, born 1651 and perhaps other children, but died 1652, one of the earliest in the plantation.  His widow married Daniel Lane, and the family removed to Long Island.


ROBERT DOYLE, perhaps of Lancaster.  He married 30 November 1680, Joanna Farrar, daughter of John Farrar of the same.


ABRAHAM DRAKE, Exeter, son of Robert Drake, born in Devonshire England, perhaps about 1620, removed with his father to Hampton.  By wife Jane, who died 25 January 1676, had Susanna; Abraham, born 29 December 1654; Sarah, 20 August 1656, probably died young, before May 1663; Mary, 25 March 1658; Elizabeth, 11 July 1660; Hannah, 14 October 1662; and Robert, 27 September 1664.  At 84 years he was living 1712.  He had been a valuable man in town affairs.  In 1673 was made marshal of the old County of Norfolk.  Susanna was second wife of Captain Anthony Brackett of Falmouth; and next married 30 October 1700, John Taylor of Hampton; and Elizabeth married Thomas Beadle of Salem. 

ABRAHAM DRAKE, Hampton, son of the preceding.  By wife Sarah, had Sarah, born 7 November 1686; Abraham, 1689; Jane, 1691; Mary, 1693; and Nathaniel, 7 May 1695.  He was selectman, had good estate, and he died June 1714. 

ENOCH DRAKE, Windsor, son of second John Drake.  He married 11 November 1680, Sarah Porter, daughter of John Porter, had Sarah, born 31 May 1681; Enoch, 1683; Nathaniel, 1685; Samuel, 27 July 1688, died young; and Hannah, 6 October 1695.  He died 21 August 1698. 

FRANCIS DRAKE, Portsmouth 1661, was of grand jury 1663, a surveyor, perhaps removed to New Jersey soon after. 

JACOB DRAKE, Windsor, son of John Drake, born probably in England.  He married 12 April 1649, Mary Bissell, daughter of John Bissell, had no children.  He died 6 August 1689.  His mother lived a widow 22 years and died 7 October 1681, aged 100. 

JOB DRAKE, Windsor, son of John Drake, born in England.  He married 25 June 1646, Mary Wolcott, daughter of first Henry Wolcott, had Abigail, born 28 September 1648; Mary, 12 December 1649; Job, baptized 28 March 1652; Elizabeth, born 14 November 1654; Joseph, 16 April 1657, died at 7 years; Hepzibah, 11 July 1659; and  Esther, 10 October 1662.  He died 18 September 1689.  Abigail married 28 August 1668, Israel Dewey; and Esther married 16 August 1681, Thomas Griswold. 

JOB DRAKE, Windsor, son of the preceding.  He married 13 September 1677, Elizabeth Clark, widow probably of Moses Cooke, daughter of Daniel Clark, had Job, born 26 October 1678; and Mary, 29 April 1680; Jacob, 29 January 1683; Sarah, 10 May 1686; and, perhaps, more. 

JOB DRAKE, Westfield, son of second John Drake.  He married 20 March 1672, Elizabeth Alvord, had Jonathan, born 4 January 1673; and Elizabeth, 4 November 1675; perhaps more, certainly Sarah.  Yet the two Jobs, cousins, and the two wives Elizabeth might well puzzle the record and so children of one be given to another.

JOHN DRAKE, Dorchester, or Boston, came in the fleet with Winthrop probably, as we find his requirement 19 October 1630 to be made freeman, yet his administration is not found.  He removed from our Colony perhaps as a purchaser of Taunton 1639 [Baylies, I. 286], and not long after to Windsor.  There, by a cartwheel running over him, was killed 17 August 1659, leaving sons Jacob and Job, before mentioned, and John, besides one, if not more, daughters.   His widow died 7 October 1681, but we may hesitate at the old church record story of her hundredth year yet agree to the main truth of her being called  "old widow Drake" 

JOHN DRAKE, Windsor, son of the preceding, born in England.  He married 30 November 1648, Hannah Moore,  daughter of John Moore, had John, born 14 September 1649; Job, 15 June 1651;  Hannah, 8 August 1653; Enoch, 8 December 1655; Ruth, 1 December 1657;  Simon, 28 October 1659; Lydia, 26 January 1662; Elizabeth, 22 July 1664; Mary, 29 January 1667; Mindwell, 10 November 1671; and Joseph, 26 June 1674.  Lydia married 10 April 1681, Joseph Loomis.  He died 1689, as did both of his brothers and some of their family. 

JOHN DRAKE, Weymouth, son of Thomas Drake.  By wife Sarah, had Prudence, born 9 November 1688; and John, 20 September 1694. 

JOSEPH DRAKE, Weymouth, son of Thomas Drake, freeman 1691.  By wife Elishama, had Jane, born 4 September 1687. 

JOSEPH DRAKE, Windsor, youngest son of the second John Drake.  He had Joseph, born 21 April 1697; Benjamin, 14 April 1699; Ann, 30 January 1701; John,  6 May 1703; William, 30 December 1705; Thomas, 18 May 1708; Abel, 24 March 1710; and Moses, 20 July 1716.

NATHANIEL DRAKE, Hampton 1653, eldest son of Robert Drake, born in  Devonshire about 1612.  He had two daughters mentioned in the grandfather's will as Rachel and Jane.  He removed to Portsmouth, and was of grand jury in 1656.  He married for second wife Jane Berry, daughter of William Berry.  He was selectman 1691, but his death is not known.  His daughter Jane married 15 December 1673, William Wallace. 

ROBERT DRAKE, Exeter, without any exact date, came from Devonshire where he was born 1580.  He removed to Hampton, in 1654 was selectman.  He died 14 January 1668.  His will of 5 May 1663, probated 11 April 1668, names only sons Nathaniel and Abraham, before mentioned, who probably he had brought from England men of full age, and daughter Susanna with her maiden name, the two daughters of Nathaniel by names, and Susanna, Mary, Elizabeth and Hannah, the children of Abraham.

ROBERT DRAKE, Hampton, son of Abraham Drake.  He married 19 October 1716, Sarah Knowles, both of sober years, had Robert, baptized 2 August 1719; and Hannah, 28 April 1723.  He died 6 February 1743.  His wife died 8 June 1742, aged 64. 

SAMUEL DRAKE, Fairfield 1650, Representative 1662, removed to East Chester 1665.  He had John, Samuel, and Joseph, and four daughters, all named besides wife Ann, in his will, made 30 May 1686, probated next month.   When all the daughters except Mary were married, Joseph had son Joseph. 

SAMUEL DRAKE, Fairfield, son of the preceding, had from his father 1677 the estate of father’s wife Ruth, but no children.  He made his will 12 December 1691, and his inventory is retired two months after. 

SIMON DRAKE, Windsor, son of the second John Drake.  He married 15 December 1687, Hannah Mills, daughter perhaps of Simon Mills, had Simeon, born 27 August 1690, died soon; Hannah, 29 September 1694; Edee, 14 November 1697; Frances, 16 October 1701, died young; and Phineas, 21 September 1706.

THOMAS DRAKE, Weymouth.  By wife Jane, had John, born 12 March 1659; William, 30 May 1661; Joseph, 28 October 1663; Amy, 3 February 1666; and Benjamin, 15 January 1677.  I think he married 9 March 1681, Mellicent Ford, widow of John Carver, daughter of William Ford.  Perhaps he was of Dorchester 1640. 

WILLIAM DRAKE, Weymouth, son of Thomas Drake.  By wife Sarah, had Sarah, born May 1687; Abigail, 4 April 1689; James, 7 May 1691; and William, 20 July 1695.  A widow Joan Drake was administered of the church of Boston 3 August 1634, the same day with Governor Bellingham and his wife, but of her I know no more.


ROBERT DRAKELEY, Woodbury, son of Thomas Drakeley, the first of the same.  He married 4 July 1751, says Cothren, Mary Warner, whose father is not mentioned.  He died 1 July 1784. 

THOMAS DRAKELEY, Woodbury 1682, had come from Stratford.  He married says Cothren, Lydia Brooks of New Haven, whose father is not named, had Ann, born May 1697; Thomas, May 1704; Robert, July 1709; Mary, July 1709; and William, July 1714, who died unmarried 11 July 1769.  He died 5 April 1734, aged 77.  He was, perhaps born in England, for the surname is not early heard of in our country.  His widow died 4 December 1762. 

THOMAS DRAKELEY, Woodbury, eldest son of the preceding.  He married Eunice Hickok, daughter probably of Joseph Hickok, had, as Cothren tells, Lydia, born 12 January 1730; Mercy, 20 May 1733; Comfort, 5 April 1737; Eunice, 17 July 1739; Samuel, 18 May 1745; and Beatrice, if such be the decent name, given probably from the record Betteras, by Cothren, 18 November 1749.  He lived to 1789.


JAMES DRAPER, Dedham 1683, may be the same who was a proprietor of Lancaster 1654, and who was of Roxbury, freeman 1690.  He died 13 July 1697, aged about 73, says the inscription on gravestone, which in Genealogical Registrar VII. 331 has erroneous date. 

JAMES DRAPER, Roxbury, perhaps son of the preceding.  He had Patience, born 17 August 1668; Jonathan, 10 March 1670.  His wife probably died, or another James Draper married 18 February 1681, Abigail Whiting, had Abigail, born 29 December 1681; perhaps Nathaniel, 2 April 1684; Eunice, 5 January 1689; and Ebenezer, 27 April 1698.  He died in 44th year 30 April 1698.  His widow died 25 October 1721.  Patience married 13 March 1689, or 1690, Ebenezer Cass. 

JAMES DRAPER, Roxbury.  By wife Elizabeth, had William, born 15 May 1686.

MOSES DRAPER, Roxbury, perhaps brother of the preceding.  He married 7 July 1685, Hannah Chandler, daughter of John Chandler, who died 9 June 1692, had Hannah, born 8 April 1686; Elizabeth, 1687, died 5 November; and Elizabeth again, 17 November 1688, died the same day.  He soon had second wife Mary Thacher, daughter of Judah Thacher.  He removed to Boston, and had Moses, baptized 17 September 1693 at Second Church. 

NATHANIEL DRAPER, Damaris cove 1651. 


RICHARD DRAPER, Boston, freeman 1690. 

ROGER DRAPER, Concord, freeman 14 March 1639.  He had Adam and Lydia; the latter born 11 November 1641.  She married John Law.  In the custom house record sent from Ipswich to London of passengers in the Francis, thence to Boston 1634, appears as one with the strange name, Clear Drap, aged 30, of which we may safely judge the surname abbreviated for Draper, but the name of baptized is beyond conjecture.  Of this name six had been, in 1834, graduates at Harvard and four at the other New England Colleges.


THOMAS DRAWWATER, New Haven 1668.  He was fined for drinking unduly.


HENRY DRAYTON, Marshfield, able to bear arms 1643.

JOHN DRAYTON, Maine 1642. Farmer.


NICHOLAS DRECKAN, came to Salem 1660.  Felt.


JOHN DRESSER, Rowley 1643.  By wife Mary, had Mary, born 24 April 1643, who died at 17 years; Samuel, 10 February 1644; Jonathan, 8 January 1647, died young; besides Elizabeth, December 1656; and Mary, again, 24 July 1667.  He was a Lieutenant, and died 1672.  Elizabeth married 11 June 1680, John Hopkinson; and Mary married 4 December 1696, Daniel Foster.

JOHN DRESSER, Rowley, possibly son of the preceding, and born in England, called junior.  He married 21 November 1662, Martha Thorla, perhaps daughter of Richard Thorla, had John, born 4 December 1663; Martha, 1 August 1671; Jonathan, January 1674; Sarah, 27 April 1678; Richard, 29 June 1679; Nathaniel, 27 August 1681; Lydia, 17 July 1684, died young; and Elizabeth, 14 February 1686 or 87.  He was freeman 1684, Representative 1691 and some years after.

SAMUEL DRESSER, Salem 1638. 

SAMUEL DRESSER, Rowley, son of first John Dresser.  He married 9 December 1668, Mary Leaver, daughter probably of Thomas Leaver, had Samuel, born 23 August 1673; John, 1 April 1676; Thomas, 21 May 1679, died young; Joseph, 17 March 1682; Thomas, again, 4 April 1685; Jeremiah, 30 June 1687; Benjamin, 23 September 1689; and Henry, 24 April 1692.  He died 8 December 1704.


FRANCIS DREW, Dover, son of William Drew.  He was killed by the Indians with a son of 9 years 1694, when his garrison house was destroyed.

JAMES DREW, Portsmouth 1667.

JOHN DREW, Plymouth.  By wife Hannah, had Elizabeth, born 5 February 1674; John, 1676; Samuel, 1678; Thomas, 1681; Nicholas, 1684; and Lemuel, 1687. 

ROBERT DREW, Boston.  He married with prefix of respect.  He married 6 November 1656, by Governor Endicott, to Jemima Clark, daughter of John Clark, had Elizabeth, born 22 July 1660.

ROSEMUND DREW, Roxbury, if my copy from the record be trustworthy.  He married 18 February 1678, Mary Druce, daughter of Vincent Druce, had Rosemond, a son, baptized at Roxbury, 12 January 1679, though in his History of Newton, Jackson, 268, perverts the name from the gravestone to Erasanan.  He enlarges our knowledge of three other children: Jonathan died 1700, aged 19; Ebenezer died 1715, aged 25; and Abigail 1717, and aged 27.  He says the eldest daughter died 1700, and their mother died 1719, in her 70th year.

THOMAS DREW, Dover, perhaps son or brother of William Drew, in that part on Oyster river now Durham.  He had a garrison house in 1694, where he was killed by the Indians after surrender, and a son of 9 years was killed in a frightful way.  Possibly this may have been the tragedy of Francis. Tradition raises many doubts.  Thomas Drew, probably another son with a young wife were taken at same time and carried to Canada.  Belknap I. 138. 141. 

WILLIAM DREW, Dover 1648.  He died about 1669, leaving wife Elizabeth, who married 20 July 1671, William Follet.  He had Francis, born 1648; John, 1651; perhaps James, and William.  Early in the eighteenth century they were at Newton, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and one or more others of this name, all young, but I have not learned their derivation.


EDWARD DRINKER, Charlestown, son of Philip Drinker, born in England, came with his father, was a potter, constable 1652.  He removed to Boston, and was one of the founders of the First Baptist Church in Boston 1663.  Yet a Lieutenant in Philip's war, of Captain Turner's company, though in his History of the Baptists, Backus shows that the bigotry of the day refused him, as unworthy of such command in the first year of the war.  He preached in 1678 to the humble congregation in Boston, and died 1700.  His wife Hannah died 14 May 1693.  He married 6 March 1694 Mary Emmons.  In his will, made 1696, names no children but mentioned wife Mary, brother John, and niece Mary, wife of Benjamin Emmons; to the two former leaving estates for life, and remainder to niece. 

JOHN DRINKER, Charlestown, brother of the preceding, born in England.  Came with his father.  By wife Elizabeth, had John, born 31 March 1653; Elizabeth, 28 August 1654; Mary, 16 October 1655; Sarah, 4 February 1657; Philip, 28 May 1659; and children not named 24 September 1662.  Possibly he removed in later days, but so late as 1696 was mentioned in his brother’s will.  Perhaps he was grandfather of that John Drinker, sometimes called Edward Drinker, born in a log cabin on what is now Walnut Street corner of Second, Philadelphia, 24 December 1680, some months before Penn's charter.  He died 17, or as the church record says 18 November 1782, of course, allowing for change of style, 101 years 10 months and 14 or 15 days old, whose age is by Dr. Rush and others fondly stretched to 103.  He had eighteen children by first wife and none by three other wives.  He sometimes sat at his table with 14 children says tradition, and not long before his death heard of one of his grandchildren having a grandchild.  See Watson's Annals of Philadelphia.

PHILIP DRINKER, Charlestown 1635.  He came in the Abigail that year aged 39, with wife Elizabeth, 32; Edward, 13; and John, 8; freeman 17 May 1637, kept the first ferry over Mistick 1640.  He died 23 June 1647.  In his will, two days before (21 June 1647), makes mention of no other relatives than wife and those two sons.


FLORENCE DRISCOLL, Windsor, or Wethersfield.  He died 1678, probably unmarried.


JOHN DRIVER, Lynn, son perhaps of first Robert Driver.  By wife Elizabeth, who died 26 May 1674, had John, born 23, died 31 of the same month.  By second wife he had John, again, born 16 May 1678; and Eleazer, August 1680, died same month.

RICHARD DRIVER, Lynn, perhaps brother of the preceding.  He married 6 January 1664, Sarah Salmon.

ROBERT DRIVER, Lynn, 1630, freeman 6 May 1635.  He died says Lewis, 3 April 1680, aged 87.  His wife died February 1683.  His son

ROBERT DRIVER, who came in Abigail 1635, aged 8, lived at Lynn.  He had Sarah, who died 5 February 1667; Ruth, born 4 October 1667; Salmon, August 1670; and John, 2 December 1673.  He was hanged for murder 18 March 1675, as related by Mather, VI. 39.  Lewis. 

WILLIAM DRIVER, Salem 1687.  He died 1691, leaving wife Mary.  Felt.  He had John, born 3 July 1685; Thomas, 24 March 1687; Elizabeth, 28 April 1689; and Michael, 13 July 1691.


LEONARD DROWNE, Kittery, shipwright.  He married Elizabeth Abbot, perhaps daughter of Richard Abbot of Portsmouth, had Solomon, born 23 January 1682; Samuel, Simeon, Shem, Susanna, who married as is said, John Johnson of Boston, and Mary, who married as is said, 24 April 1712, James Kettle of Charlestown.  Little is to be gleaned exactly on privileged life of most in that country in that age, when liable to be driven from his home, as was Drowne for years after being one of the founders of the First Baptist Church in Maine 1682.  He had practiced his trade at Boston a dozen years.  His wife died 1704; and by second wife had no children.  He died 31 October 1729, aged 83.  See Greenleaf, 241. 

SHEM DROWNE, Boston, son of Leonard Drowne of the same, had, it is erroneously said.  He married a daughter of Richard Russell, named Catharine Russell, as is further said, and through her derived title to the grant of Eastern lands made to Aldworth and Elbridge from Sir father Gorges before Boston was settled.  See Drake, 615, which got his information through poor source, in this matter.  His wife was daughter of Timothy Clark, in his will well provided for.  He died 13 January 1774.  He had daughter Sarah, who married Reverend Jeremiah Condy of Boston.  Reverend Samuel Drowne, born at Bristol, Rhode Island, was minister of 3rd Congregational church, Portsmouth, New Hampshire; his brother Solomon Drowne was, 1773, an Assistant of Rhode Island; and one Nathaniel Drowne, a physician, who died at Boston 9 February 1771, in his 26th year, had been graduate of Harvard College 1764. 

SOLOMON DROWNE, Bristol, brother of the preceding.  He married 8 November 1705, and had eleven children: Solomon, born 4 October 1706; Esther, 26 October 1708; Elizabeth, 8 September 1710; Joseph, 8 February 1712; Bathsheba, 10 June 1715; Benjamin, 9 June 1717; Mary, 7 June 1719; Samuel, 31 July 1721; Sarah, 23 July 1723; Jonathan, 29 July 1725; and Shem, 13 June 1728.  He died 9 October 1730, and his widow (whose name of baptism or family we see not) died 26 July 1744.   


JOHN DRUCE, or JOHN DRUSE, Cambridge village now Newton, son of Vincent Druce.  He had by wife Mary, baptized at Roxbury, 13 September 1674, John (born 25 February 1669), and Mary, and Hannah, a fortnight later.  He was mortally wounded 1 July 1675 in Captain Prentice's troop on the morning march from Rehoboth to Swanzey, brought home, and died next day, 2 July 1675.  Apostle Eliot in church record writes, "he acquitted himself valiantly."  His nuncupative will, probated by oath of Joseph Dudley, 16 August 1675, is in our Volume VI. 

RICHARD DRUCE, or RICHARD DRUSE, Boston.  By wife Jane, had William, born 1 May 1660. 

VINCENT DRUCE, or VINCENT DRUSE, Hingham 1637, freeman 1645, as Mr. Paige conjectures when the name is written Vincent Ruth, as perhaps his utterance was indistinct, and the clerk who enrolled judgment by sound.  I concur in this astute conjecture for two reasons; (besides the strangeness of such a surname) Vincent is exceedingly rare as baptized name;-- and the next above and below him in the Record list, was a Hingham man.  He removed before 1652 to Cambridge, lived on south side of the river now Newton, had share in the division for Cambridge people of Shawsheen lands and in that record his name is Druse, as also in Roxbury record.  His children were Vincent; John, before mentioned; Mary, who married 18 February 1678, Rosamond Drew.  In his will of 29 November 1677, he provides for the children of son John, makes their mother and his son-in-law Rozman Drew executors.

VINCENT DRUCE, or VINCENT DRUSE, Cambridge village, son of the preceding.  By wife Elizabeth, had John, born 25 February 1668; Mehitable, 26 September 1670; Mary, 9 August 1672; and Deliverance, 15 March 1674.  He died 1683, or before June 1684, when his will was probated leaving widow Elizabeth.  Besides these four children who are named in the will, he had Vincent.


SAMUEL DRUMER, Lynn.  He died 30 November 1676, as Felt, in Genealogical Registrar V. 96, shows; but his name was not before ever heard, I think.   


JOHN DRUMMOND, Boston.  He married 27 November 1661, widow Lydia Hallet; but anything more is not known.


GEORGE DRURY, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 19.

HUGH DRURY, Boston 1640, carpenter, freeman 1654, constable 1655 and 56, artillery company 1659.  He lived some years at Sudbury, there by wife Lydia, who joined our church 12 March 1648, and she died 1675.  He had John, born 2 May 1646; and Thomas.  He married 1676, second wife Mary Fletcher, daughter of Edward Fletcher, and he died 1689. 

JOHN DRURY, Boston, 1672, freeman 1673, carpenter, son of the preceding.  By wife Mary, had Thomas and John, and he died 1678.

THOMAS DRURY, Sudbury, brother of the preceding.  He married 15 December 1687, Rachel Rice, daughter of Henry Rice, had Caleb, born 5 October 1688; Thomas, 29 August 1690; John; Mary; Rachel; Lydia; Elizabeth, 22 June 1701; Micah, 2 May 1704; and Uriah, 17 January 1707.  He was the first Representative of Framingham 1701, selectman, and town clerk many years.  His will was probated 11 November 1723.


CHARLES DUCKWORTH, a soldier in Philip's war, of Turner's company left at Quaboag, March 1676.


WILLIAM DUDBRIDGE, Gloucester.  He had grants of land 1645 and 49.


MOSES DUDY, found by Mr. Babson at Gloucester, as servant of Robert Elwell, pressed into military service in Philip’s war, 1676, outlived it, and had grant of land in that town.


BYLEY DUDLEY, Exeter, son of the first Samuel Dudley.  He married 25 October 1682, Elizabeth Gilman, daughter of Moses Gilman, had no children, and he died 1728. 

FRANCIS DUDLEY, Concord.  He married 26 October 1665, Sarah Wheeler, had Mary, Joseph, Samuel, Sarah, John, and Francis.

HUGH DUDLEY, Springfield, in the employment of William Pynchon.  He married 1656, Mary Copley, daughter perhaps of widow Elizabeth Copley, sold out his property and removed.

JAMES DUDLEY, Exeter, son of the first Samuel Dudley, merchant.  He married Elizabeth Leavitt, daughter of Samuel Leavitt, and he died 14 November 1720.   His widow married 8 October 1724, Robert Briscoe; and next, 22 September 1730, Reverend John Odlin, both of Exeter. 

JOHN DUDLEY, Charlestown 1658, was a witness 30 March 1671, then called 55 years old.  He may have married Hannah Poulter, daughter of John Poulter, and as Shattuck says, lived at Concord, yet the age would be discarded.  With such supposition but cannot be the man who was at Guilford 1673.  He married that year Martha French, had John, born 1675; Mary, 14 May 1678; Nathaniel, 10 February 1680; Ebenezer, 27 February 1682; Mercy, 1684; Jonathan, 1686; Elizabeth, 1 October 1688; and Naomi, October 1690.  In which year he died, all the children were then living.  His name was early written Deadly; and he seems not connected with other Dudley's at Guilford.

JOSEPH DUDLEY, Roxbury, son of Governor Thomas Dudley.  Freeman 1672, Representative 1673-75, artillery company 1677, an Assistant 1676 to 85, made President of the Colonies of Massachusetts and New Hampshire 1686.  He had visited England in 1682, was of Andros's council and made Chief Justice of an unconstitutional Supreme Court; after being long imprisoned here.  On the Revolution went in February 1690 to England but came back the same year with commissioner, as Chief Justice of Massachusetts, and was after Deputy Governor of the Isle of Wight under Lord Cutts, as Hutchinson II. 86 shows, 8 years and came home 1702, with commissioner as Governor, which place he served until November 1715.  He died 2 April 1720.  Of the character of so distinguished a politician the lineaments will borrow colors from the artist's pencil; yet that of Hutchinson II. 213, 214, shows an honorably impartiality, especially when we reflect how he must have known the envenom hatred of his relations the Mathers.  Something darker is the portrait in Bancroft, III. 100, but he may have mistaken the secret feeling of Dudley's heart, and fell into wonderful error, when he closed the relation with that sad retribution.  "His grave is among strangers," for all Roxbury could testify that his final resting place is close to that of his father and that he was buried in his native town, where he passed the last eighteen years of his life.  In later editions the historian struck out that clause of malediction.  His will of 27 October 1719, mentioned only two sons and bequeaths "his body to be buried with his father".  His wife Rebecca Tyng, daughter of Edward Tyng, had Thomas Dudley, born 26 February 1670, baptized next day, Harvard College 1685, died young; Edward, 4 September 1671; Joseph, 8, baptized 9 November 1673; Paul Dudley, 3, baptized 5 September 1675, Harvard College 1690 (a much distinguished man, Chief Justice of the Province, father Roxbury soon married 15 September 1703, Lucy Wainwright), and died 21 January 1751; Samuel, 7 September 1677; John, 28 February baptized 2 March 1679; Rebecca, 16, baptized 22 May 1681 married 15 September 1702, Samuel Sewall; Catharine, 7 January, 1683, died same day; Ann, 27, baptized 31 August 1684 married 16 December 1707, John Winthrop; William Dudley, 20, baptized 24 October 1686, Harvard College 1704 (a man of eminence, speaker of the house, member of his majesty's council, father of Thomas Dudley, Harvard College 1750, and of Joseph Dudley, Harvard College 1751); Daniel, 4 February 1689; Catharine, again, 5 January 1690, who married 20 April 1714, William Dummer; and Mary, 2 November 1692, who married 1 January 1713, Francis Wainwright, and next, Joseph Atkins.  He died 19 November 1774; and the daughter of the Governor died 21 September 1722, aged 71.  One of the most curious combinations in New England History is detailed in his correspondence with Increase and Cotton Mather, 1708, for which see 1 Massachusetts History Collections III. 126-137.  Both of the Reverend casuists display much shrewdness and more malignity. 

JOSEPH DUDLEY, Guilford, son of William Dudley of the same.  He married 6 October 1670, Ann Robinson, daughter of Thomas Robinson, had Joseph and Benjamin, twins born 17 June 1671; Caleb, 1673; Joshua, 17 December 1674; Miles, 17 December 1676; William; Mary, who married Joseph Wright of Colchester; Mercy, who married Joseph Bartlett of Northampton; and Ann.  He died 3 June 1712.

PAUL DUDLEY, Boston, merchant, youngest son of Governor Thomas Dudley, artillery company 1677.  He married Mary Leverett, daughter of Governor Leverett, had Paul, born 4, baptized 14 March 1678, probably died young; and Thomas, baptized 2 May 1680, besides, perhaps, a posthumous child provided for in his will, that was born 26 April 1682, and four days after baptized Paul Dudley, at Willard's church.  He was Collector of the customs under the Colony ordination, and died 1 December 1681.  His widow married Penn Townsend, as 2nd wife.

SAMUEL DUDLEY, Exeter, eldest brother of the preceding, born not, perhaps, at Northampton in England about 1610, as often said, came with his father in 1630, was Lieutenant in 1631, freeman 7 October 1640.  He married 1632 or 33, Mary Winthrop, daughter of first Governor Winthrop.  Had in Boston probably Thomas Dudley, baptized 9 March 1634, Harvard College 1651; John, 28 June 1635; Margaret, at Cambridge, died young; Samuel at Boston, born 2, baptized 11 August 1639, died within four years.  At Salisbury, he had Ann, born 16 October 1641, who married Edward Hilton of Exeter.  His wife died 12 April 1643.  He soon married Mary Byley, who is by Mr. Dean Dudley with much probably conjecture to have been sister of Henry Byley, had Theophilus, 31 October 1644; Mary, 21 April 1646, died soon; Byley, 27 September 1647; Mary, again, 6 January 1650; and Thomas, again.  By third wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 1652; Stephen; James, born 1663; Timothy; Abigail; Dorothy; Rebecca; and Samuel; but we know not their respective dates.  He was Representative for Salisbury 1644, had some desire to go to New London.  He was some years at Hampton, and finally became the minister at Exeter, and he died 10 February 1684.  Mary married Samuel Hardy of Beverly; Abigail married a Watson; Dorothy married 26 October 1681, Moses Leavitt; Rebecca married 21 November 1681, Francis Lyford; and Elizabeth married 25 September 1674, Kinsley Hall. 

SAMUEL DUDLEY, Exeter, perhaps youngest child of the preceding.  By wife Hannah, had Samuel; Jonathan; Mary; Joanna; Elizabeth, born 9 February 1714; Sarah, 9 April 1716; and Mary.  He died 1732.

STEPHEN DUDLEY, Exeter, son of the first Samuel Dudley.  He married 24 December 1684, Sarah Gilman, daughter of John Gilman; second wife Mary Thing, perhaps daughter of Jonathan Thing; and third wife Mercy Gilman, perhaps daughter of John Gilman.  It is said he had seven sons, four daughters, and died 1734.  His children all by first wife were Samuel, born 19 December 1686; Stephen, 10 March 1688; James, 11 June 1690; John, 4 October 1692, killed by the Indians 1710; Nicholas, 27 August 1694; Joanna, 3 May 1697; Treworthy, 1700; Joseph, 1702; Sarah, 15 January 1706; Abigail; and Elizabeth.

THEOPHILUS DUDLEY, Exeter, son of the first Samuel Dudley, eldest by the second wife.  He was never married but was a Judge from 1707 to 1713.

THOMAS DUDLEY, Roxbury, third Governor of Massachusetts Bay, and second in it, according to the Royal charter was son of Captain Roger Dudley, it is said, born at Northampton, England 1576; having leave from Queen Elizabeth to volunteer, he served under Henry IV. of France, says a reputable tradition.  At the siege of Amiens, lived after at Northampton, but by Isaac Johnson, who names him one of the executors of his will, is called of Clipsham, County Rutland.  He came over 1630, probably in the Arbella, as Deputy Governor was early at Newtown, or Cambridge, and a short time at Ipswich, had a mill at Watertown, at last fixed at Roxbury, was an Assistant 1635, and some later years but Deputy Governor 13 years, Governor 1634, 40, 45, and 50.  He died 31 July 1653, aged 76, and was buried 6 August.  His wife Dorothy died 27 December 1643, aged 61.  He married 14 April 1644 Catharine Hackburne, daughter of Samuel Hackburne, whose maiden name was Dighton, and who married 8 November 1653, Reverend John Allin of Dedham.  The children of both wives were, perhaps, Thomas Dudley, bred at Emanuel College Cambridge, where he had his degrees 1626, and 1630, but certainly he came not to our country before 1636, if at all; yet that he did come, may be argued from the strange adage of senior to the name of the father at his election as Deputy Governor 17 May 1637, for the first time, while from the omission of the epithet at all subsequent mentions of him, one will infer, that the son died within that year; Samuel, before mentioned; Ann, born about 1612 married before leaving England, Simon Bradstreet, the Governor after, who was a lady of literary powers, and died 16 September 1672; Patience married Major-General Daniel Denison; Sarah, baptized at Sempringham in Lincolnshire 23 July 1620 married 6 September 1648, Major Benjamin Payne of Boston, and after his repudiation of her, one Pacy (I suppose, only for convenience), died 3 November 1659, when her estate as by inventory swore by Captain James Johnson, less than £10, was by the Court given to her daughter Ann, killed; Mercy, born 27 September 1621 married Reverend John Woodbridge, died 1 July 1691; these all born probably in England by the first wife, and Deborah, 27 February baptized 2 March 1645, who married Jonathan Wade of Medford; Joseph Dudley, 23, baptized 26  September 1647, Harvard College 1665; and Paul, baptized 8 September 1650, both before mentioned, by second wife.

THOMAS DUDLEY, Exeter, eldest son of Samuel Dudley, was tutor at the College for a short time.  He died unmarried.  In his will which was probated 7 November 1655 refers to few matters.  It is in Genealogical Registrar V. 444. 

THOMAS DUDLEY, son of Samuel Dudley by his second wife, swore allegiance at Hampton 1678.  He had wife Mary, and he died 1713. 

WILLIAM DUDLEY, Guilford 1639.  He married 1636 at Oakley in Surry, England, Jane Lutman who came with him probably as friends of Reverend Henry Whitfield, and she died 1 May 1674.  He had William, born 8 September 1639; Joseph, 24 April 1643; Ruth, 20 April 1645; Deborah, 20 September 1647; and another child.  He died 6 March 1684.  Ruth married 20 June 1664, John Whittlesey of Saybrook; and Deborah married first, 1671, Ebenezer Thompson, and, next, Thomas Scranton. 

WILLIAM DUDLEY, Saybrook, son of the preceding.  He married 4 November 1661, Mary Roe, or Mary Stow, as the record is uncertain, had Mary, born 6 September 1662; William, 8 August 1665; Abigail, 24 May 1667; Joseph, 3 March 1669, died at 16 months; Deborah, 11 November 1670; Samuel, 4 November 1672; Joseph, again, 14 September 1674; Sarah, 3 January 1676; and Elizabeth probably 4 March 1679.   He died about 1700.  His widow married Richard Dart of New London.  Abigail married 9 May 1686, John Kent of Suffield.  Eight of this name, all, Farmer says, descendants of Governor Thomas, had been graduates at Harvard 1767.


FRANCIS DUDSON, Boston.  By wife Martha, had Samuel, born 14 February 1675; and Martha, 18 March 1679. 

JOSEPH DUDSON, Boston.  He married Abigail Button, daughter of  Robert Button, had Joseph, born 11 July 1669; Robert, 20 March 1672; and Abigail, 25 March 1676.  His widow married 15 November 1698, Barnabas Lothrop. 


ALISTER DUGALL, or ALISTER DOUGALL, Lynn, perhaps a Scotch prisoner from the field of Dunbar 1650, or of Worcester the year following sent over and sold here; and one of the very few that lived to bring up a family.  By wife Hannah, had James, born 19 November 1660; John, 9 October 1663; Joseph, 22 July 1668; Mary, 9 April 1671; Elizabeth, 25 October 1676; Allen, 13 September 1679, died in two years; and Samuel, 4 October 1682.


JOHN DUMBLETON, Springfield 1649, came in the service of William Whiting of Hartford.  He had John, born 1658; and Nathaniel, 1664; besides six daughters who all married.  Sarah married 19 December 1678, Josiah Leonard.

JOHN DUMBLETON, son of the preceding.  He married 18 March 1675, Lydia Leonard, daughter of John Leonard, and had a daughter.  In Philip's war he was killed by the Indians at Westfield 27 October 1675.

NATHANIEL DUMBLETON, Springfield, brother of the preceding, had six children.  Sprague, History Disc. 24.


JEREMIAH DUMMER, Boston, son of Richard Dummer, a goldsmith, who served his apprenticeship with John Hull, artillery company 1671.  He married 1672, Ann Atwater, sometimes called Hannah Atwater, daughter of Joshua Atwater, had, besides Jeremy Dummer, Harvard College 1699 (who after studying at the University of Utrecht, was a lawyer, agent at Queen Anne's court, witness, and friend of St. John, Viscount Bolingbroke, and died 19 May 1739, in England); William Dummer, who was Lieutenant Governor of the Province both under Shute and Burnet; Samuel; and Ann, who married John Powell.  He was freeman 1680, of the Council of Safety, or provisional government 1689, on the rising against Andros.  He died 25 May 1718.  Hutchinson I. 382.

RICHARD DUMMER, Newbury, born about 1599 at Bishopstoke, Hants, second son of John Dummer.  He came in the Whale from Southampton, arriving 26 May 1632.  He had probably the year before encouraged the company of husbandmen in their project for Sagadahoc.  He first sat down at Roxbury, built a mill there 1633, freeman 6 November 1632, removed in short time to Boston, at desire of his wife Mary, who died in few years.  He then removed to Newbury with early settlers, was an Assistant 1635 and 36, favored Wheelwright, and was turned out and disarmed 1637, and soon went home.  He came again 1638, in the Bevis from Southampton, then called 40 years old, with brothers and other relatives.  He was Representative 1640, 45 and 47.  He married second wife 1644, Frances, widow of Reverend Jonathan Burr of Dorchester, who died 19 November 1682, aged 70, had Jeremiah, born 14 September 1645, before mentioned; Hannah, 7 November 1647; Richard, 13 January 1650; and William, 18 January or 28 May 1659.  He died 14 December 1678.  By former wife, had Shubael Dummer, born perhaps at Ipswich, 17 February 1636, Harvard College 1656.

RICHARD DUMMER, Newbury, son of the preceding.  He married 12 November 1673, Elizabeth Appleton, daughter of John Appleton of Ipswich, had Hannah, born 12 August 1674; John, 8 August 1676; Richard, 21 July 1678, died soon; Richard, again, 22 June 1680; Elizabeth, 28 July 1682; Nathaniel, 1685, who lived to 27 February 1767; and Shubael, 10 January 1687.  He was freeman 1677, of the Council of Safety April 1689, and died 4 July 1689.

SAMUEL DUMMER, York, son of first Richard Dummer, began to preach 1660, at least was desired by some inhabitants of Salisbury, who wished to settle new town, now Amesbury 1662, was freeman 1666, and ordained 3 December 1672.  He married a daughter of Edward Rishworth.  He was killed with 47 others in the assault by the Indians 25 January 1692.  At the same time his wife was carried away, and soon died of hardships in the wilderness.  Magnalia VII. 77.

STEPHEN DUMMER, Newbury, brother of first Richard Dummer.  He came in the Bevis from Southampton 1638, with wife whose name was Alice Archer, aged 35; and children Jane, 10; Dorothy, 6; Richard, 4; and Thomas, 2; as is conjectured from the custom house list, which also gives him ten servants (unless some were for other people), taken in connection with our knowledge, is about other of his relatives, was freeman 22 May 1639.  He had Mehitabel, born 1 January 1640.  Jane married 25 March 1646, Henry Sewall, junior, and the father went home next year and, I presume, carried all the other children.

THOMAS DUMMER, Salisbury, brother of the preceding.  He came with him in the Bevis, with Joan, daughter, who may have been his wife 19; had Joanna, who married Thomas; Nelson.  He was freeman 13 May 1640. Three of this name had been graduates at Harvard in 1834 and the latest 90 years before; and four at Bowd.


PETER DUNBAR, Hingham.  He married 25 March 1691, Sarah Cusing, daughter of John Cushing, had Elisha, and others.

ROBERT DUNBAR, Hingham.  He had John, born 1 December 1657; and perhaps others.  Eight of this name had been graduates at Harvard and four at other New England Colleges of who Reverend Samuel Dunbar, Harvard College 1723, and others may be descendants.  But of this family I find very little to be told.


JABEZ DUNCAN, a soldier in Philip's war, of Captain Turner's company April 1676.

JOSEPH DUNCAN, Dover.  He was killed by the Indians 27 June 1689, with twenty two others.

NATHANIEL DUNCAN, Dorchester 1630, came, doubtless, in the Mary and John, with the other first settlers of that town, freeman 6 May 1635, artillery company 1638, a Captain, auditor General and Representative.  Skilled says Johnson, "in the Latin and French," brought perhaps, wife Elizabeth, son Nathaniel, who was of artillery company 1654.  He had also Peter, removed to Boston about 1646, and died about 1668.

PETER DUNCAN, Dorchester, son of the preceding, artillery company 1664, removed to Gloucester.  He married Mary Epes, daughter of Martha Epes, the second or third wife of Samuel Symonds, Esq. of Ipswich, had Martha, born 10 November 1665; Elizabeth, 28 February 1667, died soon; Mary, 12 November 1659, on record at Boston, who married 21 June 1678, the second William Sargent; Elizabeth again, 30 August 1661; Ruth, 27 July 1663; Peter, 2 November 1665, Priscilla, 9 January 1667; Margery, 8 January 1670; and Daniel, 19 May 1672.


JONATHAN DUNEN, or JONATHAN DUNNIN, alias JONATHAN SINGLETARY, Killingworth 1663.  He had Ruth, born 1666; and Eunice, 1668; and probably removed.


JOHN DUNFORD, Plymouth 1639.  Felt.  He does not stand among the "fit to bear arms", 1643.


THOMAS DUNGIN, Newport 1651, in Dr. Stiles's list of freeman.  There 1656, by wife Frances, he had Barbara, who married James Barker.


BENAIAH DUNHAM. Eastham.  He married 25 October 1660, Elizabeth Tilson, had Edmund, born 25 July 1661; John, 22 August 1663, died in 2 weeks; Elizabeth, 20 November 1654, died at 3 years; Hannah, 4 June 1666, died young; and Benjamin, 28 October 1667.

BENJAMIN DUNHAM, Eastham, probably brother of the preceding.  He married 25 October 1660, Mary Tilson. 

JOHN DUNHAM, Plymouth 1633, Representative 1639, and often after, was Deacon, among the first purchasers of Dartmouth.  He had wife Abigail, sons John, Benaiah, and Daniel, perhaps born in England.  He died 2 March 1669, aged 80.  Persis Dunham who married at Plymouth, 29 November 1655, Benajah Pratt, may have been his daughter.  His will of 25 January 1669 names all these, and son-in-law Stephen Wood.

JOHN DUNHAM, Plymouth, son of the preceding.  He married Mary Porter, daughter of Roger Porter of Watertown, had Jonathan, born 12 August 1650, died in 2 weeks; and Samuel, 25 February 1652.

JOHN DUNHAM, Woburn.  He had Patience, born 8 March 1645.

JOHN DUNHAM, Barnstable, perhaps grandson of first John Dunham.  He married 1 March 1680, Mary Smith, had Thomas, born 25 December 1680; John, 18 May 1682; Ebenezer, 17 April 1684; Desire, 10 December 1685; Elisha, 1 September 1687; Mercy, 10 June 1689; and Benjamin, 20 June 1691.  He died 2 January 1696, aged 46.

JONATHAN DUNHAM, Barnstable.  He married 29 November 1655, Mary Delano, daughter of Philip Delano, who died early.  He married 15 October 1657, Mary Cobb, daughter of Henry Cobb.  He was Representative 1689 for Middleborough; and served among the islands as minister to the Indians, and in 1694 ordained at Edgartown. 

JOSEPH DUNHAM, Plymouth.  He married 18 November 1657, Mercy Morton, daughter of Secretary Morton, who died 19 February 1667.  Hee married 20 August 1669, Esther Wormall, perhaps daughter of Joseph Wormall.

SAMUEL DUNHAM, Plymouth, perhaps son of first John Dunham.  He married 29 June 1649, Mary Falloway, daughter of William Falloway, had Sarah, born 10 April 1650; two sons 29 December 1651, both died soon.  He was Representative 1668. 

THOMAS DUNHAM, Plymouth, perhaps son of first John Dunham, was fit to bear arms 1643.  He married Martha Knott, daughter of George Knott, I think.


THOMAS DUNK, or THOMAS DUNCK, Guilford 1645, Saybrook 1662, on Lyme side 1673, was from Kent, England, had brother John Dunk at Benenden in that County.  He married daughter of Thomas North of New Haven, who had first been widow aged 16, or 17, of Philip Petersfield of Turnstile Alley in the parish of Holborne, and was daughter of Walter Price of Newington Butts, County Surrey, and had come to New Hampshire about 1644.  She got leave of her husband to go home 1670, to look after estate as appears in Genealogical Registrar XI. 159, and probably did not come back, but died in England.  He was younger than she probably, and married 10 July 1677, Elizabeth Stedman, had Thomas, born 6 August 1678; and his death 6 October 1678.  He died 9 August 1683.


JOHN DUNKIN, Billerica 1675.  He had two sons killed by the Indians there, 1 August 1692.

SAMUEL DUNKIN, Newbury 1638, perhaps removed to Boston.  He had there besides other children Thomas, born 15 January 1656.  In 1672 had land at Muddy River now Brookline.

SAMUEL DUNKIN, Roxbury, probably son of the preceding.  By wife Deliverance, had Margaret, born 17 March 1670; Sarah, 23 September 1674 ; Jabez, 20 August 1678; Deliverance, 29 September 1681; and Samuel, 14 August 1689, died soon.  The father died 19 November 1693.


RICHARD DUNN, Newport, freeman 1655, Westerly 1661.

THOMAS DUNN, Weymouth, freeman of Massachusetts 1647.  He removed to Rehoboth, and soon to New Haven, there swore fidelity in March 1648, new year bought estate at Fairfield, there died 1660, without wife or children, and gave his property to Reverend John Jones.

WILLIAM DUNN, Salem.  He married 6 June 1684, Elizabeth Haskett, perhaps daughter of Stephen Haskett, had John, born 23 May 1686; and William, 1 August 1689.


DUNNELL. See Dwinell.


GEORGE DUNNING, New Haven 1644.  He removed soon.

HICKS DUNNING, Hingham.  He married 7 December 1669, Sarah Joy, daughter of Thomas Joy, had Edmund, born 31 March 1672.  But in the will of Joy his name is written Dunham or Denham.

JONATHAN DUNNING, a soldier in Turner's company service April 1676 on Connecticut river.


JAMES DUNNY, Boston, freeman 1690.


HENRY DUNSTER, Cambridge, first President of Harvard College.  A Lancashire man, son of Henry Dunster of Balehoult, a seat in Bury of that County came in 1640.  He resided a short time in Boston, was of artillery company 1640, but not of our church, so that we may he sure he was of another town probably Cambridge before administered as freeman 2 June 1641.  He was bred at Magdalen College in the University of Cambridge, had his degrees 1630 and 1634.  Soon after coming he was made President 27 August 1640, compelled to resign 24 October 1654, on account of his opinions on infant baptism.  He was desired to come to Ireland by the deputy Henry Cromwell and his council and 50 advanced for his passage, but he was nice enough to avoid that evil.  He died at Scituate 18 or 27 February 1659, where he preached all his latter days.  But his heart's desire was to be buried at Cambridge, where, in his will, he says lay the remains of some of his babes.  He names, as living two sons David and Jonathan, daughter Elizabeth, sister Hills, wife of Joseph of Malden, and her children, sister Willard of Concord, and her children, and cousin Faith Dunster.  His first wife Elizabeth Glover married June 1641, died 23 August 1643.  She was daughter of Reverend Josse Glover.  By second wife Elizabeth, he had David, born 16 May 1645; Dorothy, 29 January 1648; Henry, 1650; Jonathan, 28 September or another account says, 26 October 1663; and, after removed from Cambridge to Scituate, Elizabeth, 29 December 1666.  Elizabeth who at Cambridge they presume to have been his widow, died in her 60th year 12 September 1690, as the record plainly, but falsely, bears; for if it be so, she must have been only 14 years old when he took her for his second wife and less than 9 years old, when her husband died on the ocean. Perhaps she was not mother of Glover's children.

JONATHAN DUNSTER, Cambridge, son of the preceding.  He married 5 December 1678, Abigail Eliot, had Henry, born 17 July 1680; and Elizabeth, 22 February 1682.  For second wife 5 April 1693, he took Deborah Wade of Medford. The son Henry Dunster had two daughters buried at Cambridge.  In other parts of Massachusetts as well as in New Hampshire descendants of the long suffered President remain; and Deane says that one of them did the presswork for his History of Scituate.

RICHARD DUNSTER, Cambridge 1642, brother of Henry Dunster, of which no more is known.  A very curious letter of March 1641, to him from his father in Lancashire, is in 4 History Collections II. 191.  Sisters of the President were Elizabeth Dunster and Margaret Dunster, who successively were wives of Major Simon Willard?  The latter survived him.  He married Joseph Noyes of Sudbury, and a third, perhaps, Rose, was wife of Captain Joseph Hills of Malden.  One niece, Elizabeth, was wife of Benanuel Bowers; and another Faith.  He married 12 May 1664, John Page of Groton.


JOHN DUNTON, Reading, freeman 1691.


ROBERT DUNTON, Reading 1647, perhaps father of the two preceding.

SAMUEL DUNTON, Reading, perhaps son or brother of the preceding.  He died 1683.  He had Samuel, born 16 October 1647; Hannah, 24 February 1650; Nathaniel, 16 January 1656; Elizabeth, 25 March 1658; Sarah, 28 March 1660; and Mary, 5 March 1662.

SAMUEL DUNTON, Reading, son probably of the preceding.  He married one of the daughters of Henry Felch.


JOHN DURAND, Scituate 1657.  A John Duren, who may be the same, was of New Hampshire 1689.

WILLIAM DURAND, Boston 1644.  He is the member of our church perhaps, who went to Virginia.  He was ruling Elder of a Congregational church there, disturbed and banished by Sir William Berkley, the Governor.  He came to Boston again 1648.  See Winthrop II. 334.  He was a witness at Shelter Island 10 July 1659, to the will of Lawrence Southwick, or, at least, one of the same names was.


GEORGE DURANT, Malden, removed about 1666 to Middletown.  He died about 1690, and had Edward.

JOHN DURANT, Billerica 1675.  He died in prison at Cambridge, 27 October 1692, during the witchcraft delusion, of which he was probably a victim.

MOSES DURANT, Falmouth 1690. Willis, I. 217.

HUGH DURDALL, Newport 1639.


NICHOLAS DURELL, a soldier of Captain Turner's company April 1676.


ANDREW DUREN, Dedham.  He had Henry and five other children perhaps by a daughter of John Hayward, who gives in his will to each of them, but most to Henry Duren.

EDWARD DUREN, Lyme 1681, perhaps son of George Duren.

GEORGE DUREN, Lyme 1685.  In 1687 his widow is named Mary Durine, probably the same name, perhaps as second or third wife was married 1678.


THOMAS DURFEE, of who I see only the name, before 1692, but know not residence, perhaps only transient in 1679 was 36 years old.


JOHN DURGIN, JOHN DURGY, or JOHN DIRGEY, Ipswich.  He had John, born 23 November 1689; and Andrew, 20 September 1692.

WILLIAM DURGIN, WILLIAM DURGY, or WILLIAM DIRGEY, Dover 1664.  He was with a wife Martha Cross, daughter of Robert Cross, at Ipswich, had Martha, born August 1668.  He probably went back to New Hampshire, there lived 1684.


HUMPHREY DURHAM, Casco 1658.  He was killed by the Indians 1676.  Hubbard, 33.

JOHN DURHAM, Falmouth, about 1690, was, perhaps, son of the preceding.

THOMAS DURHAM, Marshfield.  He married March 1659, Sarah Bumpas, daughter of Edward Bumpas.


EPHRAIM DURREN, EPHRAIM DURRIN, or EPHRAIM DURRUM, Guilford 1672.  He married 1678, Elizabeth Guttridge, daughter of Richard Guttridge, had Daniel, born 15 September 1680, and probably others.  Sometimes the name is Darwin. He was a proprietor 1685.  Possibly this is the same name as Duren.


JOSIAH DUSTIN, or JOSIAH DUSTON, Reading 1647.  He had Josiah, born 14 May 1656; perhaps others; and died 16 January 1672.

THOMAS DUSTIN, or THOMAS DUSTON, Dover 1640, perhaps removed to Kittery before 1652.

THOMAS DUSTIN, or THOMAS DUSTON, Haverhill, perhaps son of the preceding.  He married 3 December 1677, Hannah Emerson, had thirteen children before 1699, of which on 15 March 1697, eight were at home, the youngest, Martha, only a week old, then killed by the Indians who carried away the mother and her nurse, and on 31st of same month she revisited England.  Her cause by killing ten of the Indians family who had charge of these two prisoners with an England youth, Samuel Leonardson.  See Magnalia VII. 90. Hutchinson II. 106. Dwight's Travels. Mirick, History of Haverhill, 87-93.


BENJAMIN DUTCH, Ipswich, son of first Robert Dutch.  He married 30 June 1690, Elizabeth Baker, daughter of Joan Baker, had Benjamin, born 28 September 1692, died next month; Elizabeth, 14 September 1693; and he lived not long after.  His will was probated 8 July 1695, and his wife Elizabeth survived.

JOHN DUTCH, Ipswich, elder brother of the preceding.  By wife Elizabeth Roper, granddaughter probably of Walter Roper, had Samuel, who died soon; Elizabeth, born 11 February 1674; Susanna, 13 July 1675; John, 17 June 1677; Benjamin, 9 August 1680; Nathaniel, 18 February 1683; and Hannah, about 1685.  He died 5 November 1685.  His widow died 3 March 1693.  Elizabeth was then wife of Isaac Rindge.

OSMAN DUTCH, or OSMYN DUTCH, Gloucester 1646.  By wife Grace, who died 10 October 1694, had Hezekiah, born 29 March 1647; Robert; and perhaps other children.  He died December 1684, aged 100 or more, as with greater confidence than probability is said.  He had been administered inhabitant of Newport 1638, and there probably Esther was born and perhaps other children.  His daughter Esther married 7 June 1658, Samuel Elwell, and died 6 September 1721, aged 82; and Babson names other daughters Alice, who married a Meacham; Grace, who married a Hodgkins; both of Ipswich, besides Mary, who married 22 June 1669, Joseph Elwell. 

ROBERT DUTCH, Gloucester.  By wife Mary Roper, probably daughter of Walter Roper, had John, born 1 May 1646; Robert, 24 June 1647; Samuel, June 1650; Mary; and others, it, is believed.  He removed to Ipswich perhaps be the last, or, it may be, the earliest child.  At Ipswich he had Caleb, born 1 May 1659; and Benjamin, 4 December 1665.  He died 21 August 1686, leaving sons Samuel, John, and Benjamin, who are here mentioned.

ROBERT DUTCH, Ipswich, son of Osman Dutch, it is said, was a soldier of Moseley's company in Philip's war.  He was left for dead after being scalped by the Indians in September 1675, but was saved and lived when his neighbor Reverend W. Hubbard wrote the narrative.  He married December 1677, Hannah Lowell, probably daughter of John Lowell, had Ebenezer, born 29 June 1679, and Robert.

ROBERT DUTCH, Bristol.  He had wife and three children in February 1689.

SAMUEL DUTCH, Ipswich, son of first Robert Dutch of the same.  He married 12 February 1674, Abigail Gidding, had Samuel, born 3 November 1674; Abigail, 8 November 1677; Mary, 13 May 1680; and Jane, 14 August 1685.

SOLOMON DUTCH, Bristol, 1689.  He had wife and three children.

THOMAS DUTCH, Edgartown, 1654.


THOMAS DUTCHFIELD, or THOMAS DITCHFIELD, Boston 1644.  By wife Ann, had Joan, born in July of that year and died same month.  He died or was buried 24 April 1645.  His son Posthumous was born 6 August 1645.


JOHN DUTTON, came in 1630, but I know not where he sat down.

THOMAS DUTTON, Woburn, perhaps son of John Dutton, born about 1621.  He had first lived at Reading, there by wife Susan, it is thought, had Thomas, born 1648; Mary, 14 November 1651; Susanna, 27 February 1654; John, 2 March 1656; but the following probably at Woburn, Elizabeth, 28 January 1659; Joseph, 25 January 1661; Sarah, 5 March 1662; James, 22 August 1665; Benjamin, 19 February 1669.  He removed to Billerica, there was in 1675 with sons Thomas and John.  His son Thomas was wounded and had remarkable escape in 1677, when Captain Swett and many of his men were killed in the Indians war at the East.  His wife died 27 May 1684, aged 58, and he married 9 November 1684 Ruth Hooper.


WILLIAM DUTY, Rowley 1691.


JOHN DWELLEY, Scituate, son of Richard Dwelley the first of the same.  He married 4 January 1693, Rachel Buck, daughter of John Buck, had John, born 15 June 1694;  Rachel, 27 September 1695 ; Ichabod, 30 December 1696; Obadiah, or Jedediah, or both; Abner, 7 March 1700; Simeon, 22 December 1701; Deborah, 25 July 1703; Joseph, baptized 6 May 1705; Thankful, born 12 December 1706;  Mary, 18 May 1708, died young; and Benjamin, twin with her; Susanna 19 December 1711; Mary, again, 24 September 1714; and Lemuel, 25 June 1717. 

RICHARD DWELLEY, Lancaster 1654, but perhaps he had first been at Watertown.  He lived some years at Hingham.  In 1663 he sold his estate in this town and removed to Scituate.  He served with credit in Philip's war, and died 27 May 1692.  His children Deane thought were all born before he went to Scituate.  Besides Mary, baptized 1664 at Hingham, he had Richard, Samuel, and John.  Samuel perished in the Phips expedition against Quebec, 1690.

RICHARD DWELLEY, Scituate, son of the preceding.  He married 4 April 1682, Eunice Glass, daughter of Roger Glass of Duxbury.  For second wife in 1690 had Elizabeth Simmons.  By the two wives he had Richard, Joshua, Samuel,  Mary, Elizabeth, Ruth, Lydia, and Margaret, all born between 1684 and 1696.  He died 24 December 1708.  Willard, 26; and Deane, 265.


HENRY DWIGHT, Hatfield, son of second Timothy Dwight.  He married 27 August 1702, Lydia Hawley, daughter of Captain Joseph Hawley of Northampton, had Joseph, born 16  October 1703; Seth, 18 August 1707; Dorothy, 17 September 1709; Lydia, 25  April 1712, Ann, 14 August 1714, died soon; Josiah, 23 October 1715; Edmund, 10 January 1718; Simeon, 18 February 1720; Elisha, 25 May 1722;  and Ann, again, 2 September 1724.  He was a trader, but of large public spirit, filling important offices.  He was ancestor of the great family of Springfield, and died 26 March 1732.  His widow died 27 April 1748.  

JOHN DWIGHT, Watertown, removed with first settler to Dedham about 1635, freeman 13 March 1639.  He had brought wife Hannah (who died 5 September 1656), and some children from England, as his eldest son perhaps named John, who was lost in the woods, 24 March 1639, aged 7 years; Hannah, and Timothy.  He had Mary, born 25 July 1633, called the first female child of Dedham; and Sarah, 17 June 1638.  He died 24 January 1661.  In his will of 16 June 1658, probated 5 March 1661, he names wife Elizabeth Thaxter (married 20 January 1658, who was widow of William Ripley, and had been daughter of Thomas Thaxter, and died 17 July 1660, shortly before the testator); only son Timothy; daughters Hannah, wife of Nathaniel Whiting.  He married 4 November 1643, Mary, third wife of Henry Phillips.  He married Sarah, wife of Nathaniel Reynolds, on 7 January 1658.  He had made a contract 24 June 1653 with Phillips, after the marriage as to the jointure for Mary; and his will takes notice of their son Eleazer.

JOSIAH DWIGHT, Woodstock, son of Timothy Dwight the second of Dedham, was ordained 1690.  He married 4 December 1695, Mary Partridge, daughter of Colonel Samuel Partridge of Hatfield.  After many years he removed to Dedham, there was instituted 4 June 1735, in its Third Church, but dismissed 1742. He went back to Woodstock and died 1744.  He had thirteen children of whom only ten are named; Ann, John, Ruth, Dorothy, Mehitable, Flint, second Mehitable, Eunice, Theodore, and Mary; besides two nameless sons.

MICHAEL DWIGHT, Dedham, son of the second Timothy Dwight.  He married Rachel Avery, daughter of Robert Avery, had Samuel, Rachel, John, Daniel, and Ann.

NATHANIEL DWIGHT, Northampton, brother of the preceding, and brother of his father's third wife Ann Flint, daughter of Henry Flint.  He married at Hatfield, 9 December 1693, Mehitable Partridge, daughter of Colonel Samuel Partridge of Hatfield where she was born 19 October 1694.  Timothy Dwight, grandfather of famous President Dwight.  He removed to Northampton, there had Samuel, 28 June 1696; Mehitable, 11 November 1697, died soon; Daniel Dwight, 29 April 1699, Yale College 1721; Seth, 3 March 1702, died young; Elihu and Abia, twins 17 February 1704; Mehitable, again, 2 November 1705; Jonathan, 14 March 1708; Ann, 2 July 1710; and Nathaniel, 20 June 1712, after his father died who was at West Springfield, 7 November 1711.  His widow died 19 October 1756, aged 82.

SETH DWIGHT, Boston, brother of the preceding.  He had a wife and child who both died early.

THOMAS DWIGHT, Dedham, freeman 1653, may have been brother of John Dwight, though from a scrupulous examination of the Colony Record in the list of freemen 1653 and 1655, it may well be thought that there was no such person, but this name inserted for Timothy; and that the astonishing carelessness of repetition of thirty-one out of the total thirty-two names makes the probability in the doctrine of chances stand for Timothy about 30 to 1.

TIMOTHY DWIGHT, Dedham, perhaps brother of John Dwight, at Hampton 1640, freeman 2 June 1641, Representative 1652 for Medfield, where he resided many years.  He died 1677.  In his will, probated April 1677, he names wife Dorcas Watson, who was elder daughter of John Watson of Roxbury, and children Timothy and John.

TIMOTHY DWIGHT, Dedham, son of John Dwight, born in England about 1633, freeman 1655, was Representative 1691 and 92, by the new charter, and perhaps later.  Had six wives and more than twice as many children but we can hardly appropriate the mother's.  The first, Sarah Sibly, as in the will of his father she is named (but Perman, as Goodwin, I think erroneously says), married 11 November 1651, lived not long, and died with children 1652.  He married 3 May 1653, Sarah Powell, daughter of Michael Powell, who died about 27 June, or 10 July 1664.  He had Timothy, baptized 1 October 1654, though Goodwin makes him born 1 November; Sarah, 12 April 1657, died young; John, 2 June 1661; Sarah, again, probably 26 June 1664, died young.  Next, by Ann Flint, daughter of Henry Flint, who he married 9 January 1665, who died 29 January 1685, he had Josiah, baptized 15 October 1665, died soon; Nathaniel, 25 November 1666; Samuel, 6 December 1668; Josiah Dwight, again, 19 February 1671, Harvard College 1687, before mentioned; Seth, born 25 July 1673; Ann, who died 15 October 1675, at 2 months; Henry, 10 December 1676, before mentioned; Michael, 10 January 1680; Daniel, 23 September 1681; and Jabez, 1 September 1684, died soon.  The 4th wife said to have been widow Mary Edmunds, married 7 January 1686, and died 30 August 1688.  The fifth wife was Esther Fisher, daughter of Honorable Daniel Fisher, married 31 July 1690, who died 30 January 1691.  And last was Bethia Morse married 1 February 1692, and she died 6 February 1718.  She bore him no children nor did the fourth or fifth wife.  He died 31 January 1718, aged 88, some say; but in 85th year is probable.

TIMOTHY DWIGHT, Boston, son of the preceding, a goldsmith.  He had wife Elizabeth, and died 2 January 1692.  In his will, 9 December 1691, probated 27 January 1692, names no children, gives all to his wife except a gun to his brother Michael Dwight.

WILLIAM DWIGHT, Ipswich 1668.  Felt.  Fifteen of this name had in 1634 been graduates at Harvard and twice the number at Yale.


JOHN DWINELL, JOHN DUENNELL, or JOHN DUNNELL, Topsfield, son of Michael Dwinell.  By wife Mary Read married as is said, 1701, had Keziah, born 14 December 1703; Tryphena, 20 December 1705; Tryphosa, 23 September 1709; and John, 23 April 1711.

JOSEPH DWINELL, JOSEPH DUENNELL, or JOSEPH DUNNELL, youngest brother of the preceding.  By wife Prudence, had George, born 15 May 1716; Joseph, 14 July 1718; Mercy, 19 February 1721; Zechariah, 14 July 1723; Mary, 23 February 1725; and James, 2 November 1728.  He was drowned 1747. 

MICHAEL DWINELL, MICHAEL DUENNELL, or MICHAEL DUNNELL, Topsfield 1668.  By wife Mary, had Mary, born 21 January 1669; Michael, 5 December 1670; Thomas, 20 November 1672; John, 16 December 1674; Elizabeth, 17 April 1677, who died unmarried 1759; Magdalen or Maudlin, 24 February 1679; Joseph, 26 January 1681; Joanna, 1685; and Susanna, 5 April 1690.  His will was of 29 January 1711, but not probated for seven years.  Mary married 11 January 1692, John Hovey; Magdalen married 3 March 1703, James Holgate; Joanna married 16 October 1706, Nathaniel Hood; and Susanna married John Devenish, as is said.

MICHAEL DWINELL, MICHAEL DUENNELL, or MICHAEL DUNNELL, Topsfield, eldest son of the preceding, a physician, had five wives it is said, and so tradition easily made seven.  He married 5 February 1693, Elizabeth Cave, had Thomas, born 3 October 1693, died young; and perhaps the wife died soon after.  Though we know not the date of marriage of second wife Hannah, some of the children following may be borne by the first, Sarah, 20 June 1697; Mary, 25 April 1702; Michael, 7 January 1706; Stephen, 5 March 1708; Hannah, 12 March 1710; Jacob, 31 January 1715; and Abigail, 5 November 1719.  By the third wife married 10 December 1724, Elizabeth Fiske, who died 26 March 1730, had Benjamin, 10 November 1726; and Thomas, 26 August 1729, who probably died young.  By last wife Mary Balch married 1 February 1733, who outlived him, he had Elizabeth, 29 October 1733.  His will is of 17 July 1753.  Some diversity exists in account of the wives.

THOMAS DWINELL, THOMAS DUENNELL, or THOMAS DUNNELL, Topsfield, brother of the preceding.  He married 23 May 1701, Desire Brimsdell, or by another account Dinah Brimsdell of Lynn, had Jonathan, born 27 June 1702; Mary, 3 January 1704; Ruth, 12 January 1706; Daniel, 20 March 1709; Thomas, 3 December 1711; Susanna, 12 August 1715; Jacob, 11 September 1719; and Amos 19 March 1722.  He made his will 2 June 1747, when wife was living.


ANDREW DYAMONT, Maine, perhaps Kittery, authorized in 1680, to hold courts at Isle of Shoals, where he lived in 1671.

JOHN DYAMONT, Kittery 1608.  The name, thus spelled in record may be the same as Diman.


BENJAMIN DYER, Boston, freeman 1675, may have been son of Thomas Dyer.  His wife Mary died 15 March 1690.

CHARLES DYER, Providence, son perhaps youngest of William Dyer of the same   His will 5 January 1727, probated 6 February 1727, provided for widow Mary, named executrix, and Mary and Elizabeth.  Directed division in equal parts of residue of his estate yet the eldest to have 20 additional.  Of the five sons and if his wife failed, Samuel of Newport to be executor.  The sons were Samuel, John, William, Thomas, and Charles, the last the eldest Elisha. The Governor of the State 1857, is descendant.

GEORGE DYER, Dorchester, sat on the jury at Court of Assistant 28 September 1630, and may well be presumed to have come in the Mary and John, requested administration as freeman 19 October and was sworn 18 May following.  He was made constable 1632.  He had wife Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth who married William Trescott; and Mary, wife of William Pond.  He died June 1672.  His will was of 30 December 1671.

GILES DYER, Boston, artillery company 1680.  By wife Hannah, had Giles, born 30 October 1674, died young; Mary, 28 June 1677; Elizabeth; Hannah, 8 August 1683; and Giles Dyer, again, 5 December 1685, Harvard College 1706.  He was a Colonel and Sheriff of the County.  He died 12 August 1713.  His will of 15 July 1713 names wife Hannah and two children only, Giles, and Elizabeth Raisin, a widow and her son George Raisin.

JOHN DYER, came in the Christian at the age of 28, 1635, and two years after served in the Pequot war.  He probably settled at New London before 1650, and soon after went to Long Island where he was in 1659.  3 Massachusetts History Collections VI. 171, and VIII. 252, with Trumbull.  Collection Record I. 218.

JOHN DYER, Boston.  By wife Mary, had Thomas, born 18 September 1673; and Benjamin, 15 July 1677.  He was probably son of Thomas Dyer of Weymouth.  There had John, born 29 February 1672.  At Boston by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, 1 July 1679; Nathaniel, 17 October 1681; Mary, 3 June 1683;  Samuel, 13 October 1685; and Joseph, 2 March 1687.  Administration of his estate was given 11 June 1696 to widow and eldest son John.

JOSEPH DYER, Weymouth, brother of the preceding.  He married 1676, Hannah Frary, who died 1682, had Elizabeth and Hannah, born 10 October 1682, died soon.  In 1683 he married Hannah Baxter, daughter I suppose, of John Baxter of Braintree, had Hannah, born 13 February 1684; Joseph, 19 June 1686; Benjamin, 13 April 1688; Mary or Mehitable, rather, according to her father's will, 12 April 1690; John, 9 April 1692; and Thomas, 15 April 1694.  He was freeman 1678, Deacon, and died 12 October 1704.  His will was made 30 July 1701, and his brothers Benjamin Dyer, and Reverend Joseph Baxter to be overseers.

MAHERSHALLALHASHBAZ DYER, Newport 1661, son of William Dyer.  Rhode Island History Collections  III. 252.  The name is reverently borrowed from Isaiah viii. 1.  Some antiquary of Rhode Island ought to inform the world, how, in soft moments of relaxation so formidable a Hebrew prefix was abbreviated to a monosyllable by his mother or sister or brother, it may have been Mar, or Buz, as either end was chosen for this discipline of affection; but to write it, as my friend and learned correspondent at Providence has, Mayhershall, is a wantonness of perversion that may seem his highest moral obliquity.  Probably no other child on this side of the ocean has suffered such infliction though it has been long a tradition that a fondness for Old Testament names, in one instance, brought Beelzebub into use.

SAMUEL DYER, Wickford, brother of the preceding, born in Boston, was long engaged with his father and others in promoting the settlement in the Narraganset country 1661-74.

THOMAS DYER, Weymouth, cloth worker, said to have come as early as 1632, but probably it was sometime later.  He married Agnes Reed, who died 4 December 1667, had Mary, born 6 July 1641; John, 10 July 1643, before mentioned; Thomas, 1645, died young; Abigail, 1647; Sarah, 1649; Thomas, again, 5 May 1651; and Joseph and Benjamin, twins 6 November 1603.  He was freeman 1644, Representative 1646 and four years more, was Deacon, and died 6 November 1676, aged 63, but the gravestone says, died 15 November aged 64.  He left very good estate, disposed of by will three days before to wife, children, and each of his grandchildren besides Reverend Samuel Torrey.  His widow Elizabeth in her will of 20 November 1678, probated 31 January 1679, names daughter Elizabeth Adams, sons Abraham and John Harding.

WILLIAM DYER, Boston 1635, who wrote the name, Dyre, was a milliner from London.  By wife Mary, had Samuel, baptized 20 December 1635, husband and wife having united with our children on the Sunday preceding.  He was freeman 3 March 1636, was next year disarmed as a supporter of Wheelwright, disfranchised and, 1638, driven to Rhode Island.  Other children were William, Henry, Mahershallalhashbaz, and Charles.  At Newport he was in good esteem, Secretary of that Colony and prevailed with the government  of ours in 1659 (when his wife had come to Boston to preach Quakerism, and was condemned to death therefore), to spare her life; but the insane desire of martyrdom led the poor woman back here in 1660 to the scaffold; served to show how useless was the unnatural lenity of Endicot, who knows well what the honor of God demanded.  Hutchinson I presume to be in error, I. 200, when he speaks of the petition having in note on the preceding page referred to the Secretary as husband or son.

WILLIAM DYER, Dorchester.  He died 1672, says Blake, "in the 93rd year of his age."

WILLIAM DYER, Lynn.  He had Mary, born 4 September 1673, and James, 23 October 1681.

WILLIAM DYER, Boston, surveyor of the customs and searcher of the port 1680.  Hutchinson I. 330.

WILLIAM DYER, Barnstable.  He married December 1686, Mary Taylor, had Lydia, born 30 March 1688; William, 30 October 1690; Jonathan, February 1692; Henry, 11 April 1693; Isabel, July 1695; Ebenezer, 3 April 1697; Samuel, 30 October 1698; and Judah, April 1701.  Three of this name had been graduates at Harvard and six at the other New England Colleges in 1834.


JONATHAN EAGER, Salem.  He married 27 June 1661, Rebecca Hyde, daughter of Richard Hyde, had Hannah, born 27 July, 1662; and Jonathan, 25 January 1665.


ANTHONY EAMES, or ANTHONY EMMES, Charlestown 1634, Hingham 1636, freeman 9 March 1637, Representative that year and the following and 1643.  He was Lieutenant, and about his choice as Captain grew the fierce controversy that long convulsed.  The Colonel removed to Marshfield and was Representative in Plymouth Colony most of the time between 1653 and 1661 inclusive, and perhaps was father of John Eames, who died at Hingham 1641, and of Mark.  His daughter Margery married 20 October 1653, John Jacobs.

ANTHONY EAMES, or ANTHONY EMMES, Marshfield, may be grandson of the preceding.  He married 2 December 1686, Mercy Sawyer.

DANIEL EAMES, or DANIEL EMMES, Andover, son of Robert Eames.  He married 25 April 1683, Lydia Wheeler, perhaps was of Boxford 1692.

GERSHOM EAMES, or GERSHOM EMMES, Marlborough.  By wife Hannah Johnson, had Hannah, born 1671, and Mary, posthumous 1677.  He died at Watertown, 25 November 1676.  His widow who was daughter of Solomon Johnson married 4 or 6 September 1679, William Ward of Marlborough.  In Genealogical Registrar VIII. 240, it is Heames.

HENRY EAMES, or HENRY EMMES, Boston, messenger of the General Court, freeman 1684.  By wife Elizabeth, had William, born 1674; John; Mary; Benjamin; Henry; Samuel; Nathaniel, baptized 12 October 1690; and Elizabeth, 7 April 1695.

JOHN EAMES, or JOHN EMMES, Woburn.  He married 18 March 1650, Martha Johnson, perhaps daughter of Captain Edward Johnson, had Mary, born 3 February 1650; and probably removed.

JOHN EAMES, or JOHN EMMES, Watertown, son of Thomas Eames.  By wife Mary Adams, daughter of John Adams of Cambridge, who died 3 April 1681, had Margaret, born October 1676, died soon; Ann.  He removed to Sherborn, that part now Framingham, there had Martha, born 28 February 1679.  He took second wife Elizabeth in May 1682, had Priscilla, born 2 February 1683; Elizabeth, 11 April 1685; John, 10 January 1687; Thomas, 22 July 1694; Mary, 4 January 1697; Henry, 28 April 1698 and Abigail, 9 March 1705.  His will was of 18 May 1727.  His wife died 26 June 1727.  He lived to 14 December 1733.

JONATHAN EAMES, or JONATHAN EMMES, Marshfield, perhaps son of the first Anthony Eames, more probably his grandson and son of Mark Eames.  He married 11 January 1682 or 1683, Hannah Truant.  He died 31 May 1724 in 69th year.

JUSTUS EAMES, or JUSTUS EMMES, Marshfield, perhaps son of Anthony Eames.  He married 20 May 1661, Mehitable Chillingworth, perhaps daughter of Thomas Chillingworth.

MARK EAMES, or MARK EMMES, Marshfield, probably son of Anthony Eames, born in England.  He went with wife Elizabeth from Hingham, where his son John was born 6 September 1649, and perhaps Jonathan, about 1656.  He was Representative 1662, and 14 years out of 20 after.  Baylies.

NATHANIEL EAMES, or NATHANIEL EMMES Sherborn, son of Thomas Eames.  By wife Ann, had Lydia, born 10 December 1694; Rebecca, 25 July 1697; and William.


ROBERT EAMES, or ROBERT EMMES, Woburn, had been of Charlestown 1651.  He married Elizabeth, had children Samuel, born 7 April 1653, died soon; John, 1654, died very soon; Elizabeth, 4 June 1659; Mary, 11 June 1661; Priscilla, 2 May 1663; Samuel, again, 2 September 1664; Abigail, 22 September 1666; and John, again, 9 May 1668.  I suppose he removed to Chelmsford, in the part called Dracut.  He died 25 April 1671.  His will, made 3 days before (22 April 1671), names brother John, and cousin Richard, son of sister Dorothy Newman of Farnham in County Surrey, and adds no more to our knowledge.  Barry, 227, says, the widow Elizabeth married Captain William Bond; but I doubt it.  A Margery Eames perhaps his sister was administrator of Charlestown children 1635.

ROBERT EAMES, or ROBERT EMMES, Andover.  By wife Rebecca, had Hannah, born 1661, who married Ephraim Foster; Daniel, 1663; Robert, 1667; John, 1670; Dorothy, 1674; Jacob, 1677; Joseph, 1681; and Nathan, 1685.  Commonly this family has spelt the name Ames.  Perhaps Benjamin Eames, Harvard College 1803 was descendant. 

SAMUEL EAMES, or SAMUEL EMMES, Sherborn, son of Thomas Eames.  He married 21 April 1698, Patience Twitchell, daughter of Joseph Twitchell of the same, had Gershom, born 29 December 1698.

THOMAS EAMES, or THOMAS EMMES, Dedham.  By wife Margaret, had John, born 6 October 1642; Mary, 24 May 1 645; and probably other children.  John, who died 17 September 1641 in their record was his son born 16 May preceding.  His wife died and he removed to Cambridge.  He married about 1662, Mary Paddleford, daughter of Jonathan Paddleford, had Thomas, baptized 12 July 1663.  He removed to Sudbury, freeman 1665, there had Samuel, born 15 January 1665; Margaret, 8 July 1666; Nathaniel, 30 December 1668.  He removed to Sherborn, the part which became Framingham, had Sarah, 3 October 1670; and Lydia, 29 June 1672.  He died 25 January 1680, having on 1 February 1676 suffered by Indians burning his building killing his wife and some children, carrying others captive.  His daughter Margaret, who had been at 10 years taken by the Indians married 21 February 1688, Joseph Adams.  Six of this name had been graduates at New England College in 1831, one half at Harvard of who Reverend Jonathan Eames, Harvard College 1752, was minister of Newtown, New Hampshire.  Sometimes the spelling is Emes.


FRANCIS EARLE, a soldier, December 1675, in Moseley's company at the great Narraganset swamp fight.

JOHN EARLE, Northampton 1662, had come to Boston 1656, aged 17, in the Speedwell from London, at Northampton lived about 15 years but removed to unknown place, after having there married 24 March 1663, Mary Webb, daughter of the first John Webb of the same, and had Noah, John, and three daughters of which Mary, killed by the Indians 14 March 1676, was, perhaps, one. 

JOHN EARLE, Boston 1688, may have been son of the preceding.  He married 5 April 1689, Mary Lawrence, daughter of George Lawrence of Watertown, had Mary, born 9 January baptized 22 June 1690.  He probably died soon.  His widow married 27 December 1704, Michael Flagg.

RALPH EARLE, Rhode Island 1638, among freeman 1655, had been administered an inhabitant of the June 1639.  He perhaps had sons Ralph and William; daughters Mary, who married William Corey; Martha, who married William Wood; and Sarah, who married Thomas Cornell.  He had been Representative 1650.

RALPH EARLE, Dartmouth, eldest son of the preceding, removed from Rhode Island in consequence of a gift to him of half a share in Coaxit and Acushnet, 25 October 1659, by Francis Sprague of Duxbury, called him son-in-law.  His wife was Dorcas, and children were John, William, Ralph, Joseph, and perhaps that Hannah, who married 27 August 1719, William Brown.  He was proprietor after mid life at Dartmouth, and owned among the opposite islands, the interesting Cuttyhunk, for full value of which see Belknap’s American Biography II. 114.  He was living probably in 1686, and a Ralph Earle junior, at the same time in the same town, son of William Earle.

ROBERT EARLE, Boston 1679, kept the prison 1681 and several years after.  He died 1698.

ROBERT EARLE, Newport, had come in the Hercules, I suppose, 1634, to some part of Massachusetts, was born 1606, it was said, yet had wife in 1699 living at age of 105, however unlikely that she was so many years older; but I see reason to believe, that at Newport the earliest known of that name was born 1706, and that Farmer was wrong.  There were Roger and Samuel at Boston 1695, of which the latter died 1706, aged 34.

THOMAS EARLE, Newport, brother perhaps of Ralph Earle the first.

WILLIAM EARLE, Dartmouth 1673, son of the first Ralph Earle, born about 1660.  He had Thomas and John; probably all at Portsmouth, Rhode Island, by first wife Mary.  He was Representative 1693, 1704, and 1706.  He died 15 January 1717, leaving widow Prudence, who died 18 January 1718.


Supplement of Corrections and Additions for EARLE:


Under JOHN EARLE of Northampton, strike out the second sentence.

Under the, strike out first

RALPH EARLE son "Thomas," and, after William, add daughters Mary, who married William Corey; Martha, who married William Wood ; and Sarah, who married Thomas Cornell.  Add at the end, he had been Representative 1650, after striking out--"and is mentioned in Church's Indians Wars," and the next two sentences.

Under the second RALPH EARLE, strike out "perhaps son" and insert—eldest son.  Strike out, also, the second sentence, and insert-- His wife was Dorcas, and children were John, William, Ralph, Joseph, and perhaps that Hannah, who married 27 August 1719, William Brown.  He was proprietor after mid life at Dartmouth, and owned among the opposite islands, the interesting Cuttyhunk, for full value of which see Belknap's American Biography II. 114.

Under second ROBERT EARLE, in the last line, should be added but I see reason to believe, that at Newport the earliest known of that name was born 1706, and that Farmer was wrong,.

Under THOMAS EARLE (on page 92), strike out "s." and insert--brother

Under WILLIAM EARLE, insert at beginning of line 3, son of the first Ralph; and after second word, strike out all that following and insert-- born about 1660; Thomas; and John; probably all at Portsmouth, Rhode Island and by first wife Mary; was Representative 1693, 1704, and 6, and died 15 January 1717, leaving widow Prudence, who died 18 January 1718.  Of course Ralph the first, and William, should have prefix.  All this information was recorded before the first volume began to be printed yet so careful was it mislaid, that it was not examined until the matter on the former pages 91 and 2 had been three weeks printed.  My diligent correspondent Pliny Eearle of Leicester regrets the want of many dates of births, marriages, and deaths.


GEORGE EARLY, Salem.  He married 15 October 1670, Abigail Foote, daughter of Pasco Foote, had Abigail, born 1 September 1671.  He died 4 September 1672.

ROBERT EARLY, who Came in the Hercules 1634, may have reached our shore, but where he lived is not known.


JOHN EARTHY, Boston.  He was a witness to the treaty with Indians 13 November 1676.  Hubbard, East Wars, 56.


DAVID EAST, Boston, mariner.  He married Abigail Phillips, widow of Jonathan Woodbury, daughter of Henry Phillips of the same.  Administration of his estate was given to her 28 April 1685.  She married not long after Thomas Walter.

FRANCIS EAST, Boston 1636, a carpenter, freeman 17 April 1637.  By wife Mary, had Samuel, born 11, baptized 15 March 1640; Mary, 25, baptized 27 March 1642; Elizabeth, 6, baptized 10 November 1644; David, 25 January baptized 28 February 1647; Sarah, 9, baptized 11 November 1649; and Daniel, 21 September baptized 21 November 1652.  He may be the man who died in 94th year Sewall, who calls him father puts 17 March 1687.  His last child was Rebecca, 22 July 1656.

WILLIAM EAST, Milford 1639, had Solomon, baptized 1643, who probably died young.  In 1676 he had 2nd wife Mary Plum, daughter of Robert Plum, and he died 1681 without children.  His widow died 1708.


BENJAMIN EASTMAN, Salisbury, son of Roger Eastman of the same.  He married 5 April 1678, Ann Pitts, daughter of Edmund Pitts, widow of Samuel Joy, had Benjamin, born 8 February 1679; Edmund, 20 January 1681; Jeremiah Eastman, 18 February 1683, Harvard College 1703; and Joseph, 29 March 1685.  He was freeman 1690.  His wife died 13 December 1698.

JOHN EASTMAN, Salisbury, eldest son of Roger Eastman.  He married 7 October 1665, Hannah Healey, daughter probably of William Healey of Cambridge, but no account of children is found, and she died early.  He next married 5 November 1670, Mary Boynton, daughter of William Boynton, had Hannah, born 23 January 1673, died next month; John, 24 August 1675; Zechariah, 24 October 1679; Roger, 26 February 1683; Elizabeth, 26 September 1680; Thomas, 14 February 1688, died at 3 years; and perhaps had second Thomas in 1691; and Joseph, 23 June 1692.  He was a Captain and Representative 1691. 

JOSEPH EASTMAN, Suffield, brother of the preceding.  He married Mary Tilton, only surviving daughter of Honorable Peter Tilton of Hadley, had Joseph, born 1683; Mary, 1684, died young; and Peter, 1686.  He died 4 April 1692.  His widow married the next year James Guernsey.  Peter went to New Jersey; Joseph went to Hadley, was taken 29 February 1704, at Deerfield, by the Indians and French, kept some time a prisoner in Canada, had large portion of his grandfather Tilton's estate and by eleven children, a grand line of descendants.

JOSEPH EASTMAN, Salisbury.  He took oath of fidelity 21 December 1677 at the same time with Benjamin Eastman, was the man, I guess, of Suffield.

NATHANIEL EASTMAN, Salisbury, brother of the preceding.  He married 30 April 1672, Elizabeth Haddon, perhaps daughter of Jared Haddon of the same, had Sarah, born 11 November 1674; Jemima, 25 August 1677; Nathaniel. March 1679; Hannah, 24 April 1687; and Mary, 29 March 1690.  He was freeman 1690.

PHILIP EASTMAN, Haverhill, brother of the preceding, taken by the Indians in 1676, redeemed the same year.  He married 22 August 1678, Mary Morss, daughter of Robert Morss of Newbury, or, I think, daughter of Anthony Morse the younger, had Ebenezer, born 10 January 1680; and probably others.  He had before 1695 removed to the plantation called New Roxbury, now Woodstock, in Connecticut.  Then thought in Massachusetts.

ROGER EASTMAN, Salisbury, an original proprietor, ancestor it is believed of all of the names in our land.  He died 16 December 1694, aged 83.  His widow Sarah died 11 March 1698.  They had John, born 9 March or April 1640; Nathaniel, 18 May 1643; Philip, 20 December 1644; Thomas, 11 November 1646; Timothy, 29 November 1648; Joseph, 8 January 1651; Benjamin, 12 February 1653; Sarah, 25 September 1655; Samuel, 20 November 1657; and Ruth, 22 March or April 1662.  Sarah married 13 June 1678, Joseph French junior, and next, 4 August 1684, Solomon Shepherd, by both had children, and died of great age 1 December 1748.  That he came from Southampton 1638, on board the Confidence, in company with many who sat down at Salisbury, and neighboring towns, as presumed from a paper supplied by Henry Stephens of London, in Genealogical Registrar II. 108-10, after some correction of errors found by H.G. Somerby, given in Genealogical Registrar V. 440, would be recorded as probable in spite of the name being in the latter changed to Robert Eastman, and the other circumstances of his being called servant 15 years sold, for the numeral should be 25, and the designation may well seem only a deception to get clear from the orders in council to embarrass emigration.

SAMUEL EASTMAN, Salisbury, son of the preceding.  He married 1686, Elizabeth Severance, or Elizabeth Screven, had Ruth, born March 1688; Elizabeth, 1 December 1689; Mary, 4 January 1692; Sarah, 3 April 1694; Samuel, 5 January 1696; Joseph, 6 January 1698;  and Jane, 10 June 1700.  He was freeman 1690.

THOMAS EASTMAN, Haverhill, took oath of allegiance 28 November 1677.

TIMOTHY EASTMAN, Suffield, brother of the preceding.  He married 1682 Lydia Markham, daughter of William Markham of Hadley, had William, born 1684.  He removed to Hadley, there had Lydia, born 1691; Sarah, 1694; and Timothy, 10 January 1697.  He died 1 April 1733.  Timothy, his son, died 25 March 1733, leaving three daughters only; so that the family name in this branch was extinct.  William died at 21 years; Lydia died unmarried 1746; and Sarah married 1716, William Montague.  Often this is spelled as was the early sound, Easman.  See Genealogical Registrar VI. 101, 2, and 3.  Twenty-one of this name had been graduates in 1834 at the other New England Colleges, but none at Harvard.


JOHN EASTON, Newport, son of the first Nicholas Easton of the same, by him brought from England, was freeman before 1655, Deputy Governor 1666, and Governor of the Colony 5 years 1690-94.  He died 12 December 1705, aged 81.  He married 4 February 1661, Mehitable Gaut or Mehitable Gault, had James, born 23 February 1662; Peter, 10 September, died under 25 years; Mary, 16 June 1668; John, 7 September 1670; Paul, 2 February 1673.  His wife died 11 November following.  He had second wife Alice, 24 March 1689.  His descendants owned part of the ancestral lands in the ninth generation. 

JOHN EASTON, Hartford.  He had Sarah, born 18 July 1670; Mary, 26 December 1672; Sarah, 15 November 1675; John, 10 January 1679; Mary, 1 October 1681; Mehitable, 17 January 1683; Abigail, 16 March 1687; and John, 22 October 1689. 

JOSEPH EASTON, Cambridge, freeman 4 March 1635.  He removed early to Hartford where he had Joseph, John and perhaps other children, and was living 1685.

NICHOLAS EASTON, Ipswich, one of the earliest settlers, a tanner, of Lymington, County Haints.  He came in the Mary and John, 1634, took the oath of allegiance and supremacy on the other side of the ocean, 26 March 1634, and as freeman of Massachusetts 3 September 1634, was Representative 1635, and that year removed to Newbury, but being a favorer of Wheelwright, was disarmed in November 1637.  He went to Rhode Island, there in 1638 was chosen Assistant.  A second wife Christian, widow of Thomas Beecher, who had been widow of Thomas Copper of London, before Beecher brought her in 1630 to Charlestown, he married early in 1638, and she probably was mother of several of his children but as she lived to 20 February 1665, we may presume that by third wife married 2 March 1671, Ann Clayton, he had no issue.  His children were John, born 1621; and perhaps, Daniel; certainly Peter, before coming from England but after had Joshua; Nicholas; Mary, who married Weston Clark; Patience; Elizabeth; and Waite, who married John Carr.  He was President in 1672 and 73, was Governor.  He died 15 August 1675, and aged 82.  His widow Ann married 28 March 1677, Governor Henry Bull, and she died 30 January 1708. 

NICHOLAS EASTON, Newport, son of Peter Easton.  He married 30 November 1666, Elizabeth Barker, daughter of James Barker.  In his will of 1676, names children Nicholas, who was born 24 February 1668; and daughters Elizabeth, 6 December 1669; Freelove, 12 March 1671; uncles Daniel, and John, brothers John, Peter, and Joshua, sister Mary, Patience, Elizabeth and Waite.  His wife Elizabeth died 6 July 1676; and he died 1 February 1677.

PETER EASTON, Newport, son of Nicholas Easton, born in England, freeman 1655.  He married 15 November 1643, Ann Coggeshall, daughter of John Coggeshall, who bore him Nicholas, born 12 November 1644; John, 6 February 1647; Mary, 25 September 1648; Peter, 1 February 1651, died soon; Ann, 9 February 1653, died at 23 years; Patience, 20 November 1655; Wait, 25 July 1657, died soon; Peter, again, 11 January 1659, died at 31 years; Joshua, 30 July 1662, died under 28 years; James, 29 January 1665, died young; Elizabeth, 18 February 1666; Waite, again, 8 November 1668; and James, again, 7 October 1671.  His wife was daughter of the first John Coggeshall, and she died 6 March 1687, aged 61.  He died 12 December 1693, aged 71.  Patience married 1 January 1675, Robert Malins, and died the same day with her husband 26 August 1679.  Much of the land of this first Peter is now enjoyed by descendants of ninth generation.


WILLIAM EASTOW, Newbury, freeman 13 March 1639.  He removed that year to Hampton, for which he was Representative 1644, 48 and 49.  He died 23 November 1655.  He had Sarah, who married Maurice Hobbs; and Mary married Thomas Marston.  Each of these had children named in their grandfather's will of 16 October 1655.


ISAAC EASTY, or ISAAC ESTY, Topsfield 1661, perhaps son of Jeffry Easty, freeman 1673.  The name of Mary Town, his wife, daughter of William Town, tried 9, executed as a witch 22 September 1692, must be held in honor, forever, for in her petition to Sir William Phips, the Governor she begged not for her own life, which she known must be vain, but only "that no more innocent blood may be shed."

JEFFRY EASTY, or JEFFRY ESTY, Salem 1637, had then a grant of land.


EDWARD EASTWICK, EDWARD ESTICK, or EDWARD ESTWICK, Salem 1649, mariner.  He died 1666, leaving Elizabeth, 14 years old; Sarah, 12; Hannah, 10; Esther, born 21 April 1659; and Edward, 12 April 1622; all by wife Esther. 

PHESANT EASTWICK, PHESANT ESTICK, or PHESANT ESTWICK, Boston 1670, Portsmouth 1680.  He was born about 1630, and wife Sarah, 15 years later.  They had Nathaniel, born 7 April 1682.


BENJAMIN EATON, Duxbury 1648, Plymouth 1650, son of Francis Eaton.  He married 4 December 1660, Sarah Hoskins, probably daughter of William Hoskins, had William, who died before 1691.

BENONI EATON, Cambridge, son of the unhappy Nathaniel Eaton, left by his father in early youth to the care of Deacon Thomas Cheeseholme.  By wife Rebecca, had Nathaniel, who died 22 February 1691, aged 24; Rebecca married 28 April 1690, John Bunker; Ann, born 7 September 1672, died next year; and Theophilus; the last born 20 September 1674, died 22 February 1691.  The father died 20 December 1690.

DANIEL EATON, Reading, son of William Eaton, freeman 1680.

DANIEL EATON, Reading, son of one of the Johns, but of whom is uncertain.  He married 1664, and by wife Mary, had Daniel, Ann, Martha, Priscilla, Daniel, again, and Mehitable.  Barry, 236. 

EPHRAIM EATON, Salisbury, son of John Eaton first of the same.  He married 5 February 1689, Mary True, had Mary, born 11 December 1689; Ephraim, 24 May 1692; Jane, 13 September 1694; and Samuel, 6 August 1697.

FRANCIS EATON, Plymouth.  He came in the Mayflower 1620, with wife Sarah, and son (a sucking child) Samuel, as in the compact before landing, he is counted for three heads.  But in the spring of 1624 counted for four, in the division of cattle, by adding his daughter Rachel.  It is thought that his wife of the Mayflower's company died soon after, and a second wife died soon, but, Bradford says, he took third wife and had by her three children of which he adds, one was married and had a child, and the others were living 1650, but one was idiot.  In the division of lands 1627, this wife is called Christian, supposed to be Christian Penn, who came in the Ann 1623, no other person in the Colony (then numbered only 156), having such a baptized name.  By her he had Benjamin, born about 1627.  He died probably 1633, for his inventory was taken 8 November 1633.  Christian his widow married 1634, Francis Billington.  Rachel married 7 March 1646, Joseph Ramsden. 

JABEZ EATON, perhaps of Dorchester, see Heaton. 

JOHN EATON, Watertown, freeman 26 May 1636, removed to Dedham.  He had by wife Abigail, born there, John, 6 January 1640 (in transcribing from original town record the County registrar made this name, Abigail, the daughter of, etc. as in Genealogical Registrar IV. 274, is carefully given which example should serve for caution to all readers of pretended records); and Jacob, 8 baptized 12 June 1642, died young; besides other children.  He died 17 November 1658 leaving John, Mary, and Abigail, mentioned with their mother in his will of 2 November 1658 probated 7 December 1658, Mary (who perhaps was born in England).  He married 5 May 1651, John Mason.  Abigail married his brother Robert.

JOHN EATON, Salisbury 1646.  By wife Martha, had Esther, who died 1649; Thomas, born 19 January 1647; Martha, 12 August 1648; Elizabeth, 12 December 1650; Ann, 17 December 1652, died 12 June 1658; Sarah, 28 December 1654; Mary, 9 December 1656, died 2 February 1657; Samuel, 14 February 1659; Joseph, 6 March 1661; and Ephraim, 12 April 1663.  He died 29 October 1668, perhaps at Haverhill, leaving a daughter, wife of George Brown, and perhaps Ruth, wife of John Ingalls.  Martha married 5 November 1668, Benjamin Collins; Elizabeth married 7 January 1674, John Groth; and Sarah married 6 May 1675, Robert Downer. 

JOHN EATON, Dedham, perhaps son of the first John Eaton.  By wife Alice, had John, born 15 July 1665, died young; John, again, 17 September 1671; Thomas, 23 July 1675; William, 11 August 1677; Judith, 17 September 1680, unless the month should be read March by easy change of the numeral; for she was probably the one who died 26 April 1680; Jonathan, 3 September 1681; David, 8 March 1683; died soon; and Ebenezer, 3 May 1687, died next year.  His wife died 9 May 1694; and he died 28 October 1694. 

JOHN EATON, Salisbury.  By wife Mary, had Mary, born 13 December 1685; James, 27 April 1691, Samuel, 25 November 1692; perhaps Martha, 5 September 1695; and Jonathan, 2 October 1698. 

JOHN EATON, Reading.  By wife Elizabeth married 8 March 1659, had Thomas, born 12 March 1661, died at 7 months; and Elizabeth, 8 September 1662; perhaps other children.  He was freeman 1677. 

JOHN EATON, Reading, son of Jonas Eaton.  By wife Dorcas, had Jonas, born 1677, died soon; Grace, 1677; Noah, 1678; Jonas, again, 18 May 1680; Joseph, 1681, died soon; Mary, 1683; Dorcas, 1688; Benjamin; Joseph; and Phebe.  He was freeman 1691, and died about 1700.  His widow married a Bryant.

JOHN EATON, Haverhill.  He had a daughter who married about 1660 or 70, James Davis of the same.

JONAS EATON, Watertown, removed to Reading.  By wife Grace, had Mary, born 8 February 1644; John, 10 September 1645, before mentioned; Jonas, 28 September 1647, died soon; Jonas, again, 24 September 1648, one of the freeman 1691; Joseph, 1651; Joshua, 4 December 1653; Jonathan, 6 December 1655; and David, 22 September 1657, died next month.  He was freeman 1653, and died 24 February 1674.  Two Johns, at Reading, one designated "of the plain," died 1691; the other, "of the hill," died 1695, and we may infer that one, but who is doubtful, was his son. 

JONATHAN EATON, Reading, son of the preceding, freeman 1691.  By wife Elizabeth, had Jonathan, and two daughters. 

JOSEPH EATON, Salisbury, son of the first John Eaton of the same.  He married 14 December 1683, Mary French, daughter of John French, had John, born 23 August 1684, died soon; John, again, 18 October 1685; Samuel, 7 December 1687; Joseph, 14 August 1690; Benjamin, 4 February 1693; Moses, 18 May 1695; Mary, 9 April 1697; and Nicholas, 12 September 1699. 

JOSHUA EATON, Reading, brother of the preceding, freeman 1691.  He married Rebecca Kendall, had Joshua, born 1683; Thomas; and other children. 

NATHANIEL EATON, Cambridge, brother of Governor Theophilus Eaton, was born about 1609.  He was freeman 9 June 1638, the first head of Harvard College but not dignified with title of President on censure by the government.  Fled to Virginia and finally went home, where he died it is said, in gaol.  A very curious confession of his wife showing the unfavorable management of domestic economics at the College in its earliest day, is given in notes to Winthrop I. 310.  His wife with her children except Benoni, before mentioned, following him to Virginia in a ship never heard of after.  Winthrop II. 22. 

SAMUEL EATON, New Haven, brother of the preceding, son of Richard Eaton, bred at Magdalen College Cambridge, where he had his degrees in 1624 and 1628.  He came to New England 1637, had wife Mabel Haynes, daughter of Governor Haynes.  He married 17 November 1654, but no children.  Went home after three years, had a living at Duckenfield, County Chester, near Manchester, until the great ejection, and died at the neighboring parish of Denton, 9 January 1665 or 1666, aged 68. 

SAMUEL EATON, Duxbury, son of Francis Eaton, probably born in England or Holland, was a sucking child on board the Mayflower, apprentice 1636 to John Cook, was among the purchasers of Dartmouth in 1652.  He married 10 January 1661, Martha Billington, perhaps daughter of Francis Billington, who had married his father's widow, removed to Middleborough, there he died about 1684.

SAMUEL EATON, New Haven, son of Governor Theophilus Eaton, born probably in London 1630.  He came with his father 1637, Harvard College 1649, and afterwards a tutor there, chosen 1654, an Assistant of the Colony.  He married 17 November 1654, Mabel Haynes, daughter of Governor John Haynes of Hartford, and with his wife died in July 1655.

THEOPHILUS EATON, New Haven, brother of first Samuel Eaton and of Nathaniel Eaton.  The two ministers were born at Stony Stratford in County Bucks, not Oxford, as Mather has it.  His father was minister there, and after at Coventry.  But an England authority makes him son of Richard Eaton, vicar of Great Budworth, in Cheshire.  He was Deputy Governor of East land or Baltic company in London, and by King James was employed as his agent at the Court of Denmark.  He had wife and children who died at London.  He married for second wife Ann Morton, widow of David Yale, daughter of Thomas Morton, Bishop of Chester, who had kindness for the Puritans.  The family seat was in that shire, and the Governor in his will devises the estate at Great Budworth in the same County.  He came in 1637 to Boston, and in April went with his fellow passengers to Davenport to found the settlement of New Haven. In 1639 was made Governor and so, by annual choice was continued until his death 7 January 1658, aged 67.  His will of 12 August 1656 names three children only: Theophilus; Mary, wife of Valentine Hill of Boston, late of Piscataqua; and Hannah; but mentioned his wife, her son Thomas Yale, and son-in-law Edward Hopkins, late Governor of Connecticut then in London, whose death preceding Eaton's by ten months.  The inventory included the estate in England of £1440 15. 7. was made February 1658, and the will probated 31 May 1658, yet the record at New Haven carelessly makes the burial 11 January 1656, near a year before his death.  The widow (who had been sadly worried by the church about 1644, then probably insane, when Mary Launce, an inmate of the household, and probably a ward of her husband was called to testify as to her extravagant behavior, of whom Dr. Bacon in his charming lectures upon the early history, has furnished adequate detail to illustrate the melancholy history of church discipline in that era) went home, and died 1659.  The son and unmarried daughter went with the Theophilus, lived after at Dublin; but did not please his father, and died unmarried 1707; Hannah married 4 July 1659, at London, William Jones, who next year came to New Haven and spent his days. 

THOMAS EATON, Reading.  He had Joseph, born 5 January 1652. 

THOMAS EATON, Haverhill.  He married at Andover 6 January 1659, Unice Singletary of Salisbury.  He was freeman 1666, and was killed by the Indians 15 March 1698. 

THOMAS EATON, Dedham, freeman 1681. 

THOMAS EATON, Salisbury, son of the first John Eaton of the same.  He married 14 November 1679, Hannah Hubbard, perhaps daughter of Richard Hubbard, had Thomas, born 15 September 1680; Hannah, 23 June 1682, probably died soon; and Hannah, again, 10 March 1684. 

WILLIAM EATON, Watertown, came in 1635 or 36, from Staple in Kent.  He embarked at Sandwich with wife Martha, three children and one servant.  He had Daniel, born 20 January 1639; and Mary, 8 April 1643.  He removed to Reading.  He was freeman 1653.  He had John, who survived father and mother, and died 13 May 1673.  His daughter Martha married Richard Oldham, first, and next, Thomas Brown, probably died before her father whose will of 26 September 1672 names wife Martha, eldest son John and his children, Daniel and his children, daughter Mary, and two sons-in-law, Thomas Brown, and Francis Moore.  The widow died 1681. 

WILLIAM EATON, Reading, probably son of the preceding, made freeman 1691.  An Abigail Eaton aged 35, with Mary, 4, and Thomas, 1, came 1635, in the Elizabeth and Ann, following no doubt the husband and father to us unknown.


WILLIAM EBENATHA.  See Abernethy.  Perhaps he had more children than those who took administration.  Now the name is Abernethy, may have been so before 1673.


GEORGE EBORNE, GEORGE EBBORNE, or GEORGE EBURNE, Hampton 1644.  He died before 1647.  Coffin.

MOSES EBORNE, MOSES EBBORNE, or MOSES EBURNE, Salem, son of Samuel Eborne.  He married 9 September 1671, Sarah Haines, perhaps daughter of William Haines, had Moses, born 14 February 1673; Joseph, 24 April 1674; and Sarah, 26 October 1676.  His wife died 1 November 1676.  But he had, perhaps, former wife married 1657, daughter of Humphrey Gilbert. 

SAMUEL EBORNE, SAMUEL EBBORNE, or SAMUEL EBURNE, Salem, perhaps son of Thomas Eborne, born about 1614, may have resided some time about 1640, in Lynn, but had grant of land the year preceding at Salem.  There married Catharine Smith, daughter of James Smith.  His children were baptized Samuel, Moses, and Mary, on 6 August 1648; Rebecca, 23 March 1651; and Sarah, 15 June 1656; besides Hannah; and James.  He was freeman 1665, and was living in 1697.  His son Samuel was survived.  Rebecca married 10 December 1680, Thomas Bell. 

SAMUEL EBORNE, SAMUEL EBBORNE, or SAMUEL EBURNE, Salem, son probably eldest of the preceding.  He married 19 February 1664, Susanna Trask, daughter of Captain William Trask, had Samuel, born 1 July 1664; William, 19 January 1667; Susanna,  April, died August 1669. 

THOMAS EBORNE, THOMAS EBBORNE, or THOMAS EBURNE, Salem, a tanner, freeman 14 May 1634.  He was living but aged in 1642.  See Aborne.


RICHARD ECCLES, RICHARD ECLES, RICHARD ECKLES, or RICHARD ECKELS, Cambridge, freeman 18 May 1642.  By wife Mary, who died 23 August 1675, had Mary, Hannah, and Martha.  Timothy, perhaps only son born 15 March 1645, died 21 November 1656.  Hannah married 2 March 1667, Gershom Brooks.  He had share in the Shawshin division of lands.


CALEB EDDY, Swanzey, son of Samuel Eddy.  By wife Elizabeth, had Caleb, born 29 May 1672; Samuel, 15 July 1675; and Zechariah, who died soon.  He was a Deacon and lived to be 70 years old. 

JOHN EDDY, Watertown 1633, was of Boxted in County Suffolk and came in the Handmaid 1630, from London, arriving at Plymouth, where he continued over one year.  He was freeman 3 September 1634.  By wife Amie, had Pilgrim, born 25 August 1634, died soon; Pilgrim, again; John, 16 February 1637; Benjamin, buried 1639; Samuel, 30 September 1640, the freeman 1690, who died 22 November 1711; besides Abigail, 11 October 1643, probably died young; Sarah; Mary; and Ruth.  He had second wife Joanna, who died 25 August 1683, aged 80; and he died at the age of 90, 12 October 1684.  Probably Sarah and Mary were born in England.  Sarah married John Marion; Mary married Thomas Orton; and Pilgrim married 22 April 1656, William Baker, and, next, a Stedman.  Yet the order of these mothers Is reversed as Bond, 755, shows, in a deed of 9 February 1704 of part of estate of John Marion, in which she had some share, and is called Pilgrim Baker, formerly Pilgrim Stedman, and daughter of John Eddy, though I can explain the blunder of the scrivener only by the long interval of time to cause it.  When the marriage of Stedman was solemnized, or when Baker the first husband died, or what was Stedman's name of baptism, has been sought in vain. 

JOHN EDDY, Plymouth, eldest son of Samuel Eddy.  He married 12 November 1665, Susanna Paddock, daughter of Robert Paddock, had Mary, born 14 March 1667; John, 19 January 1671.  His wife died 14 March following.  He married 1 May 1672 Deliverance Owen of Braintree.  A third wife Hepzibah, outlived him, and she died 3 May 1726.  Other children were Mercy, born 5 July 1673; Hannah, 6 December but Colony Record says 5 July 1676; Ebenezer, 16 May 1679; Eleazer, 16 October 1681, though Colony Records in two places says 1671; Joseph, 4 January 1683; Benjamin, 1685; Abigail; Jonathan, 15 December 1689; Susanna, 18 September 1692; and Patience, 27 June 1696.  He was some years at Taunton, and he died at Tisbury 27 May 1715.

OBADIAH EDDY, Plymouth, youngest brother of the preceding.  He had John, born 22 March 1670; daughter Hasadiah, 10 April 1672. 

SAMUEL EDDY, Plymouth, son of Reverend William Eddy, it is said, of Cranbrook in Kent, but lived at Boxted, County Suffolk came in the Handmaid to Plymouth, October 1630, is called brother of the first John Eddy.  By wife Elizabeth, who died 1682, aged 81, had John, born 25 December 1637; Zechariah, 1639; Caleb, 1643; Obadiah, 1645; and Hannah, 23 June 1647.  He died 1688 at Swanzey, aged about 87.  Caleb died 23 March 1713. 

SAMUEL EDDY, Watertown, youngest son of John Eddy.  He married 30 November 1664, Sarah Meade, daughter of Gabriel Meade, had Samuel, born 4 June 1668; Sarah, 31 October 1670; Benjamin, 16 September 1673; Deliverance, 15 July 1676; Elizabeth, 2 February 1679; Ruth, 3 November 1681; and Joanna, 24 April 1685. 

ZECHARIAH EDDY, Plymouth, son of the preceding, removed to Swanzey, but probably first at Middleborough.  He married 7 May 1663, Alice Paddock, daughter of Robert Paddock, had Zechariah, born 10 April 1664; John, 10 October 1666; Elizabeth, 3 August 1670; Samuel, 4 June 1673; Ebenezer, 8 February 1676; Caleb, 21 September 1678; Joshua, 21 February 1681; and Obadiah, 2 September 1683; all of whom except Samuel, had families.  He died 4 September 1718.  Elizabeth married 26 February 1691, Samuel Whipple of Providence.  Alice and Elinor, daughters of Zechariah Eddy junior appear on the records, as does his marriage.


EDMUND EDENDEN, EDMUND EDDINGTON sometimes, Scituate 1641, Representative 1642.  He removed to Boston, Deane says, where his daughter Mehitable was baptized 4 June 1664.  But the Secretary's list of freeman 1665, calls him of Roxbury.  Next year among freeman from Boston he certified Edmund Eddington, who I judge to be the same.  His daughter Mary married 23 September 1651, William Baker; Sarah married 1656, Thomas Rand; Mehitable married 17 October 1674, John Nutter; and Rebecca married 16 December 1684, Samuel Lord.


EDWARDS EDES, EDWARDS EADS, EDWARDS EADES, or EDWARDS EEDS, Boston, shipwright, son of John Edes the first of Charlestown.  He married 26 June 1704, Martha Frothingham, youngest daughter of Peter Frothingham, had Edward, born 6 June 1705; John, November 1707; Jonathan, 2 August 1709; and Martha, 26 May 1711.  His wife died 13 October 1712.  He married 15 July 1714, Susanna Welch, daughter of John Welch, had Thomas, 11 April 1715; William, 8 March 1717.  He died September 1730.  His widow married 1733, John Pickney, and next, 1739, Erasmus Stevens.

JOHN EDES, JOHN EADS, JOHN EADES, or JOHN EEDS, Boston.  By wife Catharine, had John, born 25 October 1680, probably died young; John, again, 6 November 1686; and Elizabeth, 11 February 1689, who died at 13 years.

JOHN EDES, JOHN EADS, JOHN EADES, or JOHN EEDS, Charlestown.  He married 15 October 1674, Mary Tufts, daughter of Peter Tufts, had John, baptized 22 August 1680; Edward, 9 October 1681; Mary, 4 May 1684; Peter, born 19 August baptized 21 November 1686; Jonathan, 3, baptized 9 December 1688; and Sarah, 5 April 1691.  He died next year, 1692.   Mary married 1708, Thomas Willet; and Sarah married 1713, Charles Wager. 

JOHN EDES, JOHN EADS, JOHN EADES, or JOHN EEDS, Charlestown, son of the preceding.  He married 13 April 1698, Grace Lawrence, had John, and Edward, baptized 18 May 1701; and Elizabeth, 19 October 1701; besides Daniel, Thomas, and six more. 

JONATHAN EDES, JONATHAN EADS, JONATHAN EADES, or JONATHAN EEDS, Charlestown, brother of the preceding.  He married 1712, Joanna Willet of Newbury. 


PETER EDES, PETER EADS, PETER EADES, or PETER EEDS, Charlestown, son of the first John Edes of the same.  He married 1714, Martha Mudge.

PHILIP EDES, PHILIP EADS, PHILIP EADES, or PHILIP EEDS, Newport 1678.  He had been an officer in Cromwell's family in good reputation.  Died 16 March 1682. 


WILLIAM EDES, WILLIAM EADS, WILLIAM EADES, or WILLIAM EEDS, Salem 1629.  He came in the fleet with Higginson.  Young's Chronicles of Massachusetts 179. 

WILLIAM EDES, WILLIAM EADS, WILLIAM EADES, or WILLIAM EEDS, Boston.  By wife Elizabeth, had Nicholas, born 21 September 1687; and Elizabeth, 24 September 1689.


RICHARD EDGARTON, Saybrook.  He married 8 April 1653, Mary Sylvester, had Mary, born 3 February 1655; Elizabeth, 25 December 1657; Ann or Hannah, 24 September 1659.  He removed next year to Norwich, there had John, 12 June 1662, Richard, 10 March 1665; Sarah, April 1667; Samuel, May 1670; Lydia, April 1675; and Joseph, 8 March 1677.


ROBERT EDGE, embarked at London 1635, aged 25, in the Hopewell, Captain Babb.  Possibly the name may be the same as Hedge; or it may be that the custom house record meant a “y” what I read a “g”.


JOHN EDGECOMB, New London 1670.  He married 9 February 1673, Sarah Stallion, daughter of Edward Stallion, the record calls him "son of Nicholas Edgecomb of Plymouth, old England".  Had Margaret, born 1674; John, 14 November 1675; Sarah, 29 July 1678; Joanna, 3 March 1680; Nicholas; Samuel, 1690; and Thomas.  He died April 1721, at great age.

NICHOLAS EDGECOMB, Scarborough 1640, took oath of submission to Massachusetts 13 July 1658; but as I find his subscription by a mark.  He was not, probably (as Farmer thought) of the family of Sir Richard Edgecomb of Mount Edgcombe in Devonshire.  Yet he may have been a dependant of that house.  He removed about 1660 to Saco.  In Southgate, page 25, we learn that his daughter Mary married George Page of Saco; and next, John Ashton of Scarborough; and that his other daughter Joanna married a Pynchon of Boston.  Christopher, John, Michael, and Robert, soldiers at Blackpoint, Scarborough, 1676, were, we may well imagine, his son John was one of the selectmen of Saco 1676; Robert married Rachel, daughter of James Gibbins of Saco, and there died 1730, aged 74.


PHILIP EDGERLY, New Hampshire 1654. 

THOMAS EDGERLY, Dover 1665.  He married 28 September of that year Rebecca Holloway, or Rebecca Hallowell.  He was freeman 1672, and was a Magistrate.  Thomas Edgerly junior married 3 December 1691, wife Jane Ault (Wheedon), a daughter of John Ault, but whose widow she was I know not.



LEUDICOES EDLIN, or LEUDICOES EDLING, or LUDECUS EDLIN, or LUDECUS EDLING, Dover 1659, administered in spite of his outlandish name, 6 June 1659, and had grant of land in same year; which was in 1662 or 63, perhaps after his death laid out to his wife Elizabeth.  I suppose he was a German doctor, and that Ludecus, who remained for family name, after rejection of Edlin, was in reality abbreviation for Ludovicus, for the abomination of a double one could not be endured even in the most skilful disciple of Hippocrates.


JOHN EDMASTER, Charlestown 1678.  By wife Hannah, had Hannah, born 1 February 1663; John, 12 March 1665; died Prudence, 15 January 1668, baptized at 18 years on 27 February 1687, who married 1 July 1689, Joseph Pike, and Mary, 23 November 1670.  His son John Edmaster was of Freetown, where he sold 1719 the house of his father.


WILLIAM EDMONSON, Rhode Island 1672.


ANDREW EDMUNDS, ANDREW EDMONDS, or ANDREW EDMANDS, Providence.  He married 14 October 1675, Mary Herendean, daughter of Benjamin Herendean, had Mary, born 26 October 1676; Sarah, 17 February 1678; William, 7 March 1681; Andrew, 17 June 1683; and Joseph, 2 February 1687.  In 1696 his widow Mary was allowed to keep the ferry over Seekonk River.

DANIEL EDMUNDS, DANIEL EDMONDS, or DANIEL EDMANDS, Charlestown 1659, son of Walter Edmunds, born in England, freeman 1670.  By wife Mary, had Richard, born 13 June 1664, baptized 23 July 1665; Mary, 22, baptized 24 February 1667; both died young; Jonathan, 24, baptized 25 July 1669; Ralph, 15, baptized 19 November 1671; and Mary, again, 28 October baptized 2 November 1673.  He was a felt maker.  He died 22 August 1688, aged 59.  Widow Mary Sprague died 26 November 1717.  She was, I presume, daughter of Ralph Sprague, and her brother Captain Richard Sprague, left her good portions of his estate.

JAMES EDMUNDS, JAMES EDMONDS, or JAMES EDMANDS, Boston 1675, merchant.  He had perhaps been of Salem 1668, but was, probably not the man who desired employment from our Governor and council 1629, as stated in Young's Chronicles 47, who came 1629, in fleet with Higginson, a cooper. 

JAMES EDMUNDS, JAMES EDMONDS, or JAMES EDMANDS, Providence, perhaps son of Andrew Edmunds.  He died 6 September 1736.  In his will named wife Alice, and children William and James. 

JOHN EDMUNDS, JOHN EDMONDS, or JOHN EDMANDS, Charlestown, freeman 18 May 1631.  He died 21 September 1677.


JOHN EDMUNDS, JOHN EDMONDS, or JOHN EDMANDS, Charlestown, son of Walter Edmunds of the same.  He married 4 October 1667, Hannah Miller, widow of Nathaniel Dady, daughter of Richard Miller, had Dorothy, born June following baptized 18 June 1671; and John, 27 August 1672.  The mother having united with the children 11 June 1672.

JOHN EDMUNDS, JOHN EDMONDS, or JOHN EDMANDS, Lynn, son of William Edmunds.  He married 16 December 1662, Sarah Hudson, had William, 16 June 1664; John, 1 February 1666; Jonathan, 30 September 1668; Mary, 14 October 1671; Elizabeth, 1 May 1677; Nathaniel, 2 April 1680; Joseph; and Benjamin.  He was freeman 1691. 

JOSEPH EDMUNDS, JOSEPH EDMONDS, or JOSEPH EDMANDS, Lynn, brother of the preceding.  By wife Susanna, who died 16 December 1670, had William, who died 13 December 1670.  By second wife had Joseph, born 15 August 1673; Sarah, 7 November 1675; William, again, 13 September 1677; Thomas; and Robert. 

JOSHUA EDMUNDS, JOSHUA EDMONDS, or JOSHUA EDMANDS, Concord 1645, brother of Daniel Edmunds, born in England, freeman 1650.  By wife Mary Willard, daughter of Simon Willard, had Samuel, born 16 February 1650; Mary, about 1656, who married 15 July 1692, Nathaniel Davis.  As second wife removed to Charlestown, had there by wife Elizabeth, William, born 23, baptized 29 January 1665; and Ruth, 8 August 1669.  He died 5 November 1683.  His widow married 28 November 1689, Richard Martin.  Ruth married 28 April 1687, White.  Richard Woburn, died 18 November 1689. 

ROBERT EDMUNDS, ROBERT EDMONDS, or ROBERT EDMANDS, Maine 1665, swore fidelity to Massachusetts 1674.


SAMUEL EDMUNDS, SAMUEL EDMONDS, or SAMUEL EDMANDS, Lynn, son of William Edmunds 1690.  He married 11 August 1675, Elizabeth Meriam.  Next married, 27 January 1685, says Barry, Elizabeth Bridges, had Samuel, born 5 August 1676; Elizabeth, 23 July 1679; Mary, 3 August 1681; Abigail; David, 22 July 1689; and Jonathan, 7 January 1692. 

WALTER EDMUNDS, WALTER EDMONDS, or WALTER EDMANDS, Concord, freeman 22 May 1639.  He had John, born 2 July 1640.  He removed and with wife Dorothy was of Charlestown church 1652.  He died 13 July 1667, and his widow died 14 September 1671.  Most of his children were no doubt born in England.  His daughter Mary married 19 October 1644, Luke Potter.  In his will, 30 May 1667, wife and son John are made executors but Joshua, Daniel, and daughter Potter are named.

WILLIAM EDMUNDS, WILLIAM EDMONDS, or WILLIAM EDMANDS, Lynn, freeman  6 May 1635, a tailor.  He had wife Mary, who died 2 April 1657.  He married 1 September following at Boston, widow Ann Martin.  He testified in 1678, that he was in 68th year.  Had John; Mary; Joseph; and Samuel.  He died 4 August 1693.  Lewis marks his arrival in 1630.  His daughter Mary married 1 September 1657, Joseph Hutchings. 

WILLIAM EDMUNDS, WILLIAM EDMONDS, or WILLIAM EDMANDS, Providence, son of Andrew Edmunds.  He died 30 December 1725, leaving widow Alice, and children James, William, and Mary.


THOMAS EDSALL, or THOMAS EDSEL, Boston, turner, artillery company 1652.  He married Elizabeth Farman, 16 September of unknown year probably 1652, had Henry, born 28 February 1655.


BENJAMIN EDSON, Perhaps son of Samuel Edson of Bridgewater.  He married 4 December 1660, Sarah Hoskins. daughter perhaps of William Hoskins of Scituate. 

JOSEPH EDSON, Bridgewater, son of Deacon Samuel Edson.  By wife Experience, had Joseph; Josiah, born 1682; and Benjamin.  By second wife Mary married 1686, had Samuel, Timothy, Mary, Susanna, as Mitchell thinks; and he adds that his estate was settled 1712.

JOSIAH EDSON, Bridgewater, brother of the preceding.  He married Elizabeth Dean, daughter of John Dean of Taunton, not (as Mitchell says), perhaps daughter of Nathaniel Hayward, but Mitchell gives no children.  He adds, that husband and wife both died 1734, he aged 82, and she 83.  His large estate went by devise chiefly to his nephew Josiah Edson, son of Joseph Edson.

SAMUEL EDSON, Salem 1639, removed to Bridgewater, there was Deacon, Representative 1676.  He died 9 July 1692, aged 80; and his widow Susanna died 20 February 1699, aged 81.  He had Samuel, Joseph, Josiah, Susanna, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, and Bethia.  Susanna married Reverend James Keith; Elizabeth married Richard Phillips of Weymouth; Mary married 1676, Nicholas Byram, junior; Sarah married 7 November 1663, John Dean of Taunton; Bethia married 17 December 1678, Ezra Dean. 

SAMUEL EDSON, Bridgewater, and son, perhaps eldest, of the preceding.  He married Susanna Byram, daughter of Nicholas Byram, had Susanna, born 1679; Elizabeth, 1684; and Samuel 1690.  He died 1719.  His widow died 1742.  Two of this name had been graduates at Harvard in 1834, and three at others New England Colleges.


ALEXANDER EDWARDS, Springfield, came from Wales about 1640, embarked at Bristol.  He married 28 April 1642, Sarah Searl, daughter of John Searl, had Samuel, born 7 March 1643; Hannah, 18 February 1645; Joseph, 8 August 1647; Mary, 20 January 1650; Benjamin, 24 June 1652; and Sarah, 21 November 1654.  Next year removed to Northampton, there had Nathaniel, 25 June 1657; and Elizabeth, 22 February 1660.  He died 4 September 1690.  All the sons had family.  Samuel, Joseph, and Nathaniel, with the father were made freeman 1690.  Descendants are very numerous.  Mary married 17 December 1670, John Field. 

BENJAMIN EDWARDS, Springfield, son of the preceding.  He married 23 February 1681, Thankful Sheldon, daughter of the first Isaac Sheldon. 

EDWARD EDWARDS, Plymouth 1643.  He perhaps removed or died same year.

GRIFFIN EDWARDS, Boston, calls, in a deed, Ann, wife of Reverend John Myles, who was sole heir of John Humphrey, his mother-in-law. 

JOHN EDWARDS, Wethersfield 1640, had probably lived at Watertown.  By a first wife before settling at Wethersfield, had Thomas; and Abraham, born 12 August 1637.  He married Dorothy Finch, daughter of Abraham Finch, had John, born 16 December 1638; Esther, June 1641; Ruth, December 1643; Hannah, January 1645; Joseph, May 1648; and Lydia.  He in 1653 was aged 60, and died about 1664.  In May 1667, his widow married Richard Tousley of Saybrook, and 1676 was a widow for third time. 

JOHN EDWARDS, the son was a corporal (not Captain as Hinman, 130, tells), and was killed in the great Narraganset fight, 19 December 1675. 

JOHN EDWARDS, Ipswich.  He married 24 November 1658, Mary Sams, had John, born 22 January 1660; Mary, 15 October 1661; Elizabeth and Lucy, twins 28 February 1667; William, 27 March 1669; Samuel, 1 June 1671; Francis, 29 December 1678; Hannah, 7 July 1681; and Frances, 30 September 1682.  He was freeman 1690. 

JOHN EDWARDS, Ipswich.  By wife Margaret, had Thomas, born 28 February 1694, died within 3 months; and Margaret, 25 February 1695, died within 4 years.  Perhaps he was of Cape Elizabeth 1690. 

JOHN EDWARDS, Charlestown, called by himself in August 1676, chirurgeon of Stepney.  By wife Elizabeth, had John, baptized 13 March 1687. 

JOSEPH EDWARDS, Wethersfield, son of John Edwards, had wife Sarah married 12 November 1670, who died 12 December 1687. 

JOSEPH EDWARDS, Northampton 1668, was son of Alexander Edwards.  He had a family but names of wife and children are equally unknown.

MATTHEW EDWARDS, Reading, came in the Speedwell 1656, from London, but he had come near 20 years before with widow, mother who married Robert Hawes, and in her will of 12 June 1645, mentioned him and his brother Robert.  He married 2 December 1657, Mary Poole, daughter of John Poole, had Mary, born 25 March 1659; Sarah, 26 January 1661; Matthew, 24 October 1662, died young; and Elizabeth; the daughters are named in their grandfather's will of 1667.  He was freeman 1669; and died 23 December 1683, aged 52. 

NATHANIEL EDWARDS, Boston, merchant, a citizen of London.  He died 2 January 1654. 

NATHANIEL EDWARDS, Northampton, son of Alexander Edwards, of whom I know nothing, except that he was freeman 1690, and had family.

NICHOLAS EDWARDS, from Boston.  He died at Barbados 12 October 1661. 

RICE EDWARDS, Salem 1643, Boston 1646, a joiner.  His wife Joan was administrator of the children 9 May 1647. 

RICHARD EDWARDS, Hartford, only child of first William Edwards.  He married 19 November 1667, Elizabeth Tuttle, daughter of William Tuttle of New Haven, had Mary, born 1668; Timothy, 14 May 1669; Abigail, 1671; Elizabeth, 1675; Ann, 1678; Mabel, baptized 13 December 1685; and another child whose name is not found.  Next he married about 1692, Mary Talcott, daughter of Honorable John Talcott, had Jonathan, 20 January 1693 died soon; John, 27 February 1694; Hannah, 3 January 1696; Richard, 5 June 1698, died young; Daniel Edwards, 11 April 1701, Yale College 1720; and Samuel, 1 November 1702.  He was a very valuable citizen and died 20 May 1713 according to Genealogical Registrar XII. 334, while family tradition gives 20 April 1718, when Timothy, Abigail, Elizabeth, Ann, and Mabel, children of the first wife besides three sons and one daughter of the second were living.  Daniel Edwards, a Judge of the Supreme Court of Connecticut died 6 September 1765. 

ROBERT EDWARDS, Concord, came from London in the Hopewell, Captain Babb, in the autumn of 1635, aged 22, or he may be the same which seven days earlier than his entry for Babb's ship is, at the London custom house certified to have taken the oath of allegiance being aged 27, and to passage to Virginia.  Possibly only one man so named was in London.  He by wife Christian, had at Concord, Sarah, born 12 September 1640, died in 2 weeks; Christian, 15 March 1646, and several others, probably before as well as after.  He was freeman 18 May 1642.  He died early, for his inventory was taken 18 December 1646. 

ROBERT EDWARDS, Salem, brother of Matthew Edwards, son of that widow who married Robert Hawes, and died 1645, as in her will of 12 June in that year is seen. 

SAMUEL EDWARDS, Northampton 1668, son of Alexander Edwards of the same, freeman 1690.  He had a family but details are not heard. 

THOMAS EDWARDS, Salem, 1637, shoemaker, freeman 28 February 1643.  He had there baptized John, 6 June 1639, his wife being of the children before him; Joseph, 22 May 1642; and Joshua, 18 June 1643.  He probably removed to Lynn, or Watertown, where he may have lived before settling at Salem.

THOMAS EDWARDS, Wethersfield.  He brought Elizabeth, who married about 1645, John Goodrich.  He was of Hartford 1648, engaged to remove 1659, with other friends of Goodwin, but went not, and in 1663 was by the Court ordered to oversee the work upon bridges.  His daughter Ruth married 20 June 1670, Samuel Hale the younger, and died 26 December 1682, aged 30. 

THOMAS EDWARDS, Boston 1665, and several years after a master mariner, perhaps the same, maltreated by the French at Tortugas, 1674, mentioned by Governor Leverett, 3 Massachusetts History Collections X. 102. 

THOMAS EDWARDS, Stonington 1667.  He married Mary Bridgham, perhaps daughter of Henry Bridgham of Dorchester.  He died 1693. 

TIMOTHY EDWARDS, minister of Windsor, Harvard College 1691, son of Richard Edwards before mentioned.  He married 6 November 1694, Esther Stoddard, daughter of Reverend Solomon Stoddard of Northampton, had Esther, born 6 August 1695; Elizabeth, 14 April 1697; Ann, 28 April 1699; Mary, 11 February 1701; Eunice, 20 August 1705; Abigail, 25 December 1707; Jerusha, 30 May 1710; Hannah, 8 February 1713; Lucy, 25 May 1715; and Martha, 5 January 1718; besides another who was not a daughter.  He was ordained 1698.  He died 27 January 1758, less than two months before his son Jonathan Edwards, the distinguished theologian born 5 October 1703, President of New Jersey College. 

WILLIAM EDWARDS, Hartford 1639, but not freeman before 1658.  He was brought in childhood, says the family tradition by his mother Ann, wife of James Cole.  He married Agnes Spencer, daughter of William Spencer, had only child Richard, before mentioned  born May 1647.

WILLIAM EDWARDS, Taunton 1643, perhaps was at Lynn 5 years after, but removed to Long Island probably at Easthampton 1650. 

WILLIAM EDWARDS, Marblehead 1668.


JOHN EELLS, JOHN ELLS, JOHN EELS, or JOHN EALES, Dorchester, freeman 14 May 1634.  He had Samuel, baptized 3 May 1640.  He removed perhaps to Hingham first, but in 1645 to Newbury, there called "beehive maker".  He died 25 November 1653, aged 78, says Coffin, who mentioned no wife or children.

NATHANIEL EELLS, NATHANIEL ELLS, NATHANIEL EELS, or NATHANIEL EALES, Scituate, son of Samuel Eells.  He was ordained 14 June 1704.  He married 12 October 1704 Hannah North of Hingham, had Sarah, born 5 August 1705; Samuel, 23 February 1707; John, 23 January 1709; Nathaniel Eells, 4 February 1711, Harvard College 1728; Edward Eells, 4 January 1713, Harvard College 1733; Hannah, 30 January 1715; Mary, 13 May 1716; North, 28 September 1718; and Ann, 16 October 1721.  He partook in the Whitfield controversy 1745, and died 25 August 1750; and his widow died 2 May 1754. 

RICHARD EELLS, RICHARD ELLS, RICHARD EELS, or RICHARD EALES, Boston.  He died 29 October 1639, probably without wife or children.  His will, the first in first volumes of records names brother John Eells in England, and refers to three brothers and a sister as residuary legatees.  But it has been argued with much plausibility, that the testator's name was Hills.  See Genealogical Registrar II. 218.

SAMUEL EELLS, SAMUEL ELLS, SAMUEL EELS, or SAMUEL EALES, Milford, probably son of John Eells.  He married 1 August 1663, Ann Lenthall, daughter of Reverend Robert Lenthall of Newport, had Samuel, born 1 June 1664, died soon; John, 3 July 1665, died young; Samuel, again, 2 September 1666; John, again, 1668; these two baptized 1670; Mary, 18 February 1671; Robert, 4 December 1672, died young; Robert, again, 25 January 1675; Nathaniel Eells, before mentioned  26 November 1677, or next month, Harvard College1699, and perhaps others.  He had a second wife Sarah Peck, daughter of Joseph Peck; yet I know not who she was.  He was a military officer, in Philip's War, and after was at Fairfield in 1687.  He settled at Hingham, of which he was Representative 1705 and 1706.  He died 1709.  His widow died at Scituate at the house of his son 1711.  Deane says his daughter Ann married 1704, Thomas Wilder; and Elizabeth married 1710, John Stowell, both of Hingham.  Hinman, 277, has a great amount of matter on this name, but it is difficult to put it in order.  Eleven of this name had in 1829 been at Harvard Yale, and Williams College of which ten were clergymen.


JONATHAN EGER, or JONATHAN EAGER, Salem.  He married 27 June 1661, Rebecca Hyle, daughter of Richard Hyle, had Hannah, born 27 July 1662; and Jonathan, 25 January 1665.

WILLIAM EGER, or WILLIAM EAGER Cambridge.  By wife Ruth, who died 6 January 1680, aged 39, had Zerubabel, born 8 June 1672; Martha, 26 November 1674; Ruth, 1 February 1677; and Sarah, 25 June 1679.  He married 13 April 1680, Lydia Cole (though the record has Esther), daughter of Arthur Cole, removed to Marlborough, after having Margaret, born 25 May 1681, there had several more; but as William; Zechary; Abraham; James, 1685; Jacob; Mercy; Lydia; and  Esther, named in his will of December 1687, as well as Zerubabel, Ruth, Sarah and Margaret, seem too large a number for the second wife for whose promise of another also provision is made, one must suppose, that two or three besides those recorded at Cambridge were born of first wife at some other town.  The will was probated 17 June 1690.  Abraham, James, Zechary, and Zerubabel had family in Marlborough, the last having married 1697, Hannah Kerley; Abraham had wife Lydia; and Zechary, Elizabeth.  Probably this is now Eager.


JEREMIAH EGGINGTON, Boston.  He married 12 October 1655, Elizabeth Cotton, daughter of Reverend John Cotton, who died 81 August 1656, had Elizabeth born 15 of the same mother who probably died soon.  He, I suppose, removed.


BAGOT EGGLESTON, EGGLESTON BIGOD, EGGLESTON BIGOT, or EGGLESTON BEGAT, with sundry other variations, Dorchester, came, probably in the Mary and John, asked administration 19 October 1630 and was recorded as freeman 18 May following.  Removed with first settlers to Windsor.  He died 1 September 1674, "near 100 years old," says extravagant tradition leaving Samuel, and James, both born before he removed, and Thomas, born 26 August 1638; Mary, 29 May 1641; Sarah, 28 March 1643; Rebecca, 8 December 1644; Abigail, 12 baptized 18 June 1648; Joseph, baptized 30 March 1651; and Benjamin, 18 December 1633.  The name of his wife is unknown but the Court record of Connecticut mentioned that he was fined 20 shares for bequeathing her to a young man in 1645, which (not the fine), must be regarded as joke.  Abigail married 14 October 1669, John Osborn.

BENJAMIN EGGLESTON, Windsor, youngest son of the preceding.  He married 6 March 1678, Hannah  Osborne, widow of Elias Shadduck or Shattuck, daughter of John Osborne, had Mary, born 2 October 1680; Sarah, 20 April 1683; Abigail, perhaps, 11 April 1685; Benjamin, May 1687; Dorothy, 28 February 1690; Joseph, 1695; and Esther, 10 July 1699. 

JAMES EGGLESTON, Windsor, brother of the preceding.  By wife Esther, had James, born 1 January 1657, killed at Deerfield by the Indians September 1675; John, 27 March 1659; Thomas, 27 July 1661; Esther, 1 December 1663; Nathaniel, 15 August 1666; Isaac, 27 February 1669; Abigail, 1 September 1671; Deborah, 1 May 1674; and Hannah, 19 December 1676.  He died 1 December 1679.  He was made freeman of Connecticut 1657, at the same time with his father; and his brother Samuel Eggleston, perhaps the elder, in year following.  His widow married 29 April 1680, James Enno. 

SAMUEL EGGLESTON, Middletown, brother of the preceding.  By wife Sarah, had Samuel, born 6 March 1663; Thomas, 4 June 1667, died soon; Joseph, 24 January 1669, died soon; Sarah, 26 October 1670; Susanna, 19 May 1674; Nicholas, 23 December 1676; Mercy, 27 July 1679, Mary, 1681; and Ebenezer, 1684.  He died March 1691.  In the History of Windsor, 591, some variety in names of the children and also of dates, is seen.

THOMAS EGGLESTON, Windsor, brother of the preceding, freeman 1658, was of New London 1662.


JOHN EGLETON, Fairfield.  By wife Peaceable, had John, born 4 September 1657.  He died 1659, his inventory bears date of 20 October 1659.   His widow married about 1660, Daniel Silliman, from which it is said, all of this name described.  She died the next year.  The son died unmarried at Fairfield.  This name has sometimes double “g” and sometimes is Eggleden.


WILLIAM EGLIN, Boston.  He married Phebe Williams, daughter of Robert Williams of the same, had Mary, born 8 July 1667; Samuel, 14 March 1669; Phebe, 17 May 1673; and John, 15 May 1677.


EDWARD EGLINTON, Boston.  He died 17 November 1696.


JOHN EGRON, Malden.  He had Elizabeth, born 3 February 1673.  But that this was a possible name in New England demands high authority to convince.  See Genealogical Registrar X. 235.


SIMON EIRE.  See Eyre.


DANIEL ELA, Haverhill 1675, perhaps several years earlier, a tanner, but in 1677 had leave to keep an ordinary.  Mirick, 52, 4.  He took oath of allegiance 28 November 1677.  Perhaps he had son Israel, who took oath of allegiance 28 November 1677.


THOMAS ELBRIDGE, Boston, son of Giles Elbridge, merchant and joint grantee of the patent, 29 February 1632 to Aldsworth, an Alderman of Bristol, by the President and Council of New England for Pemaquid.  He came perhaps 1650, to dispose of that interest in lots, of which one moiety was in 1652 to Captain Paul White for 200, and the last was in 1657.  He also sold for the County Monhigon.  He was associated with the first which owned a fire engine in the metropolitan 1680.  Willis, I. 13.


ANTHONY ELCOCK, New Haven 1657.  He had Mary, born 22 July 1661; John, 21 December 1663; Thomas, 29 July 1666; and Sarah, 12 April 1669.  He died not long after, for in September 1672 his will is mentioned.

THOMAS ELCOCK, New Haven, son of the preceding.  He married Martha Munson, eldest child and only daughter of Samuel Munson. The name sometimes seems Elcote.


DANIEL ELDER, Dorchester.  He married 12 March 1667, Lydia Homes, who died 5 September 1689, had Lydia, born 19 July 1668, died next month; Remember, 29 June 1669; Andrew, 13 March 1671; Lydia, again, 13 June 1673; Daniel, 1 June 1675.  He died 4 May 1692.


JOHN ELDERKIN, Lynn 1637, Dedham 1641, Reading 1646, and two years later at Providence, and of New London 1651, where he built both the first church and first mill, finally in 1664 settled at Norwich, there also built the first church and mill.  He died 23 June 1687 aged about 71.  He had Abigail, born 13 September 1641, but what was his wife's name, or whether she had more children, or when she died is unknown.  Yet a daughter of this wife married Daniel Comstock.  He married for second wife Elizabeth Drake, daughter of John Drake, widow of William Gaylord, and had Ann, born January 1661; John, April 1664; Bathshua, November 1665; James, March 1671; and Joseph, December 1672.  His widow long survived him, and died 18 June 1716, aged 95; and the error in History of Norwich, 117, whereby this date was made to belong to the husband is thus explained.

JOHN ELDERKIN, Norwich, son of the preceding.  He married 1685, Abigail Fowler.  Four of the name had in 1829 been graduates at Yale.


JOHN ELDERTON, Providence 1645.


JOHN ELDRED, Hampton 1640.

JOHN ELDRED, Warwick.  He married Margaret Houlden, fifth daughter of Randall Houlden the first.

SAMUEL ELDRED, Cambridge 1646.  By wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 26 October 1642; Samuel, 26 October 1644; Mary, 15 June 1646; and Thomas, 8 September 1648.  Both sons were of Wickford 1674, but, both being in the interest of Connecticut they may not have been permanent settlers.  Taken prisoner by Connecticut when Rhode Island was too weak to vindicate her right, he, perhaps, to serve his relatives and neighbor consent, to be made a constable until the royal justice might impartially settle the disputed boundary.  Samuel died at Rochester 1688, and is named in the Revolution in New England.  Justification page 20.  A Mrs. Eldred is mentioned 1643 at New Haven, with family of 5, and estate of £1000, but not there in 1647, probably was gone home to London.

WILLIAM ELDRED, Yarmouth.  He married a daughter of William Lumpkin of the same, whose baptized name is not seen by me, had Ann, born about 16 December 1648; and Sarah, 10 October 1650, besides Elisha, and Bethia; of which the last two are named in the will of their grandfather.  Very often it is Eldridge.


JAMES ELDRIDGE, Stonington 1670. 

NATHANIEL ELDRIDGE,  Windsor  1642, probably removed.

NICHOLAS ELDRIDGE, Chatham, son of Robert Eldridge, first Representative under new charter 1692.  He died 30 April 1702 leaving widow Elizabeth James, the oldest son and other children John, Nicholas, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, and Desire.

ROBERT ELDRIDGE, Yarmouth.  He married "the last week of October 1649," Elizabeth Nickerson, daughter of William Nickerson of the same, had Nicholas, born 18 August 1650; but I hear not of others.  Yet Mary, who married 30 November 1668, John Smith of the same, was, perhaps, his daughter.

SAMUEL ELDRIDGE, Stonington, was constable 1670.

THOMAS ELDRIDGE, Boston; 1674, ship carpenter.  Often this name, in early days, was written Eldred.


JOHN ELFORD, Salem 1636, excommunicated 1639, though Felt, which states the fact, II. 576, as set out at full in Hutchinson I. 420, by the pastor's letter, has omitted the name among members of the church.  He probably removed with Roger Williams, and the other outcasts.

TRISTRAM ELFORD, Gloucester 1664, then aged 40 years


THOMAS ELGARR, Hadley 1678, a young man, chargeable to the town, perhaps an invalid soldier of Philip's war, removed to Suffield.  He married about 1691, Abigail Filley, had Thomas, born 24 July 1692; and perhaps other children.

THOMAS ELGARR, Windsor, 1729, probably son of the preceding, but possibly the same.


ANDREW ELIOT, or ANDREW ELLIOT, and ANDREW ELLIOTT, Beverly, came from Somersetshire it is said, but no date is known.  He had only son Andrew, born 1651 in England.  Was Representative 1690-92.  He was of the juries, says tradition which tried the witches, and had great mental affliction on that account in the residue of life.

ANDREW ELIOT, or ANDREW ELLIOT, and ANDREW ELLIOTT, Beverly, son of the preceding, came with his father.  He married 9 December 1680, Mary Shattuck, daughter of Samuel Shattuck, had Mary, born 1681; Andrew, 11 September 1683; and Samuel, 11 February 1686.  He was a mariner, freeman 1683, and lost on return voyage, 12 September 1688 at Cape Sable.

ANDREW ELIOT, or ANDREW ELLIOT, and ANDREW ELLIOTT, Boston, son of the preceding, merchant.  He married Ruth Symonds of Beverly, had Samuel, a stationer and bookseller, a man of good esteem, ancestor of Honorable Samuel Eliot, late Mayor of Boston; Ruth; and Andrew Eliot, Harvard College 1737, who was eminent as a patriot and divine, and father of Andrew Eliot, Harvard College 1762, and of John Eliot, Harvard College 1772, the beloved, a distinguished antiquary; and of Ephraim Eliot, Harvard College 1780.

ASAPH ELIOT, or ASAPH ELLIOT, and ASAPH ELLIOTT, Boston, son of Jacob Eliot, born the year his father died.   Married Elizabeth Davenport, daughter of Captain Richard Davenport, who died 10 March 1680, had Elizabeth, born 1 February before.  By second wife Hannah, had John, 18 December 1683.  He died 3 September 1685.

DANIEL ELIOT, or DANIEL ELLIOT, and DANIEL ELLIOTT, Sudbury, or Marlborough.  He married Hannah Cloyes, daughter of Peter Cloyes, had Daniel, born 17 August 1687; Ebenezer, 3 March 1693; John, 16 May 1695; James, 2 April 1697; Nathaniel, 10 August 1699; Jonathan, 16 August 1701; and Peter, 25 November 1704.  He removed to Oxford.  In the doleful witchcraft trials of 1692, he gave evidence with more sense than most.

EDMUND ELIOT, or EDMUND ELLIOT, and EDMUND ELLIOTT, Salisbury 1652.  By wife Sarah, had John, born 25 September 1660.  He had, perhaps, two wives, one daughter of Jared Hadden, one daughter of Ralph Blaisdell.

FRANCIS ELIOT, or FRANCIS ELLIOT, and FRANCIS ELLIOTT, Braintree, youngest brother of the apostle John Eliot, born in England, and freeman 2 June 1641.  He married Mary Saunders, daughter of Martin Saunders, had Mary, born 27 January 1641, died young; Rachel, 26 October 1643; John, 17 April 1650; Hannah, 11 October 1651, but another reading of the Arabic numerals in the official transcript of records probably erroneously makes it 8 January 1652, as in Genealogical Registrar XII. 110; Mary, again, 25 October 1653; and Abigail, 12 January or February 1659.  He was made Deacon 12 October 1653, and died 1677.  In his will of 30 October 1677 he names wife Mary, daughters Abigail, Mary, Rachel, and Hannah.  Mary married April 1662, Caleb Hobart, and died early; Rachel married 1662, John Poulter of Cambridge, and next, Deacon John Whitmore of Medford; and Hannah married 3 September 1670, Stephen Willis.

HENRY ELIOT, or HENRY ELLIOT, and HENRY ELLIOTT, Stonington, perhaps son of first Joseph Eliot.  He married 12 March 1679, Deborah York, daughter of James York junior, had Deborah, born 1680; and Ann, 1681.

HUMPHREY ELIOT, or HUMPHREY ELLIOT, and HUMPHREY ELLIOTT, Portsmouth, son probably of Robert Eliot.  He married Elizabeth Cutts, daughter of Robert Cutts, before 13 July 1685, had Champernoon, who is named in the will of Francis Champernoon, made next year.

JACOB ELIOT, or JACOB ELLIOT, and JACOB ELLIOTT, Boston, elder brother of Reverend John Eliot.  He came probably with him in the Lion, November 1631, freeman 6 March 1632, ordained a Deacon 17 May 1640, who is quite observed as he was disarmed two and a half years before as one of the pestilent heretics that supported Wheelwright and Mrs. Hutchinson in their "opinions and revelations".  He died 1651, leaving widow Margery, who died 30 October 1661.  His will of 28 April 1651 probated 20 November 1651, is well abstracted in Genealogical Registrar IV. 53.  His children were Jacob, baptized 16 December 1632; John, 28 December 1634, died young; Hannah, 29 January 1637, who married 4 June 1653, Deacon Theophilus Frary; Abigail, 7 April 1639, who married 16 December 1637, Thomas Wyborne; Susanna, born 16, baptized 25 July 1641, who married December 1662, Peter Hobart of Hingham, and, next, Thomas Downes, and died 14 March 1688; Mehitable, 25 April baptized 4 May 1645; Sarah; Asaph, 25 October baptized 2 November 1651, before mentioned.  A writer in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 46, has given dates of baptism for both and made Hannah, born 1638, when she was baptized 29 January 1636-37, and omitted two children named before Asaph.

JACOB ELIOT, or JACOB ELLIOT, and JACOB ELLIOTT, eldest son of the preceding, freeman 1654.  He married 9 January 1633, widow Mary Wilcock, had Mary, born 6 October 1633 who married 2 January 1678, Elizur Holyoke; Abigail, 16 December 1657; Hannah, 15 June 1660, probably died soon; Jacob, 16 November 1662, died young; Joseph, 13 January 1664; Hannah, again, 17 March 1666; and Jacob, again, 16 April 1673.  He was Captain in high esteem, and Deacon, one of the selectmen 1677, and died 16 August 1693.

JOHN ELIOT, or JOHN ELLIOT, and JOHN ELLIOTT, Roxbury, the celebrated Apostle of the Indians born at Nazing, County Essex, 1603.  He was bred at Cambridge, matriculated as a pensioner in Jesus College 20 March 1619, where he took his A.B. 1623.  He came to Boston 2 November 1631, in the Lion, freeman 6 March 1632.  In November following was settled in his office of teacher, with colleague Thomas Welde, who was made pastor in July 1633.  He married Ann Mumford, or Ann Mountfort, who was betrothed to him in England and followed him the next year. This was in October I think, certainly not 4 September 1632, as the town record has it, for the ship, in which she came did not arrive until 12 days later.  She died 22 March 1687.  He had Hannah, born 17 September 1633, who married 4 May 1653, Habakuk Glover, and was living when Mather wrote the “Life of her Father”; John Eliot, 3 or 31 August 1636, Harvard College 1656; Joseph Eliot, 20 December 1638, Harvard College 1658; Samuel Eliot, 22, baptized 27 June 1641, Harvard College 1660; Aaron, 19 February baptized 3 March 1644, died 19 November 1655; and Benjamin, 29 January 1647, whose baptism is not known as the foot of the page in church records where probably it was written, is cut off.  This youngest son Benjamin Eliot, Harvard College 1665, was, it is said, a preacher, and assisted his father many years.  But he was never ordained nor married, and died 15 October 1687.  In the trembling hand of the father it is written that he was buried 26, the record next but one above being "in this year my ancient dearly beloved wife died, I was sick to death, but the Lord was pleased to deliver me."   A very curious tract, proving Eliot's simplicity of heart, the Christian Commonwealth, composed like William Aspinwall's Fifth Monarchy, under a strong persuasion of the "rising kingdom of Jesus Christ," being near at hand, may be seen in 3 Massachusetts History Collections IX. 130.  In the humble apology, extorted in May 1661, he says, it was sent to England "about nine or ten years since."  As the more proximate reign of Oliver Cromwell was then in concoction, the work was kept back for the preposterous, but natural, anarchy after his death, and then came forth to enjoy short popular, or probably none at all.  Our people gladly acknowledged the Governor of England in King, Lords, and Commons, for the millennium seemed premature.  Yet it was hardly an object of true policy to compel the authorities to profess his sorrow for the harmless mistakes.  Ever honorary will be the name of Eliot for the better work, not of a statesman, but a philanthropic laborer of forty years in spreading among our aboriginals.  The sentiments and in some degree the doctrine of his religion.  He had second colleague Danforth, and third, Walter, and he died 20 May 1690.

JOHN ELIOT, or JOHN ELLIOT, and JOHN ELLIOTT, Watertown 1633.  By wife Margaret, had Elizabeth, born 2 February 1634; John, 1636; Ann, 12 July 1638; Samuel, 1640, died soon; Martha, January 1641, died soon; and Sarah, 22 December 1643.  He sold his estate in 1646, and probably removed to Stamford 1650, where wife Margaret died 17 August 1658, and daughter Sarah was married 1659.

JOHN ELIOT, or JOHN ELLIOT, and JOHN ELLIOTT, Newton, first minister of that town, then Cambridge village, son of the apostle, freeman 1660, ordained 20 July 1664.  He had wife Sarah Willet, third daughter of Thomas Willet, the distinguished first English mayor of New York of which the Cambridge record gives date of death 13 June 1664, but Jackson's History says 1665.  By her he had Sarah, baptized 21 September 1662, who married 16 November 1681, John Bowles.  He married next, 23 May 1666, Elizabeth Gookin, daughter of Daniel Gookin, had John Eliot, born 28 April 1667, Harvard College 1685, who was a man of some distinction at Windsor in Connecticut.   At the age of only 32 he was cut off, 13 October 1668, in his will of 15 August 1668, provided for the two children and another if his wife executrix had one.  She married 8 December 1680, Edmund Quincy.

JOHN ELIOT, or JOHN ELLIOT, and JOHN ELLIOTT, Amesbury, took oath of allegiance 20 December 1677.

JOSEPH ELIOT, or JOSEPH ELLIOT, and JOSEPH ELLIOTT, New London 1667, removed to Stonington.

JOSEPH ELIOT, or JOSEPH ELLIOT, and JOSEPH ELLIOTT, Guilford, son of the apostle, ordained 1664, had preached first two years at Northampton.  He married Sarah Brenton, daughter of William Brenton, Governor of Rhode Island.  Had Mehitable, born 6 October 1676; Ann, 12 December 1677; Jemima, 1680; and Bashua, 1682; thus arranged in his will.  By second wife Mary Wyllis, daughter of Samuel Wyllis of Hartford, he had Jared Eliot, born 7 November 1685, Yale College 1706; Mary, 1687; Rebecca, 1690; and Abiel.  He died 24 May 1694.  The will of 1 December 1693 gives his Newport estate valued £1200, derived from Brenton, equally to children of first wife and his property in Massachusetts from Wyllis, £500, and his own father £400 more, to son Jared, and of residence 2/3 to his wife who died 11 October 1729, aged 73; and 1/3 to the other children.  Ann was wife of Jonathan Law, Governor of Connecticut

PHILIP ELIOT, or PHILIP ELLIOT, and PHILIP ELLIOTT, Roxbury, brother of the apostle.  He came probably early in April 1635, in the Hopewell, Captain Bundocke, though his name is not on the custom house list, for it contains his wife Elizabeth aged 30, and their children Mary, 13; Elizabeth, 8, Sarah, 6; and Philip, 2; besides John Ruggles, 10, of whom the church record says he was brought over a servant by Philip Eliot.  Mary had been baptized 11 March 1621; Elizabeth, 8 April 1627; and Sarah, 25 January 1629.  All were from Nazing, the seat of the family and we may be sure, that, as a subsidy man, or for other good reason, he could not obtain license to leave his native land, probably fearing to ask for it, and assumed the right of England  to come without.  He was freeman 26 May 1636, a Deacon in the church of his brother at Roxbury, Representative 4 years 1654-57.  He died 22 October 1657, says the church register, but the less reliable town record has it 24 October 1657, which may have been the day of burial, leaving three daughters Elizabeth Sarah and another, respectively wives of Richard Withington of Dorchester, of John Aldis, and of John Smith of Dedham, as remembered in his will of 21 October 1657.  But I think Mary who married 1 January 1642, Edward Payson, and lived long, was also a daughter.  So that we may conjecture that another daughter had been born on our side of the ocean, and that Mary had recorded her share of father's property on her marriage many years before the will.

RICHARD ELIOT, or RICHARD ELLIOT, and RICHARD ELLIOTT, Beverly.  He died 1664, or at least his inventory was then produced, but he was drowned 5 February 1663.

RICHARD ELIOT, or RICHARD ELLIOT, and RICHARD ELLIOTT, New London 1662, transient.

ROBERT ELIOT, or ROBERT ELLIOT, and ROBERT ELLIOTT, Casco 1670 [Willis, I. 95], Scarborough 1685, Representative in that last assembly of Maine held by President Danforth for Massachusetts before the rule of Andros, to whom he accommodated himself being a counselor 1688, when he lived at Portsmouth, was in 1716 eldest in the council of New Hampshire.  He was father of Humphrey, I think; of Jane, who married 1707, Andrew Pepperell, brother of Sir William Pepperell; and, next, Simon Frost; probably of Elizabeth also, who married 9 January 1700, George Vaughan.

SAMUEL ELIOT, or SAMUEL ELLIOT, and SAMUEL ELLIOTT, Roxbury, son of the apostle, after graduating as a teacher at the same.  He died unmarried 1 November 1664, perhaps at Cambridge, as Roxbury town record does not mention the fact, that is learned only by the record of the colleague of his father who gives him prefix of Mr.

THOMAS ELIOT, or THOMAS ELLIOT, and THOMAS ELLIOTT, Boston, a carpenter.  By wife Hannah Gould, daughter of John Gould of Charlestown.  He married 10 June 1675, had Mary, born 25 July 1686.

WILLIAM ELIOT, or WILLIAM ELLIOT, and WILLIAM ELLIOTT, Ipswich 1634, came in the Mary and John that year having taken the requisite oaths of allegiance and supremacy 26 April 1634.  He was from Salisbury in Wilts, was drowned next year at Cape Ann, in the wreck of the vessel with Reverend Mr. Avery, 15 August  1635 of which the story is so well related by the survivor, Anthony Thacher.  See Young's Chronicles of Massachusetts.  Forty-two of this name, variously spelt, had been graduates in 1834 at the several New England Colleges of which eleven were clergymen, eight of them, and half of all at Harvard alone.


GEORGE ELISTONE, or GEORGE ELLISTON, Boston, freeman 1690.


HENRY ELITHORP, or HENRY ELITHROP, Dedham, a soldier in Moseley's company December 1675.  A widow Elithorp, probably his mother, married 25 June 1657, Thomas Jones of Hull.

JOHN ELITHORP, or JOHN ELITHROP, Manchester 1686.  Felt.

NATHANIEL ELITHORP, or NATHANIEL ELITHROP, Ipswich.  He had Thomas, born 15 March 1663; Abigail, 9 December 1665; Mary, 24 July 1672; and Nathaniel, 10 July 1675.  He was aged 54 in 1686.  Felt.  He was of Rowley 1691, or had estate there to be taxed.

THOMAS ELITHORP, or THOMAS ELITHROP, Rowley 1643.  He died 1668; or another Thomas, there, died 8 June 1689; and a third, quite aged, there died 1709.




GERSHOM ELKINS, or GERSHOM ELKING, Hampton 1677, then took oath of allegiance.

HENRY ELKINS, or HENRY ELKING, Boston 1634, tailor, freeman 6 May 1635.  He had Mary, baptized 8 April 1638.  He had been in November 1637, disarmed as one of the majority of Boston church who supported Wheelwright; removed to Hampton.  He died 19 November 1668.  His will of 27 April 1667 names children Gershom and Eliezur.

HENRY ELKINS, or HENRY ELKING, Hampton, probably son of the preceding.  He married Esther Waldron, daughter of Major Richard Waldron, who died early, and she next married Abraham Lea, who was killed by the Indians 27 June 1689 at the house of the father of his wife when she was taken into distant captivity and after restoration from Canada.  He married third, Richard Jose, Sheriff of the Province.  Henry Elkins, killed by the Indians 17 September 1707, at Kingston, may be grandson.

OLIVER ELKINS, or OLIVER ELKING, Salem.  He had Thomas, born 30 September 1689. 

THOMAS ELKINS, or THOMAS ELKING, Saco 1640, was deputy of Robert Sankey, the marshal of Gorges` Province and in 1663 of Scarborough.

THOMAS ELKINS, or THOMAS ELKING, Salem.  By wife Sarah, had Sarah, born 5 June 1674; Thomas, 11 January 1677; Lydia, 12 June 1679; John, 17 May 1681; Margaret, 26 April 1683; Mary, 1 December 1686; Magdalen, 28 April 1689; Henry, 16 July 1691; and Robert, 21 March 1696.


NICHOLAS ELLEN, Dorchester.  He had Ann, born 3 January 1658, who married 7 April 1677, Jacob Adams of Newbury.  I presume his wife died early, and he had second wife as under the convertible name appears.  See Allen.


BENJAMIN ELLERY, Gloucester 1692, son of William Ellery.  Some folly about him is in the Magnalia VII. appendix art. 18.  He married 30 July 1696, Abigail Wilkins, daughter of John Wilkins of Boston, had nine children of which the third was William Ellery, born at Bristol, 31 October 1701, Harvard College 1722, and father of the William Ellery, signer of the declaration of Indians.  He removed I presume, to Newport, there was much distinguished, had large estate, and his wife died 15 December 1742.  He

died 26 July 1746. 

DEPENDANCE ELLERY, Gloucester, youngest brother of the preceding.  He married 4 January 1722, Sarah Warner, had eleven children.  He died before 1757. 

ISAAC ELLERY, Gloucester, a soldier in Appleton's company killed at the great Narraganset fight, 19 December 1675.  Perhaps he was brother of the first William Ellery.

JOHN ELLERY, Newport, son of the first William Ellery, and eldest by his second wife, was a mariner, living 1708.

NATHANIEL ELLERY, Gloucester, younger brother of the preceding, shipwright.  He married 1 January 1711, Abigail Norwood, youngest daughter of Francis Norwood the first, and she died after 3 months.  Next he married 16 February 1721, Ann Sargent, daughter of the second William Sargent, had Nathaniel, Mary, William, Daniel, and Epes.  He died 30 May 1761.  His widow died 8 October 1782, aged 90.

WILLIAM ELLERY, Gloucester 1664.  He married 8 October 1664 Hannah Vinson, daughter I suppose, of William Vinson, may have had William, born perhaps 15 September 1660, who died young; William, again, 26 January 1667; Benjamin, 6 September 1669; Susanna, 2 February 1673.  His wife died 24 December 1675.  He married 13 June 1676, Mary Colt, probably daughter of John Colt, had Mary, 24 February 1677; Abigail, 20 March 1679; John, 1681; Nathaniel, 1683; Jemima, 1686; Elinor, 1688; William, 1694; and Dependance, 1696.  Perhaps he lived 1668 at Salem; was freeman 1672, Representative 1689, and died 9 December 1696.

WILLIAM ELLERY, Gloucester, son of the preceding, was a mariner.  He had two wives and children Joseph, born about 1740; Benjamin, and Lucy, besides several more not named by Babson, and he died 20 September 1771.  Six of this family had in 1828 been graduates at Harvard and two at other New England Colleges of which William Ellery, Harvard College 1747, probably grandson of Benjamin Ellery, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and he died 13 February 1820 at Newport, aged 94.  His wife Ann Remington, daughter of Honorable Jonathan Remington of Cambridge, died 7 September 1764, aged 39.


JOHN ELLET, or JOHN ELLIT, Watertown.  By wife Margaret, had John, born 12 June 1636; Ann, 12 July 1638; Samuel, and Martha, both died soon; and Sarah, 22 December 1643.

WILLIAM ELLET, or WILLIAM ELLIT.  By wife Sarah, had Sarah.  He died 1670 intestate.  Of his residence I know nothing, yet think it may be the same as Eliot of Ipswich.


VINES ELLICOT, Boston.  He came in the Supply, embarked at London, 24 May 1679, but perhaps only transient.


WILLIAM ELLINGHAM, Kittery, perhaps, or York certainly when he submitted to Massachusetts 22 November 1652, was constable 1655.  Haz. I. 575. Colony Record IV. part i.129.


RALPH ELLINGWOOD, Salem 1637.  He had Josiah, baptized 26 May 1644.  Perhaps second wife married 14 March 1655 Ellen Lynn, he had Stephen, 16 March 1656; Ralph, born 18 March baptized 26 April 1657; John, born 2 July 1659; Joseph, 12 May, baptized 22 June 1662; Mary, 3 April baptized 5 June 1664; and Sarah, 7 August 1666.  He had other children Elizabeth, born 27 June 1666; Benjamin, 1 April 1668; and David, 6 July 1670.  But slight confusion appears.  Probably he is the man by the London custom house record embarked in the Truelove, September 1635, by name of Ralph Ellwood, aged 28.  He was one of the founders of Beverly church 1667.  He died January 1674 and left property by his will of 7 January 1674, probated in few months, to widow and children Ralph, John, Joseph, Benjamin, David, Mary, and Elizabeth. 

RALPH ELLINGWOOD, Salem, son probably of the preceding.  By wife Martha, had Abigail, born 22 January 1696; and Ebenezer, 29 August 1697.


ANTHONY ELLINS, or ANTHONY ELLINGS, Portsmouth 1631, sent over by Mason, the patentee; freeman of Massachusetts 1674.


ARTHUR ELLIS, came to New England in 1630, says Farmer, but my search for him has not been successful.


CONSTANT ELLIS, Ipswich.  He died 26 October 1686.  Felt. 

EDWARD ELLIS, Boston.  He married 6 October 1652, Sarah Blott, daughter of Robert Blott, had Sarah, born 1 July 1654; perhaps others, certainly Edward, 26 November 1656; and Ann, 3 February 1659, who died 4 December 1678.  He died 23 April 1695, aged 74.

FRANCIS ELLIS, Salem, perhaps as early as 1691.  Felt, I. 420.  By wife Sarah, he had Francis, born February 1692; and William, 7 June 1702. 

FREDERICK ELLIS, Norwich, had grant of land 1678.

HENRY ELLIS, Boston 1666, mariner.

JAMES ELLIS, Stonington 1653.  He died 1694.

JOHN ELLIS, Dedham, freeman 2 June 1641.  He married 10 November 1641, Susan Lumber, had John, born 26 April 1646; and Hannah, 9 April 1651.  He was of Medfield 1653, where his wife died 4 April 1654.  He married next, 16 June 1655, or 56, Joan Clapp, daughter of John Clapp of Dorchester, had Samuel, 24 May 1660, who died at 24 years; and Joseph, 24 October 1662.  He died 2 April 1697; and his widow died 2 March 1704.  Hannah married 15 December 1671, Samuel Rockett or Rockwood of Medfield.

JOHN ELLIS, Sandwich.  He married about 1645, Elizabeth Freeman, daughter of first Edmund Freeman, had, perhaps, Bennet, born 27 February 1649; but certainly Mordecai, 24 March 1651; Joel, 20 March 1655; and Matthias, 2 June 1657.  He died 1677, then called junior.  Yet who was the senior is unknown.  His wife survived and with Mordecai administered the estate.

JOHN ELLIS, New London 1664, probably removed.

JOSEPH ELLIS Massachusetts freeman 1663, may have been son of the preceding.

MATTHIAS ELLIS, Sandwich, son of John Ellis.  He had Matthias, born 5 November 1681; a son 17 August 1683; Mary, 17 August 1685; Experience, 26 July 1687; Malachi, 8 October 1689; Remember, 1 December 1691; another child died 31 December 1693, soon after birth; and Samuel, 12 November 1699.

RICHARD ELLIS, Dedham.  By wife Elizabeth Genery married 1650, who may seem to be daughter of Lambert Genery, especially as Genery in his will calls Ellis son-in-law, had, perhaps several children but certainly a daughter born 1651; and Mary, 3 February 1655, who married 12 March 1680, Amos Fisher.

ROGER ELLIS, Yarmouth.  He had John, born 1 December 1648.

THOMAS ELLIS, Medfield 1649, may be the same who was baptized at Wrentham, England 13 December 1629.  He married 21 May 1657, Mary Wight, daughter of Thomas Wight of Dedham, had Mary, born 26 September 1660; Abiel, 15 October 1662; Samuel, 9 November 1664; Thomas, 10 January 1666; Patience, 22 February 1668; Ruth, 31 October 1670; Thomas, again, 24 July 1674; and Joanna, 17 January 1677; and another daughter named Juda or Judith, in the will of her grandfather born 5 or 15 April 1658.  He died about 12 December 1690.  His widow died 7 March 1693.  Mary married 20 March 1678 or 79, Jonathan Adams, and Patience married 10 December 1691, Henry Adams, both of Medfield.  One

THOMAS ELLIS, perhaps lived at Marblehead 1668-74.

WILLIAM ELLIS, Braintree. See Allis.  Five of this name at Harvard and four at other New England Colleges had been graduates 1828.  Sometimes it is written Elice.


GEORGE ELLISON, or GEORGE ELISSON, Plymouth.  He married Lydia Morton, daughter of Secretary Morton, but I find no more of him.

LAWRENCE ELLISON, or LAWRENCE ELISSON, Windsor 1643.  He removed perhaps to Hempstead, Long Island, there died 1665.  His sons Richard, Thomas, and John were administrators.

RICHARD ELLISON, or RICHARD ELISSON, Braintree 1646.  By wife Thomasine, had Mary, born 15 August 1646; Hannah, 24 July 1648; John, 21 or 26 August 1650; Sarah, 4 December 1652; Temperance, or in another record named Thomasine, 1 March 1655; and Experience, 2 August 1657.


RHODOLPHUS ELLMES, Scituate, came in the Planter 1635, aged 15.  He married 1644, Catharine Whitcomb, daughter of John Whitcomb, had Sarah, born 29 September 1645; Mary, 9 June 1648; Joanna, 28 March 1651; Hannah, 25 December 1653; John, 6 July 1655; Joseph, 16 March 1658; Waitstill, 9 February 1661; Jonathan, 1663; and Rhodolphus, 1668.  Sarah married 1662, Thomas Hatch; Jonathan had a farm in Scituate which his son Joseph, grandson Joseph, great grandson Nathaniel, and great great grandsons Thomas and Nathaniel held successively.  Other descendants hold the ancestral spot.  Rhodolphus, junior, went to Middleborough.  Deane, 266.


JEREMIAH ELLSWORTH, Rowley 1650.  He married 2 December 1657 Mary Smith, daughter of Hugh Smith.  He perhaps had second wife Sarah Jewett, daughter of Maximilian Jewett, married 13 May 1689.  He died 6 May 1704.

JOEL ELLSWORTH, Windsor.  He married 16 November 1654, Elizabeth Holcomb, daughter of Thomas Holcomb, had Josiah, born 5 November 1655; Elizabeth, 11 November 1657; March, 7 May 1660; Martha, 7 December 1662; Thomas, 2 September 1665; Jonathan, 28 June, baptized 4 July 1669; John, 7, baptized 15 October 1671; Job, born 13 April 1674; and Benjamin 19 January 1677.  He died 20 August 1689, aged 60, when wife and all the children were living.  Elizabeth married 23 December 1680, Nathaniel Loomis; and Mary married same day, Daniel Loomis.  Jonathan married 1693, Sarah Grant, and ran over 80 years; Job married 1695, Mary Trumbull; John married 9 December 1696, Esther White, daughter of Daniel White of Hatfield.  Thomas had a wife and child Oliver Ellsworth, Chief Justice of the U.S. and father of the late Governor of Connecticut who died 26 November 1807, was a descendant.

JOSIAH ELLSWORTH, Windsor, son of the preceding.  He married 30 October 1679, Martha Gaylord, daughter of Samuel Gaylord, had Martha, born 1 October 1680; Elizabeth 1683; Mary, 1687; Josiah, 1691; Abigail, 1694; Samuel, 1697; and Joseph, 1701.  Twelve of this name have been graduates at New England Colleges.


EDWARD ELMER, or EDWARD ELLMER, Cambridge, came in the Lion, arrived 16 September 1632, as in 4 Massachusetts History Collections I. 94, appears.  He went early to Hartford, of which he was one of the original proprietors there.  He had John, born about 1645; Samuel, baptized 21 March 1647; Elizabeth, 15 July 1649; and Edward, 1654.  He removed on the great schism in the Hartford church to Northampton, there had Joseph, 1656, who died July of next year; Mary, 1658.  He removed to Windsor, on east side of the river.  There had Sarah, about 1664.  He was killed by the Indians in Philip's war, 1676.  Of his wife we know not the name, nor marriage and progeny of the son or either neither of them, nor of the daughters except that Elizabeth who had been married was then dead, but all the other children except Joseph, were living, and that John, Samuel, and Edward lived at Windsor, where John died 24 December 1711, leaving son John.  Six of this name, some written it Elmore, probably descendants had, in 1828, been graduates at New Jersey, Union, and Middlebury College as Farmer notes.


ELISHA ELSE, or ELISHA ELZIE, Newbury, freeman 1673.

NICHOLAS ELSE, or NICHOLAS ELZIE, New Haven 1639.  He married as second wife Hannah Coe, daughter of Robert Coe of Stratford, had Samuel, born 1666, who died in 10 days.  He gave at his death 20 December 1691, all his property to wife and her children.  She died 2 April 1702.

ROGER ELSE, or ROGER ELZIE, Yarmouth 1643.  He had John, baptized at Barnstable, 15 April 1649.  He was administered to be inhabitant of Boston June 1654; and removed to Charlestown 1658.  He died 25 December 1668, leaving widow Jane, who married a Bullard.  A John Else died at Boston 31 December 1702.


ABRAHAM ELSON, ABRAHAM ELSEN, or ABRAHAM ELSING, Wethersfield, may have been there 10 years but died May 1648, leaving two daughters, young, no sons.  His widow married next year Jarvis Mudge.

JAMES ELSON, JAMES ELSEN, or JAMES ELSING, Charlestown.  By wife Sarah Hayman, perhaps daughter of John Hayman, married 13 October 1668, who died 28 March 1680, aged 38, had James, baptized 28 July 1672; and Abigail, 28 June 1674.  He was, says tradition, master of a ship taken in 1678, or 79, by a pirate of Algiers, and perhaps died in slavery.

JOHN ELSON, JOHN ELSEN, or JOHN ELSING, Wethersfield, perhaps brother of Abraham Elson.  He married a widow who had sons Benjamin, Job, and John.  He had no children of his own, and left good estate to the mother and boys.  He died probably at same time with Abraham Elson, the inventory of John being taken only a few days after the inferior one of Abraham.  His widow married Thomas Wright.

JOHN ELSON, JOHN ELSEN, or JOHN ELSING, Wells, freeman 1653, may have been the man at Cradock's plantation 1631, called Elston in Winthrop.  He was forced by the Indians hostility 1675 to Salem, where he died 1685, leaving widow and six children.  Felt.  One was, probably Dinah, who married 2 January 1691, Stephen Ingalls; and the youngest was by wife Joanna, Benjamin, born 20 May 1683, unless his father John be thought son of the preceding.

RICHARD ELSON, RICHARD ELSEN, or RICHARD ELSING, Charlestown, brother of James Elson. 

SAMUEL ELSON, SAMUEL ELSEN, or SAMUEL ELSIN, Salem.  By wife Mary, had Mary, born 10 November 1686; Samuel, 27 July 1689; and Sarah, 7 October 1692.  Perhaps he was son of John Elson. 

WILLIAM ELSON, WILLIAM ELSEN, or WILLIAM ELSING, Charlestown, about 1659.  He had James, Thomasin, and Richard, but when either was born or who was their mother is unknown.  He left widow Elizabeth, and daughter Thomasin married David Harris.


WILLIAM ELTHAN, Woburn.  He had Hannah, born 14 May 1690.


JOHN ELTON, Middletown.  By wife Jane, had Mary, born 26 July 1672; Richard, 11 February 1674, died at 4 years; John, 16 November 1676; Richard, again, 20 April 1679; Ann, 9 September 1681; and Ebenezer, 11 May 1686.  A Mr. Elton of Southold, Long Island 1662, was administered to be freeman of Connecticut that year and may have been father of the preceding.


ISAAC ELWELL, Gloucester, son of Robert Elwell.  By wife Mehitable Millet, daughter of Thomas Millet, had Isaac, born 15 January 1667; Joan, 21 November 1668; Jonathan, 21 October 1670; Eleazer, 16 July 1673; Abigail, 13 April 1676; Daniel, 10 January 1679; and Bethia, 5 April 1682; besides Joshua, and another daughter.  He took second wife 2 December 1702, widow Mary Rowe, and he died 14 December 1715.

JACOB ELWELL, Gloucester, probably brother of the preceding.  He married 5 July 1686, Abigail Vincent, daughter perhaps of William Vincent.

JOHN ELWELL, Gloucester, brother of the preceding.  He married 1 October 1667, Jane Durin, had John, born 14 October 1668; Jane, 23 January 1672; Samuel, born 26 April 1678; and Mary, 2 February 1681; besides John, and three more daughters.  He died 1710.

JOSEPH ELWELL, Gloucester, brother of the preceding.  He married 22 June 1669, Mary Dutch, daughter of Osmond Dutch, had Hezekiah, born 2 June 1670; Joseph, 19 August 1672; Samuel, 8 June 1675; and Benjamin, 30 September 1678.

JOSIAH ELWELL, Gloucester, brother of the preceding.  He married 15 June 1665, Mary Collins, daughter of John Collins, had Dorcas, born 18 June 1666; Elias, 16 October 1668; Nehemiah, 21 December 1671; William, 5 July 1674; and Josiah, 21 December 1676.  He went to sea, and died abroad 1679. 

ROBERT ELWELL, Dorchester 1635.  He removed 1638 to Salem, there had baptized besides two children on 28 August 1639, whose names the church record does not give, John, 23 February 1640; and Isaac, 27 February 1642.  He was freeman 13 May 1640, removed to Gloucester, was a selectman 1648, and often after.  He had wife Jane, who died 31 March 1675, and he died 18 May 1683.  But he may have married 29 May 1676, Alice Leach.  He had Samuel, probably eldest son; Josiah; Joseph; Sarah, born 1651, died soon; Thomas, baptized at Salem, 22 April 1655; Jacob, by Gloucester record born 10 June 1657, died next May; Richard, baptized at Salem, 11 April 1658; and perhaps one or two others at sons or at Gloucester.

SAMUEL ELWELL, Gloucester, probably eldest son of the preceding.  He married 7 June 1668, Esther Dutch, daughter of Ormond Dutch, had Samuel, born 14 March 1660; Jacob, 10 August 1662; Robert, 13 December 1664; Esther, 25 August 1667; Sarah, 25 January 1670, died in ten weeks; Ebenezer, 29 February 1672; Hannah, 11 August 1674; and Elizabeth, 30 July 1678.  He died 24 November 1696.  His widow died 6 September 1721, aged 82.

THOMAS ELWELL, Gloucester, brother of the preceding.  He married 23 November 1675, Sarah Bassett, had Sarah, born 24 August 1676; Thomas, 25 April 1678; Mary, 13 January 1680; and William, 8 April 1682; besides Elisha, who with William, removed from Gloucester.  Mary, whose death was 25 March 1680, may have been the daughter of this last; but the record does not indicate.  She may be wife of Joseph or of Josiah.


NATHANIEL ELY, Cambridge 1632, freeman 6 May 1635.  He removed probably next year to Hartford, was an original proprietor constable 1639, one of the first settlers at Norwalk 1651, and Representative 1657.  He removed three years later to Springfield, there died 25 December 1675.  His widow Martha died 23 October 1688.  No record of his family is known.   He left no will, and the only children we hear of are Samuel and Ruth; yet there may have been other daughters.

RICHARD ELY, Saybrook, had been a merchant of Boston 1664.  There married that year Elizabeth Cullick, daughter of John Cullick, and sister of Colonel Fenwick Cullick.  But by a former wife he had, perhaps, not born on our side of the water, William, and Richard.  The estate of his wife had drawn him to Saybrook and much trouble he had with it.  He died 24 November 1684.  His wife died 12 November 1683.

SAMUEL ELY, Springfield, only son of Nathaniel Ely.  He married 28 October 1659, Mary Day, daughter of Robert Day, had 15 children between 1660 and 1686 included of which nine died young.  He was freeman 1680.  He died 7 March 1692, leaving Joseph, freeman 1690, Samuel, John, and Jonathan, from which descendants are very numerous.  His widow married 12 April 1694, Thomas Stebbins, and next married, 11 December 1696, Deacon John Coleman of Hatfield.  She died 1725.

WILLIAM ELY, Lyme, son of Richard Ely.  He married 24 May 1681 Elizabeth, had Ann, born 12 March 1682; and Elizabeth, 26 May 1683.  One of this name, without baptized prefix, a mariner, came in the Mayflower 1620, but not as a passenger to abide in the land.  He was hired by the Pilgrims for a year and had no farther relations to New England yet, as he was not of the crew of the Mayflower.  He continued here, after her departure and went home when his time was out.  Deane thinks Governor Bradford designated both him and Trevore to be counted.  As of their servant which seems very reasonable and so the number must be reckoned one hundred and two, besides the ship's company in that famous voyage.  Twenty-three of this name had, in 1834, been graduates at Yale, of which seven were clergymen, and six at the other New England Colleges.


JOHN EMBLIN, Boston.  He was minister of First Baptist Church from 20 July 1684 to his death 9 December 1702.


JAMES EMERSON, Ipswich, perhaps son of Thomas Emerson.  By wife Sarah, had Elizabeth, born 6 March 1687.

JOHN EMERSON, Ipswich.  He came in the Abigail 1635, a baker, aged 20, called by Coffin son of John Emerson.  It may be that he removed to Scituate, and married at Duxbury 19 July 1638, Barbara Lothrop, daughter of Reverend John Lothrop.

JOHN EMERSON, Gloucester, son of Thomas Emerson, ordained 6 October 1663.  He married 1660, Ruth Symonds, daughter of Deputy Governor Symonds, had Ruth, born 26 August 1660; Martha, 28 November 1662; Mary, 7 March 1665; Elizabeth, 26 August 1667; John Emerson, 14 May 1670, Harvard College 1689; Dorothy, 6 July 1675; and Samuel, 20 November 1678.  He preached about 40 years and died 2 December 1700.

JOHN EMERSON, son of the preceding, minister of Manchester, as Mather's Hecatompolis shows, but probably not settled there.  He married 14 May 1696, Mary Batter, daughter of Edmund Batter of Salem.  He was ordained at Newcastle 1704, the first minister and installed at Second Church of Portsmouth as its first minister 23 March 1715.  He died 21 June 1732, leaving six daughters.

JOHN EMERSON, Salem, nephew of John Emerson of Gloucester, Harvard College 1675.  He was, doubtless the worthy preacher at Berwick, who had the happy escape, on the night of 27 June 1689, when Major Waldron of Dover and fifty-one of his company were massacred or made prisoners by the Indians having declined the requirement of the hospital soldier to lodge at his house, as the Appendix, art. 4 to Magnalia VII. relates.  Belknap and Alden following his authority mistakes him for the future minister of Portsmouth, who was not then graduated.  See Niles and Belknap I. 130.  He had been employed as schoolmaster at Newbury 1681, at a later day perhaps at Gloucester, freeman 1691, certainly taught in Charlestown, and last at Salem 1699 until his death 1712.  Felt, I. 439.  At Charlestown by wife Sarah, had Sarah, born 7, baptized 11 August 1695.  Probably he was never ordained.

JOHN EMERSON, Newbury, a Lieutenant.  By wife Judith, had John, born 25 June 1690; Daniel, 15 January 1693; Joseph, 2 March 1696; Samuel, 2 November 1699; and Jonathan, 10 August 1702.

JOSEPH EMERSON, Ipswich 1638, perhaps son of Thomas Emerson, York, freeman 1653.  He preached two or three years also at Wells, 1664 and following.  He became first minister of Mendon, ordained about 1667, and continued until the destruction 1675 of the town in Philip's war.  He removed to Concord, there died 3 January 1680.  He married 7 December 1665, Elizabeth Bulkley, daughter of Reverend Edward Bulkley, had three sons of which Peter, who married a Brown, and Edward, who married Mary, daughter of Reverend Samuel Moody.  They were progenitors of a long list of clergymen.  His widow married Captain John Brown of Reading.

MICHAEL EMERSON, Haverhill 1656.

NATHANIEL EMERSON, Ipswich, son of Thomas Emerson.  By wife Sarah, who died 3 August 1 670, had Nathaniel, born 16 August 1657; and Sarah, 15 March 1659.

NATHANIEL EMERSON, Ipswich, son of the preceding.  He married 1685, Martha Woodward, had Nathaniel, born 26 December 1686; Joseph, 26 June 1690; Mary, 19 January 1692, died young; a child 28 June 1695, whose name is not plain on the record, Mary, again, 18 December 1697; Hannah, 5 December 1698; Ann, or Hannah, 4 September 1700.  He died 16 September 1738.

ROBERT EMERSON, Haverhill, freeman 1668, who had removed from Rowley, where he was as early as 1655.  He was ancestor of several families at Haverhill, perhaps of Thomas Emerson.  He was killed by the Indians with his wife and children Sarah and Timothy, 15 March 1697.

THOMAS EMERSON, Ipswich 1639, baker.  He died 1 May 1666.  By wife Elizabeth, had Joseph; Nathaniel; James, who went to England; Thomas, who died before his father leaving widow Elizabeth and perhaps sons Thomas; and John Emerson, Harvard College 1656, perhaps youngest, named in codicil to the will of his father 1660.  Most of these children were brought by the father from England.

THOMAS EMERSON, Ipswich, perhaps grandson of Thomas Emerson the first.  He married 1683, Phillis Perkins, eldest child of the second Jacob Perkins of same, but I am ignorant as to issue. Thirty of this name had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard, and twenty at other New England Colleges of which seventeen were ordained ministers, besides several others, preachers.


ANTHONY EMERY, or ANTHONY EMORY, Newbury, a carpenter of Romsey in Hants.  He came in the James, June 1635, to Boston from Southampton, perhaps with wife and children.  Removed about 1644 to Dover, thence after 1648 to Kittery; was ferryman, and kept an inn 1650, freeman 1652, and constable 1668, Representative 1680.

GEORGE EMERY, or GEORGE EMORY, Salem, a physician.  He had, says Felt, grant of land 1637.   He was born 1609.  He was sentenced in 1668 to sit on the gallows with rope round his neck for executable crime.  He died 20 February 1687.  His wife Mary died 1673.

JAMES EMERY, or JAMES EMORY, Kittery, perhaps brother of Anthony Emery, freeman 1652, constable 1670, and Representative 1676, 77, 84, 85, and 92.

JOHN EMERY, or JOHN EMORY, Newbury 1635, brother of Anthony Emery.  He came in the same ship arriving 3 June, freeman 2 June 1641.  He brought son John, and had here, says Coffin, a daughter Ebenezer, rather a strange name, born 16 September 1648, Monday morning, but evidently here is error of date, if not, as must be suspected of name, for that day in the Almanac was Saturday; and Jonathan, 13 May 1652.

JOHN EMERY, or JOHN EMORY, Newbury, son of the preceding, came with his father.  He married 29 October 1650, Mary Webster, daughter of John Webster of Ipswich, had Mary, born 24 June 1652 ; Hannah, 25 April 1654; John, 12 September 1656 ; Bethia, 15 October 1658; Sarah, 26 February 1661; Joseph, 23 March 1663; Stephen, 6 September 1666; Abigail, 16 January 1669; Samuel, 20 December 1670; Judith, 5 February 1673; Lydia, 19 February 1675; Elizabeth, 8 February 1680; and Josiah, 28 February 1681.  He died 1693, aged 65.  His widow died 28 April 1694.  Greatly do I doubt the exactness of Coffin's relationships here.  If the wife were that wife of John Webster who had son John, born 1632, she could not be mother of all these here assigned to her.  Even if she were second wife of that John Webster and a young widow when taken by Emery, it may seem expedious to allow him a second wife to bring the two last named child.  Mary married 10 March 1671, the second William Sawyer.

JOHN EMERY, or JOHN EMORY, Newbury, son of the preceding.  He married 13 June 1683, Mary Sawyer, daughter of the first William Sawyer, had Mary, born 25 December 1684; John, 29 September 1686; Josiah, 19 December 1688; Daniel, 15 June 1693; Lydia, 29 April 1698; and Samuel, 25 October 1699.  His wife died 3 November 1699.  He married 27 May 1700 Abigail Bartlett, daughter probably of Samuel Bartlett.

JONATHAN EMERY, or JONATHAN EMORY, Newbury, son of first John Emery.  He had service as soldier in Major Appleton's company and was wounded in the great battle of 19 December 1675.  He married 20 November 1676, Mary Woodman, daughter of Edward Woodman, junior, had Mary, born 25 September 1677; Jonathan, 2 February 1679; David, 28 September 1682; Anthony, 13 November 1684; Stephen, 13 January 1687, died next year; Sarah, 18 December 1688; Stephen, again, 24 June 1692; and Edward, 10 November 1694.

NOAH EMERY, or NOAH EMORY, Kittery, perhaps son of Anthony Emery, or of the first John Emery.  He had narrow escape from Indians 1 April 1693, as told in a letter of Major Frost.  See Genealogical Registrar XII. 142.

ROBERT EMERY, or ROBERT EMORY, New Haven.  See Ambry.

STEPHEN EMERY, or STEPHEN EMORY, Newbury, son of second John Emery.  He married 29 November 1692, Ruth Jaques, daughter of Henry Jaques, had Ann, born 10 October 1693; Sarah, 1 January 1696; Ruth, 16 June 1698; Mary, 15 December 1700; Judith, 25 February 1703; and Abigail, 4 May 1705.  Six of this names, three of which were clergymen had, in 1828, been graduates at Harvard and eight at other New England Colleges.


BENJAMIN EMMONS, Boston, son of Thomas Emmons of the same, freeman 1676.  By wife Mary, who died 12 September 1690, had Mary, born 23 June 1690.  He married 10 September 1694, Mary Amory.

HENRY EMMONS, Boston.  By wife Mary, had Samuel, born 27 July 1690.

OBADIAH EMMONS, Boston 1671, son of Thomas Emmons, cord winder.  He had Thomas by wife Alice, 7 January 1660.

SAMUEL EMMONS, Boston, brother of the preceding.  He married 16 August 1660, Mary Scott, daughter of Robert Scott, deceased.

THOMAS EMMONS, Newport 1638, probably removed to Boston, freeman 1652.  He died 11 May 1664.  His daughter Hannah married 1 January 1658, Henry Crab; and Elizabeth married 10 August 1660, John Henchman.  His will, in Genealogical Registrar XII. 345, 6, made 20 January 1661, names wife Martha executrix and leaves good estate.


EMRY, or EMERY. See Ambry.


GILBERT ENDICOTT, Reading, said to have been born 1658, at Dorchester; but I know no more.  See Genealogical Registrar I. 335.

JOHN ENDICOTT, perhaps from Dorchester, England, by some thought his place of birth.  About 1589, came in the Abigail, from Weymouth, a small port on the channel, about 9 miles from Dorchester with wife and a company of probably 20 or 30 others, including women and children to Salem, September 1628.  He was one of the six original purchasers of the Massachusetts Bay from the Plymouth Council 19 March 1628 and the only one who came over for more than two years.  In the Royal Charter of 4 March 1629 he is named an Assistant.  One of the eighteen, after Saltonstall, Johnson, Humphrey, and others, before Nowell, Vassall, Pynchon, and others, and by his association at London, in General Court on 30 April after his coming, made the head, superintendent or Governor of the first settlement at Salem, called by them London's plantation including those who preceding or accompanied him, by delegation of authority (though it was never consummated by needful qualification) to him and twelve counselors to be chosen partly by the company in London, partly by these deputies and two by the older planters here, for all necessary rule of the country, while the chief government continued in the Governor Deputy Governor and eighteen Assistants required by the Charter chosen by the General Court in England on the last Wednesday of Easter term.  Under this power of attorney, or delegation of authority, these persons were empowered and indeed required to choose a secretary and administrator to him and all other officers an oath at the time of his and their election "which said oaths are to be administrated in a public court and not elsewhere."  Nothing of the sort was ever done, no such court ever held by him; nor was any secretary ever chosen at Salem, nor deputy nor counselor ever inducted there before 1630, any more than an archbishop an admiral, or field marshal.  By the instruction to him from his constituency, the Governor and company in London, he, with seven counselors was authorized to do certain things.  But two of those seven, John and Samuel Brown, he had sent home, before these instructions reached him.  He was, therefore, disabled by his own act, from filling up the Council, choosing Deputy Governor or secretary and other officers.  Of course he was, in the language of the law, remitted to his authority under the patent from Plymouth company to Sir Henry Roswell and the other five.  This was, I think, all the power he ever used, and certainly it was all he needed.  Yet Cotton Mather in Magnalia I. 18, styles him Deputy Governor in August 1629; and a respected descendant has even gone to the length of making the title "First Governor of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay."  To me this seems, in both authors, wrong.  On page 57 of the History of Boston, which affords copious proof of sedulous industry, the author says, "Matthew Cradock was the first Governor of the Massachusetts company" yet, facing the same page, he inserts the picture of John Endicott with a title at the bottom, "first Governor of Massachusetts" and 16 pages onward he inserts the picture of John Winthrop with the title, given by the author, "Secretary Governor of Massachusetts".   Probably no reader will be deceived for everyone will ask who was the second, third, fourth, etc. Governor of the Massachusetts company which became the Colony of Massachusetts Bay only by transfer of all the authority, etc. in 1629, when Cradock was "first" Governor on his resignation within six months of his election that year.  Winthrop was chosen the same day, and Cradock an Assistant, but Cradock never came to our country, and so if Winthrop be the second Governor of Massachusetts because Craccko was the first; of course Winthrop would be justly reckoned the first in Massachusetts.  The order of success of the Charter Governors is this: first, Cradock, named in that instrument 4 March 1629, and re-chosen in May; second Winthrop chosen and sworn 29 October 1629, on Cradock's resignation and in 1631, 32, and 33; third, Dudley, May 1634; fourth, Haynes, May 1635; fifth, Vane, 1636; next year Winthrop again, and two following years; and Dudley, again, in 1640; sixth, Bellingham, 1641; next year Winthrop again, and re-chosen the year following; seventh, Endicott, 1644; next year Dudley, again; and the following Winthrop again, three years till his death.  Honor enough there is for Endicott, the earliest patentee who came over under the indenture from the Plymouth Company, without challenging England for him any that does not belong to him.  He was the first, and only, Governor of London's Plantation and if he ever was qualified by taken the oaths under that delegation from the Governor and company of Massachusetts (which is unlikely, or at least cannot be Province) he never had a successor in that office, who was merged in the superior title on arrival of Winthrop a few months after. With scrupulous precision, Increase Mather calls Winthrop "the First Governor that New England saw at the head of the Massachusetts Colony".  On 13 May 1629 (the Charter day of the General Court for elections), Endicott was not chosen an Assistant or other officer of Massachusetts Bay, being absent; still, however, he continued head of the Plantation as much as he had been a fortnight, and, indeed, on his arrival eight months before no other patentee being on this side of the ocean; but on 20 October next, at the election in London (after transfer of the whole authority of the patent to those who would come to New England), when Winthrop was chosen Governor and Humphrey Deputy Governor immediately on resignation of Cradock and Goffe, he was again raised to be one of the eighteen Assistants being the first time he was ever chosen under the Charter.  In this office, to the duty of which he took the oath to qualify him (as he could not earlier), 7 September 1630, he continued 9 years by successfully elections, except in 1633, when for his indiscreet zeal against the cross in the ensign, he was left out; but in 1636 he was made head of the first expedition against the Pequot’s; in 1641, for the first time, Deputy Governor according to the Charter and several times after, and in 1644 Governor for the first time, with full power according to the Charter and again, after death of Winthrop 1649, 51, 2, 3,and from 1655 to his own death at Boston (where he had residence nearby ten years) 15 March 1665, served a longer period than any other of the governors under the old Charter and by Shirley alone exceeded since.  Captain Johnson in his "Wonderworking Providences of Zion's Saviour in New England" honors him in cap. IX. of his first book with appropriate rhymes, as John Endicott, "twice Governor of the England" so, I suppose, must refer to the elections of 1644, during Winthrop life, and immediately after his death in 1649, the date of his writing. Scottow, too, in his "Narrative of the Planting" of our Colony page 12, or as it may be read in the reprint in 4 Massachusetts History Collections IV. must be understood to intend the prior title of Winthrop when the "choice of a governor and deputy TO ABIDE THERE" is told in that valuable paragraph on pages 289-90.  Governor Danforth, also, in his exact enumeration of years in which his friend Endicott had been Governor makes the earliest of the sixteen to be 1644.  See his valuable papers in 2 Massachusetts History Collections VIII. 52.  I think Mr. Felt, in Ann. of Salem, I. 106, first, after a different general opinion for two hundred years in 1845 suggested the right of Endicott in "precedence to Mr. Winthrop;" and he explains his view of "an error in rank" by the note, on same page, that Roger Conant "may be truly said to have preceded both Messrs. Endicott and Winthrop “in such office for a part of this Commonwealth".  In Genealogical Registrar XII. 133-7, he elaborately discussed the question "what office did J. Endicott sustain, after arriving 6 September 1628, to his election by the [government and company] 30 April 1629."  But I am satisfied that his decision against the opinion of Governor Hutchinson will not be sustained nor does it seem to me, that Endicott is entitled to any more office than the Plymouth company gave by their deed indentured.  He was sole proprietor in Massachusetts and acted with the absolute power of the other patentees in England and Mr. Felt rather lessens than enlarges his right by reference to the votes of our Governor and company in London.  As their grant of office 30 April 1629 never took effect, it must be regarded as if never passed.  Dr. Young, in notation on page 196 of Chron. of Massachusetts falls into similar error (of finding justification of Endicott in displacing the Browns in this instrument), when Endicott had acted in thus shipping off the Browns before this instrument came to his hand.  Endicott was of stern energy, but great prudence in secular affairs, misappropriated the conduct of his friends in England for putting to death their king, with such strange mockery of solemnity, and issued warrant for apprehension of Whalley and Goffe, the regicides, here.  Much of the sad occurrences of cruel scourging of the baptisms 1651 and hanging of the Quakers 1659, that fell within his administration must be charged to Wilson or Norton, the spirited advisers of the day; and though Leverett, or Bradstreet would have, perhaps, successfully resisted such infliction of counsel, we know the cruel bigotry of Dudley or Bellingham would have gone against tolerating as far and as fiercely as Endicott. 5,  His first wife Ann Gower, who was cousin or niece of Matthew Cradock, first Charter Governor, died soon after coming and she had, it is believed no children; and he married 18 August 1630, Elizabeth Gibson (from Cambridge in England says the family genealogy) had John, born about 1632; and Zerubbabel, about 1635.  He and his descendants to the fourth generation wrote the second syllable with “e”, but the “I” has prevailed since.

JOHN ENDICOTT, Boston, son of the preceding.  He married 9 November 1653, Elizabeth Howchin, daughter of Jeremiah Howchin, had no children, and he died 1668.  His will of 27 January 1668 was probated four weeks after.  His widow married the same year Reverend James Allen. 

WILLIAM ENDICOTT, Boston, mariner.  In his will of 23 April 1690, probated 26 January 1692, he gave personal tools to his son-in-law John Bell, and rest of estate to wife Joanna.

WILLIAM ENDICOTT, Boston.  By wife Elizabeth, had William, born 25 September 1686; Elizabeth, 26 July 1690, died young; John, 23 December 1693; Elizabeth, 2 January 1699; Benjamin, 10 April 1702, died young; Lydia, 19 June 1703, died soon; Lydia, again, 17 July 1704; Sarah, 21 August 1705, died soon; Sarah, again, 6 November 1706; and Benjamin, again, 17 February 1709.  Often this man's name begins with I, and the births, 1702 and 1703, are inserted under both letters in the record but before always have “E”, and after, “I”, but not both.

ZERUBBABEL ENDICOTT, Salem, son of the Governor, a physician, freeman 1665.  By wife Mary who died 1677, had Elizabeth, who died 8 September 1658; Elizabeth again, born 12 April 1661, died soon; Zerubbabel, 11 April 1662, died soon; John; Samuel; and Zerubbabel again, born 14 February 1665, both baptized 19 September 1666; Benjamin, 21 August 1667; Mary; Joseph, 17 July 1672; Sarah; Elizabeth; Hannah; and Mehitable.  He agreed to marry the same year of his wife's death (as in Genealogical Registrar VI. 252, is found by Coffin) Elizabeth Kimball, but, it seems, with or without reasonable excuse, took for 2nd wife Elizabeth Winthrop, widow of Reverend Antipas Newman, daughter of Governor John Winthrop of Connecticut.  He sometimes resided at Topsfield on the ancestral estate but the farm, on who he and his father had most expended their affection was in that part of Salem now Danvers, called by the Governor the Orchard, still cultivated by his descendants.  He died 1684.


MICHAEL ENDILL, Isle of Shoals.  He was grand juror at Court in York 1659.


JOHN ENGLAND, New Haven 1647, removed to Branford, died 1655, leaving widow but no children. Probably another of this name in one of the Plantations of Providence had daughter Ellen England, who married 27 July 1665, Jeremiah Wescott.


BERNARD ENGLE, Boston 1664, husbandman. 

JAMES ENGLE, Boston 1662, mariner.  Perhaps it has become Inglee.


CLEMENT ENGLISH, or CLEMENT ENGLES, Salem.  He married 27 August 1667, Mary Waters, daughter of Richard Waters, had Mary, born 18 February 1669; Elizabeth, 19 February 1671; Joseph, 12 March 1673; Benjamin, 19 October 1676; Abigail, 6 December 1680, died at 17 years; and Clement, posthumous 7 March 1683.  The father died 23 December 1682.

JAMES ENGLISH, or JAMES ENGLES, Boston.  He married 7 January 1658, perhaps as second wife Joanna Farnum, daughter of John Farnum, who was not 14 years old.  We know too little of him to affirm or deny that he was dead 14 March 1698.  He freeman 1691.  He may be the man in last paragraph.

MAUDETT ENGLISH, or MAUDETT ENGLES, Boston.  By wife Jane, had Hannah, born 2 March 1639, baptized 6 September 1640, had joined the church one day before; Mary, November 1644.  Sometimes his name is Maded Inglyss, or Engles; and in Genealogical Registrar V. 398, 468, was transmitted to Jugs.  His will of November 1684 is signed Madett Engs.  That document makes executor his son Samuel, names daughter-in-law Mary, and grandchildren Madet, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Mary.  Perhaps that daughter-in-law Mary, was the widow Engs, who married 14 December 1688, Joshua Lee.

PHILIP ENGLISH, or PHILIP ENGLES, Salem, son of John English of the Isle of Jersey, there baptized 30 June 1651, a merchant.  He married 1 September 1675, Mary Hollingworth, daughter of Richard Hollingworth, suffered very much in the blind ferocity against witchcraft.  His wife was the greater sufferer, and lived very few years after escape. This was managed with equal skill and firmness by Reverend Joshua Moody, then minister with Willard, at the Old South Church in Boston.  See the admirable note in Eliot's Biographical Dictionary tit. Moody.  By Mary he had seven children, Philip, born 4 September 1684; William, 23 May 1679, died young; Mary, 21 February 1677; and Susanna, 5 July 1683; names of the rest are unknown; and William, again, 7 April 1690, who died before his father Ebenezer, 21 April 1694.  Mary married William Brown; and Susanna married John Touzell, both probably from Jersey.  He had second wife Sarah, widow of the second Samuel Ingersoll, married 1698, by her had only John, who as well as William English.  He was Captain of a vessel, owned by his father and died before him, was Representative 1700, one of the contributors to first Episcopal church 1734, and died 1740.  He reckoned his damage by the persecution at £1500, and was allowed about 20 years later £300.  His father was probably a Huguenot, and his own name, at baptism was Philippe L’Anglois, but he was brought to the font by Sir Philip Carteret.  To an accelerated tract in History Collections of the Essex Institute may be referred all further inquiry.  The writer corrects Dr. Bentley’s date for his death which was 1736, aged 86, but, the two last years of his life, his mind was infirm. 

THOMAS ENGLISH, or THOMAS ENGLES, Plymouth, one of the passengers in the Mayflower 1620, died in the general sickness early next spring, leaving neither names nor children.  He had been a sailor, says Bradford, hired by the Pilgrims.

WILLIAM ENGLISH, or WILLIAM ENGLES, Ipswich 1638, shoemaker, freeman 21 September 1642, Representative 1646 and 47, removed to Hampton 1639, for short time, but went back to Ipswich.  May be the same who was administered at Boston 1652, and made a constable 1656.  With wife Sarah, joined our First Church on 15 March 1663.


JAMES ENO, JAMES EANNO, JAMES ENNO, or JAMES ENNOE, Windsor 1646.  He married 18 August 1648, Ann Bedwell, had Sarah, born 15 baptized 17 June 1649; James, 30 October baptized 2 November 1651; and John, 2 December 1654.  His wife died 1657.  He had second wife 5 August 1658, daughter of Thomas Holcomb, who died 7 October 1679.  He married 29 April 1680, Esther Eggleston, daughter of James Eggleston.  He died 11 June 1682.  Sarah married 1667, Benajah Holcomb.  Some of his descendants changed the name to Enos.  Colonel Roger Enos, of the army 1776, was one.

JAMES ENO, JAMES EANNO, JAMES ENNO, or JAMES ENNOE, Windsor, son of the preceding.  He married 26 December 1678, Abigail Bissell, daughter of Samuel Bissell, had James, born 23 September 1679; Ann, 10 April 1682; William, 15 December 1684; Abigail, 1 March 1687; Mary, 3 May 1691; John, 5 January 1693; Samuel, 7 July 1696; Susanna, 16 May 1699; and David, 12 August 1702.  He died 16 July 1714.  His widow died March 1728.

JOHN ENO, JOHN EANNO, JOHN ENNO, or JOHN ENNOE, Windsor, brother of the preceding.  He married 10 May 1681, Mary Dibble, daughter of Ebenezer Dibble, had Mary, born 12 October 1682; Martha, 6 April 1685; Sarah; and Ann.


JOHN ENOS, Westerly 1680.


THOMAS ENOW, Falmouth 1689.  Willis, I. 191.


ENSDELL. See Hinsdale.


DAVID ENSIGN, Hartford, son of James Ensign.  He married 22 October 1663, Mehitable Gunn, daughter of Thomas Gunn, had David, born 16 November 1664; James, 8 May 1666; Thomas, 7 December 1668; Sarah, 22 January 1672; and Mary 26 January 1675.  After his wife had been (for his ill-conduct) divorced, she became 1685, second wife of Isaac Sheldon of Northampton.  His son James Ensign well perpetuated the name.

JAMES ENSIGN, Cambridge 1634, freeman 4 March 1635, removed about 1639 to Hartford.  He had large estate, only son David Ensign, before mentioned, and three daughters of whom Sarah, perhaps married 6 May 1651, John Rockwell; Lydia was baptized 19 August 1649; and Mary married Samuel Smith, afterwards of Northampton and Hadley.  His will, of November 1670, was probated March 1671.

JOHN ENSIGN Scituate, son of Thomas Ensign.  By wife who died before him, had only child Hannah, born 1669.  He was killed by the Indians at Rehoboth fight 26 March 1676.  He had made his will in contemplation of such a result a few days before.  So this family in male line was extinct.

THOMAS ENSIGN, Scituate.  He married January 1639, Elizabeth Wilder of Hingham, probably lived there some years, had Hannah, baptized 6 July 1640, who married 19 November 1658, Thomas Shepherd of Malden, not the Reverend of Charlestown, and about 14 March 1698 Elizabeth married Nicholas Wade; and John, before mentioned.  He was of Duxbury 1656, and died 1663.  His will of 16 July 1663 names wife Elizabeth and the three children.


ROBERT ENSOME, Boston 1646, merchant.  Felt.


TIXALL ENSWORTH, TIXALL ENDSWORTH, or TIXALL ENISWORTH, TIXOLL ENSWORTH, TIXOLL ENDSWORTH, or TIXOLL ENISWORTH, TEXHALL ENSWORTH, TEXHALL ENDSWORTH, or TEXHALL ENISWORTH, or TYXHALL ENSWORTH, TYXHALL ENDSWORTH, or TYXHALL ENISWORTH, so variously written in record was of Hartford 1681, removed 1700, to Canterbury.  He had baptized at Hartford five children and left Nathaniel, Nehemiah, Ezra, and Joseph.  Possibly the original name was Ainsworth.


DANIEL EPES, or DANIEL EPPES, Ipswich, son of Daniel Epes, from Kent, England.  He came 1637 with his mother Martha, who by the family tradition corroborated by slight circumstances, is said to have married the worshipful Samuel Symonds.  He married 20 May 1644, Elizabeth Symonds, eldest daughter of Samuel Symonds, who died 7 May 1685 aged 60, by whom he had Samuel Epes, born 24 February 1647, Harvard College 1669 who was of Boston 1673, and died April 1685 at London; Daniel Epes, 24 March 1649, Harvard College 1669; Nathaniel, 1650, died soon; John, 1651, died soon; Joseph, 1653; Martha, 1654; Mary, 1656, died soon; Lionel, 1657; another son 1658, died soon; and Richard, 1659.  He had second wife Lucy Woodbridge, daughter of Reverend John Woodbridge, widow of Reverend Simon Bradstreet of New London.  He was freeman 1674, a Captain, Representative 1684, and died 8 January 1693, aged about 70 years as his gravesite tells.

DANIEL EPES, or DANIEL EPPES, Salem, son of the preceding.  He married 17 April 1672, Martha Bordman, daughter of William Bordman of Cambridge, who died 9 February 1692, had Martha, born 10 August 1673, died young; Martha, again, 8 March 1676; Mary, 19 February 1678; died young; Daniel, 28 October 1679; Samuel, 4 January 1681; Elizabeth, 19 March 1684; Mary, again, 31 August 1686; Ruth, 22 July 1688; and Margaret, 31 March 1691.  He was master of the grade school from 1670 about 20 years.  By John Dunton in his Life and Errors called "the most eminent schoolmaster in New England" who of course may be taken with qualification in favor of contemporary Cheever and Corlett.  He probably had for second wife Hannah Wainwright, daughter of Francis Wainwright of Ipswich.  He was Representative 1708 and 1715, says Feb II. 564, but he had omitted him in the list of Counselors in which office, however, Hutchinson II. 292, which could not easily be mistaken says.  He died November 1722.


ABRAHAM ERRINGTON, Cambridge 1649.  He married Rebecca Cutler, daughter of Robert Cutler of Charlestown, had Abraham, born 11 November 1652, probably died soon; perhaps a second Abraham, born 1 November 1654, died soon; Rebecca; Hannah; Sarah; Mary, baptized 13 January 1661; Abraham, again, 8 November 1663; and Jacob, who died young, 2 October 1668.  He died 9 May 1677, aged 55.  Ann, probably his mother, died 11 December 1653, aged 76; but his father was perhaps dead before she came over.

THOMAS ERRINGTON, Lynn 1642, was of Charlestown 1647, but soon back to Lynn and probably removed to Warwick, there freeman 1655.


EDWARD ERWIN, Dover 1658.


WILLIAM ESSET, Boston.  He married Ann Sheffield, and he died 24 May 1697.


BENJAMIN ESTABROOK, or BENJAMIN EASTERBROOK, Lexington, son of Joseph Estabrook.  He married 20 November 1693, Abigail Willard, daughter of Reverend Samuel Willard, ordained 21 October 1669.  He died 28 July 1670.

DANIEL ESTABROOK, or DANIEL EASTERBROOK, Cambridge, brother of the preceding.

JOSEPH ESTABROOK, or JOSEPH EASTERBROOK, Concord.  He came about 1660 from Enfield, Middlesex, England, it is said, with two brothers (one of who Thomas Estabrook, in 1673 was of Swanzey, but after at Concord).  He was graduate of Harvard College 1664, ordained about 1667, colleague with Edward Bulkley, and freeman 1665.  He married 20 May 1668, Mary Mason, daughter of Captain Hugh Mason, had Joseph, born 6 May 1669; Benjamin Estabrook, 24 September 1671, Harvard College 1690, before mentioned; Mary, 28 February 1673; Samuel Estabrook, 7 January 1675, Harvard College 1696; Daniel, 14 February 1677; and Ann, 30 January 1678.  He died 16 September 1711.  Daniel died at Sudbury 7 January 1737; Mary married Jonathan Green of Newton; and Ann married 26 January 1710, Joshua Haynes of Sudbury.

JOSEPH ESTABROOK, or JOSEPH EASTERBROOK, Lexington, son of the preceding.  He married 31 December 1689, Melicent Woodhouse, daughter of Henry Woodhouse, had only Joseph, born 10 October 1690.  His wife died 20 March 1693.  He married 25 August 1693 Hannah Leavitt, widow of Joseph Loring, daughter of John Leavitt, had John, 28 July 1694; Solomon, 22 December 1696; Hannah, 2 August 1698; Melicent, 21 March 1700; and Elijah, 25 August 1703.  He was Deacon, and died 23 September 1733.

SAMUEL ESTABROOK, or SAMUEL EASTERBROOK, Canterbury, son of the first Joseph Estabrook.  He taught school and helped his father at Concord, before ordained 13 January 1712.  He died 26 June 1727.

THOMAS ESTABROOK, or THOMAS EASTERBROOK, Swanzey.  By wife Sarah, had Elizabeth, born 19 December 1673.  Six of this names had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard and four at other New England Colleges.  Often  it is spelt Easterbrook.


THOMAS ESTEN, Providence, swore allegiance in May 1682.


JOHN ESTES, Lynn, son of Matthew Estes the first, signed the address to Governor Joseph Dudley 1703, with

RICHARD ESTES, as Quakers, when, of course, they did not state their ages upon that paper, which is printed in Genealogical Registrar Il. 149. 

JOSEPH ESTES, Dover 1719, brother of the preceding.  He married Mary Robinson, daughter of Timothy Robinson, and has numerous descendants in Maine.

MATTHEW ESTES, Dover, son of Robert Estes of Dover, England, where he was born 28 May 1645.  He married 14 June 1676, Philadelphia Jenkins, daughter of Reginald Jenkins, had Joseph, whose date of birth is not told; John, 14 July 1684; Richard, 2 September 1686; and Matthew, 1689, possibly more.  He probably removed to Scituate, and his wife died 25 December 1721.  He died 9 August 1723.

MATTHEW ESTES, Scituate, son of the preceding.  By wife Alice, had Edward, born about 1708; William, about 1710; two children who died young; Matthew, 19 December 1726; Sarah, 8 June 1733; and Robert, 12 January 1736.  He died 11 May 1774, and his widow died 14 December 1778, aged 84.


WILLIAM ESTOW, Hampton 1639.  He died 23 November 1655, says Coffin.  In his will shortly before, names only daughters Sarah, wife of Maurice Hobbs, and Mary, wife of Thomas Marston.


EDWARD ESTWICK, EDWARD ESTWICH, or EDWARD ESTICK, Salem.  By wife Esther, had Elizabeth, born about 1652; Sarah, 1654; Hannah, 1656; Esther, 1659; and Edward, 1662, as from his inventory June 1666, is known.


EDWARD ETHEREDGE, Massachusetts 1646.  Felt.


THOMAS ETHERINGTON, Kittery.  He was lost with his wife in the wreck of a small vessel November 1664.


WILLIAM EUSTIS, Charlestown, lived at Malden, perhaps Winisemet, or Boston 1695.  He had, I suppose, son William, who died 4 January 1691; perhaps other children, and wife Sarah, who died 12 June 1713, aged 74.  By her he had John, born at Boston, 8 December 1659.


JOHN EVANCE New Haven 1639, came probably from London, signed the original compact of 4 June, and was one of the wealthiest inhabitants.  Had Daniel, baptized 15 March 1646; Mary, who died 1650; and Stephen, born 21 April 1652.  He probably went home, certainly was in London 1656, according to his friend Governor Eaton's will.  His widow Susanna, or Hannah married at London, Henry Hatsell, who came to New Haven, and died 1667.


DAVID EVANS, Boston 1654, merchant.  He died 27 July 1663, leaving widow Mary, by whom he had, as I conjecture, David, that died 2 November 1653 [see Genealogical Registrar X. 217, where the surname is not]; and certainly Elizabeth, born 10 August 1630, and Martha, 28 May 1657; besides David, again, 2 February 1659; and Jonathan, 3 April 1663. 

EDWARD EVANS, Dover, son of Robert Evans.  He had wife Dorcas and children: Elinor, born 3 March 1700; Rachel, 6 April 1703; and Joseph 29 October 1704.

HENRY EVANS, Boston 1643, husbandman, freeman 1645.  His wife Amy came in 1644 from the church of Roxbury.  Administered on one Henry Evans who was drowned 1 March 1667.  He was granted in Middlesex to his wife Esther, next month.

JOHN EVANS, Wethersfield 1640, may have been at Hatfield 1678.

JOHN EVANS, Roxbury.  By wife Mary, had John, baptized 30 July 1671; Peter, 27 April 1673, died soon; and Peter, again, 21 June 1674; but I find none of these in the town records.  It has been thought he served on Connecticut river in Philip's war.  Perhaps he lost his wife before or soon after removed to Hatfield.  There married 1677, Mary Hawks, widow of Experience Hinsdale, daughter of John Hawks, had Elinor, born 1678; Jonathan, 1680; and Randal, 1682.  He removed about 1685 to Deerfield, where his wife had lands.

JOHN EVANS, Dover, there acted as a commissioner with others to settle lines between York, Dover and Kittery, his name in the records being given Evines.

MATTHIAS EVANS, Dorchester, son of first Richard Evans, a carpenter.  He married 28 April 1669, Patience Meade, daughter of Gabriel Meade, who died 22 May 1670, and he sold his estate 1679.

PETER EVANS, Deerfield, son of John Evans.  He had several children between 1711 and 1728, of which one was Randall.

PHILIP EVANS, Newbury.  By wife Deborah, had William, born 13 October 1687; Elizabeth, 8 November 1689; and John, 30 April 1692; the last, says Coffin, at Ipswich.

RICHARD EVANS, Dorchester, freeman 1643.  By Mary, had Richard; Mary, born 19 January 1641; Matthias, 11 February 1644; besides probably Hannah, who married 27 September 1665, Samuel Hicks; and Joanna, who married 16 January 1668, Joshua Hemmenway.  Mary married 17 July 1666, Nathan Bradlee.

RICHARD EVANS, Dorchester, son of the preceding.  By wife Rebecca, had Richard, born 8 February 1670; Mary, 30 November 1671, died at nine months; Mary, again, 8 June 1673; Rebecca, 22 October 1676; Thomas, 31 August 1678; Matthias, 26 May, 1682; and John, 9 March 1688.  He died 10 March 1725, aged about 86.  His widow died 1731, aged 88.

RICHARD EVANS, Rehoboth.  He had Richard, born 10 August 1681.

ROBERT EVANS, Dover 1665.  He had Robert, born 30 September 1665; Edward, 28 June 1667; Jonathan, 10 April 1669; and Elizabeth, 25 January 1672; all by wife Elizabeth.  He was killed 28 June 1689, or (as another account is) died of cancer, 27 February 1697.

ROBERT EVANS, Dover, son of the preceding.  He had wife Ann and children: Joseph, born 4 June 1682; Sarah, 9 November 1685; Benjamin, 2 February 1687; Hannah, 21 June 1690; and Patience, 5 September 1693.  He died 1753.

THOMAS EVANS, Plymouth.  He died 27 January 1635.

THOMAS EVANS, Dorchester, 1640, perhaps was there 1689.

THOMAS EVANS, Salisbury.  He married 30 September 1686, Hannah Brown, had Ann, born 5 November 1687; John, 24 August 1689; Abigail, 22 August 1692; Thomasin, 5 April 1696; and Hannah, 5 April 1698.

WILLIAM EVANS, Taunton 1643.  He probably died before 1676, or may have been the same as

WILLIAM EVANS, Gloucester, one of the selectmen 1647 and 48, was of Ipswich 1656.


DANIEL EVARTS, Guilford, son of John Evarts, perhaps born in England.  He had wife Mary, who died 31 March 1663.  He married 1 March 1664, Rebecca Dowd, daughter of Henry Dowd, had Hannah; Daniel, born 24 January 1667; John, 20 September 1669; James, 18 February 1672; Sarah, 15 May 1675; Samuel, 14 December 1681.  He died 5 December 1692.  The last five children were living 1693.  Hannah married 1686, Thomas Stephens of Killingworth, and died in few years.

JAMES EVARTS, Fairfield, probably eldest son of John Evarts, freeman of Connecticut 1664.  He married Lydia Guttridge, daughter of Richard Guttridge, had John; James; Mary, born 17 March 1662; Lydia; Joseph, February 1669, died at ten years; Judah, about 1673; Hannah, 22 September 1677; Joseph, again, 1679; Dorothy, about 1683; and Jonathan, who died 1696.  He perhaps was born in England, died 1684, his insert having date of June.

JOHN EVARTS, Concord, freeman March 1638.  He had John; born 29 February 1640; and Judah, 27 October 1642; but other children may have been older, certainly James and probably one of more brought from England.  He removed to Guilford 1650, and he died 10 May 1669.  We know not the mother of his children but at Guilford he married Elizabeth Parmelee, daughter of John Parmelee, the elder.  John, Judah, Daniel, and heirs of James were proprietors there 1685.  His daughter Elizabeth married Peter Abbot, and was killed by him, for which he was executed though probably insane.

JOHN EVARTS, Guilford, son of the preceding.  He married 14 September 1665, Mary French, probably daughter of Thomas French of the same, had Mary, born 12 August 1666, died at 22 years; John, 16 September 1668, who died young; Hannah, 12 November 1670; Sarah, 4 June 1673; Nathaniel, 25 July 1675; Mehitable, 25 February 1679; Ebenezer, 15 September 1681; Silence, 26 January 1684; Elizabeth, who died 1687; and Patience, 14 May 1689, died before her father.  He had second wife Sarah Crampton, daughter of Dennis Crampton, and he died 28 December 1692.

JUDAH EVARTS, Guilford, brother of the preceding.  He married 3 August 1670, Mary Hayden, daughter of William Hayden of Killingworth, had Mary, born 28 June 1675, died at 3 years; Samuel, 4 October 1678; Mary, again, 16 May 1682, died very soon; and Ebenezer, 16 June 1688, died young.  He died 1696, leaving the two sons.


ADAM EVE, Boston, is the strange name of one, which as Bond says.  He married 5 July 1694, Elizabeth Barsham, youngest daughter of William Barsham of Watertown, had daughter Annabel, who married 23 December 1714, Jonathan Benjamin of Watertown.


ISAAC EVELETH, Gloucester, son of Sylvester Eveleth.  He married 13 November 1677, Abigail Coit, daughter of John Coit, had Isaac, born 21 January 1680; and Hannah, 9 May 1681; besides Job.  He was freeman 1684.  His widow married second Thomas Millet as his second wife survived him.  He died 19 March 1726, aged 68.

JOHN EVELETH, Ipswich.  By wife Mary, had Mary, born 13 November 1683; but may have had others several years before or after.  He died December 1745, in his 107th year according to Pemberton's MSS.  Ann.   Probably a mistake as to time and man.

JOHN EVELETH, Ipswich, eldest son of Joseph Eveleth, minister of Manchester, ordained 1 October 1693, dismissed 1695; in five years more was settled at Stow, but again dismissed 1717; two years after preaching at Arundel and Biddeford until 1729, perhaps as Episcopal Missionary.  He died at Kittery 1 August 1734, aged 65.  He married at Charlestown, then being schoolmaster, 2 December 1692, Mary Bowman, daughter of Francis Bowman of Cambridge, had Joseph, who 27 October 1714, aged about 18, buried at Cambridge, probably a student at the College.  His wife died before 1698.

JOSEPH EVELETH, Gloucester, son of Sylvester Eveleth.  He married 1 January 1668, Mary Bragg, daughter probably of Edward Bragg, had John Eveleth, born 25 January 1670, Harvard College 1689; Elizabeth 17 December 1671; 31 May 1674; Isaac, 11 October 1676; Edward, 25 July 1679; Moses, 13 February 1682; Mary, 13 November 1683; and Hannah, 1 October 1685.  He enjoyed great length of life, I believe; and besides the service to his country in having so many children he merits high reward as one of that noble jury, who had yielded to the monstrous dictator of the court in the witchcraft cases 1692, at Salem, every man of them declared that none of them would "do such things again on such grounds for the whole world."

SYLVESTER EVELETH, Gloucester, had been a baker at Boston 1642, at Gloucester was selectman 1647, 49, and 51.  He had wife Susanna who died 7 September 1659, or, as report is, 14 September 1669.  By her had Susanna, who married 31 December 1656, James Stevens; Isaac; Joseph, baptized 26 March 1643, about 1 3/4 years old; and Hannah, 8 October 1644, both at Boston.  He married 6 September 1672, Bridget Parkman, probably daughter of first Elias Parkman; his daughter Mary in 21 May 1655, Thomas Millet.  At Gloucester a tradition prevails, that Joseph died 1745, aged 105, which partly conflicts with, partly confirms, that one about John; and the Supplement to the Boston Evening Post of 16 December 1745, continued this obituary notice: "On the 2nd instant died at Ipswich, Mr. Joseph Eveleth in the hundred and seventh year of his age--left several children of a great age, one of who is upwards of 70 years old."  Reasonable therefore, may we believe that John, or Joseph, ran something over a century.


ANTHONY EVERDEN, Providence, took the oath of allegiance May 1666.

RICHARD EVERDEN, Providence, swore allegiance June 1668.

THOMAS EVERDEN, Salem 1682, a Quaker preacher.

WALTER EVERDEN, from Kent, an aged man, employed in manufacture of gunpowder, was in Massachusetts August 1674.  Hutchinson College 468.


ANDREW EVERED, York, made freeman of Massachusetts 1652, was living 1680, to swear allegiance to the King.  Sometimes it is Everestate.

JOHN EVERED, with a perpetual alias Webb, for surname, Boston, from Marlborough in Wilts, embarked in the James at Southampton April 1635, arrived 3 June 1635.  He had large estate from 1656, as also at Chelmsford, where he was Captain and Representative 1663, 64, and 65, spent the last 5 or 6 years of life in that part afterwards Dracut.  He died 16 October 1668.  His will of 10 February 1666, bestows £50 on church of Boston, names wife Mary, six servants, his niece Rebecca, wife of John Arsleby of Andover, and her brothers John, Robert, Thomas, Peter, and Nathaniel Eayres, or Ayres, of Haverhill, and the eldest son of John Bishop of Nantucket, besides cousin or nephew James Breedane, and brother William Dinsdale of Boston, and Reverend John Fiske, who with Thomas Hincksman he made overseers of this will, from all which it may be presumed he left no descendants

STEPHEN EVERED, perhaps brother of the preceding, having the same alias, and coming in the same ship with him.  No more is known of him.  It may be unavailing to ask why this family is described in all the records by a double surname, as was the progenitor of famous Oliver Cromwell, by the precession of Williams.  Webb was a common name in Wiltshire, and in many other parts of England

WILLIAM EVERED, Charlestown, without the alias.  He married 30 January 1659, Sarah Fillebrown.


EVERELL. See Everill.


ISAAC EVEREST, Guilford.  By wife Joanna, had John; Isaac, born 1 May 1677; Benjamin; and Lydia.  He died 1697, probably for his inventory of good estate is of 23 January 1697.

JOB EVEREST, Guilford, brother of the preceding.  He died 1684, unmarried, and gave all his estate to Isaac.


FRANCIS EVERETT, Reading.  He married 7 December 1675, at Cambridge, Mary Edwards.  He died perhaps at Salem, 22 May 1680.

ISRAEL EVERETT, Dedham, son of Richard Everett.  By wife Abigail, had Tabitha, born 14 January 1677; and Josiah, 3 August 1678.  He died 23 December 1678.

JEDEDIAH EVERETT, Dedham, youngest brother of the preceding.  By wife Rachel, had Tabitha, born 15 April 1681; Ebenezer, 7 June 1682; Timothy, 12 June or August 1685; Abigail, 31 May or August 1690; and Richard, or Rachel, 11 March 1692.

JOHN EVERETT, Dedham, eldest brother of the preceding.  He married 13 May 1662, Elizabeth Pepper, daughter of Robert Pepper, had Elizabeth, born 9 August or 6 November 1665; Hannah, 14 September 1670; Bethia, 3 October 1673; John,  9 June 1676; William, 20 October 1678, or January 1679; Israel, 8 April 1681; and Richard, 24 August 1683.  He was freeman 1690, and a Captain.  He died 1 April 1714.  His widow Elizabeth died June 1715.  But in one draft of a family genealogy that has been submitted to my inspection the dates of death for husband and wife are exchanged.

RICHARD EVERETT, Dedham, whose name is uniformly given Everard.  He had, I presume, lived at Watertown, there, probably by wife Mary, had John, removed about 1636 or 1637, had Mary, born 28 September 1638, says the record, though it seems to me probably that it was 1637; Samuel, 31 March 1639, though the record of the county has, absurdly, 31 September as the town record must be false, if it has Mary correct; Sarah, 14 March 1641, died 1 April following; and James, 14 March 1643, died soon, as did also his mother.  He married 29 June 1643, at Springfield, where he had some estate, Mary Winch, who came, at the age of 15, with Rowland Stebbins 1634, in the Francis, from Ipswich; had Sarah, again, born 12 April 1644; Abigail, 19 November 1647; Israel, 14 July 1601; Ruth, 14 January 1654; and Jedediah, 11 July 1656.  He died 3 July 1682.  In his will, probated 25 July 1682, made 12 May 1680, gave all his estate to wife Mary during widowhood, to child Jedediah, estate in fee of 20 acres; Abigail, wife of Matthias Puffer, "the tract of Easy Plain;" to James Mackenwithy, who married his daughter Mary, 7 acres for life, remainder in fee to her children James, Daniel, and Mary; to grandchild Sarah, daughter of Cornelius Fisher, who married 24 July 1665, his daughter Sarah, 15; and other estate equally to children John, Samuel, Jedediah, Abigail, and Ruth.

RICHARD EVERETT, Jamaica, Long Island.  He died in 1666, or earlier, for in that year Abraham Smith was appointed administrator of his estate in trust for his children. These children are not named.  Thompson, in 1656, calls him Evert; yet in 1686 he names at Jamaica, John Everit, perhaps one of them.

SAMUEL EVERETT, Dedham, son of first Richard Everett.  He married 28 May 1669, Mary Pepper, daughter of Robert Pepper, had Judith, born 10 February 1670, died soon; Judith, again, 12 March 1672; Samuel, 7 October 1681; Isaac, 25 May 1685; Mary, 24 May 1688; and Benjamin, 20 March 1693.  He was freeman 1690, and he died 26 June 1718.

WILLIAM EVERETT, Kittery 1640, whose name may be Averitt, under government by Gorges patent, allowed to keep an ordinary 1649.  He was administered freeman of Massachusetts 1652, when, perhaps, he was of Dover.  He died at sea 1674.  Ten of this name had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard College and ten at the other New England Colleges.


ABIEL EVERILL, Boston.  He married 6 July 1655, Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of Lieutenant William Phillips, had James, born 4 April 1656.  He died early, for his widow married 1 April 1660, probably as second wife John Alden, junior.

JAMES EVERILL, Boston.  He was administered with wife Elizabeth of the church 20 July 1634, freeman 3 September following.  Had Ezekiel, baptized 15 May 1636; Coneniah, 4 November 1638, if the name on record be credible; and Elizabeth, 3 October 1641; besides Ann or Hannah, older than either, who was, probably born in England, and married William Blanchard, but after his death married George Manning.  He was in good esteem, often one of the selectmen, and died near the end of 1682 or beginning of 1683, for his will, made in December 1682 was probated In February 1683.  His daughter Elizabeth married a Grant.  Often the name appears Everell.


JOSEPH EVERTON, Charlestown, son of William Everton of the same.  By wife Catharine, had Catharine, baptized 22 October 1699; and Joseph, 14 September  701.

SAMUEL EVERTON, Charlestown, brother of the preceding.  By wife Joanna had Joanna, baptized 15 December 1700.

WILLIAM EVERTON, Manchester 1658, Charlestown 1674.  By wife Sarah, had John, Fownell, Samuel, Joseph, and Sarah, all baptized 2 September 1677; William, 7 October 1677; Benjamin, 11 July 1680.  By second wife Ruth Walley, married 19 November 1684, had Elizabeth, baptized 3 September 1688; and Ruth, 27 September 1691; who died next year.  He died 10 October 1689, not aged about 63, as by the gravestone is falsely said.  His widow married 10 September 1691, Thomas Bligh of Boston.


JOHN EWE, Hartford, by misadventure killed Thomas Scott, 6 November 1643.  Father was fined ten pounds to the widow and five to the Colony.


GERSHOM EWELL, Scituate, son of Henry Ewell, had John.

HENRY EWELL, Scituate, came from Sandwich, Kent, 1635, in the Hercules, shoemaker.  He united with the children 3 April 1636, was a soldier in the Pequot war 1637.  He married 23 November 1638, Sarah Annable, daughter of Anthony Annable, removed to Barnstable, where his eldest son John was baptized 8 March 1640; Ebenezer, 12 February 1643; Sarah, 14 September 1645; and came back 1647.  He had at Sandwich Hannah, born 22 June 1649; Gershom, 14 November 1650; daughter Abia, 27 September 1653; Ichabod, June 1639; and Deborah, 4 June 1663.  His house was burned in 1676 by the Indians.  His will of 1681 names the before mentioned except John and Abia, adds other children Eunice, and mentions wife Sarah, and daughter Sarah, wife of John Northey.

JOHN EWELL, Boston, son of the preceding.  He married Mary Goodale, daughter of Richard Goodale.  He died 31 July 1686 at Newbury, leaving daughter Mary.

ICHABOD EWELL, Scituate, son of Henry Ewell.  He cultivated estate of his father but his sons removed to Marshfield, says Deane.

JOSEPH EWELL, Ipswich, freeman 1683.

RICHARD EWELL, Springfield 1668.


HENRY EWER, Sandwich 1637.

JOHN EWER, Barnstable.  He died 1652.

THOMAS EWER, Charlestown.  He came in the James from London 1635, aged 40, with wife Sarah Larned, daughter of William Larned, 28; and children Elizabeth, 4; and Thomas, l.  Had elder children perhaps John, certainly Sarah, who married 18 June 1645, Thomas Blossom the second of Plymouth.  He united with the church January 1636, as had his wife the month before.  He was freeman 3 March 1636.  He died 1638.  His widow married 11 December 1639, Thomas Lothrop of Barnstable, where his daughter Elizabeth was buried 9 April 1641.  Perhaps he was the man against which charged for language against the King, in 1637, was brought By Lord Ley, so easily got rid of by Governor Winthrop I. 234; but he might soon after have seemed in greater danger for error in his religious opinion as he was one of the friends of Wheelwright.  Yet his discretion in recanted is observed.

THOMAS EWER, Sandwich, of who I learn nothing but what his widow Hannah probated his inventory 31 May 1667.

THOMAS EWER, Barnstable, perhaps son of first Thomas Ewer.  He had by first wife Thomas, born December 1673.  Probably mother and children died soon.  He married October 1681, second wife Elizabeth Lovell, who died 20 March 1712, had Thomas, born January 1686, baptized 26 July 1691; Shubael, 1630; John, February 1692; Mehitable, October 1694, died next month; Nathaniel, November 1695; Jonathan, died November 1696; Hezekiah, 1697; and Thankful, October baptized 2 November 1701; besides Sarah, and Elizabeth.


JOHN EWILL, Newbury 1669.  He died 31 July 1686.  Perhaps it is sometimes Ewins.  He may have been son of that William Ewill who in 1666 was aged 46, as Coffin says in Genealogical Registrar VI. 253.


THOMAS EWINGTON, Lynn 1642, is by me thought to be Thomas Euington, freeman of Rhode Island 1655.


RICHARD EWSTEAD, Salem 1629, came in the fleet with Higginson.


RICHARD EXELL, or RICHARD EXILE, Springfield 1646.  He married 4 June 1651, Hannah Reeves, daughter of Thomas Reeves, had Mary, born 1 March 1653; John, 4 November 1657; and Abigail, 20 May 1660.  He suffered in Philip's war, and removed 1676, but whither is unknown yet in 1681 or 82.  He sent to Boston some whale oil to pay a debt he owed Pynchon, so that probably either Long Island or Rhode Island became his home.  Mary married 30 December 1675, Henry Rogers.


JOHN EYER, NATHANIEL EYER, SAMUEL EYER, Haverhill or Salisbury.  See Ayer.


EYNSWORTH, one way of spelling Ainsworth.


EDWARD EYMANS, Haverhill.  In 1663 he was 40 years of age, as Coffin found, and no other finding has reached me.


JOHN EYRE, JOHN EIRE, often JOHN EYERS, Boston, youngest son of Simon Eyre the first.  He married 20 May 1680, Catharine Brattle, daughter of Thomas Brattle, had, besides five children who died young, Catharine, born 20 July 1694; Bethia, 24 July 1695; and John Eyre, 7 August 1700, Harvard College 18.  He was of artillery company 1682, in the Committee of Safety 1689, Representative 1693 and 98, and died June 1700.  His widow married 13 November 1707, Waitstill Winthrop.

JONATHAN EYRE, JONATHAN EIRE, often JONATHAN EYERS, Boston, brother of the preceding by Simon's first wife.  He was educated for a surgeon 1656, but no more is known of him.

SIMON EYRE, SIMON EIRE, often SIMON EYERS, Watertown, a surgeon.  He came in the Increase 1635, from London, embarked 15 April aged 48, with wife Dorothy, 38; and children Mary, 15; Thomas, 13; Simon, 11; Rebecca, 9; Christian, 7; Ann, 5; Benjamin, 3; and Sarah, 3 months.  He was freeman 17 April 1637, Representative 1641, selectman 1636-43, and clerk of the town 1641-45, when John Sherman succeeded.  He soon removed to Boston where his wife died 11 August 1650.  But he had before removing, Jonathan, born 20 March 1638; and Dorothy, 14 June, 1640.  Probably too, his child Sarah died at Watertown young.  He married about 1651, Martha Hubbard, daughter of William Hubbard, sister of the historian and of John Whittingham of Ipswich, had Maria, born 26 March 1652 and John, 19 February 1654.  He died 10 October 1658, unless 10 November by another record be more probable.  His widow died 13 July 1687.  Abstract of his will of 5 July 1658 may be seen in Genealogical Registrar IX. 39.  Ann married 5 March 1652, John Checkley; and Mary, it is said married Richard Moseley, though whom he was, I see not.

SIMON EYRE, SIMON EIRE, often SIMON EYERS, Boston, brought by his father, the preceding, with the other seven children 1635.  He married Lydia Starr, daughter of Comfort Starr, had Simon, born 6 August 1652, to whom grandfather Starr made a bequest "to help him to learning."  On 10 August 1653 his wife died, and he had died few days before (about August 1653).

SIMON EYRE, SIMON EIRE, often SIMON EYERS, New Haven, son of the preceding.  He married 22 July 1679, Elizabeth Allerton, daughter of the second Isaac Allerton, the young widow of Benjamin Starr, had Lydia, born 17 September 1680; Simon, 5 September 1682; and Isaac, 23 February 1684; and Benjamin, 19 June 1688; and Elizabeth, 30 October 1690.  He died at Milford 1695.  Error in Genealogical Registrar 157, gives the list of proprietors at New Haven 1685 (which is generally very accurate), is seen in the name of this man, as Egears; and in an earlier day some record gives it Heyers, while the London custom house shows Ayres.  That John, who was drowned 30 November 1696, "skating on the Fresh Pond" (as Sewall's Diary in Genealogical Registrar V. 76, tells), was his son.  I venture to conjecture though, he was so far from home, became both he and his partner in the casualty are called students, and probably they were preparing for administration at College.

JOHN EYRE, JOHN EIRE, often JOHN EYRES, senior JOHN EYRE, JOHN EIRE, often JOHN EYERS, junior, JOSEPH EYRE, JOSEPH EIRE, often JOSEPH EYERS, NATHANIEL EYRE, NATHANIEL EIRE, often NATHANIEL EYERS, SAMUEL EYRE, SAMUEL EIRE, often SAMUEL EYERS, and TIMOTHY EYRE, TIMOTHY EIRE, often TIMOTHY EYERS, who were all of Haverhill, and there took the military oath of allegiance 28 November 1677, no doubt, though brought in with “E” belonged to the first letter of our alphabet; yet as I could of either tell nothing more, their fall in Genealogical Registrar VI. 203, is not matter of regret.  Commonly the name at Haverhill was Ayer.

THOMAS EYRE, THOMAS EIRE, often THOMAS EYERS, Watertown 1644, eldest son of Simon Eyre the first, who in his will had devised to him the estate at wife’s death, probably without issue, perhaps unmarried in Virginia 1666, though we may ask, in vain, why he was there, unless we assume that he had lost or wasted his grant property which inferred must be justified by Bond, 204, making his inventory no more than £26.13.  Farmer thought the family might be derived from John Eyre of Brandon in Suffolk shire where son Simon was in 1445 mayor of London.

THOMAS EYRE, THOMAS EIRE, often THOMAS EYERS, Boston.  By wife Ann, had Saville, born 13 December 1691; and Thomas, 13 July 1694.  His parents are unknown.  Ayer is often written for this name.


SAMSON EYTON, Cambridge 1650, then a student at College who left before graduating to go to England.  There he was made a fellow, but we read not the name of the college or at which University. See Hutchinson 1.112.


JOHN FABENS, JOHN FABIN, or JOHN FABINS, on a jury in New Hampshire 1656.  He married perhaps, one of the daughters of Edward Gilman.  Elizabeth came in the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 16, but we know not who was her father.  Fabyan is a name in that region, and John Fabens, Esq. of the province died 1757.


JOSEPH FABER, or JOSEPH FEBAR, Boston 1637, a cooper, came in the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 26.  He was fined in March 1638 for selling wine without license.  His wife was a principal cause of the excommunication of Captain John Underhill, as with great particularity set forth in Winthrop I. 326. II. 15, and in church records of 5 March 1640.


ROBERT FACE, Charlestown, carpenter.  He died 22 January 1657, in his will, died next March.  Gave all his property to John Fownell, the miller, with whom he lived.


ELIEZUR FAIRBANKS, Medfield, son of George Fairbanks.  By wife Martha, had Mary, born 31 October 1678.  He was of Sherborn, where he had Martha, 22 January 1680; Lydia, 8 March 1682; Martha, 9 December 1684; Mercy, 18 October 1688; and Eliezur, 29 December 1690.  He died 1741.

GEORGE FAIRBANKS, Dedham, son of Jonathan Fairbanks.  He came probably from Yorkshire, England, with his father and other children.  By wife Mary, had Mary, born 10 November 1647; George, 26 May 1650; Samuel, 28 October 1652; Eliezur, 8 June 1665; Jonas, 23 February 1657.  He was at Medfield, there had Jonathan, 1 May 1662; and Margaret, 27 June, 1664.  He was after of Sherborn; but at Medfield, says Barry, he died 10 January 1683, or 6 April of same year.

GEORGE FAIRBANKS, Dedham, son of the preceding.  He married 1671, Rachel Adams, and had Rachel, born 29 September 1672; Mary, 5 March 1675.  His wife died 12 May 1678, and he by wife Susanna, had Susanna, 24 March 1680, died soon; Susanna, again, 17 May 1682; Dorothy, 6 November 83; Margaret, 5 January 1685.  By third wife Sarah, had Jonas, 15 February 1688, died at 2 years; Sarah, 16 November 1690; George, 2 October 1694; and John, 9 October 1697;

JOHN FAIRBANKS, Dedham, perhaps brother of Jonathan Fairbanks the first.  He brought from England it is said, only daughter Mary, who married 2 or 12 April 1644, Michael Metcalf the second, and no more is heard of him.

JOHN FAIRBANKS, Dedham, eldest son of Jonathan Fairbanks.  He came from England no doubt, with his father.  By wife Sarah, had Joshua, born 26 May 1642; John, 7 February 1644; Sarah, 9 December 1645; Jonathan, 10 November 1648, died probably at 13 years; Martha and Mary, twins 25 December 1650; Joseph, 10 May 1656; Hannah, 10 February 1659; and Benjamin, 17 February 1662.  Some wrong inference from records may arise that another wife Susan was mother of the last six children.  His wife Sarah died 26 November 1683; and he died 13 November 1684.  His will of 10 November 1684, provides for children John, called his eldest son Joseph, his second and Benjamin, the youngest, daughter  Hannah, and granddaughter  Mary Sawyer; so that we may be sure others were dead.

JOHN FAIRBANKS, Wrentham, perhaps son of the preceding.  By wife Hannah had, at Dedham, John, born 1677; but at Wrentham, Joshua, 18 March 1682; Abigail, 17 August 1684; Nathaniel, 9 May 1687; Sarah, 22 March 1690, died at 6 months; and Deborah, 1 August 1692.

JONAS FAIRBANKS, Lancaster 1657, son of the first Jonathan Fairbanks.  He married 28 May 1658, Lydia Prescott, daughter of John Prescott, had Mary, born 1659; Joshua, 1661; Grace, 1663; Jonathan, 1666; Hazadiah, 1668; Jabez, 1670; and Jonas, 1673.  He was killed by the Indians 10 February 1676, with his son Joshua.  The widow married a Barron, and in 1698, settled estate of father.

JONATHAN FAIRBANKS, Dedham, the progenitor I presume, of all this family name, now in New England.  He came with wife Grace and probably all his six children before 1641.  He died 5 December 1668.  His will of 1 June 1668 probated 26 January 1669, provides for wife Grace, eldest son John; second George; Mary, wife of Christopher Smith; third son Jonas; and Jonathan, the youngest; Sarah, eldest daughter of son John; son-in-law Ralph Day, and each of the four children.  He had by my daughter Susan, his late wife and largest portion to son John.  He was probably from the West riding of Yorkshire as the will of his uncle George calls him of Sowerby, in that part of England.

JONATHAN FAIRBANKS, Dedham, son of the preceding.  He married Deborah Shepard, daughter of Edward Shepard of Cambridge, had Deborah, born 3 June 1654; Grace, 17 December 1656; Sarah, 12 December 1638; Edward, 10 January 1661; David, 28 January 1663; Samuel, 2 June 1665; Mary, 24 July 1667; and Jeremiah.  He was freeman 1690.  His widow died 7 September 1705.

JONATHAN FAIRBANKS, Sherborn, son of the first George Fairbanks, a physician.  By wife Sarah, who died 9 July 1713, had George, born 14 April 1685; Jonathan, 21 March 1689; Comfort, 30 October 1690; Joseph, 25 April 1692; Samuel, 27 February 1693; and Jonas, 9 June 1697.  By second wife Anne, he had Benjamin, born 1715.  He died 1719.

JONATHAN FAIRBANKS, Lancaster, son of Jonas Fairbanks.  He married 24 August 1688, Mary Howard of Concord, had Hannah, and Mary, who were saved when he was killed with two other children by the Indians 1697.  His wife was carried to Canada, but came home soon.  The age of Hannah was 9 years and Mary, 3, when the estate was settled by his brother Jabez Fairbanks in May 1698.

JOSEPH FAIRBANKS, Dedham, son of first John Fairbanks, freeman 1678 or 1684.

RICHARD FAIRBANKS, Boston 1633.  He probably with Elizabeth his wife, came with Cotton in the Griffin, at least his union with the children here was on the same day with Elder Leverett and wife Governor Brenton and Edward Hutchinson, in the month after the great teacher arrived.  He was freeman 14 May1634, and of artillery company 1654.  He had Constance, baptized 10 January 1636; and Zaccheus, 8 December 1639, died young.  He was a man of some distinction, disarmed November 1637 for heretical perversity in the cause of Wheelwright, but within two years after made by the same government, the first receiver of all letters from abroad for the whole Colony.  Constance married 30 March 1653, Samuel Mattock.


THOMAS FAIRCHILD, Stratford, one of the first settlers 1646, Representative 1659, 60, and often after.  He had by wife whose name I see not, a daughter of Robert Seabrook of Stratford.  He had Samuel, born 1640; Sarah, 19 February 1642; John, 1644; Thomas, 1646; Dinah, 1648; Zechariah, 1651; and Emma, 1653.  Of these the second and third are not named in his will of 7 December 1670, just before his death and perhaps they were dead.  He had gone home, got second wife Catharine Cragg, a daughter of London (the contract of marriage 22 December 1662, in which he was bound to secure to her estate at son for life or pay £200, being here record), and had by her three children.  The sons Samuel and Thomas were proprietors two years before Emma married 20 April 1676, Hackaliah Preston and died February 1733.


DANIEL FAIRFIELD, Boston.  By wife Elizabeth, had Mary, buried July 1639; Elizabeth, 30 October 1640, who married 22 October 1657, Joseph Sowther; and Mary, again, 7 July 1643, who married 20 August 1660, John Parker.  He was freeman 1683, unless another Daniel Fairfield of Boston were the man.

DANIEL FAIRFIELD, Salem 1639, called a half Dutchman, the unhappy subject of severe punishment, related by Winthrop II. 46.  He had liberty in 1656 to go with wife and children to England and probably wished not to return.

DANIEL FAIRFIELD, Weymouth.  By wife Sarah, had James, born 18 March 1666; a child 24 August 1667; and Sarah, 25 August 1670.  He was, probably father of Daniel Fairfield, born at Braintree, 18 September 1662, whose diligence in keeping a Diary from 1689 to 1711, presented to the Historical Society by Reverend Dr. Harris, its librarian, was much praised by a local historian.  But it is known now, that the writer of the Diary was John Marshall, whose mother Ruth married the father of the Diary-keeper.

JOHN FAIRFIELD, Charlestown 1638, Salem 1639, freeman 14 May 1640.  He had John, baptized 27 June 1641.  He died about 1647, leaving widow Elizabeth (who married Peter Palfrey), and children Benjamin, John, and Walter, both the former and latter, perhaps, born in England.

JOHN FAIRFIELD, Ipswich, son perhaps of the preceding.  He died November 1672, leaving widow Sarah, children John, Triphena, and Elizabeth.  Next year the widow married Daniel Kilham.

JOHN FAIRFIELD, Newport, freeman there 1655, was of Westerly 1669.  Probably he had no children and in 1689 gave all his property to Mary Babcock, daughter of John to obtain maintenance of himself and wife for life.

WALTER FAIRFIELD, Reading, probably son of John Fairfield of Salem.  He had Samuel, born 13 August 1638, died young; Samuel, again, 14 April 1660, died young; William, 14 October 1662; and perhaps more.  He was after of Wenham, and Representative 1689.

WILLIAM FAIRFIELD, Wenham, son of the preceding, born about 1662 or 63, freeman 1690.  He was Representative 27 years, and speaker 1641.  He died 1742 aged 80.  His eldest son William of Boston died 1770, leaving six sons of which says Folsom, 268, Reverend John Fairfield of Saco, Harvard College 1757, was one.


JOHN FAIRMAN, Enfield, one of the first settlers.  He had James, born 1683, perhaps others before, and he died 1684.  He wrote his name Ferman, and may have been son or grandson of John Firmin of Watertown.


JOHN FAIRWEATHER, or JOHN FAYERWEATHER, Boston, son of Thomas Fairweather.  He married 15 November 1660, Sarah Turner, daughter of Robert Turner, had Thomas, Penelope, and John, all baptized 12 June 1670; and a child 28 April 1672.  He was a constable and freeman 1673, a Captain, Representative 1684, and made commander of the Castle at the Revolution April 1689.  He married at Swanzey, perhaps second wife Elizabeth Dicksey, in 1674.  He died 13 April 1712.

THOMAS FAIRWEATHER, or THOMAS FAYERWEATHER, Boston.  He came early, perhaps in the fleet with Winthrop, for his name stands in the church list number 101, before dates are found.  He was freeman 14 May 1634.  By wife Mary, had John, baptized 21 September 1634; and Mary, born November 1636, baptized 5 March 1637, died November 1638.  His son Thomas died August 1638.  He died late in 1638.  His inventory was brought in by Elder Colbron and John Odlin 8 January 1639.


DAVID FALCONER, Boston.  He had Thomas, born 1656.  Snow, 61.


BARTHOLOMEW FALDOE, a youth of 16, embarked in the Planter 1635, to come from London, but no more is seen of him.


JAMES FALES, spelled JAMES VALES, sometimes in Colony record, Medfield, was freeman 1673.

JAMES FALES, spelled JAMES VALES, sometimes in Colony record, Dedham, perhaps son of the preceding, was freeman 1684.

JOHN FALES, spelled JOHN VALES, sometimes in Colony record, Wrentham.  He married 20 June 1684, Abigail Hawes, had John, born 22 April 1685, died young; John, again, 19 April 1689; and Joseph, 8 September 1691.  Seven of this name had been graduates at Harvard College in 1825.


JOHN FALL, Swanzey.  He was killed probably by the Indians, and was buried 24 June 1675.

THOMAS FALLAND, Yarmouth, freeman 7 September 1641, Representative 1644 and 1657.  Baylies, II. 3, 30.


GABRIEL FALLOWAY, or GABRIEL FALLOWELL, Plymouth.  He came early, was administered freeman 1 September 1640.  He died 28 December 1667, aged 83.  His will of 14 October 1667 names wife Catharine, his grandson brother Robert Finney, and no others except Sarah, daughter of John Wood.

JOHN FALLOWAY, or JOHN FALLOWELL, Plymouth.  He married 13 February 1668, Sarah Wood, daughter of John Wood, was grandson of the preceding, but it is less easily known who was his father or what became of his grandmother or whether he had children.  He was drowned, as an inquiry held 20 October 1675, shows.  Administration was granted to his widow Sarah, with Samuel Dunham.

WILLIAM FALLOWAY, or WILLIAM FALLOWELL, Plymouth, perhaps son of Gabriel Falloway, and possibly father of the preceding.  He married 16 May 1640, Martha Beal, who as his widow married 29 June 1649, Samuel Dunham.  The name is easily confused, from likeness of double father to capital “H” with Holloway or Halloway.


HENRY FANE, Boston 1648, turner.  He had wife Elizabeth.


ANDREW FANEUIL, Boston, a Huguenot merchant from Amsterdam, to which city he fled from his native Rochelle, recorded as inhabitant of the Colony 1 February 1692, as is told in note to Drake's valuable History of Boston, 536, in company with his brothers Benjamin Faneuil and John Faneuil.  But some uncertainty exists, whether either of his brothers were ever residents in New England.  Of John Faneuil, certainly, the doubt is strong, for Sargent, in his delightful "Dealings with the Dead," 506, asserts that he held fast to the ancient form of religion, "and lived and died, a Roman Catholic."  In the will of Andrew, gives him £100, he is called of Rochelle xxxiii. 205.  Whether he had come over, and went home in disgust at the Puritans of New England be more probable than another hypothesis, that his brothers knew there could be no harm in obtaining license for his administration and, at least, their desire would be as reputable to them though their brother took not benefit of it, is beyond means of solution.  Benjamin Faneuil married indeed at Kingstown, 28 July 1699, Ann Bureau.  He signed a certificate at Boston near three years before in favor of Gabriel Bernon's attempted settlement.   At Oxford, in County Worcester, as in 3 Massachusetts History Collections II. 60, is printed so that he may well seem to have encouragement that French plantation if not even to have lived there some time.  Yet with many other of his countrymen he had made New Rochelle, in the jurisdiction of New York, only 20 miles from the city, his proper home, and there were born all his eleven children.  There, too, he died 1718, as had several of his infant children.  But his eldest son Peter Faneuil, born 20 June 1700, and Benjamin Faneuil, 29 December 1701, became merchants of distinction at Boston.  Andrew brought wife from Holland, but no issue is mentioned, and his wife died 16 July 1724.  He had adopted Benjamin, his nephew and of course the public expectation was that his uncle would bestow no small part of his property the largest in New England upon this favorite relative yet before 12 September 1734.  When he made his will, he had driven that nephew from his house, and in that instruction bequeathed him "five shillings and no more."  In that document with codicil of 23 January 1738, abundant estate was conveyed.  He died 13 February 1738.  Between £7,000 and £9,000 he gave to other relatives and friends, but the greater part of his wealth to his nephew Peter Faneuil, at whose death after few years all went to the disinherited Benjamin Faneuil to be enjoyed seven times as long as the original devisee could.

BENJAMIN FANEUIL, Boston, merchant son of Benjamin Faneuil of the Province of New York.  He married Mary Cutler, had Benjamin, Mary, and Peter.  He was happily disinherited by his uncle Andrew, and gained longer life and good estate.  Removed to Cambridge and built beautiful mansion in that part now Brighton.  He died October 1785

PETER FANEUIL, Boston, eldest brother of the preceding, the richest man in the Province in consequence of the will of his uncle Andrew.  He was never married.  Celebrated for his munification in giving to the town the market house known by his name, built September 1742, and he died 3 March 1743.  Everything about the donor, his brother, his father, and his uncle is told in the very pleasant essays called "Dealings with the Dead," 495 to 568.


ANDREW FANNING, Stonington.  He perhaps, but only known to us as embarked 6 February 1679, in the Diligence, to come to New England as servant of Daniel Stanton.

EDMUND FANNING, New London 1652, is by tradition said to have escaped from the Irish Massacre, 1641, but it has not told anything of the eleven years interval.  He removed to Stonington before 1670, and sometime after, came back to New London.  Lived on Groton side.  He died 1683 leaving sons Edmund, John, Thomas, and William, besides daughter Mary, who married 24 September 1683, Benjamin Hewett.  Perhaps he was ancestor of Edmund Fanning, Yale College 1759, LL.D. who died at London 1818.  Descendants have continued on the ancestral shore, but one has explored unknown tracts of the immense Pacific, where Fanning's island points out his path. 

THOMAS FANNING, Watertown.  He married 17 May 1655, Elizabeth Daniel, daughter of Robert Daniel, had Elizabeth, born 5 April 1656; Mary, 12 November 1657, died in few weeks; Mary, again, 28 October 1662, married 10 June 1680, Benoni Larned; and Sarah, 18 July 1665.  He died August 1685.  His widow lived to 27 January 1722 in 92nd year.  She was born in England.

WILLIAM FANNING, Newbury.  He married 24 March 1668, Elizabeth Allen, had Joseph, born 1 January 1669; Benjamin, 2 April 1671; William, 10 November 1673; James, 24 July 1676; and Elizabeth, 6 March 1681.


GEORGE FAREWELL, Salem.  He had practiced law several years, was made clerk of that Court institution by Sir Edmund Andros 1687, at Ipswich, for trial of friends of freedom.  Felt.  Of course, he was imprisoned at the Revolution in April 1689.


MOSES FARGO, New London 1680, a smith.  By wife Sarah, had Moses, born 1691, and eight others, whose names are not seen.


CALEB FARLEY, Billerica, son probably of George Farley, freeman 1690.  He had Ebenezer, born 3 April 1674; George, 30 July 1677; both at Woburn; Caleb, and several other children.  He removed perhaps with part of his family to Roxbury, there died 16 March 1712.  Lydia, his widow died 19 November 1715.  Perhaps this caused Farmer to say that George Farley, his father was at Roxbury before going to Woburn; but I find no mention of this name at Roxbury before the eighteenth century.  Caleb.  A descendant of George Farley, born at Billerica, died 5 April 1833, aged 102, at Hollis, and the family is much diffused in that and neighbor parts of New Hampshire.

GEORGE FARLEY, Woburn.  He married 9 April 1641, Christian Births; who probably died soon after.  He petitioned with many others in 1655 for religious liberty, as in 3 Massachusetts History Collections I. 45, spelt Farlo.  He removed to Billerica before 1655.  He married 9 February 1643, wife Beatrice, and had James, born 23 November 1643, died next February; Caleb, 1 April 1645; Mary, 27 February 1647; Timothy; and perhaps more children at Woburn.  At Billerica by wife Christian, had Samuel, born last week of March 1655; and Mehitable, last week of May 1656.  He died at Billerica 27 December 1693.  Farmer says he was early member of the Baptist Church at Boston, where the spelling is Farlow.  Timothy was killed with seven others by the Indians at Brookfield 2 August 1675.

MESHACK FARLEY, or MESHECH FARLEY, Ipswich, son of Michael Farley.  He married 6 August 1684, Sarah Barnham, daughter of Thomas Barnham, widow of a Clark, had Meshack, born 10 June 1685; Michael, 2 August 1686; and January, died young.  He died before his father, leaving widow Sarah, and sons Meshack, and Michael.  Administration was granted 23 December 1696, and the two sons acknowledged recording 14 March 1712, from their uncle Michael, of their portions of father's estate.  The elder of these two sons died 6 March 1716. 

MICHAEL FARLEY, Ipswich, sent over, says Farmer, 1675, from England by Richard Saltonstall to have care of his fuelling mill.  He had Meshack, before mentioned and Michael. 

MICHAEL FARLEY, Ipswich, son perhaps of Meshack Farley, but more probably of the preceding.  He married 1708, Mary Woodbury, daughter of Benjamin Woodbury of Beverly, had issue, it is thought.  Perhaps General Michael Farley, who died 20 June 1789, Sheriff of Essex, was a descendant.  Seven of this name had been graduates at Harvard 1834, and three at other New England Colleges.


RALPH FARMAN, came from London, a barber-surgeon 1635, aged 32, in the James, with wife Alice, 28; children Mary, 7; Thomas, 4; and Ralph, 2.  I find nothing of his residence or death and think it not improbable that he was one of the first settlers of Andover, and his name was Farnum or Farnham.  But

THOMAS FARMAN was of Milford 1658, and may not have been son of the preceding.


EDWARD FARMER, Billerica, son of John Farmer of Ansley, or Anceley, near Atherstone in Warwickshire.  He came in 1671 or 72 with his mother Isabella, a widow who married Elder Thomas Wiswall of Newton, outlived him, and died 21 May 1686 at the house of her son.  He brought perhaps, sister Isabella Farmer and brother Thomas Farmer, certainly wife Mary, daughter Sarah, born about 1669; and probably John, 19 August 1671.  He had here Edward, 24 March 1674; Mary, 3 November 1675; Barbara, at Woburn, 26 January 1678, died at 4 years in Billerica; Elizabeth, 17 May 1680; Thomas, 8 June 1683; and Oliver, 2 February 1686.  He was a useful townsman.  His wife died 26 March 1719, aged about 76, and he died 27 May 1727, about 87.  His paternal acres through descendants of his youngest son to which father gave them is still the inheritance of 6th generation.  Sarah married November 1692, Thomas Pollard; Mary married John Dean; and Elizabeth married 29 May 1707, William Green.

EDWARD FARMER, Billerica, son of the preceding.  He married Mary Richardson, daughter of Thomas Richardson, had Mary; Andrew, born 27 March 1709; and Elizabeth.  His wife died 15 May 1746; and he died 17 December 1752. 

JOHN FARMER, Boston, a soldier in Moseley's company killed in the great fight of Philip's war 19 December 1675. 

JOHN FARMER, Concord, of who I read only, that his daughter Isabel was wife of David Wyman.  He married 27 April 1675.  After his death she married 19 November 1679, James Blood; and was of Charlestown 1677. 

JOHN FARMER, Billerica, son of first Edward Farmer, born probably in England.  He died 9 December 1736, aged 65.  By wife Abigail, who died 20 March 1754, had Dorothy, Barbara, John, Daniel, Richard, Edward, Jacob, and William; but the order of births is uncertain.

OLIVER FARMER, Billerica, youngest brother of the preceding.  He married Abigail Johnson, daughter of Ebenezer Johnson, granddaughter of Honorable William Johnson, and great granddaughter of Captain Edward Johnson, author of Wonderwork, Providence of Zion's Saviour in New England, had Abigail, born 22 December 1717, died in 3 weeks; Abigail, again, 14 January 1719; Mary, 26 August 1721; Sarah, 14 December 1723; Betty and Rebecca, twins 31 May 1726; Oliver, 31 July 1728, who lived at the ancestral farm, had children by two wives of which the first, Rachel Shed, daughter of John Shed of Pepperell.  He married 5 April 1757, was mother of John, born 1 December 1762, who was father by Lydia, daughter of Josiah Richardson of Chelmsford, who he married 24 January 1788, of John Farmer, the distinguished antiquary, born 12 June 1789, so that the Memoir of him, with which the Genealogical Registrar 1 begins, ominously lost one generation in its first paragraph; Isabella, 2 March 1731; Edward, 21 February 1734; and John, 7 December 1737.  He died 23 February 1761; and his widow married Captain James Lane of Bedford. 

THOMAS FARMER, Billerica 1675, probably brother of first Edward Farmer, perhaps came with him, is not heard of after 1684, and may have gone home. 

THOMAS FARMER, Billerica, son of Edward Farmer the first.  He married Elizabeth Hunt as in his family Register, Concord, 1813, wrote the great antiquary (but a modern authority, not of higher reputation for accuracy in a "Genealogical Memoir," page 27, gives the name Sarah), had Thomas; Joseph, died soon; Joseph, again; Susanna; Josiah, or Jonas; Elizabeth; Joshua; Samuel; and Benjamin.  He and his wife died at Hollis, about 1767, and were buried in one grave.  A large genealogy memorial of many branches of first Edward's descendants is given in Genealogical Registrar but it has nothing beyond the names of the children of the eldest son and of those of Thomas.  In the royal charter for Virginia 1609 are found John Farmer and George Farmer, gentleman Haz. I. 61-3.


EPHRAIM FARNHAM, EPHRAIM FARNAM, or EPHRAIM FARNUM, Andover, son of Ralph Farnham.  He married 20 March 1700, Priscilla Holt, had Ephraim, Joseph, Zebediah, Josiah, James, and perhaps others.

HENRY FARNHAM, HENRY FARNAM, or HENRY FARNUM, Roxbury, joiner, artillery company 1644, freeman 1645; the name in church record being Farnham, but in Colony records made Firnam.  He was not long at Roxbury, perhaps went to Long Island, thence to Connecticut, certainly was of Killingworth 1666, a Deacon.  He died 13 January 1700 and left only son Peter. 

JOHN FARNHAM, JOHN FARNAM, or JOHN FARNUM, Dorchester, freeman 13 May 1640, perhaps brother of the preceding, probably one of the founders of Second Church at Boston June 1650.  In 1666 he was imprisoned for heresy, and turned into a Baptist.   By wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, who married 6 August 1657, Joshua Carwithee; Jonathan, born at Dorchester 16 January 1639; Hannah, 9 November 1642; Joanna, 3 March 1645; John, who died 26 August 1652; and Rachel, who married Thomas Martyn. 

JOHN FARNHAM, JOHN FARNAM, or JOHN FARNUM, Andover.  He married 12 November 1667, Rebecca Kent, daughter of Stephen Kent of Newbury, had John, born 1670, died next year; and David, died 30 November 1687.  Perhaps he had second wife Mary Tyler, and by her Ann, who died 20 April 1696. 

JOHN FARNHAM, JOHN FARNAM, or JOHN FARNUM, Boston.  He married 7 April 1654, probably as second wife Susanna Arnold, daughter of Thomas Arnold of Watertown, had John, born 20 May 1655; and Jonathan, 13 November 1659.  He was freeman 1671, then of First Church.  His daughter Joanna married 7 January 1658, James English. 

JOHN FARNHAM, JOHN FARNAM, or JOHN FARNUM, Andover, son of Ralph Farnham, perhaps, but not probably is he who married 30 June 1693, Mary Tyler.

JONATHAN FARNHAM, JONATHAN FARNAM, or JONATHAN FARNUM, Boston, son of first John Farnham, was a Captain.


PETER FARNHAM, PETER FARNAM, or PETER FARNUM, Killingworth.  He married Hannah Wilcoxson, had seven children.  He died 14 February 1704.  His widow married Nathaniel Royce of Wallingford. 

RALPH FARNHAM, RALPH FARNAM, or RALPH FARNUM, Andover.  He married 26 October 1658, Elizabeth Holt, daughter of Nicholas Holt, had Sarah, born 1661, who married 22 April 1685, Benjamin Abbot; Ralph, 1662; John, 1664; Henry, 1666, died 7 May 1683; Hannah, 1668; besides Thomas, Ephraim, and perhaps others earlier or later.  He died 8 January 1692.  Tradition makes him come from Wales, but I can hardly receive it.  Who was his father I have not learned, but imagine his name to have been Ralph Farnham, and that he was father of Mary, who married at Andover, 20 October 1650, Daniel Poor; and of Sarah, who married 26 April 1658, George Abbot.  See Farman. 

SAMUEL FARNHAM, SAMUEL FARNAM, or SAMUEL FARNUM, Andover, perhaps brother of Ephraim Farnham, and son of Thomas Farnham the first.  He married 4 January 1698, Hannah Holt. 

THOMAS FARNHAM, THOMAS FARNAM, or THOMAS FARNUM, Andover, probably brother of Ralph Farnham, and brought with him in childhood by their father.  He married 8 July 1660, Elizabeth Sibborns, who died 26 August 1683.  He was freeman 1669, and he died 11 January 1686, aged about 53.  Thomas, their son died 6 October 1672. 

THOMAS FARNHAM, THOMAS FARNAM, or THOMAS FARNUM, Andover, son of Ralph Farnham, perhaps, or of the preceding married 14 May 1693, Hannah Hutchinson.  Descendants of these Andover stocks are many, usually writing the name, as did, also, John of Dorchester, Farnham.  But at the various New England Colleges it is not easy to adjust them.


JOSEPH FARNSWORTH, Dorchester, freeman 14 March 1639.  By wife Elizabeth, had Mary, born 30 March 1637; Hannah, 14 December 1638; Rebecca, 2 January 1640; and Ruth, 3 June 1642; besides Joseph, Samuel, and perhaps others by second wife widow Mary Long.  He was selectman 1647, and died 12 January 1660.  In his will of 2 January 1660, Genealogical Registrar IX. 140, provision is made for his wife Mary and her two children by former husband Joseph, and Thomas Long, for his daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Mansfield, daughter Esther, daughter Mary, wife of Abraham Ripley, grandchildren Joseph, son of Simon Peck, by Hannah, daughter of testate deceased, his eldest son Joseph, son Samuel, and daughter Rebecca. 

JOSEPH FARNSWORTH, Dorchester, perhaps eldest son of the preceding, born in England, freeman 1649.

MATTHIAS FARNSWORTH, Lynn, Groton, an early proprietor freeman 1670, and selectman.  By wife Mary, had Joseph, born 17 November 1657, died at 17 years; Mary, 11 October 1660 at Lynn.  At Groton had Samuel, 8 October 1669, and probably others, after, or more likely before as Benjamin, John, Matthew, and Samuel, had families there in 1691.  He died 1689, aged 77.  His will is of January 1689.  See Butler's History 395, 6.  Mary married 11 April 1676, Samuel Thatcher of Watertown. 

SAMUEL FARNSWORTH, Windsor, son of Joseph Farnsworth.  He married 3 June 1677, Mary Stoughton, daughter of Thomas Stoughton the second, had Mary, born 17 May 1678, died in few days.  His wife died 28 August 1684.  Next year in November he married Mary Moses, daughter of John Moses, had Joseph, born 1694.  Earlier this name was written without “s”.  Two of this family had been graduates at Harvard 1828, and five at other New England Colleges.  Calamy, Eject. minister II. 840, mentioned Mr. Farnsworth who came from New England and died very poor.


BARNABAS FARR, Boston, perhaps not permanent inhabitant.  He died 13 December 1654.

BENJAMIN FARR, Lynn, son of George Farr, freeman 1691.  He married 28 July 1680, Elizabeth Burrill, daughter of Francis Burrill, had Elizabeth, born 3 July 1682; Mary, 28 July 1684; and perhaps others. 

GEORGE FARR, Salem, shipwright, came in the fleet with Higginson, 1629.  He soon became farmer at Lynn, and freeman 6 May 1635.  He died 24 October 1662, leaving wife Elizabeth, who died March 1687, and children John, who died 29 October 1672; Lazarus, died 9 December 1669; Benjamin, before mentioned; Joseph; Mary; Martha; Elizabeth; and Sarah.  Martha married 18 September 1661, William Clark of Boston; and Elizabeth married 4 April 1666, Nicholas Hutchins of Lynn.  One Mary Farr was married 10 January 1658, to James Mycall of Braintree, by Major Atherton. 

JAMES FARR, Newport 1638. 

JOHN FARR, Stow, perhaps grandson of George Farr.  He married 11 May 1703, Hannah Applin, daughter of John Applin of Watertown.

JOSEPH FARR, Lynn, son of George Farr, freeman 1682.  He married 22 September 1680, Hannah Walden, had Elizabeth, born 15 August 1681; Mary, 28 February 1684; and perhaps others.  It has been supposed by some that this name is the same as Farrar.


DANIEL FARRABAS, Cambridge, Concord, and Marlborough.  He married 27 January 1660, Rebecca Perriman, who died 1 May 1677.  He married 22 May 1679, Dorothy Rediat.  By first wife he had Daniel, born 20 March 1664; Thomas, 7 March 1667; Elizabeth, 16 March 1669; Rebecca, at Concord, 15 February 1672.  By the second wife had John, born at Marlborough, 1681; Isaac, 30 October 1682; and Jonathan, 23 March 1684.  He died October 1687.  The name was written there Forbush, and his youngest son was called Forbes, as is shown by a careful inquirer in Genealogical Registrar VII. 135.  His widow married 22 May 1688, Alexander Stewart.


NATHANIEL FARRAND, Milford 1645.  He was probably father of Elizabeth, who married 26 September 1676, Walter Smith of the same; certainly of Hannah, who married 1674, Thomas Thornton of Hartford.  Of this name, five, perhaps all descendants have been graduates at Yale.


EPHRAIM FARRAR, soldier of Captain Lothrop's company called  "the flower of Essex," killed 18 September 1675, by the Indians at Bloody brook.

GEORGE FARRAR, Lancaster, son of Jacob Farrar.  He married 7 September 1692, Mary How of Concord, whither, I suppose, he removed and probably sat down in that part now Lincoln, had Joseph; Daniel; George, born 16 February 1705, father of Reverend George Farrar, Harvard College 1751, who died early, and of Reverend Joseph Farrar, Harvard College 1767, minister of Dublin, New Hampshire and a chaplain in the war of the Revolution; and Samuel, 28 September 1708, father of Reverend Stephen Farrar, Harvard College 1755, minister of New Ipswich; and of Honorable Timothy Farrar, Harvard College 1767, the oldest graduate that Institution has produced who died 21 February 1849, aged 101 years 7 months 12 days, having been born 28 June 1747, Old South.

JACOB FARRAR, Lancaster.  At the incorporation 1653.  He was killed by the Indians 22 August 1675.  He had, it is said, son Jacob.

JACOB FARRAR, Lancaster, son of the preceding, born in England about 1643.  By wife Hannah, had Jacob, born 29 March 1669; George, 16 August 1670; Joseph, 16 August 1672; and John.

JOHN FARRAR, Lancaster 1653, brother of the preceding, perhaps was also of Woburn, had their Mary, born 10 April 1656; Jacob, 22 October 1657, died of smallpox, June 1679; Isaac, 16 December 1659, died in few days; Joanna, 9 April 1661; Mercy, 1 April 1663 ; Hannah, 22 January 1668; and Isaac, 1 July 1671.  He died 11 July 1690, made his will 29 June 1687.  His widow lived long.  Joanna married 30 November 1680, Robert Doyle.

THOMAS FARRAR, Lynn 1639.  His wife Elizabeth died 8 January 1681.  He had Thomas; Sarah; Hannah; Susanna, born 26 March 1659; Peleg and Mehitable, twins 6 October 1660, died soon; and Elizabeth who died young.  He was freeman 1690, and died 23 February 1694.  He was less than two years before accused of witchcraft, and some of the evidence (of which the most significant was, that "people used to call him old father Pharaoh") may be read in Genealogical Registrar VI. 317.  Sarah married 20 May 1667, Meletiah Lothrop.

THOMAS FARRAR, Lynn, son of the preceding.  He married 3 March 1682, Abigail Collins.  He was freeman 1691, was selectman 1692.  He died about 1733.  His will of 5 June 1730, probated 11 January 1734, names wife Elizabeth, Rebecca Bassett, and her husband William Bassett; Richard Hood, and Samuel Newhall, called kinsmen; and kinswoman Hannah, wife of Edmund Needham; but how the relationship grew is not seen.  Seven of this name had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard and nine at other New England Colleges.  In old record it often appears Farrow.


BENJAMIN FARRELL, a soldier of Lothrop's company called  "the flower of Essex," killed at Bloody brook, 18 September 1675.  Perhaps the name may have been Farwell.


DANIEL FARRINGTON, Wrentham 1695, perhaps son of John Farrington of Dedham.  He had wife Abigail.

EDMUND FARRINGTON, Lynn, from Olney in Bucks.  He came in the Hopewell, Captain Bundocke, 1635, aged 47, with wife Elizabeth, 49, and children Sarah, 14; Matthew, 12; John, 11; and Elizabeth, 8.  He was of the first project of settlers on Long Island 1640, perhaps went thither, but came back in few years.  He died 20 January 1671.

EDWARD FARRINGTON, Andover.  He married Martha Browne, 9 April 1690.  He was son of the first John.

JACOB FARRINGTON, Andover.  He died 29 June 1667, perhaps leaving widow Elizabeth, who married 14 November following Mark Graves; but he may have been unmarried and she his mother.

JOHN FARRINGTON, Lynn, son of Edmund Farrington, born in England.  He removed to Long Island 1640, with Reverend Abraham Pierson and some years later came back, for the Lynn record has children of a John by wife Elizabeth, viz. Edward, born 5 July 1662; John, 9 March 1664; and Jacob, 22 July 1666.  Yet perhaps as many, or more, were born to him on Long Island.  He died at Lynn, 2 May 1666, and his widow gave his inventory next month, June 1666.

JOHN FARRINGTON, Dedham.  He married 1650, Mary Bullard, daughter of William Bullard the first, had Mary, born 26 March 1651; Sarah, 1 September 1652; John, 25 April 1654; Nathaniel, 9 August 1656; Elizabeth, 11 April 1660; Hannah, 22 July 1662; Daniel, 10 April 1664; Judith, 1 June 1666; Abigail, 30 April 1668; Benjamin, 15 August 1672; and Joseph, 10 November 1681.  He was freeman 1668, and he died before 1686, leaving widow.

JOHN FARRINGTON, Lynn, perhaps son of Matthew Farrington, born at Long Island.  He was soldier in brave Captain Gardner's company and wounded in the great fight of 19 December 1675.  He married 7 October 1679, Lydia Hudson, had John, born 22 November 1680; and Mary, 2 October 1685.  He was freeman 1681.

MATTHEW FARRINGTON, Lynn, son of Edmund Farrington, born in England.  He had perhaps, accompanied his father to Long Island with so many other neighbors, there married.  He had children and came back, and I presume those children which the town records show were born here, as Sarah, 13 February 1658, died next year; William, 6 May 1660; Sarah, again, 15 June 1663; and Theophilus, 13 August 1666.

MATTHEW FARRINGTON, Lynn, son of the preceding, probably though not recorded here. He had Sarah, born perhaps 1 February 1676, died 26 November following; Sarah, again, 20 September 1677; Martha, 2 May 1679; and Samuel, 29 September 1681.  He was freeman 1691, at the same time with Theophilus and William, no doubt his brothers.

THOMAS FARRINGTON, Newtown, Long Island, may have been of the Lynn breed, possibly elder brother of first Matthew Farrington.

WILLIAM FARRINGTON Lynn, son of first Matthew Farrington.  He had William, born 16 May 1684.


GEORGE FARROW, Ipswich 1637.  He married 16 February 1644, Ann Whitmore, perhaps daughter of the first John Whitmore, had Mary, born 6 January 1645; Martha, 25 February 1647; and George, 9 May 1650.  This son I presume, was the man killed by the Indians at Wells, 27 September 1676.  He left three daughters, but William Symonds and Joseph Storer were admonishers.  He is mentioned by Hubbard, his townsman, in Indians Wars.

JOHN FARROW, Hingham.  He came from Hingham, England 1635, with wife Frances and one child Mary, who married 25 October 1649, Samuel Stowell, and 10 April 1689, Joshua Beal.  He had here John, born 6 June 1639; Remember, baptized August 1642, who married 1 February 1660, Henry Ward; Hannah, 9 April 1648, who married 9 June 1674, Nathaniel Folsom; perhaps one other daughter; and Nathan, born 17 September 1654.  He died 7 July 1687, not 1678, as Deane has it, at great age.  His will of 28 March 1687probated 17 August 1687, mentions wife and all the children except Hannah, granddaughter  Mary, wife of his grandson John Garnett, and grandchildren Frances and Nathan, of his daughter Remember.  His widow died 28 January 1688.

JOHN FARROW, Hingham, son of the preceding.  He married 16 November 1691, second wife, but married 14 August 1664, first, Mary Hilliard, perhaps daughter of Anthony Hilliard, had Mary, born 25 October 1665; Hannah, 8 December 1667; Abigail, 27 January 1670; John, 8 December 1672; Esther, 28 June 1675; William, 17 November 1677; Priscilla, 1679; Remember, 3 February 1682; and Sarah, 29 August 1685.  He died 27 January 1716.  His will of 10 February 1708, probated 9 April 1716, names wife Frances and seven of his children, all except Hannah and William, who were dead, grandchildren Mary Josselyn, daughter of Hannah, and Patience, daughter of William. 

NATHAN FARROW, Hingham, brother of the preceding.  He married 5 December 1683, Mary Garnett, had Francis, born 16 December 1684; Christian, 13 October 1686; Jonathan, 20 June 1689; Benjamin, 1692; Nathan, 29 April 1695.  His wife died 27 February 1710.  He had another wife 23 March 1711, Joanna May, widow of Thomas Whiton, who was daughter of Samuel May of Roxbury, and had been daughter of Francis Gardner of Hingham.  He died 18 October 1715.  His will of 7 October 1715, probated 14 October 1718, names wife and all the children.  It is thought by some that this is the same with Farrar, but I do not incline to that opinion.  While owning that often the spelling of the names is interchanged.


GEORGE FARWELL, Boston, one of the adherents of Andros, who was imprisoned 1689.

HENRY FARWELL, Concord, freeman 14 March 1639.  He had wife Olive, sons Joseph, born 20 February 1641; James; perhaps Henry; John; Mary; Olive; and Elizabeth.  He removed to Chelmsford, there died 1 August 1670.  His will, made three weeks before (July 1670), mentioned wife Olive, children John, to whom he gave the Concord estate; Joseph, who with his mother was executor and his wife Hannah; his own daughters Mary Bates; Olive Spalding; and Elizabeth Wilbore. 

HENRY FARWELL, Dunstable 1673, son of the preceding, one of the first settlers at Dunstable.  He had Henry, who married Esther, daughter of Captain Joseph Blanchard; Oliver, born 1691, killed by the Indians 5 September 1724, leaving wife and children; Josiah, sole survivor of the day, when his brother fell, in fight at the northern part of his native town, a Lieutenant in Lovewell's fight, slain at Pequawket, 8 May 1725; Jonathan, born 24 July 1700; Susanna, 19 February 1703; Isaac, 4 December 1704; and Sarah, 4 December 1706. 

JOHN FARWELL, Concord, son of first Henry Farwell.  He married 4 November 1658, Sarah Wheeler.  He was freeman 1682.

JOHN FARWELL, Dunstable, perhaps son of second Henry Farwell, born 15 June 1686.  He died at Cambridge, 10 September 1709.  He was possibly a student at College.

JOSEPH FARWELL, Chelmsford, son of the first Henry Farwell.  He married 1666, Hannah Learned, daughter of Isaac Learned. 

THOMAS FARWELL, Taunton 1639, had John, who went to England.  His widow Sarah married 8 December 1686, Reverend George Shove.  Baylies, I. 286, 9 II. 282.


JOHN FASSELL, or JOHN FASSETT, Dedham, freeman 1654. 


PATRICK FASSELL, or PATRICK FASSETT, Malden.  He had Joseph, born October 1672.  He removed to Billerica, where his name, on the tax list of 1679, with a varied spelled is printed in Genealogical Registrar V. 173.


DAVID FAULKNER, Boston, perhaps son or brother of Thomas Faulkner of the same.  By wife Mary, had Martha, born 30 March 1653; Mary, 10 November 1654; Thomas, 26 September 1656; and I know no more of him, but find

DAVID FAULKNER, Malden.  By wife Elizabeth, had David, born 17 May 1687; and Benjamin, 25 February 1698.

EDMUND FAULKNER, Andover.  He married (4 February 1648, as the record shows, but Farmer says 4 July 1647) Dorothy Robinson, who died 2 December 1668, had Francis, born May 1651; and John, May 1654; besides, probably several others.  He died 18 January 1687.  Mary, who married 30 May 1671, Joseph Marble; and Hannah, who married 23 May 1689, Pasco Chubb, I suppose, were his daughters.

FRANCIS FAULKNER, Andover, son of the preceding.  He married 12 October 1675, Abigail Dane, daughter of Reverend Francis Dane; had Elizabeth, who died 17 August 1678, and other children of which descendants are still known among us.  He died 1732.  His wife was convicted of witchcraft, 1692, with so many other innocents, and after sentence to die when the delusion began to dissipate was pardoned.  See History Collections of Essex Institute I. 59. 

JOHN FAULKNER, Andover, brother of the preceding.  He married 19 October 1682, Sarah Abbot, daughter of George Abbot, had Sarah, who died 1 September 1689; and perhaps others.  He died 1706. 

THOMAS FAULKNER, Boston.  He died 1656, his inventory being taken 22 July 1656 amounted to £153.09.


JOHN FAUNCE, Plymouth, came in the Ann 1623, probably young, for no wife or children is mentioned for ten years.  He married 1633, Patience Morton, daughter of George Morton, had Priscilla, who married Joseph Warrell; Mary, who married 15 July 1658, William Harlow; Patience, who married 20 November 1661, John Holmes; Sarah, who married 26 February 1663, Edward Dotey; Thomas, born about 1647; Elizabeth 23 March 1648, died next year; Mercy, 10 April 1651, who married 29 December 1667, Nathaniel Holmes; John, who died 29 November 1654, probably young; and Joseph, 14 May 1653.  He died 18 January 1687.  The name, Manasseh Faunce, who stands next to his in the list of passengers in the Ann, must be, without doubt, for Mr. Kempton. 

JOSEPH FAUNCE, Plymouth, son of the preceding.  He married 3 January 1678, Judith Rickard, had Hannah, born 12 June 1679; Mary, 2 June 1681; John, 3 December 1683; Mercy, 30 June 1686, died in ten months; Mehitable, 27 May 1689; Joseph, 21 May 1693; Eliezur, 6 February 1696; Thomas, 15 July 1698; and Benjamin, 17 February 1703, died 28 June 1703.

THOMAS FAUNCE, Plymouth, brother of the preceding.  He married 13 December 1672, January Nelson, had Patience, born 7 November 1673, married 2 June 1702, Ephraim Kempton, died 1779 aged 105 and a half years; John, 16 September 1678; Martha, 16 December 1680; Priscilla, 20 August 1684; Thomas, 18 May 1687; Joanna, 24 June 1689; and January, 18 November 1692.  He was Deacon 1686, and Ruling Elder 1699 to his death 27 February 1741, when he was aged 98, or 99, by extravagant computation.


PHILIP FAVOR or PHILIP FEWER, Salisbury.  He married 1689, Mary Osgood, daughter of John Osgood, had Richard, born 31 March 1690; John, 31 March 1692; and Ann, 12 April 1696.


BARNABAS FAWER or BARNABAS FOWER, Dorchester.  He came 1635 in the James from Bristol as company with Reverend Richard Mather [see Young's Chronicles of Massachusetts 450], was an assessor in 1638.  By wife Dinah who came perhaps from England with him, he had other children but we know only Eleazer, born 18 September 1642.  His wife died 9 days after (27 September 1642).  For second wife he took 10 March 1643, Grace Negoose, sister of Jonathan Negoose.  He removed to Boston, and died 13 December 1654.  In his will, probated 2 February 1655, ordered that his son Eleazer be brought up at Mr. Cheever's school.  His widow married John Johnson of Roxbury.  Great variety is exhibited in spelling this name; the record of Watertown, where he owned some land calls it Farr; Boston church records has it Fore; Blake's Annals Four; Dr. Harris, Flower; but Farmer, or his correspondent made it Hawes by mistake of the old ff. 

ELEAZER FAWER or ELEAZER FOWER, Dorchester, son of the preceding.  He married 28 May 1662, Mary Preston, daughter of Daniel Preston, had Gibson, born 1666.  He made his will 13 November 1665, "bound to sea," probably never came back.  His widow married it is said, Samuel Jenkins of Scituate, 6 July 1670.  But I find no such person at Scituate.  Possibly it was son Jenkins of Greenwich, two years later.


JOHN FAWNE, Ipswich, freeman 2 September 1635, with prefix of responsibility removed to Haverhill.  He had wife Elizabeth, and one of his daughters married Robert Clement.


JOSIAH FAXON, JOSIAH FAXSON or JOSIAH FACKSON, Braintree, son of Richard Faxon of the same.  By wife Mehitable Adams, had Josiah, born 23 May 1690; Thomas, 8 February 1692; Lydia, 30 November 1695; Mehitable, 14 June 1698; Edward, 6 May 1700; Elizabeth, 7 April 1702; Eliashib, 10 March 1701; and Sarah, 3 June 1706.  He died 1731.  His widow, daughter of Edward Adams of Medfield, died 1 March 1753. 

RICHARD FAXON, RICHARD FAXSON or RICHARD FACKSON, Braintree 1659, son of Thomas Faxon, born probably in England.  By wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 26 March 1655; Mary, 2 September 1656, died next year; Mary, again, 19 December 1657; Sarah, 13 March 1659; Josiah, 8 September 1660; Thomas, 2 August 1662; Lydia and Hannah, twins 1 September 1663; Ebenezer, 15 December 1664, died soon; Richard, 21 June 1666; John, April 1667, died next year; Joseph, 26 August 1669; and Abigail, 18 September 1670.  He died 20 December 1674.  His will made wife Elizabeth executrix and names children Josiah, Richard, Thomas, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, and Abigail.  His widow married 15 January 1676, Caleb Hobart.

THOMAS FAXON, THOMAS FAXSON or THOMAS FACKSON, Braintree, freeman 1657, Representative 1669.  He had Thomas and Richard, both, perhaps, brought from England.  He died 23 November 1680.  He had married 5 September 1670, Sarah Savil, daughter of William Savil, and she died 1697.

THOMAS FAXON, THOMAS FAXSON or THOMAS FACKSON, Braintree, son of the preceding, probably born in England.  He married 11 April 1653, Deborah Thayer, daughter of Richard Thayer, and he died 25 May 1662.  She died 31 May 1662.  His father had administration.  His children were Deborah, born 28 May 1654, who married 1 January 1680, William Savil; Rebecca, 25 June 1657 married 30 July 1678, Samuel Bass; Sarah, 21 August 1659 married 27 November 1679, Joseph Weld of Roxbury; and Joanna, 20 September 1661 married Nathaniel Wales of Dorchester. 

THOMAS FAXON, THOMAS FAXSON or THOMAS FACKSON, Braintree, son of Richard Faxon of the same.  He married Mary Blanchard, daughter of Nathaniel Blanchard, had Richard, born 4 September 1686; and Mary, 1688.  He died of the prevalent smallpox that prostrated so many more of the levies for the mad expedition of Sir William Phips against Quebec, before departure 1690.  In his will of 4 August  1690 he takes notice of "being pressed out in the service".


HENRY FAY, Newbury, weaver.  He died 30 June 1655, unmarried.

JOHN FAY, Marlborough, son of David Fay, who bought land in Marlborough 1655, yet that may not prove his personal coming.  He came in the Speedwell 1656 from London, a youth of 8 years.  Lived at Watertown.  By wife Mary, had David, who died 2 August 1676, and the mother died not long after.  He married 5 July 1678, Susanna Shattuck, widow of Joseph Morse, eldest daughter of William Shattuck, had David, again, 23 April 1679; Gershom, 10 October 1681; Ruth, 13 July 1684; and Deliverance, 7 October 1686.  Shattuck says his widow married 30 July 1695, William Brigham.  He was perhaps Artillery Company 1678, freeman 1690, and may be the progeny of the numerous races in Southborough and vicinity.

RICHARD FAY, Dorchester 1634. 

WILLIAM FAY, Boston 1643.  Seven of this name had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard and six at other New England Colleges.


HENRY FEAKE, Lynn 1630, freeman 14 May 1634.  He removed about 1637 to Sandwich, was Representative 1643 and 44.  He had daughter Elizabeth, who married 24 March 1654, John Dillingham.  He removed to Newtown, Long Island about 1656.

ROBERT FEAKE, Watertown 1630, came, probably in the fleet with Winthrop.  Requested 19 October 1630 to be made freeman and was administrated 18 May 1631.  He married before the end of January 1632, Elizabeth Fones, widow of Henry Winthrop, daughter of Thomas Fones of London.  He was Representative at the first Court of deputies and again 1635 and 36, and Lieutenant in 1635.  Trumbull, in History of Connecticut I. 118, names him among purchasers of Greenwich 1640; but his residence was at Watertown where he was several years deprived of reason.  He died 1 February 1663.  His inventory was taken 18 February 1663, and amount was only £9.9.2.


ISRAEL FEARING, Hingham, son of John Fearing of the same, cooper.  He married 22 July 1673, Elizabeth Wilder, daughter of Edward Wilder, had John, born 29 December 1674; Elizabeth, 26 January 1679; Margaret, 8 June 1680; and Israel, 29 August 1682.  His widow died 27 January 1731. 

JOHN FEARING, Hingham, from Cambridge, England, it is said.  He came 1638, with Matthew Hawke, his employer, in the Diligent, but preparations had been made for him, perhaps, by grant of land as early as 1635, was selectman 1648, constable 1650, freeman 1652, and Deacon.  He died 14 May 1665.  His will, 11 May 1665 is found in Vol. I. 452.  It names Margaret, his wife and children John, and Israel, who was baptized September 1644; but not the daughters who were Mary, baptized 18 April 1647 married 5 December 1665, James Hersey; and Sarah, 29 July 1649 married 6 February 1667, Benjamin Lincoln.  The widow married 3 November 1675, Robert Williams of Roxbury.

JOHN FEARING, Hingham, son of the preceding.  He married 15 December 1676, Hannah Beal, daughter of Nathaniel Beal, freeman 1677.  He died 20 March 1726.  He had Nathaniel, born 2 January 1680; Hannah, 20 May 1682; John, 4 September 1684; David, 5 February 1687; Susanna, 1 August 1689; Mary, 27 December 1691; and Rachel, 1 October 1699, who died under 12 years. The wife died 14 September 1717.  Early the name was often spelt like the sound, Fering.  Two had been graduates at Harvard and four at other New England Colleges in 1828, says Farmer.


HENRY FELCH, Watertown 1642, Reading 1647, may earlier have been at Gloucester.  He married Hannah Sargeant, daughter of the first William Sargeant of the same, had Hannah, born 26 February 1650; Mary, 31 July 1653; Elizabeth, 15 July, 1655, died at 2 years; John, 26 February 1660; besides Samuel, 3 June 1657, who died 22 October 1661; but this is called son of Henry Felch, junior, and Hannah, and the residence of the parents, who were also parents of Elizabeth is of Boston, in the record of deaths of which town is found that of Margaret, wife of Henry Felch not junior, 23 June 1655.  So that much uncertainty results.  He removed to Boston.  By wife Elizabeth, had Henry.  He died August 1670, leaving widow Elizabeth.  His will, probated 27 September 1670 takes notice of wife Elizabeth, of grandchildren of son Henry, and of Samuel Dunton, who married one of his daughters.

HENRY FELCH, son of the above Henry.  He died 1699 at Reading where John and Joseph lived, who probably were his grandsons.


JOSEPH FELLOWS, Ipswich, perhaps son of William Fellows, freeman 1682.

RICHARD FELLOWS, Hartford 1643, removed 1659 to Springfield, soon to Northampton, and in 1661 to Hatfield.  He died 1663, leaving widow Ursula, and children: Richard, killed by the Indians 25 August 1675; Samuel, died unmarried; Sarah, who married Samuel Billings, and next, Samuel Belding, both of Hatfield; and Mary, who married Joseph Leonard of Springfield. 

SAMUEL FELLOWS, Salisbury, freeman 1645, a man of esteem.  By wife Ann, had Samuel, born 13 January 1647; and Hannah, 15 September 1648.  His wife died 5 December 1684; and he died 6 March 1698.  Hannah married 16 November 1666, Nathaniel Brown. 

SAMUEL FELLOWS, Salisbury, son of the preceding.  He married 2 June 1681, Abigail Barnard, perhaps daughter of Thomas Barnard, had Samuel, born 1683; Thomas, 29 January 1686; Joseph, 23 April 1688; Ann, 28 April 1690; Ebenezer, 10 November 1692; and Hannah, 20 July 1697.  He was freeman 1690.

WILLIAM FELLOWS, Ipswich, 1642, shoemaker, came in the Planter 1635, aged 24.  He had Ephraim, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, Mary, Elizabeth, Abigail, and Sarah, the last born 26 July 1657.  From his will, probated 27 March 1677, it seems, he left widow but her name is not seen, nor whether she was mother of all the children.


FRANCIS FELMINGHAM, or FRANCIS FILLINGHAM, Salem 1637.  He came from Brampton in Suffolk aged 32, that year with Benjamin Cooper, his father-in-law, on the Mary Ann, from Yarmouth.  Felt informs us that next year he had grant of 200 acres at what is now Wenham.


GEORGE FELT, Charlestown 1633, lived on Malden side.  He married Elizabeth Wilkinson, daughter of widow Prudence Wilkinson.  Before 1663 had removed to Casco, where his son George settled on lands purchased many years prior by the father.  Was a thriving man, but after his death, the father was oppressed by younger men and soon after 1689, if not earlier, went back to Malden, there died 1693, aged 92.  By wife Elizabeth who was administered of the church 19 January 1640, had Elizabeth, George, and Mary, all baptized 26 January 1640 and Moses, 20 December 1641.

GEORGE FELT, Falmouth, son of the preceding.  He married a daughter of January, widow of Arthur Mackworth (but perhaps by Samuel Andrews, her first husband), had George, Samuel, and Jonathan.  He was killed by the Indians 23 September 1676 on an Island In the harbor. 

MOSES FELT, Falmouth  1689, son of first George Felt, removed To Malden, lived there to great age. Reverend Joseph born Felt, the analyst of Salem, is supposed to be of this family but he thinks the line cannot be traced.  Company Hubbard, Indians Wars, 45, Frothingham, 82, and Willis, I. 95, 148, 190. 


BENJAMIN FELTON, Salem 1635.  He came with mother Ellen, freeman 22 May 1639.  By wife Mary (who was a sad burden to him) had John, baptized 26 January 1640; Remember, 28 May 1643; and Benjamin, 18 May 1646.  He was keeper of the prison 1676. 

JOHN FELTON, Lynn, perhaps son of Nathaniel Felton, removed to Salem.  He married 29 November 1670, Mary Tompkins, daughter of John Tompkins, had Nathaniel, born 8 June 1672; Mary, 30 March 1674; John, 22 March 1676, died in few days; Hannah, 18 April 1677; Elizabeth, 28 February 1679; Samuel, 1 January 1683; John, 22 August 1686.  His wife died 12 December 1688.  He was freeman 1680. 

NATHANIEL FELTON, Salem 1633, a youth of 17 years, brother of Benjamin Felton, went home in 1634.  He came again next year.  He died 30 July 1705, in 90th year, leaving by wife Mary, John, Nathaniel, born 15 August 1655; Elizabeth, 18 March 1653; Ruth, and Hannah, who married about 1684 Samuel Endicott, and next, 15 December 1697, Thorndike Proctor.  He had also, baptized there, Mary, 6 April 1651, died young; Mary, again, born 15 January baptized 30 May 1658; and Susanna, 1665.


BENJAMIN FENN, Dorchester.  He came, perhaps 1630, in the Mary and John, yet his name is not mentioned before 1638, soon after which he removed to New Haven and to Milford.  He had two wives of which first was Sarah Baldwin, daughter of Sylvester Baldwin, who died 29 April 1663.  He married 12 March 1664, Susanna Ward.  Of the children Benjamin, baptized 20 September 1640; Joseph, 20 November 1642; Sarah, April 1645; Mary, 1647; and Martha, 1650; were of the first wife.  Samuel, 14 March 1666, died soon; Samuel, again, 4 September 1667, died young; Susanna, born 4 May 1669; Samuel, again, baptized 1671; and James, born 14 May 1672; of course, were of the second.  Was Representative 1653 for Milford, an Assistant of that Colony 1654, promoted the union with Connecticut and was an Assistant 1665 of the Charter Colony to 1672, when he died.  The will of 14 September 1672 and inventory of 13 November 1672 show that his estate was large here and in England County Bucks, valued at £600, rents due £240, and this was by the will given to Samuel.  Sarah, perhaps married Samuel Burwell; Martha married 14 March1669, Samuel Newton; and Susanna married William Hooker of Farmington.  By the will of the widow 9 September 1674, we learn, that she was about embarking for England, giving her property chiefly to James and Susanna, referred to her aged mother Susanna Wood or Woad of Suckley in County Worcester, about 9 miles from the city, a parish border.  On Herefordshire besides other relatives; and by the inventory November 1676, it is made probably that she did not come back. 

BENJAMIN FENN, Milford, son of the preceding.  By wife Mehitable Gunn, daughter of Jasper Gunn, had Benjamin, Mary, and Joseph, all baptized in 1667; Sarah, 1668; Mehitable; Hannah; Martha, 1677; and Susanna.  He died 1689.  The wido