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A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England
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John Farmer`s original continuous text has been found by many genealogists to be quite cumbersome, not easy to follow with his constant use of abbreviations, and in places almost impossible to interpret.  Over the past 18 months I have painstakingly sifted through Farmer`s condensed text, editing, rearranging, and reformating in the hopes of aiding researchers in their quest for family histories. 

I cannot guarantee that my interpretations are correct, so like any professional genealogist using resource materials, I would suggest that other sources be used in your search for exactness.



ABBEE. See Abby.


ARTHUR ABBOT, Marblehead, perhaps removed to Ipswich, joined Winthrop 1634, in the settlement of that town, was living in 1671, and probably died before 1679.  We know of issue, only Philip Abbot, whose descendants have tradition that he came from Totness in County Devon, where he left good estate of which for several years after migration, the income was enjoyed by him.

ARTHUR ABBOT, Ipswich, perhaps son of the preceding, in 1671 made freeman, then called junior and, in 1674, 35 years old; by wife Elizabeth, who died 17 February 1738, aged 90, had Elizabeth, born 6 June 1686, and probably other children of who only Moses (father of Reverend Hull of Charlestown), and Arthur of Ipswich, and Susanna, are named with probably evidence.  He died before his wife.

BENJAMIN ABBOT, Andover, son of the first George Abbot of the same, married 22 April 1685, Sarah Farnum, eldest daughter of Ralph Farnum of the same, had Benjamin, born 11 July 1686; Jonathan, September 1687; David, 29 January 1689; and Samuel, 19 May 1694; and died 30 March 1703.

DANIEL ABBOT, Cambridge, came, probably in the fleet with Winthrop 1630, required administration as freeman 19 October of that year, and was recorded 18 May following, at the same Court was fined 5 shares for refusing to watch etc.  Removed about 1639 to Providence, there died about 1650.

DANIEL ABBOT, Providence, perhaps son of the preceding, took oath of allegiance 1668 to the King, did not remove during Philip's war, and may have been the town clerk there 1680.

DANIEL ABBOT, Branford, son of Robert Abbot of the same, had Joseph, and probably Stephen, and Hannah.

EBENEZER ABBOT, Andover, youngest son of the first Thomas Abbot of the same, married Elizabeth Tucker, had Sarah, born 7 June 1717; Elizabeth, 6 May 1719; Ebenezer, 6 September 1721; John, 28 February 1723; Philip, 11 September 1720; Thomas, 28 May 1728, died young; Sarah, again, 15 July 1730; Thomas, again, 22 February 1733; Samuel, 16 June 1736; and Benjamin, 26 January 1738.  His wife died April 1743, and he married Mary Ingalls.

EDWARD ABBOT, Taunton, 1643. Baylies, II. 267.

GEORGE ABBOT, Rowley, brought from England, sons George, Nehemiah, and Thomas, and died 1647.

GEORGE ABBOT, Windsor 1640, fined for selling to an Indian a pistol and powder; probably was after at Norwalk among early settlers 1600, had there two wives of which the latter was Joanna, and he outlived her 8 years, but the children mentioned in his will of 2 May 1689, probated 11 March following, were by the former. They were Dorothy, wife of a Root; Priscilla, wife of a Clason; George, born about 1669; Daniel, about 1672, living 1709, yet not known to have issue; Mary, married after death of her father, a Jackson; John; and Jonathan.

GEORGE ABBOT, Andover, 1643, had been some years at Roxbury, married 12 December 1646, a maiden said, in reasonable tradition to have come in the same ship with him, Hannah Chandler (called Mary on town record of Roxbury), daughter of William Chandler of Roxbury, had John, born 2 March 1648; Joseph, 11 March 1649, died next year 24 June, the first death on record of Andover (where he is called son of Henry by mistake); Hannah, 9 June 1650; Joseph, again, 30 March 1652, who was killed by the Indians 8 April 1676, the earliest victim of the war in that town; George, 7 June 1655; William, 18 November 1657; Sarah, 14 November 1652; Benjamin, 20 December 1661; Timothy, 17 November 1663; Thomas, 6 May 1666; Edward, died young; Nathaniel, 4 July 1671; and Elizabeth, 9 February 1673.  He died 24 December 1661; and his widow married Reverend Francis Dane, as his third wife outlived him, and died 11 June 1711, aged 82.  Hannah, married 20 December 1676, John Chandler; Sarah, married 11 October 1680, Ephraim Stevens; and Elizabeth married 24 November 1692, Nathan Stevens.  His son Benjamin was afflicted by Elizabeth Johnson, a witch, as she confessed in 1692; and she implicated goody Currier in the diabolical work.  Yet the nature or degree of the affliction is nowhere shown.  Currier was executed on account of other charges.  The confession of the nonsense, which probably was the cause of Johnson's impunity is seen in 3 Massachusetts History Collections I. 124.  Of this first George of Andover, said to have come from Yorkshire, descendants are very numerous of which forty-four with the family name, besides  forty-nine others through female Abbots, had been graduates at some colleges in 1844.  Seven sons and three daughters married and resided at Andover, while of 73 grandchildren, five settled at Concord, New Hampshire, four went to Connecticut and two lived at Billerica.  Of seven farms, on which his sons lived, four were occupied by descendants in our day.

GEORGE ABBOT, Andover, son of George Abbot of Rowley, born in England, married 26 April 1658, Sarah Farnum, perhaps sister of Ralph Arnum of Andover, had George, born 28 January following; Sarah, 6 September 1660; John, 26 August 1662; Mary, 29 March 1664; Nehemiah, 20 July 1667; Hannah, 20 September 1668; Mehitable, 17 February 1671, died young; Lydia, 29 September 1675; Samuel, 30 May 1678; and Mehitable, again, 4 April 1680.  He died 22 March 1689; and his widow married 1 August following, Henry Ingalls, outlived him, and died 1728, aged 90.  Sarah married 19 October 1682, John Faulkner; Mary married 13 May 1687, Stephen Barker; Hannah married 16 April 1695, James Ingalls; and Lydia, married 28 November 1695, Henry Chandler.

GEORGE ABBOT, Andover, son of George Abbot the first of the same, married 17 April 1668, Dorcas Graves, eldest daughter of Mark Graves of the same, had Sarah, born 1679, died soon; Joseph, 7 October 1680, died young; another child Nathan, or Martha, 12 February 1683, died young; Hannah, 26 February 1685; Daniel, 10 January 1688; Elizabeth, 25 July 1690; George, 22 December 1632; Henry, 12 June 1696; and Isaac, 4 April 1699.

GEORGE ABBOT, Andover, eldest son of George Abbot the second of the same, and grandson of George Abbot of Rowley, married 1689, Elizabeth Ballard, had George, born 17 July 1691; Uriah, 26 November 1692; Jacob, 19 March 1694; Elizabeth, 6 November 1695; Sarah; and Hannah.  His wife died May 1706; and he had second wife Hannah Easty.

GEORGE ABBOT, Norwalk, son of George Abbot of the same, by wife Hannah, it is said, had George, Samuel, Ebenezer, Benjamin, Israel, Hannah, and Elizabeth.  Success did not attend the diligent inquiry of Hall in finding dates for the children or whether the father had not removed from Norwalk.

JOHN ABBOT, Hadley 1668, removed early in the next year but no more is known.

JOHN ABBOT, Andover, eldest son of George Abbot the first of the same, married 17 November 1673, Sarah Barker, eldest daughter of Richard Barker of the same, had John, born 2 November 1674; Joseph, 29 December 1676; Stephen, 16 March 1678; Sarah, 7 December 1680; Ephraim, 15 August 1682; Joshua, 16 June 1685; Mary, 2 January 1687; Ebenezer, 27 September 1689; and Priscilla, 7 July 1691; was selectman, Deacon, and died 19 March 1721.  His widow died 10 February 1729.

JOHN ABBOT, aged 16, and Mary, 16, came in the Hopewell, Captain Bundocke, from London, 1635; but whose children they were is unknown, and probably not of any residence in our country.

JOHN ABBOT, Saco, administered an inhabitant of that town 12 June 1680, and Ensign, then chosen town clerk before which time the plantation had been so much disturbed by Indian wars, that Folsom, in his valuable History 177, says, the records are lost.

JOHN ABBOT, Norwalk 1687, wheelwright, son of George Abbot of the same, by wife Ruth, it is said, had John, Esther, and Mary. 

JOHN ABBOT, Sudbury, son of George Abbot the second of Andover, by wife Jemima, had Jemima, born 10 October 1699; John, 3 October 1701; Sarah, 10 September 1704; Mary; and Hannah; removed to Watertown, there was a millwright, and died 24 March 1718.  His widow married John Beeks.

JOHN ABBOT, Andover, son of the first Thomas Abbot of the same, married April 1710, Hannah Chubb, perhaps daughter of Pascoe Chubb of the same, had Hannah; Sarah, born March 1712, died young; Mary, 1716, died young; John, February 1718; Sarah, 16 August 1722; Mary, again, 23 November 1727; and his wife died 3 June 1733.  He married 1734, second wife Hepzibah Frye.

JONATHAN ABBOT, Norwalk, son of George Abbot of the same, married 5 June 1696, Sarah Olmstead, daughter of John Olmstead, had Jonathan, born April 1697; Sarah, 16 June 1699; Eunice, 23 January 1702; Mary, 8 July 1704; Deborah, 3 December 1707; Keziah, 17 April 1711; Lemuel, 21 March 1714; Jane, 5 October 1716; and Mindwell, 21 December 1718.

JOSEPH ABBOT, New Haven 1683, son probably of Robert Abbot.

JOSEPH ABBOT, Marblehead, son of the first Thomas Abbot of Andover, by wife Sarah, had Susanna, baptized Auugust 1701; Joseph; Sarah; Ann, and Hannah.

NATHANIEL ABBOT, Andover, youngest son of George Abbot the first of the same, married 22 October 1695, Dorcas Hibbert, probably daughter of Rober Hibbertt of Beverly, had Nathaniel, born 1696; Mary, 8 February 1698; a son born 20 June 1700, died same day; Joseph, 2 February 1705; Tabitha, about 1707; Jeremiah, 4 Nov1709; Joshua,1711; Sarah; Hannah; Elizabeth, and Rebecca, 1717.  His wife died 7 February 1743, and he died 1 December 1749.

NATHANIEL ABBOT, perhaps of Ashford, son of the first Thomas Abbot of Andover, married 1710 Mercy Hutchinson of Ashford, had Nathaniel, born 1714; and no more is told of him.

NEHEMIAH ABBOT, Ipswich, son of George Abbot of Rowley, was brought by his father from England, freeman in Massachusetts 1669, Deacon at Topsfield 1686, died March 1707, leaving only son Nehemiah.

NEHEMIAH ABBOT, Topsfield, son of the preceding, married 21 January 1630, Remember Fiske, daughter of John Fiske of Wenham, had John, born 9 April 1691; Nehemiah, 19 October 1692; Sarah; Mary; and Mehitable, 17 October 1700.  Though arrested on a warrant with several other innocent persons, in April 1692, for witchcraft, he escaped procedure perhaps as not old enough for the devil's prey.  His wife died 12 July 1703, and he died 1736. 

NEHEMIAH ABBOT, Andover, son of George Abbot the second of the same, married 1691 Abigail Lovejoy, probably youngest daughter of John Lovejoy the first of the same, had Nehemiah, born 19 January 1692; Abiel, 10 August 1693; Zebadiah, 6 April 1695; John, 31 October 1697; Abigail, 30 September 1699; Mary, 24 March 1701; and Joseph, which all but one of the seven died young.

PETER ABBOT, Fairfield, son of Robert Abbot, killed his wife Elizabeth Evarts, daughter of John Evarts, and attempted to kill Hannah, his only child.  For which 16 October 1667 he was executed, though it may hardly be doubted that he was insane, as he had been several years before as at Branford, in 1658, whither he went to help his father and was taken the first day with insanity.  See New Haven Colony record II. 300.

PHILIP ABBOT, Ipswich, son of Arthur Abbot of the same, by wife Mary, had Arthur, born 3 February 1694; Frances, 18 May 1696; Susanna; and Mary, 26 July 1701.  His widow died 11 January 1730, but the date of his death is not seen.

RICHARD ABBOT, Kittery 1663, was keeper of the prison in New Hampshire 1684, as in Farmer's Ed. of Belknap I. 485, appears.

ROBERT ABBOT, Watertown, freeman 3 September 1634, when Colony record gives the name Abbitt, was of Wethersfield 1640, and New Haven 1642, where John, his son born many months before, was baptized 7 October 1649; Abigail, born 2 October 1649, and Robert, brought from Branford, where the father lived, baptized 1 June 1651; Joseph, born 20 April 1652; Benjamin, 10 January 1654, died soon; Daniel, 12 February 1655, and Mary, 13 May 1657; besides other children before 1649, as Peter, before mentioned; Sarah, who married Matthew Rowe; and Deborah.  He died September 1658; and his widow Mary married 4 November 1659, John Robins; and Deborah married 1661, Nathan Andrews.  His land was in that part, called East Haven; and about 1649 he removed to Branford.  His estate was distributed 1660, in small portions to children Peter, Deborah, John, Daniel, Abigail, and Mary. His son Robert had died 30 September 1658, it is said; but Joseph was alive, and perhaps provided for otherwise, as by several years of living with his mother, Matthew Rowe had the part of his wife, though this fact may not certain ,show that his wife was dead.  An Elizabeth Abbot who married at Guilford 3 March 1654, Gabriel Harris of New London is, by the author of the History of that city, in her page 86, thought to have been another of the daughters.  But the suggestion is embarrassing with obstinate difficulty and contradiction, whelm the tradition in self-destruction.

SAMUEL ABBOT, Sudbury, youngest son of George Abbot the second of Andover, grandson of George Abbot of Rowley, by wife Joyce, had Joyce, born 18 August 1706; Martha, 10 March 1712; Samuel, 21 August 1716; and George.

THOMAS ABBOT, Rowley, presumed to be youngest son of George Abbot of the same, born in England, is said to have married, but died without issue 7 September 1659.

THOMAS ABBOT, Andover, whose father is not known, may have come later from England, than others of the name, or been born here, married 15 December 1664, Sarah Steward, whose father is not named, had Joseph, born 16 March 1666, died next year; Thomas, 1668; Sarah, 8 January 1671; Joseph, again, 16 August 1674; Dorothy, 2 January 1676, died at 2 years; Nathaniel, 9 January 1678; John, October 1681; Dorothy, again; Mary, 22 July 1686; and Ebenezer, 23 November 1690.  He was a Captain and died 6 May 1695; and his widow died February 1716.  Sarah married 26 November 1691, Joseph Chandler; and Dorothy married 1710, one with so strange a name, as Braviter Gray.

THOMAS ABBOT, Kittery, perhaps son of Richard Abbot of the same, was Ensign 1688.

THOMAS ABBOT, Andover, son of George Abbot the first of the same, married 7 December 1697, Hannah Gray, probably not daughter of Robert Gray of the same, had Hannah, born 10 September 1700; Edward, 9 June 1702; Deborah, 1 December 1704; George, 7 November 1706; Zebadiah, 25 January 1709; Benjamin and Catharine, twins 31 March 1711 ; Aaron, 8 August 1714; and Isaac, 24 February 1717; and died 28 April 1728.  His widow died 1763, aged 89.

THOMAS ABBOT, Andover, son of Thomas Abbot the first of the same, married January 1707, Elizabeth French, had only Thomas, who died 9 March 1729; and of the father no more is told.

TIMOTHY ABBOT, Andover, son of George Abbot the first of the same, taken by the Indians when 12 years old, and held several months 1676, married 27 December 1689, Hannah Graves, daughter of Mark Graves of Andover, had Timothy, born 1 July 1693; Hannah, 19 October 1695; and Dorcas, 6 May 1698.  His wife died 5 November 1726, and he died 9 September 1730.

WALTER ABBOT, Exeter 1640, a vintner, died January 1667, leaving wife Sarah, who married Henry Sherburne, and children Peter, William, Walter, John, Elizabeth, and another daughter who married a Wills, and grandchildren Thomas, Joseph, and Sarah Willson.  Possibly John Abbot of Saco, the Ensign 1680, and Thomas Abbot of Kittery, the Ensign 1680, were son and grandson of this man.

WILLIAM ABBOT, Andover, son of George Abbot the first of Andover, married 19 June 1682, Elizabeth Geary, daughter of Nathaniel Geary of Roxbury, had Elizabeth, born 29 April 1683; William, 17 March 1685; George, 19 March 1687, died at 2 years; Ezra, 7 July 1689; George, again, 22 December 1691, died soon; Nathan, 10 December 1692; James, 12 February 1695; Paul, 28 March 1697; Philip, 3 April 1699; Hannah, about April 1701; Caleb, 1704; and Zebadiah, 1706.  His wife died December 1712, and he died 24 October following.  From the Abbots' Genealogical Registrar published 1847, great assistance has been obtained and in it very few errors been detected.


JOHN ABBY, JOHN ABBEY, or JOHN ABBEE, Salem 1637, when grant of land was made to him, of Reading later, and freeman 1685, then called senior, so that perhaps he had son of the same name, and very probably is it, that he had others.

JOHN ABBY, JOHN ABBEY, or JOHN ABBEE, Wenham, an early settler, died late in life, 1700, leaving widow Hannah, and children Richard, born 9 February 1683; probably others.

OBADIAH ABBY, OBADIAH ABBEY, or OBADIAH ABBEE Enfield, 1682, married Sarah, widow of Joseph Warriner, to whom she was second wife, had no child to be named in his will, 1752, the year he died.

SAMUEL ABBY, SAMUEL ABBEY, or SAMUEL ABBEE, Wenham, perhaps brother of John Abby of the same, died 1698, leaving widow Mary, and children Mary, aged 25; Samuel, 23; Thomas, 20; Eleazer, 18; Ebenezer, 16; Mercy, 14; Sarah, 13; Hepzibah, 10; Abigail, 8; John, 7; Benjamin, 6; and Jonathan, 2.  His widow married Abraham Mitchell.  He was of Salem village now Danvers, when administered freeman 1690.  Only the youngest child was born at Wenham, and some discrepancy from the probated record as to the ages of most of the children is furnished me (by Mr. Felt) in the records of birth, as that Ebenezer was born 31 July 1683 ; Mary, 1 March 1685 ; Sarah, 6 July 1686; Hepzibah, 14 February 1689; Abigail, 19 November 1690; John, 4 June 1692; and Benjamin, 4 June 1694.

THOMAS ABBY, THOMAS ABBEY, or THOMAS ABBEE, Enfield, perhaps brother of Obadiah Abby, had Sarah, born 31 March 1684; Thomas, 1686; Mary, 3 February 1689, who died before her father, and John 1692; besides Tabitha.  He died 1728, leaving wife Sarah, and in his will of December 1720, she and the two sons are named, as also two daughters called Sarah Geer and Abigail Warner.  His son Thomas had sons Obadiah, and Thomas; and John had John, Thomas, Daniel, and Richard; but probably no grandchildren ought here to be inserted.


MATTHEW ABEY, Boston, came in the Abigail, 1635, from London, was a fisherman; by wife Tabitha Reynolds, daughter of Robert Reynolds of Boston, who died 1661, had Mary, born 24 May 1648; and Tabitha, 24 November 1652; besides Matthew, named in the will of his grandfather Reynolds Abey.  He next married 24 May 1662, Alice Cox, perhaps daughter of Moses Cox of Hampton.  His son following the same trade, was so poor, that the petty bequests in his will are hardly to be thought unfairly caricature in the humorous poem by Reverend John Seccombe, with the title of Father Abby's will, of which in the admirable Cyclopedia of American Literature, by Duyckincks, Volume I. 126, is extracted.


BENJAMIN ABELL, Norwich, 1670.

CALEB ABELL, Dedham, 1665, may have been son of the preceding, removed 1668, to Norwich, there married July 1669 Margaret Post, probably daughter of John Post of Saybrook, had a daughter born 1671, died soon, Samuel, October 1672;  Experience, December 1674; Caleb, April 1677; John, December 1678; Theophilus, November 1680; Joanna, November 1683; Abigail, March 1689; and Hannah, October 1692.  His wife died November 1700, and he married 1701, Mary, widow of Stephen Loomer of New London, who survived him.  He died 17 August 1731.

JOSHUA ABELL, Norwich, perhaps brother of the preceding, married 1 November 1677, Experience Smith, daughter of Nehemiah Smith of New London, and perhaps had second wife, daughter of John Gager.

PRESERVED ABELL, Rehoboth, 1668, had Dorothy, born 16 November 1677; Joanna, 11 January 1682; was Lieutenant of the Company under Samuel Gallop in the romantic expedition of Sir William Phips, 1690, against Quebec.

ROBERT ABELL, Weymouth, came, probably in the fleet with Winthrop, desired administration 19 October 1630, and was made freeman 18 May following, had Abraham, buried 14 November 1639; Mary, born 11 April 1642; removed next year to Rehoboth, there died August 1663, leaving widow and four more children besides  Mary.


WILLIAM ABERNETHY, Wallingford, married 1673 or 4, Sarah Doolittle, daughter of William Doolittle, had William, and Samuel, and died 1718, when his two sons administered on his estate.  Early this name was written Ebenetha, or Abbenatha, according to Hinman; but in modern days the descendants use the spelling here given.

WILLIAM ABINGTON, Maine, 1642. Coffin.


ABORNE. See Eborne.


HENRY ACRERLY, HENRY ACCORLEY, or HENRY ACRELY, New Haven 1640, Stamford 1641 to 53, Greenwich 1656, died at Stamford 17 June 1668, which is the date of his will.  His widow Ann, was 75 years old in 1662.  Haz. II. 246.

ROBERT ACRERLY, ROBERT ACCORLEY, or ROBERT ACRELY, Brookhaven, Long Island, 1655, administered freeman of Connecticut jurisdiction 1664.  See Trumbull, Colony record I. 341,428.

SAMUEL ACRERLY, SAMUEL ACCORLEY, or SAMUEL ACRELY, Brookhaven, 1655, perhaps brother of the preceding.


JAMES ACKLEY, or ACLY, Haddam, son of Nicholas Ackley, by wife Elizabeth, had James, born 17 July, baptized 17 August 1707; Nicholas, 17 December 1708, baptized 6 March following; Nathaniel, baptized 30 December 1711, but the town record gives him born 7 November following; Gideon, 14 April baptized 20 May 1716; Desire, 24 February baptized 30 March 1718; Elizabeth, 16 January baptized 18 February 1722; and Benajah, born 10 July 1729.

JOHN ACKLEY, or ACLY, Haddam, brother of the preceding, married 23 May 1699, Rebecca Spencer, eldest daughter of John Spencer, was Sergeant, and died 25 August 1736, leaving son John to administer his estate.

NICHOLAS ACKLEY, or ACLY, Hartford 1655, removed as early settler to Haddam, and died 29 April 1695, leaving widow Miriam, and children John; Thomas; Nathaniel, who died 27 February 1710, perhaps unmarried; Samuel; James; Hannah; Elizabeth; Mary; Sarah, who married William Spencer; and Lydia; but it is believed all the children were by a former wife.

SAMUEL ACKLEY, or ACLY, Haddam, son of the preceding, by wife Bethia, had Samuel, born 8 December 1703, baptized with father and mother 6 October 1706; Jerusha, 29 March baptized 4 May 1707; Deborah, 11 July, baptized 14 August 1709; Lydia, 14 August baptized 30 September 1711; Simeon, 10 January baptized 21 February 1714; Stephen, 25 July, baptized 26 August 1716; Elijah, 28 March baptized 3 May 1719; Isaac, 6, baptized 8 October 1721; Bezaleel, 4 February baptized 8 March 1724; and Nathaniel, 14 June, baptized 17 July 1726.  He died 27 April 1745, and his widow died 12 March 1764.

THOMAS ACKLEY, or ACLY, Haddam, son of Nicholas Ackley, died 16 January 1704, leaving widow Hannah, and children Hannah, born 24 October 1696; Ann, 17 September 1698; Thomas, 28 January 1701; and Job, 14 March 1703.


STEPHEN ACREMAN, or STEPHEN AKERMAN, Newbury, married 17 December 1684, Sarah, probably widow of Amos Stickney.


HENRY ACRES, often HENRY ACKERMAN, Newbury, married 13 March 1674, Hannah Silver, daughter of Thomas Silver, had Catharine, born 17 March 1675; John, 2 October 1678; Mary, 8 October 1680; and John, again, 20 January 1694; perhaps others.

JOHN ACRES, often JOHN ACKERMAN, Boston 1656, lived at that part called Muddy river, now Brookline, married probably before 1664, Desiretruth Thorne, daughter of William Thorne of Boston, had baptized at Roxbury, where his wife joined the church 8 July 1666, Elizabeth and Desiretruth, perhaps not twins on 15 July 1666, of which one, at least, died soon; Elizabeth, 22 November 1668; Deborah, 26 February 1671; John, 10 August 1673; William, 29 June 1679; and Mary, 20 May 1683; but this last was born after he had removed to Dunstable, so that she may have been older, when baptized, than the others.  At Dunstable he had also Joanna.


JOHN ACTON, North Yarmouth, about 1685. Sullivan,185.


JOHN ACY, or JOHN ACIE, Rowley 1663-77, was perhaps son of William Acy.

THOMAS ACY, or THOMAS ACIE, Hadley 1678, removed soon.

WILLIAM ACY, or WILLIAM ACIE, Rowley 1643, after at Boston, where he had Joseph, baptized at first church 28 June 1657, went again to Rowley, there was living 1677.


ABRAHAM ADAMS, Boston, cooper, perhaps son of Nathaniel Adams of Weymouth, had lived at Falmouth, where before 1667 he married Sarah Macworth, daughter of Arthur Macworth, and from his widow had gift of an island in Casco Bay. Willis, I. 75.  Later in life he was an innholder, and one of that band of volunteers who took, October 1689, a piratical vessel, in the Vineyard Sound, after some resistance and brought her into Boston.  His wife was Abigail, daughter of Nicholas Wilmot, who in his will of 27 September 1684, provides for her share of his estate.  From the will of Adams, made 6, probated 18 April 1700, we learn, that he had by a former wife, i. e. Macworth's daughter, two daughters Sarah Grant and Jane Snelling, and by wife Abigail, made executrix, had Zechariah, Samuel, Abraham, Mary, Abigail, and Elizabeth.

ABRAHAM ADAMS, Newbury, eldest son of Robert Adams, married 16 November 1670, Mary Pettingell, daughter of Richard Pettingell of the same, had Mary, born 16 January 1672; Robert, 12 May 1674; Abraham, 6 May 1676; Isaac, 26 February 1679; Sarah, 13 April 1681; John, 7 March 1684; Matthew, 25 May 1686; Israel, 25 December 1688; Dorothy, 25 October 1691; and Richard, 22 November 1693.  His wife died 19 September 1705; and he died 12 December 1714.

ALEXANDER ADAMS, Boston, a shipwright, freeman 1618, Artillery Company 1652, married as is said, Mary Coffin, sister of Tristram Coffin the first, had Mary, born 19, baptized 25 January 1646; removed to Dorchester, there had Susanna, 14 May 1648; John, 26 February 1653; and Samuel, 7 May 1656; besides  Elizabeth, who married William Parkman.

ANDREW ADAMS, Hartford 1643, then employed as Hinman, 12, tells, in place of school master.

CHARLES ADAMS, Dover 1648, living in 1669 in that part, called Oyster River, was of the grand jury 1688; had wife Temperance, sons Charles, and perhaps John; and was killed by the Indians 1694.  Evidence is recorded 1712, to prove, that he possessed lands there "about sixty years".

CHARLES ADAMS, Dover, son of the preceding, had Charles, born 1668; Sarah, 1671.

CHRISTOPHER ADAMS, Braintree, a petitioner with many others, in 1645, for a plantation on the land of Pumham.  He removed East and had fine estate at Kittery, where in his will in Suffolk, Reg. X. 105 of 13 June 1686, probated 21 September 1687, more than eight months after his death, by Governor Andros, he names wife Margaret, and four children John, Mark, Ann, and Mary, besides cousin Isaac Goodwright, to whom are given two cows. 

DANIEL ADAMS, Simsbury, 1683, married probably in 1687, Mary Pinney, daughter of Samuel Pinney of the same, had Mary, baptized 16 January 1698; Thankful, 10 April following, and other children perhaps before and after, certainly Ephraim, 25 May 1701; besides  Daniel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph, and Thomas; and died 1713, aged 61.

EDWARD ADAMS, New Haven 1640, Milford 1646, and Fairfield 1650, by his will of 7 August 1671, gave estate to wife Margaret, children Samuel; Abraham;  Mary Merwin, who was born about 1647; Nathaniel; John; and Nathan.  John and Nathaniel died without issue.

EDWARD ADAMS, Windsor, married 25 May 1660, Elizabeth Buckland, daughter perhaps of Thomas Buckland, had, says Stiles, Edward, who died before his father, and Mary, 6 August 1671, who married John Matson, as Porter tells me.

EDWARD ADAMS, Medfield, son of Henry Adams the first, born in England, freeman 1654, by wife Lydia, had Lydia, born 12 July 1653; Jonathan, 4 April 1655; John, 18 February 1657; Eliashib, 18 February 1659; Sarah, 23 May 1660; James,  January 1662; Henry, 29 October 1663; Mehitable, 20 March 1665; Elisha, 25 August 1666 died next month; Edward, 28 June 1668; Bethia, 12 April 1671, died in few days; Bethia, again, 18 August 1672, died in few days; Abigail, 25 January 1675; and Miriam 26 February 1676; both died soon.  He was much employed in public duties, Ensign, selectman for many years, Representative in the two first General Courts 1689, after overthrow of Andros, and died 12 November 1716.  His wife had died 3 March 1676; but he had second wife whose name is not seen.  His will of 19 May 1715, probated 3 December 1716, in our reg. XIX. 225, takes notice that his wife was provided for before their marriage, and that his sons Jonathan, and John were, formerly, supplied by him with lands, and Edward with moveable and money, directs now, that his property be divided in nine equal parts, where of the children of his son Eliashib, deceased, to have two, James, and Henry, each two, and his daughters Lydia Daniel, Sarah Turner, and Mehitable Faxon, each one.

EDWARD ADAMS, Windsor, married 25 May 1660, Elizabeth Buckland, daughter of Thomas Buckland, and died 15 August 1683, leaving only child Mary, born 28 August 1671.

ELEAZER ADAMS, Medfield, eldest son of the first Henry Adams of the name, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 1672; and Eleazer, 1673.

ELIASHIB ADAMS, Bristol, son of Edward Adams of Medfield, was unmarried February 1689.

FERDINANDO ADAMS, Dedham, 1637, a shoemaker from London, freeman 13 May 1640, by wife Ann, had Abigail, born 15 September 1638; Bethia, 10 June 1640; and Nathaniel, 16 March 1643.  In August 1641 he had leave to go home on business; but if he went, he came back next year.  Worthington, 103.  Again he went home, and, in October 1651, by his attorney sold estate at Dedham. 

GEORGE ADAMS, Branford, married 5 September 1657, Mary, widow of Lesley Bradfield, I presume, as second wife, and died probably 1675.  His will of 1670 names wife and son John only, but this son was by former wife it may be supposed, for he made his will 10 October 1677, and died that year giving his property to Noah Rogers and others, having no near relations.

GEORGE ADAMS, Watertown, by wife Frances, had John, born 6 August 1645; George, 1647; Daniel; Joseph, 6 March 1657; and Mary; removed to Cambridge farms, now Lexington, and died 10 October 1696.

GEORGE ADAMS, Cambridge, that part now Lexington, son of the preceding, married 20 January 1684, Martha Fiske, daughter of John Fiske of Watertown, had George, born 28 April 1685; Martha, 10 January 1687; John, 2 September 1688; of which three, the Watertown church record at various times, shows the baptized Nathaniel; Sarah; both baptized 12 June 1698 at Watertown; Benjamin, born 20 December 1701; and Bond thinks there may have, also, been Abigail, and Ann. 

HENRY ADAMS, Braintree, came early to our country, and tradition says from Braintree, in County Essex in 1632, but widely diverse is the origin by another tradition, had grant in February 1641, of 40 acres by vote of Boston, of which Braintree was part, i. e. the portion for ten heads.  Perhaps he was the first clerk of the town, after separating from Boston, though more likely is it that his son of the same name had the honor; and he died or was buried 8 October 1646, leaving by tradition eight sons, yet only five are named in his will 1646, probated 8 June 1647, where appear Peter, John, Joseph, Edward, Samuel, and daughter Ursula.  Of this daughter, as tradition took no notice, it may be that the number eight applied to son, means in truth children seven sons and one daughter but names enough for the sons may be seen, and certainly one son good, if not two, beyond the deviees in the will, as Henry, Thomas, Jonathan, in some reports called William.  The inscription on the monument erected by his descendant, John Adams, second President of the United States exhibits the popular story with characteristic strength: “In memory of Henry Adams who took his flight from the Dragon persecution, in Devonshire, England, and alighted with eight sons, near Mt. Wollaston.  One of the sons returned to England and, after taking some time to explore the country, four removed to Medfield and the neighboring towns, two to Chelmsford.  One only, Joseph, who lies here at his left hand, remain, here; which was an original property in the township of Braintree, incorporated 1639." 

HENRY ADAMS, Braintree, son of the preceding, born in England about 1604 as is thought, may, rather than his father be regarded as the town clerk of 1640, married 17 November 1643, Elizabeth Paine, daughter of Moses Paine, had Eleazer, born 5 August 1644; Jasper, 23 June 1647; removed to that part of Dedham, which became Medfield, of which also he was first town clerk there; had Elizabeth, 11 November 1649; John and Henry, twins 14 July 1652; Moses, 26 October 1654; Henry, again, 19 November 1657; and Samuel, 10 December 1661, who died young.  He was of Artillery Company 1652, Representative 1659, 65, 74 and 5, the Lieutenant killed by the Indians 21 February 1676, at his own door, as mentioned by Increase Mather in history of Philip's war.  His wife was mortally wounded the same night, at the house of Reverend Mr. Wilson, though she lived a week.  

HENRY ADAMS, Boston, married 10 May 1660, Mary Pitty, daughter of William Pitty of Weymouth.   

HENRY ADAMS, Medfield, probably son of Edward Adams of the same, married 10 December 1691, Patience Ellis, daughter of Thomas Ellis.  

JACOB ADAMS, Newbury, son of Robert Adams of the same, married 7 April 1677, Ann Allen, or Ann Ellen, had Dorothy, born 26 June 1679; Rebecca, 26 August 1680; removed to Suffield, married there, had several children in his will, besides the two born at Newbury, named Jacob; Daniel; Abraham, 10 November 1687; John; Ann; Elizabeth, 16 August 1692; and Sarah.  Some of them, however, had perhaps been born in a neighboring town.  He was Representative for Suffield 1711, 14, and 17, in November of which last, he died at the Court in Boston.

JAMES ADAMS, Plymouth, son of John Adams of the same, who was of the first comers, went, 1643, to Marshfield, soon after to Scituate, there married 16 July 1646, Frances Vassall, daughter of William Vassall, had William, born 16 May 1647; Ann, 18 April 1649; Richard, 19 April 1651, died soon; Mary, 27 January 1653; and Margaret, 1654; all baptized at the Second Church of Scituate, Deane says, besides  Martha, who married 1678, Benjamin Pierce.  On board the James of Plymouth one James Adams, not probably this man, died 19 January 1603, of who Kenelm Winslow was made Admiral.

JAMES ADAMS, Concord, 1672.

JEREMY ADAMS, Braintree, perhaps 1632, removed soon to Cambridge, then called Newtown, freeman 6 May 1635, removed next year to Hartford, had three wives of who the first is unknown by name, by her he had Samuel, born it is said 1643, baptized certainly 23 November 1645; and perhaps more.  His second wife Rebecca, widow of Samuel Greenhill, died 1678, and by her he had other children, probably Ann, who married Robert Sanford; Elinor, who married Nathaniel Willet; and John, unless one or two were by former wife Rebecca Fletcher, widow of the second Andrew Warner, and daughter of John Fletcher, was his third wife.  He long kept the ordinary, and died 11 August 1683, in his will, made seven days before he divided his estate, half to children of son John, and half to those of daughter Willet.  His widow was 77 years old at her death 25 June 1715, and, no doubt, had provisions from the estate.

JOHN ADAMS, Plymouth, one of the first comers, arriving in the Fortune, 9 November 1621, married Ellen Newton or Elinor Newton, as the sagacity of Judge Davis presumed, for she came in the Ann, 1623, and was probably the only female Newton of Chesapeake Bay with such baptized name.  He died 1633, leaving wife and children James, John, and Susanna; and the record 24 October of that year shows deceased’s estate for that day. The widow married June following, Kenelm Winslow.

JOHN ADAMS, Cambridge, brought from England wife Ann, and daughter Rebecca, baptized before says Mitchell's Reg. when he adds five of the other children baptized in his church in right of the mother for the father did not join before 13 May 1666, viz. Mary, born 25 October 1652; John, 1 May 1655; and Joseph; but the "matchless" registrar does not mention the day or days of baptism, though our thanks are hearty for his care to name Hannah, born 8 August 1657, baptized 17 June 1660; and Daniel, 14 September 1652.  But Hannah died early in 1661, 25 January according to Mitchell, 25 February by Harris Epit. 169; and Daniel, died 14 May 1685. another Daniel had preceding him, but lived not, I presume, long enough to be baptized.  He was a millwright, and Dr. Bond conjectured that he was son of George of Watertown, and when that was seen to be impossible, he supposed he was brother.  So numberless are the shoots of this name, that I dare not follow even so judicious a leader in this expedition. That he was son of Henry the first, as amiable credulity would assume, is highly improble since he came twenty years or little less after that great New England progenitor, and so long outlived, him dying between June and October 1706, and his wife still living.  Rebecca married 24 November 1669, Nathaniel Patten, and died 18 December 1677; Mary married John Eames of Watertown, and died 1681.  Inconsistencies appear in the family genealogy as to birth of her and her brother John.

JOHN ADAMS, Chelmsford 1654, had been of Concord 1630, has been sometimes thought son of the first Henry Adams; but the conjectured is uncertain.

JOHN ADAMS, Marshfield, son perhaps of John Adams of Plymouth, married 27 December 1654, Jane James, and had Joseph, Martha, and perhaps other children.

JOHN ADAMS, Hartford, son probably eldest of Jeremy Adams of the same, had Rebecca, born August 1658; Abigail, February 1660; Sarah, March 1662; Jeremy, August 1664; John, September 1666; Jonathan, 6 November 1668; and died 1670, leaving widow in expectation of another child.  Of the sons Jeremy went to Huntington; and John to Great Egg harbor.  Both on Long Island.

JOHN ADAMS, Dover, 1662, was, perhaps, son of Charles Adams the first of the same.

JOHN ADAMS, Branford, son of George Adams of the same, by first wife, died 1677.

JOHN ADAMS, Windsor, married 6 December 1677, Abigail Pinney, daughter of Humphrey Pinney, had Mary; Abigail, born 8 July 1681; and John, 15 March 1683; all named in the will of their grandmother Pinney, who died 18 August 1684, as if the mother were dead.  He was, probably brother of Daniel Adams, and removed to Simsbury.

JOHN ADAMS, Salem, by wife Sarah, had Elizabeth, born 20 October 1682; Sarah, 13 October 1684; Mary, 15 February 1688; John, 16 March 1690; Margaret, 11 February 1693, died next year; and Margaret, again, 8 March 1696.

JOHN ADAMS, Sudbury, married Hannah Bent, daughter of John Bent the second, had John, born 12 March 1684; Daniel, 1685; and Hannah, 1688.

JOHN ADAMS, Medfield, son of Henry Adams the second, had Samuel, born 1684; Mary, 1687; Patience, 1690 ; Ruth, 1691; Josiah, 1693; John, 1695; Isaac, 1697; Richard, 1699; Joshua, 1701; Abigail, 1702; Bethia, 1705; and Michael, 1707.

JOHN ADAMS, Medfield, son of Edward Adams of the same, by first wife Deborah, had Edward, born 1682; John, 1684; Daniel, 1686; Eleazer, 1687; besides  Obadiah, and Jonathan, whose dates are not given, and by second wife Susanna, had Thomas, 1695; Susanna, 1697; Jeremiah, 1699; Abraham, 1701; Bethia, 1702; Phineas, 1705; Hannah, 1707; and Esther.

JOHN ADAMS, Boston, merchant, third son of Joseph Adams the first, by wife Hannah Webb, daughter of Christopher Webb, had Hannah, born 24 January 1685; John, 27 September 1687; both at Braintree; Samuel, 6 May 1689 (who by wife Mary was father of Samuel Adams, born 16 September 1722, Harvard College 1740, one of the chief promoters of the American Revolution 1765, and Governor of Massachusetts, who died 2 October 1802); and by second wife Hannah Checkley, daughter of Anthony Checkley, Esq., married 19 October 1694, had Joseph and Mary, twins 20 December 1695; Thomas, 29 March 1701; and Abijah, 11 May 1702.  He died before 20 January 1712.

JONATHAN ADAMS, Medfield, called senior, when his inventory of 15 February 1692 was produced at Probate Court, had been thought son of the first Henry Adams, though no other circumstance is to be discerned in support of such assumption, than that Edward Adams of Medfield, who was a son of Henry Adams gave to his eldest son this name of Jonathan Adams.  Scrutiny has been applied, and Vinton, 296, could find two wives Elizabeth and Mary, but mentioned no children.

JONATHAN ADAMS, Boston, blockmaker, of who I learn from his will, made 1 April 1707, probated 8 May next, that his wife was Rebecca Andrews, and that he had Samuel, eldest son, besides Jonathan, Nathaniel, and James, and four daughters Rebecca, Dorcas, Mary, and Lydia.  His wife was daughter of James Andrews of Falmouth, driven up by the war.

JONATHAN ADAMS, Medfield, eldest son of Edward Adams of the same, married 20 March 1678, Mary Ellis, daughter probably of Thomas Ellis of the same; but my acquisition reached no further.

JOSEPH ADAMS, Braintree, perhaps youngest son of the first Henry Adams, born in England about 1626, was a maltster, freeman 1653 or 5, his name appearing on both years, as the wonderful carelessness of Secretary Rawson admits thirty, if not thirty-one (if we include Dwight), out of thirty-two of the earlier years to be reinserted two years later with the sole addition of one name at the top and one at the foot of the list, married 26 or 29 November 1650, Abigail Baxter (not Mary, as Alden has it), daughter of Gregory Baxter (not, as is given by Thayer, of John, who was her brother), had Hannah, born 13 November 1652; Joseph, 24 December 1654; John, 13 January 1657, or 11 February it being, uncertain whose date is preferred on the record (but as he died in few days the earlier may denote birth and the latter, death) Abigail, 27 February 1659; John and Bethia, twins 3 December 1661; Mary, 9 October 1663, died soon; Samuel, 6 September 1665; Mary, again, 25 February 1668; Peter, 7 February 1670; Jonathan, 31 January 1672; and Mehitable, baptized 24 November 1678, not as sometimes read 23 November which was Saturday.  His wife died 27 August 1692; and he died 6 December 1694.  Thayer's family memoirs in eleven pages furnished large enumeration of descendants.  His eldest daughter married 10 April 1672, Samuel Savil; Abigail married John Bass junior; Bethia married 1680, John Webb; Mary married 16 December 1686, Samuel Webb; and Mehitable married 21 July 1697, Thomas White.  His will, of 18 July 1694, gives no mention of sons Samuel or Jonathan, but provides for the others and the five daughters using the name of his for all but the last.

JOSEPH ADAMS, Braintree, eldest son of the preceding, married 20 February 1682, Mary Chapin, perhaps daughter of Josiah Chapin, had Mary, born 6 February following, and Abigail, 17 February 1684.  This wife died 14 June 1687, and he next married Hannah Bass, daughter of John Bass, by whom he had Joseph Adams, 1 January 1690, Harvard College 1710, minister of Newington from 16 November 1715 to his death 26 May 1783; John Adams, 8 February 1692, the Deacon who died 25 May 1761, and was (by Susanna Boylston, daughter of Peter Boylston) father of John Adam, second President of the United States, born 19 October 1735, who died 4 July 1826, and was father of John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States; Samuel, 28 January 1694; Josiah, 8 February 1696; Hannah, 21 February 1698; Ruth, 21 March 1700; Bethia, 13 June, 1702; and Ebenezer, 30 December 1704.  This wife died 24 October 1705, and he died at the mature age of 81, on 12 February 1736; and his widow Elizabeth, (by whom he had Caleb, 26 May 1710, that died in few days;) died 14 February 1739, aged 71.

JOSEPH ADAMS, Cambridge, son of John Adams of the same, married 21 February 1688, Margaret James, daughter of Thomas James, of Sudbury, had Joseph, born 1689, who lived to the age of 85; Daniel, 1690; Cherry, if such be a possible name in that day, baptized 31 January 1697; John, 18 April 1637; and Abigail.  

MOSES ADAMS, Sherborn, son of Henry Adams the second, married 15 April 1681, Lydia Whitney, daughter of Jonathan Whitney of the same, had Benoni, born 3 November following, Lydia, 2 February 1684; Elizabeth, 18 September 1686, died young; Hannah, 8 February 1688; Elizabeth, again, 25 October 1689; Moses, 26 November 1691; James, 7 July 1693; Isaac, 4 March 1695; and Abigail, 7 September 1697; was selectman 1701, and died 1724. 

NATHANIEL ADAMS, Newport 1639, may be that one of Weymouth 1642, who had Abraham Adams, born 16 January 1643.

NATHANIEL ADAMS, Boston, turner, married 24 November 1652, Elizabeth Portmort, daughter of Philemon Portmort, but whether she died soon, and he had another wife Sarah is wholly uncertain, for one Nathaniel Adams of Boston died October 1675, and his wife Sarah died May 1685.

NATHANIEL ADAMS, Boston, blockmaker, if the modern copy of supposed recorded contemporary may be confided in, as in about nine tenths of its contents it may be, by wife Mary alone, had Nathaniel, born 10 September 1653; Mary, 20 May 1655; Sarah, 9 August 1657; David, 30 June 1659; Joseph, 19 June 1661; Elizabeth, 21 March 1662, died soon; Benjamin, 10 December 1660; Elizabeth, again, 2 October 1667; Benjamin, again, 27 May 1671; Isaac, 7 November 1673, and Mary, again, 23 September 1677.  No small part of this may have confirmation in his will of 22 March 1690, probated 8 May next, in which his wife Mary, and sons Joseph and Isaac are well provided for, as also daughter Mary, widow of Joseph Hipdich; Sarah, wife of Richard Hunnewell, and Elizabeth, wife of Ebenezer Chaffin, but all subject to the discretion of their mother, and he takes notice that his son Nathaniel had not only recorded his share of property and more, but owed him or money lent, and refued. to acknowledge the debt, so that out of his fatherly regard he can give him but one shilling. See record in Volume XL 136.  He died 30 March.  Perhaps his eldest son mentioned next

NATHANIEL ADAMS was a soldier in Philip's war; of Turner's Company though rather is it more probable that he lived at Charleston, married Hannah Wilmot, daughter of Nicholas Wilmot, who remembers her in his will of 27 September 1684.  He had Nathaniel, born 12 January 1681; Daniel, or David, 19 November 1682; Nicholas, 8 October 1684, died soon; Hannah, 3 October 1686, baptized 6 March 1687; Ann, 15, baptized 19 August 1688, died next month; Ann, again, baptized 2 August 1691, died under 16 years; Wilmot, 21 August 1692; March 29 August 1702, died under 13 years; Abigail, born 17, baptized 21 April 1706, died under 2 years; Ann, again, 31 March 1708, died soon; and Ann, again, 2, baptized 15 January 1710.

NATHANIEL ADAMS of Charlestown, blacksmith, possible but not probably son of Samuel Adams the first, who married Ann Coolidge, daughter of Nathaniel Coolidge of Watertown, I see so little reason to believe his claim to admire on my page with his children, that he must be left in his position with Bond 747.

PETER ADAMS, Medfield, son of Henry Adams the first, born in England, freeman 1650, by wife Rachel, had Peter Adams, born 20 July 1653, who was a physician at Medway, of who I know no more; Hannah, 16 January 1657; Mary; Jonathan, 1663, died soon; Jonathan, again, 15 May 1664; Ruth; and probably three others.  A Peter Adams died in New Hampshire 1671.

PETER ADAMS, Braintree, son of Joseph Adams the first, married 12 February 1695, Mary Webb, daughter of Christopher Webb, had Mary, b 27 January following; Abigail, 13 August 1698; Peter, 13 August 1700; Hannah, 12 October 1702; Esther, 11 August 1707; Mehitable, 25 November 1708; Jedediah Adams, 21 January 1711, Harvard College 1733, minister of Stoughton; and Bethia, 3 July 1713, who died young.

PHILIP ADAMS, York, was of the grand jury 1666, freeman 1680.

RICHARD ADAMS, Weymouth, freeman 2 September 1635, Representative in November 1637, and March 1638, had Samuel, born 6 June 1639; besides daughters Sarah, 3 July 1637; and Ruth, 3 June 1642.

RICHARD ADAMS, Salem, came in the Abigail 1635, aged 29, was a bricklayer from Northampton, with Susan, 26, probably his wife.  Perhaps he lived at Charlestown 1674, and may be the same who died 6 October of that year at Malden, whose wife Elizabeth died November 1656.  His will mentioned wife probably not mother of any of the daughters, Mary Clough, Sarah, wife of Edward Counts, both of Charlestown, Ruth Glover, and Hannah, born January 1663, unmarried, and made executor Lazarus Glover, perhaps husband of Ruth.

RICHARD ADAMS, Sudbury, had been a soldier in Moseley's Company, wounded in the great swamp fight, 19 December 1675; by wife Rebecca, had Richard, born 11 April 1680; Rebecca, 1682; Sarah, 1683; and John, 26 October 1686.

ROBERT ADAMS, Salem 1638, a tailor, by one tradition brought from DeFonshire, by another probably of equal value, from the far distant Holderness in County York, had first lived two or three years at Ipswich, says Coffin, and had before coming over two children, John and Joanna, and at Salem had Abraham, born 1639, removed to Newbury 1640, and had Isaac, about 1648; Jacob, 23 April 1649, who died soon; and Hannah, 25 June 1650; Jacob, again, 13 September 1651; besides  Elizabeth, Mary, and youngest Archelaus, of who some were born before 1648.  His wife Elinor died 12 June 1677; and he married 6 February 1678, Sarah, widow of Henry Short, who survived to 24 October 1697, he died 12 October 1682, aged 80.  Joanna married 4 January 1654, Launcelot Granger; Elizabeth married Edward Phelps, of Andover; Mary married 15 November 1660, Jeremiah Goodrich; and Hannah married 10 February 1682, William Warham.  His will of 7 March 1681, with confirmation of 27 June 1682, probated 28 November next, calls John eldest, but declares Abraham executor, and names other children Isaac, Jacob, Hannah, Joanna, Elizabeth, and Mary, the three last being married, besides  the grandchildren viz. three sons of Abraham, and his daughter Mary.  He left good estate.  See Genealogical Registrar IX. 126.

ROGER ADAMS, Roxbury, by wife Mary Baker, daughter of Thomas Baker, who died 28 June 1710, had Thomas, born 19 October 1675, died soon; Joseph, 13 October 1676; Maria, 22 May 1678; Sarah, 15 March 1680; Roger, 3 July 1681; Abigail, 10 April 1683; Daniel, 6 November 1680; and Hannah, 7 April 1688, died young.  Copy of his will, of 14 December 1713, is seen in Volume XVIII. 129, as probated 10 March following.  It provides for eldest son Joseph; daughter Mary, her child, and children of daughter, Sarah Smith, and her children; daughter Abigail, son Daniel, and son in law, John Robbins.  But who was father of this Roger Adams is not found.

SAMUEL ADAMS, Charlestown, son of Henry Adams the first, born in England, freeman 10 May 1643, married Rebecca Graves, daughter of Thomas Graves, had Samuel, born 3 July 1647; Rebecca; Thomas, about 1652; John; and Catharine, 29 October 1657; both died young; Catharine, again, 4 January 1659; removed to Chelmsford, there was town clerk 1679.  His wife died 8 October 1664, and he married 7 May 1668, Esther Sparhawk, daughter of Nathaniel Sparhawk the first of Cambridge, and had four more children of who Nathaniel, Joseph, and Esther are known from will of their elder brother Thomas Adams.  He was a Captain and died 24 January 1689, aged 72.  His daughter Rebecca married John Waldo.

SAMUEL ADAMS, Fairfield, son of Edward Adams of the same, died about 1693, leaving wife and children Samuel, born 1 January 1678; and Abraham.

THOMAS ADAMS, Braintree, son of Henry Adams the first, freeman 10 May 1643, Artillery Company 1644, by wife Mary, had Mary, born 24 July 1643, died soon; removed to Concord, there had Jonathan and Pelatiah, twins 6 March 1646; Timothy, 2 April 1648; George, 29 May 1650; Samuel; and Thomas; removed to Chelmsford, there had Rebecca, 18 September 1657; Elizabeth, 21 October 1659; and Mary, again, 29 October 1664; was town clerk selectman, Representative at second session 1673, and died 20 July 1688, aged 76.  His eldest four sons lived at Chelmsford 1692.

THOMAS ADAMS, Charlestown, married 2 December 1654, Alice Roper, daughter of John Roper the second of Dedham, had Edith, born 21 February 1656; Susanna, baptized 3 February 1661; Sarah, born 12 March 1667; Samuel, April 1669; and Abigail, 12 September 1671; and he died 14 October 1697.

THOMAS ADAMS, New Haven, took oath of fidelity 7 April 1657, married 27 November 1667, Rebecca Potter, daughter of William Potter, had only child Abigail, born 29 September following.  A ridiculous story of his being mistaken for King Charles Il at New Hampshire in 1602 may be read on page 60 of the second Volume of the record of that collection recently published and some slight connection may be found in the affidavit of Captain Bredan, made in 1661, showing that the government of New England "apprehended a gentleman not many years ago (supposedly him to be the King) resolved to send him for England had not Sir Henry Moody and others better known His Matie."  We may read in Hutchinson I. 215 that Captain Bredan gave information of having seen the regicides at Boston.  Sir Henry Moody was of Long Isand.  See New York Colony Documents Volume III. 39.  To the benevolence of C.J. Hoadley of Hartford I am indebted for this curious, but unimportant matter.  Charles II knew well, that any place on the European continent would be better refuge for him.

THOMAS ADAMS, York, freeman 1680.

THOMAS ADAMS, Charlestown, son of Samuel Adams of the same, was a mariner, i. e. shipmaster, died at Barbados.  By his will of 28 February 1684 made at age of 32, at Charlestown, probated 3 June 1686, by President Dudley, he gave wife Mary his dwelling house and other estate, names no children but fully indicated his relations, father Samuel of Chelmsford, to whom he gives £20, in ready money, a negro girl to his mother Esther for life, and next to Rebecca Waldo, and at her death, to Susanna Waldo, but with condition "she shall not serve above 20 years from this time;" speaks of his uncle Thomas Graves, and calls Nathaniel, Joseph, and Benjamin Adams his brothers, and Esther his sister who should have residual of his property after his wife's death.  It may be seen in Volume XI. 2. 

WALTER ADAMS, Charlestown, married 15 December 1657, Hannah Moulton, daughter of Robert Moulton the second of Salem, had John, born 11 October 1664; William, 1669; Jacob, 24 December 1670; Hannah, 22 August 1673; and perhaps others, earlier, or later; or both; in 1678, lived on Malden side.

WILLIAM ADAMS, Cambridge 1635, or earlier, freeman 22 May 1639, removed probably before 1642, to Ipswich, but at Cambridge, had William, Nathaniel, and Samuel, probably born in England, and he died 1661.

WILLIAM ADAMS, Ipswich, probably son of the preceding, and perhaps that passenger in the Elizabeth and Ann from London, 1635, aged 15, had John; and William Adams, born 27 May 1650, Harvard College 1671; and died January 1659.

WILLIAM ADAMS, Dedham, son of the preceding, the earliest graduate of this copious name, became the second minister at Dedham, ordained 3 December 1673, married 21 October 1674, Mary Manning, daughter of William Manning of Cambridge, had Mary, born 12 November 1675, died soon; Eliphalet Adams, 26 March 1677, Harvard College 1694, distinguished man, minister of New London; William, 17 January 16~9.  His wife died 24 June 1679, and he married 29 March following Alice Bradford, daughter of William Bradford the second, had Elizabeth, born 23 February 1681; Alice, 3 April 1682; William, 17 December 1683; and posthumous daughter Abiel, 15 December 1685.  He had preached at Boston the General Election sermon 27 May preceding, and died 17 August next.  Judge Sewall informs us, that he attended the funeral, and that prayers were publically offered, then for the first time in New England on such an occasion.  His widow became second wife of Major James Fitch of Norwich, and had eight more children.  Of the marriages of his daughters and later details of the family, enough may be seen in Worthington's History of Dedham, Lamson's Centen. Disc., Allen in Genealogical Registrar IX. 127, and in the large Mem. of Eliphalet, by Miss Caulkins, 4 Massachusetts History Collections I. 1.

WILLIAM ADAMS, Hartford 1650, perhaps bought land 1653 at Farmington, and there died 18 July 1656.  His widow Elizabeth, died 3 August following.

WILLIAM ADAMS, Sudbury, by wife Elizabeth, had James, born 31 March 1674; John, 8 March 1676; and Richard, 22 August 1678.  In the Defence from London, 1635, came one Dorothy Adams, aged 24, but whose wife or daughter she was, is unknown to me.  Farmer remarks, in 1836, that of this name, fifty-two  had been graduates at Harvard, twenty-three at Yale, and at all the other New England colleges, forty-two; of which vast number were ministers, eighteen of Harvard, six of Yale, and four of the other colleges.


ISAAC ADDINGTON, Boston, 1640, freeman 1650, by wife Ann Leverett, daughter of Elder Thomas Leverett, who outlived him, had Isaac, born 22, baptized 26 January 1645; Ann, 10, baptized 14 March 1647; Rebecca, baptized 11 March 1649, as "four days old;" Sarah, 12, baptized 20 April 1651, died 2 August of next year; and Sarah, again, 11, baptized 13 February 1653; was chosen 1652 into the Artillery Company when Whitman erronously calls him Israel; and he died next year.  Ann married Captain Samuel Maudesley; Rebecca married Eleazer Davenport; and Sarah married Penn Townsend.

ISAAC ADDINGTON, Boston, only son of the preceding, married 1669, Elizabeth Bowen, daughter of Griffith Bowen of London, but formerly of Boston, had Elizabeth, born 21 September 1671, who died before her father.  He was bred for a surgeon, but was almost wholly unknown in later years for that skill, became a Representative 1685, and was forthwith chosen speaker, and next year assistant.  By the new charter the King under dictation of Increase Mather, made him of the council and the Secretary, in which offices he many years was continued, unlike several of Mather's nominees; and was appointed after Judge of the highest Court 1702, and its Chief, next year.  His wife died 2 March 1713, and he married 19 November following, Elizabeth Norton, widow of Honorable John Wainwright, daughter of William Norton of Ipswich, and died 19 March 1715, leaving no children.  Sewall says his funeral was attended on 23d by 20 counsellors. His widow died 22 November 1742, aged 87.


WILLIAM ADDIS, Gloucester 1642, one of the chief inhabitants, perhaps went home for a short time, but in 1658-62 lived at New London, as a brewer.  He had two daughters Milicent, who married 28 November 1642, William Southmayd, next William Ash, and, last, Thomas Beebe, who were all of New London; and Ann, who married 24 June 1653, at Boston, Ambrose Dartmouth.


WILLIAM ADEY, Plymouth, of who I learn only, that he was fined in 1636, for work on Sunday.


THOMAS ADGATE, Saybrook, had Elizabeth, born 10 October 1651; and Hannah, 6 October 1653; and by second wife Mary Marvin, widow of Richard Bushnell, daughter of Matthew Marvin, with whom about 1660, he removed to Norwich, had Abigail, August 1661; Sarah, January 1663; Rebecca, June 1666; and Thomas, March 1670.  He was after at Saybrook, Deacon, and died 1707.  All the daughters were married, Elizabeth to Richard Bushnell, 7 December 1672; Hannah, to Samuel Lothrop, but perhaps as second wife; Abigail, to Daniel Tracy, 1682; Sarah, to Christopher Huntington the second, and Rebecca, to Joseph Huntington.

THOMAS ADGATE, Norwich, son of the preceding, married 15 June 1692, Ruth Brewster, daughter of Benjamin Brewster of the same, bad Thomas, and Matthew, was Deacon, and reached to very old age.


THOMAS ADGER, at Pemaquid, took oath of fidelity July 1674.


BENJAMIN ADKINS, Middletown, son of Josiah Adkins of the same, married 8 June 1709, Jane Stevens of New Haven, had Sarah, born 27 March following; Hannah, 12 October 1712; and his wife died 16 November next.  He married 9 May 1716, Elizabeth Barnes, and had Elizabeth, born 1717; Benjamin, 2 November 1718; Daniel, 25 March 1721; Rachel, 1723; Joel, 24 April 1725; Ruth, 1728; Jemima, 9 November 1731; David, 20 June 1734, died in few weeks; David, again, 16 July 1736; and Elisha, 12 August 1738, died young; and this wife died 20 May 1752.

EPHRAIM ADKINS, Middletown, youngest son of Josiah Adkins of the same, married 16 June 1709, Elizabeth Whitmore, or Elizabeth Wetmore, perhaps daughter of Thomas Whitmore of the same, had Thomas, born 5 April following; Ephraim, 18 July 1712, died next year; Elizabeth, 6 December 1714; Ephraim, again, 22 March 1717, died at 18 years; Naomi, 6 June 1719; Ebenezer, 1 October 1721; James, 9 April 1724; and George, 26 December 1726; and his ife. died 20 May 1752, says indefatigable Hinman, in his new Edit. of 1852.  But as he gives the same day for death of the wife of Benjamin, the elder brother, and the baptized name of each was the same, without daring to guess which of the two is correct, I venture to doubt, that he fell into a very natural error, not observing the repetition.  Ephraim died he says 26 December 1760; and note is not found as to Benjamin.

JOSIAH ADKINS, Middletown, died 12 September 1690, leaving seven children minors, Sarah, aged 16; Abigail, 14; Solomon, 12; Josiah, 10; Benjamin, 8; Ephraim, 6; and Elizabeth, 3; but by a former wife thought to be an Andrews, others had recorded their portions, named Thomas, Samuel, and Elizabeth Gilman, who perhaps was deceased before the marriage 8 October 1673, with Elizabeth Whitmore, mother of the young ones, for who and her children he made provision in his will a few days before his death.

JOSIAH ADKINS, Middletown, son of the preceding, married 16 December 1708, Mary Wheeler, perhaps daughter of John Wheeler of Stratford, had Joseph, born September 1709; Mary, 14 October 1710; Elizabeth, February 1712; Abigail, 14 November 1713; Josiah, 11 October 1715; John, 14 October 1717; and died 1 November 1724.

SAMUEL ADKINS, Milford, perhaps son of Josiah Adkins by his first wife, had wife Esther, and died 1697.

SOLOMON ADKINS, Middletown, eldest son by second wife of Josiah Adkins the first, married 18 May 1709, Phebe Edwards of Northampton, had Abigail, born 11 April 1711; Samuel, 21 September 1713; Hannah, 26 May 1715; Solomon, 10 February 1717, died next year; Phebe, 30 May 1719, died soon; Solomon, again, 11 August 1720; Phebe, again, and Esther, twins 4 August 1725; Jabez, 23 April 1728, died next year; Abigail, again, 6 April 1729; Rebecca, 21 November 1730; Jabez, again, 21 November 1731, died at 20 years, was a Deacon, and died 1748, aged 70.

THOMAS ADKINS, Hartford, perhaps brother of the first Josiah Adkins, died 23 October 1694, leaving children Mary, aged 22; Thomas, 21; William, 19; Jane, 16; Sarah, 12; Josiah, 9; and Benoni, 4.  Hinman says, he requested his brother Gabriel Adkins, of whom we know no more, to bring up the youngest boy; and that, in 1709, administered on estate of the second Thomas Adkins, was given to his brother Josiah Adkins.  But he tells no more of the family.  Most of the descendants of the families of this name, not all of them, have changed the spelling to Atkins.


HENRY ADVERD, or HENRY ADFORD, Scituate 1640, married 6 October 1643, Thomasine Manson, had son Experience; daughters Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah; and died at Rehoboth 1653.  Mary married 13 March 1671, Abraham Jaquith of Woburn.


WILLIAM AGER, WILLIAM AGAR, WILLIAM AUGER, WILLIAM EGER, or WILLIAM EAGER, administered freeman 18 May 1631.  I dare not attempt to indicate how close is the reality of relationship with those who spell Auger and Hagar.


WILLIAM AGLIN, Boston 1676, is not heard of more.

NINIAN AGNEW, Kittery 1676, was held in esteem, sufficiennt to be made appraiser with Captain John Wincoll, on estates of Roger Plaisted, as well as of Richard Tozer, that year.


ANCHOR AINSWORTH, Boston, had short residence if any, for, under power of alienation of 8 September 1645, his lot of land was sold 30 March 1647 by his attorney.

DANIEL AINSWORTH, Roxbury 1648, was later of Dedham, died 13 November 1680; and Alice, his widow died 9 January 1685.

EDWARD AINSWORTH, Roxbury, perhaps son of the preceding, married 11 January 1688, Joanna Hemenway, probably daughter of Joshua Hemenway of the same, had Joshua, born 22 January 1689, died next day; Hannah, 21 January 1690; Edward, 18 August 1693; Elizabeth, 18 November 1695; Daniel, 7 October 1697; Joanna, 31 December 1699, or by other Representative 5 October 1700, both dates appeared on the record, and Judah, 25 January 1703.  Possibly the name has degenerated to Ensworth.


THOMAS AKERS, Charlestown, had Thomas, Sarah, and Rachel, died probably 1651, leaving widow Priscilla, who married "old William Knapp," and outlived him.  Thomas Akers, the son, had been gone many years to the wars in Ireland, as his sister Rachel Akers testified 22 August 1659, and had not been heard of for more than ten years.


BENJAMIN ALBEE, or BENJAMIN ALBY, Braintree 1641, freeman 18 May 1642, had, unless the record be wrong, Hannah, born 16 August 1641; Lydia, 14 April 1642; removed to Medfield 1649, there had Benjamin 1653; as it is said; certainly Sarah, 11 March 1654; and may have been of Mendon or Swanzey 1669; most probably the former.  See Colony record Volume IV. part II. 434.  Lydia, married 30 October 1658, Alexander Lovell; and Hannah married 25 March 1663, Samuel Wight of Mendon.   In his historical discertation about Braintree, Whitney prints this name Alber.

JOHN ALBEE, or JOHN ALBY, Salem 1637, freeman 10 May 1643, died 1690.  He may have the second letter of his name perverted, and possibly was father of Samuel Abby, or Samuel Abbee.

JOHN ALBEE, or JOHN ALBY, Braintree, lost a servant Francis Brown by death 1640, and may have been the freeman of 1670, if Paige's reading of the last name in the MS of Volume IV. 651 be more correct than the government printed copy of that Volume part II. page 584.

JOHN ALBEE, or JOHN ALBY, Rehoboth, had Hannah, born 10 October 1673.


JOHN ALBESON, or JOHN ALLBERSON, Yarmouth, perhaps son of Nicholas Albeson, married 16 March 1697, Elizabeth Folland, had Jeconia, born 2 January 1698, died next month, and David, 1 November 1699.

NICHOLAS ALBESON, or NICHOLAS ALLBERSON, Scituate 1636, distinguished as "the Swede," had children as tradition goes, who he himself baptized, but Deane found on record nothing relating to the man, except that, in Philip's war, the Indians burned his house, 20 May 1676, and the town voted a contribution towards rebuilding it.


JOHN ALBOROW, JOHN ALBOROUGH, JOHN ALBRO, JOHN ALDBURY, JOHN ALBROE, or JOHN ALSBERRIE, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 1655, was an Assistant 1671, and one of the councillors appointed by King James Il, for his Governor Andros, 1687, as Hutchinson I. 354 gives the list.  Gladly would we learn more of so prominent a man, ancestor of the Reverend John A. Albro, D.D. of Cambridge, and speak with confidence if record would permit.  Very reasonable may be the conjectured that he came, as a youth of 14 years, under charge of William Freeborne, in the Francis from Ipswich, 1634, to Boston.  Freeborne was, we know of Boston, until the sad dissention about Mrs. Hutchinson, 1637, when he withdrew in company of so many others with Governor Coddington to purchase Rhode Island.  What presumption may be drawn, from the mural tablet to Alborough in the church of Stratford on Avon, whither the admirable of Shakespeare annual resort, that this Rhode Island family came from Warwickshire, will be variously determined by different jurors.  Alborow's daughter Susanna married 3 January 1694, John Anthony of Portsmouth, as his second wife.  His wife Dorothy, who was a widow Potter, and may therefore be thought a second wife, died 19 February 1696 in her 79th year, and the record showed me, that he died 14 December 1712, aged 95 years, which is a closer agreement with custom house records so many years before than is often found.


FRANCIS ALCOCK, Newbury, came in the Bevis 1638, aged 26, in the employment of Richard Dummer, as the England custom house record tells; but that is the sole authority for calling him of Newbury, nor is any more known of him.

GEORGE ALCOCK, Roxbury, came in the fleet with Governor Winthrop 1630, with his wife, a sister of Reverend Thomas Hooker, but leaving only son at home, desired adminstration as freeman 19 October of that year, and was recorded 18 May following, before the gathering of church at Roxbury.  He was Deacon at Dorchester, and his wife died the first season.  He was a physician, Representative at the first Court 14 May 1634, and after, as well as Deacon for Roxbury church.  He went home to bring his son John, and at the same or following visit got second wife Elizabeth, by whom he had Samuel Alcock, born 16 April 1637, Harvard College 1659; and at his death about 30 December 1640, the church record says he "left a good savior behind him, the poor of the church much bewailing his loss."  Of his will, made ten days before, an abstract may be read in Genealogical Registrar II. 104.  His widow in April following married Henry Dingham, or Henry Dengham, or Henry Dengayne, a surgeon of Watertown. 

JOB ALCOCK, York 1666, son of John Alcock of the same, made a Lieutenant 1677, and a Magistrate under authority of Massachusetts 1678, and Captain 1681; by creation of William and Mary, in the new Charter under advice of Increase Mather, 1691 made a counsellor, but was next year left out, on the popular revulsion against his patron.  Hutchinson 11. 15, says only, that he was of Maine, yet strange is it, that both he, and Douglas, I. 486 should falsely spell his name, Alcot, and stranger still, that Mather should have put that error into his charter, probably for the sake of euphony.

JOHN ALCOCK, Kittery, administered freeman of Massachusetts 1652, probably removed to York, had to divide his estate 1675, two sons Joseph, and Job, five daughters viz. Mary, wife of Samuel Twisten, perhaps, or of John Twisten the second, Elizabeth, wife probably of Richard Banks; Hannah, wife perhaps of George Snell; Sarah Gittings, whose husband is a stranger to me; and Lydia Dummer, perhaps a maiden, sole child of another daughter.  Yet conjectured may be wearied in finding the connection.  Joseph Alcock, administered at the same time, was probably his son, but Samuel may not have been.

JOHN ALCOCK, Roxbury, son of George Alcock of the same, born in England early in 1627, Harvard College 1646, was a physician, but after leaving college went to Hartford, probably on call of his uncle Hooker, to teach a school some time.  He married Sarah Palsgrave, daughter of Richard Palsgrave of Charlestown, had Joanna, who died soon after, born 5 August or September 1649; Ann and Sarah, twins, baptized 26 May 1650; Mary, 15 August 1652; George Alcock, 25 March 1655, Harvard College 1673; John, born 5, baptized 15 March 1657; probably died 5 May 1690, unmarried; Elizabeth, baptized 27 March 1659; Joanna, again, 6 May 1660; and Palsgrave, 20 July 1662, who died 24 November 1710.  His wife died 29 November 1665, aged 44; and he died 27, was buried  29 March 1667.  His will, of 10 May preceding, names the eight children, several of the later ones were born in Boston, where his profession fixed him, but they were carried to Roxbury for baptism.  He owned estate on Block island, distributed to heirs in 1677, but how acquired, I see not.  Of his children, Ann married 1670, John Williams of Boston; Sarah married 1 670, Reverend Zechariah Whitman; Mary married Joshua Lamb of Roxbury; Joanna married Ephraim Hurd; and George, the scholar, meaning probably to follow his father's profession, died in London, where he made his will 27 February 1677, probated 9 March after at Doctors Commons, the Prerogative Court of the archbishop of Canterbury.  In it he divides to the five sisters the estate that came to him from father and mother, after providing a liberal memorial for the Roxbury school.

JOHN ALCOCK, Boston, son of Thomas Alcock of the same, but born at Dedham, married Constance Mylam, daughter of Humphrey Mylam, had Mary, born 3 May 1678; Mylam, 8 August 1680; Hannah, 5 November 1682; Sarah, 18 January 1685; Rebecca, 14 August 1687; Elizabeth, 3 April 1694; Constant, 17 January 1697; and Sarah, again, 11 January 1699.

JOSEPH ALCOCK, York, eldest son of John Alcock of that place, was administered freeman of Massachusetts 1652, but died before July 1678, when John Twisden was his administrator, and he left a widow.

PALSGRAVE ALCOCK, Roxbury, youngest son of John Alcock of the same, had wife Esther, but no children, as from his will, of 24 November 1710, probated 14 December following, in which he gave all his property to wife for life, is reasonably conjectured.

PHILIP ALCOCK, New Haven, perhaps son of Thomas Alcock, married 5 December 1672, Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of Thomas Mitchell, had John, born 14 July 1675; Thomas, 1677; Elizabeth, 6 February 1679; Philip, 19 November 1681; and perhaps more; had come thither from Wethersfield, it is said, was a proprietor 1685, and married second wife 4 April 1699, Sarah, widow of Nathaniel Butler, and died 1715.

SAMUEL ALCOCK, Kittery 1652, then made freeman of Massachusetts, was of York 1659.

SAMUEL ALCOCK, Boston, youngest son of George Alcock of Roxbury, was a physician, married 24 March 1668, Sarah Stedman, daughter of John Stedrnan, and widow of John Brackett of Cambridge, had four children each of whom died at few weeks old, and lie buried near him.  He was freeman 1676, and died 1677, on 16 March, as says the grave stone, or 17, by Hammond's Diary; but the record has 18.  His widow had third husband, Dr. Thomas Graves of Charlestown, and fourth Honorable John Phillips of the same, and outlived him.

THOMAS ALCOCK, Boston, brother of George Alcock, came, no doubt, in the fleet with Winthrop, for his number in the list of church members is 46, by wife Margery, had Mary, baptized 3 November 1635, died young; Elizabeth, 10 December 1637, died soon; removed to Dedham, there had Elizabeth, again, born 4 October 1638; Sarah, 28 December 1639; Hannah, 20 May 1642; Mary, again, 4 October 1644; Rebecca, 1646; and returned to Boston, had John, 2, baptized 6 July 1651 ; perhaps Philip, intermed.  He was freeman 6 May 1635, and died 14 September 1657.  His widow married 16 November 1660, according to the record which I think should be 1659, John Benham; and of the daughters, Elizabeth married 6 May 1656 Joseph Soper, and Mary married 27 September 1664, James Robinson of Dorchester.

THOMAS ALCOCK, Hartford.-- See Olcott.


JOHN ALDBURG, a youth of 14, came in the Francis, 1634, under William Freeborne.  See Alborow.


DAVID ALDEN, Duxbury, son of John Alden of the Mayflower, was Representative 1689 and 90, after the overthrow of Andros; but Farmer was, I doubt, under mistake in making him Assistant 1690; and Winsor followed him.  His wife was Mary Southworth, daughter of Constant Southworth, by whom he had Benjamin, Samuel, and Alice, besides Ruth.

JOHN ALDEN, Plymouth, passenger in the first ship 1620, had not been associated at Leyden with the Pilgrims, but was hired at Southampton as a cooper, with right of staying on this side or returning, married 1623, Priscilla Mullins, daughter of William Mullins, who as well as his wife, died the first February after landing.  We know only eight children by their names, John, born perhaps 1623; Joseph, David, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ruth, and Mary; but in Bradford we find husband and wife living in 1650, "and have eleven children and their eldest daughter hath five children".  Of these in May 1627, at the division of cattle, only John and Elizabeth, are named, so that the other nine were born later, but their dates of birth are not heard.  He lived most of his days at Duxbury, was Representative 1641, yet had been chosen an Assistant for the Colony 1633, to Governor Winslow, and served 42 years in that office, to every Governor after Carver.  Idly would tradition attempt to magnify his merit, as the first to jump upon the rock at Plymouth landing, when he was not of the party in the shallop that discoved the harbor, but continued on board ship at Cape Cod.  He was the last male survivor of the signers of the compact in that harbor, November 1620, and died 12 September 1687, aged 84, or, by other account 88.  Of the daughters, Elizabeth married 18 December 1644, William Peabody and died 3 May 1717, aged 94, says her grave stone; Sarah married Alexander Standish; Ruth married 12 May (Winsor has it 3 February) 1657, John Bass of Braintree; and Mary married Thomas Delano.

JOHN ALDEN, Duxbury, eldest son of the preceding, removed to Boston, where the record says, perhaps erroneously by wife Elizabeth, he had Mary, born 17 December 1659, for that date may be of death of his wife, since 1 April following he married (I suppose as second wife) Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of William Phillips, and widow of Abiel Everill, had John, born 20 November following, died soon; Elizabeth, 9 May 1662, died at 2 months; John, again, 12 March 1663; William, 16 March 1664, died soon; Elizabeth, again, 9 March 1665; William, again, 5 March 1666, died soon; Zechariah, 8 March 1667, died soon; William, again, 10 September 1664; Nathaniel, 1670; Zechariah Alden, again, 18 February 1673, Harvard College 1692; Nathan, 17 October 1677; and Sarah, 27 September 1681.  In the witchcraft madness of 1692, he suffered many weeks imprisonment as Caleb and Hutchinson II. 48, relate, yet recovered from the popular persecution, and died 14 March 1702.  His daughter Elizabeth married John Walley, possibly grandson of Reverend Thomas Walley; and next 30 April 1702, Simon Willard, but this union is not clear to me.  As his son John had wife Elizabeth, it is difficult from the Boston record to tell who John and Elizabeth, had the latest birth.  It might as easily be inferred that the witchcraft belonged to the son as the father, and indeed Thayer in his Genealogy makes the younger the sufferer in which he is followed by Winsor, contrary to the general import of Calef and Hutchinson.  With them I concur, for the son was only 29 years old, and more venerable age is usually found liable to assaults by the great adversary for such cases.

JONATHAN ALDEN, Duxbury, brother of the preceding, married 10 December 1672, Abigail Hallet, daughter of Andrew Hallet, had Andrew, Jonathan, John and Benjamin; but no dates are found for either.  The two former, it is said, went to Lebanon.  He was buried 17 February 1698, aged 70, says family tradition, and his widow died 17 August 1725, aged 81.

JOSEPH ALDEN, Duxbury, brother probably elder of the preceding, married Mary Simmons, daughter of Moses Simmons, removed early to Bridgewater, had Isaac; Joseph, born 1668; John, and, perhaps Elizabeth, and Mary; and died 8 February 1697.  The daughters were married one before and one after.  From the passengers in the Mayflower are filled with details of descendants, 28 pages of Thayer's Genealogy and in Collection of Epitaphs, by Reverend Timothy Alden, comprised in 5 volumes, is seen large proof of filial gratitude.  Of this name eight had been graduates at Harvard in 1834, and two at Yale.


JOHN ALDERMAN, Dorchester 1634, Salem 1636, when Jane, probably his wife, was member of the church, had grant of land at Salem 1637, freeman 22 May 1639, died 1657.  See Winthrop I. 144; and Felt, Annals I. 171.

WILLIAM ALDERMAN, Windsor, 1672, soon after at Simsbury, married 1679, Mary Case, daughter of John Case of Salem, had Mary, born 22 September 1680; Thomas, 11 January 1683; William, 20 October 1686; Sarah, 1692; John, 1695; and Joseph, 1697; and died at Farmington, 1697.  His widow married 30 March 1699, James Hillyer.


DANIEL ALDIS, Dedham, son of Deacon John Aldis of the same, married 23 November 1685, Sarah Paine, perhaps daughter of the second Moses Paine of Braintree, had Sarah, born 16 October 1686; Daniel, 2 December 1687, died at 3 months; Ann, 21 August 1692; Sarah, 27 August 1695.  His wife died 17 April 1711; and he died 21 January 1717; and this marks the last appearance of the family name on the town records.  His will made two days before names wife Sarah, son in law William Bacon, daughter Ann, wife of Jonathan Onion, and grandson William Bacon; and may be seen in Volume XX.166.

JOHN ALDIS, Dedham, son of Nathan Aldis, born in England, married 27 September 1650, Sarah Eliot, daughter of Philip Eliot of Roxbury, were both administrators of the church 29 December following, had Sarah, born 9 June 1652, yet not baptized before 12 June 1653; John, 12, baptized 18 February 1655; Mary, 29 November 1657; Nathaniel, 1 August 1659, died at 2 years; Daniel, 3 August 1661; Nathaniel, again, 6 March 1664, died at 19 years and Hannah, 4 July 1666.  He was Deacon, and his wife died 12 November 1686; and he died 21 December 1700.  Sarah married 26 April 1675, Gershom Hubbard; and Mary married 21 February 1679, Nathaniel Richards.

JOHN ALDIS, Dedham, son of the preceding, by wife Mary, had Ruth, born 14 August 1695; and no more is heard of husband, wife or children in Dedham, but he had lived at Wrentham, married 23 May 1682, Mary Winchester; had Sarah, born 26 February following; Ethan, 11 May 1685; and Hannah, 19 February 1688.

NATHAN ALDIS, Dedham, with wife joined the church early in 1640 and 1641, respectively.  They had brought from England certainly Mary, who married 15 March 1643, Joshua Fisher, and perhaps other children besides  John, before mentioned.  He was made freeman 13 May 1640, was chosen one of the first two Deacons, and died 15 March 1676. The widow named Mary, died 1 January following, but she and son John had administration.


GEORGE ALDRIDGE, or GEORGE ALDRICH, Dorchester, freeman 7 December 1636, by wife Catharine, had, besides  Miriam, buried  27 January 1640; and Experience, who died 2 February 1642; and at Braintree, John, born 2 April 1644; Sarah, 16 January 1646; Peter, 14 April 1648; Mercy, 17 June 1650; Miriam, again, who died 1 December 1651, or 10 March 1602, as the record reads; Jacob, 28 February 1653; and Mattithiab, 10 July 1656.  He was one of the first settlers at Mendon, 1663.


HENRY ALDRIDGE, or HENRY ALDRICH, Dedham, had Mary, born 19 March 1643, died soon; Samuel, 10 March 1645; and perhaps before settling at Dedham, Thomas; was freeman 1645, and died 23 February 1646.  His wife Mary, perhaps mother of all these children, married Samuel Judson, who 7 June 1657 provided by his will for her two sons, and she next married John Hayward, and outlived him.


JOHN ALDRIDGE, or JOHN ALDRICH, Braintree, son of George Aldridge, married 31 October 1678, Sarah Leach, daughter of Giles Leach of Bridgewater, if there be no error of date, for by wife Sarah, he had Joseph, born 20 September 1676; and Jacob, 27 December 1677; but that wife died 25 February following as is said.  Perhaps there were two.

JOSEPH ALDRIDGE, or JOSEPH ALDRICH, Braintree, perhaps brother of the preceding, married 26 February 1662, Patience Osborne of Weymouth, perhaps daughter of John Osborne, had Joseph, born 14 July 1663; and Sarah, 27 October 1677.

ROBERT ALDRIDGE, or ROBERT ALDRICH, Braintree, perhaps married 25 December 1656.

THOMAS ALDRIDGE, or THOMAS ALDRICH, Dedham, son perhaps of Henry Aldridge, married 4 May 1675, Elizabeth Prentice, daughter of the brave Captain Thomas Prentice, who died 5 February following, and he married 16 January 1678, Hannah Colburn, daughter of Nathaniel Colburn, had Hannah, 17 December 1679; John, 8 May 1681; Mary, 5 August 1683; and Thomas, 17 April 1685; was freeman 1677, and died 23 October 1694.  With spelling of Aldrich, four had been in 1829, graduates at Brown University, and none at Harvard or Yale.  Perhaps this name became Eldridge sometimes.


FRANCIS ALEWORTH, Dorchester, freeman 18 May 1631, went home the following year, though he had been by the Court of Assistants in July, chosen Lieutenant of the Company, another man with this surname, at the Court in March 1631, was ordered to go, "as unmeeting to inhabit here."


DANIEL ALEXANDER, Windsor, son of George Alexander, wounded in Philip's war, lived after at Northampton, and died unmarried 1686, at Suffield.

DAVID ALEXANDER, Northampton, brother of Robert Alexander, became 3rd husband of Elizabeth Copley, widow of Samuel Langton, daughter of widow Elizabeth Copley.

GEORGE ALEXANDER, Windsor, married 18 March 1644, Susanna Sage, as by Parsons, in Genealogical Registrar V. 63, the surname is given (whose correctness is doubted by scrupulous readers of the original record when the baptized name is Susanna alone, not as printed "Su Sage;" and besides the date of the marriage is not clear on that record) had (he says) John, born 25 July 1645; (yet high authority advises me, that the oldest child was probably Abigail); a child who died 1647, probably very young,; Mary, 20 October 1648; Daniel, 12 January 1651; Nathaniel, 29 December 1652; and Sarah, 8 December 1654; removed to Northampton, and died 5 May 1703.  Abigail, married 16 June 1663, Thomas Webster; Mary, married 23 September 1670, Micah Judge; and Sarah, married 6 July 1678, Samuel Curtis.

JAMES ALEXANDER, Boston, servant of Theodore Atkinson, died 19 August 1644.

JOHN ALEXANDER, Northampton, son of George Alexander, married 28 November 1671, Sarah Gaylord, perhaps daughter of Samuel Gaylord of the same, had John, born 24 January 1673; Nathaniel, March 1676; Samuel, 6 November 1678; Joseph, 16 October 1681; Ebenezer, 17 October 1684; Sarah, 7 February 1688; Thankful, 29 March 1691; and Elizabeth.  His wife died 3 November 1732, and he died 31 December 1733.  One of the sons Ebenezer Alexander, a Deacon of Northfield, was grandfather of Caleb Alexander, Yale College 1777, minister of Mendon, translation of Virgil, formerly well known to idle school boys.

JOHN ALEXANDER, Newton, by wife Beatrice, had Martha, born 16 July 1668; Deliverance, 7 January 1672; and Elizabeth, 16 September 1674; was active in promoting separation of the new town from old Cambridge, 1678, and died 1696.

JOHN ALEXANDER, New Hampshire 1686, may have lived at Groton, 1691.

NATHANIEL ALEXANDER, Northampton, son of George Alexander, married 20 January 1680, Hannah Allen, daughter of Samuel Allen, had Hannah, died 27 October following, few days old; Hannah, again, 26 September 1681; Ruth, 22 February 1631; Thankful, 9 January 1694; Thomas, 9 April 1696, who was drowned, unmarried; Daniel, 14 January 1699, died young; besides Mindwell, Sarah, and Abigail, whose dates are not ascertained, perhaps born after Hannah, and before Ruth, but not record.  He died 29 October 1742, at Hadley, whither he removed late in life to live with a daughter, having no sons living.

ROBERT ALEXANDER, Deerfield, died 1689, leaving "aged parents," unlinked to us, and given his property to brothers and sisters, John, David, Dorothy, wife of John Stebbins, Mary, wife of Benjamin Barret, Martha, Deliverance, and Elizabeth.

ROBERT ALEXANDER, Boston, 1684, a Scotchman, may be the same as the preceding, but not probably and certainly is not seen among the taxable inhabitants of 1695.

THOMAS ALEXANDER, one of the Company of Captain Lathrop, called "the flower of Essex," killed in the fight at "Bloody brook," 18 September 1675.  Of this name, in 1828, Farmer notes the graduates at Yale were two, none at other New England colleges, but eleven at New Jersey and Union colleges, yet he might have found one at Dartmouth.


BENJAMIN ALFORD, Boston, merchant, probably son of William Alford, Artillery Company 1671, by wife Mary Richards, daughter of James Richards, Esquire, of Hartford, had Mary, born 15 September baptized 14 October 1688; John, baptized (at third or Old South church) 5 July 1685; Benjamin, born Boston, baptized 10 October 1686; Judith, baptized 16 September 1688; James, 19, baptized 26 July 1691; Sarah, 17, baptized 18 March 1694; and Thomas, whose date is not found.  He had been a prisoner in Barbary, and after returning, was a man of importance in Boston.  His will of 19 February 1697, probated thirteen years after, provided for all the children and wife, who with his brother in law, Benjamin Davis, he made executors.  The eldest son John, who had good estate, was of Charlestown, married 12 November 1713.

MARGARET ALFORD, daughter of Colonel Thomas Savage Alford, third of that name, and died 30 September 1761, distinguished as founder of the Alford Professor of Native Theology etc. at Harvard, and for giving large sum to the Society for proper Gospel among the Indians etc. in North America.  His wife outlived him; but he had no issue.

JOHN ALFORD, Salem, 1668.

REMAIN ALFORD, New London, who died 12 August 1709, aged 63, by Miss Caulkins is styled Colonel.  Yet of unknown descent.

WILLIAM ALFORD, Salem, 1635, came the year before from London, a member of the Skinners' Company there, a merchant here; and his wife Mary in 1636 joined to the church, had Nathaniel, baptized 19 March 1637; Samuel, 17 February 1639; Bethia, 26 June 1642; besides Elisha, Mary, and Elizabeth, but his wife brought to Boston church for baptism 5 December 1647, son Jonathan, about six days old, who died under 16 years.  See a valuble letter of 13 April 1634 brought by him from Francis Kirbey, to his friend John Winthrop, son of the Governor, printed in 3 Massachusetts History Collections IX. 267. He had favored the party of Wheelwright, and under the name of Mr. Alfoot on the record in 1637, was disarmed by the Geneal Court and thereupon removed for a season to New Haven, and there had, probably two or more of his children, born before 1654.  See Haz. II. 247.  Yet he came back to Massachusetts but lived at Boston; and by another wife Ann, had John, born 29 November 1658, who died at 2 months.  He died January 1677, was buried 13th of that month being Saturday.  The will of 13 April with codicil 9 July 1676, names no sons as then living, but he gives £.50 to children of his son Nathaniel, if now alive, and £10 to widow of son Elisha, and made executrix his daughter Mary, that had been wife of Peter Butler, and next of Hezekiah Usher, and had four children, and mentioned daughters Bethia, and Elizabeth, who had married 1 December 1659, Nathaniel Hudson.  The whole of the debt of Hudson Leverett, and half of those of other poor debtors are remitted by it; and the codicil was made, because his daughter Mary had became wife of Hezekiah Usher, who was then dead.  She took third husband Samuel Nowell, outlived him, and died 14 August 1693.


ANDREW ALGER, Scarborough, 1651, had wife Agnes, and children John; Andrew; and Matthew; Elizabeth, who married John Palmer; Joanna, who married Elias Oakman, and, next, John Mills, both of Boston; besides a third daughter who married John Ashton, or John Austin.  He had called his plantation Dunster, from the town near Minehead, in the North West part of County Somerset, where he was born, was constable 1661, and Lieutenant, killed by the Indians with his brother Arthur Alger, October 1675.  The family fled to Boston, his will was probated in Essex 24 June following, and his widow married Samuel Walker.  See Folsom, 156; and Willis, I. 139, who observed that, in our days, the estate of the Southgate family includes part of the Alger domain.

ANDREW ALGER, Falmouth, son of the preceding, was killed by the Indians when they destroyed the town 1690, leaving only child, the wife, it is said, of Matthew Collins.

ARTHUR ALGER, Scarborough, brother of the first Andrew Alger, perhaps elder, perhaps was father of that Arthur Alger junior, who owned allegiance to Massachusetts 1658; was constable 1658, Representative to Boston, 1671, when the Secretary makes his name Angurs, and 1672, when he cuts off the final letter, was killed by the Indians 14 October 1675, with his brother, leaving widow Ann, and children, but their names are not told.  See Hubbard's History of New England 600, and Willis, as above.

ISRAEL ALGER, BridgeWater, son of Thomas Alger, married Patience Hayward, daughter of Nathaniel Hayward of the same, had Israel, born 1689; Joseph, 1691; Thomas,1697; Nathaniel, 1700; and John, 1704.

JOHN ALGER, Scarborough, son of Andrew Alger the first, had several daughters of who Elizabeth married John Millikin. Willis.

MATTHEW ALGER, Scarborough, brother of the preceding, and the last male of the family, died 1690 of fever from the service in the sad expedition of 1690 by Sir William Phips against Quebec, in which he commanded a vessel, and got safely back.  

SAMPSON ALGER, York, 1649, then of the grand jury, freeman 1652, constable, 1655.  He may have been relative of the foregoing family, but the name is variously written the second letter often being U, agreeing with the sound, and when it is n, looking doubtful, whether Anger, or Angier, as by the scrupulous Paige in Genealogical Registrar III. 193, or Angur, as by the same hand on the next page, or Augur, as the same MS is read by the Editor of Massachusetts Colony record IV. part I. page 358.

THOMAS ALGER, Taunton, 1665, married 14 November of that year, Elizabeth Packard, daughter of Samuel Packard, had Israel, and Deliverance, perhaps others, before or after removing to Bridgewater.  Mitchell shows, in his History that most of this name in that vicinity called him their ancestors.

TRISTRAM ALGER, Scarborough.


JOHN ALISET, or JOHN ALLISET, Boston 1689, chosen an overseer of cord wood, as also in 1691, yet not found among taxable inhabitants of 1695.


HUGH ALLARD, New Hampshire 1674.  One Elizabeth Allard married 10 December 1634, Robert Seaver at Roxbury; and this may well be thought mistake for Ballard, as the church record has it; yet no Ballard is known in Roxbury, so early by many years, and a Mrs. Allard died there 11 August 1717, but she may have been a Huguenot of later importance.


LOUIS ALLARE, Boston, a Huguenot, administered inhabitant 1 February 1692, but in 1695 not seen.


ABRAHAM ALLEN, Marblehead 1674. 

ALEXANDER ALLEN, Windsor 1689, a Scotchman, married 21 September 1693, Mary Grant, had Alexander, born 9 September 1695; John, 25 July 1697; William, 9 April 1701, died soon; and Mary, 7 June 1702, died soon; and by second wife Elizabeth Allen, married 1704, daughter of John Allen, the famous Secretary of the Colony, had Fitz John, 12 October 1705.  He died 19 August 1708, by his will made three days before disposing of large property to children, something to brothers William and Robert at home, and £5 to the Scot's box in Boston.  His widow married John Gardiner, Esq. of Gardiner's Island.

ALEXANDER ALLEN, Windsor, eldest son of the preceding, married 17 May 1716, Hannah Marshall, probably daughter of John Marshall of Windsor, who died 30 November 1772, aged 77, had Abigail, born 4 February 1717, died at 2 years; Alexander, 23 December 1718; Abigail, again, 28 August 1721 Mary; and Hannah; and died 2 April 1742.

ANDREW ALLEN, Lynn 1642, married Faith Ingalls, daughter of Edmund Ingalls, removed to Andover, there died 24 October 1690.  He left Andrew and John, both died the next month after.

ANDREW ALLEN, Andover, son of the preceding, married 1 January 1682, Elizabeth Richardson, had Thomas, who died 18 December 1690, of smallpox, as had the father 26 November preceding.

ARNOLD ALLEN, Casco 1645, had wife Mary.

BENJAMIN ALLEN, Groton 1674, may have been a soldier next year in Moseley's Company for the December campaign.

BENJAMIN ALLEN, Salisbury, son of William Allen the first of same, married 3 September 1686, Rachel, widow of Henry Wheeler, had Elizabeth, born 6 September 1687; Benjamin, 20 May 1689; Squire (so reads the record), 26 March 1691; Jeremiah, 25 Mar 1693; and no more is told.

BOZOAN ALLEN, BOZOUN ALLEN, or BEZOONE ALLEN, Hingham 1638, came from Lynn, County Norfolk, arrived with wife and two servants in the Diligent from Ipswich, was freeman 2 June 1641, Representative 1643, and 7 years more, but not in sequence, last in 1652; of Artillery Company 1650, removed to Boston, made his will 9, September 1652, and died 5 days after.  In the History of Winthrop II. 221-236 his political prominence appears.  His widow Ann bore him John, Ann, Isaac, and, posthumous Bozoan, 13 February 1653; and married 13 May following Joseph Jewett of Rowley, and died February 1661.  His daughter Ann married 2 April 1661, Abraham Jewett; and Martha married Ebenezer Savage of Boston.

BOZOAN ALLEN, Boston, son of the preceding, married 1673, Rachel Houchin, daughter of Jeremiah Houchin, who he succeeded in his great business, as a tanner, had another wife Lydia in 1679, was constable 1680, freeman 1682, one of the selectmen 1692, and Representative 1700.

CALEB ALLEN, Sandwich, eldest son of George Allen the second, married 8 April 1670, Elizabeth Sisson, had Richard, born 8 October 1673; Mary, 29 February 1676; George, 19 May 1678; Hannah, 5 November 1680; Caleb, 20 March 1683; Elizabeth, 3 December 1685; and James, 17 June 1689.

DANIEL ALLEN, Boston, physician, by wife Mariana, had John, born 19 June 1680; Mary, 30 June 1681; Catharine, 15 December 1682; Daniel, 6 December 1683, died young; Benjamin, 26 April 1687; and Daniel, again, 27 July 1688; was chosen Representative September 1693, and died 7 November following.  His will of 17 November preceding with codicil of 22nd of the name, provides for wife and children as they attain full age.

DANIEL ALLEN, Charlestown, son of Walter Allen of the same, perhaps born in England, but not probably, by wife Mary Sherman, daughter of Reverend John Sherman.  By his first wife had David, born 1 July 1659; Rebecca, 15 January 1661, died in 10 days; removed to Watertown, and had Mary, 1662; removed to Lancaster, there had Samuel, 17 April 1664; and Elnathan, 11 February 1666; again removed to Watertown and had Abigail; Thomas, 1670, who died next year; Ebenezer, 26 December 1674; Elizabeth, and Lydia.  He may be that gentleman named in an order of President Dudley's Council 8 December 1686, relating to Secretary's record.  See 3 Massachusetts History Collections VII. 162.  He died 7 March 1694, and his neighbor Lawrence Hammond, highly extols his character in the Diary.  Bond, who must be in error, as to his death at Sudbury 1706, says his son David served in the expedition to Canada, and died 17 October 1711; that Abigail married Moses Palmer of Stonington; and Elizabeth married Joseph Fletcher.  One David Allen, not his son, died at Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 10 February 1685, aged 17.

DANIEL ALLEN, Swanzey, by wife Mary, had Elizabeth, born 28 September 1673; and Christian, 26 January 1675.

DANIEL ALLEN, Sandwich, sixth son of George Allen of the same, married Bashua Haxie, daughter of Ludowic Haxie, had Gideon, born 17 May 1686; Hannah, 7 June 1688; Cornelius; Daniel; and Lydia.

EDWARD ALLEN, Ipswich, according to a very doubtful tradition came from Scotland, 1636, married a Kimball, and had, as runs the same story, fifteen sons and three daughters.  That account was given by Honorable Samuel C. Allen to Farmer.  In the History of Hubbard, who was his neighbor, the burning of his barn, 1670, is mentioned with wife Sarah, who died 12 June 1696, he removed to Suffield, having had nine children and there had one, born 1683; and another 1685.  Of seven sons the names are told, but without dates, except John, who is said to have been born about 1660, and was killed by the Indians 11 May 1704 as Deerfield, where he had lived from 1685; Edward, who also lived at Deerfield, there died 1740, leaving a family William, who died at Suffield; 1702; Benjamin, the ancestor of Honorable Samuel C. Allen, had Joseph, who settled at Deerfield; David, and Samuel, both, it is said, went to New Jersey, and Caleb, born 31 March 1685, probably the youngest.  Four daughters too are named Sarah, who married 21 April 1685, Edward Smith; Martha, who married Samuel Kent, junior; Abigail, married Timothy Palmer; and Mary, of who nothing is told.

EDWARD ALLEN, Dedham, perhaps nephew of Edward Alleyn of the same, may have been that Edward Allen of Boston, a tailor, who married 7 May 1652, Martha Way, had Sarah, born 22 August 1653; and John, 8 June 1657.

EDWARD ALLEN, Dover 1675, was son of Hope Allen of Boston, as such, sold 13 November 1678, large estate at Falmouth, now Portland, devised to him from his father after diligent inquiry I can learn no more of him.

ELEAZER ALLEN, embarked 27 May 1679 in the Prudence, and Mary, to come to Boston from England, but his visit may have been only a transient one, or he may have gone beyond the bounds of New England, at least we never again find his name.

FRANClS ALLEN, Sandwich 1643, married 20 July 1662, Mary Barlow had Rachel, born 3 July 1663; Abigail, 2 August 1665; Abia, 10 December 1666; Rebecca, 2 August 1668; and Hannah, 25 August 1672.

GEORGE ALLEN, Lynn 1636, removed next year to Sandwich, was Representative 1641 and 2 at Plymouth. He was buried 2 May 1648; and his will, witnessed by Reverend William Leveridge, and others, mentioned sons Matthew, Henry, Samuel, and William, besides  "five least children" not named, and made wife Catharine executrix.  His house built, 1646, it is said, is in good repair, and still occupied.

GEORGE ALLEN, Sandwich 1643, perhaps son of the preceding, born in England, then in the list of those able to bear arms; may have been of Newport 1639, and at Sandwich, had (by wife Hannah) Caleb, born 24 June 1646, or by another account 1648; Judah, 14 or by another record 30 January 1651; Ephraim, 14 January 1653; Elizabeth, 20 January 1655; James and John, twins 5 August 1657, or 1658; Lydia May 1660; Daniel, 23 May 1663; Hannah, 15 May 1666; and George, 20 June 1672.

GEORGE ALLEN, Weymouth 1641, removed to Boston, and by wife Susanna, had Hannah, born 10 March 1645; Naomi, 26 December 1646; Rachel, or Ruth, 3 October 1648; Susanna, 11 May 1652; and Elnathan, 26 December 1653; but of his identity some doubt may be felt, for in the list of freeman 1645 is a George, who probably was not of Boston.

GIDEON ALLEN, Swanzey 1669, removed to Boston during Philip's war, and after it to Milford, there was a prominent man, and died early in 1693.  At Swanzey, by wife Sarah, he had John, born 24 October 1673, who died before his father.  He spelled Allin, left widow and five children Gideon; Sarah and George, twins 18 years old; Hannah, 7, and Abigail, 4.  His second wife was Ann Burr, daughter of Nathaniel Burr of Fairfield.

HENRY ALLEN, Boston, a joiner, was of the chuch May 1644, freeman 1648, was probably the Deacon who by wife Judith, had Judith, born 26 November 1673; Samuel, 12 January 1675; Ebenezer, 30 January 1676; Ephraim, 4 January 1677; Joseph, 15 September 1678; Henry, 8 July 1680; Benjamin, 4 April 1682; and John, 17 September 1683.  He was Representative for Rowley 1674, and died 6 January 1696, leaving good estate but no will.

HENRY ALLEN, Milford 1660, by wife Sarah, had Mary, born 1663; Sarah, 1666; Miriam, 1669; Mercy, 1671; Henry, 1674; Frances, 1676, and George, 1678.  His wife died 1680; and he died at Stratford, 1690.  Both the sons were proprietors at Milford 1713.  By Lambert he is placed at Milford 1645, and called ancestor of Colonel Ethan Allen; but in each statement he is erronous.

HOPE ALLEN, Boston 1651, a currier, by wife Rachel, had Jacob, born 22 February 1654; Joseph, 4 October 1655; Leah, 16 May 1657, died in few months; Mary and Martha, twins 15 June 1659; and Benjamin; the last two, with the first two, and another Leah, yet called Rachel, were baptized 16 September 1666.  An elder son Edward lived at Dover, to who we learn from Willis invaluable History of Portland I. 73,159 he had devised large part of an estate by him purchasing of George Cleves, which is the most beautiful quarter of the present city. When he died is not known but it must have been before November 1678, when George Bramhall purchased of the devisee.  He left widow Hannah, who married Richard Knight before 1683.

ISAAC ALLEN, Rehoboth, married 30 May 1673, Mary Bowen, perhaps daughter of Henry Bowen, had Isaac, born 3 January 1675; Catharine, 18 January of uncertain year, the record being partially worn away.

JAMES ALLEN, Dedham 1639, freeman 1647, in Medfield 1652, by wife Ann, had John, born 4 December 1639; Mary and Martha, twins 11 December 1641; Sarah, 4 May 1644; Joseph, 24 June 1652; besides James, Nathaniel, William, and Benjamin, probably before and after the last mentioned.  He died 27 September 1673.  Some reason is perceived for holding this man to be brother of Reverend John Allin of Dedham.

JAMES ALLEN, Boston, one of the ejected ministers, was son of a minister in Hampshire, and born 24 June 1632, as is told, entrant of Magdalen Hall, 16 March 1649, and of New College Oxford, proceeding A.M. and was one of the fellows; arriving at Boston, 10 June 1662, married 18 August 1663, Hannah Dummer, daughter of Richard Dummer; who died 26 February 1668, aged 21, probably without children.  Soon he married second wife Elizabeth Houchin, widow of the second John Endicott, daughter of Jeremiah Houchin, had Hannah, born 22 July 1669; James Allen, 24 August 1670, Harvard College 1689; John, 29 February 1672; and Jeremiah Allen, 27 March 1673, who in 1715 was Treasurer of the Province.  His wife died 5 April after, and he married 11 September 1673, third wife Sarah Hawkins, widow of Robert Breck, daughter of Captain Thomas Hawkins (the names of both her father and of her former husband being strangely perverted in Drake's History of Boston, 339), had Thomas, 20 May 1675, died in few weeks and Sarah, 11 September 1679, who died at 3 years.  After some years preaching there, he was settled in the midst of great disquiet, at the first church on the same day, with Davenport (9 December 1668), in vindication of those charactes he was long a strenuous opponent of the third, or Old South church that sprang out of the unhappy circumstances by which he was brought from New Haven.  His last wife died 25 November 1705, and he died 22 September 1710.  Dunton says, his son James Allen was a minister in England, died at Northampton, but perhaps he is wrong, for he was young, and our Collections calalogue never gave him the Italics, though it marks him as Socius.  See 2 Massachusetts History Collections II. 101 and 3 mentions Harvard College VIII. 250.  Both of the Biogrraphical Dictionary Eliot, briefly, and Allen, more at large, explain the difficulty of his course.

JAMES ALLEN, Sandwhich, perhaps son of George Allen the first, had Amey, born 22 December 1665; and Abigail, 28 September 1667, and probably several others, yet it may be that some were born after removing to Tisbury, had wife Elizabeth, and died 20 July 1714, aged 77, leaving many descendants.

JEDEDIAH ALLEN, Sandwich, married Experience Swift, daughter of James Swift, had Experience, born 30 August 1670, died soon; Experience, again, 30 December 1671; Eliashib, 17 October 1672; Judah, 17 October 1675; and Esther, 26 March 1677.

JEREMIAH ALLEN, Salisbury, son of William Allen the first of the same, took oath of allegiance 2 December 1677, married 1686, Ann Bradbury, probably daughter of Thomas Bradbury.

JOHN ALLEN, Plymouth 1633, was perhaps of Scituate, 1646, there died 1662, probably September, as his inventory bears date 25 of that month, leaving widow Ann and son John; but his nuncupative will, made two days before his death in which one house is given to Josiah Litchfield (then a youth) in which the testator lived, and another to his wife, was not probated until 2 June of next year, and that would now-a-days seem a dangerous delay.  See Genealogical Registrar VI. 94.

JOHN ALLEN, Dorchester 1632, kept an inn, and was punished for drunkenness of those to which that year he sold. 

JOHN ALLEN, Charleston, came, perhaps, in the Abigail, 1635, aged 30, with wife Ann, 30, from some part of Kent, joined the church 22 May 1641, and was administered freeman 2 June next; by wife Sarah, had John, born 16 October 1640, baptized 30 May following; Sarah, born 11 August 1642, died at 4 months; Mary, 6 February 1644; and perhaps others, certainly Elizabeth and Rebecca; before Samuel, 29 November 1656; and Sarah, again, 11 May 1659, died at 2 months.  He was of Artillery Company 1639, and, in 1657, the richest man in the town, a Captain, and Representative 1668, and died 27 March 1675.  His daughter Mary married perhaps Nathan Rainsford, and next Joshua Hobart.  Elizabeth married 11 March 1674, Nathan Hayman, and Rebecca married 28 March 1678, John Goodrich of Wethersfield.  See Budington, 249.  By Sewall he is called brother of Reverend Thomas Allen, if such be the meaning of the interleaving Almanac, given in Genealogical Registrar VII. 206. 

JOHN ALLEN, Springfield 1639, then taxed there, removed soon, perhaps to Rehoboth 1643, and to Newport 1651, thence to Swanzey 1669.  Certainly one John Allen at Newport married 10, or 14 October 1650, Elizabeth Bacon, perhaps sister of Nathaniel Bacon of Barnstable, there had Elizabeth, born July 1651; Mary, 4 February 1653; John, November 1654; Mercy, December 1656; Priscilla, December 1659; and Samuel, April 1661. 

JOHN ALLEN, Newbury, had John, born 28 August 1656; Samuel, 8 April 1658; Joseph, 18 March 1660; and Benjamin, 30 January 1662.

JOHN ALLEN, New Haven, had Elizabeth, born 11 September 1653; Lydia, 26 December 1656; both baptized 23 May 1658; Hannah, 26 July, baptized 27 November 1659; Mary, 25 February 1662, baptized 30 March following; John, 13 December 1663, baptized 13 February following; and Sarah, 19 November 1666, though the record of her birth is 25 November, unless in Genealogical Registrar IX. 357, a mark is transposed as much I suspect, or the church record is careless, as very frequently we know it is.  But the true name is Alling (not Allen), in the first generation as in later ones.  See Alling.

JOHN ALLEN, Northampton, son of Samuel Allen, married 8 December 1669, Mary Hannum, daughter of William Hannum, removed to Deerfield, there was killed by the Indians 18 September 1675, the day of Bloody brook, leaving three children John, born 1 October 1670; Samuel, 1673; and Hannah, 1675.

JOHN ALLEN, Medfield, in his will of 2 July 1696, calls himself aged and sickly, and gave all his property to brother Nathaniel Allen, and his heirs.

JOHN ALLEN, Hartford.  See Allyn.

JOHN ALLEN, Barnstable, married Mary Howland, had John, born 2 April 1674; Mary, 5  August 1675, died at 2 years; Matthew, 6 August 1677, died at 3 years; and Isaac, 8 November 1679.

JOHN ALLEN, Malden, married 25 October 1677, Mercy Call, widow of Samuel Lee, daughter of Thomas Call, died November 1678, aged about 30, and his widow died January next.

JOHN ALLEN, Salisbury, eldest son of the first William Allen of the same, married 24 August 1674, Mary, widow of Jedediah Andros, had Hopestill, born 11 November following if the record be true, who died young; Sarah, 9 February 1677; Hopestill, again, 1 January 1681, died at 3 months; Mary, 27 December 1681; Hannah, 22 October 1686; and Ann, 4 November 1689, died soon; was a Lieutenant, and his wife died 28 April 1695.  He died 27 February 1697.  In the second syllable this name has i, instead of e, by town record.

JOHN ALLEN, Marblehead 1668, may have been of Salem twenty years later.

JOHN ALLEN, Sudbury 1681, son of Walter Allen.

JOHN ALLEN, Suffield, married 22 February 1682, Elizabeth Prichard, had John, born 21 December following, died soon; John again, 19 January 1684; Richard, 19 September 1685, died young; removed to Deerfield, there had Elizabeth, 1686; Sarah, 1688; Joseph, 1691; Benjamin, 1693; and Ebenezer, 1696.  He and his wife were killed by the Indians 11 May 1704.

JONAH ALLEN, Taunton, had Mary, born 12 May 1663; Sarah, 4 November 1665; Jonah, 17 August 1667.  His wife Constant died 10 days after, I suppose, though by record it seems 27 April.  He married 14 December following Frances Hill of Milton; but I fear the name should be Austin.  Another Jonah Allen of Taunton, on Colony records called junior, had Esther, born 3 January 1663, unless there be confusion of names or dates.

JOSEPH ALLEN, Medfield 1649.

JOSEPH ALLEN, Salem, had wife Bethia, who had administration of his estate 29 June 1682, for good of self and children.

JOSEPH ALLEN, Newport, by wife Sarah, married July 1662, had Abigail, born 1 April 1663; Rose, 1 October 1665; Joseph, 4 March 1668; John, 15 July 1669; Philip, 3 July 1671; William, 10 August 1673; and perhaps he had owned land at Salem 1661.

JOSEPH ALLEN, Gloucester 1674, blacksmith, had Joseph and died 1724. aged 71, as Boabson tells; and in his volume we learn, that he married 1680, Rachel Griggs, probably daughter of William Griggs, had Joseph, born 1681; Jeremiah, 1682; and Rachel, 1684; and his wife died 26 April of that year.  In the same year he married Rose Howard, and had Solomon, 1685; Benjamin, 1687; a son without name; Thomas, 1689; Ann, 1691; John, 1692; Rose, 1694; William, 1696; Mercy and Patience, twins 1697; Jeremiah, again 1698; Samuel 1701; Zerubabel, 1703; and Moses, 1706.  He was Captain and Representative 1705.

JOSEPH ALLEN,  Watertown, son of Walter Allen, married 11 October 1667, Ann Brazier, whose father is not named by Bond, but may have been Edward Brazier, had Abigail, born December 1668, died soon; Rebecca, 8 April 1670, died at 4 years; Ann, 22 August 1674, died at 23 years; Joseph, 16 June 1677; Sarah; Deborah; Rachel; Nathaniel, 8 December 1687; and Patience.  His wife died December 1720, and he died 9 September following.  His will of 15 January 1713, names wife Ann, two sons and three younger daughters, and appoints Nathaniel executor.

JOSEPH ALLEN, Braintree, youngest son of the first Samuel Allen, married 30 January 1671, Ruth Leeds, had Joseph, born 3 January 1672; where the erronous record calls his mother Rebecca; Abigail, 28 February 1674; Samuel, 5 February 1676; and Benjamin, 31 October 1679.  By second wife Rebecca, who died 23 April 1702, he had Rebecca, 9 December 1681; John, 8 July 1686; and Mary, March 1688.  He married 27 January 1705 Lydia Holbrook, widow of Samuel; was town Treasurer, Selectman, Deacon, and at last Representative 1715, and died 20 March 1727.  His widow made her will 2 April 1745, probated 11 June following.

JOSEPH ALLEN, Rehoboth, married 10 November 1673, Hannah Sabin.

JOSEPH ALLEN, Gloucester, son of Joseph of the same, married 29 July 1680, Rachel Griggs, had Joseph, born 2 June following Josiah, Boston, merchant, killed by casual discharge of a gun, 5 April 1678.

JOSHUA ALLEN, Yarmouth, had John, born 20 September 1672; but no more is known of the father.

LEWIS ALLEN, Watertown, married 1664, Sarah Ives, daughter of Miles Ives, who died 15 July 1703, had one child born November 1665, died soon; Lewis, December 1666, died soon; Sarah, 3 January 1668; Abel, 15 September 1669; Mary, 14 April 1670; and Ebenezer.  For second wife he took a sister of the first, and died 24 January 1708.

MATTHEW ALLEN, Cambridge.  See Allyn.

MATTHEW ALLEN, Sandwich 1643, son of George Allen the first of the same, lived later at Dartmouth, there (as I learn from the Quaker record) by wife Sarah Kirby, married June 1 1657, had Dorothy, born 8 April 1659; Miriam, June 1661; Deborah, May 1663; Samuel, February 1666; Mary, November 1668; Ahazadiah, not son 27 April 1671; and Matthew, 10 June 1677.

NATHANIEL ALLEN, Dedham 1646. 

NEHEMIAH ALLEN, Swanzey 1669, was buried 24 June 1675, I suppose, a victim of the first day of Philip's war.

NEHEMIAH ALLEN, Northampton, son of Samuel Allen of Windsor, married 21 September 1664, Sarah Woodford, daughter of Thomas Woodford, had Samuel, born 3 January 1666; Nehemiah, 18 October 1667, died soon; Nehemiah, again, 6 November 1669; Sarah, 22 August 1672; Thomas, 17 January 1675, died next year; Hannah, baptized 6 May 1677; Ruth, perhaps, 5 January, though I think it must have been 9th, 1680; a child without name, 12 August 1683, died soon; and Silence, August 1684.  His widow married 1 September 1687, Richard Bulke; and the eldest son had six children born at Northampton, removed to Deerfield, and had three more, of who Joseph Allen, born 1708, was father of Ethan Allen, who gained celebration.

NICHOLAS ALLEN, Dorchester, married 3 July 1663, Mary Ball, widow of the second Robert Pond, whose family name was Ball, and tradition says, that she was of Bury St. Edmunds.  By her he had one or two children and after his death she married Daniel Henshaw, and bore the third husband one child.  In some records this man's name is given Ellen.

PETER ALLEN, Roxbury, by wife Mary, had James,  born 6 June 1692; Elizabeth, 20 December 1694, died at 14 years;  Mary, 17 August 1697; and Sarah, 22 April 1701, who died at 8 years.

PHILIP ALLEN, perhaps of Rehoboth or that vicinity, was a soldier of Gallop's Company 1690, in the ill-starred expedition against Quebec.

RALPH ALLEN, Newport 1639, Rehoboth 1643, perhaps son of George Allen the first, and coming this last year from Sandwich, had Josiah, born 3 January 1647; Experience, 14 March 1652; Ephraim, 20 March 1657; besides  Mary, buried 18 April 1675.  He was one of the many Quakers imprisoned 1659, at Boston, liberated by order of Charles II.   So much to the regret of John Hull and the larger part of our people.

RICHARD ALLEN, Salisbury, had Richard, who died 8 June 1678.  Ruth, widow of one Richard Allen married 5 October 1660, Philip Knell of Charlestown. 

ROBERT ALLEN, Sheepscot 1641, was soon after of Salem, had there grant of land 1643, as he had in February 1639.  Went home in 1658, and gave evidence 21 February 1659, at Bristol, England, that he had known 17 years in New England John Brown, a mason, who he left there (perhaps at New Haven, where was his home 1 July 1644), in June preceding in good health.  He had resided 1643, at New Haven, and next year took the oath of fidelity.

ROGER ALLEN, New Haven.  See Alling.

SAMUEL ALLEN, Braintree, perhaps as early as 1632, freeman 6 May 1635, by wife Ann, who died 29 September 1641, had Samuel, born about 1633; Mary; Sarah, 30 March 1639; and, by wife Margaret, whose father is unknown but who had been widow of Edward Lamb, had James; Abigail; Joseph, 15 May 1650; and perhaps one or two preceding.  His will of 2 August 1669, as probated 16 September following.  Mary married 24 January 1656, Nathaniel Greenwood; Sarah married Josiah Standish of Duxbury, as his second wife and Abigail married 1670, the second John Cary of the same.

SAMUEL ALLEN, Newport 1639.

SAMUEL ALLEN, Windsor 1636, was not, probably brother of that Matthew Allen, who wrote his name Allyn, as sometimes supposed though he spelled the same way, had Samuel, Nehemiah, John, and Rebecca, besides  two others.  He was buried 28 April 1648, and his widow married William Hulbert, and with her children removed to Northampton.

SAMUEL ALLEN, Northampton 1657, son of the preceding, married 29 November 1659, Hannah Woodford, daughter of Thomas Woodford, had Hannah, born 4 February 1661; Thankful, 15 July 1663; Sarah, 28 July 1668; Joseph, 20 November 1672; Samuel, 6 July 1675; Ebenezer, 21 July 1678; Thomas, February 1681; and Mindwell, 4 February 1683, besides  two of unknown names; was freeman 1683, and died 18 October 1719, more than 80 years old.  His son Deacon Samuel Allen, who married 1699, Sarah Rust, was grandfather of Reverend Thomas Allen, Yale College 1762, one of whose sons is Reverend Dr. William Allen, of Northampton, Harvard College 1802, late President of Bowdoin college, and a laborious author of the American Biographical Dictionary Ed. 3, publ. 1857. 

SAMUEL ALLEN, Bridgewater, son of Samuel Allen the first, married about 1658, Sarah Partridge, daughter of George Partridge, had Samuel, born 1660; Asahel, perhaps meant by the strange record Essiel, 1663; Mehitable, 1665; Sarah, 1667; Bethia, 1669; Nathaniel, 1672; Ebenezer, 1674; Josiah, 1677; Elisha, 1679; and Nehemiah, 1681; and died 1703, when his age is made 71.  He was careful town clerk praised by Mitchell, and Representative 1693. descendants are very many.

SAMUEL ALLEN, Manchester, had, probably son of the same name, for in the petition from that town, as the head of a Committee.  In Genealogical Registrar X. 322, appears Samuel with suffix of senior.

SAMUEL ALLEN, Barnstable.  See Allyn.

SAMUEL ALLEN, Sudbury, married Elizabeth Grout, daughter of John Grout, had five children provided for in the will of their grandfather, as father had died, and his widow married Lieutenant John Livermore, by that will called son in law.

SAMUEL ALLEN, Portsmouth, the royal Governor of New Hampshire, was a merchant of London, late in coming to our country, may for his progeny claim no place in this work.  However he had wife Elizabeth, son Thomas, and daughter Elizabeth, who married Lieutenant Governor John Usher, and three other daughters died 5 May 1705, only two days after the Representative of New Hampshire had offered him proposals that necessarily implied the spuriousness of the great Indian deed to Wheelwright of 1629.  See Farmer's Ed. of Belknap I. 162, 3.

THOMAS ALLEN, Charlestown, son of John Allen, born at Norwich, County Norfolk, 1608, bred at Gonville and Caius colleges in the University of Cambridge, where he took his degree A.B. 1627-8 and A.M. 1631, came in 1638, and joined the church of Boston 27 January 1639, then called "a student", was invited June following to Charlestown, there some time before had married Ann Sadler, daughter of the Reverend Mr. Sadler of Patcham in County Sussex, presumed by me to have been widow of blessed John Harvard, his predecessor as colleague with Reverend Zechariah Symmes.  In his Ecclesiastic Annals I. 379, Mr. Felt makes her accompany Allen, as his wife, but this seems highly improble as the wife would naturally have united with our children soon after her husband, if not at the same time, whereas no female member of the name of Allen was recorded into the Boston church for a long time after he had been settler at Charlestown, except a maiden Elizabeth Allen, 24 March 1639 who two years after marrying Reverend Samuel Stone of Hartford.  Before the coming of Allen, we know from the History of the first church at Charlestown, by Budington, page 247, where begins the invaluble catalogue, that "John Harvard and Ann Harvard his wife" joined that church 6 November 1637.  From the History of Harvard college it is known that Allen was admistrator on estate of Harvard, and paid the moneys bequeathed, so that it can hardly be doubted that the judgment of Felt was at fault, especially as, a few pages earlier, the diligent author had noted, that Harvard's widow was "supposed to have married Reverend Thomas Allen."  His children were Mary, born 31 January baptized probably 23 February 1640; Sarah, 8 August 1641, died in April following; Elizabeth, 17 September 1643, died in few days; and Mercy, 13 August 1646, died in few days.  The record of baptisms for many years after 1640, is lost.  In 1651 he went home, and served at the same altar of St. Edmunds, in his native city, where he had officiated before coming hither; when worried out of his diocese, 1636, by Bishop Wren; and again he suffered in the general ejectment of 1662; yet was with much affection sustained by the worshippers at a dissenting chapel, as long as such was tolerated.  For a second wife he had Joanna, widow of Major-General Robert Sedgwick, who had been drawn to England by partiality of Oliver Cromwell for men from this quarter.  She had been of his flock at Charlestown, and probably bore him no children and we hear of no sons but Thomas Allen, who was of Lincoln's Inn some time, but resided at Norwich 1692.  The father died 21 September 1673.  See Frothingham, Budington, 3 Massachusetts History Collections VIII. 317, and Berry's Geneal. sub voce Sadler.

THOMAS ALLEN, Middletown.  See Allyn.

THOMAS ALLEN, Scituate 1643.

THOMAS ALLEN, Barnstable.  See Allyn.

TIMOTHY ALLEN, Marblehead 1648, may have lived 1670, at Norwich.

WALTER ALLEN, Newbury 1640, there had Abigail, born 1 October 1641; and Benjamin, 16 April 1647; and no more is to be seen in Coffin.  Certainly he removed to Watertown, and by wife Rebecca, had others, as John, and Daniel (probably son of the first wife), who lived at Sudbury, besides  Joseph, perhaps all before 1657; and after death of his wife he went to Charlestown, there married 29 November 1678, Abigail Rogers, and died 8 July 1681.

WILLIAM ALLEN, Salem 1626, Company of Conant, required administration 19 October 1630, and was made freeman 18 May following, had Samuel, born 8 January 1632; Deborah, baptized 23 April 1637; Bethia 19 January 1640; Onesiphorus, born 6 June 1642; William, baptized 31 May 1646; and Jonathan, 29 July 1643; but of these only the first came by the first wife as she died March 1632; and though the name of Elizabeth, is given by Felt among the earliest church members, he could not mark whether she were wife of William, much less, whether first or second.  By a deposition he gave 1664, it is judged that he was born about 1602.  His will of 7 June 1678 named wife Elizabeth, and the three elder sons only; and he died 30 January following.

WILLIAM ALLEN, Newbury, named by Coffin as of Salem 1638, but no support can be found for any other, so early, than him who had then occupied there for twelve years, and probably he is more correct in placing him at Salisbury from 1639 to 50 ; married Ann Goodale, daughter of Richard Goodale, had Ann, born 4 January 1640; Hannah, 17 June 1642; Mary, 29 July 1644; Martha, 1646; John, 9 October 1648; William, 2 October 1650; Benjamin, 1652; Joseph, 13 October 1653; Richard, 8 November 1656; Ruth, 19 February 1658; and Jeremiah, 17 February 1659.  In Salisbury he is commonly named with prefix of respect as Mr., and he died 18 June 1686.  His will, of 16 September 1674, with codicil 7 November 1676, names wife Ann, who died end of May 1678, sons John, William, Benjamin, Richard, and Jeremiah; daughters Abigail Wheeler, Hannah Ayer, Mary Hewes, and Martha Hubbard.  His widow Alice died 1 April 1687.  Hannah married 8 October 1659, Peter Ayer.

WILLIAM ALLEN, Concord, died October 1659.  He had married the widow of Thomas Atkinson of Concord, but probably had no children, and administration on his estate was given to John Hayward, who had married the eldest daughter of Atkinson.

WILLIAM ALLEN, Sandwich, son probably of George Allen the first, married 21 March 1650, Priscilla Browne.

WILLIAM ALLEN, Boston, made his will, 15 December 1674, and died soon.  In it he gives all his property in hands of Jonathan Tyng, or elsewhere, to Lydia, wife of John Benjamin of Watertown, from which Bond seems to be justly authorized to infer, that Lydia was his daughter, but it may be doubted, for on 26 of next month John Benjamin renounced the benefit of the will.  She may have been his sister for the will does not call her daughter, nor can I find any children on Boston records of births, but sister or daughter, probably the value of his goods was very small.

WILLIAM ALLEN, Salisbury son of William Allen of the same, married 5 July 1674, Mary Harris, daughter of John Harris of Rowley, had William, born 30 June 1675, died young; Stitson, 29 January 1677; Ann, 3 May 1678; William, again, 14 June 1680; Abigail, 2 July 1683; Judith, 17 January 1687, died at 16 years; Dorothy, 12 August 1688; and Mary, 1 December 1692, died at 10 years.  He died 10 May 1700.  How often the names of Allin, Allyn, Alling, or Alleyne, with several variations may be found with the same letters as the foregoing, is beyond enumeration.  With this spelling are found 27 graduates at Harvard, 10 at Yale, and 8 at Dartmouth, besides  37 at other colleges of New England, as Farmer saw.


ISAAC ALLERTON, one of the pilgrims in the Mayflower, at Plymouth, 1620, at one time the richest of the county, was an Assistant 1621, the sole officer for three years under the Governor.  He brought wife Mary, who was called Collins, from Newbury, County Berks, married at Leyden, 4 November 1611, the same day that his widow’s sister married there Digory Priest; three children Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary.  His wife died 25 February after landing, and he married 1626, Fear Brewster, daughter of Elder William Brewster, by whom he had Isaac Allerton, Harvard College 1650; and probably no more.  This wife died 1633, and when he lived at New Haven, 1646, he had third wife Joanna, who is honored after death of her husband as having given shelter to the regicides, Goffe and Whalley, though with the usual felicity of tradition the merit was ascribed to her granddaughter (then a small child), and lived to 1684.  As agent for the County he went to England three or four times, but gave no satisfaction in the latter visit; and on his private business was obliged to go, more than once, of all which large statement is seen in the History of Bradford.  In 1643, the Dutch, with whom he had passed some years having lost the confidence of his early friends before 1631, would employ him, with Underhill, to raise from the English, a force for their protection against the Indians, but soon after he was settled at New Haven, and there died 1659, insolvent.  Largely he had speculated at the Eastward and soon after dismissed from the Plymouth agency, had a trading-house at Machias, destroyed 1633 by the French, met various disasters by shipwrecks of his fishing vessels, in prosecution of which business he sometime was engaged at Marblehead, and joined Salem church 1647; but seems almost always unlucky.  His eldest son Bartholomew Allerton married and lived in England, as Bradford first taught us; Remember married Moses Maverick of Salem; and Mary married Elder Thomas Cushman, and died 1699, the last survivor of the blessed band of the first ship, for which we may feel sufficiently esteemed without accepting the report of her being "over 90 years old."  Sarah was the name often ascribed to Maverick's wife and Young's Chronicles of the Pilgrims, Russell's Guide to Plymouth, the accuser of Judge Davis, in his Ed. of Morton's Memor. of Dr. Bacon in 3 Massachusetts History Collections VII. 243, and of Cushman in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 265-70, are all subject to no little correction since the contemporary History of Bradford has been brought to light.

ISAAC ALLERTON, New Haven, son of the preceding, and the only child named in the will of his father, though as the testator had not a shilling to give, the omission of other children need not be regretted.  For his father's widow Isaac Allerton purchased the portion of the domicil that the law would not give, and bestowed it on her for life, remain to his eldest daughter Elizabeth, born 27 Sept 1653.  His only other child was Isaac, born 11 June 1655, who died probably before his father and without issue.  The father is thought to have removed shortly after 1660, and Hutchinson in his History II. 461 speaks, as if there were male offspring in Maryland, at his day.  The wife’s name is not heard of, but the daughter married 23 December 1675, Benjamin Starr, and next 22 July 1679, Simon Eyre the third. 

JOHN ALLERTON, Plymouth 1620, a sailor of the Mayflower, had made up his mind to partake the lot of the pilgrims as he signed the compact in Cape Cod harbor, but he died before the ship sailed on her home voyage.


GILES ALLEY, Lynn, of who we know no more but that, in September 1668, he was called 42 years of age.

HUGH ALLEY, Lynn, who may have been elder brother of the preceding, came in the Abigail, 1635, from London, aged 27, had Mary, born 6 January 1642; John, 30 November 1646; Martha, 31 July 1649; Sarah, 15 April 1651; Hugh, 15 October 1653; Solomon, 2 August 1656, one of the killed at Bloody Brook, 18 September 1675, in the Company of Lothrop, called "the flower of Essex;" Hannah, I June 1661; and Jacob, 5 September 1663; died 25 January 1674.  His will of 2 January in that year, and the widow Mary took administration, Mary married 6 June 1667, John Lindsay; Sarah married August 1668, Eleazer Lindsay; and Martha married 1 April 1671, James Mills.

HUGH ALLEY, Lynn, son of the preceding, married 9 December 1681, Rebecca Hood, had Solomon, born 11 October 1682; Jacob, 28 January 1684; Eleazer, 1 November 1686; Hannah, 16 August 1689; Richard, 31 July 1691; Joseph, 22 June 1693; and Benjamin, 24 February 1696.

JOHN ALLEY, Lynn, eldest brother of the preceding, married 15 August 1670, Joanna Furnell, had Sarah, born 15 April 1671; Mary, 25 April 1673; John, January 1676; Hannah, 22 January 1680; Rebecca, 28 May 1683; Hugh, 15 February 1686; and William, 14 July 1688; besides  two daughters more, who probably died young. 

PHILIP ALLEY, Boston, died 1655 perhaps, for 7 December of that year his widow Susanna, who took administration the next week, had married William Pitts.  See Ally.  Strangely is this name converted to Aealy by that volume usually supposed to be a recorded in our City Register's office, corrected transcription for Genealogical Registrar XI. 201, the first two letters being a diphthong.  What sanctity should be attributed to the official exemplar may easily be known by the flagrant case of falsehood on the very next page of the same Volume, where it is also correct copy, asserted that a marriage was solemnized by John Winthrop Governor, 5 November 1657, when that magistrate had been near nine years entombed.


EDWARD ALLEYNE, Dedham 1636, one of the founders of the church 8 November 1638, freeman 13 March following with prefix of respect, at the same time with his pastor, Reverend John Allin, spelt with e in the last syllable to whom he may have had near relationship.  He was Representative four years 1639-42, and on 8 September of this last year died at Boston. on attending in the General Court. so suddenly that his will was nuncupative, probably he had no wife or children for his estate was given by him to kinsmen John Newton, and Edward Allen.

EDWARD ALLEYNE, Boston 1677, of whom I am not able to say, whether he was the devisee in the will of the preceding.  In 1697 he kept a shop at Hartford, had wife Lydia, children Edward, and Martha.

EDWARD ALLEYNE at Hartford married Rachel Steele, daughter of James Steele, had John, born 4 March 1690; and Rachel, 20 August 1694.


JOHN ALLIN, Dedham, the first minister (formerly by me thought erronnous to be son of Robert Allin of Horley in County Oxford, matriculated at Magdalen college 27 June 1623, in his 18th year, whereas it seems much more likely that he was of Cambridge University) came over in 1637, was freeman 13 March 1639, ordained 24 April following.  From the date of his birth 1596, and of the entrance of Bishop Wren upon his diocese 1635, Brook, in Lives of the Pur. III. 456, concludes, that he had been a preacher at Ipswich in Suffolk, and some reason for conjecture that he was of Surlingham in Norfolk is found by Dr. Lamson, his successor at Dedham in our day. His actual service however, had been at Wrentham, County Suffolk, about 30 miles North East from Ipswich.   When I examined the Register of the University of Oxford, it did not occur to me, that the age given him at matriculation must have been too small by 10 years, and it is very clear that the Oxford school was not our John, but of a different family and fate also.  Margaret, his wife died April 1653; and by her we know of no children except John Allin, born at Wrentham 13 October 1623, Harvard College 1643, of course he was not, as Farmer surmised "sent hither from England to obtain an education", but brought by his father.  For second wife he took 8 November 1653, Catharine, widow of Governor Thomas Dudley, deceased 31 July preceding, and she had first been widow of Samuel Hackburne, had Daniel Allin, born 5 August 1656, Harvard College 1675; Benjamin; and Eleazer.  He was of high esteem for learning, and died 26 August 1671, in his will, made three days before, probated five days after, mentioned his son John, as "educated in learning" and "now of England"   Of the youngest two sons nothing is heard; and not much of Daniel, who was librarian short time in 1677, took his A.M. 1678, lived at Charlestown, mortgaged his Dedham estate to John Richards, and died 1692.  See Worthington, 47-9; and Lamson's Centu. Discourses.

JOHN ALLIN, Dedham, son of the preceding, born in England, went home, was vicar of Rye in County Sussex, whence being ejected 1662, for nonconformity, he went to London, there practised medicine with much success during the great plague of 1665, and was supposed by William Winthrop in his MS catalogue to have died, but we have plenary evidence in his own letters to friends at Rye, (in one of which is mentioned of the death of his father in New England) coming down to March 1674, that he continued in the service of humanity at London.

LEWIS ALLIN, Billerica. See Allen.

WILLIAM ALLIN, administered freeman 18 May 1642, is of no certain residence, and the name spelled with single l and final e.


FRANCES ALLING, Roxbury, died 1 December 1692, of whom no more is known to me, but that the town record of his burial on the same day, spells Allen.

JAMES ALLING, Salisbury son of Roger Alling, was the third minister there, coming as successor to Wheelwright, married 1688, Elizabeth Cotton, daughter of Reverend John Cotton of Plymouth, had Joanna, born 5 March 1690; Mary, 10 April 1692; and Elizabeth, 2 September 1694; and he died 3 March 1695.  His widow married 14 March 1699, Reverend Caleb Cushing, his successor in the same pulpit.

JOHN ALLING, New Haven, married 14 October 1652, Ellen Bradley, had, besides the six children given him under the name of Allen (became his proof of taking oath of fidelity in April 1654 follows that spelling which in the earlier list of July 1644 made no distinction between Allen and Alling, using only the first name), Samuel, born 24 March 1670; and Martha, June 1623, who died young; and he died 1691, early, as the inventory is of 26 March.  His will of 6 May 1689, names the two sons John, and Samuel, and daughters Elizabeth, who had married John Hopson of Guilford, as his third wife, Lydia, who had married a Wilcocks, and was dead, so that her children, his grandchildren Hannah Scranton, and Mary Guttridge should have her share, and Sarah, then unmarried but who married 7 July 1691, Samuel Atwater.  He is called senior in the list of proprietors 1685.

JOHN ALLING, New Haven, not son of the preceding, though called junior, but son of Roger Alling of the same, married 11 January 1672, Susanna Coe, daughter of Robert Coe of Stratford, had Abigail, born 23 November 1673; Susanna, 16 March 1676, died young; Hannah, 23 May 1678; Mary, 14 September 1680; Jonathan, 13 October 1683, Sarah, 29 August 1685; Ebenezer, 22 November 1687; Stephen, 4 March 1690; and Susanna, 3 October 1693. 

JOHN ALLING, New Haven, son of the first John Alling, married 20 March 1689, Abigail Grannish, daughter of Edward Grannish, had Abigail, born 9 January following; Mary, 26 Aug;. 1693; Elijah; and Hezekiah; and had perhaps by second wife John, 1 October 1726; and Christopher, 29 August 1735.

ROGER ALLING, New Haven, at the very beginning of the settlement 1639, signed the compact, married Mary Nash, daughter eldest child of Thomas Nash of the same, had Mary, baptized 26 November 1643; Samuel, perhaps born not baptized (as the Nash family page 19, has it) 4 November 1645; John (not baptized as the little volume tells, but perhaps born), 2 October 1647; Sarah, perhaps baptized 11 (certainly not 12, which was Monday, as given in the book); Elizabeth and Susanna, said to be not recorded (perhaps both died soon), leaving us to suppose that those preceding had recorded evidence of baptisms to which wrong dates are appended, and James Alling, said to be born 24 June 1657, and this may be correct, Harvard College 1679; was sergeant and Deacon and treasurer of the Colony 1661 and some years after, died 27 September 1674.  In his will, which was nuncupative, he names only five children and directs, that James be brought up to learning.  His widow Mary, who in her will of 17 July 1682, names the same five children, died 16 August 1683.  At New Haven the family long remained.

SAMUEL ALLING, New Haven, son of Roger Alling, married 24 October 1667, Elizabeth Winston, daughter of John Winston, had Samuel, born 16 October 1668; John, 27 March 1671; James, 29 July 1673; Roger, 9 December 1670, died young; Roger, again, 28 July 1677; Theophilus, 17 February 1680; and Daniel; and his wife died 8 December 1682.  By second wife Sarah Chedsey, daughter of John Chedsey, married 26 October 1683, had Caleb, Sarah, 17 January 1686; Elizabeth, November 1691; and Esther, 10 June 1697.  He was a proprietor 1685, died 28 August 1707 or 1709; and the ten children were living 1709.

SAMUEL ALLING, New Haven, son of the first John Alling, had Elizabeth, born 29 December 1691; and Joseph, 29 March 1694.


JOHN ALLIS, Hatfield, son of William Allis, married 14 December 1669, Mary Meakins, widow of Nathaniel Clark, daughter of Thomas Meakins, had Joseph, born 1670; Abigail, 25 February 1672; Hannah, 9 October 1673; Ichabod, 10 July 1675; Eleazer, 23 July 1677; Elizabeth, 4 April 1679; Lydia, 15 August 1680, died 1691; John, 10 May 1682; Rebecca, 16 April 1683; William, 16 May 1684; Mary, 25 August 1687, died within 8 months; and Nathaniel; but the oldest and the youngest are not on record.  Ten of these were living 1705.  He was a Captain and carpenter, employed in building many churches, died January 1691.  His widow married Samuel Belden, senior.

JOSEPH ALLIS, Hadley, signer of the petition against imposts 1668, was not son of William Allis. 

RICHARD ALLIS, 22 June 1632, took oath of allegiance in London before embarking in the Lion, which arrived at Boston 16 September following.  But where he ever lived in our country is unknown.  Perhaps he went first to Roxbury, as did several of his fellow passengers, and if the discovery be ever made, I shall feel no surprise at finding that he is the same as R. Ellis of Dedham.

SAMUEL ALLIS, Hadley, 1668, son of William Allis, by wife Alice, had Mehitable, born 2 July 1677; Samuel, 20 February 1679; William, 19 October 1680; Mary, 6 July 1682; Thomas, 1684; Rebecca, 1687; and Sarah; and he died 1691.  All the seven children were living 1704. Their mother the widow of Allis married John Hawks, and was (with most of her husband's family) killed at the destruction by the French and Indians of Deerfield, 29 February 1704.

WILLIAM ALLIS, Braintree, had grant from Boston of twelve acres for three heads, was freeman 13 May 1640, by wife Mary, had John, born 5 March 1642; Samuel, 24 February 1647; Josiah, who died 15 October 1651; Josiah, again, 20 October 1651; William, 10 January 1653, who died at 9 months; William, again, 10 January 1656; besides  two daughters, Hannah, who married 1670, William Scott; and Mary, who died unmarried 1690; removed to Hadley 1661, on the west side of the river now Hatfield; was selectman 1662, Lieutenant of the cavalry, a Deacon, and his wife died 1677.  He married 25 June 1678, widow Mary Graves, made his will 2 September at Hartford, 4 days before his death 1678.  His widow Mary Brownson, daughter of John Brownson, whose second husband John Graves, was killed so shortly before as 19 September 1677, had in 1668 been widow of John Wyatt, and was happy to gain for fourth husband Samuel Gaylord, married 1682.  His son William Allis was killed in the Falls fight, 19 May 1676.  Sometimes his name appears Allice.


JOHN ALLISET, or JOHN ALLESET, Boston, by wife Grace, had Elizabeth, born 19 January 1684; Grace, 24 May 1686; Elizabeth, again, 5 July 1688; and Deliverance, 12 October 1695.


JAMES ALLISON, Boston 1644, by wife Christian, had James, born 20 October 1650; and John, who died 2 April 1653.

RALPH ALLISON, Scarborough 1673, was a grant landholder.

RICHARD ALLISON, Braintree.  See Ellison, which may be a distortion of this; but in New Hampshire continued the name Allison.


ADAM ALLOTT, Newbury, a tailor, came in the Bevis, 1638, from Southampton, aged 19 in the service of Richard Dummer; but no more is told of him.


JOHN ALLT, or JOHN AULT, Portsmouth, 1631, sent out by John Mason, the patentee of New Hampshire, lived at Dover most of his days after 1640, in 1679 was 73 years old.  His wife was Remembrance; children John; Remembrance, who married John Rand; and a daughter who married Thomas Edgerly.  Sometimes the name is Olt.


JACOB ALLY, Charlestown, by wife Ann, had five children whose names are not seen, 1687, and onwards.

ROGER ALLY, Charlestown, with wife Jane, were recorded into the church at Charlestown from Weymouth 20 November 1659.

THOMAS ALLY, Newbury, married 9 February 1672, Sarah Silver, daughter of Thomas Silver; was taxed at Rowley 1691, though no connection is seen, the name may be of the same family as Alley.


JOHN ALLYN, Hartford, son of Matthew Allyn, born in England, married 19 November 1651, Ann Smith, daughter of Henry Smith of Springfield, granddaughter of William Pynchon, had Ann, born 18 August 1654; Mary, 3 April 1657; Margaret, 29 July 1660; Rebecca, 2 March 1665, died young; Martha, 27 July 1667; and Elizabeth, 1 December 1669.  By second wife Hannah Lamberton, daughter of George Lamberton, widow of Samuel Welles of Wethersfield, I suppose, he had no children.  He was many years Secretary of the Colony after 1657, when he was Lieutenant, rose to be Colonel, an Assistant in 1662, and many years following, and of the council under Sir Edmund Andros in 1687, and died 6 November 1696, leaving large estate to the five daughters.  Ann married 1676, as his second wife Joseph Whiting of Hartford; Mary married 6 October 1686, Colonel William Whiting; Margaret married about 1684, William Southmayd of Middletown, as his second wife; Martha married 3 January 1684, Aaron Cooke the third; and Elizabeth married 21 December 1704, as his second wife Alexander Allen of Windsor; and next John Gardiner of Gardiner's Island.  Increase Mather includes, in his Relat. of Indians Wars, the account of the troubles preceding and during that with the Pequots, written by Allyn, filling 19 of his pages.

JOHN ALLYN, New London, only son of Robert Allyn, married 24 December 1668, Elizabeth Gager, daughter of John Gager, had Elizabeth, born 24 December 1669; and Robert, about middle of September 1671.  He had helped in the settlement of Norwich, but after death of his father went to New London, there died 1709.

JOHN ALLYN, Barnstable, son of Thomas Allyn, married Mary Howland, had John, born 3 April 1671; Mary, 5 August 1675, died young; Matthew, 6 August 1677, died young; Isaac, 8 November 1679; and he removed with his family.

MATTHEW ALLYN, Cambridge 1632, was perhaps son of Samuel Allyn of Chelmsford, County Essex, freeman 4 March 1635, Representative at March General Court 1636, removed probably next year to Hartford, thence in few years to Windsor, for which he was Representative 1648 to 57, Assistant 1658 to 67, and chosen Commissioner for United Colonies 1660 and 4, died 1 February 1671.  His children were all probably born in England, John, Thomas, and Mary, who married 11 June 1646, Benjamin Newberry, and his will of 30 January 1671 names these and the grandchildren Mary, daughter of Newberry.  His son Samuel died 1648.  Commonly in his autography, the name has y, but high authority assures me, that it is not always so; and in the record and printed books, it is nearly as often seen with e as without.

MATTHEW ALLYN, Windsor, son of Thomas Allyn, and grandson of the preceding, married 5 January 1686, Elizabeth Wolcott, eldest daughter of the third Henry Wolcott, had Matthew, born 9 August 1687; Pelatiah, 3 May 1689; Josiah, 9 March 1693; Thomas; Henry, 16 December 1699, and Theophilus, 26 August 1702.

OBADIAH ALLYN, Middletown, propounded for freeman October 1672, administered next year, married 28 October 1669, Elizabeth Sanford, daughter of Thomas Sanford of Milford, had Obadiah, born 20 September 1670; Thomas, 20 September 1672, died in few weeks; Thomas, again, 27 September 1673; Mary, 15 September 1684; Ann, 12 September 1677; Thankful, 8 September 1679; Samuel, 15 March 1684; and John, 27 September 1686; was Deacon, and died 7 April 1712.  Probably he was nephew of the first Thomas Allyn, and the descendants have generally changed the spelling to Allen.

ROBERT ALLYN, Salem, 1637, administered of the church 15 May 1642, had John, and Sarah there baptized Sunday following; and Mary, 19 November 1648; in 1658 removed to New London, and to the then adjoining town of Norwich at its first settlement 1659; but, high as is her authority on such a point, I hesitate to adopt Miss Caulkins's opinion that, intermediate between Salem and New London, he was of Saybrook, though honored with the office of constable at Norwich 1669, he went back to New London, and there died 1683, where part of his farm preserves in the harbor the name of Allyn's point.  Other children besides those at Salem he had, as Hannah and Deborah, both probably at New London, Sarah married 17 February 1659, George Geer; Hannah married Thomas Rose; and Deborah was unmarried at death of father.

SAMUEL ALLYN, Barnstable, son of Thomas Allyn of the same, married 10 May 1661, Hannah Walley, daughter of Reverend Thomas Walley, had Thomas, born 22 March 1665; Samuel, 19 January 1667; Joseph, 7 April 1671; Hannah, 4 March 1673; and Elizabeth, 26 November 1681, who died at 17 years.  Was Representative three years 1682-4.  His wife died 23 October 1711, and he died 25 November 1726.

THOMAS ALLYN, Wethersfield 1636, not migrated from Watertown, for Bond has not named him, was brother of Matthew Allyn, with whom he had extraordinary controversary in the law, as is fairly inferred from Trumbull's Colony record I. 211, was made freeman 1652, Representative 1656; and soon after died as might be concluded from not seeing his name as Representative in any year subsequent, nor in the list of freeman for that town 1669; yet he may have removed to Middletown, as no list of that sort is found from that place in Trumbull, and one of the name there was Deacon, who died 16 October 1688, having had no children, but leaving widow Martha, perhaps, who had been widow of Roger Jepson, and died 1690.  She calls, in her will, Obadiah Allyn of Middletown cousin.  Y not e is seen in his last syllable, though in his baptismal record April 1604 (if he were son of Samuel of Chelmsford County Essex), the spelling is the other way.

THOMAS ALLYN, Barnstable, had Samuel, born 10, baptized 18 February 1644; John, baptized 27 September 1646; and Mehitable, baptized 26 November 1648; and he died November 1680, at grand age.  Mehitable married 1 June 1667, Samuel Annable of the same.  His first wife was named Winifred; the second was a widow but surnames are not found.

THOMAS ALLYN, Windsor, son of Matthew Allyn of the same, perhaps born in England, married 21 October 1658, Abigail Warham, daughter of Reverend John Warham, had John, born 17 August 1659, who died young; Matthew, 5 January 1661; Thomas, 11 March 1663; John, again, 24 June 1665; Samuel, 3 November 1667; Jane, 22 July 1670; Abigail, 17 October 1672; Sarah, 13 July 1674; Esther, 29 January 1676; and Benjamin, 1680.  He was made freeman 1659, and esteemed in the military service in which he rose to be Captain, and died 14 February 1696.

THOMAS ALLYN, Windsor, son of the preceding, married 6 January 1686, Martha Wolcott, second daughter of Simon Wolcott, who had Martha, born 1 September, lived only two days, and the mother lived only four days more, for she died 7 September of next year, and in any other particulars nothing is known.

WILLIAM ALLYN, Stonington, had John, George, Jane, and Elizabeth, to which on his death 7 September 1671, he left his property speaking of his wife as if she lived near Barnstaple in Devonshire.  For the deficiencies of this article, and the difficulty of determining between Allyn, and Allen, and Allyne, or Alleyne, I must confess, that, after long research, satisfaction is unattained in several cases, so many individuals have, perhaps capriciously at various times, written their family names in different ways.


CHRISTOPHER ALMY or CHRISTOPHER ALMOND, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, son of William Almy, born in England, was an Assistant 1690.

JOB ALMY or JOB ALMOND, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, brother of the preceding, by wife Mary Unthank, daughter of Christopher Unthank of Warwick, had William and Christopher, twins, Susanna, Audrey, Deborah, Catharine, and Mary, and perhaps minors, when he died 1684.

JOHN ALMY or JOHN ALMOND, Plymouth 1643, perhaps brother of the preceding, married Mary Cole, daughter of James Cole, removed to Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  Was a Captain in Philip's war, 1675, as named in Church's Mem. 53, and died 1676.

WILLIAM ALMY or WILLIAM ALMOND, Lynn, perhaps as early as 1631, went home, and came again, 1635, in the Abigail, aged 31, with wife Audrey, 32, and children Annis, 8; and Christopher, 3; removed 1637, probably to Sandwich, and certainly was freeman of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 1655.  His will names children Christopher, John, Job, Ann, wife of John Green, and Catharine, wife of Bartholomew West.


DANIEL ALSOP, or DANIEL ALSUP, New Haven, youngest son of Joseph Alsop the first, died 11 January 1689, unmarried.  He was a sea Captain.

GEORGE ALSOP, or GEORGE ALSUP, Milford 1667, died about 1680; but was not constant resident there, and notice of wife or children is not found, so that probably he never married.  Perhaps Elizabeth Alsop, member of the church at Milford in February 1643, was his sister, for Sylvanus Baldwin, her son born some years after her marriage that year with Richard Baldwin calls himself "near kinsman" of George Alsop.

JOSEPH ALSOP, or JOSEPH ALSUP, New Haven, had come, at the age of 14, to Boston in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635, from London, went to New Haven early, took oath of fidelity in 1644, before 1647 married Elizabeth Prestol, the eldest daughter of William Prestol, had Joseph; Elizabeth, born 22 June 1650; Sarah, 8 September 1652, but by church record worthy of very little reward, 15 September 1651; Mary, 3 October 1654; Abigail, 4 September not as church record says 4 November 1656; all baptized 26 April 1657; Hannah, born 2 December 1659; John, 3 January 1662; Lydia, 26 July 1665; Daniel, 13 August 1667; and Jemima, 10 February 1670.  He died 8 November 1698; and of the children this report is given Sarah, died probably unmarried 24 Jun. 1699; Mary married 2 November 1680, as his second wife John Miles; Abigail married 14 July 1680, John Rowe; Lydia married 8 November 1688, James Trowbridge; Elizabeth married Thomas Talmadge; and Jemina married 24 March 1692 John Paine.  Hannah was a busy money making maiden, who was administrator of estate of her brother Daniel, and years after bought up the shares of her sister in the estate of her father, managed by her with much discretion.  Haz. II. 247.  She died unmarried.

JOSEPH ALSOP, or JOSEPH ALSUP, New Haven, eldest son of the preceding, married 25 November 1672, Abigail Thompson, daughter of John Thompson the first of the same, and died 12 January 1691.  His will, of 1687, probated 16 February 1691, gave to his wife (who probably had no children) and his brothers John and Daniel, all his estate about 1490.  His widow married 1694, John Miles.

KEY ALSOP, or KEY ALSUP, Boston 1668, merchant had wife Mary, who soon after his death married Captain William Turner, whose victory at the Falls fight, 1676, gave his name to the spot.

RICHARD ALSOP, or RICHARD ALSUP, Newtown, Long Island, 1686, by wife Hannah, had Thomas, born 7 September 1687; Richard; John; Hannah; Deborah; Amy; and Elizabeth; died October 1718, aged 58; but his widow who died 23 August 1757, was 90.  He is supposed to have been brought in youth by his uncle Thomas Wardell of Newtown, who had no children, and have a large estate.  See Riker's Annals of Newtown, 335.

THOMAS ALSOP, or THOMAS ALSUP, Stratford, who came in the Elizabeth and Ann from London, 1635, aged 20, I think must have been brother of Joseph Alsop of New Haven, as they came together, and the younger, in 1651, informed the Court that his brother without naming him, had died at Stratford, leaving some property and no more is known.  It may be, that the father of these youths was that John Alsop, rated for a subsidy in 1598, to the same parish and at the same time with William Shakespeare, nor would it be very extravagant to presume, that he, too, went up to London from Stratford on Avon.  See my notes on Edward Jackson.

TIMOTHY ALSOP, or THOMAS ALSUP, New Haven 1646, mariner.


THOMAS ALSOB, Salem village, was a soldier, killed by the Indians 16 July (unless 16 May be nearer the day of fight, and the other only date of record) 1690, with others at Casco.  See Felt Annals II. 509.  Yet Willis I. 205, referring to the same record, spelled the sufferer's name, as seems, at least, equally likely to be correct, Alsop. But I would gladly see his origin.


ALEXANDER ALVORD, Windsor, married 29 October 1646, Mary Vore, daughter of Richard Vore, or Richard Voar; had Abigail, b. 6 October 1617; John, 12 August 1649; Mary, 6 July 1651; Thomas, 27 October 1653; Elizabeth, 12 November 1655; Benjamin, 11 February 1658; and Sarah, 24 June, 1660; removed next year to Northampton, there had Jeremiah, 9 May 1663; Ebenezer, 23 December 1665; and Jonathan, 6 April 1669.  His wife died before 1683, and he died 3 October 1687.  His sister Joan married 6 May 1646, Amblose Fowler.  Of his daughters Abigail married 1666, Thomas Root; Mary married 24 March 1670, John Weller; Elizabeth married 1684, Henry Burt; and Sarah married 10 July 1689, as his second wife James Warriner.

BENEDICT ALVORD, Windsor 1637, brother probably elder of the preceding, was a soldier in the Pequot war that year, married 26 November 1640, Joan Newton, had Jonathan, born 1 June 1645; Benjamin, 11 July 1647; Josias, 6 July 1649; Elizabeth, 21 September 1651; and Jeremy, 24 December 1655; and died 23 April 1683.  His only daughter married 20 March 1672, Job Drake, and is named with only three brothers In the will of her father, one of the sons having died before him.

BENJAMIN ALVORD, New London, son of the preceding, died 12 August 1709, as in Genealogical Registrar XI. 27, Miss Caulkins gives the inscription on his gravestone; but, she adds, no descendants are found, and he is not named in her copious histories.

BENJAMIN ALVORD, Northampton, son of Alexander Alvord, married about 1690, Deborah Stebbins, daughter of John Stebbins of the same, and Abigail, born 1691; Elizabeth, September 1693; Benjamin, 1695; Deborah, May 1698; Experience, 5 October 1700; Jonah, 13 April 1704; Sarah, 28 May 1707; and he died 1715.  His widow married 4 April 1716, Henry Burt of Springfield.

EBENEZER ALVORD, Northampton, brother of the preceding, married about 1692, Ruth Baker, daughter of Joseph Baker, had Ebenezer, born 24 August 1693, died young; Joseph, 1697; Mary, 24 June 1699; and Noah, 27 June 1701.  His wife died 4 March 1706, and he married Elizabeth, who perhaps was a widow Bird, and had Ruth, 24 August 1710; James, 22 July 1712 died soon; Elizabeth, 7 September 1713, Rebecca, 25 October 1716, died soon; Rebecca, again, 10 February 1718; Ebenezer, again, 17 December 1720; Sarah, 1723, died soon; and Thomas, about 1725; and died 29 November 1738.

JEREMIAH ALVORD, Windsor, youngest son of Benedict Alvord, had Benedict, born 27 April 1688; Newton, 24 March 1690; Jeremiah, 8 May 1692; Jonathan, 1696, died young; Jane, 14 January 1699; Joanna, 1 March 1702; and Elizabeth, 22 November 1703, about next year, besides  Elizabeth, again, 27 April 1706; and Job, 26 August 1708.

JEREMIAH ALVORD, Hatfield,  son of Alexander Alvord, married at Deerfield, where he first removed from his native town, 1691, Mehitable Frary, widow of Hezekial Root, daughter of Sampson Frary of Deerfield, had Jeremiah, born 17 February 1692, died in few days; Jeremiah, again, 31 March 1694, who was drowned at 24 years; and Mary, 20 August 1696.  His wife died 7 November following, and in few years he removed to Hatfield, there married Mary Gull, daughter of William Gull, had Elizabeth, 1703, died young; Elizabeth, again, 1705; Hannah, 1707; and Ebenezer, 1710, who died unmarried.

JOHN ALVORD, Northampton 1668, eldest son of Alexander Alvord, married Abigail Phelps, daughter of Nathaniel Phelps, had no children and the date of his death is not given.  But his wife born 5 April 1655, died 26 August 1756, reckoned by the vulgar on the record with the common fondness for exaggeration in her 103rd year.  She was the oldest person that ever died in Northampton, but exact truth, after the correction of old style, makes her age 101 years 4 months and 11 days.

JONATHAN ALVORD, Westfield, eldest son of Benedict Alvord, married 1681, Hannah Brown, had no children.

JONATHAN ALVORD, Northampton, youngest son of Alexander Alvord, married 12 January 1693, Thankful Miller, had Jonathan, born 9 April 1694, died at 9 years; John, 28 June 1696; Patience, 22 June 1701; Zebediah, 30 October 1705, died young; Mary, 21 July 1707; Thankful, 10 August 1709; and Jonathan, again, 16 November 1711; and died 1729.

JOSIAH ALVORD, Windsor, son of Benedict Alvord, removed to Simsbury, there had wife and family but particulars are unknown.

THOMAS ALVORD, Northampton 1678, son of Alexander Alvord, married 22 March 1681, Joanna Taylor, daughter of John Taylor of the same, had John, born 10 August 1682, died in few days; Thomas, 28 August 1683; John, again, 19 October 1685; and Josiah, 7 February 1688, died younger; and the father died 22 July 1688.  His widow married 1690, Samuel King; and, next, 1702, Deliverance Bridgeman.  Farmer notes graduates of this name, two at Yale, one at Dartmouth, and three at other New England colleges, none at Harvard in 1828.


ROGER AMADOWN, Salem 1637, Weymouth 1640, where by wife Sarah, he had Sarah, born 10 August of that year and, at Boston, Lydia, 27 April 1643; removed 1648 to Rehoboth, probably had several sons, and died 13 November 1673.


JOHN AMAZEEN, New Hampshire 1683, called John the Greek.  Belknap I. 479.  There are descendants.


JOHANNES AMBECK, JOHANNES AMBEEK, or JOHANNES AMBEECK, Hartford, married Mary Varleet, daughter of Caspar Varleet, had Judith, born 5 December 1654, and lived not many years.  For the widow married 30 December 1658, Paulus Schrick.  All the parties were Dutch, and probably confined in the very narrow space to which the English limited the earliest settlers their predecessors.


ABRAHAM AMBLER, Stamford, son of Richard Ambler, married 20 December 1662, Mary Bates, daughter of Robert Bates, had Mary, born 1 January 1664; Abraham, 5 January 1666; John, 18 February 1668; Joshua, 8 September 1670; Sarah, 1672; and others; but in his will, of 1699, mentioned only son John, daughter Mehitable, and three children of his deceased daughter.  Brown with his second wife Hannah; required John to provide for his grandfather during life.  He was freeman, a proprietor not only at Stamford, but at Bedford, a plantation to the North, now within the state of New York, and in 1686 was chief town officer there, Representative for Stamford in 1674.

RICHARD AMBLER, Watertown 1637, Weymouth (perhaps for short time) 1640, and Boston 1643, by wife Sarah, had Sarah, born 4 December 1639; Abraham, 27 September 1641, died very soon; and Abraham, again, 22 September 1642, all by Bond, given as at Watertown before 1650, removed to Stamford, there was freeman 1669, and living at grand age 1699.


HENRY AMBROSE, Hampton 1641, or earlier, had Samuel, baptized 25 July 1641; Ebenezer, 1643; Henry, born June 1649; was administered freeman 18 May 1642, lived at Boston 1654, Charlestown 1656, had Abigail, born 28 December 1654, was a carpenter, and probably worked at his trade in several places, certainly in 1650, at Salisbury, there not allowed as a commoner, yet died there 1658, and his property was considerable.  His widow became second wife of John Severance.  Abigail married October 1672 William Osgood.

HENRY AMBROSE, Salisbury, son of the preceding, married October 1672, Susanna, widow of Timothy Worcester, had Dorothy, born 21 September 1673; Nathaniel, 26 March 1675; died soon; and Nathaniel, again, 26 February 1677.

JOSHUA AMBROSE, of who we gladly would know the father and date of birth, was graduate at Harvard College 1653, went home, and was settled as minister at Darley in County Lancaster, where he conformed to the Church of England, at the time of ejectment had the honor of A.M. at Oxford, and is not marked in Mather's calalogue 1697, as dead.  See Calamy, II. 419.

NATHANIEL AMBROSE, of unknown parentage, like the preceding, to whom perhaps he was brother, being graduate of Harvard College 1653, was sometimes connected with the college, probably as tutor, went home and was settled as minister at Kirkby in County Lancaster, whence in 1662, as non-conformist he was ejected.  Calamy, II. 417.

SAMUEL AMBROSE, Salisbury, probably eldest son of the first Henry Ambrose, by wife Hope, had Abigail, born 1 April 1665; and Margaret, 12 August 1668; but no more is heard of him.


ROBERT AMBRY, or ROBERT AMBERY, New Haven 1643, where often it appears.

ROBERT EMRY, or ROBERT EMERY, took oath of fidelity 1 July 1644, by wife Mary, had Joseph, born 14 March 1650; and Mary, and John, probably earlier; removed to Stamford, there had Moses, born 1652; and died 21 July 1656.  The widow next year married George Baldwin, or George Boldin of Westchester.


JOHN AMEREDITH, JOHN MERRYDAY, or JOHN MEREDITH, Kittery 1670, married Joanna Treworgye, daughter of James Treworgye, but what little is told of him may be seen in Genealogical Registrar V. 345-8.  He was constable 1671, living 1685, and she, probably widow July 1688.


HUGH AMES, Boston 1667.

JOHN AMES, Duxbury, son of Richard Ames of Bruton, County Somerset, where, according to family documents, he was born 10 December 1610, married 20 October 1645, Elizabeth Hayward, removed to Bridgewater 1656, died 1698, leaving no issue, but gave the year preceding large estate to his nephew John, and his children.  See Mitchell's History of Bridgewater.

JOHN AMES, Bridgewater, only son of William Ames of Braintree (not, as was once thought of the famous Franequer Professor William Ames), married Sarah Willis, daughter of John Willis, had John, born 14 April 1672; William, 6 November 1673; Nathaniel, 9 October 1677; Elizabeth, 6 September 1680; Thomas, 21 February 1682; Sarah, 12 October 168;5; David, 30 August 1688; and Hannah.  Of the sons, the oldest and the youngest perhaps settled at New London, and Miss Caulkins in her History 264, lends countenance to the tradition.  Though of John only does she speak of permanent residence 374; while of Nathaniel we know that he died 1736, and was father of that Nathaniel Ames, celebrated for success of his Almanacs many years and more for the superior eloquence of his son Fisher Ames, Harvard College 1774, the first Representative from Boston in the Federal Congress 1789.

WILLIAM AMES, Braintree, brother of John Ames the first, elder by family tradition, born 6 October 1605, came about 1638, by wife Hannah, had Hannah, born 12 May 1641; Rebecca, October 1642; Lydia, 2 June 1645; John, 24 May 1647; Sarah, 1 March 1651; and Deliverance, 6 February 1654; and he died one month and 5 days after.  Hannah married 1660, John Hayden; and Sarah married Thomas Hayward of Bridgewater.

WILLIAM AMES, Cambridge, came in the Mary Ann of Great Yarmouth 1637, with his mother Joanne, widow of Reverend William, D.D. (who had proceeded A.B. 1607, at Christ's College Cambridge, and widely distinguished as Professor in theology in Holland, where he died 1633, in his 57th year); brother John Ames, and sister Ruth Ames, who is called 18 years old.  See 4 Massachusetts History Collections I. 100.  They lived first at Salem, but the mother died at Cambridge, whither she removed to encourage her son at his studies in the college, and there she was buried  23 December 1644.  He was graduate in the following year, made freeman 1647, soon after went home, and in 1648 was settled as colleague at Wrentham in County Suffolk with his uncle, John Phillips, who had married a sister of his father, and was then a member of the Westminster Assembly near the close of their anxious labors of more than five and a half years.  Before the Mayor and Aldermen of London, 5 November 1651, he preached the anniversary sermon on the gunpowder plot, at St. Pauls, and was ejected 1662, died 21 July 1689, in his 66th year.  By his first wife Susanna, he had only Elizabeth, who married Robert Smith, a minister in the same church, who died in August 1705; and that wife was buried  6 January 1652.  For second wife he took, 26 January 1653, Elizabeth Wales, had Ruth, and Philip, both died young; and this wife died 19 February 1683.  These details are gathered from a History of the Congregational church at Wrentham in Old England by John Brown, 1854; and from Hunter in 3 Massachusetts History Collections X. 169.  Probably his brother John Ames, who if we judge by order of names in the record of Wrentham, was the younger, went home with our scholar.  Of this name nine had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard, none at Yale, one at Dartmouth, and three at other New England colleges, as Farmer found.


JOHN AMEY, or JOHN AMEE, Woburn 1649, by wife Martha Johnson, daughter of Edward Johnson, the historian, had Mary, born 27 February 1650; removed to Boston 1653, had John, 4 or 12 March 1654; Martha, 10 November 1655; and William, 24 March 1657; besides Martha, again, 23 February 1660.  He was a ship carpenter.

WILLIAM AMEY, or WILLIAM AMEE, Lynn, in 1637, with others, had liberty to remove to begin settlement of Sandwich.


SIMON AMORY, Boston, freeman 1672, had wife Mary, and died early in 1677.

WILLIAM AMORY, said to have found a mineral hill above Deerfield, 1685.  Felt.


HUGH AMOS, Boston, freeman 1666, was of the 2nd church, had John, baptized there that year, perhaps removed to Norwich, where he had Mary, born January 1671; and Samuel, January 1673.  These three children with another daughter Ann divided his estate in 1707.  He lived on the east side of the river now Preston, and his name designates one of the beautiful ponds of that town.


AMSBURY. See Armsbee.


ISAAC AMSDEN, Cambridge, married 8 June 1654, Frances Perriman, whose father is unknown, had Isaac, born 1656; and Jacob, 17 November 1657; both baptized 3 November 1661, the mother being administrator of the children few days before, and he died 7 Apr 1659, if we take Harris's Epit. 169, for conclusive; but we might judge from probated records where mention of administration given 25 June 1661, to his widow, that he had died only 19 days before the widow married 14 February 1663, Richard Cutter.

ISAAC AMSDEN, Cambridge, son of the preceding, married 17 May 1677, Jane Rutter, perhaps daughter of John Rutter of Sudbury, had Elizabeth, born 3 February following; Isaac, 29 August 1680; John 28 December 1685; Thomas, 9 January 1687; Jacob, 29 February 1688; and Abraham 15 October 1692, as supplied by a scrupulous writer in Genealogical Registrar XV. 21, though I feel compelled to change an impossible date.

JACOB AMSDEN, Cambridge, son of Isaac Amsden the first, died 11 June 1701, as we learn from Harris, 29, and anything else is learned from nobody.

JOHN AMSDEN, Hatfield, perhaps son of the first Isaac Amsden, by a wife before Frances, or even before he settled at Cambridge, or came from England, there this man lived ten years, but at Hatfield died 1696, leaving John and Isaac, of who the latter died young, and the former residence at Deerfield, where he was drowned 1742, and two of his sons were killed by the Indians 1746.  Descendants may be found there.  Matchless Mitchell spells the name Embsden.


THOMAS ANCHOR, Boston 1646.


ARCHIBALD ANDERSON, Lynn, employed at the iron works, came from Scotland, and died 13 August 1661.

DAVID ANDERSON, New Haven 1639, whipped for drunkenness, and not much better in 1641, as in Colony record I. 28 and 59 appears.

DAVID ANDERSON, Charlestown 1675, probably son of John Anderson of Boston, by wife Catharine Richardson, married 12 September 1679, had John, who died that year at 3 months; David, baptized 23 September 1677, perhaps a posthumous child, for his father died in May preceding on his way, as master of the ship Blessing, home from London.  His first wife married 5 June 1667, was Hannah Nichols, who died 18 July 1671.

GAWEN ANDERSON, Roxbury, freeman 13 May 1640, of who no more is heard.

JOHN ANDERSON, Boston 1647, shipwright, permitted in 1652 to build a wharf, married 3 January 1655, I suppose for second wife Mary Hodges of Charlestown (a former wife Jane having died 4 May preceding, and his son Samuel, probably infant, died 10 July following), by her had Joanna, born 25 December following; and Ann, 5 May 1657; and he died 28 September 1677.  We learn from his will of 3 days preceding, probated 31 October following, that he had elder child as Emma Anderson, who married 17 July 1655, John Brackenbury, afterwards married Joseph Lynde, and died 2 September 1703; Catharine, who married 19 July 1635, John Phillips, and died 24 February 1699; Mary, who as widow Lynde, married 27 July 1682, Reverend Thomas Shepard, and, next, Honorable Samuel Hayman, and was buried  20 August 1717; and Joanna Newman; but much uncertainity hangs over these two last daughters, i. e. what Lynde was husband of the former, what Newman of the latter, though much inquiry has been bestowed.  He had also Henry, who died in England and left his property to the father.

JOHN ANDERSON, Ipswich 1665, whose inventory was rendered 3 May 1701, had been a soldier in the Province, served possibly, but not probably, he may have been one of the unhappy prisoners of the battle at Worcester, 3 September 1651 (that "crowning mercy" to Oliver Cromwell), of which 272 were shipped in November after, in the John and Sarah, from London, to be sold here, arriving in May following at Boston. besides  this John, Alister, David, and William Anderson were victims of the same cruel policy in the same ship. Part of the prisoners of Dunbar, imported in the former year, had been well received as Cotton wrote to Cromwell, and sold for 6, 7, or 8 years servitude.  Most of these unfortunate young men died of scurvy, or of broken hearts; and some of the exiles ran away, perhaps with good-will of their purchasers, so that not one in fifty of these soldiers that followed Charles II in the fatal fields of Dunbar and Worcester, and were sold in Boston, probably five hundred in number, lived to have families in our country.

JOHN ANDERSON, Salem 1673, a shipmaster, had been, perhaps, of Boston, 1655, and administered with wife, Mary, of the second church 1672.

RICHARD ANDERSON, New Maven, took oath of fidelity 7 April 1657.

ROBERT ANDERSON, in Massachusetts 6 June 1637 fined for contempt £50, which was soon remitted, may have been only a transient visitor.  See Colony record I. 198,245.

WILLIAM ANDERSON, New Haven, took oath of fidelity 7 April 1657, but neither of himself, nor of Richard Anderson, who may have been his brother, is any more seen.

WILLIAM ANDERSON, Watertown, of who died, Bond found only, that he sat on a coroner's jury 26 July 1669. Graduates of this name up to 1828 Farmer found two at Harvard, two at Dartmouth, one at Yale, and eleven at the other colleges in New England, and New Jersey chiefly, I presume from the latter.


JOHN ANDREW, Wickford 1674. 

NICHOLAS ANDREW, Marblehead 1683, freeman that year.

SAMUEL ANDREW, Cambridge, son of William Andrew of the same, born probably in England, married 27 September 1652 (when prefix of respect is given on the record), Elizabeth White, whose father is not known, and who died 24 January 1687, aged 57, had Samuel Andrew, born 29 January 1656, Harvard College 1675; William, June 1658; both baptized before Mitchell's Reg. begins; John, 2, baptized 10 March 1661, who died at 32 years; Elizabeth, baptized 12 April 1663; Thomas, 21 May 1665, died soon; Mary, 6 January 1667, died July following; Thomas, again, 29 March 1668; besides Jonathan, who died 8 May 1700, aged about 30; and Mary, again, who died 29 February 1672.  He was often clerk, treasurer, and selectman, and died 21 June 1701, aged about 80.  See the invaluble "Cambridge Church gathering," by Newell with appendix of Mitchell, and Harris's Epit.  A person, "well skilled in mathematics" of this name, as is mentioned in Haz. I. 591, and Belknap I. 57, is supposed to be this Cambridge man.  See Colony record III. 329 and 361.

SAMUEL ANDREW, eldest son of the preceding, was minister of Milford, ordained 15 November 1685, married Abigail Treat, daughter of Governor Robert Treat, who died 5 December 1727, had Samuel, and probably others, and died 21 January 1738.  A second wife Abigail, died 9 September 1742.  The name has a final s in the Connecticut record, but the Reverend owner rejected the addition; the church and town record of Cambridge admit the letter, though the indisputable authority of the Collections catalog deny, and discriminate yet in his Hecatompolis (chapter 7 of the Magnalia I.) Mather sanctifies the intrusion.

WILLIAM ANDREW, Cambridge, mariner, the freeman of 4 March 1634, by wife Mary, who died 19 January 1640, had Samuel, and perhaps other children and died before 1655.

WILLIAM ANDREW, Ipswich, was school master there, and in several other towns, may not have been brother of Reverend Samuel Andrew, and died 19 July 1683.  But in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 19, the extract from the interleaving Almanac of Sewall, noticing this event is remarked diverse in the name from the careful writer on the Ipswich grade school in Genealogical Registrar VI. 69, which makes Thomas Andrews succeed famous Cheever in the school 1 August 1660, and teached 23 years, and died 10 July 1683.  Vehemently do I suspect, that one or the other is mistaken, that only one man is intended and the date of death 10 or 19, easily reconciled.  Of this name, without s in 1834, as Farmer marked, three had been graduates at Harvard, three at Yale, and one at some other New England college.

ABRAHAM ANDREWS, ABRAHAM ANDROWS (or ABRAHAM ANDROS, sometimes), often ABRAHAM ANDROS, Fairfield, son perhaps of Francis Andrews, removed to Waterbury, had eight children: Rebecca, born 1672; Mary, 1674; Hannah, 1678; Abraham, 1680; Sarah, baptized 9 March 1684; Rachel, 1686; John, 1688; and Thomas, 1699.

ABRAHAM ANDREWS, ABRAHAM ANDROWS (or ABRAHAM ANDROS, sometimes), often ABRAHAM ANDROS, Waterbury, son of John Andrews of Farmington, married Sarah Porter, daughter of Robert Porter of Farmington, had Sarah, baptized 9 March 1681; Abraham, 17, certainly not, as said somewhere, 27 July 1687; at Farmington church both; besides  Mary, baptized 19 May 1689; John, Benjamin, and Robert.  He died 3 May 1693, leaving as appears by probate record these five children and a widow.  Between that probate record at Hartford, and the town records of Farmingham, as well as of Waterbury, disagreement may be found; at least it was hard to guess, with confidence, after large inquiry, which Abraham was son of Francis Andrews, which of John; and Hinman, who rather darkens the confusion, saves himself from anxiety by acknowledging only one Abraham, while he informs us, that sometimes the name is given Andros, or Andrus.  His report of Francis gives him no Abraham, and though he allows one to John Andrews, the report is incomplete.

BENJAMIN ANDREWS, BENJAMIN ANDROWS (or BENJAMIN ANDROS, sometimes), often BENJAMIN ANDROS, Farmington, son of John Andrews, by wife Mary, had Benjamin. born 1683; John, 1685; both, with their mother baptized 10 January 1687, probably died young; Mary, 26 August 1688; Stephen, probably 21 September 1690; besides Daniel, born 7 February baptized 10 September 1693; Samuel, 20, baptized 24 November 1695; Joanna, born 24 May 1698; James, 1 August 1701.

DANIEL ANDREWS, DANIEL ANDROWS (or DANIEL ANDROS, sometimes), often DANIEL ANDROS, Salem, school master, in 1672, was, Dr. Bond thinks, son of Thomas Andrews of Watertown, lived in the part called the village now Danvers, for which in the June Session 1689, the first year of liberty recovering from Andros, he was Representative, and in 1692 was charged with the preposterous crime of witchcraft, perhaps because he knows more than some of his neighbors, but was released early in the year following when reason prevailed over the influence of Cotton Mather.  He died 3 December 170, aged 59, and son Thomas, 24, with Samuel, 19, died next month all of the smallpox.

DANIEL ANDREWS, DANIEL ANDROWS (or DANIEL ANDROS, sometimes), often DANIEL ANDROS, Farmington, son of John Andrews, had Daniel, born 9 March baptized 20 July 1673; Mary, 9, baptized 13 December 1674; Joseph, born 10 August 1676; Mary, 1678; John, 10 June 1680; Martha, 17, baptized 23 July 1682; Hannah, baptized 18 January 1685; Paul, 2, not 3 January 1687; Stephen, 1 December 1689; Ebenezer, born 28 August 1692, died in few weeks.  

EDWARD ANDREWS, EDWARD ANDROWS (or EDWARD ANDROS, sometimes), often EDWARD ANDROS, Newport 1639, perhaps removed to Saco, at least one of the name was freeman there 1653, according to Folsom, 123, of the plantation, I suppose he means, for he does not appear in the Colony list, died 1668.

EDWARD ANDREWS, EDWARD ANDROWS (or EDWARD ANDROS, sometimes), often EDWARD ANDROS, Hartford 1655, sworn freeman 1657, had Edward, who died unmarried and Solomon; besides  daughters Mary, and Sarah, of who the last married Henry Treat of Hartford, and next David Forbes.  He died 1673.

EDWARD ANDREWS, EDWARD ANDROWS (or EDWARD ANDROS, sometimes), often EDWARD ANDROS, Warwick, among freeman there 1655, but no wife or children is heard of; may possibly be he who was early of Newport.

FRANCIS ANDREWS, FRANCIS ANDROWS (or FRANCIS ANDROS, sometimes), often FRANCIS ANDROS, Hartford 1639, had John, baptized 27 September 1646; and Thomas, 2 January 1648; removed to Fairfield, there died 1662, or 3, his will being of 6 June of the former.  Probated 5 March of the latter year.  In it he provides for four sons and five daughters viz. in addition to the two before mentioned, were Jeremiah, and Abraham, daughters Elizabeth, Mary; Esther; Rebecca, who became second wife 7 July 1678, of Samuel Benedict of Norwalk; and Ruth; besides Hannah, who had married John Crampton, after of Norwalk.  Quite uncertain is it, whether his son Abraham were the man, who died 1693, or he who had children 1699.

HENRY ANDREWS, HENRY ANDROWS (or HENRY ANDROS, sometimes), often HENRY ANDROS, Taunton, an original purchaser, Representative 1639 and four next years, died 1652, is chiefly known from his will of 13 March in that year, probated 10 February following, in which are named his wife Mary; and children Henry; Mary, wife of William Hodges; Sarah; Abigail; and grandson John Hodges.  The widow in her will of 14 February 1654, calls herself 43 years old, and speaks of Sarah as little.  Baylies, II. 282.  In Emery, I. 48 he is shown to have built the first meeting-house, but this author inadvertantly finds him permission to erect a saw-mill in 1659, which must be referred to his son.

HENRY ANDREWS, HENRY ANDROWS (or HENRY ANDROS, sometimes), often HENRY ANDROS, Taunton, who was killed by the Indians in Philip's war; and though descendants are said to be numerous, I regret that no account of marriage, or name of wife or children is known.

JAMES ANDREWS, JAMES ANDROWS (or JAMES ANDROS, sometimes), often JAMES ANDROS, Saco, son of Samuel Andrews of the same, removed with his mother on her second marriage at Falmouth, married Sarah Mitton, daughter of Michael Mitton, had Elisha, who was a Lieutenant, so early as 1689, under Church in his campaign against the East Indians, and probably James and Joshua that both died before the father.  He abandoned Falmouth in the war, and died at Boston 1704, leaving widow Margaret, whose surname is not seen, the son Elisha, and three daughters Rebecca, wife of Jonathan Adams, of Boston; Dorcas, wife of Ebellezer Davenport, of Dorchester; and Jane, wife of Robert Davis, but perhaps she had former husband.

JEDEDIAH ANDREWS, JEDEDIAH ANDROWS (or JEDEDIAH ANDROS, sometimes), often JEDEDIAH ANDROS, Dover 1657, removed to Salisbury, there had Joseph, born 10 March 1670; and in 1674 administration on his estate was committed to his widow Mary, who married 24 August in that year John Allen, as under his name may be seen.

JEREMIAH ANDREWS, JEREMIAH ANDROWS (or JEREMIAH ANDROS, sometimes), often JEREMIAH ANDROS, Bedford 1697, was son probably of Francis Andrews of Fairfield.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Kittery or Saco 1640.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Lynn 1650, may be he who was a baker, and died at Ipswich 13 March 1662, and his wife Sarah died 29 April 1666.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Farmington, one of the first settlers, freeman 1658, by wife Mary, had Mary, born 15 April 1643; John, 12 August 1645; Hannah, 26 February 1647, all baptized 16 May 1658; Abraham, 31 October 1648; Daniel, 1650; Joseph, 26 May 1651; there three baptized 2 April 1654; Rachel, baptized 9 April 1654; but why all were not baptized at once, may be left to plausible conjecture, Stephen, born 1606; and Benjamin, June 1659; and died 1682.  His widow died Mary 1694.  Of the children my knowledge is less complete; John, eldest son, was probably of Hartford, and had John, Joseph, Stephen, and others, yet marriage or birth dates are blank; Mary married as second wife Thomas Barnes; Hannah married Richards, probably Obadiah; and Rachel married a Buck.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Ipswich 1642, had wife Jane, was oppressed, imprisoned by Andros' administration, living in 1701.  He was then 80 years old, and his wife if alive, was one year younger.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Boston, a cooper, by wife Lucy, who died 1 September 1653, had no children known to me, but by wife Hannah, had John, born 21 November 1656, probably died young; Hannah, in town record called Susanna, born 12 August 1659; Mary, and Martha, these three, baptized 2 June 1661; James, 1, baptized 4 December 1664; and James, again, baptized 24 March 1667.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Kittery, who died 1671, left son John, and a widow Joan, who probably became wife of Benjamin Atwell.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Hartford, son of William Andrews of the same, had, by wife Mary, at the time of his death 8 June 1690, only two living children Samuel, 20 years old; and Mary, 8.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Fairfield 1670, son of Francis Andrews of the same, died 1683, leaving two children.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Ipswich, by wife Judith, had Elizabeth, born 7 March 1685, was 36 years old in 1684.

JOHN ANDREWS, JOHN ANDROWS (or JOHN ANDROS, sometimes), often JOHN ANDROS, Hingham, who married Patience Nichols in September 1685, as in Genealogical Registrar Il. 253, corrected by Errata in the introduction, is there called son of Captain Thomas Andrews, but when it is said, that he was born 1658, I fear it is only drawing a bow at a venture, for if born that year it might seem as if he should be counted brother not son of the Captain, since the other counted makes him great-grandson of the first Thomas Andrews of the same.

JOSEPH ANDREWS, JOSEPH ANDROWS (or JOSEPH ANDROS, sometimes), often JOSEPH ANDROS, Hingham 1635, son of Thomas Andrews the first, born in England, freeman 3 March 1636, was the first town clerk, constable, Representative 1636-8, had removed to Duxbury soon after, but Joseph, Elizabeth, baptized March 1638; Ephraim, 18, not as once said 8, October 1640; and Thomas may have been born before such removal, as only child at Duxbury named is Abigail, 1647, who married July 1667, John Wadsworth; at Duxbury he was a town officer 1654, and constable 1664, died 1 January 1680, aged 83.  Lincoln's History of Hingham 42,163.

JOSEPH ANDREWS, JOSEPH ANDROWS (or JOSEPH ANDROS, sometimes), often JOSEPH ANDROS, Wethersfield, son of John Andrews of Farmington, died 1706, leaving six or more children of which I know neither the months nor their dates.

NATHAN ANDREWS, NATHAN ANDROWS (or NATHAN ANDROS, sometimes), often NATHAN ANDROS, New Haven, youngest son of William Andrews the first of the same, took oath of fidelity 1 May 1660, married October 1661, Deborah Abbot, daughter of Robert Abbot, who died 1672, had Nathan, born 18 October 1662; Abigail, 20 March 1667; and Daniel, 13 May 1669; and for second wife married 6 January 1676, Phebe Gibbard, daughter of William Gibbard, who died 19 December 1720, had Sarah, 27 October 1676; Jedediah, 14 May 1678; Gideon, 9 March 1680; Caleb, 16 August 1682, died next year; and Seth, 2 May 1684.  He was a man of large property at Wallingford 1670, and New Haven 1685.

NICHOLAS ANDREWS, NICHOLAS ANDROWS (or NICHOLAS ANDROS, sometimes), often NICHOLAS ANDROS, Marblehead, married Elizabeth Nicholson, daughter of Edmund Nicholson of the same, before 1672.

RALPH ANDREWS, RALPH ANDROWS (or RALPH ANDROS, sometimes), often RALPH ANDROS, Gloucester 1681, married 12 December 1682, Abigail Very, daughter of Thomas Very.  Babson, who does the marriage 17 November 1681, adds the children: Thomas, born 1686; Francis, 1689; Abigail, 1692; and Hannah, 1702.

ROBERT ANDREWS, ROBERT ANDROWS (or ROBERT ANDROS, sometimes), often ROBERT ANDROS, Ipswich, freeman 6 May 1635, kept an inn, and in Colony record 1, the name is spelled Andros as well as Andrews; had wife Elizabeth, named in his will, probated 26 March 1644, in which also eldest son John and younger Thomas are mentioned but not daughter Rebecca, wife of Daniel Hovey, though her son Daniel is; and daughter Alice is, who married William Franklin of Boston, as also her daughter Elizabeth.  

ROBERT ANDREWS, ROBERT ANDROWS (or ROBERT ANDROS, sometimes), often ROBERT ANDROS, Rowley, called senior when he died June 1668, leaving good estate for wife Grace.

ROBERT ANDREWS, ROBERT ANDROWS (or ROBERT ANDROS, sometimes), often ROBERT ANDROS was of Topsfield 1661, and in his will of 16 May 1668, probated 1 July following, he names sons Thomas, Robert, Joseph, and John, daughters Elizabeth married 14 April 1662, Samuel Symonds; Hannah, wife of John Peabody; Rebecca; Sarah; and Ruth.  Probably his son Thomas was in 1675, a soldier of brave Captain Gardner's Company, killed in the storming, 19 December, of the Narranganset fort.

SAMUEL ANDREWS, SAMUEL ANDROWS (or SAMUEL ANDROS, sometimes), often SAMUEL ANDROS, Saco, came in the Increase, from London, 1635, aged 37, with wife Jane, 30; and children Jane, 3; Elizabeth, 2; and a servant, sent by a goldsmith of London; had here James, before mentioned, and died before 1638.  His widow married Arthur Mackworth of Falmouth, and bore him several children.  Folsom, 33,123.  Willis, 1.33.3 Massachusetts Mist. Collections VIII. 259.  

SAMUEL ANDREWS, SAMUEL ANDROWS (or SAMUEL ANDROS, sometimes), often SAMUEL ANDROS, Charlestown, died probably October 1659, his inventory being of the last day of that month.

SAMUEL ANDREWS, SAMUEL ANDROWS (or SAMUEL ANDROS, sometimes), often SAMUEL ANDROS, Marlborough 1667, made the survey of that town, but was, perhaps, that Cambridge man, whose name is commonly given without s final.

SAMUEL ANDREWS, SAMUEL ANDROWS (or SAMUEL ANDROS, sometimes), often SAMUEL ANDROS, New Haven, elder brother of Nathan Andrews, born in England, took oath of fidelity 1654, married in 1661, Elizabeth Peck, only daughter of Deacon William Peck of the same, had Samuel, born 1 February 1662, died in one month; Samuel, again, 30 August 1663; William, 9 February 1665; John, 4 July 1667, died young; Nathaniel, 2 August 1670; removed to Wallingford 1672, had twins 30 May 1673, who died the same day; Elizabeth, 17 July 1674; Mary, 27 March 1677; Joseph, 1679; Margery, 15 January 1681; and Dinah, 25 July 1684.  He died 6 October 1704, aged 69, in his will named wife Elizabeth, four sons, and four daughters.  The date of widow’s death is not seen.

SAMUEL ANDREWS, SAMUEL ANDROWS (or SAMUEL ANDROS, sometimes), often SAMUEL ANDROS, Hartford, son of William Andrews of the same, freeman 1669, married Elizabeth Strickland, daughter of Thwait Strickland, died January 1712, his will being made 1, and his inventory dated 29 of the same.  He names in it sons Thomas, Nathaniel, John, and Samuel, daughters Abigail Stedman, and Elizabeth Andrews who married Joseph Day.  Samuel, his son was killed by the Indians the same year above Deerfield.

SOLOMON ANDREWS, SOLOMON ANDROWS (or SOLOMON ANDROS, sometimes), often SOLOMON ANDROS, Hartford, son of Edward Andrews of the same, died 1712, leaving only Mary.

THOMAS ANDREWS, THOMAS ANDROWS (or THOMAS ANDROS, sometimes), often THOMAS ANDROS, Dorchester 1635, had Thomas, baptized 16 or 23 June 1639; and Susanna, who married William Hopkins; and died 20 August 1667.  His will of two weeks before mentioned wife Ann, who died 13 January 1684; the son, and daughter Susanna, with her children.

THOMAS ANDREWS, THOMAS ANDROWS (or THOMAS ANDROS, sometimes), often THOMAS ANDROS, Hingham, brought family or was brought by his so, and died 21 August 1643, at great age.

THOMAS ANDREWS, THOMAS ANDROWS (or THOMAS ANDROS, sometimes), often THOMAS ANDROS, Cambridge, was first of Watertown, as Dr. Bond remarks, there having by wife Rebecca, Thomas, born 15 October 1641; Daniel;  Rebecca, 18 April 1646; and died before 1649.  His widow married 1648, Nicholas Wyeth, and daughter Rebecca married John Frost.

THOMAS ANDREWS, THOMAS ANDROWS (or THOMAS ANDROS, sometimes), often THOMAS ANDROS, Hartford, freeman 1667, was perhaps son of Francis Andrews of the same.

THOMAS ANDREWS, THOMAS ANDROWS (or THOMAS ANDROS, sometimes), often THOMAS ANDROS, Ipswich, perhaps son of Robert Andrews of the same, was that school master, who succeeded famous Ezekiel Cheever, 1 August 1660, and continued in that office to his death 10 July 1683, never married but his nephews John Andrews of Salem, and Daniel Hovey junior of Ipswich, had administration on his estate which was good.

THOMAS ANDREWS, THOMAS ANDROWS (or THOMAS ANDROS, sometimes), often THOMAS ANDROS, Dorchester, probably son of Thomas Andrews of the same, married 31 December 1667, Phebe Goard, daughter of Richard Goard, had Thomas, born 31 December 1668; Joseph, 25 December 1675; Thankful, 1 May 1680; and John, July 1686; and died 6 August 1704.

THOMAS ANDREWS, THOMAS ANDROWS (or THOMAS ANDROS, sometimes), often THOMAS ANDROS, Milford, son of Francis Andrews, lived there 1675-1700, married Elizabeth Porter, daughter of Robert Porter of Farmington, had Hannah, and Mary, baptized 31 May 1685; and a family perhaps of other children.

THOMAS ANDREWS, THOMAS ANDROWS (or THOMAS ANDROS, sometimes), often THOMAS ANDROS, Middletown, son of William Andrews of Hartford, married Hannah Kirby, daughter of John Kirby of Middletown, died early in 1691, leaving seven children: Thomas, John, Samuel, Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Abigail.  His widow married Alexander Rollo.  Early at Rowley, or Boxford, was one Thomas Andrews, and one at Dorchester 1641, unless this be rather thought the veteran of Hingham.

THOMAS ANDREWS, THOMAS ANDROWS (or THOMAS ANDROS, sometimes), often THOMAS ANDROS, Hingham, son of Joseph Andrews of the same, had Joseph, born 22 September 1656. was a Captain in the extravagant expedition of Sir William Phips, 1690, against Quebec, in which he perished by smallpox, late in November 1690, having made his will 26 of that month; had Jedediah Andrews, born 7 July 1674, Harvard College 1695, who became a minister at Philadelphia.  Lincoln, 116.  Other children were John, born 30 September 1658; Ruth, 6 August 1660; Elizabeth, 22 September 1665; Ephraim, 27 October 1667, died under two years; Abigail, 7 January 1670; Stephen, 6 March 1672; Benjamin, 4 March 1676; and one born 2 November 1670, died very soon. 

WILLIAM ANDREWS, WILLIAM ANDROWS (or WILLIAM ANDROS, sometimes), often WILLIAM ANDROS, Lynn 1634, maybe one of the early freeman of this name, 4 March 1634, or 4 March 1630, or 13 May 1640; of which the last William's surname is given with o, instead of e in the last syllable, but he of 1635 having the prefix of respect, may seem rather to belong to Charlestown or Cambridge by proximity of other names in that day's list.  From Lewis in History of Lynn no light is derived here.

WILLIAM ANDREWS, WILLIAM ANDROWS (or WILLIAM ANDROS, sometimes), often WILLIAM ANDROS, New Haven, a prominent man, signed the compact 1639, probably accompanied Governor Eaton, and no doubt was first at Boston or Charlestown; at New Hampshire was active in military service and kept the ordinary, one of the founders of the church and hardly could get leave to give up his ordinary, had William, and Samuel, perhaps born in England, but Nathan, baptized at New Hampshire 17 November 1639; and died 3 January 1664.

WILLIAM ANDREWS, WILLIAM ANDROWS (or WILLIAM ANDROS, sometimes), often WILLIAM ANDROS, Hartford, one of the early settlers came to Hartford from Cambridge, first school master, and soon town clerk.  Had wife Mary who died at Cambridge 19 January 1640, and second wife Abigail, who married Nathaniel Barding; and he died between 1655 and 1663, leaving children John; Elizabeth, who married 3 May 1655, Edward Grannis; Thomas; and Samuel, the youngest, one account says born 20, but another account makes him baptized 19 October 1645.  His daughter Abigail died May 1653.

WILLIAM ANDREWS, WILLIAM ANDROWS (or WILLIAM ANDROS, sometimes), often WILLIAM ANDROS, New Haven, son of William Andrews of the same, born in England, married 31 January 1649, Mary Chandler, had child born 1651 and 1653, who died soon.  He deserted his wife, went to Kinsale, and there, as was said, married another In October 1661, after his absence of eight years his wife obtained divorce.  But that may be story of another man, for this William Andrews married Ann Tapp, widow of William Gibbard, daughter of William Tapp, and died 4 March 1676, as by the highest authority I am instructed.  His family was early extinct.

WILLIAM ANDREWS, WILLIAM ANDROWS (or WILLIAM ANDROS, sometimes), often WILLIAM ANDROS, Ipswich, had William, born 23 October 1674; John, 2 February 1676; Ezekiel, June 1680; Elizabeth, 15 January 1685, died under 1 year; and Elizabeth, again, who married September 1704 Joshua Norwood.  His wife Margaret, at this time, but she may not have been mother of the former children.

WILLIAM ANDREWS, WILLIAM ANDROWS (or WILLIAM ANDROS, sometimes), often WILLIAM ANDROS of Ipswich, had Solomon, born 8 August 1699.  Perhaps one of these many Williams was a carpenter, who came in the James from Southampton, 1635.  Confusion very easily arises between names of so common occurrence with so slight variations of residence, and other circumstances.  Of this name, 1834, Farmer found fifteen graduates at Harvard, eight at Yale, and six at other New England colleges.


EDMUND ANDROS, Boston, appointed by James II, General Governor of New England, arrived at Boston, 20 December 1686, had been a dozen or more years Governor of New York before his promotion.  Here he exercised rule without law about two years.  His wife died at Boston February 1688.  On the first report of the landing in England of William of Orange, the great body of the people, eager to throw off the yoke, seized on the Governor and his adherents and imprisoned them, 18 April 1689.  Five months he was held close prisoner, though once he escaped to Rhode Island, but was arrested there and sent back; and the King gave order 30 July for his being brought to England.  Hutchinson II. 208, says, he died in London, February 1714, at advanced age, having tasted once more the sweets of power, as Governor of Virginia, soon after his going home.

JEDEDIAH ANDROS, Salisbury, by wife Mary, had Joseph, born 10 March 1670.  His widow married 24 August 1674, Lieutenant John Allen.


JAMES ANGELL, Providence, son of Thomas Angell, married Abigail Dexter, only daughter of Gregory Dexter, had John, born 4 October 1691; perhaps more.

JOHN ANGELL, Providence, brother of the preceding, married 7 January 1670, Ruth Field, but of neither husband nor wife has any account recalled me.

THOMAS ANGELL, Providence, one of the earliest settlers with Roger Williams, one of the freeman 1655, and constable, had James and John, who there dwelt 1676, and did not remove in Philip's war, besides daughters Amphyllis, Mary, Deborah, Alice, and Margery, whose descendants are numerous.  He died 1694, as is thought for his will was probated 18 September of that year.  He came from London, as servant or apprentice of Roger Williams, as one tradition has it, but another tradition says, of Richard Waterman.  John took oath of allegiance June 1668, and so may have been elder, for James is thus marked May 1682.  Alice married 26 January 1670, Eleazer Whipple of Providence, and Mary married Richard Arnold.


EDMUND ANGIER, Cambridge 1636, youngest son of John Angier of Dedham, County Essex, where he was born about 1612, and brother of John Angier, minister of some distinction at Denton, near Manchester, had lived with John Cotton at Boston in Lincolnshire and intended to embark with him for New England in 1633, but was for that time prevented freeman 13 May 1640, married Ruth Ames, daughter of famous William Ames, the professor at Franequer, had John, born 21 August 1645, who was buried  2 January 1648; Ruth, 28 September 1647; John, again, 22 April 1649, died young; Ephraim, aged 27 at his death 16 January 1679; Samuel Angier, 17 March 1655, Harvard College 1673; and John, again, 21 June 1656, died young.  His wife died 3 July 1656, and he married 12 June 1657, Ann Batt, daughter of Christopher Batt (but in Mitchell's Bridgewater, 105, the name is erronously given Pratt), had Edmund, 20 September 1659; Hannah, 1660; Mary, 1663; John, May 1664, died at 2 months; Nathaniel, May 1665; and Elizabeth, baptized 2 May 1667; besides  Sarah, not seen on record; Ruth married 28 June 1671, Reverend Samuel Cheever, of Marblehead; Elizabeth married 29 October 1691, Reverend Jonathan Pierpont, of Reading; Sarah married 13 December 1698, Reverend Christopher Tappan of Newbury; Edmund, and Nathaniel died very early.  His second wife died 3 October 1688, aged 58, and he died 4 March 1693.

JOHN ANGIER, Boston, married 1651, Hannah Aspinwall, daughter of William Aspinwall, had John, born 16 September 1652, who is called by John Cotton's William’s cousin.

JOHN ANGIER, Massachusetts of whom we know only (strange as it appears), that he was graduate of Harvard 1653, and died 1657.


JOSEPH ANGIER, Medford 1684, removed to Dorchester, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 8 December 1694; Margaret, 21 March 1697; Joseph, 20 June 1702; Benjamin, 22 June 1704; removed to Framingham, there had Mary, 31 August 1709; and he died of cancer, 30 November 1718.  His widow died 24 January 1732.

SAMUEL ANGIER, Rehoboth, son of Edmund Angier of Cambridge, ordained at Rehoboth 15 October 1679, married 2 September 1680, Hannah Oakes, only daughter of President Oakes (who died 5 December 1714, aged 54), had Ames Angier, born 29 June 1681, Harvard College 1701; Hannah, 10 August 1682, died unmarried at 32 years; Ruth, 1684, who did not, as Mitchell supposed, married Reverend John Shaw of Bridgewater; Samuel, September 1687; Oakes; Ephraim; Uriah; Eunice; and John Angier, 1701, Harvard College 1720, the minister of Bridgewater, who died 14 April 1787.  He removed to the West part of Watertown, now Waltham, and was installed 25 May 1697, died 24 January 1719.

SAMPSON ANGIER, York 1653, then allowed to swear allegiance to Massachusetts.  See Colony record IV. part i. 129.  Of this name Farmer found twelve had, in 1834, been graduates at Harvard and four at all other New England colleges.


ANTHONY ANNABLE, ANTHONY ANNIBLE, or ANTHONY ANNIBALL, Plymouth, came in the Ann 1623, with wife Jane, and daughter Sarah, born about 1622; and had Hannah, born about 1625, at Plymouth was one of the first settlers at Scituate 1630, and founder of the church there, 8 January 1635, had a child without name, buried 8 April of that year; Deborah, there baptized 7 May 1637; Representative 1639; removed with his minister Reverend John Lothrop to Barnstable, of which he was Representative 1646, and often after.  There he had, perhaps, Susanna, born about 1630; and his first wife died December1643; and he married 3 March 1645, Ann Clark, or, in Genealogical Registrar IX. 315, (where is error of a year) Ann Alcock, by whom he had Samuel, born 2 or 22 January baptized 8 February 1646; and Ezekiel, baptized 29 April 1649; besides Desire 16 October 1653.  Of the daughters Sarah married 23 November 1638, Henry Ewell; Hannah married 3 March 1645 (which is the same time with her father taking second wife), Thomas Boreman; Susanna married 13 May 1652, William Hatch; and Desire married 18 January 1677, John Barker.

JOHN ANNABLE, JOHN ANNIBLE, or JOHN ANNIBALL, Ipswich 1642, died 8 October 1664, of which we can see nothing more, but that he is called a tailor in 1651, in Coffin's gatherings, where also I find


SAMUEL ANNABLE, SAMUEL ANNIBLE, or SAMUEL ANNIBALL, Barnstable, son probably eldest, of Anthony Annable, married 1 June 1667, Mehitable Allyn, daughter of Thomas Allyn of the same, had Samuel, born 14 July 1669; Hannah, 16 March 1672, died in August following; John, 19 July 1673; and Ann, 4 March 1675.  He died 1678.


ABRAHAM ANNIS, Newbury, probably son of Charles Annis, by wife Hannah Osgood, probably daughter of Christopher Osgood, had Charles, born 10 February 1694; Hannah, 19 November 1698; John, 1 May 1700; Stephen, 1 February 1702; and Sarah, 9 September 1705.

CHARLES ANNIS, in Genealogical Registrar VII. 349 printed Carmac, Newbury, born 1638, at Enniskillen, Ireland, married 15 May 1666, Sarah Chase, daughter of Aquila Chase, had Charles; Priscilla, born 8 November 1677; Hannah, 15 November 1679; Ann, 28 December 1681; and probably more, who are not in records.

JOSEPH ANNIS, Newbury, probably son of Charles Annis, by wife Dorothy, had Dorothy, born 1 November 1692; Sarah, 14 March 1694; Aquila, 14 June 1695; Seaborn, 1 January 1697; Hannah, 19 November 1698; Abigail, 25 September 1700; and Joseph, 14 January 1703; but the Hannah may belong to Abraham Annis.


ABRAHAM ANTHONY, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, son probably of first John Anthony of the same, married 26 December 1671, Alice Waddell, daughter of William Waddell, had John, born 17 November 1672; Susanna and Mary, twins 29 August 1674, both died soon; William, 31 October 1675; Susanna, again, 14 October 1677; Mary, again, 2 January 1680; Abraham, 21 April 1682; Thomas, 30 June 1684, died at 21 years; Alice and James, twins 22 January 1686, of which the latter died at 18 years; Ammi, 30 June 1688; Isaac, 10 April 1690; and Jacob, 15 November 1693; and his wife died at the age of 84 in the house of son William, 1734.

JOHN ANTHONY, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, one of the freeman 1655, and may have removed to Providence; but though to denote the earliest residence at first, I built on conjecture too slight to be mentioned, yet for his coming we have perfect knowledge that he took oath of allegiance and supremacy 24 March 1634, with intent to embark in the Mary and John, but was delayed for passage in the Hercules a few days after.  He had lived in the beautiful village of Hempstead, near London, and died 28 July 1675, aged 68.  In his will, made 5 days before, he names his children John, Joseph, Abraham, Susanna, wife of John Tripp, and Elizabeth, wife of James Greene.  His widow Frances died 12 October 1692.

JOHN ANTHONY, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, son, probably eldest of the preceding, married 23 November 1669, Frances Waddell, youngest daughter of William Waddell, had John, born 28 June 1671; Joseph, 28 October 1673; William, 18 July 1676; Susanna, 1 January 1679, died at 19 years; Mary, 16 June 1681, died young; Sarah, 1 October 1683, died next year; Elizabeth, 14 September 1686; Alice, 26 April 1689; and Samuel, 8 October 1691.  As he took second wife 3 January 1694, Susanna Alborow, daughter of John Alborow, it may be that his former wife was misrepresented as widow of his father.  By this wife he had Albro, 25 September 1694; Sarah, 1 August 1697; and John 16; February 1699; and died 20 October 1715.

JOSEPH ANTHONY, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, brother of the preceding, married 5 April 1676 Mary Wait, daughter of Thomas Wait, had John, born 10 September 1678; Joseph, 19 May 1682; Susanna, 24 October 1684; and Thomas, who died young.


OBADIAH ANTRAM, Salem, son of Thomas Antram of the same, left good estate to wife Martha Baker, daughter of the first John Baker of Ipswich of which no child is mentioned when he was lost at sea, 1664, on voyage to Nevis or other West Indies Island.

THOMAS ANTRAM, Salem, came in the James from Southampton, 1635, arriving at Boston, 3 June, is called a weaver of Salisbury, County Wilts, in the Ship's clearance; had grant of land 1637, was of the church 1639, freeman 18 May 1642; died 1663; had baptized Obadiah, 7 June 1640; Mary, 16 July 1643; and John, 29 March 1646.  Perhaps Hannah Angram, who married 8 November 1658, Isaac Burnap, was daughter of Thomas Antram.


THOMAS APPLEBY, Rye, 1662-72, perhaps died 1690 at Woodbury.


JOHN APPLEGATE, Gravesend, Long Island, 1650, with Elizabeth, perhaps his mother, it may be widow of Thomas, and probably big son John, was of Oyster bay 1685.  He bought house and land 1662, at Fairfield, and there was living in 1670, as the Connecticut jurisdiction could not be preserved at Long Island.  One of the names was at Fairfield 1697; and a John Applegate made his will 1704 naming no children, but giving estate to his wife Avis, and brother Thomas Applegate and his children.  A John Applegate was complained of at Milford for selling liquor; and Bartholomew Applegate at the same time.

THOMAS APPLEGATE, Weymouth 1635, was licensed to keep ferry to Braintree, but next year turned out; had wife Elizabeth, whose tongue was sentenced by the Court to be confined by cleft stick.


ISAAC APPLETON, Ipswich, son of the second Samuel Appleton of the same (by his second wife), married Priscilla Baker, daughter of Thomas Baker of Topsfield, and granddaughter of Deputy Governor Symonds, had Priscilla, born 1697; Mary, 1701; Isaac, 1704; Elizabeth; Martha; Rebecca, and Joanna; and he died 1747.  Of this only son Isaac Appleton, who had many sons, descends the venerable Jesse Appleton, Dartmouth college 1792, President of Bowdoin, and he was grandfather of the brothers Samuel, Nathan, and Ebenezer, as also of their cousin William, all distinguished merchants of Boston, who are of the thirteenth generation from John of Great Waldingfield in County Suffolk, who died 1414, the remotest known ancestor of the family.

JOHN APPLETON, Ipswich, eldest son of Samuel Appleton, the progenitor, was born 1622 at Little Waldingfield in County Suffolk and brought at the age of thirteen years by his father.  Married October 1651, Priscilla Glover, daughter of the Reverend Jose Glover, who died 1638, on his passage to our country to establish the first printing press, had John, born 17 October 1652; Samuel; Priscilla, 1657, who married Reverend Joseph Capen of Topsfield; Jose, 1660, who was a merchant of Boston, and died unmarried 18 November 1721; Elizabeth, who married 12 November 1673, the second Richard Dummer; Sarah, who married Daniel Rogers, not Samuel, as the beautiful Memorial of the family has it; and Mary, 1673, who married Nathaniel Thomas of Marshfield.  He was Lieutenant, Captain, and Major, Representative 1656 many years up to 1679, yet not freeman before 1682, if we follow the official lists; but as a strenuous asserter of liberty against the government after the nullification of the old Charter one of the most distinguished, he had the honor of being imprisoned at Boston, fined £50, and bound in £1000 for a year on account of resistance to the arbitrary taxation.  See Revolution in New England justified.  His will of 16 February 1698, was probated 27 March 1700, but he died 4 November 1699.  

JOHN APPLETON, Ipswich, eldest son of the preceding, married 23 November 1681, Elizabeth Rogers, eldest daughter of President Rogers, had Elizabeth, Nathaniel Appleton, born 9 December 1693, Harvard College 1712, the minister of Cambridge; Margaret; Daniel, born 1695; and Priscilla, 1697.  He was freeman 1682, largely employed in public offices, town clerk 1687, Representative 1697, and next year a councellor, in which place he served many years besides being Judge of Probate.  Died 11 September 1739.

JOHN APPLETON, Ipswich, son of Samuel Appleton the second eldest, by his second wife removed perhaps to Salem, married there 1689, Rebecca Ruck, daughter of John Ruck, had John, born 1695; and Benjamin.  He had for second wife married 1700, a widow Dutch, but what was her baptized name, or who was her former husband or father or when she died are all untold; but he died 1724.

OLIVER APPLETON, Ipswich, youngest brother of Isaac Appleton of the same, by wife Sarah, had Joseph; John, born 1707; Oliver, 1712; Samuel, 1713; Daniel; Nathaniel, 1721; besides Joanna, and two more daughters, but I regret to mark the deficiency of dates, and sometimes of names.  He was well provided for in the will of his father and died 1759.

SAMUEL APPLETON, Ipswich, son of Thomas Appleton of Little Waldingfield County Suffolk, born 1586, came 1635, with family having projected earlier settlement as is well inferred from the expression in a letter of his neighbor our first Governor Winthrop 14 August 1630, soon after arriving here, to his son John in England, that Mr. Appleton can have no cows, because more than half of their stock died on the passage.  He was sworn freeman 25 May 1636, and chosen Representative next year.  He served in that capacity no other year and died at Rowley 1670. The wife brought by him from England was Mary Everard, and their five children all born before his coming over, were John, before mentioned born 1622; Samuel, 1624; Sarah, 1697, who married probably 1652 or 3, Reverend Samuel Phillips of Rowley, in whose house the father died; Judith, who married 12 December 1657, Samuel Rogers of Ipswich, and died 1659; and Martha, who married Richard Jacob of Ipswich. 

SAMUEL APPLETON, Ipswich, son of the preceding, baptized 1624 at Little Wallingfield, brought in 1635 by his father, married Hannah Paine, daughter of William Paine of Ipswich, had Hannah, who married William Downes of Boston; Judith, who married 1678, Samuel Wolcott of Wethersfield; and Samuel, born 1654; and by second wife married 8 December 1656, Mary Oliver, daughter of John Oliver of Newbury, had John, born 1660; Isaac, 1664; Joanna, who married Nathaniel Whipple; and Oliver, 1676.  He was a man of the highest repute in civil and military service, Representative 1668 and often after to 1681, when he was made Assistant, and by annual election continued in that rank to the time of overthrow of the Charter government 1686.  In 1675 he had command of all the Massachusetts forces on Connecticut river, and late in the season, when succeeded by Major Savage in that quarter, was transfered to the expedition against Narranganset for the bloody and decisive action of 19 December, resolute in support of the liberty of the people against the unlawful taxation in 1687, he was imprisoned by Andros, and hardly released.  See Hutchinson I. 365.  In the new Charter of William and Mary, 1691, he was made one of the council, though by the popular vote, left out at the following election, died 15 May 1696; and his will of 17 April 1695 was probated 25 May of next year.

SAMUEL APPLETON, Ipswich, son of John Appleton the first, died 1693, leaving widow and four children Jose, Samuel, Thomas, and John; but the family memos supplies no larger account. 

SAMUEL APPLETON, Ipswich, eldest son of Samuel Appleton the second, married Elizabeth Whittingham, daughter of William Whittingham, had Samuel, Whittingham, Hannah, Martha, and Elizabeth.  He was much in public service, of the council 1703, was head of one of the regiments 1707 against Port Royal, and died 30 October 1725.  His widow married 1726 Reverend Edward Payson of Rowley.  Of this name, in 1834, graduates were twelve at Harvard, three at Dartmouth, and seven at other New England colleges of which none at Yale.


JOHN APPLIN, Watertown, married 23 November 1671, Bethshua Bartlett, daughter of Thomas Bartlett, had John, born 15 October 1672, died at 18 years; Bethshua, 1 May 1673; according to Bond 9; Mary, 11 October 1677; Hannah, 25 March 1680; Thomas and Edward, twins 15 March 1682; of who the latter died in a few days; Abiel, 12 May 1684; Mehitable, 7 April 1688; and John, again, 3 May 1692.  His wife died 8 October 1692; Bethshua married 3 January 1698, John Stratton; Mary married 30 July 1716, John Anderson, as his second wife; Hannah married 11 May 1703, John Farr; and Mehitable married 27 September 1711, Benjamin Headley.  He was asked in April 1703, to keep a school at Groton, and was short time at Littleton; may have been not born in New England, and was living 1725.




BENJAMIN ARCHER, or BENJAMIN ARCHARD, York; 1680, was perhaps son of John Archer of Salem.

HENRY ARCHER, or HENRY ARCHARD, Roxbury, married 4 December 1639, Elizabeth Stow, daughter of John Stow of the same, had Rachel, John, Isaac, and Theophilus, named in the will of Rachell Bigg of Dorchester, made 17 November 1646, and perhaps others, after removing to Ipswich or before, as there is reason for conjecture that all were born at Ipswich.  He was freeman 2 June 1641; and his wife died there 11 April 1669.

JOHN ARCHER, or JOHN ARCHARD, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, freeman 1655, was probably the man mentioned in Hubbard's Indians Wars, whose son was killed 25 June 1675, the first day of hostilities.

JOHN ARCHER, or JOHN ARCHARD, Stamford 1660.

JOHN ARCHER, or JOHN ARCHARD, Salem 1668, cooper, had grant of land 1676, and administration on his estate was given 26 February 1694, to his sons Benjamin and Thomas.

SAMUEL ARCHER, or SAMUEL ARCHARD, Salem, 1630, required administration as a freeman 19 October of that year, but I see not, that he was ever sworn in, yet marshal in 1650, and 1, called 50 years old in 1665, had wife Susanna, son Samuel, probably others; was a carpenter, and died December 1667.  The widow Susanna married October 1668, Richard Hutchinson, and died 26 November 1674.

SAMUEL ARCHER, or SAMUEL ARCHARD, Andover, freeman 1668, had married 21 May 1660, Hannah Osgood, daughter of John Osgood; but was perhaps of Salem, and son of the preceding.


WILLIAM ARDELL, Boston 1687, merchant removed to Portsmouth, and was made, 1699, Sheriff of the Province of New Hampshire.  Belknap I. 155.

RICHARD AREY, Edgartown 1652, died 19 November 1669, leaving John, who died 12 October 1675.


WILLIAM ARIN, Dover, was killed says Mr. Quint in Genealogical Registrar V. 449, by the Indians 28 June 1689.


ELEAZER ARMITAGE, or ELEAZER ARMATAGE, Lynn, married 18 October 1669, Hannah Needham, daughter of Edmund Needham.

GODFREY ARMITAGE, or GODFREY ARMATAGE, Lynn 1630, a tailor, removed to Boston, freeman 14 March 1639, by wife Sarah Webb, perhaps daughter of William Webb, had Samuel, born 7, baptized 12 October 1645, probably died young; Rebecca; and Samuel, again, born 14 April 1651.  This last has mother in the record named Mary.  By the will of Rebecca, widow of William Webb, all her estate was given to her grandchild Rebecca.

HENRY ARMITAGE, or HENRY ARMATAGE, Boston, came in the ship Society from Barbadoes, where he embarked 11 March 1679, may have been only a transient visitor, returned home, and taking this Colony in his way; at least no more is known of him.

JOSEPH ARMITAGE, or JOSEPH ARMATAGE, Lynn 1630, perhaps brother of Godfrey Armitage, freeman 9 March 1637, by wife Jane, who died 3 March 1677, had John, and Rebecca, who married 14 November 1665, Samuel Tarbox, kept the first inn of that town, though he was a tailor, and died 27 June 1680, aged 80, says Lewis.

MANASSEH ARMITAGE, or MANASSEH ARMATAGE, of Harvard College 1660, who gladly would I find some, the minutest, story of, as date of birth or who was his father or anything else more than in the Magnalia, IV. 137, where he is marked by a star, as evidence that he was dead 1698.  See Thompson, History of Long Island, I. 486, 90, and II. 13.

SAMUEL ARMITAGE, or SAMUEL ARMATAGE, Boston, perhaps son of Godfrey Armitage, a Sergeant, had £10 a year in 1674 and 5, for carrying the halbert.

THOMAS ARMITAGE, or THOMAS ARMATAGE, Lynn, came in the James from Bristol, 1635, with Reverend Richard Mather and others, removed 1637, to Sandwich.  Lewis.  He had grant of land 1641 at Stamford, where he may have been on a visit; at least, he did not settle there.

TIMOTHY ARMITAGE, or TIMOTHY ARMATAGE, Boston 1677, mariner, married a daughter of Richard Richardson.


WILLIAM ARMS, Hatfield, a soldier in Philip's war, 1676, served under Captain William Turner, married 1677, Joanna Hawks, had eight children there, removed to Sunderland, thence to Deerfield, here he died 1731; and there lived his sons John, Daniel, and William; and six of the name had, in 1828, been graduates at New England colleges.


THOMAS ARMSBEE, or THOMAS ARMESBEY, sometimes, as in Baylies, THOMAS AMSBURY, Taunton 1668, had Thomas, born 23 February 1669; Mary, 3 October 1671; Rebecca, 26 May 1672, (if we believe the record); and Judith 8 January 1674.


BENJAMIN ARMSTRONG, Norwich, by wife Rachael, had Benjamin, born 20 November 1674; John, 5 December 1678; Joseph, 10 December 1684; and Stephen, 31 March 1686; made his will 5 November 1717, and died 10 January following.  In that document Stephen is not mentioned, Benjamin junior settled at Windham, had no family shown on records.

GREGORY ARMSTRONG, Plymouth, died 5 November 1650.  See 2 Massachusetts History Collections III. 184.

JONATHAN ARMSTRONG, Westerly, or Pawcatuck, in that debatable part of the Narraganset territory called in the native speach, Misquamicuck, by the English Squamicuck, claimed by Connecticut jurisdiction as belonging to their plantation of Stonington, 1670, removed to Norwich 1678, perhaps, for then land was granted to him.  He probably removed after to Roxbury, where his daughters Mercy died 2. October 1694, and Martha died 15 December 1709.

MATTHEW ARMSTRONG, Boston 1664, mariner, perhaps had come from Maryland, for I find his widow in 1672, sold estate in Somerset County of that Province.

STEPHEN ARMSTRONG, Windham, son of Benjamin Armstrong, by wife Hannah, had Hannah, born 1 December 1710, died at 3 months;  Abigail, 1 May 1712; Hannah, again 23 March 1714; Jonathan, 26 August 1715; Sarah, 21 June 1717; and Mary, 17 February 1720.


BENEDICT ARNOLD, Providence 1636, eldest son of William Arnold the first, born in England 21 December 1615, perhaps in County Nottingham, married Damalies Wescott, daughter of Stukely Wescott, had Godsgift; Josiah; Benedict, born as tradition tells, in 1641; Freelove; Oliver; and Caleb; besides other daughters Damaris, Priscilla, and perhaps Penelope; was the richest man in the Colony, and by thorough acquaintaince with the manners as well as language of the aboriginals became the most effective auxiliary in all negotiations with them.  In 1653 he removed to Newport, was chosen Assistant next year, and in 1663 made by the royal Charter President, and by annual election, so continued for eight years and died 1678.  His will of 24 December 1677, with codicil of 10 June following, was probated 1 July.  Both Godsgift and Freelove, are by different authorities, made to married Edward Pelham, and, possibly he had the two; Penelope is said to have married Roger Goulding; and Damaris married John Bliss.  See Rhode Island, History Collections II. 51, and III. 294; Callender; Winthrop and Knowles.

BENEDICT ARNOLD, Newport, son of the preceding, had been an Assistant 1690 to 95, and was Representative 1699; married 9 March 1671, Mary, perhaps named Turner, had Godsgift, born 19 May 1672; Sion, 12 September 1674; Mary, 1678; Content, 26 February 1681; Benedict, 28 August 1683; and Caleb.  By second wife Sarah Mumford, whose father I do not know.  He had Comfort, 21 May 1695; Ann, 14 July 1696; and Sarah, 3 November 1698; and he died 4 July 1727 in his 86th year.  His widow died 14 October 1746, aged 78.

CALEB ARNOLD, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, son perhaps youngest of Benedict Arnold the first, by wife unknown to me, but by Potter thought daughter of Captain Samuel Wilbor, had William, Samuel, Oliver, Josiah, Sarah, and Penelope, and died 1719.

DANIEL ARNOLD, Hartford, son of John Arnold of the same, often spelled.

DANIEL ARNALL, or DANIEL ARNOLL, had wife and children whose names are unknown, was freeman 1665, and died 10 May 1691.

EDWARD ARNOLD, Boston 1640, by wife Martha, had Barachiah, born 22 February 1654; Mary, 16 September 1655; and Elizabeth, 7 May 1657; and died 8 August 1657.

ELEAZER ARNOLD, Providence, son of the first Thomas Arnold, swore allegiance May 1671, and died 29 August 1722.

ELISHA ARNOLD, Providence, son of Stephen Arnold the first, took oath of allegiance May 1682, married the same year Susanna Carpenter, daughter of William Carpenter second of the same, had Ephraim, Elisha, and 3 daughters of whose names record is not found, nor of date of birth of either of the children.  His will was probated 2 April 1711.

EPHRAIM ARNOLD, Braintree, son of Joseph Arnold, by wife Mary, had Samuel, born 1 January 1689; Mary, 1 October 1690; and Ephraim, 21 July 1695.

HENRY ARNOLD, Hartford 1683 to 90, and after, yet no more is known, though he had wife and children.

ISRAEL ARNOLD, Providence, eldest son of Stephen Arnold the first of the same, swore allegiance May 1671; married 16 April 1677, widow Mary Smith, daughter of James Barber, had Israel, born 18 June 1678; and nine more children.  Of not one of which is record of birth known, nor other means of finding even their names, except in the will that gives all the ten.  They were William, Elisha, Stephen, James, Joseph, Josiah, Mary, Sarah, and Barbara.  He died 1717.

JASPER ARNOLD, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 40, from London, with Ann, perhaps his wife 39, but no more is heard of either.

JOHN ARNOLD, Cambridge, freeman 6 May 1635, went as an original proprietor to Hartford, there died 1664, very aged, leaving Josiah, Joseph, and Daniel, mentioned in his will of 20 August, probated December following in that year, as also grandchild Mary Buck, but who was her father or month is not discerned.  His wife was Susanna. 

JOHN ARNOLD, Boston 1642, a plasterer, freeman 10 May 1643, Artillery Company 1644, probably a single man, at least was so on joining the church 22 April 1643.  His administrator Samuel Arnold of Marshfield, entered claim 29 October 1661, to certain lands in Boston, as the right of his intestate.

JOHN ARNOLD, Weymouth, son of Joseph Arnold of Braintree, a soldier on Connecticut river 1675, may be that one of Moseley's Company December 1675, whose name in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 242 is made Arvell; by wife Mary, had William, born 22 November 1678; Mary, 12 September 1681; Margaret, 14 October 1683; and James.

JOHN ARNOLD, Providence, son of Thomas Arnold the first of the same, took oath of allegiance May 1671, and died 5 January 1722.

JOHN ARNOLD, Norwich 1680, removed to Boston in few years and may indeed have first lived there, was that prison-keeper, who had custody of many of the respectable inhabitants of Salem charged with witchcraft, especially of one woman of whose safety he was the happy means, under a forged order for discharge, as the curious myth is told in a letter that Hutchinson had partly copied, II. 61; and the letter writer assures us, that he saw the return of the officer on the document and was told by the jailer, that for that discharge he was turned out of his office.  In 1700 he went to New London, there was an anchorsmith, married 6 December 1703, Mercy, widow of Samuel Fosdick, had Ruhamah, born 7 September 1704; and Lucretia, 26 August 1706; and died 26 August 1725, says the gravestone, "aged about 73 years"

JOSEPH ARNOLD, Braintree, married 8 June 1648, Rebecca Curtis, who died 14 August 1693, had William, born 16 March 1649; John, 2 April 1650; Joseph, 18 October 1652; Samuel, 7 August 1658; and Ephraim, 4 January 1664; many of whose descendants may be seen in Thayer's Genealogy.

JOSEPH ARNOLD, Haddam, son of John Arnold of Hartford, was one of the first settlers, and died 22 October 1691, leaving John, aged 29; Joseph, 26; Samuel, 23; Josiah, 21; Susanna, 16; Jonathan, 12; and Elizabeth, 9.  He was administered freeman at Hartford 1658.  Hinman, 111, of the first Ed. slightly erronous as in his Ed. 2d page 58, was corrected.

JOSIAH ARNOLD, Hartford, brother of the preceding, freeman 1657, was living 1683.

JOSIAH ARNOLD, Providence, son of Benedict Arnold the first, was a Captain, married Mary Ward, eldest daughter of Thomas Ward of Newport, had Josiah, Edward, and William, who all died before he made his will, probated 1724, as did also another wife Sarah, as probably several daughters besides Abigail, Mary, Content, Catharine, Comfort, without husbands.  But six others, called eldest daughters Elizabeth Odlin, Ann Tibbal, Frances Allen, Sarah Sanford, Penelope, and Freelove are mentioned.  In addition to this numerous flock, Benedict, his eldest son and Josiah, the youngest, with grandson Jonathan Law, are mentioned.  He calls himself of Jamestown, which is the isle of Conanicut, on which he had good estate.

OLIVER ARNOLD, Jamestown, brother of the preceding.  In his will probated 1697 names wife Phebe and five children.  By her he had Damaris, born 1680; Phebe, 1682, died young; Patience, 1684; Mary, 1687; Sarah, 1689; and Oliver, 1694. 

RICHARD ARNOLD, son of Thomas Arnold the first of Providence, by second wife, swore allegiance 1670, was an Assistant 1681, and named in the royal commission of council to Sir Edmund Andros, 1687.  He married Mary Angel, daughter of Thomas Angel, had Mary, Richard, Thomas, and John, and died 22 April 1710.

RICHARD ARNOLD, Providence, called junior when he took oath of allegiance 1682, was son of the preceding. 

SAMUEL ARNOLD, Sandwich 1643, brother of John Arnold of Boston, lived after at Yarmouth, of which he was Representative 1654 and 6, and there by wife Elizabeth, married at Yarmouth, had Samuel, born 9 May 1649; Seth; and Elizabeth, who married Abraham Holmes of Rochester.  He was third minister of Marshfield, at which place he was ordained 1658, and died 1 September 1693, aged 71.  His widow died 15 February 1706, at Rochester. 

SAMUEL ARNOLD, Rochester, first minister of that town, ordained 1684, was son of the preceding, and died before 11 February 1709.  2 Massachusetts History Collections IV. 259-62.

SETH ARNOLD, Duxbury, brother of the preceding, had Edward, born 24 March 1680; Penelope, 21 April 1682; Desire; Benjamin; James; and perhaps Elizabeth, who married a Winsor. 

STEPHEN ARNOLD, Providence 1636, brother of Governor Benedict Arnold, born in England, married 24 November 1646, Sarah Smith, daughter of Edward Smith of Rehoboth, had Esther, born 22 September 1647; Israel, 30 October 1649; Stephen, 27 November 1654; Elizabeth, 2 November 1659; Elisha, 18 February 1662; Sarah, 26 June 1665; and Phebe, 9 November 1676; was an Assistant 1667.  In his will he mentioned all these, and grandchildren James Dexter, and Esther Hawkins.  When he died is not known but his widow Sarah died 15 April 1713.

THOMAS ARNOLD, Watertown, arrived from Virginia, whither he came from London, May 1635, in the Plain Joan, bringing children, perhaps Thomas, said to have been born 2 May 1625; Nicholas; and Susanna (of which the former two died young), was made freeman of Massachusetts 13 May 1640, married I suppose for second wife Phebe Parkhurst, daughter of the first George Parkhurst, had Ichabod, born 1 March 1641; Richard, 22 March 1643; John, 19 February 1648; Ebenezer, 17 June 1651; after being fined once for neglecting the law of baptism, and twice for neglect of public worship, with increasing weight, and his daughter Susanna having married 7 April 1654 John Farnum of Boston, who favored the baptismal views of ordinances, he was driven to Providence, lived in that part now Smithfield, swore allegiance 1666, and died September 1674.  He had been baptized 18 April 1599.

THOMAS ARNOLD, Providence, called junior when he took oath of allegiance June 1668, was son of the preceding by second wife, and died 3 December 1726.  Confusion in parts of the record of this family in Rhode Island, is found, but it may be avoided by caution, as the family tradition makes second wife of the first Thomas to be Park, instead of Palkhurst, and where it tells, that a daughter married a Vernon, it may be easy blunder for Farnum.

WILLIAM ARNOLD, Hingham 1635, brother of the first Thomas Arnold, born as is said, 1589, had Benedict, Thomas, Stephen, besides one daughter Joanna, who married Zechary Rhodes, and another Elizabeth, who married Thomas Hopkins, all born as is thought in England, removed 1636, with Roger Williams to Providence, and was one of the founders of the First Baptist Church on our side of the ocean, had grant of Iand at Newport 1638, but I presume resided at Providence, was among freeman 1655.  Backus notes, that he was ancestor of the infamously unhappy Benedict Arnold of West Point.  Of the child of one Arnold of Reading, recovered from sickness near to death, we may read the story in Mather's Life of Brock, Magnalia IV. 142, that is lamentanly extravagant and seems more ridiculous than extravagant.  Arnold is the name of a parish in England about 6 miles North from the borough of Nottingham.  Three of this name had in 1534 been graduates at Yale, two at Dartmouth, and five at other New England colleges, of which none at Harvard.


EDMUND ARROWSMITH, Pemaquid 1655. Sullivan, 287.


JOHN ARTHUR, perhaps of Salem, had married Priscilla Gardner, daughter of John Gardner of the same, and had children John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Mary; but after his death, she with the children went to her father then living at Nantucket, yet it is not my happiness to find any other of this surname on our side of the ocean, except the two sons, of whom Joseph went to Philadelphia, and

JOHN ARTHUR, of Nantucket, who married 26 February 1704, Mary Folger, youngest daughter of Eleazer Folger, had Keturah; Eunice, born 29 August 1706; Rhoda, 26 November 1708; Persis, 17 November 1710; Thomas, 8 November 1712; Stephen, 2 February 1715; and Priscilla, 2 November 1718.  He died 1 November 1719, and his widow died 7 October following.


JOHN ARTSEL, Springfield, swore fidelity 31 December 1678, or the next day, as the name is given by Boltwood, but other spellings may have sometimes been used.


GEORGE ASH, Hartford 1682.

JOHN ASH, Dover 1659, married at Salisbury, 14 August 1667, Mary, perhaps Bartlett.

WILLIAM ASH, Gloucester 1647, married Milicent Addis, daughter of William Addis, widow of William Southmayd, was a mariner, removed about 1650 to New London, where his widow for third husband, married Thomas Beebe.


JOSEPH ASHBURN, or JOSEPH ASHBORN, Milford 1675--1713.


ANTHONY ASHBY, Salem 1665, married Abigail Hutchinson, daughter of Richard Hutchinson, had Gershom, and Abigail, both baptized 12 June 1670; and perhaps Benjamin, and Elizabeth, June 1684; had license to sell beer and cider, 1670.  Felt, I. 418. 2 Massachusetts History Collections VIII. 106.  The name is there kept up, and Edward Ashber, Beverly, freeman 1683, may be descendant.

ANTHONY ASHBY, New London 1688, probably son of the preceding, though Caulkins, 351, considers him the same, had Anthony, and two daughters Mary and Hannah, old enough to join the church February 1694. There, too, descendants were seen.

BENJAMIN ASHBY, Salem 1674, son perhaps of Anthony Ashby the first, by wife Hannah, had John, baptized June 1693; Jonathan, 23 September 1694; and probably others.  He was a shipbuilder.

EDWARD ASHBY, Beverly, freeman 1683, perhaps son of the first Anthony Ashby.  Felt.

THOMAS ASHBY, New Haven, whose goods were ordered to be appraised 3 April 1640, as he was lately drowned in company with Thomas Johnson.  Sometimes, perhaps, the first Anthony may be printed Ashley.


JOHN ASHCRAFT, Stonington 1662, married 12 September 1670, Hannah Osborne, had John, born 1671; Hannah, 1675; Ephraim, 1677; and Mary, 1680.  Probably descendants are there; and one Thomas Ashcraft, mariner from Boston, died September 1724, at Bay of Honduras, leaving will made here 13 January 1723.


JOHN ASHDOWN, Weymouth, a soldier in Philip's war, at the Falls fight.  No descendants were known 1736, when land was granted to Representatives of all in that stout band.


WILLIAM ASHFIELD, Malden by wife Jane, had Mary, born 20 December 1691.


DAVID ASHLEY, sometimes DAVID ASHLY, Springfield, eldest son of Robert Ashley of the same, married 24 November 1663, Hannah Glover, daughter of Henry Glover of New Haven, had Samuel, born 26 October 1664; David, 10 March 1667; John, 27 June 1669; Joseph, 31 July 1671; Sarah, 19 September 1673; removed before Philip's war to Westfield, there had Mary and Hannah, twins 14 December 1675, of who Mary died soon; Jonathan, 21 June 1678; Abigail, 27 April 1681; Mary, again 3 March 1683; and Rebecca, 30 May 1685.  Some of these children are on records in both towns.  He died 8 December 1718.  See Davis, History of Westfield.  Jonathan Ashley, the minister of Deerfield, who used to pray for king George, after the war of our revolution began, and Joseph Ashley, minister of Winchester, and after of Sunderland, both Yale College 1730, and cousins, were his grandsons.  One of the lines to seventh generation is shown by Davis in Genealogical Registrar II. 394.

EDMUND ASHLEY, sometimes EDMUND ASHLY, Boston 1670, had lived at Ipswich. 

EDWARD ASHLEY, sometimes EDWARD ASHLY, Maine 1630, was probably from Bristol, England and may be he, who had a lot, about 1650, at Gloucester, but it is not probably

EDWARD ASHLEY, sometimes EDWARD ASHLY, Boston, freeman 1677, by wife Mary, had William, born 24 June 1674; Mary, 28 April 1676; and Dorothy, 11 July 1687.  The name in Prince's Annals Winthrop I. 29. Folsom,46, and Baylies, I. 153 hardly can be referred to the member of the First Church at Boston.

JONATHAN ASHLEY, sometimes JONATHAN ASHLY, Springfield, son of Robert Ashley, married 10 November 1669, Sarah Wadsworth, daughter of William Wadsworth of Hartford, whither he removed 1682, and died there 1705, leaving Jonathan, Joseph, Samuel, Sarah, and Rebecca.

JOSEPH ASHLEY, sometimes JOSEPH ASHLY, Springfield, brother of the preceding, married 1685, Mary Parsons, daughter of Joseph Parsons of Northampton, had Joseph, Ebenezer, Mary, Abigail, and Benjamin, removed to Wethersfield, and died 18 May 1698.  His widow married 2 March following Joseph Williston.

ROBERT ASHLEY, sometimes ROBERT ASHLY, Springfield 1639, perhaps had been of Roxbury a short time, as most of the early Springfield people were drawn from Roxbury by Pynchon, had David, born 8 June 1642; Mary, 6 April 1644; Jonathan, 25 February 1646; Sarah, 23 August 1648; Joseph, 6 July 1652; and perhaps more.  He died 29 November 1682, and his wife Mary, died 19 September following.  Mary, his daughter married 18 October 1664, the second John Root of Farmington, after of Westfield.

THOMAS ASHLEY, sometimes THOMAS ASHLY, Maine 1634, may have removed to Boston 1658, where wife Joanna died 27 December 1661, and he married the last of next month widow Hannah Broome.

THOMAS ASHLEY, sometimes THOMAS ASHLY, Boston, by wife Mary, had Mary; born 1 September 1681; Thomas, 3 December 1682; and Ann, 17 September 1684.

WILLIAM ASHLEY, sometimes WILLIAM ASHLY, Wells, appointed constable there 4 July 1659.  Eight of this name had in 1767 been graduates at Yale, and since that date one at Harvard and one at Dartmouth.


HENRY ASHTON, Boston 1673, from County Lancaster, England was, I suppose, of Providence 1676, one of the men entitled, for staying out the war, to record an Indian for a slave.

JAMES ASHTON, Providence 1639, freeman 1655, swore allegiance to Charles II May 1666, and perhaps removed to New Jersey.

JOHN ASHTON, Scarborough, married for his second wife Susanna Foxwell, daughter of Richard Foxwell of the same, but the date is uncertain, yet probably between 1670 and 80, and in the great Indians war 1675-6, was of Marblehead.  Southgate, page 82 makes him have for first wife, a daughter of Andrew Alger, but after removed says, he married Mary Edgcomb, daughter of Nicholas Edgcomb, widow of George Page.  Yet the same wife is ascribed to John Austin, and all that we can be sure of, is that nothing is sure about the matter.

THOMAS ASHTON, Providence 1639, perhaps brother of James Ashton.  Both are called proprietors and that no more can be told of either, is rather remarkable.


JAMES ASHWOOD, Boston.  See Astwood.


JOHN ASLETT, or JOHN ARSLEBY, Newbury, married 8 October 1648, Rebecca Ayer of Haverhill, removed to Andover, there had Hannah, who married a Brown; Rebecca, born 6 May 1652, married 15 December 1674, Timothy Johnson; Mary, 24 April 1654, married 20 November 1671, Samuel Frye; John, 16 February 1657; Sarah, 14 January 1659, died soon; Ruth, 8 August 1660; Sarah, again, 14 August 1662, married a Cole; Elizabeth, died 15 March 1667; Samuel, died 20 December 1669; both, probably infants; and died 6 June 1671.

JOHN ASLETT, or JOHN ARSLEBY, Andover, son of the preceding, married 8 July 1680, Mary Osgood, daughter of Captain John Osgood, died 1728.  Sometimes the name is Aslebe.  See Abbot, History 13, 26, and 201.


ELEAZER ASPINWALL, or ELEAZER ASPENALL, Meridell, son of Peter Aspinwall, had perhaps been sent by his father to settle at Woodstock, or New Roxbury, as it was first called took charge, 1720, of a great farm belonging to Governor Belcher, lying between Hartford and New Haven, had wife Mary, and children Aaron, Mary, Ann, and several others; and Hinman says, he died about 1742, the inventory of good estate being of 2 July.

JOSEPH ASPINWALL, or JOSEPH ASPENALL, Cambridge, twin brother of the preceding, in early life was a mariner, traded to very diverse regions, France, Jamaica, South America, at New York was a Lieutenant, married a niece of Lord Bellomont, and for second wife had the widow of Samuel Smith, and died near his birth place about 1743.  The family of this name at New York are derived from him.

NATHANIEL ASPINWALL, or NATHANIEL ASPENALL, Woodstock, brother of the preceding, had gone with his younger brother Thomas Aspinwall under their neighbor Captain Andrew Gardner, in that disastrous expedition of Sir William Phips, 1690, against Canada, in which young Aspinwall and his commander perished. After returning, married a Bowen, as family tradition tells, had Nathaniel, and Peter; but no more is known except from his will of 15 February 1712, at Woodstock, probated at Boston (as Woodstock was called of County Suffolk) 4 June 1713, in which the name of his wife Abigail is seen, but neither names nor number of children.

PETER ASPINWALL, or PETER ASPENALL, Dorchester, came from Toxteth Park, adjacent to Liverpool, County Lancaster, but was early of Boston, in that part called Muddy river now Brookline, where he purchased with Robert Sharp the large grant of William Colbron, though he joined with the church of Dorchester, family tradition makes his first wife a Merrill, and in sixteen years she died without children, but more exact is my information of his marriage with Alice Sharp, "one of our brothers Mr. William Tyng's maid servant" as the record of Cotton's children has notice of her administration 9 October 1642, because the same record tells of her having "now the wife of one Peter Aspinwall of Dorchester" letters of recommendation 30 March 1645.  I suppose she was sister of Robert, but brought no children to her husband, on 12 February 1662 he married Remember Palfrey, daughter of Peter Palfrey of Reading, and had by her ten children: Samuel, born November 4 or by Boston record 10, baptized 16 following; Peter, 4 or by Boston record 14 June 1664; Nathaniel, 5 June 1666; Thomas, 21 January 1668; Mehitable, baptized 19 December 1669, who died unmarried long past middle life; Elizabeth, born 21, baptized 26 November 1671; Eleazer and Joseph twins, born 9 November 1673; Mary, 4 August 1677; and Timothy, 1682, died at Boston, during appearance of smallpox; but of the time of his death or his wife's I have no account.  Elizabeth married first a Stevens of Salem, next Daniel Draper of Dedham; and Mary married a Baker of Northampton.  His will of 29 November 1687, probated 28 January 1692, in Volume VIII. 67, names wife and the half score of children all alive.

PETER ASPINWALL, or PETER ASPENALL, Woodstock, son of the preceding, one of the early settlers sent by his father to help on the plantation of New Roxbury, as it was first called, married a widow Leavens, probably from Roxbury, had one daughter only known without name.

SAMUEL ASPINWALL, or SAMUEL ASPENALL, Brookline, eldest son of Peter Aspinwall the first, married Sarah Stevens of Roxbury, had Thomas; Samuel Aspinwall, Harvard College 1714; Mehitable; Elizabeth, and Sarah; was a Lieutenant at the capture of Port Royal 1690, and Captain at the time of his death, which occurred by drowning in Charles River 6 September 1727.  His son Thomas was father of William Aspinwall, Harvard College 1764, a distinguished physician of the early part of this century and father of Colonel Thomas Aspinwall, Harvard College 1804, late consul of the United States at London, so well known for his studies in our early history which still enjoys a valuable part of the original homestead of Peter Aspinwall the first.

WILLIAM ASPINWALL, or WILLIAM ASPENALL, Charlestown 1630, probably came in the fleet with Winthrop, served on the first jury of inquest in the Colony 28 September of that year, was one of the first members of the church being number 10, and chosen one of the two Deacons at organization of church, soon removed to Boston, freeman 3 April 1632, Representative chosen in place of Henry Vane, who went home August 1637; but as a supporter of Wheelwright, and follower of the teaching of Mrs. Hutchinson, was dismissed, disarmed, disfranchised, and banished.  First he went to Rhode Island, with so many other of his fellow saints, and was Secretary of that Colony, but short time he lived at New Haven 1641 and 2, yet came again, by favor of Court, to Boston, was clerk of the writs, or recorder, and Artillery Company 1643; certainly a proprietor at Watertown, though never resided there, went home, and in 1653 published a queer book as prognostic of the millennium to open in 20 years.  No mortification was felt probably by him for non-arrival of this fifth monarchy, as I suppose he did not even live to see the success of the rival dynasty.  Cromwell alone was powerful enough to retard such event, and the whole body of the people of England with unanimous that was never before or since equalled in that kingdom by calls for the restoration of the house of Stuart postponed the success of such enthusiasm.  Of his family my report will be less exact than should be expected, yet that is not for failure of diligent inquiry.  By wife Elizabeth Stanley, (somehow sister of Christopher Stanley, more probably of his wife Susanna, who became wife of Lieutenant William Phillips) he had Edward, born 26 September 1630, died soon; Hannah, 25 December 1631; and of neither is the record of baptized preserved.  Elizabeth, of whose birth the town record is deficient, was baptized 22 September 1633; Samuel, equally unknown by town record was baptized 20th September 1635; Ethannah, born 1, baptized 12 March 1637; and Dorcas, born in his banishment 14 February 1640, and perhaps Mary.  Hannah married 1651, John Angier.


JAMES ASTWOOD, Roxbury, came (with wife Sarah and a child who soon died) in May 1638, had James, born 29 November 1638; John, 20 September 1610, died at 6 months; John, again, whose birth is wrong on record of town, as he was baptized 6 March 1642; Joseph, 19 November 1643, died soon; Joseph, again, 10 November 1644; both these dates being given as record of births that may well be doubted as both were the days of baptisms, Sarah, baptized 14 June 1646; and Mary, 26 December 1647; of whose dates of birth it may be slightly lamented that we are ignorant.  He was freeman 22 May 1639, removed to Boston to became one of the founders of the Second Church where the name is ulitized, probably as sounding Ashwood.  The daughter Mary, died 21 January 1652; and he died the year after.  His will of September 1653, probated 13 October following, is abbreviated in Genealogical Registrar VII. 337; and his widow refused execution of that instrument, by which the estate was divided into seven parts, excused herself as going to England.  In Volume VIII. 62 of the same periodical where the name appears Astod, as if the alphabet were short, as page 275 proves were the assets, not above 1/6 in the £, we see adequate apology.

JOHN ASTWOOD, Roxbury, came by the Hopewell, Captain Bundocke, in the spring of 1635, aged 26, a husbandman from Stanstead Abbey, County Herts, at Roxbury had a wife Martha, who may have come in the same ship, was freeman 3 March 1636, removed to Milford 1639, there married next year Sarah, widow of Sylvester Baldwin, was chosen Representative 1643 and 4, afterwards an Assistant of the Colony, and a Commissioner of the United Colonies in 1653, went home, as agent, the next year and died at London soon.  His widow died November 1669.


JOHN ATCHINSON, or JOHN ATCHISON, Hatfield 1672, killed by the Indians 19 September 1677, leaving Elizabeth, Mary, John, and Benoni, of which the last died 1704 at Springfield, and John died 1738 at Brimfield.


SIMON ATHEARN, Martha's Vineyard, had come from New Hampshire it is said, and married Mary Butler, was Representative 1692, first under the new Charter by which that Island was taken from New York, and given to Massachusetts, died 26 February 1711, aged 71.  His children Solomon, Jethro, and Zerviah were baptized at Barnstable, 14 July 1700, in right of his wife.  Descendants are numerous at the Vineyard.


JOHN ATHERSTON, Boston, came from London, 1634, in the Susan and Ellen, aged 24; but we see not any account of his residence returned or death.


CONSIDER ATHERTON, Dorchester, son of Humphrey Atherton of the same, married 19 December 1661 Ann Annable, as Mr. Clapp, the history of Dorchester assures me, and I wish he could say, whose daughter she was, had Humphrey Atherton, whose pious duty in repairing the sepulchre of his grandfather the town rewarded by grant of 9 acres of meadow.

HOPE ATHERTON, Hatfield, son of Humphrey Atherton, after leaving college taught for some time the grade school at Dorchester, began in 1669 to preach, was ordained 1671, freeman 1672, married 1674, Sarah Hollister, daughter of John Hollister of Wethersfield, had Hope and Joseph, twins born 7 January 1675, of who Hope probably died soon; and Sarah, 26 October 1676.  He served as chaplain in Philip's war, to those forces employed in the neighborhood, and at the battle of the Falls in Montague was present, 18 May 1676, under Captain Turner, whose name has been since given to the cataract.  During the retreat he was thrown from his horse, and lost in the woods; and tradition tells (Hoyt's Antiq. Research. 133, 4), that the Indians to who he in his destitute offered to surrender; so reverence or fear, his madness or sanctity, as to refuse to record him.  He reached home uninjured except in the mind, having strange hallucinations probably from exhaustion or sleeplessness or hunger, and died 8 June 1677.  The widow married Timothy Baker. 

HUMPHREY ATHERTON, Dorchester 1636, came, perhaps, from Preston in Lancashire, where the name continued so late as 1780; was freeman 2 May 1638, Artillery Company the same year, and its Captain 1650, often selectman, and Representative nine years from 1638, but not in successive years, and an Assistant chosen annually 1654 to his death, and in 1656, succeeded Sedgwick, as Major-General.  He died 16 September 1661, says the inscription printed in Alden's Epit. and as that was Monday, and probably refers to the cause of his death, thrown from his horse, on return from military.  Reverend on Boston common by riding over a cow, I prefer to say 17 September (about one o'clock A.M. according to the MS of John Hull's Diary).  Captain Johnson, in Wonderwork, provided of Zion's Saviour; gives him good character; and Hubbard excites our fears, that everybody did not value him so highly, when he remarks, that by some "the manner of his death was noted as a judgment".  Of what sin this judgment was thus noted, we may hardly venture to guess, though when mortals direct the bolts of eternal justice, their aim is commonly unanimous.  Strangely it seems to me, is the indefiniteness of our knowledge of so prominent a man; for even the name of his wife is not seen.  Yet ten or eleven children are known at least by name, and one or more there may have been of unknown names; one or more born in England, one or more of unknown sex, if we are compelled to guess by their names; and one or more died before the father.  Of sons, the oldest was Jonathan; of daughters Catharine (sometimes called Elizabeth), but which of the two, both born in England was elder, is uncertain.  Other children were Rest, baptized 26 May 1639; Increase, 2 January 1642; Thankful, 28 April 1644; Hope Atherton, 30 August 1646, Harvard College 1665, before mentioned; Mary, who must not be the same as Margaret, whose dates of birth or baptisms are equally undiscoved; Watching, baptized 24 August 1651; Patience, 2 April 1654; and Consider.  Great perseverance was needed to learn that Catharine married 1650, Timothy Mather; Margaret married 30 December 1659, James Trowbridge, and died 17 June 1672; Rest married 15 March 1661, Obadiah Swift; Thankful married 2 April 1665, Thomas Bird junior; Mary married 9 April 1667, Joseph Weeks; and Patience married Isaac Humphrey.

JAMES ATHERTON, Dorchester; perhaps brother of the preceding, removed to Lancaster, where he had James, born 13 May 1654; and Joshua, 13 May 1656; and soon after returned to Dorchester, and living 1678 at Milton, but at last removed to Sherburn, and died 1707, aged 86, unless deduction be made for a common disposal to exaggerate.  If conjecture be indulged that he was son of Humphrey Atherton (which seems to me improbable) very large subtraction will be needed.

JONATHAN ATHERTON, Dorchester, eldest son of Humphrey Atherton, a mariner, had administration of estate of the father, and trouble enough with the interest by his father with Gookin, Hudson, and others taken in the Narraganset lands, and there he had to plant, I believe, a son Increase Atherton, unless this were his brother.  But who was his wife or what family he had, is unlined.

JOSHUA ATHERTON, Lancaster, son of James Atherton, married Mary Gulliver of Milton, had several children of who I know only, that the sixth and youngest son Peter Atherton was father of Joshua Atherton, Harvard College 1762, who was father of Honorable Charles H. Atherton of Amherst, New Hampshire, graduate at Harvard College 1794.

WATCHING ATHERTON, Dorchester, son of Humphrey Atherton, married 23 January 1678, Elizabeth Rigby, daughter of Samuel Rigby, had two children whose names are not told; removed to Bristol, there in February 1689 counted four children. 

WILLIAM ATHERTON, Boston, came from Barbados, in the ship Nathaniel, embarked 4 October 1671.  Of this name, in 1834, five had been graduates at Harvard and two at Dartmouth.


ABRAHAM ATKINS, may have been of Boston, or some neighboring town, as he is of Artillery Company 1642.

HENRY ATKINS, Yarmouth 1641, removed to Plymouth, by wife Elizabeth, married 9 July 1647, had Mary, born 13 March 1649, who died at 2 years; Samuel, 24 February 1652, who died young; Isaac, 15 June 1654, died young; removed to Eastham, there had Isaac, again, 14 June 1657; and his wife died 14 March 1662.  He married 25 March 1664, Bethia Linnell, had Desire, 7 May 1665; John, 15 December 1666, died young; Nathaniel, 25 December 1667; Joseph, 4 March 1669; Thomas, 19 June 1671; John, again, 6 August 1674; Mercy, 24 November 1676; and Samuel, again, 25 June 1679.

JAMES ATKINS, Roxbury, had been of Braintree, was a soldier in the Narranset bloody campaign, of December 1675, by wife Margaret, had James, born February 1683, died at 1 year; James, again, 31 March 1684; and no more is heard of him.

JOSEPH ATKINS, Eastham, son of Henry Atkins, by wife Martha, had Joseph, born 9 December 1701; Martha, 9 November 1711; Ann, 12 December 1713; Paul, 11 August 1716; James, 25 December 1718; John, 18 January 1721; Uriah, 7 September 1722; and Hannah, 4 April 1725.

MATTHEW ATKINS, Boston, freeman 1673, in Colony record called of Second Church at the date of October though the church list gives him not until December.

NATHANIEL ATKINS, Eastham, son of Henry Atkins, had Nathaniel, born 21 November 1694; Henry, 2 August 1696; Bethia, 4 May 1698; Joshua, April 1702; Isaiah, 24 February 1704; and Elizabeth, 4 January 1709.

THOMAS ATKINS, Boston, carpenter, by wife Mary, had Elizabeth, born 30 December 1672; Thomas, 26 February 1674; and married for second 11 August 1687, widow Abigail Jones, had Abigail, 3 June 1688; and Richard, 12 October 1689.  In 1676 he was made Captain of the first fire engine introduced into the town.

THOMAS ATKINS, Hartford.  See Adkins.

TOBIAS ATKINS, Boston, by wife Ann, had Ann, born 2 July 1684; and Eliphal, 4 December 1688.  By marriage of a daughter Catharine, of Governor Joseph Dudley with Joseph Atkins, the name of Dudley Atkins has long been perpetuated as at Harvard college 1748, 1784, and 1816, the second in the list, which took in addition the name of Tyn, from an earlier ancestor was a distinguished gentleman at Newburyport and Boston.  See 3 Massachusetts History Collections II. 280.


JOHN ATKINSON, JOHN ADKINSON, or JOHN ATKESON, Newbury, son of the first Theodore Atkinson, was a hatter, married 27 April 1664, Sarah Mirick, had Sarah, born 27 November 1665; John; Thomas Atkinson, 27 December 1669, who may be well recorded as Harvard College 1691, whose death is not marked in the catalogue, but Coffin following Mather, makes it before 1699; Theodore, 23 January 1672, drowned at 13 years; Abigail, 8 November 1673; Samuel, 16 January 1676; Nathaniel, 29 November 1677; Elizabeth, 20 June 1680; and Joseph, 1 May 1682.

JOSEPH ATKINSON, JOSEPH ADKINSON, or JOSEPH ATKESON, Exeter, in Genealogical Registrar VIII. 77, said to have been administered freeman 14 July 1657, at that place; upon which arises the question by what authority was he administered and no more can, I think, be told.

LUKE ATKINSON, LUKE ADKINSON, or LUKE ATKESON, New Haven, of the earliest settlers, signed the compact 1639, before 1643 is counted with family of four, married 1 May 1651, probably as second wife Mary Platt, daughter of Richard Platt of Milford, had Mary, born 1652; Hannah, 1653; and Sarah, 1655; removed next year, whither is unknown perhaps to Middletown, for there his widow married 3 January 1667, Thomas Whitmore, or Wetmore, and bore him two children named in his will by their grandfather Platt in 1683.

MARMADUKE ATKINSON, MARMADUKE ADKINSON, or MARMADUKE ATKESON, Scituate, married 1670, Mary Jenkins, daughter of Edward Jenkins, and in 1674 she obtained divorce for his desertion.  Deane.

THEODORE ATKINSON, THEODORE ADKINSON, or THEODORE ATKESON, Boston, 1634, feltmaker, came, in the employment of John Newgate, from Bury in County Lancaster, joining the church 11 January 1635, freeman 18 May 1642, by first wife Abigail, had John, before mentioned, whose day of birth or baptism is not found (but we may doubt, that Genealogical Registrar VII. 349 makes him 44 years old in 1678 is too liberal by seven or eight years); Theodore, born 19, baptized 28 April 1644; Nathaniel Atkinson, 28, baptized 30 November 1645, Harvard College 1667, died by Mather's calalogue; Abigail, 24 August 1647, died young,; Thomas, 1654; Abigail, again, 9 December 1657; and by second wife married October 1667, Mary Wheelwright, daughter of Reverend John Wheelwright, widow of Edward Lyde, had John, again, 13 June 1672; and died August 1701, aged 89.  Abigail married Abraham Spencer.

THEODORE ATKINSON, THEODORE ADKINSON, or THEODORE ATKESON, Boston, son of the preceding, married Elizabeth Mitchelson, daughter of Edward Mitchelson, had Elizabeth, born 25 June 1668; Theodore, 3 October 1669; Edward, 8 September 1671; and Abigail 13 December 1672.  He was killed by the Indians in the great fight of 19 December 1675, served as Sergeant in Davenport's Company at Narranganset; and his widow married 15 November following Henry Deering.  Theodore Atkinson the third was a counsellor of New Hampshire 1716, and died 1719, leaving Theodore Atkinson, born at Newcastle 20 December 1697, Harvard College 1718, who became Secretary, counsel, and Chief Judge of that Province, and died 22 September 1729; the fifth Theodore Atkinson, his son, Harvard College 1757, having died without issue, in the same rank of counsellor 28 October 1769.

THOMAS ATKINSON, THOMAS ADKINSON, or THOMAS ATKESON, Concord, freeman 7 December 1636, by wife Susanna, had Susanna, born 28 April 1641; and Hannah, 5 March 1644; and he died November 1646.  Both of the daughters married Caleb Brooks, the elder on 10 April 1660, and died 19 January 1669.  But he had an elder daughter Rebecca, that married John Hayward; and the widow of Atkinson, married William Allen.

THOMAS ATKINSON, THOMAS ADKINSON, or THOMAS ATKESON, Plymouth 1638.  Eight of this name had been graduates in 1838, six at Harvard, and two at Dartmouth.


DAVID ATWATER, New Haven 1638, came from London, signed the plantation covenant 4 June 1639, had Mercy, born 29 February, baptized 5 March 1648; Damaris, born 2 November but the church record has baptism 21 October 1649, and usually the town record is far more to be relied on than that of the church at New Haven, though the contrary is true in most towns, yet here the day assigned for baptisms in Genealogical Registrar IX. 357 may be true, though in a wonderful proportion, almost one half of the instances, it can be proven to be wrong; David, 13 July, baptized I judge, 3 August, though Mr. White gives it 13 August 1651, which we know is mistake; Joshua, 11 January baptized probably 6 February 1653, church record as Mr. White gives it, being 11, which was Friday, when John Davenport would rather have anathematized than baptized any children; John, 1 November 1654, baptized I presume, 5 of the same, though church record has 1, which was Wednesday; Jonathan, born 12 July 1656; Abigail, 3 March 1660, baptized 1 April following; Mary, 31 March 1662, baptized 20 April following as I judge, though the church record as Mr. White prints it, be 22; Samuel, born 17 September 1664; and Ebenezer, 13 January 1667; all of whom are named as living May 1676,  by the will of his brother Joshua.  He died 1692, and in his will the year before names all the sons except Joshua, who had lived at Wallingford, married 24 June 1680, Lydia Rockwell, daughter of John Rockwell of Windsor, and both husband and wife without children died 1681.  Of the daughters I know the marriages of four, Mercy to John Austin, and Damaris to John Punderson, both on 5 November 1667; Abigail to Nathaniel Jones, 7 October 1684; and Mary to Ichabod Stow of Middletown, 22 October 1688.

DAVID ATWATER, New Haven, eldest son of the preceding, had Joanna, born 24 February 1683; Abigail, 18 January 1685; and Joshua, 6 December 1686. 

EBENEZER ATWATER, New Haven, brother of the preceding, married 11 Dc. 1691, Abigail, eldest daughter of James Heaton, had four children. 

JOHN ATWATER, brother of the preceding, married 13 September 1682, Abigail Mansfield, daughter of Moses Mansfield, had ten children.

JOHN ATWATER, Salem, son of Joshua Atwater, had removed with his mother from Boston on her marriage with Higginson, by wife Mehitable Wainwright, daughter of Francis Wainwright of Ipswich, had John, born 20 December 1687; Francis, 2 October 1690; and perhaps Rebecca; but certainly his wife died soon, and he married Mary Cotton, youngest daughter of Seaborn Cotton, and himself died before middle age, drowned as I have heard, 2 February 1692.  His young widow married 1695, Samuel Partridge of Hatfield.

JONATHAN ATWATER, New Haven, son of David Atwater of the same, married 1 June 1681, Ruth Peck, eldest daughter of Reverend Jeremiah Peck, first minister of Greenwich, had Joshua, born 21 February 1682, died in few days; David, 5 August 1683; Jeremiah, 31 January 1685; Mary, 31 December 1686; Ruth, 31 December 1688; Jonathan, 1 November 1690; Lydia, 18 April 1693, died next year; Joseph, 9 December 1694; Stephen, 4 December 1696; and Damaris, 9 October 1698; Lydia, again, 31 July 1701.

JOSHUA ATWATER, New Haven 1638, brother of David Atwater, a merchant from London, signed the covenant 1639, married 6 May 1651, Mary Blackman, daughter of Reverend Adam Blackman of Stratford, had Ann; Samuel, born 20 June 1654, probably died young; Joshua, 10 April baptized 21 November 1658; and Mary, 1659; was Representative 1652, removed 1655 to Milford, there had the last named two children, was Assistant and Treasurer of the Colony, but removed in 1659 to Boston, there had Mary, born 15 January 1660; John, 14 August 1662, before mentioned; Abigail, 23 January 1664; Jane, with an alias Grace, on our record 9 September 1666; Elinor, 23 April 1669; and Benjamin, 16 May 1673; was a busy trader, died 16, buried 18 May 1676, leaving widow, who in few months married Reverend John Higginson of Salem, and died 9 March 1709.  Ann married 1672, Jeremiah Dummer, the goldsmith of Boston, and was mother of the famous Jeremy Dummer; and Mary married John Clark, who died in Barbary of smallpox, and she next married 8 November 1694 John Coney, outlived him, and died 12 April 1726.  Both these daughters and Rebecca, a granddaughter, but no sons are named in the will of Higginson's widow.

JOSHUA ATWATER, Boston, son of the preceding, by wife Rebecca, had Rebecca, born 25 February 1687; and by wife Mary, as the record (perhaps untrustworthy in this name) says, had Samuel, born 3 March 1688.  Easy enough may be the conjecture as to error, that the writer in the clerk's office took Mary as wife of Joshua, because he saw such connection of parents with children few years.  Before but equally easy is the other supposition that Rebecca was not the true name of the wife but carelessly given because the child had that name.  To this latter suggestion is perhaps to be added that it is somewhere written that Joshua married Mary Maverick, widow of Samuel Smith, and daughter of Samuel Maverick.  After long research, I am not enlightened enough to speak with decision.

SAMUEL ATWATER, New Haven, brother of Jonathan Atwater of the same, married 1691, Sarah Alling, daughter of the first John Alling, had ten children.  In the New Haven family the name is perpetuated, and graduates at Yale in 1834 were counted fifteen, two at other New England colleges, none at Harvard.


BENJAMIN ATWELL, New London, by wife Mary, had Thomas, born 1670; Mary, 1672; William, 1674; John, 1675; Joseph, 1678; Richard, 1679; Samuel, 1681; and Benjamin, 1683.

BENJAMIN ATWELL, Scarborough 1663, son of a widow, born before September 1640, when his mother was a widow, but became wife of Richard Martin, was after of Falmouth, there killed by the Indians 11 August 1676, leaving Joseph only 5 years old.  Willis, I. 37, 134, 140 and 3.  One Joan Atwell who testified 1688, that she was 60 years old, had been, I think, widow of John Andrews, and was then widow of Benjamin Atwell.

JOHN ATWELL, Lynn 1650.

JOSEPH ATWELL, Kittery, son of Benjamin Atwell, was, it is said, brought up by William Scriven, but no more is heard.


ALEXANDER ATWOOD, Northampton, freeman 1684.

ELDAD ATWOOD, Eastham, probably son of Stephen Atwood, married 14 February 1684, Ann Snow, perhaps daughter of Mark Snow, had Mary, born November 1684; John, 10 August 1686; Ann, January 1688; Deborah, March 1690; Sarah, April 1692; Eldad, 9 July 1695; Ebenezer, March 1698; and Benjamin, June 1701. 

HERMAN ATWOOD, Boston 1642, son of John Atwood, came from Sanderstead, County Surrey, about 15 miles from London, in employment of Thomas Buttolph, administered of the Church 24 February 1644, Artillery Company 1644, freeman 1645, married 11 August 1646, Ann Cop, daughter of William Cop, had John, born 5 October 1647; and Sarah, baptized 26 May 1650; and he died 1651.  His widow married 10 March 1652, Thomas Saxton, and died 23 June 1661.

JOHN ATWOOD, Plymouth 1636, came from London, was an Assistant 1638, treasurer of the Colony 1641 to his death 1644, had good estate leaving widow Ann, but no issue, unless that Mary Wood, very often used for Atwood, who married 11 December 1661, John Holmes, who became minister of Duxbury, were his daughter which is very unlikely, for in his will of 20 October 1643, as Winsor, 180, tells, he names no children, but gives most of his property to wife who died 1 June 1654, and in her will, of 27 April 1650, she divides her estate between brother and sister, Robert and Mary Lee, and her nephew William Crowe.  Here he had named brother Lee Atwood and his wife and their children Ann and Mary, besides his little kinsman, William Crowe.

JOHN ATWOOD, Boston, son of Herman Atwood, Artillery Company 1673, was its Lieutenant 1695, and Deacon of the Second Church, by first wife Sarah, had John, born 23 May 1671, died young; James, 3 June 1673; Samuel, 18 May 1687; and Sarah, 11 November 1688; and by second wife Mary Smith, daughter of Francis Smith, married 27 October 1690, had Mary, baptized 6 September 1691; John, again, born 16, baptized 18 February 1694; Samuel, baptized 29 March 1696; Ann, born 19, baptized 20 June 1697; Elizabeth, baptized 21 August 1698; Abigail, 19 November 1699; and Joshua, born 10, baptized 13 April 1701.  He died 26 August 1714, and his widow died 18 March 1729.

JONATHAN ATWOOD, Woodbury, son of Thomas Atwood of Wethersfield, married 5 November 1701, Sarah Terrill, daughter of Roger Terrill, had Nathan, born 6 September 1702; Mary, 22 October 1703, died soon; Mary, again, 20 April 1705; Jonathan, 9 September 1710; and Oliver, 11 March 1717; was a physician, and died 1 January 1733, as Cothren, 490, says, but 11 February of that year according to Hinman.

JOSEPH ATWOOD, Taunton, married 1 January 1680, Esther Walker, daughter of James Walker, had Joseph, born 4 August 1681; John, 28 February 1683; Ephraim; and perhaps Joanna.  His wife died 8 April 1696, aged 46, and he died 12 February following, aged 47.

JOSIAH ATWOOD, Wethersfield, brother of Jonathan Atwood, married 16 February 1710, Bathshebia Lattimore, daughter of Bazaleel Lattimore, had Abigail, born 6 December following; Oliver, 1 March 1716; Jedediah, 28 June 1719; Josiah and Hezekiah, twins 13 April 1727; and Asher, 27 December 1729.

MEDAD ATWOOD, Eastham, son of Stephen Atwood, by wife Esther, had Mercy, born 26 June 1686; Abigail, 15 June 1689; David, 20 October 1691; Samuel, 20 March 1695; Esther, 15 March 1699; Phebe, 9 June 1702; and Nathan, 27 June 1700.

OLIVER ATWOOD, Malden, youngest son of Philip Atwood the first, married in 1700 Ann Betts.

PHILIP ATWOOD, Malden 1653, came from London in the Susan and Ellen, 1635, aged 13, or in the Planter, aged 12, for, I suppose, by the double entry only one boy is meant, had Rachel, born August 1653; Mary, January 1656; Philip, September 1658; Abigail, December 1662; Elizabeth, August 1669; and Oliver, April 1671; all probably by wife Rachel Bachiler, daughter I judge, of William Bachiler of Charlestown, who died 5 February or 7 November 1674, the same record in Genealogical Registrar X. 241, coming from a most scrupulous hand, gives both dates.  He married 7 April 1675, Elizabeth Grover, widow of Thomas, and she died 3 April 1688.  His daughter Elizabeth married 26 November following Philip Fowle.  Perhaps he lived some years at Bradford.

PHILIP ATWOOD, Lynn, son probably of the preceding, married at Bradford, 23 July 1684, Sarah Tenny of Bradford, had at Malden, Susanna, born 1 February 1687; Sarah, 13 April 1689; Rachel, 15 November 1691; but perhaps others before or after removal.

STEPHEN ATWOOD, Eastham, married 6 November 1644, Abigail Dunham, daughter of John Dunham, had John, died soon; Hannah, born 14 October 1669; probably Eldad; and Medad, 16 January 1659; and died February 1694.

THOMAS ATWOOD, Hartford 1664, by idle tradition called a Captain under Cromwell, was really a physician, and, 1668, of Wethersfield, by wife Abigail, had Abigail, born 30 September of that year; Andrew, 1 September 1671; Jonathan, 8 June 1675; and Joseph, 4 October 1678; all living at his death 1682.

THOMAS ATWOOD, Ipswich, died 3 April 1694; and his widow Elizabeth, by whom I know not that he had issue, married 9 September 1697, John West of the same, and died 20 August 1720.

WILLIAM ATWOOD, Charlestown, freeman 1662.  Of this name four have been graduates at Yale, all descendants of Herman Atwood, of who John of the class of 1814, and Charles, 1821, are brothers of Harriet Newell, the celebrated missionary in the East Indies.


WILLIAM AUBREY, Boston, merchant, came in virtue of a contract made 1650, from London, factor for the iron works at Lynn, and was administered 1652 of Artillery Company, married 18 January 1653, Rachel Rawson, daughter of Secretary Edward Rawson.


EDMUND AUDLEY, Lynn, 1641. Lewis.

JOHN AUDLEY, Boston 1632, thus spelled on the church record where his name stands number 139; but commonly it is Odlin or Odlyn.


ANDREW AUGER, ANDREW AGAR, or ANDREW AUGUR, Saco, or Scarborough, perhaps better entitled.  See Alger.

BENJAMIN AUGER, BENJAMIN AGAR, or BENJAMIN AUGUR, Salem, son of William Auger of the same, a shipwright, married Ann Cromwell, daughter of Thomas Cromwell, had Benjamin, and Thomas, perhaps others, and died November 1671.  His widow married 26 June 1672, David Phippen.

JOHN AUGER, JOHN AGAR, or JOHN AUGUR, Boston, by wife Hannah, had John, born 16 September 1652.

JONATHAN AUGER, JONATHAN AGAR, or JONATHAN AUGUR, Salem, brother of Benjamin Auger, had perhaps Jonathan, who died young; and Mary, mentioned in a deed of 1709; but we know not his whereabouts nor of him any thing more, except that in testifying 19 October 1716, he called himself 77 years old.

NICHOLAS AUGER, NICHOLAS AGAR, or NICHOLAS AUGUR, New Haven 1643, a physician and trader, swore allegiance 5 August 1644, had brothers John Auger and Robert Auger (unless the latter were nephews) to whom with sister Esther Coster, he gave most of his estate that was a good one, by will of 20 September 1669, being "bound on a voyage to Boston."  Yet he got back safe, and lived several years.  He was the sufferer, I judge, in 1676 and 7, on the voyage from Boston to New Hampshire cast away on a desolate Island in the little vessel with Ephraim How, near Cape Sable, relation of which in Mather's best manner, may be read in Magnalia VI. appropriately called Thaumaturgus, c. 1.  Of his inventory of £1638 the date is 26 February 1678.  The larger part his sister had, to brother John Auger (probably then in England) the bequeath was only £20, and John's son Nicholas Auger had £100, and another son had £40, and Robert Auger, £150.  After Mrs. Coster died 5 April 1691, Robert, the next of kin, resisted probate of her will, continued some bequeaths for "support of religion and learning;" but he met with no success.

ROBERT AUGER, ROBERT AGAR, or ROBERT AUGUR, New Haven, probably nephew, though Dodd calls him brother of the preceding, married 20 November 1673, Mary Gilbert, daughter of Deputy Governor Matthew Gilbert, had Esther, born 19 October 1677; John, 26 November 1678, died young; Ann, 14 November 1682; Mary, again, 1683, died soon; and John, again, 16 November 1686; but the last was by second wife.

THOMAS AUGER, THOMAS AGAR, or THOMAS AUGUR, Watertown 1663, of which Bond, writing his name Agar, found not wife or children but probably he removed to Taunton, for the record of that town tells, that he married November 1665, Elizabeth Packer.  But I think she may have been daughter of Samuel Packard of Bridgewater, and her husband lived in that town, perhaps, but they had then no magistrate authorized to solemnize marriages.

WILLIAM AUGER, WILLIAM AGAR, or WILLIAM AUGUR, Salem 1636, perhaps earlier, for he was administered freeman of Massachusetts 18 May 1631, when the Secretary gave the name Agar; by wife Alice, had Benjamin, baptized 12 February 1637; and Jonathan, 10 November 1639; besides elder children Joseph, and Abigail, who became wife of Joseph Kibben, or Kibby; and he died 1654.  His will of 31 May, probated November in that year, names the wife and four children but notes, that Joseph was abroad.  In 1st. Collections of Essex Inst. I. 11, Mr. Patch finds the date of his will to be 3 March and of probate June of that year.

WILLIAM AUGER, WILLIAM AGAR, or WILLIAM AUGUR, Malden, married 7 December 1659, Ruth Hill, daughter of Abraham Hill, had William, born 20 April 1661, died soon; William, again, 30 November 1662; another perhaps John, October 1667.


JOHN AUGUSTINE, Reading 1677, had come from the Isle of Jersey, and had service in the Company of Turner in the latter part of Philip's war, and in that year by deed on our record sold to John Brock; of the same place all the goods and chattel house and lands left to him by father and mother.  He married 10 January 1677, Elizabeth Brown, daughter of John Brown of Watertown, as Bond, 145, tells; and in 1680 took a grant of land at Falmouth from President Danforth, and bought more; but on destruction by the Indians and French, 1690, he removed to Lynn, but went back to Falmouth 1719.  He left widow Elizabeth, and children Samuel, John, Ebenezer, Thomas, David, Sarah, and Abigail, of who descendants are found in the vicinity to this day.  Gradual change occurs in his name to Gustan, or Gustin, and is justified by his own writing, but the wild perversity of a scrivener had pleasure in turning him into Augustine John.  See Suff. Deeds, X. 131, and Willis, I. 161, 210.


JOHN AULT, sometime written JOHN OLT, Portsmouth 1631, sent out by Mason, the royal proprietor lived at Dover 1648 to 1657, in which year he was 73 years old, and was living 1679.  By wife Remembrance, he had John; Remembrance, who married John Rand; and Rebecca, who married Thomas Edgelly.


ANTHONY AUSTIN, Rowley, freeman 1669, had Richard, born 22 September 1666; Anthony, 7 December 1668; John, 22 October 1672; removed to Suffield, there had Nathaniel, 20 May 1678; Elizabeth, 1681, died young; Elizabeth, again; 20 April 1684; Esther, 11 January 1686; and died 29 August 1708, his wife having died ten years before, descendants are numerous.

DAVID AUSTIN, New Haven, son of John Austin, by wife Abigail, had Abigail, born 5 April 1699; David, 20 October 1703; Stephen, 1 January 1705; Jonathan, 27 April 1708; Mercy, 1710; and Lydia.

EBENEZER AUSTIN, Charlestown, son of the second Richard Austin, married 8 July 1685, widow Thankful Benjamin, had Sarah, born 24 October following if no error be in the record; Elizabeth, 26 April 1687; and his wife died 4 March 1691.  He married 27 January 1692, Rebecca Sprague, daughter of Samuel Sprague of Malden, had Benjamin, 24 February 1697; Rebecca, 8 February 1700; both probably died young; Ebenezer, 21 January 1704; John, 15 May 1706; Nathaniel, 3 February 1708; Timothy, 16 December 1710, probably died young; Rebecca, again, 21 August 1715; Benjamin, again, 9 March 1717; Timothy, again; and Samuel, 6 May 1721; and died 16 January 1723.  From this last Benjamin, who married 9 December 1742 Elizabeth Waldo, came Honorable Jonathan L. Austin, born 22 December 1747, Harvard College 1766, who was father of Honorable James T. Austin, late Attorney General of Massachusetts, Harvard College 1802; and Honorable Benjamin Austin, born 18 November 1752, long a prominent politician.

FRANCIS AUSTIN, Dedham, whence he removed to Hampton 1640, there had, by wife Isabella, both Jemima, and Sophia, baptized 24 January 1641; but I know no more.

JOHN AUSTIN, New London 1647, removed after 1651, to Greenwich next, in few years to Stamford, there died 25 August 1657, leaving widow Catharine, son Samuel, who died soon after his father; daughter Elizabeth, who married about 1670, Joseph Finch; and perhaps John, who was a landholder 1687-1701 both in Greenwich and Stamford.

JOHN AUSTIN, New Haven, married 5 November 1667, Mercy Atwater, daughter of the first David Atwater, had John, born 23 April 1669, died at six years; David, 23 February 1671, before mentioned; Joshua, 3 September 1673; Mary; John and Hannah, twins 14 October 1677; Mercy, 17 April 1680, died young; a son 5 April 1683, died soon; and his wife died nine days after.  He married 21 January 1685, Elizabeth Brackett, and had Sarah, 23 January 1686; and Elizabeth, 1687.  In 1675, a widow Joan Jones, perhaps near relative, gave him very good estate and he died 1690; and his widow was dead 1695.

JOHN AUSTIN, Scarborough, who married a daughter of Andrew Alger, is more commonly called Ashton, see, also Southgate, 82.

JOHN AUSTIN of Hartford, married Mary, widow of Nathaniel Hooker, may be one generation later than the son of him of New Haven.

JONAH AUSTIN, Hingham 1635, came in the Hercules, with wife Constance, from Sandwich, County Kent.  He was of Tenterden; and the Mayor of that borough, John Austin, perhaps his father or near relative certified about taking the oath in 3 Massachusetts History Collections VIII. 274.  Perhaps he first sat down at Cambridge, then called Newtown, and was not many years at Hingham, being found at Taunton 1643, and he died there 30 July 1683.

JONAH AUSTIN, Taunton, probably son of the preceding, married perhaps Frances Hill, daughter of John Hill of Dorchester, though Colony record makes her husband to be Jonah Allen senior.  He died 10 May 1676, some years before his father, and of children I hear only of John, born 1 July 1671.  See Baylies II. 270.

JOSEPH AUSTIN, Hampton 1642, Dover 1648, was of the grand jury 1651, and died 1663.  His will of 6 June 1642, directs equal division of his property between all his children, but the name only of Thomas has reached us is daughter Mary, married 17 May 1674, Richard Gardner, junior of Nantucket; but she was by second wife.  In 1659 he took second wife Sarah Starbuck, widow of William Story, daughter of Elder Edward Starbuck; and she had third husband Humphrey Varney.

JOSEPH AUSTIN, Charlestown, son of Richard Austin the second, married 10 November 1692, Elizabeth Pitts; and I know no more, except by his will of 1736, probated 18 June 1739, in which Elizabeth is named besides children Joseph, Richard, Abigail, wife of Samuel Webb, and Elizabeth, wife of Eleazer Johnson.

LEONARD AUSTIN, New Haven, brother of John Austin, a weaver, died 1678 unmarried.

MATTHEW AUSTIN, York 1659, was killed by the Indians about 1704.

RICHARD AUSTIN, Charlestown, came in the Bevis, from Southampton, 1638, with wife and two children.  He was then aged 40, and had been a tailor at Bishopstoke in County Hants.

RICHARD AUSTIN, Charlestown, probably son of the preceding, brought by him from longing, married 11 November 1659, Abigail Batchelder, daughter of William Batchelder, had Samuel, born 1660; Ebenezer, 27 August 1662; Abigail, 24 April 1664; Richard, 30 November 1665; Joseph, 21 February 1667; Benjamin, 24 January 1669; William, 6 August 1671; Elizabeth, 6 May 1673; Rachel, 7, baptized 28 May 1676; James, 17 June 1673; and John, 10 December 1681.  His wife died 1 February 1694, aged 56; and he died 15 August 1703, aged 71.  Abigail married 11 September 1688, John Kettle junior; Elizabeth married Jonathan Loring of Boston; and of several of the children no account is seen, so that, perhaps, some died young.

RICHARD AUSTIN, Charlestown, son of the preceding, married 27 November 1691, Mehitable Welsteed, daughter of William Welsteed, and died 6 September 1694.  His widow Mehitable married January 1700, Benjamin Gibson.

RICHARD AUSTIN, Suffield, eldest son of Anthony Austin, married 18 January 1699, Dorothy Adams, had Richard, born 4 October following; Dorothy, 26 July 1701; Jacob, 1 June 1704; Ebenezer, 22 April 1706; Ann, 16 January 1709; Joseph, 26 January 1711; Rebecca, 16 April 1713; Moses, 25 April 1716; and Elias, 14 April 1718.

SAMUEL AUSTIN, Dover 1649, was of Wells, and constable 1655, and Representative 1682.

SAMUEL AUSTIN, Charlestown, son of Richard Austin the second, by wife Sarah, had Abigail, Sarah, Mary, Mehitable, Ann, and Samuel, and died 23 June 1716.

THOMAS AUSTIN, Greenwich 1675, perhaps son of John Austin the first, removed to the adjacent town of Bedford, there living 1686-97.

THOMAS AUSTIN, Dover, son of Joseph Austin of the same, by wife Ann, had Rose, born 1678; Sarah, 1682; Nathaniel, 1687; Thomas, 1689; Joseph, 1692; Nicholas and Ann, twins 1695; Samuel, 1698; and Benjamin, 1704.

WILLIAM AUSTIN, Charlestown, son of Richard Austin the second, married 30 June 1696, Hannah Trarice, daughter probably of John Trarice of the same; but I find no more of him.  One of this surname, whose baptized name is not seen, would have gone home in 1638, from New Haven, with large property but was taken by the Turks, and sold at Algiers with wife and family, as is related in Winthrop History II. 12, 13; so that probably no descendants remain.  Graduates in 1838 at Harvard were ten, Yale eight, and Dartmouth one.


WILLIAM AVERILL, Ipswich 1638, died 1653, leaving wife Abigail, and seven children not named, but in his will described.  It was made 3 June 1652, and probated 29 March following.

WILLIAM AVERILL, Topsfield 1664, was probably son of the preceding, easily this name in old MS is mistaken for Avery, sometimes for Averitt, and may even be used for Everitt.


CHRISTOPHER AVERY, Glouchester, a weaver, came, I conjecture, from Salisbury in County Hants, as one of the same name living in the age preceding at that city; was selectman 1646, and several years more, in 1653 his wife was in England, in 1658 he removed to Boston, and in 1666 to New London.  He had brought from England son James Avery, perhaps other children, and was old enough in 1667 to claim release from watch and training, probably died in few years, descendants have been numerous and respectable. 

JAMES AVERY, Gloucester, son of the preceding, born in England about 1620, married 10 November 1643, Jane Greenslade of Boston, had Hannah, born 12 October 1644; James 16 December 1646; and Mary, 19 February 1648; removed that year to New London, there had Thomas, 6 May 1651; John, 10 February 1634; Rebecca, 6 October 1656; Jonathan, 5 January 1609; Christopher, 30 April 1661; both died young; Samuel, 14 August 1664; and Joanna, 1669.  He was held in high esteem, Lieutenant, Captain, Representative 1659, often after to 1669, service in Philip's war, when he commanded the Pequot allied force, and was living in February 1694.

JAMES AVERY, New London, son of the preceding, married Deborah Stallion, daughter probably eldest of Edward Stallion, and well perpetuated the family name, though in Caulkins I see not names and dates of children.

JOHN AVERY, Dorchester 1642, removed to Boston, died 31 July 1654.

JOHN AVERY, of New Hampshire, was one of those who solicited the protection of Massachusetts in 1689.

JONATHAN AVERY, Dedham, son of William Avery, married 22 July 1679, Sybil Sparhawk, daughter of the second Nathaniel Sparhawk of Cambridge, had Margaret, born 9 November 1681, died young; Sybil, 11 August 1683; Margaret, again, 20 August 1686; and Dorothy, 4 July 1688; and he died 16 September 1694.  His widow married Reverend Michael Wigglesworth.

JOSEPH AVERY, (not John, as Mather, in his ambitious chapter 2 of Magnalia III. 77, mislead all succeeding writers, until the recent publication of our contemporary Colony record I. 154); would have been called of Marblehead, as he was going to that settlement from Ipswich, when he was lost 15 August 1635, by shipwreck of the little bark in which with his family of eleven, as his cousins, and fellow passengers.  Thomas Thacher tells in his Narrative.  By that, one of the most affecting and effective stories of disasters of this sort, Dr. Young enriched his Chronicles of Massachusetts from Winthrop I. 165, we hear of the wife and six small children that perished with him, but the residence no doubt, were served.  He had been a minister in his native County, probably of Wiltshire, and I judge had come in the James from Southampton that brought his kinsman Thacher, but nobody informs us, at which of the Universities he was bred, or of which parish he had taught. Hubbard, 200, may not be taken for authority as to his coming, in the Angel Gabriel (if so he meant to be understood), for he was arriving at Boston the day before the Angel Gabriel weighed her anchor below Bristol.  Thacher, as in the record before cited, was by our General Court made administrator, and in his inventory as well as the appointed, the deceased is named Joseph.  One who reads with appreciative skill the authentic narrative will disregard the account in the Magnalia, nor wonder, why the most heedless of authors called him John.

MATTHEW AVERY, Charlestown, mariner, had wife Ann, and son John, to whom by his will of 20 April 1642, being then at London, probated 13 of next April, he devised his 400 acres of land at Charlestown.

ROBERT AVERY, Dedham, perhaps son of William Avery of the same, was the freeman of 1690, I think, spelt Awry in the invaluable list of Mr. Paige, Genealogical Registrar III.  Married 13 April 1676, Elizabeth Lane, daughter of Job Lane, had Elizabeth, born 21 December 1677; Rachel, 1 September 1679; Robert, 28 November 1681; John Avery, 26 February 1685 or 4 February 1686; Harvard College 1706; Jonathan, 20 January 1695; and Abigail, 8 May 1699; and he died 4 October 1722.

SAMUEL AVERY, New London, youngest son of James Avery the first, lived on that side made Groton, of which town he was first officer, 1705.

THOMAS AVERY, Salem, came in the John and Mary, was a blacksmith, and freeman 28 December 1643.

THOMAS AVERY, New London, son of James Avery the first, married Ann Shapley, daughter of Benjamin Shapley. 

WILLIAM AVERY, Dedham, a physician, or apothecary, probably both, Artillery Company 1654, had William, born about 1646; Mary; Robert, about 1649; Jonathan, 26 Mary 1653; Rachel; Hannah, 27 September 1660; and Ebenezer; 24 November 1663, who probably died young, as he is not named in the will of his father 15 October 1683.  He was a Lieutenant 1673, of the town's Company and freeman 1677; possibly the bookseller, mentioned by Thomas, in his History II. 411, certainly the Representative for Springfield 1669, and he died at Boston 18 March 1687, aged about 65.  His wife Margaret had died 28 September 1678.  Of the daughters Mary married 5 November 1666, James Tisdale; Rachel married 22 May 1676, William Sumner; and Hannah married the same day, Benjamin Dyer.

WILLIAM AVERY, Dedham, son of the preceding, had, by wife Mary Lane, daughter of Job Lane of Malden, Mary, born 21 August 1674; Sarah, 9 October 1675; William, 21 March 1678; and Hannah, 7 January 1680; and his wife died 11 October 1681, aged 29.  He married 29 August 1682, Elizabeth White, had Samuel, 15 May 1683; Elizabeth, 16 May 1684; John, 26 December 1683; Joseph Avery, 9 April 1687, Harvard College 1706; and Deborah, 5 May 1689.  This wife died 3 October 1690, and he married 25 August 1698, widow Mehitable Hinckley, relict of Samuel Worden, a daughter of Governor Thomas Hinckley, and died 15 December 1708.  In the Collections calalogue it may be seen, that the first two of this name are not ranked by seniority, or by date of ordination (both being ministers, John Avery of Truro, the first there, ordained November 1711, and Joseph Avery, also the first of Norton, ordained 26 October 1714), or by alphabetical priority, which may, no doubt, be explained by regard to the rules that of old regulation, the assignment of places.


JOHN AVIS, Boston 1679, banished from the Colony that year with several others, on suspicion of having set the terrible fire of that year.  He had service perhaps on Connecticut river in Philip's war.

WILLIAM AVIS, Boston, perhaps brother of the preceding, had John, born 1664.


JOHN AVISTON, or JOHN AVESSON, Reading, freeman 1685.


RICHARD AWARDS, Newport 1638, had been of Boston.


MILES AWKLEY, Boston, by wife Mary, had Elizabeth, born 1635; and Miles, 1 April 1638.


JAMES AXEY, Lynn 1630, Representative 1654, died 7 June 1669; and his widow Frances, died 18 October 1670.


HENRY AXTELL, Sudbury, perhaps son of Thomas Axtell, removed 1660 to Marlborough, there married 14 June 1665, Hannah, whose family name I do not see; was killed by the Indians April 1676; and the widow married 16 July 1677, William Taylor, perhaps of Concord.

NATHANIE AXTELL L, New Haven 1639, intended to go home, made his will 27 January 1640, and died in few weeks before embarking at Boston.

THOMAS AXTELL, Sudbury, who was buried 8 March 1646, had wife Mary and several children, the youngest perhaps, Mary, born June 1644; the inventory sworn to 6 May 1646.  The widow married 19 September 1656, John Goodenough.


HENRY AYERS, or HENRY AYER, whose name is spelled Eares often, was among freeman 1655, at Portsmouth, Rhode Island,


JOHN AYERS, or JOHN AYER, Salisbury 1640, had Hannah, born 21 December 1644, removed to Ipswich 1646, Haverhill 1647, there died 31 March 1657.  His will of 12 March, probated 6 October following, names wife Hannah, children John; Nathaniel; Hannah, who married 24 March 1663, Stephen Webster; Rebecca; Mary; Obadiah; Robert; Thomas; and Peter.

JOHN AYERS, or JOHN AYER, Haverhill, son of the preceding, born in England, married May 1646, Sarah Williams, daughter of John Williams, had John, born 18 March 1648; Zechariah, 24 October 1650; Nathaniel, 13 May 1655; Joseph, 16 March 1659; and Sarah, 17  January 1661.  His wife died 25 July 1662, and he married 26 March following Mary Wooddam, probably daughter of John Wooddam of Ipswich, and there liberated 1679. 

JOHN AYERS, or JOHN AYER, Ipswich, married Susanna Symonds, daughter of Mark Symonds, had Edward, born 12 February 1659; Mark, 14 December 1660; William, 1 May 1662; Nathaniel, 6 July 1664; and others, probably as Sarah, John, Samuel, Thomas, and Joseph; removed before 1672 to Brookfield, and was there killed by the Indians 3 August 1675.  His widow Susanna, died 8 February 1683.

MOSES AYERS, or MOSES AYER, Dorchester, married 3 August 1666, Bethia Millet, probably daughter of Thomas Millet, had Moses, and she died 15 April 1669.  He was, I think, mariner, or cerched, for in September 1684, contributed for his redemption from algerine, Captain, was made according to History of Dorchester 249.

MOSES AYERS, or MOSES AYER. Dorchester, son of the preceding, by wife Elizabeth, had Moses, and Elizabeth, before 1704, when his wife died.  He removed to Boston, and died before 1718. 

NATHANIEL AYERS, or NATHANIEL AYER, Haverhill, probably son of John Ayers the first, married 10 May 1670, Tamosin Torloar, a monstrous surname that may be Thurla, had Hannah, born and died 2 June 1671; Hannah, again, 19 December 1672; Elizabeth, 19 August 1674; Nathaniel, 15 November 1676; Abiah, 5 February 1678; Obadiah, 20 January 1680; and Ruth, 30 December 1681.  His wife died 13 December 1700; and he died 17 November 1707. 

NATHANIEL AYERS, or NATHANIEL AYER, Boston, 1685, perhaps son of second John Ayers, by wife Amy, had Nathaniel, and Amy, and died 4 December 1737. 

OBADIAH AYERS or OBADIAH AYER, Newbury, brother probably of the first Nathaniel Ayers, by wife Hannah Pike, daughter of the second John Pike, had John, born 2 March 1663; Sarah, 5 March 1665 died next month; a son born 1 November 1666, died in few days; and Samuel, 13 September 1667, died in few weeks. 

PETER AYERS, or  PETER AYER, Haverhill 1646, youngest son probably of the first John Ayers, married 8 October or 1 November 1659, Hannah Allen, daughter of the first William Allen, was freeman 1666, Representative 1683, 5, 9, and 90, died at Boston 3 January 1699, aged about 66, by his grave stone.  His children were Ruth, born 20 October 1660; Hannah, 2 August 1662; Abigail, 4 July 164; Mary, 6 August 1666; Martha, 1 March 1668; Samuel, 28 September 1669; William, 23 September 1673; Rachel, 18 October 1675; and Ebenezer, 22 May 1673.  The last three died young.  

ROBERT AYERS, or ROBERT AYER, Haverhill, brother of the preceding, freeman 1666, married 27 February 1651, Elizabeth Palmer, daughter of Henry Palmer of the same, had Elizabeth, born 10 November 1652; Samuel, 11 November 1654; Mehitable, 14 September 1656; Timothy, 7 October 1659; and three more, who died early, unnamed.

SAMUEL AYERS, or SAMUEL AYER, perhaps of Lynn, perhaps of Ipswich, a youth, servant to John Baker; as in documents in the record Commissioners hands of London, copied for me, came from Norwich in May 1637, in the Mary Ann of Yarmouth, aged 15, as he called himself, though his master, embarked a month earlier and designed to take this approach, yet had reason to direct him to have passage in a later ship, made him 14; yet though living in 1668, whether he had family is unknown to me. 

SAMUEL AYERS, or SAMUEL AYER, Haverhill, son of Robert Ayers, freeman 1683, married 14 December 1681, Mary Johnson, daughter perhaps of Thomas Johnson of Andover, had Peter, born 21 December 1682, died soon; Mehitable, 5 February 1684; James, 27 October 1686; Obadiah Ayers, 9 May 1689, Harvard College 1710; Timothy, 9 April 1692, died soon; Lydia, 19 December 1694; Hannah, 3 May 1697; Ruth, 21 March 1699; Abigail, 7 April 1702, died young; John, 7 April 1705; was the chief selectman, and killed by the French and Indians when they surprised the town 29 August 1708.

SAMUEL AYERS, or SAMUEL AYER, Newbury, by wife Abigail, had Stephen, born 23 March 1689; by wife Sarah, had Jabez, 27 December 1690; but Coffin seems to intend two husbands as well as two wives in which he may be correct, though it appears strange, that no other children is named nor date of marriage of either mentioned, nor death of either husband or wife

THOMAS AYERS, or THOMAS AYER, Haverhill 1646, probably son of John Ayers the first, married 1 April 1656, Elizabeth Hutchins, daughter probably of John Hutchins, may have removed to Newbury, there had John, born 12 May 1657; Elizabeth, 23 December 1659; Mary, 22 March 1661; Love, 15 April 1663; twin sons 16 January 1665, both died soon; Thomas, 9 June 1666; and Hannah, 11 July 1671; and was freeman 1666, and died 15 July 1671.  

THOMAS AYERS, or THOMAS AYER, Newbury, by wife Hannah, had Abraham, born 18 June 1688; Sarah, 29 August 1690; and Mehitable, 5 April 1693.

WILLIAM AYERS, or WILLIAM AYER, Hartford 1651-9, whose name is often given Ayres or Eyres, is, in all other respects, unknown.

ZECHARIAH AYERS, or ZECHARIAH AYER, Andover, married 27 June 1678, Elizabeth Chase, daughter of the first Aquila Chase of Newbury.


JOHN AYLET, Boston, merchant, married 21 November 1654, Mary Hawkins, daughter of Captain Thomas Hawkins, had Mary, born 8 October 1655, and he sold the same year to William Hudson that estate which had been property of his father-in-law, called "by the name or sign of Noah's ark."  His wife probably died early, and he, I think, must have gone home.

NICHOLAS AYRAULT, or NICHOLAS AYROULD, Wethersfield, a physician, driven by the revocation of the edict of Nantz to fly his native land, which probably was Rochelle, about 1686, or earlier, married at Providence Marian Breton, had Peter, Nicholas, and other children and died 1706.  Of Nicholas junior and Peter, see account in Hinman.

SAMUEL AYRAULT, or SAMUEL AYROULD, Rhode Island, a physician, by Hinman, Ed. 2, page 90, presumed to be brother or father of the preceding, but nothing definite as to family of these Huguenots is easily accessible.  No doubt he came between 1685 and 9; but it would not surprise me to have it ascertained that Hinman's Samuel was the same as

STEPHEN AYRAULT, or STEPHEN AYROULD, Newport 1685, one of the blessed army of French protestant exiles.  His son Daniel married 9 May 1703, Mary Robineau of New York.


EDWARD AYRES, Kittery 1685. 

MARK AYRES, and NATHANIEL AYRES, New Hampshire 1689 requested protection of Massachusetts.


HUMPHEY AZELL, Kittery 1682,was one of the founders of Baptist Church there.


CHARLES BAALAM, is the name of a passenger, last on the list, coming to Boston from London 1656, aged 18, in the Speedwell, the same voyage on which came the earliest Quakers; and though it is not charged against him, that he was of that sect, yet is it almost certain that he soon left this land.   


JONATHAN BABB, Springfield, took oath of allegiance with Samuel Babb, perhaps his brother 31 December 1678, or the next day, but no more is known of either.

PHILIP BABB, Kittery 1652, and next year was associate under commission from Massachusetts with Major Bryan Pendleton, Nicholas Shapleigh, and others, in the government of Isle of Shoals, and a few years later lived there, in 1666 was empowered to take depositions. The name is perpetuated in New Hampshire.


CHRISTOPHER BABBAGE, CHRISTOPHER BABBIDGE, sometimes CHRISTOPHER BABRIDGE, Salem, freeman 1665, by wife Agnes, had Ruth, born 20 March baptized 8 May 1664; and John, 15 April 1666; and his wife died 17 November 1667.  He married 5 October 1674, widow Hannah Carlton, perhaps relict of John Carlton of Haverhill, had Hannah, 15 July 1675, and Mary, 7 March 1677. Christopher, 11 November 1678; Richard, 1 October 1680, who died in 5 months; Richard, again, 14 July 1682; and Neheminah, 25 March 168.


BABBIT. See Bobbit.


DAVID BABCOCK, Dorchester 1640.

GEORGE BABCOCK, Boston, who died 2 September 1693, perhaps was he that Governor Eaton brought over 1638 to New Haven, conditional to serve six years, called Badcock.

JAMES BABCOCK, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 1642, Westerly 1661, whither he removed from Newport, had by first wife (whose name is not heard) James, born about 1641; John, 1644; Job; and Mary.  By tradition it is said, that he came from County Essex, and on giving evidence with his two elder sons 1670, called them 29 and 26 years respectively, he swore that he was 58, and spells with d at the end of his first syllable.  From the idle and discorded tradition that he brought from England children born from 1612 to 1620 (when the father would have been between 1 and 8 years old), this testimony relieves the genealogy.  A second wife Elizabeth, and three children by her, one named Joseph, the oldest only 9 years old, are provided for in his nuncupative will, 12 June 1679, the day he died, of who sons John and Job were witnesses, as also to Job were given his smith's tools, besides gifts to Mary Champlin, his daughter, thought to be wife of William Champlin, and to son Joseph, when he comes to 21 years.

JAMES BABCOCK, Westerly, eldest son of the preceding, died 1698, leaving widow Mary, and eldest son James, as the record of Westerly it is said, proves; but names of other children are not given.  They were Sarah, Jane, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, William, and Job.  Part of the account of this James may be easily confused with that of his brother John Babcock.

JOB BABCOCK, Westerly, a miller, probably brother of the preceding, died about 1718, and in his will calls eldest son Job, other children John, Benjamin, Jane Braman, Sarah Hall, Mary Tanner, Elizabeth Brand, Hannah, and Mary.

JOHN BABCOCK, Stonington 1670, son of the first James Babcock, who had probably owned land on both sides of the river within disputed bounds of Connecticut and Rhode Island.  He had wife Mary Lawton, children James, Ann, Mary, John, Job, George, Elihu, Robert, Joseph, and Oliver.  Family tradition makes his wife to be a Lawton, perhaps sister of George Lawton the first; and it may be nearer the truth, when it tells of his runaway match with the death of his master, their kind reception by the Indians in the wilderness, discovery of his daughter and her husband some four years after by the bride's father and forgiveness, liberality, etc. than as it relates his death 19 July 1719, "aged over one hundred years".  For another John Babcock, perhaps his son, that protraction of days, though unlikely, might be correct, yet the father died from twenty to forty years too early, and his widow married before 1700 Erasmus Babbit.  Indeed his death is marked 1685, and his widow named Mary, and eldest son James, but these three items concurred with those of his brother James, lead us to apprehend that the genealogy may be confused between them.

JOSEPH BABCOCK, Westerly, son probably youngest, of the first James Babcock, married 13 April 1696, Dorothy Key, had Elizabeth, born 29 January 1698; had his wife died 14 December 1727.  By second wife Hannah Coats, he had Authority, 2 February 1730; Abigail, 30 April 1731; Joseph, 14 October 1733; and John, 26 January 1736.

RETURN BABCOCK, Dartmouth before 1686, and lived to be named November 1694 in deed of confirmation of the town.  Strange is the combination of errors, in Hinman, 111, about one James Babcock who went to Leyden in Holland 1620, joined the friends of Robinson, and came in the Ann, 1623, to Plymouth, the narrative enlarged about the residence of the family there.  Now we know that no passenger of this name came in that ship; and I have very strong reason, after much inquiry, to doubt that any such man lived in the Colony for its earliest forty years of this name.  In 1834, both forms of spelling included seven had been graduates at Yale, and five at Harvard, as Farmer found.


WILLIAM BABER, Boston 1648, had John.


EBENEZER BABSON, Gloucester, youngest son of James Babson, wonderfully bewildered by diabolical agency, as told by Reverend John Emerson, his spiritual guide, to C Mather, and in its appropriate place, Magnalia VII. 82-84, may be read.  Niles, in his tale, 3 Massachusetts History Collections VI. 231, seems more cautious, or less inclined to honor Satan.

JAMES BABSON, Gloucester, came, no doubt in Company with his mother Isabel (a widow who had lands there, 1644, and after until her death 6 or 8 April 1661, aged 81, or more, as also graduated in 1637 at Salem), married 16 November 1617, Elinor Hill, son of Zebulon Hill, had James, born 2 September 1648; Elinor, 15 June 1601; Philip, 15 October 1654; Sarah, 15 February 1657, died at 20 years; Thomas, 21 May 1658; John, 27 November 1660; Richard, 1 June 1663; Elizabeth, 8 October 1665; and Ebenezer, 8 February 1668, the before mentioned playmate with the devil; besides  Abigail, 1670.  He was freeman 1666, and died 1683.  His son Thomas served long in Philip's war but soon died, probably unmarried. 

JOHN BABSON, Gloucester, son of the preceding, married 1686, Dorcas Elwell, daughter of Josiah Elwell, had Elizabeth, born 1687; James, 1689; John, 1691; and Josiah, 1703.  He and wife died 1737. 

PHILIP BABSON, Salem, brother of the preceding, married 1689, Hannah Baker, had Ann, and his wife died 1692.



DAVID BACHILER, DAVID BACHELOR, DAVID BACHELLER, DAVID BACHELDER, DAVID BATCHELOR, or DAVID BETCHELDER, Reading, son of John Bachiler the first, of the same, is not otherwise known to me.

HENRY BACHILER, HENRY BACHELOR, HENRY BACHELLER, HENRY BACHELDER, HENRY BATCHELOR, or HENRY BATCHELDER, Ipswich, a brewer, from Dover, County Kent, came in 1636, with wife Martha, and four servants, as set forth in 3 Massachusetts History Collections VIII. 276, became the founder of a numerous line, as was thought in former days from so many springing at Ipswich; probably child of two brothers of Henry Bachiler; but any knowledge of his children is not gained, and we know only that he died 2 February 1679, and his widow died 4 April 1686.  Yet inventory of his estate was not returned before many years.  Its date is 15 May 1696.  Of his brother John Bachiler are named three children John, Josiah, and Hannah; and of his brother Joshua Bachiler are named three, John, Elizabeth, and Hannah Warner, wife I presume of John Varner, unless her daughter Hannah be meant, if these names are found in order of distribution of the estate as is most probable.

HENRY BACHILER, HENRY BACHELOR, HENRY BACHELLER, HENRY BACHELDER, HENRY BATCHELOR, or HENRY BATCHELDER, Reading, probably son of Reverend Stephen Bachiler, may be he, who was persecuted 1660, as a Quaker.

JOHN BACHILER, JOHN BACHELOR, JOHN BACHELLER, JOHN BACHELDER, JOHN BATCHELOR, or JOHN BATCHELDER, Dedham, had been of Watertown, freeman 6 May 1635, not, as Bond states, 13 May 1640, that being the day of another having the same name, was selectman of Watertown 1636, and at Dedham had Samuel, born 8 (Bond says 11) January 1640; Jonathan, and David, born 14, baptized 24 December 1643, described in the homely phrase of church record "being the children of one burthen to our brother John Bachiler and his wife our sister" when it would have been agreeable to see her name.  He removed, Mr. Haven 13, says, to Hampton.

JOHN BACHILER, JOHN BACHELOR, JOHN BACHELLER, JOHN BACHELDER, JOHN BATCHELOR, or JOHN BATCHELDER, Salem 1638, perhaps earlier, had grant of land 1639, was the freeman of 13 May 1640, is by tradition said to be from Dorsetshire, but more probably was that tailor from Canterbury, County Kent, who came in 1636, perhaps brother of Henry Bachiler, before mentioned, by wife Mary, had at Salem John, baptized January 1639, died at 7 years; Mary, September 1640; Abigail, 12 February 1643; Hannah, 23 June 1644, died soon; Hannah, again, 25 May 1645; John, again, 23 June 1650; and Joseph, 8 May 1653; and died 13 November 1675, his wife Elizabeth, having died three days before unless some confusion of name exist in the report.  In his will of 1673, wife Elizabeth, sons John, and Joseph, daughter Hannah Corning, and grandchild John Cressy are mentioned.

JOHN BACHILER, JOHN BACHELOR, JOHN BACHELLER, JOHN BACHELDER, JOHN BATCHELOR, or BATCHELDER, Reading, freeman 1666, had Jonathan, who died 4 December 1653; David; and John, but the order of births is not seen, besides Samuel, who died 20 March 1662, the mother Rebecca having died sixteen days before, and he died May 1676.

JOHN BACHILER, JOHN BACHELOR, JOHN BACHELLER, JOHN BACHELDER, JOHN BATCHELOR, or JOHN BATCHELDER, freeman 1670, it is not known where he lived, but it may well seem, that he was son of the preceding.  He died at Reading 1705.

JOHN BACHILER, JOH N BACHELOR, JOHN BACHELLER, JOHN BACHELDER, JOHN BATCHELOR, or JOHN BATCHELDER, Salem, probably son of the first John Bachiler, married 14 August 1673, Mary Herrick, perhaps daughter of Zechary Herrick, had John, born 26 April 1675; and Jonathan, 29 March 1678; besides Josiah, 6 March 1680; and he died 6 August 1684, and the widow died within two weeks after.

JOHN BACHILER, JOHN BACHELOR, JOHN BACHELLER, JOHN BACHELDER, JOHN BATCHELOR, or JOHN BATCHELDER, at Salem 1692, was one of the jurors in the sad witchcraft trials, and recanted magnanimously from their damnable verdicts.  John Batchelder, late President of the Berkshire Medical Institute, and other descendants of this stock give uniformed spelling of their name Batchelder.

JOSEPH BACHILER, JOSEPH BACHELOR, JOSEPH BACHELLER, JOSEPH BACHELDER, JOSEPH BATCHELOR, or JOSEPH BATCHELDER, Salem, a tailor, perhaps, elder brother of John Bachiler the first, came, 1636, from Canterbury, County Kent, with wife Elizabeth, one child, and three servants according to the certificate of the Mayor of Sandwich, where they embarked, was freeman March 1638; removed to Wenham, of which he was Representative 1644.  What was the name of the child he brought or whether he had more on our side of the water, or when he died are unknown.

JOSEPH BACHILER, JOSEPH BACHELOR, JOSEPH BACHELLER, JOSEPH BACHELDER, JOSEPH BATCHELOR, or JOSEPH BATCHELDER, Charlestown, son of William Bachiler, married 22 December 160, Agnes, widow of William Gillingham.

JOSEPH BACHILER, JOSEPH BACHELOR, JOSEPH BACHELLER, JOSEPH BACHELDER, JOSEPH BATCHELOR, or JOSEPH BATCHELDER, Salem, youngest son of the first John Bachiler of the same, married 8 October 1677, Miriam Moulton, had Joseph, born 18 July following.

JOSHUA BACHILER, JOSHUA BACHELOR, JOSHUA BACHELLER, JOSHUA BACHELDER, JOSHUA BATCHELOR, or JOSHUA BATCHELDER, Ipswich, brother of Henry Bachiler of the same, came from Kent, but no more can be heard of him, except that he had at least three children John, Elizabeth, and Hannah, wife of Daniel Warner of the same, entitled to share in the estate of his brother Henry Bachiler.

MARK BACHILER, MARK BACHELOR, MARK BACHELLER, MARK BACHELDER, MARK BATCHELOR, or MARK BATCHELDER, Wenham, freeman 1663, may have been son of the preceding or not, was a soldier in the Company of Gardner, and in the great battle of 19 December 1675 was killed with his Captain.

NATHANIEL BACHILER, NATHANIEL BACHELOR, NATHANIEL BACHELLER, NATHANIEL BACHELDER, NATHANIEL BATCHELOR, or NATHANIEL BATCHELDER, Hampton, eldest son of the Reverend Stephen Bachiler, born about 1611, married 1656 Deborah Smith, daughter of John Smith, and had, it is said, seventeen children (only nine by her), many of whose names it might be not easy to find, but one was Nathaniel.  At Woburn he took second wife 31 October 1676, Mary Carter, widow of John Wyman, and daughter of Reverend Thomas Carter, had eight children, and from Coffin's gatherings in Genealogical Registrar VI. 207 we learn that he had third wife Elizabeth.  She was widow of John Knill of Charlestown, married 23 October 1689. 

STEPHEN BACHILER, STEPHEN BACHELOR, STEPHEN BACHELLER, STEPHEN BACHELDER, STEPHEN BATCHELOR, or STEPHEN BATCHELDER, Lynn, the first minister there, born about 1561, came to Boston in the William and Francis, 5 June 1632, from London, preached at Lynn next year, was freeman 6 May 1635, and next year was at Ipswich, perhaps at Yarmouth 1637, but in 1638 went to Newbury, in 1639 to Hampton, whence in 1641 he was dismissed, and some time after may be heard of at Saco.  Willis, I. 37. Finally in 1653 or 4 he went home, leaving third wife Mary here, who prayed for division in 1656, because he was gone to England and had taken new wife.  Her suit may hardly have prospered for, in his History of Lynn, Lewis copies from York records sentence against her, in 1651, for adultery, and that she and her paramour were whipped for it.  Probably he had good reason for leaving her, and in few years after, he died 1660, at Hackney, near London.  Some account though imperfect, we have of four sons and three daughters.  One had married in England John Sanborn, who was dead before the family crossed the ocean; another called Theodata, had, in England probably married Christopher Hussey, after of Lynn, removed to Hampton, and she died 1649; and Deborah married John Wing, of Lynn, who removed to Sandwich.  Names of sons were Henry, Nathaniel, before mentioned Francis, and Stephen, who both were of London, and the last is said to have been living 1685, but the dates of births are all unknown.  Descendants are very numerous.  See Winth I. and II. in many places; Prince's Annals sub. 1632; and Lewis, most copiously, Ed. 2d pp. 78, and 92-97.

WILLIAM BACHILER, WILLIAM BACHELOR, WILLIAM BACHELLER, WILLIAM BACHELDER, WILLIAM BATCHELOR, or WILLIAM BATCHELDER, Charlestown 1634, freeman 1644, by wife Jane, had Seaborn, baptized 11 January 1635, probably died young; Abigail, 2 July 1637; and by wife Rachel, had Joseph, born 20 August 1644; and he died says the gravestone 20 February 1670, aged about 72.  His will made nine days before gives us knowledge of other children besides Joseph and Abigail, who are named in it.  She had married 11 November 1659, Richard Austin.  The wife Rachel was made executrix, and provisions in the will follows for her daughter of the same name, wife of Philip Atwood, and I judge; for Susanna Lawrence, his grandchild, daughter of Susanna his daughter, who had married 2 November 1664, John Lawrence, and was dead, and for several other grandchildren named Cromwell, of whose father or mother I have inquired assidously but in vain.  Correct spelling of various family with name of so nearly simple sound, must be unattained and after trying, different heads, I felt compelled to use only one.  Under its many shapes, in 1829, Farmer found eleven had been graduates at New England colleges.


FRANCIS BACKUS, Saco, one of the selectmen 1688.

STEPHEN BACKUS, Norwich 1660, son of William Backus, by wife Sarah Gardiner, daughter of Lyon Gardiner, had Sarah, born April 1668; Stephen, October 1670; Mary, November 1672; Ruth, 19 December 1674; Lydia, November 1677; and Timothy, 7 October 1682.

WILLIAM BACKUS, Saybrook 1638, had there William and Stephen, removed to Norwich about 1660, was freeman 1663, and died June 1664, leaving second wife Ann, who died May 1670.  His first wife was Sarah Charles, daughter of John Charles.

WILLIAM BACKUS, Norwich, son of the preceding, married Elizabeth Pratt, (probably the eldest daughter of William Pratt of Saybrook), who died 1730, aged 87, had William, born 1660; John, 1661; perhaps Sarah, 1663; Samuel, 1665; Joseph, 6 September 1667; and Nathaniel, 1669; and died about 1720.  Of this name twelve had, in 1828, been graduates at Yale and Dartmouth colleges.  Reverend Isaac Backus, distinguished minister of Middleborough, died 1806, aged 82.


ANDREW BACON, Hartford 1639, one of the original proprietors, born probably in Rutlandshire England, had perhaps been of Cambridge, was Representative 1642 to 56, soon after removed to Hadley, and died 1669.  His wife was Elizabeth, who had been widow of Timothy Standley, brought from England as his wife, but he had no children.

DANIEL BACON, Charlestown, son probably of one Michael Bacon, brother of another brought from Ireland as tradition goes, freeman 26 May 1647, was an original projector of settlement at Woburn 1640, there had Thomas, born 13 April 1640; John, 8 September 1647; Isaac, 4 April 1650; Rachel, 4 June 1652; Jacob, 2 June 1654; Lydia, 6 March 1656; Daniel; and John; removed about 1669 to Cambridge village now Newton, says Jackson, who tells of his wife Mary Read of Bridgewater, and that he died 7 September 1691.  His widow died within 4 weeks.

DANIEL BACON, Boston 1660, son of the preceding, removed to Salem, there married 1 August 1664, Susanna Spencer, daughter of Michael Spencer, had Daniel, born 1665; Alice, 28 October 1669, died soon; Susanna, 18 July 1670; Mary, 8 June 1673; Michael, 23 October 1676; Lydia, 23 February 1679, died young; and John, 24 January 1681.

DANIEL BACON, Dedham, son of John Bacon of the same, married 21 April 1685, Elizabeth Martin, perhaps daughter of Richard Martin, had Daniel, Isaac, and Timothy.

FRANCIS BACON, Boston, of who I see no more, except that he was freeman 1665.

GEORGE BACON, Hingham, a mason, came in the Increase from London 1635, aged 43, with children Samuel, 12; Susan, 10; and John, 8; and died 1642.  Lincoln's History 43.

ISAAC BACON, Newton, son of Daniel Bacon of the same, died 1684, leaving wife Abigail, who died 10 July 1715, but no children.

JACOB BACON, Newton, brother of the preceding, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 26 March 1677, died next year; Jacob, 9 March 1680; John, 27 February 1683; Elizabeth, again, 12 May 1684, died young; Ruhami, 8 April 1686, died young; Mary, 1689; Elizabeth, again, 6 May 1692; and Isaac, 28 June 1698; and by second wife Dorothy Bradhurst, daughter of Ralph Bradhurst of Roxbury, had Ruhami, again, 18 December 1700; Abigail, 16 February 1702; John and Dorothy, twins born at Roxbury, 30 July 1704; and Ralph, November 1706. 

JAMES BACON, Roxbury 1673, freeman 1674. 

JEREMIAH BACON, Barnstable, son of Nathaniel Bacon the first, married 10 December 1686, Elizabeth Howes, perhaps daughter of Joseph Howes of Yarmouth, had Sarah, born 16 October 1687; Ann, 16 November 1688; Mercy, 30 January 1690; all baptized 26 April 1691, as in Genealogical Registrar X. 347, but with wrong name, Pason, instead of Bacon; Samuel, 15, baptized 17 April 1692; Joseph, 15, baptized 23 June 1695; Ebenezer, 11 March baptized 19 June 1698; Elizabeth, baptized 17 September 1699, died soon; Nathaniel, 11, baptized 15 September 1700; Job, born 23 March 1703; and Elizabeth, again, 6 August 1705.

JOHN BACON, Dedham, son of Michael Bacon the first of the same, born in Ireland, as tradition gives it, freeman 1647, (the name spelled with k) by wife Rebecca, had John, born 17 July 1656; Rebecca, 1658, who married 13 February 1679, John Gay; Daniel, 10 March 1661, before mentioned; Samuel, 8 October 1665; and Thomas, 23 August 1667; besides  Mary, who married Nathaniel Kingsbury; and Susanna, who married Jonathan Dewing; and he died 17 June 1683.  His widow died 27 October 1694.  Of this first John Bacon, descendants still enjoy part of their ancestral property and from this stock is the Reverend Leonard Bacon of New Haven, the perspicacious student of early New England manners.

JOHN BACON, Charlestown, perhaps son of Daniel Bacon the first, for all the knowledge of which we are indebted to Hammond's Diary, related that his child (as if he had but one) died 18 March, his wife on 20th, and himself on 7 April 1678, all of smallpox.  By Mr. Wyman I am informed that he married 2 September 1668, Susanna Draper, daughter of James Draper, had John, born 27 August 1670; Susanna, 3 January 1672; and Ephraim, 17 November 1675.  The day before his death he made his will in favor of the two sons of which John was living several years after.

JOHN BACON, Dedham, eldest son of the first John Bacon of the same, married 15 December 1683, Lydia Dewing, perhaps daughter of Andrew Dewing of the same, had Lydia, Rebecca, John, and Michael, perhaps others, and died 27 October 1732.

JOHN BACON, Barnstable, son of Nathaniel Bacon the first, married 17 June 1686, Mary Howes, perhaps daughter of Joseph Howes of Yarmouth, had Hannah, born 7 June 1687; Desire, 15 March 1689; Nathaniel, 16 January 1692; Patience, 15 June 1694; John, 21 March 1697; all baptized 2 October 1698; Isaac, born 29 March 1699; Solomon, 3 April 1701; and Jude, 9 December 1703.

JOHN BACON, Watertown, and Newton, perhaps youngest brother of Jacob Bacon, from 1690, by wife Abigail, who died 10 July 1715, had Mary, baptized I suppose, at Watertown, as Bond furnishes the fact, 25 December 1687; and John, born 28 March 1689.

JOSEPH BACON, Farmington 1686, had wife who joined the church January 1687.

MICHAEL BACON, or MIGHILL BACON, Dedham 1640, brought it is said, from Ireland, wife and four children, Michael, Daniel, John and Sarah, named In his will, of 14 April 1618, probated in the following spring.  His wife had died 1617.

MICHAEL BACON, Woburn, eldest son of the preceding, probably lived some time at Charlestown, but at Woburn by wife Mary, had probably Michael, unless he were born at Charlestown; Elizabeth, born 4 January 1642; and Sarah, 24 August 1644, perhaps others.  His wife died 26 August 1655, and he married 26 October following Mary Noyes, who died 19 May 1670; removed to Billerica about 1678, had no more children, and died 4 July 1688.

MICHAEL BACON, Woburn, eldest son of the preceding, married 22 March 1660, Sarah Richardson, daughter of Thomas Richardson of the same, had Mary, born 1 March 1661; Sarah, 24 August 1663; Abigail, 5 March 1666; and he died I think, before his father. 

NATHANIEL BACON, Barnstable, married 4 December 1642, Hannah Mayo, daughter of Reverend John Mayo, had Hannah, born 4 September 1643, baptized 8 December 1644; Nathaniel, born 5, baptized 15 February 1616; Mary, 12, baptized 20 August 1618; Samuel, 20 February baptized 9 March 1651; Elizabeth, born 28 January 1654; Jeremiah, 8 May 1657; Mercy, 8 February 1660; and John.  He was proposed as freeman 1645, chosen Representative 1655, and made an Assistant of Plymouth Colony 1667.  Hannah married Thomas Walley, and next Reverend George Shove.  Mercy, married 18 July 1683, John Otis, third of that name.

NATHANIEL BACON, Middletown 1653, is called son of William Bacon of the parish of Stretton, County Rutland, by wife Ann Miller, daughter of Thomas Miller of the same, had Nathaniel, who died 8 April 1655; Hannah, born 14 April 1655; Andrew, 4 February 1657, died at 5 years; Nathaniel, 20 July 1659, whose name was changed for Thomas; John, 14 March 1661; Mary, 7 April 1664; Andrew, again, 10 June 1666; Abigail, 13 July 1670; Lydia, 18 February 1673; perhaps another Nathaniel, whose date may be lost.  His wife died 6 July 1680, and he married 17 April 1682, Elizabeth Pierpont, probably widow of one whose name is not seen, had Beriah, 17 August of the same year, unless we suppose an error in the record of marriage or of birth.  He was nephew of Andrew Bacon, had part of his uncle's estate and died 27 January 1706, having made his will 1698, probated twelve days after his death in which are named sons Thomas, John, Andrew, Nathaniel, and Beriah, with daughters Hannah, Mary, Abigail, and Lydia.  Evidence, given in 1661, by Deacon John Fletcher of Milford (who died the following year) relative to the ancestry of this Nathaniel, at which was present a party adversely interested might, without violence, be construed to refer equally to the Barnstable family though it is less probable.

NATHANIEL BACON, Barnstable, son of the first Nathaniel Bacon, married 27 March 1673, Sarah Hinckley, daughter of Governor Hinckley, had Nathaniel, born 9 September 1674 ; Mary, 9 October 1677; Elizabeth, 11 April 1680; and Samuel, 20 January 1682.  His wife died 16 February 1687; and he died December 1691.

RICHARD BACON, may be that passenger in 1635 on board the James from Bristol, called Becon by Richard Mather, when he relates the loss of his right hand in the great August storm, for which see Young's Chronicles of Massachusetts 475.  Certainly no more is known of him.

SAMUEL BACON, Barnstable, married 9 May 1659, Martha Foxwell, had Samuel, born 9 March 1660; and Martha, 6 January 1662.

SAMUEL BACON, Barnstable, son of Nathaniel Bacon the first, married 17 December 1675, Mary Jacob, daughter of John Jacob of Hingham, whither he removed, had Hannah, born 12 October 1676, died at 2 months; Hannah, again, 10 February 1678; and Mary, 7 February 1680; and he died 18 February 1631.

THOMAS BACON, Roxbury 1665, had Joseph, born 1 January 1666; and George, 12 September 1671, who died at 2 years, and the father died 25 October 1701.

WILLIAM BACON, Salem 1640, brother of Michael Bacon, had Isaac, baptized 12 September 1641; and died November 1653, leaving widow Rebecca Potter, daughter it is said, of Thomas Potter of Coventry, who had been Mayor of that borough.  His will mentioned wife and son, also Ann Potter.  They had lived in Dublin, and, on the outbreak of the Irish rebellion, she was sent over here, says tradition and her husband followed soon; but her brother Humphrey Potter and other relatives perished in the massacre.  Her will of 23 March 1655, probated 29 November following, names cousins, i. e. niece, Ann Potter, and John Bacon, besides sister Judith in Old England.  Some community of origin may be, perhaps, traced to this tradition and to that of Michael; yet the flight from the rebellion would seem more natural in that early day to be directed to England Felt says, William was freeman after 1643; but the evidence is not seen.  In 1834 Farmer found the graduates of this name to be seven at Yale, four at Harvard, and four at other New England colleges, the earliest of who Jacob Bacon, Harvard College 1731, minister of Plymouth, was great grandson of the first Michael Bacon.


BENJAMIN BADCOCK, Milton, son of George Badcock, married 11 February 1673, Hannah Daniel, daughter of William Daniel, had William, born about 1684, and in January 1692, administration was given on his estate.

EBENEZER BADCOCK, Sherburn, son of Robert Badcock, by wife Hannah, had Abigail, born 5 March 1687; Hannah, 28 September 1690, probably died young; Hannah, again, 25 March 1694; and Ebenezer, 4 September 1697; was selectman 1711, and died 15 December 1717.

ENOCH BADCOCK, Dorchester, brother of Robert Badcock, died 1711, leaving William, Susan, Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah.

GEORGE BADCOCK, New Haven 1640, servant of Governor Eaton, under indenture for six years, may have removed to Dorchester, lived in that part now Milton, perhaps brother of Robert Badcock of the same, had George, born 26 February 1658; possibly other children.

GEORGE BADCOCK, Milton, son perhaps of the preceding, or of Robert Badcock, had, as Morse supposes, Dorothy, who married Ebenezer Wood, and, it may be, more; yet this seems very loose, without dates.  His will, of 26 September 1671, mentioned wife Mary, sons Benjamin, Return, Enoch, and several daughters.

JAMES BADCOCK, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, among freeman in 1655, removed to the other side of Narraganset Bay.  See Babcock, and observe, that the strange delusion of Hinman about the glorious Company of Leyden pilgrims by the Ann, 1623, is adopted by Morse, as if such a brat were better reared than stifled.

ROBERT BADCOCK, Dorchester 1648, next of Milton, had Nathaniel, born 14 March 1658; Caleb, 1660; Ebenezer, baptized at Dorchester 5 July 1663; Hopestill, 8 November 1663; Hannah, 28 May 1665; Elizabeth, 24 October 1666;  besides other children of which one I think, was George.  Harvard college calalogue has the spelling unchanged.


GILES BADGER, Newbury 1635, married Elizabeth Greenleaf, daughter of Edmund Greenleaf, had John, born 30 June 1643; and died 10 July 1647.  His will, of 29 June, was probated in September, and his widow married 16 February following Richard Brown.

JOHN BADGER, Newbury, son of the preceding, by wife Elizabeth, who died 8 April 1669, had John, born 4 April 1664, died soon; John, again, 26 April 1665; Sarah, 25 January 1667; and James, 19 March 1669.  For second wife he married 23 February 1671, Hannah Swett, daughter of Stephen Swett, had Stephen, 13 December following; Hannah, 3 December 1673; Nathaniel, 16 January 1676; Mary, 2 May 1678; Elizabeth, 30 April 1680; Ruth, 10 February 1683; a son 9 March 1680, died soon; Abigail, 29 June 1687; and Lydia, 30 April 1690.  He died 31 March 1691, and his wife at near the same date, both of smallpox.

NATHANIEL BADGER, Newbury 1635, brother of Giles Badger, perhaps elder, had wife Hannah, but I can hear no more of him, nor of another brother Richard Badger.

THOMAS BADGER, New Haven 1639, of who no good is told.  In 1834 four graduates of this name had come from Yale, two from Harvard, and two from other New England colleges.


WILLIAM BADLAM, Boston, by wife Joan, had John, born 8 February 1687; may be the same man that had, at Weymouth, by wife Mary, William, 20 December 1693; and Mary, 14 July 1699.


JOHN BADMAN, Boston, by wife Sarah, had Lydia, born 26 April 1656.  No more is known.


JOHN BAGG, Springfield, married 1659, Hannah Burt, daughter of Henry Burt of the same, had ten children of which few are reported, as Daniel at Westfield; John, at Springfield, died 5 September 1683; and Hannah, who married 3 February 1651, Nathaniel Sikes, and lived to 13 May 1740.


JOHN BAGLEY, who had, I suppose, been one of Lyon Gardiner's men at Saybrook in 1637, should be found at Watertown 1643, but Bond in his all embracing volume has not appointed him a place there.  One John Bagley, perhaps a son, was a soldier, and James Bagley was another of Gallop’s Company to Quebec, 1690.

ORLANDO BAGLEY, Salisbury, married 6 March 1654, Sarah Colby, daughter of Anthony Colby, had Orlando, born at Boston, 18 February 1659; and perhaps other children.

ORLANDO BAGLEY, Amesbury, son probably of the preceding, took oath of fidelity 20 December 1677, freeman 1690, married 22 December 1681, Sarah Sargent, perhaps daughter of William Sargent of the same, had Sarah, born 27 February 1683; John, 21 January 1685; Jacob, 13 December 1687, and Orlando, next day; and Judith, 13 November 1690.

SAMUEL BAGLEY, Weymouth, by wife Mary, had Samuel, born 7 September 1658; and perhaps more.

SAMUEL BAGLEY, Weymouth, son of the preceding, married Mary Thayer, daughter of Shadrach Thayer, of Braintree, had James, baptized 8 July 1688; Sarah, 17 May 1696; Abigail, 1 October 1699; and Mary, 5 July 1702.


WALTER BAGNALL, Searborough 1628, at Richmond's Isle, had great dealing with the Indians of the neighborhood, which for some imprudent or perhaps worse treatment after some years, killed him.  See Winthrop I. 62; Willis, I. 15 and 21, and Southgate 10.


ELIAS BAILEY, Newtown, Long Island, 1656.

HENRY BAILEY, Falmouth, lived before 1690, in that part now Cape Elizabeth.  Willis, I. 216.

HILKIAH BAILEY, Scarborough 1645.

JAMES BAILEY, Rowley 1663, then aged 51.

JAMES BAILEY, Newbury, or Salisbury, see Bayley.

JOHN BAILEY, Hartford, was constable in 1656, but removed to Haddam, there had Benjamin, born 15 November 1665.

JOHN BAILEY, Watertown, a minister, born at Blackburn, in Lancashire, 24 February 1644, came in 1683, preached some time as assistant to Reverend Samuel Willard, at third, or Old South church in Boston, but was settled as successor to famous John Sherman, at Watertown 6 October 1686.  His wife Lydia, by whom he had no children, died 12 April 1690; and in 1692 he removed to Boston again, became assistant minister at first church 17 July 1693, and died 12 December 1697.  John Dunton highly commends his sermon and Mather has given one of the best churches of the Magnalia to his honor.  He left widow Susanna, who married Reverend Peter Thacher.  To a brother Henry Bailey, of Manchester in England, he wrote in 1688, of his love to mother and sister Lydia Bailey in his native land of his own infirm health here, and in a querulous temper.  The Magnalia, III. 232 finds, in his early service in Ireland the wounds to his constituted "which could never be recovered".  All that need be known of him is well told by Francis, in History of Watertown 52, 8, and 141.

JOHN BAILEY, Scituate, married 25 January 1673, Sarah White, had John, born 5 November 1673; Sarah, October 1675; Mary, December 1677; Joseph, October 1679; Benjamin, April 1682; William, February 1685; Hannah, January 1688; and Samuel, August 1630.  For second wife 9 December 1699 he took Ruth Clothier; if the name be right, and died 1718.  I presume he was born on this side of the water; but who was his father is not seen.  The two elder sons perpetuated the line at Scituate.  Mary, married 1 January 1701, James Perry, and Hannah married 24 December 1716, James Briggs.

JOHN BAILEY, Marshfield, married 9 May 1677, Ann Bourne, probably daughter of John Bourne.

JOSEPH BAILEY, Bradford, son of Richard Bailey, of Salem, by wife Abigail, had Abigail; Richard, born 30 September 1675; and perhaps others, was a Deacon.

PALMER BAILEY, a miller, came in the Planter, 1635, aged 21, from Kingston, near London, but no more is heard of him.

RICHARD BAILEY, Lynn, came in the Bevis from Southampton, 1638, in the service of Richard Dummer, aged probably 15 years, brother of James Bailey of Rowley, married Edna Lambert, probably daughter of Francis Lambert of Rowley, had Joseph, but no other children is mentioned in his will of 1648.  His widow married Ezekiel Northend of Rowley before 15 November 1649.

RICHARD BAILEY, Newport, 1670, was an important man, clerk of the Council of the Colony, and named in the will of John Clark; to be one of the trustees of his charity. 

SAMUEL BAILEY, New Haven 1643.

SAMUEL BAILEY, Weymouth, by wife Mary, had Mary, born 30 April 1661; James, 21 February 1664; John, 12 December 1668; and Joseph, 18 December 1672.

THEOPHILUS BAILEY, Lynn 1645, married perhaps Ruth Ivory, daughter of Thomas Ivory the first, and died 1694.

THOMAS BAILEY, Weymouth, freeman 13 May 1640, by wife Ruth, had Christian, born 26 February 1662; Samuel, 21 February 1666; Mary, 10 February 1670; and Sarah, 29 September 1674.

THOMAS BAILEY, Milford, was a proprietor 1646, says Lambert.

THOMAS BAILEY, Watertown, a minister, younger brother of Reverend John Bailey, by wife Rebecca, had Thomas, baptized 19 August 1688; but he had before his birth made a will 26 November 1686, in which Bond says, he names son John, his wife’s brothers John and Henry; and he died 21 January 1689, aged only 30.  His widow married 26 April 1694, William Brown the second of Salem.  Of this name, including Bayley, that is perpetuated interference with this, as does this with that, the graduates in 1834 at Harvard are eleven, at Dartmouth five, Yale two, and the other New England colleges count nine, besides seven, spelled Baylies, of which four are at Harvard.


ALEXANDER BAKER, Boston, ropemaker, came in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635, aged 28, from London, with wife Elizabeth, 23; and children Elizabeth, 3; and Christian, 1; had Alexander, born 15 January 1636; Samuel, 16 January 1638; John, 20 June 1640; Joshua, 30 April 1642; Hannah, 29 September 1644; all baptized 5 October 1645, as he and his wife were administered of the church the preceding day, was freeman 1646; had, also, William, 15 May 1647; Benjamin, 16 March 1653; Josiah, 26 February 1655; and Josiah, again, 26 February 1658, if we accept the record.  Not one of the four last were baptized in first church which may provoke inquiry for the reason.  At Gloucester he had sat down on first coming; and in the grant to Reverend Richard Blinman, 1642, the same land is given that had before been offered to Alexander Baker.  His daughter Christina married 18 July 1654 Simon Roberts.

CORNELIUS BAKER, Salem, married 26 April 1658, Hannah Woodbury, daughter of John Woodbury, had Hannah, born 14 October 1660, died at 2 years; Hannah, again, 28 November 1662; lived on Beverly side 1671-86.

DANIEL BAKER, Yarmouth, son of Francis Baker, married 27 May 1674, Elizabeth Chase, daughter of William Chase the second, had Daniel, born 1675; Samuel, 1676; Elizabeth, Hannah, 1696; Thankful, 1698; and Tabitha, 1700.

EBENEZER BAKER, Salem, a soldier in Gardner's Company, wounded 19 December 1675, in the great Narraganset battle.

EDWARD BAKER, Lynn 1630, freeman 14 March 1638, had wife Jane, certainly five sons, perhaps other children besides daughter Mary, who married 7 November 1662, George Sumner of Dorchester, having followed her to Northampton where Baker lived many years, leaving sons Joseph and Timothy at Northampton whose names are misprinted batter in Genealogical Registrar IX. 88; he went back to Lynn, there died March 1687, giving estate to sons John of Dedham, Edward, and Thomas, of Lynn.

EDWARD BAKER, Lynn, son of the preceding, married 7 April 1685, Mary Marshall, daughter of Captain John Marshall, was Ensign of the military, and freeman 1691.

FRANCIS BAKER, Boston, came in the Planter, 1635, aged 24, married 1641, Isabel Twining, perhaps daughter of William Twining, had Nathaniel, born 27 March 1642; removed to Yarmouth, and there had John; Samuel, 1 May 1648; Daniel, 2 September 1650; William; Thomas; Elizabeth, who married John Chase; and Hannah, who married a Pierce, and he died 1696, in 85th year.  In his will of 4 March 1693, as all these children but Samuel are named, it may be thought that he was dead.  His widow died 16 May 1706.

JAMES BAKER, Dorchcester, known to us solely by the gravestone, which tells, that he died 30 March 1721, aged 69; but we may guess, that he was father of that James Baker, whose gravestone says, that he "died 24 August 1734, aged 60 years 20 days."

JEFFREY BAKER, Windsor, married 25 November 1612, Joan Rockwell, daughter of William Rockwell, had Samuel, born 30 March 1644; Hepzibah, 10 May 1646; Mary, 15 July 1649; Abiel, a daughter 23 December 1652, died young; and Joseph, 18 June 1655; and 7 July following the father died.  His widow married 1668, Richard Ingram.

JOHN BAKER, Ipswich, 1634, freeman 14 May of that year perhaps, is in later years mentioned in the town record with prefix of respect; yet so frequent is the concurrence of this name of baptism with the surname, as to justify doubt, whether that day's freeman were not.

JOHN BAKER, mentioned by Frothingham, 80, as coming to Charlestown 1630, and removed 1637, or that

JOHN BAKER, of who Winthrop II. 29, tells, how he removed from Boston to Newbury, grew rich too fast, went thence to York, and back with contrition to Boston.  Assignment of residence becomes especially difficult in such cases, as in the freeman of 2 June 1641, where twice John Baker is counted and after minute comparison of the incident belonged to the names above and below each John, a confident conjecture may be offered that one was of Ipswich, perhaps he who was born at Norwich, County Norfolk, a grocer, that came 1637, aged 39, to Boston, in the Rose of Yarmouth, with Elizabeth, his wife 31, three children Elizabeth, John, and Thomas, four servants Mercy, and Ann Alexarson, aged 24, and 20, respectively, Bridget Bull, 32; and Samuel Ayres or Samuel Acres, 14, as certified copy of record from her Majesty's Remembrancer Office instructed me.  See 4 Massachusetts History Collections I. 96, print. 1852, or Genealogical Registrar XIV. 324, 5, printed 1860, where his last name is various Ipswich, John had, also, Martha, who married Obadiah Antrim. To this Ipswich John and his wife Elizabeth, the widow Alice Ward gave, on her deathbed, March 1653, her daughter Sarah and her property to bring up the said children.  For the other, Charlestown is entitled unless better claiming appear, for he had, by wife Rebecca, there baptized Sarah 13 September 1640.

JOHN BAKER, who removed 1642 to Dover, and was Representative 1650.

JOHN BAKER, Boston, that early member of the church, who by wife Charity, had Charity, baptized 12 April 1635, may be the freeman of 18 May 1642.

JOHN BAKER of Wells, who may be the man, that had house in 1675 on west side of Kennebeck, lived near Arowsick Island when the war broke out, was, we know sworn freeman 1653; but tolerable sure am I, that

JOHN BAKER of Woburn was not, since he was sentenced to be whipped, and to marry Susanna Martin (the infliction of the latter part of the punishment being on 28 May 1654); by her he had John, born 25 March preceding; Mary, 22 February 1656; Joseph, 15 June 1657, died soon; Joseph, again, 1 February 1660; Susanna, 15 March 1652, died soon; Susanna, again, 12 April 1663; a son whose name is not seen on the record 8 March 1664, died next week; Samuel, 21 April 1665; Benjamin, 24 May 1667; James, 10 June 1670; Jonathan, 2 April 1674; and William, 18 August 1679. 

JOHN BAKER, Boston, blacksmith, Artillery Company 1644, had married eldest daughter of Thomas Swift, of Dorchester, several years (probably ten) before 5 November 1657, which date from the MS volume in the Boston office of registrations, usually accepted as a record while it is only a copy, is truly printed from the false certifate of Governor John Winthrop, who died 26 March 1649 as the error may be read in Genealogical Registrar XI. 202.  By her he had John, who died young, 20 June 1654; Thomas, born 12 February 1654; Samuel, 16 April 1650, died in 3 months; Nathaniel, 4 April 1656, died soon; of which four children the false certificate on record would make all born before the marriage.  Also he had John, again, 17 July 1658, died in few months; and Elizabeth, 26 June 1660; and died I think in July 1666, leaving good estate but in his will of 26 March preceding, names only the son Thomas, and daughter Elizabeth.  For second wife he married 8 January 1664, Thankful Foster, eldest daughter of Hopestill Foster, had John, born 26 February 1665; and Silence, posthumous, who died soon.  His wife long survived, died 17 January 1698. 

JOHN BAKER, Dorchester, son perhaps of Richard Baker, freeman 1673, married 11 July 1667, Preserved Trott, daughter of Thomas Trott, had Sarah, born 12 July 1668; Mary, 10 November 1670, died at 2 months; John, 25 November 1671; James, 4 August 1674; Mary, again, 24 August 1676; Thankful, 13 April 1679; Hannah, 22 July 1682, died at 1 year; Elizabeth, 18 July 1684; Hannah, again, 11 July, 1687 died at 3 years; and Abijah, posthumous 25 February 1691.  He died 26 August 1690, and his widow died 25 November 1711.

JOHN BAKER, Roxbury, had only Thomas, husband there 20 May 1676. 

JOHN BAKER, Ipswich, son of John Baker of the same, brought from England, married 13 May 1667, Catharine Perkins, daughter of Reverend William Perkins, had Elizabeth, born 1670; John; and perhaps others.

JOHN BAKER, Yarmouth, son of Francis Baker, by wife Alice, had John, born May 1672; Bethia, November 1673; Sarah, September 1677; Jonathan; Isaac; Mary; and Elizabeth.

JOHN BAKER, Hull, freeman 1677.

JOHN BAKER, Hartford, was there as early as 1665, married Lydia Baysey, daughter of John Baysey, had John, Baysey, and Joseph, all sons, and perhaps other children.  His wife died 16 May 1700.

JOHN BAKER, Dorchester, freeman 1677. 

JOHN BAKER, New London 1678, perhaps son of William Baker.

JOHN BAKER, Dedham, son of Edward Baker, was living there 1678, may have been father of that Daniel Baker, born 18 April 1686, Harvard College 1706, who was minister of Sherborn, ordained 1713.

JOHN BAKER, Woburn, perhaps son of John Baker of the same, married 18 October 1682, Hannah Polley, daughter of George Polley, had Hannah, born 5 December 1683, died soon; Hannah, again, 3 August 1685; and John, 27 June 1687, perhaps more.

JOSEPH BAKER, Northampton, son of Edward Baker, married 5 February 1663, Ruth Holton, daughter of William Holton, was killed by the Indians 29 October 1675, with his son Joseph, born 20 January 1665; leaving Ruth, born 6 May 1668; Mary, 5 September 1670; and Samuel, 11 September 1672.  Joseph was the name given to his posthumous son born 25, baptized 30 January following.  His widow married 1678, Thomas Lyman.

JOSEPH BAKER, Boston 1675, a tailor.

JOSEPH BAKER, Windsor, son of Jeffrey Baker of the same, married 30 January 1677, Hannah Cook, widow of Thomas Buckland the younger, daughter of Nathaniel Cook, had Joseph, born 13 April 1678; Lydia, 5 July 1681; and Samuel, 17 October 1684, who died 16 October 1685.  The father died 11 December 1691; and his widow married John Loomis.  Yet the recent history of Windsor, page 526, gives two more children, Hannah, 19 December 1686, who died next year; and Ebenezer, 17 July 1689, which may be correct.  But great is my doubt of the accuracy of his addition of second wife 8 July 1702, Hannah Pomeroy of Northampton, and ten more children the latest, 14 May 1722.  Hinman, in his calalogue of 1852, page 110, says, his will was made 1691, and he died that year, referred to Windsor record probably Stiles confused two persons.

JOSEPH BAKER, Woburn, probably son of John Baker the first, of the same, married 4 October 1686, Hannah Bauk, if rightly this name be written.

JOSHUA BAKER, New London, son of Alexander Baker, married 13 September 1674, Hannah, widow of Tristram Minter, had Elizabeth, born 9 May 1676; Alexander, 16 December 1677; Joshua, 5 January 1679; John, 24 December 1681; Hannah and Sarah, twins January 1684; Mercy; Benjamin; and Patience; and he died 27 December 1717, his wife survived.  His daughter Elizabeth married Richard Atwell.

LANCELOT BAKER, Boston, by wife Judith, had Elizabeth, born 13 December 1644; removed to New Haven, and had John, born 31 December 1651.

MARK BAKER, Hampton 1678.

NATHANIEL BAKER, Hingham 1635, by wife (who is mentioned but not named in the will of her father William Lane of Dorchester), had Mary, baptized July 1639, who married 16 December 1657, John Loring, perhaps his only child, and died 3 June 1682.  In his will of 11 May preceding after provisions for his widow and two Indians slaves, he gave most of his property to grandchildren, yet with 3 reasonable members, to six children of his late brother Nicholas, of Scituate.  See Lincoln, Cent. Addr. 39.  Farmer mistook him for son of Nicholas Baker.

NATHANIEL BAKER, Yarmouth, eldest son of Francis Baker, had three sons Samuel, born 29 October; Nathaniel, 27 January 1672; and probably the other was named Silas, says Mr. Otis.  Both he and his wife died December 1691, as Mr. Otis assures me.

NICHOLAS BAKER, Hingham 1635, brother of the first Nathaniel Baker, freeman 3 March 1636, Representative 1636 and 8, removed to Scituate, there was ordained 1660, third minister of the First Church, and was of such good temper as to reconcile the two churches which had quarrelled for thirty years.  He had Samuel, baptized 7 October 1638; John, 6 November 1642; Elizabeth, November 1644; and Deborah, 6 June 1652.  Mather, with his habitual carelessness, says, in the Magnalia III. 219, "he had but a private education" taking occasion to utter one of his brilliant clauses; yet I found at St. John's college Cambridge that he had his A.B. 1631-2, and A.M. 1635.  A short time he stopped at Roxbury.  His wife that probably was mother of all his children died 4 April 1661, and he next year took another, of who the baptized name Grace only is known, and died 22 August 1678, aged 67.  Her he made executrix of his will, in which he names six children, Samuel, Nicholas, Elizabeth, Sarah, Deborah, and Mary.  The widow Grace died 22 January 1697.  All the daughters were married Mary, 26 February 1662, to Stephen Vinal; Elizabeth married 1664 to John Vinal; Sarah, married 1671, Josiah Litchfield; and Deborah, married 1678, Israel Chittenden.  Deane, 181-3.

NICHOLAS BAKER, Marblehead, who Willis, I. 135, says married Elizabeth Bartlett, daughter of George Bartlett of Scarborough, may have been son of the preceding, but we want the illumination of a date.  Of one Nicholas Baker, late of Boston, mariner, who may have been a grandson of Reverend Nicholas Baker, administration was granted 8 October 1695, to his mother in law, Jane Colyer of Hull.

RICHARD BAKER, Dorchester, 1639, freeman 18 May 1642, Artillery Company 1658, by wife Faith Withington, daughter of Henry Withington, who died 3 February 1689, had Mary, born 27 April 1643, besides  five other daughters perhaps, and certainly two sons, only one having date, and one even without a given name, as by his will of 7 October 1689 is shown, viz. John; James; Thankful, wife of William Griggs; Elizabeth, wife of a Pratt; Hannah, born 9 January 1663, who had married 5 May 1685, John Wiswall; Sarah, then deceased, who had been wife of James White, married 22 February 1665, though the History of Dorchester makes her born three years later than this mother, page 106;-- also, for one daughter Mary; and one, the wife of Samuel Robinson.  He had been selectman 1653, constable, 1663, and died 25 October 1689, as Genealogical Registrar V. 395 teaches.

ROBERT BAKER, Salem, who had grant of land 1637, was killed by casualty 1640.  See Winthrop II. 24.

ROBERT BAKER, Roxbury, by wife Mary, had Robert, born 29 October 1673, who died at 11 years; Mary, 11 October 1675; Sarah, 24 December 1676; Matthew, 5 September 1678, who died at 17 years; Joseph, 4 November 1680; Benjamin, 15 August 1682; and Ann, 8 June 1685; and he died 25 October 1720.  Mentioned on the record of death is seen of two children, viz. Elizabeth, 11 September, and Jonathan, 24 September 1694, of neither of which can the births be found.

SAMUEL BAKER, Lynn, came in the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 30, from London; but he was of County Kent, says tradition, and died 16 December 1666.

SAMUEL BAKER, Marshfield, not son of Nicholas Baker, as was once thought, married 29 December 1656, Elinor Winslow, daughter of Kenelm Winslow, had Kenelm, born 23 March 1658; Lydia, 18 February 1660; Elizabeth, 18 March 1662; Alice, 19 May 1663; and Elinor; 1665; besides others in 1667, 9, and 71, of whose names, in the mutilated state of the records, no certainty can be attained.  His wife died or was buried  27 August 1676, and he married 21 February following Patience, widow perhaps of the first Moses Simmons of Duxbury, had Samuel.

SAMUEL BAKER, Windsor 1669, then among freeman, married 30 June 1670, Sarah Cooke, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Cooke of the same.

SAMUEL BAKER, Hull, son of Reverend Nicholas Baker, freeman 1677, married Fear Robinson, daughter of Isaac Robinson, removed to Barnstable, there had administration with his wife 1687, to that chuch on dismissal from Hull.

THOMAS BAKER, Milford 1639, Easthampton, Long Island, 1650, was, perhaps, that Assistant of Connecticut from 1658 to 63.

THOMAS BAKER, Roxbury, son of John Baker the first of Ipswich, freeman 1619, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 2 October 1641; John; Joseph, 24, baptized 27 February 1648; Sarah, 24, baptized 28 April 1650; Mary, baptized 6 June 1652, died in 5 weeks; Mary, again, 11 September 1653; and for second wife took 27 March or May 1663, Mary Gamlin, daughter of Robert Gamlin, had Thomas, born 7 January 1664; and Mary, 27 July 1667; and he died 28 January 1684, "old, blind, godly," in the expressed record of church.  His son Thomas was killed by the Indians at Sudbury fight April 1676, surely a very young soldier, under Wadsworth, but he had served in the Narraganset campaign as one of Johnson's Company in December before, i. e. less than twelve years old.  No incident of those days more strikingly gives proof of the extensive reach of the perils.  Sarah married 19 April 1671, Sebas Jackson; and Mary married Roger Adams.

THOMAS BAKER, Boston, by wife Leah, had Rachel, born 7 February 1659.

THOMAS BAKER, Lynn, son of the first Edward Baker of the same, married 10 July 1689, Mary Lewis, perhaps daughter of John Lewis.  In June 1730, he testified that he was 77 years old, and that Andrew Townsend of Lynn, who he had well known 55 years, was wounded in the great Narraganset fight, 19 December 1675, under Captain Gardner.

THOMAS BAKER, Topsfield, son of the first John Baker of Ipswich, brought by his father 1637, freeman 1665, married 26 March 1673, Priscilla Symonds, daughter of Deputy Governor Samuel Symonds, had Priscilla, born 8 December 1674; Martha, 14 October 1682; Rebecca, 16 November 1685; Thomas, 17 February 1688; John, 6 January 1691; and Elizabeth, baptized 17 September 1693.  He died 18 March 1718, aged by family tradition 81 years 6 months 5 days; so born 13 September 1636; and the widow died 2 January 1733, aged 85.  Priscilla married Isaac Appleton, was a military officer, and Representative 1686, 9, and 90.

THOMAS BAKER, a minister 1678 at Newport, I hear nothing more of.

THOMAS BAKER, New London 1686, may have been son of William Baker, and certainly left children, but names and dates of them are unknown.

THOMAS BAKER, of Boston, was head of a family 1691.

THOMAS BAKER at Lynn was freeman 1691.

THOMAS BAKER, Yarmouth, youngest son of Francis Baker, by wife Bathsheba, had Mary, born 7 April 1701; and Thomas, 4 March 1703.

TIMOTHY BAKER, Northampton, son of Edward Baker, freeman 1676, married 16 January 1672, Grace Marsh, daughter of John Marsh of Hadley, had Grace, born 1673, died soon; Timothy, 1675; and his wife died 31 May 1676.  For second wife he took Sarah Hollister, widow of Reverend Hope Atherton, daughter of John Hollister, and had John, born 3 February 1680; Thomas, 14 May 1682; Edward, 12 November 1685 ; Prudence, 14 May 1687; and Deliverance, 13 November 1689.  His wife died 8 December 1691; and he died 30 August 1729.  His third son was the youth, who married Christina Otis, daughter of Richard Otis, that was taken by the Indians at 3 months old, from Dover; with her mother, when they killed her father 1689, and carried to Canada, there after a priestly education, made a Catholic by baptism, and married a Frenchman, who had by her two children before his death.  Baker had been made a prisoner by the Indians, probably taken to Canada in 1704, and in different capacity in 1719, accompanied Colonel Stoddard to bring home the prisoners from Quebec.  Many descendants in New England and remote parts spring from this marriage, among others, Honorable John Wentworth, late M.C. from Chicago, and present Mayor of that prosperous city.

WALTER BAKER, Scituate, was suspected in 1651, of murder of John Winter; but no support was found for that surmise.

WILLIAM BAKER, Charlestown 1633, freeman 3 September 1634, having joined the church in August 1633, was one of the petitioners in favor of Wheelwright, but seasonably changed his mind, and continued in good standing; by wife Joan, had Sarah (Mr. Wyman calls her Mary), baptized 20 May 1638; Stephen, 20 February 1642; and Martha, 21 April 1644; was a selectman 1646, and died 8 November 1658.  His widow died 26 September 1669.  Frothingham, 82, 5.

WILLIAM BAKER, Plymouth 1643, may, I think, have been first of Rhode Island, as early as 1638, and probably went thither again, being counted among the freeman 1655, at Portsmouth.

WILLIAM BAKER, Boston, pump-maker, married 23 September 1651, Mary Eddington, daughter of Edmund Eddington, had Mary, born 16 May 1602, died at 3 months; John, 14 December 1653; and William, 19 October 1650.  His wife died 12 December following, and he married 22 April next, Pilgrim Eddy, eldest daughter of John Eddy of Watertown.  But great uncertain or confusion appears after this, for Bond, 203, and 755, makes a doubt, whether she were wife of P. Stedman before or after Baker.  Yet she was young, when Baker married her, and he removed probably to Concord, and there he or another William died, leaving widow Mary and son William.  His inventory is of 17 June 1679.

WILLlAM BAKER, New London 1652-60, was perhaps father of Thomas Baker.

WILLIAM BAKER, Yarmouth, son of Francis Baker, by wife Mercy, had Mercy, born 6 January 1698; William, 8 January 1694; Dorcas, 15 November 1696; Experience, 8 January 1698; Judah, 2 March 1701; Elizabeth, 11 February 1703; Josiah, 16 December 1704; Joanna, 8 February 1707; and Patience, 27 February 1709; and died 1727.  His widow died 1753.  Of this name, 1834, Farmer counts nine graduates at Harvard, seven at Yale, four at Dartmouth, and seven at the other colleges in New England, probably as the name is so very common, some families are omitted.


BENJAMIN BALCH, Beverly, eldest son of the first John Balch of the same, married Sarah Gardner, daughter of the first Thomas Gardner, had Samuel, born 1651; John, 1654; Joseph, a soldier of "the flower of Essex" under Captain Lathrop, killed by the Indians 18 September 1675, at Bloody Brook; and Freeborn, 9 August 1660; and he died about 1706, many years after his wife, as we infer from her not being mentioned in his will of 18 January 1689.  Being called 77 years old, it has been hastily assumed that he was the first born of Massachusetts as the late Dr. Bentley stoutly asserted the same honor for John Massey, and brought forward, as his best evidence the cradle, in which he was rocked.  But Felt seems to prove, that Roger, son of Roger Conant, was born at Salem before Massey or Balch.  It is thought all of this name in New England descendants. 

FREEBORN BALCH, Salem, youngest son of the first John Balch, disappears about 1658, probably going for England that year, and not heard of after.

JOHN BALCH, Salem, one of the earliest settlers of Massachusetts from the vicinity of Bridgewater, County Somerset, came, it is said with sufficient probability in 1623, with Robert Gorges, to make establishment at Cape Ann, or Nantasket, and on encouragement from White the minister of Dorchester, a most earnest promoter of the colony, removed with Roger Conant to plant at Salem, on Beverly side, then called Bass river. He required administration as freeman 19 October 1630, and took the oath 18 May following.  By his wife Margaret, one of the earliest members of the church of Higginson, was born Benjamin, about 1623, John, and Freeborn; but he had second wife Agnes, or Annis, named with those sons in his will of 15 May, probated 28 June 1648.

JOHN BALCH, Beverly, son of the preceding, married Mary Conant, daughter of Roger Conant, had Mary, who died young; and it is not seen, that he had other issue, except daughter Mary, again.  He was drowned 16 June 1662, and his widow married William Dodge.  Good memoirs of this family is printed in Geneal. Reo. IX. 233.  Farmer notes, that in 1829 five of this name had been graduates at Harvard, and one at Dartmouth.


ALEXANDER BALCOM, or ALEXANDER BOLKCOM, Providence, called junior when he swore allegiance May 1682, though of an earlier Alexander Balcom there, perhaps his father I find nothing.  He removed to that part of Rehoboth, since called Attleborough, married Sarah Woodcock, daughter of John Woodcock, had William, born 3 September 1692; Catharine, 7 February 1694; Alexander, 4 April 1696; John, 29 April 1699; Baruch, 12 June 1702; Sarah, 8 February 1704; and Joseph, 23 February 1706; and died 31 January 1728.  See the valuable History of Attleborough, by Daggett.

HENRY BALCOM, or HENRY BOLKCOM, Charlestown, married Elizabeth Haines, daughter of John Haines, had Sarah, who died 8 December 1665, probably very young; Hannah, 16 March 1668; John, 15 October 1669; Elizabeth, 14 August 1672; and Joseph, 17 December 1674.  The son had estate at Sudbury, given by their grandfather.


BENJAMIN BALDWIN, Milford, second son of Joseph Baldwin the first of the same, long before the will of his father, removed probably with the great migration to New Jersey about 1668; or at least no more of him is known

DANIEL BALDWIN, Milford, son of Nathaniel Baldwin of the same, married 27 June 1667, Elizabeth Botsford, daughter of Henry Botsford, had Daniel, born 1668; Elizabeth, 1670; both died young; Samuel, 29 December 1673; Daniel, again, 1678; John, 1679; and Elizabeth, again, 1680.

DANIEL BALDWIN, Woburn, son of Henry Baldwin the first, married 6 January 1685, Hannah Richardson, daughter probably of Joseph Richardson of the same, had Hannah, born 21 August 1686; Phebe, 13 May 1690; Henry and Joseph, twins 15 March 1693; Susanna, 31 March 1694; Daniel, 16 December 1693; Dorcas, 18 October 1697; Joseph, again, 17 March 1699; Dorcas, again, 11 August 1701; John, 28 August 1703; Rebecca, 19 December 1705; Benjamin, 30 March 1707; and Phebe, again, 28 December 1708.

DAVID BALDWIN, Milford, youngest brother of Benjamin Baldwin, married 11 November 1674, Mary Stream, daughter of John Stream of the same, had three sons whose names are not known to me, and died 1689.

GEORGE BALDWIN, Boston, by wife Ann, had John, born 25 October 1639, who died under 4 years, perhaps removed to Warwick, there was among the freeman in 1655.  In 1672 one of this name was at Huntington, Long Island, but we may not infer that he was the same, as this family name was very abundant especially in Connecticut whose people spread much upon Long Island,

HENRY BALDWIN, Portsmouth 1631, sent by Mason, the patentee.  See Adams, Annals 18.

HENRY BALDWIN, Woburn, freeman 1652, was, as is said, from Devonshire, married 1 November 1649, Phebe Richardson, eldest daughter of Ezekiel Richardson, of the same, had Susanna, born 30 August 1650, died soon; Susanna, again, 25 July 1652; Phebe, 7 September 1654; John, 28 October 1636; Daniel, 15 March 1659; Timothy, 27 May 1661; Mary, 19 July 1663, died within 6 months; Henry, 15 November 1664; Abigail, 20 August 1667; Ruth, 21 July 1670; and Benjamin, 20 February 1673; was Deacon, and died 14 February 1698.

HENRY BALDWIN, Woburn, son of the preceding, married 4 May 1692, Abigail Fiske, daughter of David Fiske the second, had Henry, born 12 January 1693; David, 9 April 1696; Isaac, 20 February 1700; Abigail, 13 February 1702, died soon; James, 11 July 1703, died at 4 years; Abigail, again, 19 November 1707; James, again, 19 October 1710; and Samuel, 31 August 1717.  David, his son was father of William Baldwin, Harvard College 1748; and of Samuel Baldwin, Harvard College 1752; and James Baldwin, his son was father of Loammi Baldwin, as the friend and pendentondent of Count Rumford, who projected the Middlesex canal, the earliest undertaking of that kind in New England, Loammi Baldwin, Harvard College 1800, a great civil engineer, was son of that Loammi Baldwin.

JOHN BALDWIN, Dedham, one of the first settlers, by wife Joanna, had John, born 24 June 1635, perhaps more.

JOHN BALDWIN, Milford 1639 (son of that Sylvester Baldwin, who coming from England in the Martin, 1638, to Boston, with this son, died on the voyage, leaving good estate), by first wife Mary, had John, born 1640 (who died unmarried about 1677, on a voyage); Josiah, 1642; Samuel, 1645; Nathaniel, 1648; Elizabeth, 1649; and Joseph, 1651; and he married 1653, Mary Bruen, daughter of Obadiah Bruen, had Mary, born 7 September 1654; Sarah, 25 December 1655; Abigail, November 1658, baptized at New Haven, 27 March following; Obadiah, October 1660; George, 1662; Hannah, 1664; and Richard, 1666; removed a year or two after to Newark, New Jersey but came back to Milford.  He made his will 24 May 1681, and died before 5 July next; in that instrument he names all the children except Samuel, Mary, and Sarah, who as well as his wife were probably dead, and we learn from it, that Elizabeth had married a Porter; that Abigail had married a Baldwin; and Hannah married 17 January of next year Dr. John Fiske.

JOHN BALDWIN, Guilford, married 12 April 1653, Hannah Birchard, probably daughter of Thomas Birchard, had John, born 5 December 1654; Hannah, 6 October 1656, and Thomas, 1662; but he had removed 1662 to Norwich.

JOHN BALDWIN, Stonington 1671, removed to New London, there married 24 July 1672, second wife Rebecca, widow of Elisha Cheesebrough, had Rebecca, born 20 May 1673; Mary, 24 February 1675; Sylvester, 4 March 1677; Sarah, 1680; and Jane, baptized October 1681; and died 19 August 1683.  From giving a child the name Sylvester; Miss Caulkins infers, that the father was son of the son, of him of the same name who died 1638 on his voyage to our shore.

JOHN BALDWIN, the passenger in the Speedwell to Boston from London, 1656, aged 21, with Mary, 20 (perhaps his sister, more probably his wife), may not be certainly determined among so many of this name.

JOHN BALDWIN, Salem, married September 1664, Arabella Norman, daughter of John Norman, had Hannah, born 15 October 1667; and John, 26 November 1668; and died November 1673.

JOHN BALDWIN, Billerica, may have been petitioner in 1603 for grant of Chelmsford, married 15 May 1655, Mary Richardson, probably eldest daughter of Thomas Richardson of Woburn, had several children of which the first, Mary, born 28 July 1659, died four days after, was freeman 1670, and died 25 December 1687, leaving sons John, Jonathan, and Thomas; daughters Susanna, Phebe, and Mary, whose descendants are very numerous in all that region.

JOHN BALDWIN, Hadley 1671.

JOHN BALDWIN, Milford, eldest son of Nathaniel Baldwin of the same, married 19 November 1663, Hannah Osborn, daughter of Richard Osborn, had one son born 1666, and perhaps soon removed to Newark.

JOHN BALDWIN, Milford, eldest son of John Baldwin the first, of the same, married 30 October 1663, Hannah Bruen, daughter of Obadiah Bruen, sister of the second wife of his father, had one son born 1665; another named Richard, 1666; removed to Newark, where it is said, are descendants.

JOHN BALDWIN, Guilford, son of John Baldwin of the same, married 1680, Experience Abell, removed to Lebanon, there died 1705, leaving widow, one son John, and four daughters.

JONATHAN BALDWIN, Northampton 1668, probably son of Joseph Baldwin, was of Milford 1674.

JOSEPH BALDWIN, Milford 1639, by wife Hannah, had Joseph, born 1640; Benjamin, 1642; Hannah, 1644; Mary, 1645; all baptized at once; Elizabeth, 1646; Martha, 1647; Jonathan, 1649; David, 1651; and Sarah, 1653; removed about 1663, to Hadley, there was freeman 1666; married for second wife Isabel Northam, widow of James, who had come with her son John, as widow Catlin, from Newark, New Jersey.  For third wife he took Elizabeth, widow of William Warriner of Springfield, and died 2 Nov 1684.  His widow died 25 April 1696; by a will in 1680 he disposed of estate judiciously, thus, land in Hadley to children of his eldest son Joseph, then disposed land in Milford to Benjamin, Jonathan, and David; personal property to his eldest daughter Hannah, wife of Jeremiah Hull of New Haven, to Mary, wife of John Catlin of Arthur Kill, New Jersey, to Elizabeth, wife of James Warriner of Springfield, to John, and Hannah Hawkes, child of John of Hatfield, in right of their mother Martha, deceased, and to Sarah, wife of Samuel Bartlett of Northampton, who was another child, perhaps youngest, of the testator.

JOSEPH BALDWIN, Hadley, son of the preceding, made freeman 1670, had first wife Elizabeth, and next married Sarah Cooley, daughter of Benjamin Cooley, and died in middle life, 21 November 1681, leaving Joseph, James, Samuel, Mary, and Hannah; but whether these children were all by the second wife or whether she married second husband is not told to me.  Of the sons, Joseph soon removed to Malden; James to Milford; and in short time this name had vanished from Hadley.

JOSIAH BALDWIN, Milford, son of John Baldwin the first, married 25 June 1667, Mary Camp, daughter probably of Edward Camp of New Haven, and died 1683, leaving young wife and seven children whose names I see not. 

NATHANIEL BALDWIN, Milford 1639, had John, before mentioned, born before 1640; Daniel, 1644; Nathaniel, 1645; Abigail, 1648, all by wife Abigail, who died 22 March 1648.  He next married Joanna Westcoat, widow it is said, of Richard Westcoat of Fairfield (but of him I know nothing), lived at Fairfield 1654, had Sarah, Deborah, and Samuel; died 1658, and his widow married Thomas Skidmore.  His children went back to Milford. 

NATHANIEL BALDWIN, Milford, not son of the preceding, was killed in the great swamp fight, 19 December 1675.  Other Nathaniels there were at Milford nearly at the same time, as in 1677 one is named senior, and another junior in a division of town lands but ten years later one called weaver, the other, cooper.

NATHANIEL BALDWIN, Milford, son of Nathaniel Baldwin the first, married 1671, Henry Botsford's daughter Hannah Botsford, had Elizabeth, born 1672; Hannah, 1674; Nathaniel, 1676; possibly Esther, 1683; and Samuel, 1684.  One Nathaniel Baldwin died at Milford 1692; and that Nathaniel Baldwin, who fell in Philip's war may have been a stranger to this blood.  That son of the first John Baldwin who bore this name would have been among the later inhabitants of Milford.    

PETER BALDWIN, Salem, married 27 May 1672, widow Rachel Dellaclose.  Felt. II. 589, shows, that Mrs. Baldwin, a French lady, from the Isle of Jersey, joined the church of Salem 4 August 1678.  In a MS he had reduced her name, when widow, to the first syllable.

RICHARD BALDWIN, Braintree 1637, had daughter Jane, and from Winthrop II. 348 is seen all that is known. 

RICHARD BALDWIN, Milford 1640, came not with father and mother probably (of who he was eldest son) in the Martin to Boston 1638, but following soon; married 1642, Elizabeth Alsop, sister of Joseph Alsop the first, of New Haven, had Mary, baptized 1643; Elizabeth, 1644; Sylvanus, born 1646; Sarah, baptized 1649; Temperance, 1651; Mary, again, 1653; John; Theophilus, baptized at New Haven, 19 September 1658; Zechariah, born 22 September 1660; Martha, 1 April 1663; and Barnabas, posthumous baptized 1666.  In some records will be seen Theophilus, born 26 April 1659, but perhaps it is an error of the year he was town clerk 1648, and Representative 1660 to his death 23 July 1665.  Perhaps he was one of the first settlers at Derby, as mentioned by Trumbull, Colony record I. 271, 322.  He left good estate to his children and widow who married William Fowler.  Of the children a sufficient story is obtained.  Elizabeth married 1663, Zechariah Burwell; Sarah married 1667, Samuel Riggs; Temperance married 14 January 1674, Nathan Burwell; Mary married but I find not her husband; Martha, married 1681, Samuel Nettleton; Zechariah, and Barrnabas lived at Milford in 1713; and the rest are herein accounted for except John, who had gone to England, as in 1702 was said, twenty-five years before and was thought to be dead.

SAMUEL BALDWIN, Milford 1664, son of John Baldwin the first, was drowned 1674, leaving widow Rebecca, who married it is said, a Prince of Boston, who is unknown to me.

SAMUEL BALDWIN, Guilford, left wife Abigail, and children Abigail, aged 17; Dorothy, 12; Joanna, 20; Samuel, 7; Timothy, 5; and Nathaniel, 2; by inventory of January 1696 to divide good estate.

SYLVANUS BALDWIN, Milford, eldest son of Richard Baldwin of the same, married 20 September 1670, Mildred Prudden, daughter of Reverend Peter Prudden of the same, of which I regret to be able to tell only that he was living 1713.

SYLVESTER BALDWIN, the passenger who died 1635, on the voyage of the Martin from England to Boston, was son of Richard Baldwin of St. Leonards in the parish of Aston Clinton, near Wendover in County Bucks, where his father by will of 18 February 1632, had given him a cottage and close, which his widow (who had married John Astwood, and was then his widow) gave 1 October 1666 to Edward Baldwin of Guilford, County Surrey, called him "kinsman."  He brought wife Sarah, and perhaps all his children (except Richard), daughters Sarah, Mary, Martha, Ruth, and son John.  "On the main ocean, bound for New England" his nuncupative will was made 21 June, and probated 13 July of that year  before Deputy Governor Dudley by oaths of Chad Brown, Francis Bolt, James Weedon, and John Baldwin, presumed to be his son.  The estate was good, and provision liberal for the six children as well as the widow to whom with son Richard our General Court 4 September following committed the administration.  After some time lived at New Haven, and Milford, she married 1640, Captain John Astwood of Milford, when her property was valued at £800, besides  several parcels of land.  She long outlived him, and in her will of 9, probated 20 November 1669, she provides for son John, and John his son for Sylvanus, son of her son Richard, deceased, and three of her daughters (one probably having died) of whom two were married Sarah, first wife of Benjamin Fenn, and Mary, widow of Robert Plum, besides  six granddaughters.

THEOPHILUS BALDWIN, Milford, son of Richard Baldwin of the same, married 8 February 1683, Elizabeth Campfield, perhaps daughter of Thomas Campfield, and died 1698, leaving four children, Abigail, aged 14; Martha, 8; Theophilus, 4; and Hezekiah, 1. 

THOMAS BALDWIN, Newport 1652, on freeman’s list 1655.

THOMAS BALDWIN, Norwich, son of John Baldwin of Guilford, married 1684, Sarah Caulkins, daughter of John Caulkins, who died next year, and he married 1692, Abigail Lay, probably daughter of John Lay of Lyme, by her had four sons and four daughters.  Of this Norwich stock descendants, it is thought the late Reverend Dr. Baldwin of Boston, Honorable Simeon, and Governor Roger S. Baldwin, gentleman of high repute in Connecticut.

TIMOTHY BALDWIN, Milford 1639, had right in New Haven 1640 to lot of land, had first wife Mary, who died 21 July 1647, and he married 1649, widow Mary Mepham, relict of John Mepham, of Guilford; by the first he had Mary, baptized 1643, who married 21 October 1660, Benjamin Smith; Hannah, 1614, who married 12 December 1667, as his second wife Elnathan Botsford; Sarah, 1645, who married 14 December 1663, Samuel Buckingham.  He had by the second wife Abigail, born 1650, died at 10 years; Ann, 1655, died soon; and Timothy, 1658; and died 17 January 1665.  His widow took third husband Thomas Tappin. The only son lived at Milford. 

TIMOTHY BALDWIN, Woburn, son of Henry Baldwin the first of the same, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 29 May 1688; Timothy, 20 November 1689; Ralph, 28 June 1691; Hannah, who died 6 September 1692; and he removed to Stoneham, there was living 1726.  Of this name Yale counts her graduates up to 1834, thirty four,  while at Harvard and Dartmouth only three each, and seven only at all the other New England colleges, if Farmer be correct, as usual.


ALLEN BALL, ALLIN BALL. or ALLING BALL, New Haven 1643, by wife Dorothy, had John, born 15 April 1649; Eliphalet, 11 February 1651; and Alling, 27 June 1656; besides  Mercy, who married 10 February 1676 George Pardee second of the same, and perhaps others before or after, or both.  He was a Captain, and his wife died 22 February 1690.

ALLING BALL, New Haven, son of the preceding, married 24 November 1678, Sarah Thompson, daughter of John Thompson the first of the same, had Sarah, born 26 August 1679; Lydia, 30 January 1681; Alling, 21 October 1684; who died young; Mercy; Mary, baptized 30 July 1693; Mabel, born 1695; and Alling, again.  He was a Captain, and died 1710.

EDWARD BALL, Branford 1667, removed that year to Newark, New Jersey, had Caleb, Abigail, Joseph, Lydia, Moses, and Thomas; of whom the last was progenitor of great multitude.  One of this name, in 1684, was living at Block Island. 

ELIPHALET BALL, New Haven, son of Alling Ball the first, married 13 February 1673, Hannah Nash, daughter of John Nash of the same, and died 11 July following.  His widow married 2 April 1689 Thomas Trowbridge senior.

FRANCIS BALL, Dorchester, removed to Springfield, there married 1644, Abigail Burt, daughter of Henry Burt, had Jonathan, born 1645; and Samuel; was drowned in the river October 1648.  His widow married next year Benjamin Mun, and next, 14 December 1676, Lieutenant Thomas Stebbins.

FRANCIS BALL, Dorchester, married 27 January 1664, Abigail Salter, had John, born 15 April 1665, died next year; Abigail, 14 August 1667; Francis, 21 February 1670; and Benjamin, 30 August 1675.

HENRY BALL, Salem, died 15 May 1678.

JOHN BALL, Isle of Shoals 1649, of who I learn, only from our Suffolk probable record, that he was one of the debtors to estate of Isaac Grosse, of Boston, which probably supplied him with outfits for his fishing.

JOHN BALL, Concord, freeman 1650, had brought from Wiltshire as is said, sons Nathaniel, and John, was buried 1 October 1655.

JOHN BALL, Watertown, son of the preceding, born in England, married Elizabeth Pierce, daughter of John Pierce of the same, had John, born 1644; Mary; Esther; Sarah, 1655; and Abigail, 20 April 1658, who died soon; was much troubled by insanity of his wife who made separation needful.  After her death he married 3 October 1665, Elizabeth Fox, daughter probably of Thomas Fox, had Joseph, born 12 March 1670; removed to Lancaster, where he had short residence 1648, there was killed by the Indians 10 September 1675.

JOHN BALL, Watertown, son of the preceding, married 17 October 1665, Sarah Bullard, daughter of George Bullard of the same, had Sarah, born 11 July 1666; John, 29 June 1668; James, 7 March 1670; Joseph, 1 May 1674; Jonathan, 29 March 1680; Daniel, 2 August 1683; and Abigail, 5 October 1686; and he died 8 May 1722.

JOHN BALL, New Haven, son of Alling Ball the first, married 1678, Sarah Glover, daughter of Henry Glover, had Eliphabet, born 29 May 1680; insane; a son 12 September 1681, died soon; Dorothy, 10 December 1682; John, 30 September 1683; Sarah, 26 September 1687; Hannah, 12 January 1690; Mercy, 5 April 1692; Mary, 21 October 1694; and Caleb, 6 June 1697.  He married Hannah, widow of his brother Eliphalet, were among proprietors 1685.

JONATHAN BALL, Springfield, eldest son of Francis Ball of the same, by wife Mary, had Sarah, born 1673; and for second wife married about 1685, Susanna, widow of Nicholas Worthington (who had been his second wife and bore him two children), and had twelve children of which half died young, and the others were Samuel, Sarah, Francis, Benjamin, Jonathan, and Joseph, whose respective dates are not known.  He was a Captain, and lived to 95 years, died 21 May 1741; but his wife died 9 March 1727. 

MATTHEW BALL, Dorchester 1652, was living in 1664 to sign a petition to the General Court but no more can be heard of him.

NATHANIEL BALL, Concord, son, perhaps elder, of the first John Ball, in the will of Ralph Mousall called cousin, i.e., nephew by wife Mary, had John, who died 27 July 1649; Nathaniel, born 28 September 1649, died at 2 months; Ebenezer; Eleazer; John, again, 15 August 1660; and perhaps others; lived in that part of Concord which is now Bedford.

RICHARD BALL, Salisbury 1651, removed to Dover 1668, yet perhaps only for short time.

SAMUEL BALL, Northampton, son of Francis Ball of Springfield, was freeman 1681, and died 1689, leaving Francis, Mary, Elizabeth, and Abigail.  His widow Mary married 11 April 1690, Benjamin Stebbins.

WILLIAM BALL, New Haven 1643, died April 1648.  Of this name in 1834 Farmer found graduates at Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth, two at each, and five at the other New England colleges.


JOHN BALLANTINE, Boston, son of William Ballantine of the same, was a Captain twice of Artillery Company into which he was chosen 1682 Colonel of regiment, by wife Lydia Barrett, daughter probably of William Barrett of Cambridge, had John Ballantine, born 15 March baptized 4 April 1675, Harvard College 1694; Lydia, born 2 June 1676, died young; William, 23 August 1679; and Lydia, again, 24 October 1682.  He had second wife Mary Woodward, widow of Saxton; and died 27 April 1734, in his 81st year, and she died 10 November 1740 in her 86th.

JOHN BALLANTINE, Boston, son of the preceding, married 9 March 1703, Mary Winthrop, daughter of Honorable Adam Winthrop, had John Ballantine, Harvard College 1735, (that minister of Westfield, who died 12 February 1776); besides  Mary, and William; was of Artillery Company 1694, was in high esteem, and perhaps the Representative of 1726, though in Genealogical Registrar Vl. 371 this honor is ascribed to his father, who was then rather advanced in life, and whose death was only short time before that of this son 2 January following. 

WILLIAM BALLANTINE, Boston, cooper, married 23 July 1652, Hannah Hollard, daughter of Angel Hollard (not Holland, as too often given) had John, born 29 September 1653, before mentioned; William, 22 September 1655; David, 24 August 1656; the two latter died young; William, again, 20 December 1657, died young; David, again, 5 February 1659; Elizabeth, 8 March 1660; Benjamin, 22 July 1661; Hannah, 15 November 1662; Sarah, 18 September 1664; William, again, 26 November 1665; Susanna, 2 February 1667; and Jonathan, 19 September 1669.  His will of 6 December 1669, but few days before he died, names wife Hannah and only seven children so that it may be concluded that Benjamin and Sarah, not mentioned, had died young.  Of the inventory of any cooper in the early years I have commonly found a good result, and such was his; yet more important are the questions of his birth and of his coming.  Differing in opinion from a distinguished descendant (Hinman in Genealogical Registrar VI. 376,) because he calls him "a Scotch gentleman from Ayr as early as 1653," I ought to offer reasons.  Hinman contrary to the common error, that is of assumed too early a year for the arriving of an ancestor on our shore, takes a date that would afford currency to a suspicion of his being, one of the melancholy exiles from the of the civil war.  Surely he was here pretty early in 1651, probably a year or two before, as otherwise he would hardly have gained Hollard's death so early.  A Scot we may easily believe he was, one of the founders, we know of the Charitable Society of that nation, which with the ever active spirit of nationality begun in Boston 1657, then composed of twenty-seven members, of whose names his is tenth.  No sufferer in the cause of Charles Stuart can be supposed so early to have acquired social position and property to contribute to "the box."  See Drake's Boston, 455.  A cooper was more likely, two hundred years ago, to have been bred at Glasgow than its neighboring, little village of Ayr; and one of those tradesmen, whose motto was "let Glasgow flourish," would hardly be called gentleman of Ayr.  Often the name appears Bellantine, sometimes Ballentyre.


JARVIS BALLARD, often written as sound. JARVIS BALLATT, Boston 1670, merchant, perhaps not permanent resident.

JOHN BALLARD, often written as sound. JOHN BALLATT, Lynn, son of William Ballard the second of the same, born probably in England, had William, born 1 October 1667; Sarah, early in July 1669; Rebecca, 1 April 1671; Jane, 1 December 1674; John; Priscilla, 20 December 1680; removed to Andover, there married second wife 16 November 1681, Rebecca Hooper, perhaps daughter of William Hooper of Reading, had William, 8 November 1683, died soon; and Dorothy, 30 January 1685.  He died 1715, aged 62, but this, though the record says it, seems to me twenty years short of the truth.

JOSEPH BALLARD, often written as sound. JOSEPH BALLATT, Andover, brother of the preceding, married 28 February 1666, Elizabeth Phelps, daughter perhaps of Edward Phelps the first, had Joseph, and two daughters of who one, Tabitha, died 30 March 1687; and the other died 24 February 1691.  His wife died 27 July 1692, and he married 15 November following, widow Rebecca Horne, but of who she was relict, I see not, and died 1722.

NATHANIEL BALLARD, often written as sound. NATHANIEL BALLATT, Lynn, who may have been brother of the preceding, married 16 December 1662, Rebecca Hudson, perhaps daughter of Thomas Hudson, had Mary, born 13 June 1666; Nathaniel, 4 December 1670 died at less than 2 years; Susanna, 12 June 1673; Elizabeth, 2 November 1670; Esther, 14 February 1678; Sarah, 13 May 1681; Jemima, 20 January 1684; and William 23 April 1686.  He died 12 January 1722; and his widow died 16 May 1724.  Mary married Moses Haven of Framington.

ROBER BALLARD, often written as sound. ROBER BALLATT T, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, is among the freeman of 1655.

SAMUEL BALLARD, often written as sound. SAMUEL BALLATT, Charlestown, freeman 1680, by wife Lydia, had Lydia, born 27 October 1670; John, 23 November 1672; who died at 30 years; and Elizabeth, 24 February 1673; and his wife died 1 May 1678.  On 1 September following he married Hannah Belcher, perhaps eldest daughter of Andrew Belcher the first; who died 14 May 1691; and 4 September following he married third wife Lydia Hale; was a Lieutenant, and died 12 November 1708, aged 70.

WILLIAM BALLARD, often written as sound. WILLIAM BALLATT, Lynn 1630, as claimed for him, though of that date I feel less confident than of that of 1634, when he came in the Mary and John, Captain Sayres, from London, taking the oath to qualify him for embarking 26 March, had wife and children, and died in few years making a day or two before his nuncupative will, as may be seen in Genealogical Registrar II. 183, giving one half to wife, one half to be divided among children.

WILLIAM BALLARD, often written as sound. WILLIAM BALLATT, Lynn, perhaps son of the preceding, came in the James from London, 1635, aged 32, with wife Elizabeth, 26; and children Esther, 2; and John, 1; freeman 2 May 1638, Artillery Company 1638, lived I think, at Newbury, for short time, but fixed at Andover, there may have had several children, and died 10 July 1689.  One of his children Sarah married 24 February 1670, Henry Holt; and his widow Grace died 27 April 1694.

WILLIAM BALLARD, often written as sound. WILLIAM BALLATT, Andover, perhaps son of the preceding, married 20 April 1682, Hannah Hooper, probably daughter of William Hooper of Reading, perhaps as second wife, for by former one must have been born Rebecca, 2 October 1668; unless some confusion can be referred to record Barry labor.  Much on this family in his History of Framingham, 172, yet not to his thorough satisfaction.  Where he saw evidence of William's taking oath of freeman 18 May 1631, that no other eyes discern, must be noted as one of the few errors in that valuable volume.


MATURIN BALLOU, Providence 1639, ought to have his descendants noted, were it in my power.  One of the same name, baptized minister of Richmond, New Hampshire 1770, was father of a race of preachers of distinction.


JAMES BALSTONE, or JAMES BAULSTON, Boston, married Sarah Root, daughter of Ralph Root of the same, had Sarah, born 26 August 1653; John, 3 December 1654; and James, 22 June 1657; James, again, 8 April 1660.

JOHN BALSTONE, or JOHN BAULSTON, Boston, had wife Lydia, who joined the First Church 22 August 1647.  Whether he were brother of Jonathan Balstone, or William Balstone, does not appear; yet it seems likely enough that he was of one or both.

JOHN BALSTONE, or JOHN BAULSTON, Boston, came from London, where he, with others, had made a contract 31 May 1687, with Judith, widow of Stephen Winthrop, they being then about to embark for New England.  He died here 6 June 1706, aged 86, so that possibly he is the same as the preceding, though not very probable.

JONATHAN BALSTONE, or JONATHAN BAULSTON, Boston, by wife Mary, had John, born October 1645; Mary; Jonathan, 2 March 1652; Prudence, 28 May 1655; Lydia, 9 October 1656, died at 3 months; James, 1657, yet I fear this may be repetition of the son of James; Elizabeth, 12 August 1659; Robert, 1662; and Benjamin, 1663.  Mary married about 1668, Isaac Vergoose.

WILLIAM BALSTONE, or WILLIAM BAULSTON, Boston, came, no doubt, with Winthrop's fleet, desired administered as freeman of the Company 19 October 1630, and took the oath 18 May following, by wife Elizabeth, who died early, had daughter Pity, baptized October 1630, being, the third child so favored in record of our first church.  Other children here baptized were William, 14 April 1633; Mary, 14 September 1634; Mehitable, 24 January 1636; and Meribah, 9 April 1637; I presume, all by second wife Elizabeth, and all these died before him; besides another child Elizabeth, after his banishment.  He was in steady employment for town affairs, trusted among the worthiest, chosen a selectman 1637, yet in the latter part of the same year was disarmed with the majority of his fellow worshippers as being, under the fascination of Mrs. Hutchinson, and several favorers of Wheelwright, went, 1638, to Portsmouth Rhode Island, where his associate purchased that season, was held there in high regard, made an Assistant 1639, 41, and 56, named in the royal Charter 1663, and died 14 March 1679, aged 78.  His widow died 14 April 1683, aged 86.  See Haz. II. 612; 2 Massachusetts History Collections VII. 98 and any of the Histories of Winthrop, Hutchinson, Barry, or Arnold.  His daughter Elizabeth, married the second John Coggeshall, about 1647, bore him two sons and one or more daughters, but by mutual consent they separated after which he having gained liberty from the government to marru again in June 1655, she next month obtained the same license, and thereupon married Thomas Gould of Wickford.


GUY BAMBRIDGE, GUY BANBRIDGE, GUY BAINBRIDGE, or GUY BAINRICK, Cambridge 1634, freeman 4 March 1630, was buried 10 April 1640; and his widow Justice long survived.


EDWARD BAMPSTER, New Haven.  See Banister.


EPHRAIM BANCROFT, Windsor, son of John Bancroft of the same, married 1 May 1681, Sarah Stiles, daughter of John Stiles second, had Ephraim, born 8 February 1683; John, 1685, died soon; Sarah, 26 February 1687; John, again, 19 December 1690; Benjamin, 10 May 1694, died young; Nathaniel, 1698; Daniel, July 1701; and 14 December Thomas, 1703, died young.

JOHN BANCROFT, Lynn, perhaps with wife Jane, came in the James, from London April 1632, arriving 12 June in 8 weeks passage, died about 1637, leaving widow and sons John and Thomas. The name is spelled with r instead of n in the official volume at Westminster, that tells how John and his wife were qualified to pass to New England, and in England both forms are common enough.  But in our country we had not for one century, if not two, such a surname as Barcroft; though in our printed Colony record I. 108, we read that John Barcrofte entered into recognition in £40, with Samuel Maverick surety in £20, conditional that Jane, wife of said John should be of good behavior, yet in the Index the n is given for r.

JOHN BANCROFT, Lynn, son perhaps of the preceding, unless it be more likely, that he was grandson to which the judgment inclines, when we see, that he married 24 September 1678, Elizabeth Eaton, probably daughter of the first John Eaton of Reading, then few days more than sixteen years old.

JOHN BANCROFT, Windsor, married 3 December 1650, Hannah Dupper (if such be the true spelling), had John, born December 1651; Nathaniel, 19 November 1653; Ephraim, 15 June 1656; Hannah, 6 April 1659; and Sarah, 26 December 1661.  He died 6 August 1662, and his widow married John Lunden.

NATHANIEL BANCROFT, Westfield, married 1675, Hannah Gardner; probably daughter of Samuel Gardner of Hadley, and died 10 February 1721.  Children were John; Nathaniel; Benjamin, born 6 June 1684, died in few days; Elizabeth, 31 October 1685; Edward, 30 May 1688, died at 19 years of a wound by Indians a few weeks before in July 1707; and their widowed mother died 15 March 1728.

NATHANIEL BANCROFT, Windsor; son of John Bancroft of the same, married 26 December 1677, Hannah Williams, daughter of John Williams of the same, had John, born 28 January 1679; and Nathaniel, 25 September 1680.

ROGER BANCROFT, Cambridge 1636, freeman 18 May 1642, died 28 November 1653.  His will of two days preceding gave all to wife Elizabeth, except small sums to Reverend Mr. Mitchell and Elder Frost.  His widow married 23 May 1654, Martin Saunders, of Boston, and next Deacon John Bridge of Cambridge, and thought herself bound to take fourth husband Edward Taylor.

THOMAS BANCROFT, Reading, son of John Bancroft the first, born in England, married at Dedham, 15 September 1648, Elizabeth Metcalf, daughter of Michael Metcalf, had Thomas, baptized 28 December 1651, died soon; Elizabeth, born 7 December 1653; Thomas, again; Sarah, 14 March 1658, died young; Ralph, 20 August 1660, died within 12 months; Ruhama, 27 June 1662; John; Ebenezer (or Eleazer, as in another record he is called), 26 April 1667; and Mary, 16 May 1670; was freeman 1678, and died 12 March 1705.  His widow died 1 May 1711; and daughter Elizabeth married 26 May 1674, Joseph Brown.

THOMAS BANCROFT, son of the preceding, who married Sarah Poole, daughter probably of Jonathan Poole, was Deacon, and died 12 June 1718, is related in the Magnalia IV. chapter 1, to establish a favorite theory of the writer's father, the wonderful story of restoration from the smallpox.  With his usual reverence for that father, Mather, in Life of Brock, unites his own opinion.  In 1828 Farmer found of this name four graduates at Harvard, one at Dartmouth, one at Brown, none at any other New England colleges.  Reverend Aaron Bancroft, D.D. a minister of highest character, ordained at Worcester 1 February 1786, there died 1839, was son of Samuel Bancroft from the Reading stock, and father of Honorable George Bancroft, Harvard College 1817, the eloquent historian of the United States


ROBERT BAND, Southampton, Long Island, 1644, which is all I hear of him.


THOMAS BANFIELD, Charlestown, married 2 June 1670, Elizabeth Long, had one son, died 21 June 1676.  His widow died 16 August 1689.


EDWARD BANGS, Plymouth, born perhaps 1592, at Chichester, County Sussex, came in the Ann, 1623, and married after 1627, as is presumed, Lydia Hicks, daughter of Robert Hicks, had Rebecca; John; Sarah; Jonathan, born 1640; Lydia; Hannah; Joshua; Bethia, 28 May 1650; Mercy and Apphia, twins 15 October 1651.  He had removed with Governor Prence, 1644, to Eastham, was a shipwright, and directed the labor, says a reasonable tradition, on the first vessel built in the Colony, though earlier ones had been launched in Massachusetts.  Was Representative 1647, and several other years, died 1677, in his will of that year 19 October, probated 5 March 1678, furnished evidence to us, that all his children were then living, except Rebecca, who had married 26 October 1654 Jonathan Sparrow, and left children.  Sarah married 1656, Thomas Howes; Lydia married 24 December 1661, Benjamin Higgins; Hannah married 30 April 1662, John Doane; Bethia married Gershom Hall of Harwich; Mercy married 28 December 1670, Stephen Merrick; and Apphia married the same day, probably John Knowles, and next Joseph Atwood.  No certainty is attained as to order of births of most of these children. 

JOHN BANGS, Eastham, son, probably eldest of the preceding, married 23 January 1661, Hannah Smalley, daughter of John Smalley; was a Lieutenant perhaps; but very loose is the tradition as to him probably confusing his youngest brother with him.

JONATHAN BANGS, brother of the preceding, married at Eastham, 16 July 1664, Mary Mayo, daughter of Samuel Mayo of Barnstable, had Edward, born 30 September 1665; Rebecca, 1 February 1668; Jonathan, 30 April 1670, died in few days; Mary, 14 April 1671; Jonathan, again, 4 May 1673; Hannah, 14 March 1676; Tamosin, May 1678; Samuel, 12 July 1680; Mercy, 7 January 1682; Elizabeth, 15 May 1685; Sarah, August 1687; and Lydia, 2 October 1689.  He was a Captain, Representative to Plymouth 1674, and five other years in 1692 to Boston under the new Charter, had second wife Sarah, who died 11 June 1719, aged 78; and next year he proposed to marry Ruth Cole, probably widow of John Young the second, and daughter of Daniel Cole, who led him to Harwich, and there he died 9 November 1728.  Of his eldest son Edward, who died 22 May 1746, by wife Ruth, who died 22 June 1738, was born Edward Bangs, whose son Benjamin Bangs was father of Honorable Edward Bangs, Harvard College 1779, who was father of the late Edward Bangs, the diligent and faithful Secretary of Massachusetts.

JOSHUA BANGS, Eastham, youngest son of Edward Bangs the first, married 1 December 1669, Hannah Scudder, daughter of John Scudder; had Joshua, who died young; was Lieutenant, and died 14 January 1710.  In his will of 13 February 1707, named not nor referred to any issue, he mentioned wife Hannah, who next married Moses Hatch.


GEORGE BANKS, New Haven 1646.

JOHN BANKS, Windsor, one of the first settlers, married a daughter of Charles Taintor of Wethersfield, as tradition tells, had one child born there, where he was town clerk 1613, removed soon after to Fairfield, of which he was Representative several years between 1651 and 66, removed to Rye, and was Representative from that town 1670-3; had good estate, made his will 12 December 1684, and died next month.  He mentioned in it wife Mary (not, probably his first), sons John, Samuel, Obadiah, and Benjamin; daughters Susanna Sturges, Hannah, wife of Daniel Burl; and Mary Taylor.  His child Joseph had died October 1682, perhaps unmarried, as he gave estate to four brothers and sister Mary Taylor; of Samuel nothing, is known but Obadiah died, we are told, in Fairfield February 1691, and Benjamin next year and both at Fairfield and Greenwich, adjacent to Rye, the name continued 1713.

JOHN BANKS, Greenwich, son of the preceding, had wife Abigail, and died 14 July 1699.

JOSEPH BANKS, who embarked 12 March 1679 for New England by the William and Susan, was only transient visitor as is presumed from never being heard of on this side of the water.

RICHARD BANKS, Kittery, 1649, was living at York 1673, had married Elizabeth Alcock, daughter of John Alcock, for she had share of his estate.  He took oath of allegiance to the king 22 March 1681.

RICHARD BANKS, Boston, one of the founders of the first society for Episcopal worship 1686.  Four of this name by Farmer are found graduates at Yale 1834.


CHRISTOPHER BANISTER, or CHRISTOPHER BANNISTER, Marlborough 1657, married Jane Goodenow, daughter of Thomas Goodenow, had Mary, born 1672; and he died 30 March 1678.

EDWARD BANISTER, or EDWARD BANNISTER, New Haven 1639, had wife Ellen, and a daughter Mary, who married Benjamin Bowsen; made his will 8 May 1649.  See New Hampshire Colony record 1. 479.

JOHN BANISTER, or JOHN BANNISTER, Marlborough, married 1695, Ruth Eager, who derived I know not, having not met the name so early in New England, had John, born 1696; Ruth, 1699, died soon; Mary, 1700; Ruth, again, 1702; Jane, 1705, Huldah, 1707; Martha, 1710; and Sarah, 1713; was a Lieutenant, and died 19 July 1730, aged 59.

NATHAN BANISTER, or NATHAN BANNISTER, Charlestown, by wife Mary, had Nathan, who died 29 March 1669, probably young; and Mary, born 24 January following.

THOMAS BANISTER, or THOMAS BANNISTER, Boston 1685, by wife Sarah, had Samuel, born 11 July 1686; Hannah, 30 September 1688, died soon; Mary, 10 July 1690; and Hannah, again, 19 March 1692; and died 1709.  He had come to Boston with family and good share of property, as from his will of 25 January with codicil of 13 July, probated 20 August following in that year is apparent.  It provides for wife Sarah, daughter Mary, sons Thomas Banister, Harvard College 1700, Samuel, and John, and gives to his grandchild Thomas, eldest son of his son Thomas, £500, besides  annuity for his mother and equal sums to his brother John, sister Ann Carter, and Mary Alline, who all were of Banbury in Oxfordshire.


THOMAS BANSHOTT, embarked at Southampton, 1638, aged 14, in the Bevis for Boston; but where he disposed of himself after arriving at Boston, is beyond my knowledge.


GILBERT BANT, Boston, by wife Mercy, had Mary, born 28 April 1689; Gilbert, 30 October 1694; William, 4 February 1698; and Elizabeth, 11 July 1701, was a Captain. 


EDWARD BARBER, Dedham, died July 1644.

EDWARD BARBER, Dorchester, perhaps son, perhaps father of the preceding, died 9 June 1677, in his 80th year.

GEORGE BARBER, Dedham 1643, Artillery Company 1646, freeman 1647, married 24 November 1642, Elizabeth Clark, had Mary, born 27 August 1643, died in 3 months; Mary, again, 31 January 1646, died soon; Samuel, 6 January 1647; John, 13 March 1649; and Elizabeth, 11 April 1651; removed to Medfield, there had Hannah, 16 April 1654; Zechariah, 29 September 1656; and Abigail, 29 October 1659; was Representative 1668 and 9, and the chief military officer.

JAMES BARBER, Dorchester, a tailor, married 1683, had Elizabeth, baptized 18 May 1684; James, 29 May 1687; Patience, 20 October 1689; and Ebenezer, 1 November 1702 (but he may have been born some years); and died 13 October 1732, aged about 80.  His widow Elizabeth, died 4 December 1739, aged 81.

JOHN BARBER, Salem 1637, carpenter, administered of the church 3 April 1642.

JOHN BARBER, Dover 1659.

JOHN BARBER, Windsor, son of Thomas Barber of the same, married September 1663, Bathsheba Coggin, or Bathsheba Cogens, had Joanna, born 8 April 1667; John, 14 July 1669; removed to Springfield, there had Return, 29 May 1672, died soon; Thomas, 4 February 1675; and Mary, 13 February 1678; was Deacon, and died 27 January 1712.

JOHN BARBER of Springfield there was, not son of the preceding, as each on  31 December 1678 or the following day, swore allegiance, but who was senior, it may not be easy to prove or whether the name of only one person was written twice.

JOHN BARBER, Medfield, son of George Barber, freeman 1671, was Representative 1677; by wife Abigail, had John, born 24 April 1676; Abigail, 26 April 1679; Elizabeth, 28 November 1681; George, 5 December 1684; and Abiah, 12 September 1689.

JOSIAH BARBER, Simsbury, son of the first Thomas Barber, married 22 November 1677, Abigail Loomis, daughter of Nathaniel Loomis, had Abigail, born 12 March 1679, and probably several others.

RICHARD BARBER, Dedham, freeman 13 May 1640; died 18 June 1644, leaving probably neither wife nor children, for by his will the estate which was small, was given to the poor.

SAMUEL BARBER, Medfield 1678, eldest son of George Barber, by wife Mary, had Mary, born 20 February 1675; Samuel, 7 January 1677; James, 25 December 1680; Hannah, 25 September 1683; Thomas, 4 July 1686; and Mary, again, 28 May 1693. 

SAMUEL BARBER, Windsor, son of Thomas Barber, by first wife Mary, had Thomas, born 7 October 1671; Samuel, 26 January 1674; and by second wife Ruth Drake, daughter of John Drake, had John, 25 January 1677; and Hannah, 4 October 1681; Ruth, 24 July 1683; Elizabeth, 9 February 1685; and perhaps others; but I dare not copy the list of Stiles, 528.

THOMAS BARBER, Windsor, came in the Christian, 1635, aged 21, resided probably at Dorchester first, was engaged in the Pequot war, I suppose, under Stoughton, married 7 October 1640, Joan, had John, baptized 24 July 1642; Thomas, 14 July 1644; Sarah, 19 July 1646; Samuel, 1 October 1648; Mary, 12 October 1651; and Josiah, 5 (not 15, as printed in History of Windsor 528) February 1654; and died 1662, as did his wife.  His daughter Mary married 8 July 1669 John Gillett. 

THOMAS BARBER, Windsor, son of the preceding, married December 1665, Mary Phelps, daughter of the first William Phelps, had Mary, born 11 January 1666; Sarah, 2 July 1667; removed to Simsbury, to

Charlestown.  Son of William Barber of Marblehead, married 25 June 1667, Hannah Roper, who died 27 March 1691.  He took second wife 12 January 1693, Hannah Stedman, and died 14 July 1725.  His children were Thomas, Hannah, who married a Newman, and Rebecca; but by whose wife, each was born, is not known.

THOMAS BARBER, Gloucester 1662, removed perhaps 1669 to Newbury, married 27 April 1671, Ann Chase, daughter of Aquila Chase, had Thomas, born 16 February 1672; and probably Elizabeth, before he removed to Suffield, there had Joseph and Benjamin, twins born 1677; Aquila, 1679; Ann, 1681; John, 1684; and Moses, 1687; and died 25 July 1689.

WILLIAM BARBER, Salem 1639, of Marblehead 1648, may be the man who had grant of land in Dorchester 1638.

WILLIAM BARBER, Salem, perhaps son of the preceding, married 4 March 1673, Elizabeth Reick, or (if Lewis did not mistake, as I fear), Elizabeth Kirk, had Elizabeth, born 1 November 1673, died at 3 months, and William 8 January 1675.  Perhaps he was of Lynn.  The widow Elizabeth had administration 29 June 1677.

WILLIAM BARBER, Killingworth 1667.

ZECHARIAH BARBER, Medfield, youngest son of George Barber of the same, married 30 August 1683, Abial Ellis, had Benoni, born 9 September 1684; Zechariah, 19 October 1685; Joseph, 4 October 1687; Abiel, 4 October 1691; John, 12 October 1693; Ruth, 5 March 1690; Thomas, 2 May 1698; Elizabeth, 6 July 1700; and Mary, 26 May 1703.


BARCROFT. See Bancroft.


JOHN BARD, Lynn, had John, born 29 January 1678.  Sometimes this spelling is substituted for Beard, and perhaps opposite mistake may even the balance.


THOMAS BARDEN, Rhode Island, an inhabitant of that Colony 1675.

WILLIAM BARDEN, Marshfield 1643, removed to Barnstable, married February 1661, Deborah Barker, daughter of John Barker of Marshfield, had Mercy, born 1 November 1662; Deborah, 28 June, 1665; John, 17 March 1668; Stephen, 15 April 1669; Abraham, 14 May 1674; Joseph, September 1670; and Ann, 26 August 1677.


NATHANIEL BARDING, Hartford 1636, yet not an original proprietor.  Had only child Sarah, by first wife and by second wife Abigail, widow of William Andrews, the schoolmaster had none, and died 1674.  His daughter married 11 September 1645, Thomas Spencer, who called a son Nathaniel Barding to perpetuate the name.  His will speaks of these children of William Andrews, viz. Samuel, John, and Thomas, and of Samuel's wife Elizabeth.


ROBERT BARDWELL, Hatfield, a soldier in Philip's war, 1676, a partaking in the Falls fight under Captain Turner; married 29 November 1676, Mary Gull, daughter of William Gull, had Ebenezer, Samuel, John, Thomas, Mary, Sarah, Esther, Thankful, and Abigail, and died 1726.  Samuel and Thomas went to Deerfield, but of them I know no more.


WALTER BAREFOOTE, of Great Island (Newcastle), New Hampshire 1660, was a counsellor of the Colony 1682, and Deputy Governor 1685, died about 1688, and his will may be read in our Suffolk Register.  His conduct in office is much spoken against, and something prejudicial to his character is seen in a deposition of William Davis, of March 1677, as to facts more than fourteen years before, for which, see Genealogical Registrar V. 358. Chalmers, in Pol. Annals 509, gives a letter of his, 29 March 1683, wherein he remarks, that his experience of more than 25 years in the country enables him to speak, as very shrewdly he does, of the clerical influence prevalent here.


GILES BARGE, Gloucester 1653-5, removed to Scarborough, married Eleanor, widow of Jonas Bayley of the same, was selectman 1669, and Representative in 1682; and Southgate says, he removed to Dorchester.


PHILIP BARGER, Boston, a Huguenot exile about 1685, came first to Casco, with Pierre Baudouin, as in Willis is told I. 185.  He died 1703, leaving widow Margaret, and probably son Philip, who died 1720.  The birth of Mary is found on our town record but it is not clear whether child of the elder or the younger Philip.


BARZILLAI BARKER, Rowley, eldest son of James Barker the first, of who I can tell no more, but that he married 6 December 1666, Ann Jewett, eldest child of Maximilian Jewett.

BENJAMIN BARKER, Andover, son probably youngest of Richard Barker first of the same, married 2 January 1689, Hannah Marston, daughter perhaps of John Marston, and died 1750, aged 83.

EBENEZER BARKER, Andover; brother of the preceding, married 25 May 1686, Abigail Wheeler, perhaps daughter of David Wheeler, died 1747, aged 95.  His wife was, October 1692, in gaol under charge of witchcraft.

EDWARD BARKER, Boston 1650, by wife Jane, had Elizabeth, born 17 July of that year; Mary, 15 February 1653; John, 15 January 1654; Sarah, 9 March 1655; and Thomas, 1657.  He may or may not, be the same as

EDWARD BARKER of Branford 1667, who was a man of distinction there.

FRANCIS BARKER, Concord, died 1655.

FRANCIS BARKER, Duxbury, son of Robert Barker the first, married 5 January 1675, Mary Lincoln, daughter of Thomas Lincoln the husbandman, of Hingham, had Joshua, born 16 November 1676; Elizabeth, 31 October 1677; Josiah, 21 September 1679; Francis, 18 October; 1681; and Ruth, 31 January 1683.

ISAAC BARKER, Duxbury, brother of the preceding, married 28 December 1665, Judith Prence, daughter of Governor Thomas Prence, had Rebecca, Lydia, Judith, Martha, and another daughter without a name; besides  Francis; Samuel, born 1693; Isaac; Jabez; and Robert.

JAMES BARKER, Rowley, freeman 7 October 1640, died 1678, leaving wife Mary, and children Barzillai, James, Nathaniel, Eunice, wife of John Watson, and Grace.  He was not, like most of the Rowley early settlers from Yorkshire, but came from Ragwell in County Suffolk.

JAMES BARKER, Newport, 1651, born about 1617, brought by his father James Barker in 1634 on board the Mary and John, with probably no other children, and his father died on the passage.  To the protection of his sister Christian, wife of Thomas Beecher of Charlestown, was this youth of seventeen years committed, and she, soon after the death of her husband, married Nicholas Easton as his second wife, and it is thought Easton had come over in the same ship with Barber.  At least he recorded friendly care of Easton until reaching full age.  He came from Harwich, County Essex, married 1644, Barbara Dungan, or Barbara Dungin, daughter of Thomas Dungan of Newport, became a friend of John Clark, named in the royal Charter 1663, when he was an Assistant.  Was chosen Deputy Governor in 1678, after death of Governor Coddington.  His children were Elizabeth, who married 30 November 1666, the second Nicholas Easton; James; Mary, who married Elisha Smith, and, next, 16 April 1677, Israel Arnold of Warwick; William; Joseph; Peter; Christian, who married William Phillips; and Sarah, unmarried at death of her father.

JAMES BARKER, Dover 1653.

JAMES BARKER, Suffield 1679, Springfield 1686, had children at both, as I hear, but know no more than that he died 1723.

JAMES BARKER, Newport, son of James Barker of the same, married before December 1674, Sarah Jeffery, daughter of William Jeffery of the same, but I hear no more.

JOHN BARKER, Duxbury, married 1632, Ann Williams, daughter of John Williams of Scituate, removed to Marshfield 1638, and was drowned 1652.  He had daughter Deborah, who married William Barden; and son John born about 1650.  His widow married Abraham Blish, or Abraham Blush.

JOHN BARKER, Scituate, son of the preceding, a prominent man, married 18 January 1677, Desire Annable, youngest daughter of Anthony Annable, had John, born 4 May 1678; Desire, 22 September 1680; Ann, 26 August 1682, died soon; Ann, again, 1 November 1683.  His wife died 24 July 1706; and he married the same year Hannah, widow of Reverend Jeremiah Cushing, who died 30 May 10; and he died 1 December 1729 leaving widow Sarah, who died 7 September 1730, aged 70.

JOHN BARKER, Andover, son of Richard Barker, perhaps eldest, married 6 July 1670, Mary Stevens, had Ephraim, who died 21 February 1695, was a Lieutenant, and died 1722.

JOHN BARKER, Lyme 1676, or few years later.

JOSEPH BARKER, Weymouth, had before June 1652, married Ruth, by Dorothy King, in her will of that date, called daughter, and he was by her made executor.  Yet evident it is, that the executor's wife was born to a former husband of the testator, not named King.

JOSEPH BARKER, Newport, son of the first James Barker of the same, married Sarah Read.

NATHANIEL BARKER, Rowley, freeman 1677, was son of James Barker, and gladly would I find more of him.

NICHOLAS BARKER, Boston 1655, carpenter, had daughter Esther, who married 10 February 1652, Ambrose Dew, but as no more can be found of him, I must conclude that her father had brought her from England.

PETER BARKER, Newport, son of James Barker the first of the same, married a daughter perhaps of John Bliss, at least my correspondent says Major Bliss.

RICHARD BARKER, Andover  1615, was one of the founders of the church there, by wife Joanna, had John, William, Richard, Ebenezer, Stephen, and Benjamin, who all settled in Andover, besides daughters Sarah, who married 17 November 1673, John Abbot; Esther, who married 10 August 1676, John Stevens; and Hannah, who married 27 May 1680, Christopher Osgood; and he died 18 March 1693.

RICHARD BARKER, Andover, son of the preceding, married 21 April 1682, Hannah Kimball, had Richard, who died 22 December 1698; and nothing more is known to me.

ROBERT BARKER, Duxbury 1648, brother of the first John Barker, had Robert; and from his will of 18 February 1689, we know that other children were Francis, Isaac, Rebecca, wife of William Snow, and Abigail Rogers, but who was husband of this last is not seen.

ROBERT BARKER, Duxbury, son perhaps eldest, of the preceding, had two wives Alice, and Hannah, and children Abigail, born 24 August 1682; James, 1 January 1684; Caleb, 24 May 1685; Deborah, 7 December 1686; Susanna, 20 December 1689; Robert, 5 July 1693; Alice, 3 June 1695; Lydia, 5 September 1697; all these by Alice; and by the next wife, Isaac, 15 March 1699; Mary, 13 May 1701; and Margaret, 18 April 1704.

STEPHEN BARKER, Andover, son of the first Richard Barker, married 13 May 1687, Mary Abbot, daughter of George Abbot the second of the same, but I hear nothing of issue.

THOMAS BARKER, Rowley, perhaps brother of James Barker of the same, freeman 13 May 1640, Artillery Company 1641, died 1650.  His widow Mary, married 16 July 1651, Reverend Ezekiel Rogers, as his third wife but whether she bore children to either husband is not known.

THOMAS BARKER, Boston, by wife Jane, had Thomas, born 23 August 1657; was freeman 1678.

WILLIAM BARKER, Andover, son of the first Richard Barker, married 20 February 1677, Mary Dix, but whose daughter she was, is undiscovered, had John, who died 13 April 1689, and no more is in my power to tell, save that the father died 1718, aged 71.

WILLIAM BARKER, Salem, freeman 1678, may be the same as the preceding.

WILLIAM BARKER, Newport, brother of Peter Barker of the same, married Elizabeth Easton, probably daughter of Peter Easton of the same.


AARON BARLOW, Rochester, by wife Beulah, had Elizabeth, born 22 August 1684; Mary, 30 March 1688; Shubael, 13 May 1691; and Nathan, 1 July 1697.  He was Representative 1690, says Samuel David 2 Massachusetts History Collections IV. 260. 

BARTHOLOMEW BARLOW, Boston, cooper  648--57, in which last year he died 26 September, by nuncupative will gives to his son Thomas what little he had, refusing any thing to servant.

EDWARD BARLOW, Malden, married Mary Pemberton, daughter of James Pemberton, before 1660, as in her father’s will is read, and had children, as the same document proves, but no names can be heard.  But I think his baptized name may have been.

EDMUND BARLOW, for Mr. Wyman gives me such a one, with wife Mary, who in his will, probated 1697, names children James; Mary; Sarah Grover, perhaps wife of Simon; Elizabeth Whiting; and Deborah Hovey; besides  grandchildren Edmund, and Elizabeth Chadwick.

GEORGE BARLOW, Exeter 1639, Saco 1652, was a preacher at both, and elsewhere, but, in 1653, was forbidden by the General Court to preach or prophesy on penalty of £10 for every offence.  He had been that very year sworn freeman of Massachusetts 5 July at Wells, but removed to Sandwhich 1658, married Jane, widow of Anthony Bessey, and there essayed to be a lawyer.  Greenleaf in Eccl. Sk.52; Bishop's New England Judged, 389; and Sewell's History I. 571.

GEORGE BARLOW, Milford, had before 1690, married a daughter of Vincent Stetson, as in the will of Stetson appears.

JAMES BARLOW, Suffield 1680, married 10 January 1688, Sarah Huxley, daughter of Thomas Huxley of the same, died 16 March 1690, leaving James, born 27 January 1689.

JOHN BARLOW, Fairfield 1668, died 1674, in his will of 28 March of that year, mentioned wife Ann, son John, and daughters Elizabeth Frost, Martha, wife of James Beers, Deborah, wife of John Sturges, Ruth, wife of Israel Bradlee, and Isabella Clapham.

JOHN BARLOW, Fairfield, perhaps son of the preceding, married Abigail Lockwood, daughter of Robert Lockwood.

MOSES BARLOW, Rochester, perhaps brother of Aaron Barlow of the same, had removed thither from Sandwich before 1684.

THOMAS BARLOW, Fairfield 1653, had been a juror in 1645, by wife Rose, according to Hinman, in Ed. second page 131, had Phebe, Deborah, and Mary, and made his will 8 September 1658.

THOMAS BARLOW, Boston, by wife Elizabeth (whose children by two later husband's in choosing their guardian, Joseph Royall, called him uncle), had Elizabeth, born 13 November 1657; and Sarah, 18 July 1659; and died 23 October 1661.  His widow married 24 February next John Coombs of Boston, and in 1669, married John Warren.  Barlow's property had been so much reduced by Coombs that after his death, the Court gave most of his residual to Barlow's only child Sarah.

THOMAS BARLOW Charlestown, married 29 October 1681, Elizabeth Mellins, had daughters Elizabeth Hurd and Mary Moore.  Sometimes this name appears in early record Barley.  Joel Barlow, known as the author of the Columbiad, an heroic poem, and of Hasty Pudding, an agreeable one, was by Hinman, in his first Ed. page 14, called a descendant of that Thomas Barlow of Fairfield, though on later inquiry, he found him son of Samuel Barlow, born at Reading, Connecticut 24 March 1754, Yale College 1778.  He transfered his allegiance from the muses to worldly politics, and died 24 December 1812, minister plenipotentiary of the U.S. represented their honor and independence following in the train of Napoleon the first (like the vassal kings, which felt none of this American's audacious enthusiasm), in the madman's march to Moscow, at a wretched house on the desolate plains of Poland.


                  Hide, blushing glory, hide Pultova's day.


In Duyckinck's Cycloped. I. 391, large extract in more than twelve pages are given from the poetry of Barlow with impartial election from pleasant, indifferent, or dull pieces, and even his detestation homage to the guillotine; but much gratitude is due for publication of the last notes of the dying swan, a few days before he died, in advice to a Raven in Russia, being far the most forcible lines ever composed by him.  They seem to be a holy cry of vengeance for the degrading service to which he was called.


JAMES BARNABY, Plymouth, married 8 June 1647, Lydia Bartlett, daughter of Robert Bartlett, had, perhaps, James, and  Stephen.  His widow married John Nelson of Middleborough.

JAMES BARNABY, Plymouth, son probably of the preceding, by wife Joanna, had James, born 1698, and Ambrose, 1706.

STEPHEN BARNABY, Plymouth, perhaps brother of the preceding, married 1696, Ruth Morton (whose father is not known to me), had Lydia, Ruth, Elizabeth, Timothy, and Hannah; and by second wife Judith, widow of Joseph Church, had Joseph, born 1712.


BARTHOLOMEW BARNARD, Boston 1651, carpenter, had perhaps been and a dozen years before at York, and brought from England a family Matthew Barnard, perhaps others, of whom I see no record.

BARTHOLOMEW BARNARD, Hartford, perhaps son of the preceding, married 25 October 1647, Sarah Birchard, daughter of Thomas Birchard, died 1698, leaving John, Joseph, and four daughters Elizabeth Wadsworth, Sarah Steele, who was born 3 December 1648; Mary Bemis, and Hannah, unmarried at the date of his will, 1692.

BENJAMIN BARNARD, Watertown, removed to Dover, and next to York, but in latter days back to Watertown, was youngest son of John Barnard first of the same, by wife perhaps second Sarah, had Sarah, born 1692; and Benjamin, 24 August 1693; and died 12 September 1694.  His widow married 12 January 1699, Samuel Winch of Farmingham.

CHARLES BARNARD, Hartford 1681.

FRANCIS BARNARD, Hartford 1644, removed 1659, or soon after, to Hadley, freeman 1666; in 1683, petitioned the government to pay him their debt, and died 3 February 1698, aged 81.  He had married 15 August 1644, Hannah Marvin, sister of Matthew Marvin and Renold Marvin, had Thomas Barnard, Harvard College 1679; Samuel; Joseph; Hannah; John; and Sarah, who died 1676.  Hannah married 1667, Dr. John Westcar of Hadley, and next, 1680, Simon Beaman of Hadley and Deerfield.  He is ancestor of all the divines of this name from Harvard, except John Barnard, Harvard College 1700, and Jeremiah Barnard, Harvard College 1773.  By second wife Frances Foote, widow of John Dickinson, daughter of Nathaniel Foote (per contract 21 August 1677), he had no children.  See the admirable Foote genealogy of Goodwin.

JAMES BARNARD, Sudbury, son of John Barnard the first of Watertown, married 8 October 1666, Abigail Phillips, youngest daughter of Reverend George Phillips, perhaps youngest child, who died September 1672, had no children, and he died 1720, leaving widow Sarah.

JAMES BARNARD, Watertown, youngest son of John Barnard the second of the same, married 16 December 1692, Judith Jennison, eldest daughter of Samuel Jennison of the same, had James, born 3 Aug 1696; Samuel, 19 July 1699; Isaac, 13 March 1702; and Hannah, 1 June 1705; and died 23 January 1726; and his widow married in May following John Bemis.

JOHN BARNARD, Cambridge, came, probably in the Francis from Ipswich, 1634, aged 36, with wife Mary, 38, was perhaps the freeman of 4 March 1635, removed 1636, to Hartford, thence to Hadley 1659, or soon after, and died 1664, leaving no children.  He left good estate, made his kinsman Francis Barnard executor giving much to Morgan and Thomas Bedient, child of his sister Mary, then lived in Old England, who came over to enjoy it.  His widow Mary died next year, and she gave much of her estate to Daniel and William Stacy, of Barnham, near Malden in County Essex, her brothers and £10, to bring up Thomas, son of Francis Bedient to school.  This legacy was well bestowed for the father was poor, and the son worthy.

JOHN BARNARD, Watertown, came 1634, aged 30, with wife Phebe, 27, sons John, 2, and Samuel, 1, in the Elizabeth, from Ipswich; perhaps was freeman 3 September 1634; had here Hannah; James, before mentioned; Mary, born 7 November 1639; Joseph, 12 November 1642; Benjamin, before mentioned; and Elizabeth; was a selectman 1644, and was buried  4 June 1646.  His widow died 1 August 1685.  Hannah married 25 June 1655, Samuel Goffe; Mary married 16 June 1662, William Barrett, both of Cambridge; and Elizabeth married 7 January 1671, John Dix of Watertown.

JOHN BARNARD, Watertown, son of the preceding, born in England, married 15 November 1654, Sarah Fleming, daughter of John Fleming of the same, had John, born 24 August 1656, died soon; John, again, 30 October 1657; Sarah, 19 September 1659, died at 4 months; Samuel, 25 March 1664; Sarah, again, February 1666, died next month; James, 14 January 1667; Ann, September 1670; Phebe, 8 August 1673; and Jane, 17 May 1678.  He was freeman 1671; and his daughter Ann married 16 December 1692, Nathaniel Bowman, Phebe, married Captain Joseph Bowman, and Jane married 15 January 1713, John Smith, and lived over 85 years.

JOHN BARNARD, Nantucket, only son of Robert Barnard of the same, married 25 February 1669, Bethia Folger, daughter of Peter Folger, and they were drowned 6 June following.

JOHN BARNARD, Hadley, son of Francis Barnard, with whom he removed from Hartford, died without issue, perhaps unmarried, being killed at Bloody brook, with Captain Lathrop, 18 September 1675.

JOHN BARNARD was of Salem 1676, having a wife.

JOHN BARNARD, Boston, son of Matthew Barnard of the same, Artillery Company 1677, freeman 1678, by wife Esther, who died 1689, had John Barnard, born 6 November 1681, Harvard College 1700 (a minister of much distinction, ordained 18 July 1716, died 24 January 1770, for whose very interesting autobiography the curious reader will turn to 3 Massachusetts History Collections V. 178); and by second wife, had William, 30 August 1691; Jonathan, 15 January 1693; and Matthew, 17 June 1694; and died December 1732.  His widow lived to 94th year, 31 January 1758.

JOHN BARNARD, Watertown, son of the second John Barnard of the same, married 5 March 1683, Sarah Cutting, daughter of Richard Cutting, had only Elizabeth, born 29 October 1684, by her; and he married 17 November 1692, Elizabeth Stone, daughter of John Stone of the same, had Sarah, born 25 January 1694; and this wife died 6 May following, and 23 July next he married Mary Morse, daughter of Joseph Morse the second of the same, had John, 27 June 1695; Mary, 1 April 1697; Fleming, 19 April 1699; Joseph, 21 May 1700; Jonathan, 20 May 1703; Lydia, 2 May 1705; and Grace, 31 March 1707.  His will of 12 August 1727 was probated 27 March 1732, as Bond tells.

JOSEPH BARNARD Kittery 1670, was brother of Benjamin Barnard.

JOSEPH BARNARD, Northampton, son of Francis Barnard, married 13 July 1675, unless more probable date be 19 December or 13 January after (as each of the three is given), Sarah Strong, daughter of Elder John Strong, removed to Deerfield, had John born 1676, Joseph, Thomas, Samuel, Ebenezer, Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah, Abigail, and Thankful, but no dates are known of their births.  He was mortally wounded by the Indians 18 August, and died 6 September 1695.

JOSEPH BARNARD, Springfield, son of Richard Barnard of the same, a shopkeeper, died 3 December 1728 leaving children Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, and Joseph.

MASSACHIEL BARNARD, Weymouth, had Mary, born 27 September 1637; and Sarah, 5 April 1639; but of him I hear no more. 

MATTHEW BARNARD, Boston, carpenter, son of Bartholomew Barnard, born in England, Artillery Company 1660, freeman 1673, was a Lieutenant, and died 9 May 1679, aged 54; by first wife Sarah, who died 31 August 1659, had John, born 29 September 1654; Thomas, 14 April 1657; and by second wife Alice, who died 1663, had Benjamin 6 January 1663.  Another wife he had, probably named Martha, by Nicholas Davis of York called cousin, in his will of 27 April 1667. 

NATHANIEL BARNARD, Boston, married 11 February 1659, Mary Lugg, daughter of John Lugg, perhaps removed to Nantucket, there had Mary, born 24 February 1667; Hannah, 19 July 1669; John, 24 February 1671; Nathaniel, 24 November 1672; Stephen, 16 February 1675; Sarah, 23 March 1677; and Elinor, 18 June 1679; besides Benjamin, Ebenezer, Timothy, and Abigail, all, or most before the preceding.  But high Nantucket authority claims that the father of those seven children came in 1650, with his uncle, Robert Barnard, from England, whose daughter he married, and there died 29 April or 3 May 1718, as also that his wife died 17 March preceding.  Of the right Nathaniel, I suppose, Thomas of Salisbury was the father and he (whether husband of the daughter of Lugg or not) is called progenitor of all the inhabitants of the Island of this name.

RICHARD BARNARD, Springfield, married 1671, Sarah Clark, died 19 November 1683, had six children of which Benoni, who died 1673, perhaps Daniel, who died 1689, and Joseph alone, before mentioned, is known to me.  Sometimes he is called Barnet. 

RICHARD BARNARD, Boston, brother of Matthew Barnard, married 2 March 1659, Elizabeth Negus, daughter of Benjamin Negus, was of Artillery Company 1662, and died December 1706.

ROBERT BARNARD, Salisbury, had only son John Barnard, born 2 March 1612, and about 1663 removed to Nantucket, there had Martha, who married William Rogers; Sarah, who married James Skiff of Nantucket; and Mary, who married her cousin Nathaniel Barnard, and he died 1682; and his widow Joanna died 31 March 1705.

ROBERT BARNARD, Andover, one of the founders of the church 1645, had Stephen, John, and Hannah, who married 13 June 1662, John Stevens.  Of this stock was Jeremiah Barnard, Harvard College 1773, minister of Amherst, New Hampshire.

SAMUEL BARNARD, Watertown, son of John Barnard the first, and brought by him from England, took oath of allegiance 1652, but probably died unmarried.

SAMUEL BARNARD, Boston 1671.

SAMUEL BARNARD, Hadley, son of Francis Barnard, died 1728, leaving Samuel, and two daughters.

SAMUEL BARNARD, Watertown, son of John Barnard the second of the same, housewright, married 4 April 1700, Mercy Sherman, youngest daughter of Reverend John Sherman, had Esther, born (if Bond's record be right) 9 September 1700; Elizabeth, baptized 18 January 1702; Grace, born 14, baptized by name of Mercy 20 August 1704; and Samuel, baptized 14 April 1706, as Bond tells; but he adds, that he soon after removed probably to Cambridge; and there he may have had more children.

STEPHEN BARNARD, Andover, son of Robert Barnard, married 1 May 1671, Rebecca How, but of him I hear no more.

STEPHEN BARNARD, Nantucket, son of Nathaniel Barnard, married Damaris Gardner, daughter of Joseph Gardner.

THOMAS BARNARD, Salisbury, by wife Helen, had Thomas, born 10 May 1641; Nathaniel, 15 January 1643; Martha and Mary, twins 22 September 1645; Sarah, 28 September 1647; Hannah, 24 November 1649; Ruth, 16 October 1651; John, 12 January 1655; and a daughter 20 January 1657; and he was killed by the Indians. His widow had administration.  Sarah married 31 January 1667, William Hacket; and Hannah married 28 October 1673, Benjamin Stevens.

THOMAS BARNARD, Salisbury, eldest son of the preceding, by wife Sarah Peasley, daughter of Joseph Peasley, had Thomas, born 22 January following; took oath of allegiance December 1677.

THOMAS BARNARD, Boston 1678, a carpenter, was, probably son of Matthew Barnard, but no more is found of him.

THOMAS BARNARD, Andover, son of Francis Barnard, ordained as colleague with Dane 1682, died 13 October 1718, in 61st  year.  He had married 14 December 1686, Elizabeth Price, daughter of Theodore Price, who died 10 October 1693; and next married 28 April 1696 Abigail Bull, who died 1702 ; and next married 1704 Lydia Goff.  Of his children the dates are not all given, nor is any daughter, named the sons, were Thomas, born 1688, who died without issue, before his father John Barnard, 26 February 1690, Harvard College 1709, who succeeded his father in the pulpit at Andover, ordained 8 April 1719, and died 14 June 1738, leaving Thomas Barnard, Harvard College 1732, minister at Newbury and Salem, and Edward Barnard, Harvard College 1736, minister of Haverhill.

TOBIAS BARNARD, Of the first class at Harvard College 1642, went soon to England, as Johnson, in Wonderwolk provided 165, tells; but of him no more is heard.  In his enumeration of graduates 1834, Farmer would have counted at Harvard 13 up to 1774, and 2 more since, and Yale 3.  Prince I.151, named one of this name at Weymouth as a minister, yielded I fear, too much to tradition as letters from the oldest people there give no confirmation.  Perhaps for the early years of the plantation a lay brother officiated in part of the service.


BENJAMIN BARNES, Farmington, son of Thomas Barnes of Hartford, removed to Waterbury, had wife Sarah, and children Joseph; Thomas, baptized 8 June 1690, at Farmington; Ebenezer; and perhaps others.

CHARLES BARNES, Easthampton, Long Island, 1663, a schoolmaster, was son of William Barnes of East Winch, near Lynn, County Norfolk.  Esquire as is told.

DANIEL BARNES, New Haven 1644,

DANIEL BARNES, New Haven, son of Thomas Barnes of the same, was proprietor 1685.

EBENEZER BARNES, Southington, son of Thomas Barnes of the same, married 8 April 1699, Deborah Orvis, and died 1756, leaving fifteen children, as Mr. Porter assures me.

JAMES BARNES, Boston, had wife Hopestill, who died 19 August 1676; and he was freeman 1681.

JOHN BARNES, Plymouth 1632, probably of Yarmouth 1639, married Mary Plummer (whose father is not known), had John born that year, who died 25 December 1648; Jonathan, 3 June 1643; Lydia, 24 April 1647; besides Hannah, and an elder daughter Mary, who married 1659, at Plymouth, Robert Marshall.  His wife died 2 June 1651, and he had seen wife Jane, at Plymouth, whither soon after death of his first wife, he removed and there died 1671, by violence of one of his cattle.  See Haz. I. 326.

JOHN BARNES, Concord 1661, married 1664, Elizabeth Hunt, daughter of William Hunt, was probably father of Deacon John Barnes of Marlborough, (who died in 86th year 5 April 1752); and was killed by the Indians at Sudbury fight, April 1676.

JOHN BARNES, Boston 1669, son of Thomas Barnes of Hingham, a cooper, married Elizabeth Heaton, daughter of Nathaniel Heaton; but I know nothing more of him.

JOHN BARNES, New Haven, probably son of Thomas Barnes of the same, was a tanner, married 16 November 1669, Mercy Betts, had Hannah, born 23 December 1670; Thomas; John, 12 January 1673; Nathaniel, 7 November 1677; Israel, 22 April 1680; Joanna, or Susanna, 16 December 1682; and Benjamin, 24 August 1692, was a proprietor 1685.

JONATHAN BARNES, Plymouth, son of John Barnes, married 4 January 1666, Elizabeth Hedge, daughter of William Hedge of Yarmouth, had Mary, born 14 August 1667; John, 5 March 1669; William, 14 February 1670; Hannah, 11 November 1672; Lydia, 4 July 1674; Elizabeth, 16 August 1677; Sarah, 28 February 1680; Esther, 18 February 1682; and Jonathan, 27 August 1681; besides two more daughters of names unknown.

JOSEPH BARNES, Farmington, son of Thomas Barnes of the same, married 8 July 1684, Abigail Gibbs, had Rebecca, born June 1685, Jacob, born 18 September 1687, baptized soon after; Abigail, 18 baptized 23 February 1690; Elizabeth, 1 baptized 9 October 1692; Mary, 6 baptized 17 February 1695; Esther, born 31 July 1697; Rachel, 19 October 1699; Joseph, 17 August 1702; and died 23 January 1741 at Southington.

JOSHUA BARNES, Yarmouth, came in 1632, and was bound for 5 years from landing to Mr. Paine, in 1642 was fined for scoffing at religious or disturbing worship; perhaps was of Easthampton, Long Island, in 1650.

MATTHEW BARNES, Braintree 1640, a miller, had Sarah, born 29 August 1641, removed to Boston 1652, there by wife Rebecca, had Alice, 22 December 1652; and Hannah, 14 March 1655.  His wife died 19 September 1657, and he married 4 November following Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Hunt of Boston, and died perhaps, at Malden, June 1667.  His daughter Sarah married 26 December 1660, John Tomline

MATTHEW BARNES of Boston, I find, that by wife Sarah, he had John, born 29 September 1654.

MAYBEE BARNES, Middletown, son of Thomas Barnes, of New Haven, married 1691, Elizabeth Stow, daughter of Reverend Samuel Stow of Middletown, but I hear of him no more.

NATHANIEL BARNES, Boston 1675, a merchant of who I hear no more, but that in 1679 he was chosen clerk of the writs, i. e. town clerk.

OBADIAH BARNES, New Haven 1640.

PETER BARNES, Hingham, youngest son of Thomas Barnes the first, married July 1679, Ann Canterbury, daughter of Cornelius Canterbury, had Cornelius, born 24 August 1684, died young; and John, 10 December 1685.

RICHARD BARNES, Marlborough, had come in the Jonathan, 1639, with his mother Agnes (who was then wife of Thomas Blanchard), and her mother Agnes Bent, and the grandmother, the mother, and a younger child died on the voyage, so that he was some years under care of his uncle John Bent, and was put apprentice to said Blanchard, when Barnes was only ten years old, who also became his guardian.  After death of Blanchard, May 1654, John Grout of Sudbury was made guardian; and for part of this early History see Genealogical Registrar IX. 371.  He married 16 December 1667, perhaps as second wife, widow Deborah Dix, but all inquiries who was her first husband is baffled, neither the diligence of Bond, nor the skill of Dr. Harris being adequate to solve it.  Yet the list of children accepted, from Barry by Bond, seems hardly to consist with the prior list of children.  She had born Leonard, John, and William.  See Bond, 753.  However some may be administered as Sarah, born 1669; Richard, 1673; and Abigail, 1683, who married 1700, Peter Bent.  He died 22 January 1708.

RICHARD BARNES, Marlborough, son probably of the preceding, married Ann Hide, youngest daughter of the first Jonathan Hide of Cambridge, but I learn no more.

THOMAS BARNES, Hingham 1637, freeman 1645, came with wife Ann from Hingham, Old England, had Thomas, and John, both baptized 21 May 1643, of which the first died young; Elizabeth, 8 December 1644; Ann; Hannah, June 1647, died young; James, 8 April 1649; and Peter, 6 June 1652.  Ann married a Brimsden of Boston.

THOMAS BARNES, Salem, by wife Mary, had Benjamin, born 1 October 1655; Thomas, 1657, died soon; Mary, 12 October 1658, died at 2 years; and Mary, again, 19 March 1662; and was drowned December 1663.

THOMAS BARNES, Hartford 1639, had Sarah, who married 29 May 1666, John Scovil; removed to Farmington, had Benjamin, baptized 24 July 1653; Joseph, 1655, and Thomas, who married Mary Jones, daughter of Richard Jones.  He took second wife Mary Andrews, eldest daughter of John Andrews, had by her that Thomas, besides Ebenezer, and died 1688.

THOMAS BARNES, New Haven 1643, removed to Middletown, and died 1693.  He had service in the Pequot war, 1637, and left sons John; Thomas, born 26 August 1653; Daniel, 29 August 1659, baptized 1661, on the same day with Abigail, his sister born 16 March 1657, but the day on the record of church is a false one, 27 June, which was a Thursday; and Maybee, born 25 June 1663, as the careful town record tells, baptized not, as the careless church record tells, 20 July of that year, which was on Monday; besides three other daughters of who Elizabeth, perhaps eldest, was born 28 May 1650.  His wife Mary died 1676, and his daughter Mercy married 20 October or December 1666, Bartholomew Jacobs.

THOMAS BARNES, Swanzey 1669, was a prominent man in the Baptist Church there, had Elizabeth, born 14 February 1675, and probably others.

THOMAS BARNES, Marlborough, the freeman 1673, who prayed for a grant of Indians land because his house and goods had been burned by the enemy in Philip's war, may be he who came from London 1656, aged 20, in the Speedwell.

THOMAS BARNES, New Haven, son of Thomas Barnes of the same, by wife Abigail, had Mary, born 21 November 1679; Sarah, 17 February 1682; Thomas, 24 July 1684, died young; Thomas, again, 26 July 1687; Sarah, 1689; Rebecca, 12 March 1691; Abigail, 10 June 1693; Elizabeth, 10 November 1695; Deborah, 1 February 1698; Hannah, 31 May 1702; Samuel, 11 April 1705; Nathaniel, 11 January 1707; and Abraham, 1711.  The father died 1712.

THOMAS BARNES, Farmington, probably son of Thomas Barnes of the same, married June 1690, Mary Jones, daughter of Richard Jones, had Ruth, baptized 23 October 1692; and Elizabeth, 21 July 1695; Samuel, born 4 June 1700; Martha, 8 March 1703; Patience, September 1705; Hannah, 6 September 1708.

THOMAS BARNES, of New Hampshire 1690, was of those who prayed for protection of Massachusetts jurisdiction.

WILLIAM BARNES, Salisbury 1610, freeman 2 June 1641, by wife Rachel, had Mary, who married 23 June 1659, second John Hoyt; William, who died 11 June 1648; Hannah, born 25 January 1644; Deborah, 1 April 1646; Jonathan, 1 April 1648; Rachel, 30 April 1649, who married 2 March 1668 or 9 (both dates being given), Thomas Sargent; Sarah, who married 8 September 1670, Thomas Rowell, and next, 26 October 1676, John, or more probably Thomas Harvey, as the Amesbury record gives the name; and Rebecca, who married Moses Morrill.  Deborah married 19 December 1663, Samuel Davis.  He was one of the first settlers of Amesbury about 1654.  It has been thought that he is the man in the list of passengers by the Globe from London for Virginia, 1635, and the names of William Brown, and Richard Wells in the same list are seen, both, also, found at Salisbury.  But those surnames are so frequent on both sides of the ocean, that the argument must not be pressed too far. Some persons might, at that time, think it easy to go from one part of America to another; but most of those for Virginia were not puritans, and all who would come to New England especially from London, easily gained direct, instead of circuitous passage.  Of this name, including those spelt without e, Farmer, in 1834, counted seven graduates at Yale, five at Harvard, and five at other New England colleges.


BARTHOLOMEW BARNETT, MATTHEW BARNETT, ROBERT BARNETT, and others, may seem to be only perverse spelling for Barnard, but

THOMAS BARNETT, New London, who preached there 1686 and 7, must be printed with this form of the name, out of regard to that Eccl. History of New England called the Magnalia, III. 4, where this man is inserted in the third classis, though with studied carelessness, Mather omits his baptized name.  Caulkins could find no more than this useful designation for this side of the water; while in vain I searched Palmer's Non. Conf. Mem. III. 150 and 1 for mention of any but Andrew Barnett of Trinity Colony Cambridge, and Joshua Barnett, son of Humphrey Barnett of Shropshire who were respectable among the clergy confessors.

JOHN BARNETT, Salem, with alias, Barbart, married 14 October 1661, Mary Bishop, had Mary, born 30 October 1662; Familiar (if a possible name), 26 September 1664; and Elizabeth, 5 July 1666.


JACOB BARNEY, Salem, freeman 14 May 1634, had John, baptized 15 December 1639, was Representative 1635, 8, 47, 33, and died 1673, aged 72.

JACOB BARNEY, Salem, son of the preceding, perhaps born in England, married 18 August 1657, Hannah Johnson, who died 5 June 1659; and next he married 26 April 1660, Ann Witt, daughter of Jonathan Witt of Lynn or Salem, had Hannah, born 2 March 1661, probably died young; Sarah, 12 September 1662; Abijah,31 October 1663; John, 1 August 1665; Jacob, 21 May 1667; Ruth, 27 September 1669; Dorcas, 22 April 1671; Joseph. 9 March 1673; Israel, 17 June 1675; Jonathan, 29 March 1677; Samuel, 10 February 1679; and Hannah, again, 6 February 1681, who married John Cromwell.

JACOB BARNEY, Boston 1668, was one of the founders of the First Baptist society in the town; yet no more is told of him, even in the valuable History of Boston by Mr. Drake.


RICHARD BARNUM, or RICHARD BARNAM, may perhaps be thought of Boston, as he was in Moseley's Company killed in the bloody assault, on Sunday, 19 December 1675, upon the Narraganset fort.

RICHARD BARNUM, or RICHARD BARNAM, Danbury, married before 1696, Mary Hurd, daughter of the second John Hurd of Stratford.  Perhaps he was son of Thomas Barnum, who married the mother of Mary.

THOMAS BARNUM, or THOMAS BARNAM, Norwalk 1662, was before that at Fairfield, and after at Danbury, had Thomas, born 9 July 1663; John, 24 February 1678; Hannah, 14 October 1680; and Ebenezer, 19 May 1682; but six more children he had, two sons, four daughters, yet at Norwalk are no more records, nor I can find the names of these six, or either of them, or of either of two wives, one of which outlived him, who died 1695.  His widow Sarah, who had been probably widow of the second John Hurd, died 24 January 1718.


GEORGE BARNELL, Boston 1638, a cooper, freeman 10 May 1643, died 2 September following.  In Genealogical Registrar 11. 383 is an abstract of his will, made 28 May, probated 30 October of that year, gives house and lands to wife Ann for life, provided for childen John, James, and Ann, and two grandchildren when they shall be 21 years old; but the names of these two seem strangely spelt.  "The tools of his trade " lead the diligent compiler, in a note, to explain, that he seems "to have been a mission;" but I follow the church record at his administration into that body, 5 September 1641, as probably the correct designation, and Mr. Drake from town record shows it.  His daughter Ann had married William Semond.

JAMES BARNELL, Boston, son of the preceding, probably born in England, was living in 1677; but the record has no account of a family. 

JOHN BARNELL, Boston, cooper, brother of the preceding, born in England, Artillery Company 1643, and 1656 was Ensign of that distinguished Company, by wife Mary Colbron, daughter of Elder William Colbron, held John, born 6 August says the town record but the more trustworthy church record says baptized 3 August 1645, died young; Mary, born 16 March 1647; Hannah, 23 April 1651; John, again, 15 March 1653, died young; William, 28 July 1654; and John, again, 1666; and died 29 August 1658.  His widow married Daniel Turell.  But in the will of grandfather Colbron, another son James, is remembered.

JOHN BARNELL, Watertown, by wife Elizabeth, had Abigail, born 20 April 1658; but the wide-seeing eye of Dr. Bond did not discern this inhabitant and therefore I am compelled to trust the Middlesex record of births.

JOHN BARNELL, Boston, son probably of John Barnell of the same, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 4 April 1677.

THOMAS BARNELL, the Massachusetts freeman of 1645, was of Braintree; but of him I can see no more, and can feel no doubt that what appears Barrill in print, should be Barrett.

WILLIAM BARNELL, Boston, brother of George Barnell of the same, died 20 August 1639.

WILLIAM BARNELL, Scituate, perhaps son of John Barnell of Boston, though Deane calls him son of William Barnell, married 1680, Lydia Turner, daughter of John Turner, widow of John James, had William, born 1683; Lydia, 1684; Mary, 1686; and James, 1687.


CHRISTOPHER BARR, Charlestown, a young man, who died of fever, 17 October 1694.

JOHN BARR, Ipswich 1667.


BENJAMIN BARRETT, Hatfield, a soldier under Captain Turner, 1676, who may have been son of Humphrey Barrett, but more probably of John Barrett of Malden, married 1677, Sarah Graves, perhaps daughter of John Graves of Hadley, and second wife Mary Alexander, daughter of Robert Alexander, removed to Deerfield, and died 1690, leaving children Benjamin, John, Jonathan, Sarah, and Rebecca.

CHARLES BARRETT, Newport, by wife Catharine, who he took at Barbados, had Rosamond, born May 1665, as the Friends' record proves to me, but it certifies no more.

HUMPHREY BARRETT, Concord 1640, freeman 1657, who died November 1662, aged 70, had Thomas, who was drowned in the river 1660; Humphrey; and John, by Shattuck said to have settled at Marlborough.  His widow Mary, in her will of 15 June, probated 20 October 1663, names sons John and Humphrey, and grandchild Mary Barrett, as also her brother Oliver, who died September 1671. 

HUMPHREY BARRETT, Concord, son of the preceding, freeman 1682, had, I suppose, married a daughter of Robert Hawes of Roxbury, who in his will calls him son, had Joseph, and Benjamin, was Representative October 1691.

JAMES BARRETT, Charlestown, married Hannah Fosdick, daughter of Stephen Fosdick, had James, born 6 April 1644; Hannah, 21 March 1648; Mary; Sarah; John, 6 May 1655; and Stephen, specially named in the will of grandfather Fosdick.  He died 16 August 1672; and his widow died 1681.  Hannah married John Scolley.

JAMES BARRETT, Malden, son of the preceding, married 11 January 1672, Dorcas Green, daughter of Thomas Green of the same (that Thomas, who died 1682), had James, born 1672; John, 1675; and Jonathan, 1678; and died 1694.

JOHN BARRETT, Taunton, 1643.

JOHN BARRETT, Malden 1653, had Benjamin, born 18 December of that year, removed to Wells, there was made constable 1657, Ensign 1660, Representative 1681.  Perhaps he was brother of James Barrett; and his wife Mary Littlefield, was daughter of Edmund Littlefield of Wells, who in his will of December 1661, probated 17 April following, names her and son John, probably meaning the husband.

JOHN BARRETT, Marlborough, son of Humphrey Barrett the first, married 19 September 1656, Mary Pond of Sudbury, and died July 1711, leaving son John.

JOHN BARRETT, Chelmsford, by wife Sarah, had Lydia, born 22 September 1659; and (unless we suppose error in the record) Samuel, 16 June 1660.

JOHN BARRETT, Charlestown, married 6 June 1664, Elizabeth Cousins, removed to Chelmsford, there in 1679, called senior, so that another of the same name was living there.

JOHN BARRETT, Stratford 1671.

JOHN BARRETT, Charlestown, son of James Barrett of the same, was probably never married, but of slender health, made his will, 1678, in which he opens with saying he was 23 years old, not likely to live long, and directs, that mother brothers and sister should have his property.  It was probated 1682.

JOSEPH BARRETT, Chelmsford, freeman 1676, was perhaps son of the second Humphrey Barrett.

ROBERT BARRETT, Charlestown 1674, died 1675, and his widow Hannah died 5 January 1691.

STEPHEN BARRETT, who served as commissary for Connecticut in Philip's war, 1675.  I have been unable to discover any thing more about his residence or family.

STEPHEN BARRETT, Charlestown, son of James Barrett the first, married 14 May 1680, Elizabeth, (of an undecypherable or hieroglific name, whereof the initial is M), and he died 1689.

THOMAS BARRETT, Braintree, may probably be he who came at 16 years in the Increase, 1635, was made freeman 1645, though the printed list has Barrill, and was of the number of petitioners for grant of land at Warwick that our General Court had confiscated, and to part of which they gave 10,000 acres forfeited by the misbelieving friends of Gorton; married 14 September 1655, Frances Woolderson, had Martha, born 17 September 1656; Mary, 17 April 1658; and perhaps others, and died at Chelmsford 1668, in his will of 1 July 1662, probated 6 August following, names wife Margaret, eldest son John; Thomas; and Joseph, the youngest.

THOMAS BARRETT, Cambridge, had wife Lydia, and removed to Marlborough, there died January 1673, in his will of 16 January, probated 1 April following, provided for wife and three children.

WILLIAM BARRETT, Cambridge, brother of the preceding, by wife Sarah, Champney daughter of Richard Champney of the same, married 19 August 1636, had Lydia, born 17 September 1657; and John, 1660.  His wife died 21 August 1661, and he married 16 June 1662, Mary Barnard, daughter of John Barnard, had William, born 3 May 1665; Edward, 8 January 1667; Samuel, 7 February 1669; and Bartholomew, 1 April 1672, who died next month.  She died 28 March 1673, and he took for third wife 8 October following, Mary Sparhawk, daughter of Nathaniel Sparhawk of the same, and died 16 March 1689, aged about 60.  By John Pool of Reading, in his will, Barrett is called son in law, which seems to prove, that Pool had married the mother of Barrett's first wife.  Of this name, the graduates at Harvard in 1832 were 7, at Dartmouth 3, and at other New England colleges 4.


DANIEL BARRON, Woburn 1653, was perhaps son of Ellis Barron the first.

ELLIS BARRON, or ELLIZ BARRON, Watertown, freeman 2 June 1641, brought from England probably three or four children, for Bond names the issue in this order, Ellis Barron; Mary, who married 10 December 1650, Daniel Warren; Susanna, who married 14 December 1653, Stephen Randall; Hannah, who married about 1659, Simon Coolidge; John; Sarah, born 4 July 1640; Moses, 1 March 1643; and Peter, a soldier in Moseley's Company killed by the Indians September 1675.  He had two wives Grace (thought to be mother of all those children), and Hannah, widow of Timothy Hawkins, married 4 December 1653; was constable 1658, selectman 1668, and died 30 October 1676.  His will made four days before, probated 19 December following, provides for wife, for the seven children remaining after loss of Peter, and for grandchild Elizabeth Barron.

ELLIS BARRON, Watertown, son of the preceding, married Hannah Hawkins, daughter of Timothy Hawkins, and Bond gives the date which I have taken for marriage of her mother with the father of this husband, though he may be right, and possibly mother and daughter, father and son were married on one day, yet it seems less probable.  He had Ellis, born 22 April 1655; Hannah, 6 March 1658; Elizabeth, 14 April 1660, died soon; Sarah, 4 November 1662; and perhaps Elizabeth, again; removed to Groton, there had Grace, 29 July 1665; Mehitable, 22 June 1668; Timothy, 18 April 1673; Dorothy, 6 March 1675, perhaps died young; and Abigail, 14 November 1676.  At Lancaster he made his will 31 December 1711, probated 7 October following, which teaches us the names of husbands for six of his daughters Abigail Houghton, Mehitable Parker, Hannah Cady, wife of James, Elizabeth Philbrick, wife of Ephraim, Sarah Taylor, and Grace Stevens.  He had preferred Lancaster to Groton, after the equal destruction of both.  From Groton he was in Philip's war, and reappears at Watertown with wife Lydia.

ELLIS BARRON, Lancaster, son of the preceding, married 27 May 1679, Mary Sherman, daughter of Reverend John Sherman, and honorable venerable record may distort a name is shown here, where the clerk must certify that Elizabeth Barron junior married Mary Sherman; and he had second wife Lydia, unless Bond have confused him with his father as he suspected.

JOHN BARRON, Groton, son of Ellis Barron the first, had John, born 4 April 1665; Moses, 26 March 1669; Ellis, 4 June 1672; and Elizabeth, 28 September 1677; but the name of his wife or date of his death is not seen.

MOSES BARRON, brother of the preceding, may have lived at Woburn, at least he married Mary Learned, eldest daughter of Isaac Learned of that place, but probably died early.

PETER BARRON, Marblehead, fisherman, made his will 28 October 1675, going on service against Indians, and died 26 November following.

TIMOTHY BARRON, Watertown, a weaver, son of Ellis Barron the second, married 10 March 1698, Rachel Jennison, daughter of Samuel Jennison of the same, had Joseph, baptized 30 October following; Timothy, 1 July 1700; Peter, born 26 July 1702; Samuel, October 1704, died next month; and Hannah, 6 August 1709; and his widow Rachel married John King.  Of Oliver Barron, Harvard College 1788, it is said by William Winthrop, in his interleaving catalogue, that he died 1809, a physician in the Isle of Man.


JAMES BARROWS, or JAMES BARROW, Dover, was taxed 1670, says Mr. Quint, but he tells no more.

JOHN BARROWS, or JOHN BARROW, Plymouth, had wife Deborah, sons Robert, Benajah, Joshua, and Ebenezer, besides two daughters, when he died 12 January 1692.  Perhaps he had son John Barrows to be a soldier of Gallop’s company 1690.

ROBERT BARROWS, or ROBERT BARROW, Plymouth, perhaps brother of the preceding, married 28 November 1666, Ruth Bonum, daughter of George Bonum, had Eliezur, born 15 September 1669, who died soon; and no more is known of the father

ROBERT BARROWS, or ROBERT BARROW, Plymouth, son of John Barrows, married Lydia Dunham, had Robert, born 1689; Thankful, 1692; Elisha, 1695; Thomas, 1697; and Lydia, 1699.


JOHN BARRY, New London 1659, may have been only transient, as he is seen only as a witness to deed of land.


JOHN BARSHAM, Portsmouth, or as Bond thinks, of Exeter, eldest son of William Barsham, by wife Mehitable, had Annabel, born 31 May 1670; Mary, 26 February 1672; Dorothy, 2 February 1674; Sarah, 11 August probably 1675; and William, 25 April 1678.

JOSHUA BARSHAM, Watertown, brother of the preceding, outlived his father, but in Bond's opinion was never married.

NATHANIEL BARSHAM, Watertown, brother of the preceding, married 13 March 1679, Elizabeth Bond, eldest daughter of the first William Bond, was town clerk, selectman several years, and a Lieutenant in the wretched expedition of Phips against Quebec, 1690, after a Captain, had no children, and died 2 August 1716.  His widow died 23 December 1729.

PHILIP BARSHAM, Deerfield, killed by the Indians at Bloody brook, with Captain Lathrop, 18 September 1675, left wife and perhaps children.

WILLIAM BARSHAM, Watertown, came, it is thought 1630, freeman 9 March 1637, by wife Ammiel, or Annabel, had John Barsham, born 8 December 1635, Harvard College 1658; Hannah, 7 January 1638; William; Joshua, 15 March 1641; Susanna, 28 January 1642; Nathaniel, 1644; Sarah; Mary, 24 June 1648; Rebecca, 12 December 1657; and Elizabeth, 29 July 1659.  He died 13 July 1684, in his will of 23 August preceding, with codicil of 15 April following, not named wife leads us to infer, that she was dead.  No doubt he was a man of good public spirit, selectman 1653, and filled other office of importance.  Hannah married 19 December 1656, John Spring junior; Susanna, and Sarah married and had children, but their husbands are not marked; Mary married 7 May 1675, Deacon John Bright, and next, 12 December 1700, Hannah Parker of Reading; Rebecca married 14 May 1683, Edward Winship of Cambridge; and Elizabeth married 5 July 1694, Adam Eve of Boston; yet to so odd a name Bond puts a quere for place, while my suspicion attaches more to the person's spelling.


GEORGE BARSTOW, GEORGE BAIRSTO, or GEORGE BERESTO, Boston, came from London, in the Truelove, 1635, aged 21, was in 1636, favored with grant of land at Dedham, but probably went not thither before 1642, Artillery Company 1644, no wife or children at Dedham, is mentioned before he removed to Scituate, there besides some children, who died early, had Margaret, baptized 24 February 1650; and George, born March 1652, baptized 12 June 1653, after death of his father at Cambridge, on 18 March of that year.  His widow Susanna Marrett, daughter of Thomas Marrett, or Thomas Marryott, of Cambridge, died 17 April 1654.

GEORGE BARSTOW, GEORGE BAIRSTO, or GEORGE BERESTO, Roxbury, probably son of the preceding, by wife Mary, had Susanna, born 2 November 1684; and George, August 1687.  Perhaps he removed to Rehoboth, there had Samuel, 1 May 1705; and died 6 April 1726.

JEREMIAH BARSTOW, JEREMIAH BAIRSTO, or JEREMIAH BERESTO, Scituate, son of John Barstow of Cambridge, by wife Lydia, had John, and Jeremiah; the last was taken by the Indians a few weeks after death of his father (who fell in the Rehoboth fight 26 March 1676), and soon killed by them.  His widow married 1677, Richard Standlake.

JOHN BARSTOW, JOHN BAIRSTO, or JOHN BERESTO, Cambridge, usually written Baistoe, was youngest brother of George Barstow the first, by wife Hannah, had Michael, born 1653; John; and Jeremiah; was drowned 13 February 1658, aged 33, by falling through ice of Charles river travelling from Dedham in the night.

JOHN BARSTOW, JOHN BAIRSTO, or JOHN BERESTO, Scituate, brother of Jeremiah Barstow of the same, married 1678 Lydia Hatch, daughter of William Hatch second of the same, had Job, born 8 March 1679; Jeremiah, 28 August 1682; John, 16 February 1684; Jerusha, 21 November 1687, died soon; Susanna, 5 May 1689; Abigail, 8 March 1692; and Lydia, 26 March 1696.

JOSEPH BARSTOW, JOSEPH BAIRSTO, or JOSEPH BERESTO, Scituate, son of William Barstow the first, married 16 May 1666, Susanna Lincoln, daughter of Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman, of Hingham (who died very aged, 31 January 1730), had Susanna, born 3 June 1667; Joseph, 22 January 1675; Benjamin, 1 March 1679; Deborah, 26 December 1681; and Samuel, 1 January 1683; and died 17 April 1712.  His house was a garrison 1675.

MICHAEL BARSTOW, MICHAEL BAIRSTO, or MICHAEL BERESTO, or MILES BARSTOW, MILES BAIRSTO, or MILES BERESTO, Charlestown, eldest brother of George Barstow the first, with wife Marcia, joined the church 5 December 1635, and was made freeman 3 March following, removed before 1642 to Watertown.  He was from Shelf, near Halifax, County York, West Riding, son of Matthew Barstow, says Bond, baptized 17 November 1600, married 16 February 1625 Grace Halstead, who Bond, 677, notes as the same with Marcia.  He brought probably his wife's sister Susanna, who died unmarried.  As he had no children, his will of 23 June 1674 proves his estate good, as was the spirit in which he divided it (see Genealogical Registrar VIII. 169); and his wife having died 20 July 1671, many relatives partook, besides the benefactor to his spirited guide, Reverend John Sherman, the farm of 100 acres.  He died 1676, not, as sometimes said, the day of date of his will.  He wrote his name Bairstow.

MICHAEL BARSTOW, MICHAEL BAIRSTO, or MICHAEL BERESTO, Watertown, eldest son of John Barstow of Cambridge, freeman 1690, married 12 January 1677, Rebecca Train, daughter of John Train of Watertown, had only child Hannah, born 20 January 1679. 

WILLIAM BARSTOW, WILLIAM BAIRSTO, or WILLIAM BERESTO, Dedham, next brother of Michael Barstow the first, carne with his younger brother George Barstow, in the Truelove, 1635, aged 23, from London, where their names at the custom house were written Beresto, by wife Ann, had Joseph, born 6 June 1639, baptized 25 April 1641, his mother joined the church that month; Mary, 28 December 1641, baptized next Sunday; Patience, 3 December 1643, baptized 9 June following.  He removed to Scituate, there had, probably Sarah; and another daughter whose name is not seen; certainly Deborah, August 1650; William, September 1652; and Martha, 1655; and he died 1 January 1669.  His widow married John Prince of Hull.  Patience married Moses Simmons, 1662, as Bond, 678, tells; Mary married 14 May 1656, William Ingram of Boston; Sarah married about 1665, Nathaniel Church; Deborah married 9 November 1670, Philip Shattuck; and Martha married 9 December 1674, Samuel Prince, son of the husband of her mother.  Worthington calls him Wilkin, which is more strange than his spelling Bearstowe.

WILLIAM BARSTOW, WILLIAM BAIRSTO, or WILLIAM BERESTO, Scituate, son of the preceding, by wife Sarah, had Rebecca, born 12 March 1676; Martha, 1678; a son baptized 7 November 1680, says Barry, probably died young, but his name is not told by Barstow; Ann, 26 June 1681; William, 23 November 1684; Mary, 21 February 1687; Benjamin, 22 July 1690; and Susanna, 8 March 1693.  Descendants of two of the four brothers are much distributed in Fairhaven, Rochester, Hanover, and perhaps Salem; and six of the name, if one without r may be included, are seen among Farmer's graduates at New England colleges in 1834.


HENRY BARTHOLOMEW, Salem 1635, said by tradition to have arrived 7 November of that year, was freeman 17 May 1637, then aged 36, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, baptized there 3 October 1641; Hannah, 12 February 1643; John, 10 Nov 1644; Abraham, 8 November 1646; Eleazer, 29 July 1649; Abigail, 6 October 1650; William, 3 October 1652; Elizabeth, again, 2 July 1654; and Henry, 10 May 1657; besides Sarah, born 29 January 1659; was Representative 1645, and 17 years more, but not as Felt makes him, in his list for 1635, probably then mistaking him for William, as he did also in citing testimonial against Mrs. Hutchinson.  About 1679 he removed to Boston, and his wife died 1 September 1682; and he died 22 November 1692.  His daughter Abigail married 2 January 1672, Nehemiah Willoughby.

HENRY BARTHOLOMEW, Salem, son of the preceding, had wife Catharine, but no children, and died 1698, leaving in his will of 25 September 1694, no subjects of remark.

JOSEPH BARTHOLOMEW, Boston 1667, mariner, may have been son of William Bartholomew. 

RICHARD BARTHOLOMEW, Salem, 1638, brother of Henry Bartholomew the first, freeman 2 June 1641, Artillery Company 1643, died 1646 on voyage from Boston to London, probably unmarried, certainly leaving no wife or children, as is inferred from his will of 6 January probated 4 August following. 

WILLIAM BARTHOLOMEW, Ipswich, came from London 1634, in the ship with Reverend John Lothrop, Zechary Symmes, and Mrs. Ann Hutchinson, arriving September.  Against the scheme of that lady's revelations, he was a ready witness, as Hutchinson in History II. 510 exhibits him.  Made freeman 4 March 1635, he was a Representative 1635, and 7 years more; liberated short time, about 1657, at Gloucester; removed as a merchant to Boston, about 1660, perhaps at Marblehead 1674, and died at Charlestown 18 January 1681.  His widow died 29 January 1683; and daughter Mary married 24 December 1657, Matthew Whipple of Ipswich and, next, the first Jacob Green of Charlestown.  

WILLIAM BARTHOLOMEW, Roxbury, perhaps son of the preceding, a carpenter, married 17 December 1663, Mary Johnson, probably daughter of Isaac Johnson of the same, had Isaac, born 1 November 1664; William, 16 October 1666; Mary, 26 October 1668; and Elizabeth, 15 March 1674; removed soon after, to Hatfield, where one of his children was taken by the Indians 19 September 1677; and may have been of Branford 1685.


ABRAHAM BARTLETT, Middletown, youngest son of George Bartlett of Guilford, married 11 June 1693, Mary Warner, daughter of the first Andrew Warner of the same, had Mary, born 18 May 1694; Abraham, 4 March 1697; Joseph, 24 October 1699; Timothy, 25 March 1702; and Ebenezer, 6 November 1705; and died 20 February 1731.  His widow died 28 May 1738, aged 74.

BENJAMIN BARTLETT, Duxbury, son of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, married 1656, Sarah Brewster, daughter of Love Brewster, had Benjamin, Samuel, Ichabod, Ebenezer, and Rebecca, besides Sarah, probably all by that wife, but he had in 1678 a second wife Cicely.  He was Representative 1685, as in Baylies, IV. 19.

BENJAMIN BARTLETT, Windsor, son of John Bartlett of the same, married July 1665, Deborah Barnard, had Deborah, born 3 April 1666; Benjamin, 21 June 1668, died young; Isaiah, 9 December 1670, died soon; Isaiah, again, 26 July 1672; Ephraim, 17 January 1674; Jehoida, 2 November 1675; and Benjamin, again, 5 December 1677.

CHRISTOPHER BARTLETT, Newbury 1635, married 16 April 1645, first wife Mary; had Mary, born 15 October 1647, died young; Ann, 28 September 1650; Martha, March 1653; Christopher, 11 June 1655; and Jonathan, 5 July 1657, died at 2 years; and his wife died 24 December 1661.  He married 19 December 1663, Mary Hoyt, perhaps daughter of John Hoyt, had John, 13 September 1665, who died at 3 months, and the father died 15 March 1670, aged 47.

CHRISTOPHER BARTLETT, Newbury, son of the preceding, married 29 November 1677, Deborah Weed, daughter of John Weed of Salisbury, had Christopher, born 26 February 1679; Deborah, 23 June 1680; Mary, 17 April 1682; Ann, 29 March 1684; Lydia, 19 April 1688; Hannah, 2 November 1689; Sarah, 23 October 1691; Abigail, 7 November 1695; Samuel, 16 May 1698; and Mehitable, 18 October 1701; and he died 14 April 1711.

DANIEL BARTLETT, Guilford, brother of Abraham Bartlett, married 11 January 1686, Sarah Meigs, daughter of Deacon John Meigs, who died 8 April 1688, leaving only child Daniel, born 31 March before.  Next he married 11 February 1691, Concurrence Crane, daughter of Henry Crane, of Killingworth, had John, 21 January 1692; Nathaniel, 10 February 1694, died at 10 months; Deborah, 4 November 1695; George, 7 February 1698; Nathaniel, again, 1 July 1700; and Ebenezer, 12 February 1702.  His wife died 9 October 1703; and he next married 8 October 1707, Susanna Lord of Saybrook, had Collins, 7 March 1709, died young; Lucy, 23 June 1713; Jared, 1 March 1715, died at 6 months; and Sarah, 22 July 1717.  He died 14 November 1747, and his widow died 2 February 1758.

EDWARD BARTLETT, Windsor, a young man probably, but certainly, had no wife or children when, 24 February 1676, he was called to serve in the Indians war, and made his will; nor does Stiles give him any relatives.

GEORGE BARTLETT, Guilford 1641, of Branford 1649, married 14 September 1650, Mary Cruttenden, daughter of Abraham Cruttenden, had Elizabeth, born March 1652; Mary, 1 February 1654; John, 9 November 1656, who died under 3 years;  Hannah, 5 November 1658; Daniel, 14 December 1665; Abraham, 19 February 1667; and Deborah, 1668.  He was Lieutenant, Representative 1665, Deacon, and died 3 August 1669; and his widow died next month.  Elizabeth married 29 August 1677, Abraham Fowler; Mary married 10 July 1673, Nathaniel Stone; and Deborah married 16 March 1687, John Spinning.

GEORGE BARTLETT, Scarborough 1663, who died 1674, had daughter Elizabeth, who married Nicholas Baker of Marblehead, as teaches Willis, I. 135.

HENRY BARTLETT, Braintree, was one of the Company of brave Captain Johnson, in the great Narraganset fight.

ISAIAH BARTLETT, Windsor, son of John Bartlett of the same, married 3 December 1663, Abia Gillet, had John, born 12 September 1664.

JEHOIADA BARTLETT, Hartford, son of John Bartlett of Windsor, had Martha, born 28 July 1674; Sarah, 30 May 1677; James, 7 December 1681; Joseph; Samuel, 4 April 1688; and Isaac, 22 May 1696; and died 14 June 1718.

JOHN BARTLETT, Newport 1639.

JOHN BARTLETT, Newbury 1635, came, 1634, in the Mary and John from London, was of County Kent, freeman 17 May 1637, had John, but other children is not known, and died 13 April 1678, and his widow Joan died 5 February following.

JOHN BARTLETT, Windsor 1640, brother of George Bartlett of Guilford, had Isaiah, whose name is wildly spelled on record Stiles, 532, born 13 June 1641; Benjamin, baptized 26 March 1643; Hepzibah, born 14 July 1646; Jehoiada, baptized 23 December 1 649; and Mehitable, 11 May 1 651; was living 1669.

JOHN BARTLETT, Newbury, son of John Bartlett of the same, married 5 March 1660, Sarah Knight, daughter of John Knight, had Gideon, born 18 December following; and Mary; was freeman 1669.

JOHN BARTLETT, Weymouth, by wife Sarah, had John, born 11 February 1666.

JOHN BARTLETT, Marblehead 1674.

JOHN BARTLETT, Newbury, son of Richar Bartlettd the second of the same, called (to distinguish him as one of four contemporary Johns there), the tanner, married 29 October 1680, Mary Rust, had Mary, born 17 October 1681, who died at 5 months; John, 24 January 1683; Mary, again, 27 April 1684; Nathaniel, 18 April 1655; Dorothy, 22 August 1686; Sarah, 27 November 1687; Hannah, 13 March 1689; Nathan, 23 December 1691; Abigail, 12 August 1693; and Alice, 18 March 1695; and died 24 May 1736.

JONATHAN BARTLETT, Marblehead 1656.

JOSEPH BARTLETT, Plymouth, son of Robert Bartlett of the same, had Robert, Joseph, Benjamin, Elnathan, Mary, Hannah, and Lydia.

JOSEPH BARTLETT, Cambridge village or Newton, married 27 October 1668, Mary Waite, had Mary, born 17 February 1672; Joseph and Mary, twins 5 March 1673; Elizabeth, 5 February 1677; John; and Sarah; and died 26 December 1702.  His widow died 21 December 1721.  Elizabeth married 8 March 1709, James Prentiss, says Jackson; but he makes him, in a later part of his History married that same day, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry of Marlborough; and Sarah married 1708, Jonathan Willard.

JOSEPH BARTLETT, Newton, son of the preceding, by wife Hannah, had Thomas, born 25 July 1697; Benjamin, 24 May 1699; Elizabeth, 23 September 1701, died next year; Joseph, 8 April 1703; and perhaps Ebenezer.  His wife died December 1730, and he married 1732, Mercy Hyde, who died 2 years after, and he died June 1750.

JOSEPH BARTLETT, Newbury, fifth son of Richard Bartlett the third of the same, was a soldier, taken at the assault on Haverhill, 29 August 1708, when his Captain Wainwright was killed by the Indians, and held in captivity four years of which he left a narrative, and died 1754.  See the excellent History of Coffin, 331.

NATHANIEL BARTLETT, Newbury, whose father is not heard of by me, had James, and Mary, December 1679.  Coffin.

NICHOLAS BARTLETT, Kennebunk 1651, was living at Salem 1700, as Willis shows, I. 67.

RICHARD BARTLETT, Newbury 1637, shoemaker, brother of the first Christopher Bartlett, had brought two sons and one daughter, and others he had here, though we are ignorant of the dates of any but the youngest, and approximated the eldest.  Their names were Richard, born 1621, probably the first born, John, Christopher, Joanna, and Samuel, who was born 20 February 1646; and the father died 25 May 1647.

RICHARD BARTLETT, Newbury, son probably eldest of the preceding, born in England, by wife Abigail, had Richard, born 21 February 1649; Thomas, 7 September 1650; Abigail, March 1653; John, 22 June 1655; Hannah, 18 December 1657; and Rebecca, 23 May 1661.  His wife died 1 March 1687, and he died 1698, aged 76.

RICHARD BARTLETT, Newbury, eldest son of the preceding, married 18 November 1673, Hannah Emery, daughter of John Emery, had Hannah, born 8 November 1674; Richard, 20 October 1676; John, 23 September 1678; Samuel, 8 July 1680, died at 5 years; Daniel, 8 August 1682; Joseph, 18 November 1686; Samuel, again, 2 May 1689; Stephen, 21 April 1691; Thomas, 14 July 1695; and Mary, 15 November 1697.  His eldest son was grandfather of Richard Bartlett of Pembroke, New Hampshire, whose grandson Richard Bartlett was late Secretary of the State; and Stephen Bartlett, his seventh son, was father of Governor Josiah Bartlett, born at Amesbury, November 1729, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

ROBERT BARTLETT, Plymouth, came in the Ann, Ju]y 1623, married 1628, Mary Warren, daughter of Richard Warren, had Benjamin; Joseph, born 1638; besides six daughters; Rebecca, married 20 December 1649 William Harlow; Mary, married 10 September 1651, Richard Foster, and next, 8 July 1659, Jonathan Morey; Sarah, married 23 December 1656, Samuel Rider of Yarmouth; Elizabeth married 20 December 1661, Anthony Sprague, of Hingham; Lydia, born 8 June 1647, married James Barnaby, and next John Nelson, of Middleborough; and Mercy, born 10 March 1651, married 25 December 1668, John Ivey of Boston.  He was of the first purchasers of Dartmouth, and died 1676, aged 73; and his widow married 24 October 1692, or 1699, Thomas Delano.  Unhappy both years are given in Winsor's History.

ROBERT BARTLETT, Hartford, an original proprietor, had been of Cambridge 1632, if, as is probably he came in the Lion, arriving 16 September of that year, had Samuel; Nathaniel, who died unmarried; Abigail; and Deborah, baptized 8 March 1646; removed to Northampton, a 1655, there was killed by the Indians 14 March 1676.  His widow Ann died the same year; Abigail, married 17 December 1657, John Stebbins of Northampton as his second wife, and Deborah married John Cowles junior of Hatfield.

ROBERT BARTLETT, New London 1658, brother of William Bartlett, and heir to his estate, had wife Sarah, who died first, and he died 1673.  He had no children nor is any relationship ascertained between these brothers and either of the scores with the same patronym.  By nuncupative will he gave to the town all his property for support of a school in grateful remembrance of which is named the New London Bartlett Grammar school, and as he was a merchant of mark, Bartlett's reef in the sound preserves his memory.

ROBERT BARTLETT, Marblehead 1674, may have been brother of John Bartlett of the same, was freeman 1683, and married Mary Walton, youngest child of Reverend William Walton of the same.

SAMUEL BARTLETT, Newbury, son of Richard Bartlett the first, freeman 1672, married 23 May 1671, Elizabeth Titcomb, daughter of William Titcomb, had Elizabeth, born 13 May 1672; Abigail, 14 April 1674; Samuel, 28 May 1676; Sarah, 7 July 1678; Richard, 13 February 1680; Thomas, 13 August 1681; Tirzal, 20 January 1684; and Lydia, 5 November 1687.  His wife died 26 August 1690, and he died 15 May 1732. SAMUEL BARTLETT, Northampton, eldest son of Robert Bartlett of the same, married 1672, Mary Bridgeman, daughter of James Bridgeman, who died 1674, in so unnaturally named, that her husband father and others less exposed to making wrong judgment ascribed this to witchcraft, and upon that capital charge was Mary, wife of Joseph Parsons, sent down to Boston for trial.  In May 1675, she was acquitted.  By second wife Sarah Baldwin, daughter of the first Joseph Baldwin, he had Samuel, born 1677; Sarah, 1679; Mindwell, 1681; Joseph, 1683; Ebenezer, 1685; Elizabeth, 1687; Preserved, 1689; William, 1693; David, 1695; and Benjamin, 1696; all these living to marry, and the father died 1712.

THOMAS BARTLETT, Watertown 1631, came in the employment of William Pelham, I think, the year before and is called by Bond, an original proprietor and freeman 4 March 1635, not 6, as he had printed page 18, was made Ensign 1639, and by wife Hannah, had Hannah, buried 26 August 1639; Mehitable, born 15 July 1640; Hannah, again, 6 August 1642; Bathshua, 17 April 1647; and Abial, 28 May 1651; was often selectman, and died 26 April 1654, aged about 60.  In his will the wife and four children are provided for, and she died 11 July 1676.  Mehitable married 7 January 1658, Henry Spring; Hannah married 19 January 1668, John Kendall; Bathshua married 23 November 1671, John Applin; and Abial married 24 October 1669, Jonathan Saunderson.

THOMAS BARTLETT, Newbury, son of Richard Bartlett the second, married 1685, Tirzah Titcomb, and died 6 April 1689.  His widow married James Ordway.

WILLIAM BARTLETT, New London 1647, died in about ten years, leaving widow Susanna, but no children.  Of this name Farmer found, in 1834, sixteen graduates at Harvard, eight at Yale, and thirty-one at the several other colleges of New England.


JOHN BARTOLL, Marblehead, by wife Parnel, had Mary, born 1 February 1643; and he died November 1664.  His widow sold, 1665, to John Hooper, parcel of land at Marblehead, next to Robert Hooper.

WILLIAM BARTOLL, Lynn, married Susanna Woodbury, daughter probably of Humphrey Woodbury of Salem, as second wife, had Susanna, born 25 January 1666, who I presume, died young, for at Salem he brought to be baptized 25 July 1669, William, John, Robert, Thomas, Samuel, Mary, and Alice; besides Andrew, 22 August 1680, and William, again, born 4 October 1682.  Reverend Cyrus Bartoll, a minister of Boston, Bowdon college 1832, is of later stock than this work regards.


BENJAMIN BARTON, Warwick, son of Rufus Barton of Providence, married 8 June 1669, Susanna Gorton, daughter of the celebrated Samuel Gorton, was freeman 25 March in the same year, chosen an assistant 1674, and died 1720.  In his will of 22 October of that year are named children Rufus, Andrew, Phebe, Naomi, and Susanna.  Another daughter who had married 16 May 1697, Jabez Green of Providence, was then probably deceased.

EDWARD BARTON, perhaps of Exeter 1657, was of Cape Porpus to about June 1671, leaving a widow to administrate on his property.

EDWARD BARTON, Pemaquid, perhaps son of the preceding, was administered freeman of Massachusetts 1674.

JAMES BARTON, Newton 1688, had been of Boston, where he had good estate, and was a ropemaker, by wife Margaret, had Margaret; John, born 5 September 1686; and others, for which the record of birth furnishes no light.  He died 1729, aged 86, leaving widow who died 1731, aged 87.  Jackson, in his will of 1729, finds two daughters if not three, as Margaret Simpkins, and Ruth Cook, grandson Thomas Stanton, together with grandson James, John, Samuel, and Michael, a remember.  The four last may be thought son of John.  His daughter Margaret had married 23 December 1699, Robert Calef.

JOHN BARTON, Salem, son probably of the preceding, a physician, married 90 April 1676, Lydia Roberts, perhaps daughter of Thomas Roberts of Boston, had John, born 2 February 1677, died in 5 days; John, again, 30 January 1678, died young; Thomas, 7 or 17 July 1680; Zaccheus, 1 April 1683; Elizabeth, October 1685; and Samuel, 30 August 1688.  He was a Captain, went home more than once, and died on a voyage to Bermuda.  Thomas and Samuel were men of good repute in Salem, the former a physician, many years town clerk, Colonel of the regiment, married 10 May 1710, Mary, granddaughter of Deputy Governor Willoughby, had John Barton, Harvard College 1730; and died 28 April 1751; the latter had two wives Mary Butler, and Elizabeth Marston, and died 13 March 1772.

MARMADUKE BARTON, of some part of Massachusetts was in 1643, condemned to slavery, and to be branded, but in the Colony record II. 16, the offence is not set out.

MATTHEW BARTON, Salem, 58 years old in 1709, by wife Sarah, had Susanna, born 10 May 1680; Matthew, born 6 November 1682. Sarah, 1 April 1685; and Elizabeth, 20 April 1687.

RUFUS BARTON, Providence, had fled from persecution by the Dutch at Manhattan, and sat down 1640, at Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  In Winthrop II. 323 is a letter from him to the Governor in 1648, and a few months after he died in such a manner, as caused one to be charged with his murder, but without conviction.  By the town council of Providence, as Judge Brayton assures me, a sort of distribution as testament of his estate was made 20 March 1666 to the children Elizabeth, Benjamin, who was then under 21 years of age and Phebe, with widow Margaret, who married Walter Todd.  Phebe married 23 May 1671, Richard Codner of Swanzey.

SAMUEL BARTON, Salem 1692, son probably of James Barton, a physician, not unemployed in the infernal cases of witcher.

STEPHEN BARTON, Bristol, perhaps son of the preceding or of Thomas Barton, was Representative 1690, at Plymouth Court, and under the new Charter 1692, at Boston.

THOMAS BARTON, Massachusetts 1616, may have been brother of Rufus Barton.


JOHN BARTRAM, Stratford, had Hannah, born 1668, perhaps other children, and died 1675.

THOMAS BARTRAM, Charlestown, by Elizabeth, who died 21 January 1673, had Elizabeth, born five days before who died in July following.

WILLIAM BARTRAM, Lynn, by wife Sarah, had Rebecca and Esther, twins born 3 April 1658; and Ellen, 17 October 1660; perhaps removed to Swanzey 1669. Baylies, III. 241.  Yet I doubt the Swanzey man may have been another, Esther married 18 June 1677, John Newhall of Lynn.


THOMAS BASCOM, Dorchester 1634, came perhaps in July 1633 with the Company that sat down at Dorchester then, though Dr. Harris wished to number him as of 1630, removed to Windsor, there had Abigail, baptized 7 June 1640; Thomas, 20 February 1642; Hepzibah, 14 April 1644; removed to Northampton, about 1661, and there died 9 May 1682.  An elder daughter Hannah, married John Broughton, and, next, William James; Abigail married 2 December 1656, John Ingersol; and Hepzibah married 1662, Robert Lyman.  His widow Avis died 1676.

THOMAS BASCOM, Northampton, son of the preceding, married 1667, Mary Newell, daughter of Thomas Newell of Farmington, had Thomas, born 1668; John, 1672, who went to Lebanon; and Mary, who died young; and he died 11 September 1689.  Of this father and son, the names are misprinted.  Bostoun, in Genealogical Registrar IX. 89, as are several others in the same list variously distorted.  As the copy was procured from the Massachusetts archives for that publication by a careful hand, we can be sure, that the original signatures were not very plain.  Farmer, in 1836, counted graduates of this name in the New England colleges ten, of which two each for Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth.


JOHN BASS, Braintree, son of Samuel Bass the first, married 3 or 13 by record February 1658, or (as different reading of the same numerals for months and day would express), 12 May 1657, Ruth Alden, third daughter of John Alden, the Mayflower passenger, had John, born 26 November 1658; Samuel, 25 March 1660; Ruth, 28 January 1662; Joseph, 5 December 1665; Hannah, 22 June 1667; Mary, 11 February 1669, or 70; and Sarah, 29 May 1672.  His wife died 12 October 1674; and he died 12 September 1716, aged 83.

JOSEPH BASS, Braintree, younger brother of the preceding, had Mary, who died without children 15 March 1678; and he by wife Deborah, had Deborah, baptized 23 December 1700; and died about 16 January 1711.

PETER BASS, York 1680. 

SAMUEL BASS, Roxbury 1632, freeman 14 May 1634; removed in 1640 to Braintree, was the first Deacon there 50 years, Representative 1641, and often later; by wife Ann, had Samuel, Mary, and Hannah, born probably in England and John, Thomas, Joseph, and Sarah, born here.  His wife died 5 September 1663, and he died 30 December 1694, aged 93, having seen 162 descendants.  His daughter Mary married 20 September 1647, Elder John Capen of Dorchester, as his second wife; Hannah married 15 November 1651, Stephen Paine; and Sarah married Deacon John Stone of Watertown, about 1662, bore him ten children, next married 10 May 1693, Joseph Penniman, and was living September 1739.

SAMUEL BASS, Braintree, son of the preceding, born in England, freeman 1648, married Mary Howard, daughter of Robert Howard, had Mary, born 26 April 1643; and he died early in 1653.  His widow married 7 April 1659, Isaac Jones.  Samuel Bass, the soldier in December 1675 of the brave Captain Johnson's Company, must have been that son of John Bass, who was less than sixteen years old in that terrible campaign.

THOMAS BASS, Braintree, son of Samuel Bass the first, married at Medfield where he lived several years, 4 October 1660, Sarah Wood, daughter of Nicholas Wood of Medfield, had Abigail, born 2 January 1668; Samuel, 20 December 1669, Mary, 20 April 1672; John, 26 March 1675; and Mehitable, 18 September 1678, who died in January following, as had the mother in December.  He married 1680, Susanna, probably the widow of Nathaniel Blanchard of Weymouth.  He was Deacon at Braintree.  Very large account of this family in later times may have seen in Thayer's Genealogy, but of graduates at New England colleges in 1834, Farmer could have been few, if any, except seven at Harvard, three first of which were ministers.


PETER BASSAKER, PETER BUSSAKER, or PETER BUSICOT, Boston, whipped for drunkenness September 1636, removed before 1643, to Hartford, was after at Warwick most of his days. had daughter Mary, who married 15 December 1670, Peter Spicer of Norwich; Abigail, who married Hugh Stone; and Peter, perhaps only son who accidentally shot himself.


DAVID BASSETT, Boston, had Mary, baptized at Old South Church 13 April 1681; and David, 25 September 1687.  The record marks him, as French, so that, I presume, he was a Hugenot.

ELISHA BASSETT, Lynn, son of William Bassett of the same, had wife Elizabeth, but I know no more.

HENRY BASSETT, Newport, was freeman 1655.

JOHN BASSETT, New Haven 1647, died February 1653, leaving wife Margery, son Robert, and in his will no other children.  He and his son were of Stratford 1674.

JOHN BASSETT, New Haven, son of William Bassett, married as is thought Mercy Todd, daughter of Christopher Todd, and was a proprietor 1685.

JOSEPH BASSETT, Hingham, son probably youngest of the first William Bassett, married October 1677, Martha Hobart, had Joseph, William, Elnathan, Jeremiah, Lydia, Ruth, and Elizabeth, and died 1712.

NATHANIEL BASSETT, Yarmouth 1672, son of William Bassett the first comer, married a daughter of John Joyce.  He died 16 January 1710, in his will of six days preceding, he mentioned nine children then living, whose names are not given.  Probably he had second wife Hannah, who died 1709, and it is uncertain who was mother of the children respectively.

PETER BASSETT, Boston, perhaps in 1678, a physician, may be the same who took oath of allegiance at York 1680.

ROBERT BASSETT, New Haven 1643, son of John Bassett the first, born in England, was a shoemaker, and town drummer.  He had Mary, born 8 March 1650, died in few days.

SAMUEL BASSETT, New Haven, son of William Bassett of the same, married 21 June 1677, Mary Dickerman, daughter of Abraham Dickerman, was a proprietor 1685.

THOMAS BASSETT, Windsor 1641, had come in the Christian 1635, aged 37, and probably first sat down at Dorchester, though not mentioned there, and before 1653 removed to Fairfield, died 1668, leaving wife and children but their names are not heard. 

WILLIAM BASSETT, Plymouth, came in the Fortune 1621, with wife Elizabeth, married at Leyden, as his second wife 13 August 1611, being the earliest marriage of any of our pilgrims in that foreign land, had Sarah, William, and Elizabeth, counted in the division of cattle 1627, but neither of the three is reckonized in the division of land 1623, so that we may believe they were born in the interval, lived at Duxbury in 1637, and was Representative 1640, and four years more; in 1652, with Governor Bradford and others joined in purchasing of Dartmouth, removed to Bridgewater, and died 1667.  Other children besides a second William, were Nathaniel, Ruth, Jane, and Joseph.  His daughter Sarah married 1648, Peregrine White; and Elizabeth married 8 November of the same year Thomas Burge.

WILLIAM BASSETT, Lynn 1640, a farmer, had William; John, born November 1653; Miriam, September 1655; Mary, March 1657; Hannah, 25 February 1660; Elisha; Samuel, 18 March 1664; and Rachel, 13 March 1666. His wife was, I suppose, a daughter of Hugh Burt of Lynn, who in his will, of 7 October 1661, calls Bassett his son.

WILLIAM BASSETT, New Haven, son perhaps of John Bassett the first, born in England married 1648, the widow of William Ives, had Hannah, born 13, baptized 15 September 1650; John, born 24 December 1652; Samuel, 15 February 1655; Abigail, baptized 7 February 1658; and Phebe, and died 29 August 1684.  Hannah married 8 November 1670, John Parker; Abia married 27 April 1681, Ralph Lines; and Phebe married a Rose.  A good-wife Bassett was executed for a witch, it is thought at Stratford.  Kingsley, 101.

WILLIAM BASSETT, Sandwich, son of William Bassett the first, married Mary Burt, daughter of Hugh Burt the first of Lynn, had Mary, born 21 November 1654; and William, 1656; perhaps others, and died 1670.  Yet it may be, that the Lynn and the Sandwich William were the same.

WILLIAM BASSETT, Salem, son perhaps of William Bassett of Lynn, married 25 October 1675, Sarah Hood, daughter of Richard Hood, had Sarah, born 6 December 1676; William, 2 October 1678; Mary, 13 June 1680; and John, 8 September 1682.  Descendants are widely dispersed.  Reverend Nathan Bassett, Harvard College 1719 of Charleston, South Carolina, was of the stock of the first comer William Bassett.


THOMAS BASSOM, or THOMAS BASSUM, Windsor, had Abigail, born 7 June 1640; Thomas, 20 February 1642; and Hepzibah, 14 July 1644.

WILLIAM BASSOM, or WILLIAM BASSUM, Watertown 1636, as Dr. Francis, 131, gives the name; but Bond is silent, and I conjecture that it was abbreviated for Bassumthwaite, who died early, and his widow had share of lands with other Watertown settlers at Sudbury 1639.  See Barry, History of Framingham, 134.  Yet one William Bassom there was a proprietor at Wethersfield, perhaps brother of Thomas Bassom of Windsor.


JOSEPH BASTARD, Fairfield, married 1685, Hannah, widow of Esbon Wakeman, was of Bristol, February 1689, having one child and died 1697, leaving good estate.  If research should show, that he came from Boston, it might be presumed that he was son of Joseph Barstow.


JOSEPH BASTAR, Cambridge, a tailor, had wife Mary, and daughter Mary, born 13 May 1643; removed to Boston 1647, had Joseph, 25 or 29 September of that year; Benjamin, 4 April 1652; Susanna, 1 September 1654; and John, 25 March 1657; besides Ann, 26 July 1660.




EDWARD BATEMAN, Maine, was one of the purchasers from the Indians Sachem, Robin Hood, of the region above Woolwich, 1654.  Drake's Book of the Indians III. 97.

ELEAZER BATEMAN, Woburn, married 2 November 1686, Elizabeth Wright, daughter of Joseph Wright, had Elizabeth, born 11 July 1688; Mary, 16 June 1696; Joseph, 7 September 1699; Martha, 16 February 1702; Thomas, 20 May 1704; and Ruth, 25 July 1707. 

JOHN BATEMAN, Boston, by wife Hannah, had John, born December 1644; Hannah, 10 March 1646; Elizabeth, 30 September 1647; all baptized 14 May 1648; Sarah, baptized 7 October 1649, though town record makes her born 6 May 1651; Rachel, born 28 May, baptized 1 June 1651; Mary, 16, baptized 23 January 1653, died young; William, 8, baptized 11 March 1655; Joseph, born 28 August 1658; and Mary again, baptized 9 September 1660.  Perhaps he removed to Woburn, for then Hannah married 12 June 1667, Zechariah Green; and Sarah married 3 July 1671, John Green, both of Woburn.

JOHN BATEMAN, Woburn, son perhaps of the preceding, married 30 June 1680, Abigail Richardson, probably daughter of Theophilus Richardson, had Abigail, born 18 October 1682, died soon; Abigail, again, 1 January 1685; John, 13 August 1687; William, 29 September 1690, died young; William, again, 3 May 1693; and Peter, 3 November 16953.  Perhaps he removed.

JOSEPH BATEMAN, Boston, son of John Bateman of the same, was of Turner's Company in Philip's war, 1676.

NATHANIEL BATEMAN, Watertown 1640, is not mentioned by Bond.

THOMAS BATEMAN, Concord, freeman 18 May 1642, died 6 February 1669, aged 51, leaving by Martha, sons Thomas, Peter, who died at Woburn 13 February 1676, John, and Ebenezer; besides daughters Martha, Elizabeth, who was born 6 March 1660, and Sarah.  Eight days before he died, all these are named in his will.

WILLIAM BATEMAN, Charlestown 1638, had long before been in the Colony, as he was administered freeman 18 May 1631, so that he probably came in the fleet with Winthrop, perhaps removed to Chelmsford, though as two of the name were in Massachusetts it is uncertain for.

WILLIAM BATEMAN of Concord, brother of Thomas Bateman, was probably the freeman of 2 June 1641 (since his name in the list is next to that of William Hunt of Concord), yet he removed to Fairfield 1650, or earlier there died 1658, in his will of 24 March 1656, gives £5 to grandchild Joseph Middlebrook, and one half of his estate to son Thomas Bateman, "now of Concord," the other half to son-in-law Henry Lyon.


BENJAMIN BATES, Hingham, youngest son of Clement Bates that he brought from England, was freeman 1672, and died of smallpox 28 November 1678.  He was a Lieutenant  had wife Jane, named in his will, made two weeks before his death, gives estate to her and the children of his brother, having as we are therefore led to infer, no children of his own.

BENJAMIN BATES, Hingham, son of James Bates of the same, married 10 October 1682, Mary Leavitt, daughter perhaps of John Leavitt; probably removed, after death of his father, to Huntington, Long Island, but many years before was a soldier in December 1675 of Johnson's Company.

CLEMENT BATES, Hingham, a tailor, said to be from County Herts, but more probably from Kent, came in the Elizabeth, 1635, aged 40, with wife Ann, 40, and children James, 14; Clement, 12; Rachel, 8; Joseph, 5; Benjamin, 2; and two servants, and here had Samuel, baptized 24 March 1639; and Hopestill, September 1644; was freeman 3 March 1636, and died 17 September 1671.

CLEMENT BATES, Hingham, son of the preceding, brought from England by his father, died before 1669, leaving widow Ruth, who in a petition to the government of the Colony April 1676, set forth, that she had two sons Clement and Solomon, served with Captain Lothrop when "the flower of Essex" was slain, that Clement was killed by the Indians soon after at Westfield, wherefore she prayed that Solomon might be discharged.

EDWARD BATES, Boston 1633, came with Thomas Leverett, as his apprentice in the Griffin, freeman 9 March 1637, was disarmed as a favorer of Wheelwright, had John, baptized 23 January 1642.

EDWARD BATES, Weymouth, freeman 13 March 1639, had Prudence, born 11 June that year; and Increase, 28 December 1641, was Representative 1639-41 and 60, as well as church Elder.  His daughter Susanna, married 16 December 1658, Nathaniel Blanchard.

EDWARD BATES, Weymouth, perhaps son of the preceding, by wife Elizabeth, had Susanna, born 6 February 1680; Edward, 3 February 1683; John, 16 January 1686; and Mary, 11 December 1697.

FRANCIS BATES, Topsfield 1661, married Ann Oldham, daughter of Sarah Oldham, and granddaughter of Richard North, had Ebenezer, born 20 January 1662; but my diligent inquiries has not learned what Oldham married Richard North's daughter.

GEORGE BATES, Boston, a thatcher, freeman 25 May 1636, lived at Muddy river now Brookline, went to Exeter, but came back.  Belknap I. 20.

INCREASE BATES, Weymouth, son of Edward Bates the first, by wife Mary, had Edward, born 31 January 1682; Ebenezer, 1 March 1686; and Ann, 23 August 1695.

JAMES BATES, Dorchester, husbandman, came in the Elizabeth, 1635, aged 53; with wife Alice, 52; and children Lydia, 20; Mary, 17; Margaret, 12; and James, 9; freeman 7 December 1636, selectman next year and after; Representative for Hingham, 1641.  He was perhaps brother of Clement Bates, and died 1655.  His widow died 14 August 1657.  Lydia married Roger Williams of Dorchester; Mary married Hopestill Foster; and Margaret married Christopher Gibson.  He had a son Richard Bates, who lived at a hamlet, called the town of Lid in County Kent, whence, probably the family came.

JAMES BATES, Hingham, eldest son probably of Clement Bates of the same, married 19 April 1642, or 3, Ruth Lyford, that may be conjectured as daughter of Reverend John Lyford, left by him when he went to Virginia, had John, born 1649; Ruth, September 1651; at Scituate, where he lived some years but returned to Hingham, had Joseph, baptized 20 November 1653; Benjamin, baptized 15 July 1655; Solomon, 23 August 1657; perhaps others; and died 5 July 1689.  He petitioned the Governor and Assistant for relief on account of two sons pressed into the service against the Indians.  His widow died 9 March following.  Deane thought him son of James Bates of Dorchester, but so do not agree.  His daughter Rachel, married 8 May 1684, Caleb Lincoln.

JAMES BATES, Haddam 1667, probably son of James Bates of Dorchester, where he married Ann Withington, daughter of the first Henry Withington, and soon after went home, and came again soon, perhaps went again to England and came back soon, may have first been at Huntington, Long Island, died before 1692, where of his children at Haddam were Samuel, baptized at Dorchester, 18 June 1648; James, born October 1666; John; Hannah; Margaret, baptized at Dorchester 19 June 1664; Mary, baptized 11 March 1666; and Elizabeth.  He was Representative for Haddam 1670, and often after.  Mary married 16 August 1685, William Hough of Saybrook.  The late Honorable Isaac C. Bates, United States senator, was probably a descendant by one of these who removed to Durham, whose son removed to Granville, Massachusetts.

JOHN BATES, Weymouth, by wife Susan, had Edward, born 10 December 1655; was perhaps of Chelmsford 1666, freeman 1682.  See Allen, History of Chelmsford 169.

JOHN BATES, Haddam, perhaps brother of James Bates of the same, was of Stamford 1669, had John, born 8 June 1678; and Solomon February 1680.  My conjecture is confirmed by authority of Williams Patterson.

JOHN BATES, New London 1677, had baptized there John, 4 May 1679; Solomon, 1 August 1680; and Sarah, 27 August 1682; but, no more being mentioned of him, I think he may be the same as the preceding, easily removed from town to town.

JOSEPH BATES, Hingham, son of Clement Bates, born in England, married 28 January 1658, Esther Hilliard, perhaps daughter of Anthony Hilliard of the same, had Joseph, Caleb, Hannah, Joshua, August 1671; Bathsheba, Clement, 21 September 1676; Eleazer, and perhaps others.  He was freeman 1672.

JOSEPH BATES, Hingham, son of the preceding, married 3 January 1684, Mary Lincoln, daughter of the first Samuel Lincoln.

ROBERT BATES, Wethersfield 1640, removed to Stamford, there died 11 June 1675, leaving son John; daughter Mary Ambler, wife of Abraham, and son-in-law John Cross, mentioned in his will of that date.  He was one of the first purchasers of Stamford 30 October 1640.

ROBERT BATES, Lynn, had John, who died 5 March 1672; Rebecca, born 29 August 1673; and Sarah, 16 July 1676.

SAMUEL BATES, Hingham, youngest son of Clement Bates the first, married 22 February 1667, Lydia Lapham, daughter of Thomas Lapham of Scituate, had Lydia, born 2 September 1669; Sarah, 23 December 1673; a daughter born 23 April 1676; another 17 April 1678; Samuel, March 1680; and David, 20 February 1683; was freeman 1672.

SAMUEL BATES, Saybrook, married 2 May 1676, Mary Chapman, daughter of Robert Chapman of the same, had Samuel, born 15 April following, died at 8 months; Ann, 19 September 1678; Silence, 27 July 1680; Samuel, again, 8 November 1682; James, 16 December 1685; Robert, 22 December 1686; Stephen, 1 June 1689; Ephraim, 29 May 1692; Daniel, 18 August 1697; and died 28 December 1699.


JOHN BATSON, Kennebunk, perhaps son of Stephen Batson, married 1660, Elizabeth Saunders, perhaps daughter of John Saunders of Wells, was Representative at the General Assembly at York 1682 and 4. 

ROBERT BATSON, Marshfield, married 13 July 1676, Ann Winter, perhaps daughter of Christopher Winter.

STEPHEN BATSON, Saco 1636, then had wife Mary, and daughter Margery, removed to Cape Porpus, or Kennebunk 1653, was made freeman that year.  Folsom, 33,124.  From his will of 8 March 1674, it is learned that he had son John; and daughter Elizabeth Ashley, perhaps wife of William; daughter Margery Young, perhaps wife of Rowland; and daughter Mary Brookhouse, of whose husband I search in vain for, indicated besides grandchild John Trott, perhaps son of Simon.


CHRISTOPHER BATT, Newbury, tanner, came from the city of Salisbury, County Wilts, in the Bevis, embarked at Southampton, 1638, aged 37, with wife Ann, 32; sister Dorothy, 20; and five childen under 10 years, freeman 13 Mar 1639, removed to Salisbury, of which he was Representative 1640, 1, 3, and 50, removed to Boston, and there was casually killed 10 August 1661 by a son firing at a mark in the orchard.  His widow made her will 14 March 1679, called herself 76.  We know not the names of those children he brought from England but one was probably Thomas, for he carried on the business of his father at Boston.  Eight or more were born in this country, for Coffin mentioned thirteen, yet gives dates of only three, John, born at Southampton 4 March 1641; Paul and Barnabas, twins 18 February 1643.  Others (perhaps born in England) were Christopher, Ann, Samuel, Jane, Sarah, Abigail, Timothy, Ebenezer, and Elizabeth.  This last died 6 July 1652, perhaps young; Ann married 12 June 1657, Edmund Angier; Jane married 3 April 1661, Dr. Peter Toppan, and may therefore be supposed to have been born on our side of the water, while the other side must be thought birthplace of Ann, as she was second wife of Angier.  Christopher was of Dover in 1662; Paul was a glazier, and Timothy a tailor, both freeman 1673, at Boston, and both probably certain one of them interested in the tannery; and of Samuel it is said that he was, as is minister in England and inferred that he never came back to this land if he was, as is probably born here.

NICHOLAS BATT, Newbury, perhaps brother of the preceding, came in the James from Southampton, with wife Lucy, arriving at Boston 3 June 1635, is called in the ship's clearance, "of the Devizes, linen weaver," had Sarah, born 12 June 1640, and two more daughters.  He died 6 December 1677; and his widow Lucy died 26 January 1679.

TIMOTHY BATT, Boston, son probably of Christopher Batt, was associated with Penn Townsend and others, September 1677, involuntary Company of Military, married 3 August 1699, Sarah Tudman.


JOHN BATTELLE, or JOHN BATTLE, Dedham, eldest son of Thomas Battelle, married 18 November 1678, Hannah Holbrook, had Hannah, born 26 July 1680; Mary, 12 March 1684; John, 17 April 1689; Ebenezer, 2 January 1692; and died 30 September 1713. 

JONATHAN BATTELLE, or JONATHAN BATTLE, Dedham, brother of the preceding, married 15 April 1690, Mary Onion, perhaps daughter of Robert Onion, had Martha, born 13 March following; Jonathan, 3 January 1693; Sarah, 20 October 1698; and Abigail, 11 December 1699.

ROBERT BATTELLE, or ROBERT BATTLE, Boston, died 23 December 1658, perhaps was only transient visitor, and if not, I can tell no more, but that in Dearborn's book, called Boston Notions, page 44, he is called freeman 1657, when no such name appears, nor even any baptized name of Robert in that year.

THOMAS BATTELLE, or THOMAS BATTLE, Dedham 1642, married 5 September 1648, Mary Fisher, daughter of Joshua Fisher, had Mary, born 6 baptized 12 May 1650; John, 1, baptized 3  July 1653; Sarah, born 1654; Jonathan, 24 July 1658; and Martha, 19 August baptized 9 September 1660, died at 14 years.  He was freeman 1654, in 1664 lived at Sudbury, but of Dedham again in 1674.  Elizabeth, wife died 7 August 1691, and he died 8 February 1706, called "the aged."  In the will of their grandfather Fisher, of who Battle was an overseer, most of the children are mentioned, Mary married 20 March 1677, John Bryant; and Sarah married 23 October 1679, Silas Titus.  Very improbable seems to me the recent tradition that he came to New England from France; and Cothren enlarges the extravagance of it by transfer of the circumstances imagined to his som John.  In the will of John Luson, a neighbor of Battelle, John and Mary Battelle were kindly remembered, but he have the larger part of his property (having no near relative this side of England) to their father, spelt by the testator, Battely.


BENJAMIN BATTEN, Boston, merchant, married October 1671, Elizabeth Cullick, daughter of John Cullick, Esquire.

HUGH BATTEN, Dorchester 1658, married Ursula Greenway, daughter of John Greenway, and died 8 June 1689.

JOHN BATTEN, Lynn, had John, born 1 September 1671.


EDMUND BATTER, Salem, a minister from Salisbury, County Wilts, came in the James from Southampton, April 1635, arriving 3 June, with wife Sarah, freeman 3 March following, Representative 1637, and 16 years more.  His wife died 20 November 1669, and he married 8 June following Mary Gookin, daughter of Major-General Daniel Gookin, had Edmund, born 8 January 1674; and died 1685, aged 76.  Other children were Daniel, Mary, and Elizabeth, but probably most of these, if not all, were by former wife.

EDMUND BATTER, Salem, son of the preceding, married Martha Pickman, daughter of Benjamin Pickman the first.

JOSEPH BATTER, and TIMOTHY BATTER of Northampton 1668, as printed in Genealogical Registrar IX. 88, are fictitious people, the real names being of son of Edward Baker.

NICHOLAS BATTER, Lynn, freeman 14 December 1638, had grant of 60 acres. Lewis, 103, tells no more of him.


WILLIAM BATTING, or WILLIAM BATTENS, Saco, about 1659, Scarborough 1663.


DANIEL BAXTER, Salem 1639, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born September 1644; Susanna, September 1646; Rebecca; and Priscilla, June 1652.  Susanna married 12 July 1665, Isaac Hyde.

GEORGE BAXTER, Providence, in 1650 was constituted umpire between the Dutch Colony of New Netherlands and New Haven Colony for settling the boundary.  Hutchinson I.159; but in Appendix, 515, his signature is erronously printed Theodore Baxter.  See Haz. II. 169, 173.  Bancroft, II. 306. Knowles, 319.  He carried the royal Charter 1663, from Boston to Newport.

GREGORY BAXTER, Roxbury 1630, came, probably in the fleet with Winthrop, freeman 6 March 1632, by wife Margaret Paddy, who died 13 February 1662, had Bethulia, or Bethia, born June 1632; Abigail, September 1634; and John, 1 December 1639; removed next year to Braintree, and died 21 June 1659.  His will of 2, with codicil of 19 of that month, names the wife, children Bethia, and Abigail, only, as wives of their husbands, and son John.  See Genealogical Registrar IX. 136.  Bethia married Samuel Deering; and Abigail married 29 November 1650, Joseph Adams.

JAMES BAXTER, Marblehead 1668.

JOHN BAXTER, Braintree, son of Gregory Baxter, married 24 June 1660, Hannah White, daughter of Thomas White of Weymouth, had (besides several other children of who Hannah, wife of Joseph Dyer of Weymouth was one) Joseph Baxter, born 4 June 1676, Harvard College 1693, minister of Medfield, ordained 21 April 1697.  He was a Lieutenant, and died 29 April 1719.

JOHN BAXTER, Charlestown, married 2 March 1659, Hannah Trumbull, daughter of John Trumbull of the same, and died 15 May 1687, aged about 60; and his widow died 27 April 1703.  Of children, Mr. Wyman gives me the list, Hannah, born 11 October 1663; Sarah, 2 July 1665; John, 14 August 1667; William, 5 July 1670; Mary, 3 December 1672; all baptized 10 June 1677, when their mother was administrator of the children; Abigail, 17 May 1675, died soon; Abigail, again, 14 June 1676, died soon; Abigail, again, 5 November 1677, died soon; and Isaac and Rebecca, twins 8, baptized (both) 12 September 1680.  Hannah married 30 April 1685, George Luke; and, next, John Price; and Sarah married 10 September 1685, Samuel Wilson.

JOHN BAXTER, Salem, married 25 November 1667, Abigail Whitney (but, of so common a surname, it is difficult to find the father and Essex Inst. History Collections I. 35, makes her name Whiterig, but to her it may be equally hard to find father), had John, born 14 December 1668; Abigail, 15 December 1670; Elizabeth, 25 May 1673; and Mary, 26 December 1674, who died within 9 months; besides William, 14 October 1676.  His wife died 22 November following, and he married 4 November 1679, widow Elizabeth Macmallen, had Sarah, born 15 August 1680; and Samuel, 10 June 1683. 

NICHOLAS BAXTER, Boston 1639, mariner, by wife Ann, had Mary, born February 1640, baptized 1 September 1644, who married 1658, John Bull.  But the record says, also, that by the same maiden name, she married 1660, Thomas Buttolph; and this is true, and the other record no doubt about mistake.

NICHOLAS BAXTER, Boston, probably son of the preceding, was gunner at the castle 1674-6, perhaps later, and died 10 January 1692.

RICHARD BAXTER, Hingham, came 1638, in the Diligent from old Hingham, employed by Francis James, says Lincoln in Centen. Addr. 41.

THOMAS BAXTER, Fairfield 1654, had wife Bridget, who for his desertion of her, obtained divorce in 166-2.  See Haz. II. 285.

WILLIAM BAXTER, Marblehead 1674.  Six of this name had, in 1815, been graduates at Harvard.



THOMAS BAY, or THOMAS BAYES, Dedham, by wife Ann, had Ruth, born 2, baptized 16 July 1643; and Thomas, 1, baptized 22 March 1646; removed to Boston.



GUIDO BAYLEY, Salem, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 27 July 1642; and Joseph, 6 November 1644.

HENRY BAYLEY, Salem 1638, lived on Beverly side 1671.

HENRY BAYLEY, Salisbury, son perhaps of John Bayley the first, by wife Rebecca, had Henry; and Rebecca, born about 1640.

ISAAC BAYLEY, Newbury, son of John Bayley the second of same, married 13 June 1683, Sarah Emery, daughter of John Emery of the same, had Isaac, born 30 December 1683; Joshua, 30 October 1685; David, 12 December 1687; Judith, 11 February 1690; and Sarah, 11 February 1692.  His wife died 1 April 1694; and he married second wife 5 September 1700, Rebecca Bartlett, but probably had no more children, at least Coffin names none.

JAMES BAYLEY, Rowley 1641, by wife Lydia, had John, born 1642; James, 1650; Thomas, 1653; and Samuel, 1658; besides Damaris, wife of Thomas Leaver; and Lydia, wife of .....Platt, but whether of Abel, or James, or John, or Jonas, or Jonathan, or Samuel, my inquiries do not ascertain.

JAMES BAYLEY, Salisbury, son of John Bayley the second, was freeman 1673, married 17 September 1672, Mary Carr, daughter of George Carr of the same, had Mary, born 5 July 1673; James, 12 April 1675; John, 29 September 1676, died next year; John, again, 10 May 16, 8; Samuel, 2 March 1680; and Isaac, 22 October 1681; all except the first, after removed to Salem village now Danvers, there was a preacher, but neither Bentley's History nor Felt's Annals of Salem (the best places to seek for such information) tells us whether he was ever ordained, yet it is safely inferred that he was not, for the latter writer instructed us, that in April 1680, a committment was chosen to obtain another preacher instead of him; see II. 589.  We know also, that he was succeeded by the unfortunate George Burrows.  By Sprague, Annals of the American Pulpit, I. 186, Bailey's death is marked for 1707, and Coffin, 351, more precise, 17 January at Roxbury.  I venture a conjecture that he is the one ordained at Weymouth, 26 September 1703, as told in 1 Massachusetts History Collections IX. 195; yet the record of death at Roxbury of James Bailey calls him Esquire.

JOHN BAYLEY, Salisbury, a weaver from Chippenham, County Wilts, came, in the Angel Gabriel, from Bristol, April 1635, and was cast away at Pemaquid, in the great storm of 15 August.  He removed 1650 to Newbury (where probably he had been resident before settlement of Salisbury), and died 2 November of next year.  His wife never came over the ocean, and he was afraid to go back for her and his other children Robert and two or more daughters.  But in his will he tried to tempt them hither by parts of his estate.

JOHN BAYLEY, Salisbury, son of the preceding, came with his father, married Eleanor Emery, perhaps daughter of John Emery of Newbury, had Rebecca, born 24 November 1641; and John, 18 May 1643, died at 20 years; removed to Newbury, and there had Sarah, 17 August 1644; Joshua, died young; Joseph, 4 April 1648; James Bayley, 12 September 11, 1650, Harvard College 1669; Joshua, again, 17 February 1653; Isaac, 22 July 1654; Rachel, 19 October 1662; Judith, 3 August 1665, died at 3 years.  He was freeman 1669, and died March 1691, aged 78.

JOHN BAYLEY, Rowley, eldest son of James Bayley of the same, freeman 1669, married Mary Mighill, daughter of Thomas Mighill of the same, had Nathaniel, born 1675; Thomas, 1677; and James, 1680, besides two daughters.

JOHN BAYLEY, Weymouth, freeman 1673.

JOHN BAYLEY of Weymouth, freeman 1681, probably belonged to families, brief account of which appeals under Bailey.

JOHN BAYLEY, Salem, had John, born May 1681; Thomas, 16 May 1682; Elizabeth, 16 July 1684; and Nicholas, 26 September 1686.

JONAS BAYLEY, Scarborough 1650-63, swore allegiance to Massachusetts 1658, married Elizabeth, widow of George Dearing, for a first wife, and next Elinor, widow of John Jackson, who survived him, and he died 1663.  His will of 11 November of that year, probated 9 February following, directed his body to be buried next his wife Elizabeth, in the orchard, gave most of his estate to wife Elinor, legacies to six sons of Robert Jordan, to Francis Neale senior, and his sons and two daughters, to John Jackson, perhaps son of his wife, to his brother Nicholas Baley, as he spelled the name, to Elizabeth, and John Bryers and others, but he had no children.

JOSEPH BAYLEY, Huntington, Long Island, was administered as freeman of Connecticut 1664.

JOSEPH BAYLEY, Newbury, son of John Bayley the second, by wife Priscilla, had Rebecca, born 25 October 1675; Priscilla, 31 October 1676; John, 16 September 1678; Joseph, 28 January 1681; Hannah, 9 September 1683; Daniel, 10 June 1686; Judith, 11 February 1690; Lydia, 25 November 1695; and Sarah, 14 February 1698.  He removed to Kennebunk, there was killed by the Indians October 1723.

NICHOLAS BAYLEY, Saco 1663, brother of Jonas Bayley, had perhaps been of New Haven 1644, and may have been brother of Samuel Bayley at New Haven in the same year.  See Bailey.

ROBERT BAYLEY, came from London in the Hopewell, Captain Babb, in the autumn of 1635, aged 23.

ROBERT BAYLEY, came in the Confidence from Southampton, 1638, aged 23; but nothing more is to be heard of either of them.

SAMUEL BAYLEY, Boston 1685.

THOMAS BAYLEY, New London 1652, married 10 January 1656, Lydia Redfyn, daughter of William Redfyn, or William Redfield, had Mary, born 14 February 1657; Thomas, 5 March 1659; John, April 1661; William, 17 April 1664; James, 26 September 1666; Joseph; and Lydia, baptized 3 August 1673, who married Andrew Lester; was a soldier under Lothrop and fell at Bloody brook, 18 September 1675.  His widow married 1676, William Thorne; the sons Thomas, John, and William left descendants; Mary married Andrew Davis.


THOMAS BAYNLY, Concord, died 18 May 1643, leaving probably no wife nor children.  See his nuncupative will in Genealogical Registrar II. 185, and in October preceding he was witness.


JOHN BAYSEY, Hartford, weaver, an original proprietor, by wife Elizabeth, had Lydia, who married John Baker; Mary, who married Samuel Burr; and Elizabeth, baptized 24 August 1645, who married Paul Peck; and died 1671.  His widow died 1673.  In the will made the last year of his life, he gave land to daughter Elizabeth, and her son Paul Peck.  A son of Baker, and a grandson of Burr had each the name Baysey given for perpetuation.


PETER BAZICOTT, Warwick,  one of the freeman 1655; and without knowing whether this were a Dutch, French, or English name, we may be sure it was variously spelt.  See Bassaker.


AZARIAH BEACH, or AZARIAH BEECH, New Haven, son of Richard Beach, died 1696, leaving 7 children between 6 and 21 years of age.

BENJAMIN BEACH, or BENJAMIN BEECH, Stratford 1659, was son of Richard Beach of New Haven, I judge, and married 1673, Mary Peacock, daughter of John Peacock, and next married 1 February 1678, Sarah Welles, daughter of John Welles of the same, had Sarah, born 4 May 1679; and Hannah, September 1681; and he died 10 April 1715.  But his first wife had brought him Benjamin, born 1672; Bethia, 1674; and died 1677.  Goodwin, in Genealogy Notes, 254, led me into the error of making Sarah, widow of Beach to marry, whereas Beach long survived her, and the record of Stratford shows his third wife "December 1705, Benjamin Beach senior, married widow Mary Fairchild,"

ISAAC BEACH, or ISAAC BEECH, Newton 1678, then part of Cambridge, had wife Mary, who died 1724, and he died 1735, aged 90, without children.  In History of Newton, it is said that he gave his property 1727, to the first Isaac Jackson, to whom he had taught the carpenter's trade.

JOHN BEACH, or JOHN BEECH, New Haven 1644, Stratford 1660, not Preston; John, 1654; Mary, 1656; Thomas, 1659; Nathaniel, 1662; Hannah, 1665; Sarah, 1667; Isaac, 1669; Joseph, 1671; and Benjamin, 1674; and died very suddenly 1677, son of Richard Beach, of New Haven, if he were not brother as seems probable, married a daughter of Thomas Staples, of Fairfield, was one of the early settlers at Wallingford 1670.

RICHARD BEACH, or RICHARD BEECH, Cambridge 1635, soon after at Watertown, had (by wife Mary) John, born 6 August 1639; and Mary, 11 December 1641; and by second wife Martha, had Isaac, 5 July 1646; Martha, 10 March 1650; Abigail, 4 June 1653; Joseph, 15 December 1655; and Richard, 28 October 1657; and died 21 October 1674.  Martha married 24 January following Joseph Whitney.

RICHARD BEACH, or RICHARD BEECH, New Haven 1639, one of the signers of the original compact, married about 1640, the widow of Andrew Hull, and had, in her right, there baptized in 1642, Mary, born in June of that year; Benjamin, born October 1644; Azariah, July 1646; and Mercy 1648; all three baptized 21 May of that year, removed to New London 1667; but had kept an inn at Stratford 1666; and perhaps was of Elizabethtown, New Jersey 1685.

THOMAS BEACH, or THOMAS BEECH, Milford 1658, brother of Richard Beach, had lived at New Haven, and there, by wife Sarah Platt, daughter of Deacon Richard Platt of Milford, had Sarah, born 1 March 1654; but at Milford had John, 19 October 1655; Mary, 1657; Samuel, 1660; and Zopher, 1662; and died in that year.  His widow married Miles Merwin, and died 1670.  Thirteen of this name are seen in the last list of graduates at Yale.


BEACHAM. See Beauchamp.


ROBERT BEACHEN, Fairfield 1669.


JOSEPH BEADLE, Marshfield 1652, died 1 September 1672.

NATHANIEL BEADLE, Salem, son of Samuel Beadle, married 20 April 1671, Mary Hicks, perhaps daughter of Richard Hicks of Boston, had Thomas, born 21 January 1672; Mary, 20 November 1673; Nathaniel, 17 December 1675; John, 29 April 1678, died soon; Elizabeth, 25 October 1679; and John, again, 12 August 1683.

SAMUEL BEADLE, Charlestown 1658, removed to Salem, by wife Susanna, had Dorothy, born 8 March 1660; Abigail, born 24 September 1661, died next month; and his wife died 13 February 1663; and he died 10 March 1664. His will mentions children Nathaniel, Dorothy, Samuel, Thomas, and Eliza.

SAMUEL BEADLE, Salem, perhaps son of the preceding, married 10 June 1668, Hannah Lemon, daughter of Robert Lemon of the same, had Nathaniel, born 29 March 1669; Samuel, 11 October 1672; Thomas, 28 November 1673, died under 3 years; and Susanna, 20 April 1676.  Before this date he was wounded in Philip's war, and as an invalid, in 1653, was permitted to keep an inn.  His wife bore him other children: Mary, 21 May 1678; Lemon, 30 July 1680; Hannah, 18 December 1682; Robert, 14 November 1684; Jonathan, 24 July 1687, who died within 10 months; and Caleb, 2 February 1689.

THOMAS BEADLE, Salem, mariner, perhaps brother of Nathaniel Beadle of the same, married 18 September 1679, Elizabeth Drake, daughter of Abraham Drake of Hampton, had Elizabeth, born 9 July 1681; Mary, 5 April 1683; Thomas, 16 March 1686, died soon; Benjamin, 7 September 1687; Thomas, again, 10 February 1690; and John, 14 February 1692.  He was Captain 1686; traded to Barbadoes, and died 23 May 1700 at Gloucester.


ABRAHAM BEAL, or ABRAHAM BEALS, Charlestown, by wife Catharine, had Abraham, who died 16 January 1657; Abraham, again, 17 November following; and Isaac, 10 October 1662.


BENJAMIN BEAL, or BENJAMIN BEALS, Dorchester 1674, removed to Boston 1676.

CALEB BEAL, or CALEB BEALS, Hingham, son of John Beal, born in England, married 30 December 1664, Elizabeth Huet, perhaps daughter of Thomas Huet of the same, had a daughter born 30 March 1666, died soon; Caleb, 17 March 1670; Joseph, 7 January 1672; Solomon, baptized June 1673, died soon; Elizabeth, 18 November 1674; Josiah, 31 May 1676, died soon; Josiah, again, 24 October 1677; Joshua, 6 November 1678, died soon; Joshua, again, 6 September 1680; Ruth, 25 March 1683; and Benjamin, 2 June 1687, died soon; was freeman 1672, and died 18 June 1716, aged 79.  His widow died 31 December 1721.  Ruth married 1703, Peter Lincoln.

JACOB BEAL, or JACOB BEALS, Hingham, youngest son of John Beal, freeman 1672, died unmarried 7 January 1718.

JEREMIAH BEAL, or JEREMIAH BEALS, Hingham, brother of the preceding, born in England, married 18 October or November 1652, Sarah Ripley, daughter of William Ripley of the same, had Jeremiah, baptized 13 May 1655; John, 28 November 1655; Sarah, 3 July 1609, who married 21 January 1680, John Lane; Lazarus, born 7 September 1661; Phebe, 2 March 1664, died next year Mary, 6 May 1666; and Elizabeth, 16 May 1669, who married 1708, Ephraim Lane; was freeman 1657, Representative 1692 and 1705, and died 10 August 1716, aged 85.

JOHN BEAL, or JOHN BEALS, Hingham, a shoemaker from old Hingham, County Norfolk, came with wife, five sons, three daughters, and two servants in the Diligent, 1638, from London, administered freeman 13 March 1639, had Jacob, baptized 2 October 1642, and no other children, perhaps here, except Rebecca, who died unmarried after October 1657.  He was Representative 1649, and his wife Nazareth died 23 September 1658; but he took second wife 10 March 1659, Mary, widow of Nicholas Jacob, died 1688 (as Sewall in his Diary, sub. 1 April mentioned), in his 100th year though perhaps the report may not have been exact.  Of his daughters, Martha married 16 May 1640, it is said, William Falloway, of Plymouth, and next 29 June 1649, Samuel Dunham; Mary married 30 December 1647, James Whiton; and Sarah married 22 March 1649, Thomas Marsh, and next 1 September 1662, Edmund Shefield of Braintree.  His will of 27 September 1687, probated 18 June following, names the six sons and daughters Sarah, Mary, and Martha.

JOHN BEAL, or JOHN BEALS, Hingham, son of Edmund Beal (who never came over), being about to go home, made his will 26 October 1657, probated 28 July following, as printed in Genealogical Registrar IX. 38, by which we are taught that the children of John Beal the first were his cousins, and inferred that he had no wife or children.

JOHN BEAL, or JOHN BEALS, Hingham, son probably eldest, of the first John Beal of the same, freeman 1672, married 6 January 1659, Elizabeth, who brought him Elizabeth, born 19 November following, and died next year, and he married 14 November 1660, Mary Gill, daughter of Thomas Gill, had Mary, 7 September 1661, who married 3 September 1683, John Stowell; John, 26 March 1665, died soon; John, again, 17 September 1667, died next year; John, again, 19 December 1669; Thomas, 15 March 1672; and Hannah, 13 March 1676, who married Nathaniel Hobart; and died 12 September 1694.

JOSEPH BEAL, or JOSEPH BEALS, Portsmouth, sent over by Mason the patentee in 1631.  Adams, 18.

JOSHUA BEAL, or JOSHUA BEALS, Hingham, son of John Beal the first, by wife Elizabeth, who died 12 January 1689, had Elizabeth, born May 1663, died soon; a son 25 January 1665, who died in few weeks; Sarah, 7 October 1667, probably died young; Abigail, 24 April 1671, who married Stephen French; and Josiah, 4 June 1676, died in few days.  He married 10 April 1689, Mary, widow of Samuel Stowell, but probably had no other children, for in his will he mentioned only his children Stephen and Abigail French, and grandchildren Samuel, David, Jonathan, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary, and Hannah French, their children, and he died before 7 April 1718. 

NATHANIEL BEAL, or NATHANIEL BEALS, Hingham, brother of the preceding, born in England, was perhaps at Marshfield 1643, but for short time, freeman 1650, Representative 1677, 83, 91 and 3, died 20 December 1708.  His will probated 29 December following, names son Nathaniel, eldest son baptized October 1648; Martha, baptized 2 August 1646, who had married 1668, John Chubbuck, wife of Samuel Stodder; daughter Mary Lee of Boston; granddaughter Sarah (daughter of Sarah Greenleaf, deceased), grandson Thomas Baker (son of daughter Christiana, who was perhaps baptized 19 November 1654, married 1 November 1674, Thomas Beal, and died 20 September 1677); grandson Solomon Beal (son of Nathaniel); died Hannah, who married 15 December 1676, John Fearing; and grandson Thomas Chubbuck; but he had, also, not mentioned in that document, John, baptized 23 August 1650, died at 5 years; John, again, 8 March 1657, died soon; John, again, born 7 December 1609, died under 9 years; and Susanna, who married 14 December 1686, Benjamin Jones, who probably died before her father.

NATHANIEL BEAL, or NATHANIEL BEALS, Hingham, son of the preceding, served in brave Captain Johnson's Company December 1675, died before his father, as I judge, leaving son Solomon.

ROBERT BEAL, or ROBERT BEALS, by Morse called an original proprietor of Sudbury 1640. 

ROGER BEAL, or ROGER BEALS, Saco 1658, perhaps a Quaker, at least was charged with disturbing public worship.

SAMUEL BEAL, or SAMUEL BEALS, Charlestown, by wife Susanna, had Dorothy, born 8 March 1659, and of him no more is known.

SAMUEL BEAL, or SAMUEL BEALS, Salem, married 28 March 1682, Sarah Lovell (but Lewis, 134, calls him of Lynn, and son of Thomas, and names the wife Patience Lovell), had Samuel, born 3 July 1685; and Ebenezer, 30 January 1688; was probably an early settler at Dunstable.

THOMAS BEAL, or THOMAS BEALS, Cambridge 1634, freeman 8 December 1636, died 7 September 1661. Matchless Mitchell, in the register of his children names his wife Sarah, but mentioned no children, nor does his will (wherein he calls himself about 63 years old), made 24 August preceding.

THOMAS BEAL, or THOMAS BEALS, Lynn, had Samuel, and William, as Lewis says, and we wish he had said more.

WILLIAM BEAL, or WILLIAM BEALS, Plymouth, came in the Fortune, 1621, has share in the division of land early in 1624, but in 1627, at the division of cattle is not mentioned so must be counted dead, or removed.

WILLIAM BEAL, or WILLIAM BEALS, Marblehead 1679, then in his 49th year, had married in 1655, Martha Bradstreet, daughter of Humphrey Bradstreet.

WILLIAM BEAL, or WILLIAM BEALS, Dunstable 1684, brother of Samuel Beal of the same, married at Salem, 7 April 1685 (though Lewis says, with higher probability 5 March 1684), Mary Hart, had William, born 12 March 1685; and Elizabeth, 16 November 1686, if Fox is correct.  He was, in 1692, one of the wretched witnesses against Philip English, charged with witchcraft, as is well shown on page 497, of Drake's History of Boston.


GAMALIEL BEAMAN, Dorchester, came in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635, aged only 12 years, spelled at the London custom house Bement, by wife Sarah, had Thomas, born 1649; Joseph, 1651; Gamaliel, 1653; Mary, 1656; all baptized 14 June 1657; Sarah, born 19 January 1658; removed to Lancaster, there had Noah, 3 April 1661; Thankful, 18 April 1663; and perhaps John; and died 23 March 1678.  Mary married 23 January 1690, Henry Cookery, as second wife, and Thankful had married 27 September 1683, Nathaniel Wilson.  But this last is unknown to me.

JOHN BEAMAN, Lancaster, perhaps son of the preceding, had Sarah, born 25 January 1681; removed to Taunton, and had Gamaliel, 29 February 1684; probably removed again to Lancaster, and died at Sterling, 1745.  See Worcester Mag II. 39.

THOMAS BEAMAN, Marlborough, perhaps eldest son of Gamaliel Beaman, by wife Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, born 1679; Eleazer, 1683; Sarah, 1685; and Abraham, 1692.

WILLIAM BEAMAN, Salem 1637, spelled the first syllable without a, and at the London custom house Beamond, when he embarked in the Elizabeth, 1643, aged 27, as in the next article.


DANIEL BEAMOND, or DANIEL BEAMON, Springfield, son of Simon Beamopnd of the same, took oath of allegiance 31 December 1678, or next day.

JOHN BEAMOND, or JOHN BEAMON, who came in the Elizabeth, from London, 1635, aged 23, may have lived at Salem 1640, and at Scituate 1643.

SAMUEL BEAMOND, or SAMUEL BEAMON, Windsor, probably son of William Beamond, married 18 May 1693, Margaret Chapman, had Hannah, born 2 April 1698; Samuel, 6 June 1704; and his wife died 12 August 1715, unless this Margaret were a daughter not marked on record.

SIMON BEAMOND, or SIMON BEAMON, Springfield, married 1655, Alice Young, had John, born 1657; Daniel, 1659; Thomas, 1660; Josiah, 1663; Benjamin, 1671; besides three daughters, and died 1676.

WILLIAM BEAMOND, or WILLIAM BEAMON, Saybrook, perhaps brother of John Beamond, came in the same ship, at the same time, aged 27, married 9 December 1643, Lydia Danforth, daughter of Nicholas Danforth, had Lydia, born 9 March 1645; Mary, 12 November 1647; Elizabeth, 2 March 1650; Deborah, 29 November (probably) 1652; Abigail, 20 February 1655; Samuel, 28 February 1657; and Rebecca, 7 September 1659.  Lydia, married 3 February 1668, Samuel Boyes, and next, 15 April 1684, Alexander Pygan; Mary married 3 January 1672, John Tully; Elizabeth, married 26 March 1677, Captain John Chapman; and Deborah married 27 September 1681, Thomas Gilbert, and died 17 June 1683.  He was freeman of Connecticut 1652, and his wife died 16 May 1686; and he died 4 February 1699.  His wife was the only female named among eight grantees of Saybrook in the will of Joshua, son of Uncas, the Indians sachem.


WILLIAM BEAMSLEY, Boston 1632, freeman 25 May 1636, Artillery Company 1656, by wife Ann, had Ann, born 13 February 1633; Grace, 10, baptized 20 September 1635; Mercy, 9, baptized 10 December 1637; Samuel and Habakuk, twins 24 January baptized 7 February 1641, both died April following; Hannah, baptized 17 December 1643, "about 4 days old;" besides Elizabeth, and Mary, both, perhaps, born before coming from England; and by wife Martha, who had been, I presume, widow Bushnell, had Abigail, born 8 February 1646, who probably died young.  In his will, made 14 September, probated 28 October 1658, provision is made for widow and for Ann, wife of Ezekiel Woodward; Grace, wife of Samuel Graves of Ipswich; Mercy, who married 17 October 1656, Michael Wilborne, and next Andrew Peters, of lpswich; Hannah, wife of Bushnell, who after married 16 October 1661, Abraham Perkins; Elizabeth, wife of Edward Page; Mary wife of Robison, who after married Thomas Dennis; and for Edward Bushnell, perhaps son of his wife by her former husband. The children made sale of the estate in November 1668, when perhaps his widow was deceased.


JOHN BEAN, JOHN BEANE, or JOHN BEANES, Exeter, had John, born 15 August 1661, died under 5 years; Daniel; Samuel; John, again, 13 October 1668; Margaret; James; Jeremy, 20 April 1675; and Elizabeth.


PHILIP BEAN, PHILIP BEANE, or PHILIP BEANES, Salem, had grant of land 1637. 

WILLIAM BEAN, WILLIAM BEANE, or WILLIAM BEANES, Salem 1668; but in Ed. 2 of his Annals Mr. Felt makes the name Beere; and it has been read Beebe.  But, as Beanes, he claimed as an heir of Robert Buffum, perhaps by marriage of his daughter.


AARON BEARD, Pemaquid, or neighbor 1674, swore fidelity to Massachusetts.

JAMES BEARD, Milford 1642, came with his mother Martha, twin brothers and three sisters, his father dying on the voyage, as the family tradition tells, which adds, that he was eldest child, and that it adds no more should not discourage large inquiry.  His inventory was taken 27 October 1681.  One of his sisters was wife of Nicholas Camp; another Martha, married 20 December 1649, John Streame.

JEREMY BEARD, Milford, brother of the preceding, is altogether barren of any information in family tradition. JAMES BEARD, Milford, the other brother of the preceding, that source of intelligence is more bountiful.  He was a man of importance, Representative 1677 and often after, had two wives but which as first may need investigation.  One, perhaps the earlier, had been by name of Hannah Hawley, married to John Ufford, or Offit, and at her desire divorced.  By her he had several children, and by Abigail Hollingworth, daughter of Richard Hollingworth, perhaps the second, had probably no children, was Captain in one of the expeditions against the Indians 1675.  His estate was distributed 18 November 1690, to wife Ann, children John, James, Joseph, Samuel, Mary, wife of Timothy Baldwin, and Ann; and the widow died 1698.  The list of proprietors 1713 at Milford has several of this name, who were descendants of him or his brothers.

JOSEPH BEARD, Dover, son of William Beard, suffered loss of his garrison house 1694, and left a widow Esther before 1705.

THOMAS BEARD, Salem 1629, shoemaker, came that year in the Mayflower, was freeman 10 May 1643, bought next year the house and land of Nicholas Shapleigh at Portsmouth, then called Strawberry Bank, perhaps was father of that.

THOMAS BEARD of Scarborough, perhaps of Dover, who died 1679, that by wife Mary, had William, born 12 May 1664, died at 2 weeks; and Hannah, 24 October 1666.  Yet it may be that this Thomas was son of William Beard.

THOMAS BEARD, Ipswich, freeman, perhaps, of Boston, 1675, a mariner.

WILLIAM BEARD, Dover 1640, had Joseph, born 1655, was "the good old man" killed by the Indians at Durham 1675.  See Hubbard's Indians Wars, and Young's Chronicles 186.


BEARDING. See Barding.


AUSTIN BEARSE, AUSTIN BEARCE, or AUSTIN BIERCE, or AUGUSTINE BEARSE, AUGUSTINE BEARCE, or AUGUSTINE BIERCE, Barnstable, came in the Confidence 1638, aged 20, from Southampton, and joined Lothrop's church in April 1643, had Mary, born 1640; Martha, 1642; both baptized 7 May 1643; Pricilla, 10 March 1644; Sarah, 29 March 1646; Abigail, 19 December 1647; Hannah, 18 November 1649; Joseph, 20 January 1652; Esther, 2 October 1653; Lydia, late in September 1655; Rebecca, 26 September 1657; and James, late in July 1660.  Of this second son as no more is heard, it is supposed that he died young; but for the nine daughters we know only three that married, Sarah, in August 1667 to John Hamlin; Abigail, 12 April 1670 to Allen Nichols; and Rebecca, 17 February 1671 to William Hunter.

JOSEPH BEARSE, JOSEPH BEARCE, or JOSEPH BIERCE, Barnstable, son of the preceding, married 3 December 1675, Martha Taylor, daughter of Richard Taylor, who died 27 January 1728, aged 76, had Mary, born 16 August 1677; Joseph, 21 February 1680; Benjamin, 21 June 1682; Priscilla, 31 December 1683, died at 3 months; Ebenezer 20 January 1685; John, 8 May 1687; these four sons were baptized 16 December 1688; Josiah, 10 March 1690, baptized 10 April 1691; and James, born 3 October 1692.


DANIEL BEARSLEY, DANIEL BEARDSLEY, DANIEL BERDSLEY, or DANIEL BERSLEY (sound DANIEL BARESLEY), Stratford 1675, son of William Bears;eu of the same, died 1730, aged 85.

JOHN BEARSLEY, JOHN BEARDSLEY, JOHN BERDSLEY, or JOHN BERSLEY (sound JOHN BARESLEY) Stratford 1668, brother of the preceding.

JOSEPH BEARSLEY, JOSEPH BEARDSLEY, JOSEPH BERDSLEY, or JOSEPH BERSLEY (sound JOSEPH BARESLEY), Stratford, brother of the preceding, freeman 1669, had Joseph, born 1666; John, 1 November 1668; Hannah, 1671; and perhaps others.

SAMUEL BEARSLEY, SAMUEL BEARDSLEY, SAMUEL BERDSLEY, or SAMUEL BERSLEY (sound SAMUEL BARESLEY), Stratford, brother of the preceding, freeman 1669, had Abigail, born August 1664; Samuel, 1 September 1666; William, 2 March 1669; Daniel, 3 April 1671; John, 1673; Benjamin, December 1677; and Mary, 1680.


THOMAS BEARSLEY, THOMAS BEARDSLEY, THOMAS BERDSLEY, or THOMAS BERSLEY (sound THOMAS BARESLEY), Fairfield, perhaps brother of William Bearsley, died 1656.

THOMAS BEARSLEY, BEARDSLEY, BERDSLEY, or BERSLEY (sound BARESLEY), Stratford, son of Thomas Bearsley of Milford, died 1668.

WILLIAM BEARSLEY, WILLIAM BEARDSLEY, WILLIAM BERDSLEY, or WILLIAM BERSLEY (sound WILLIAM BARESLEY), Stratford, a mason, came 1635, in the Planter from London, aged 30, with wife Mary, 26, and children Mary 4; John, 2; and Joseph, 6 months.  He was freeman in Massachusetts 7 December 1636, but dwelled in which town is unknown, was one of the original proprietors of Stratford 1640, and there had Daniel, born 1644; besides Samuel, who died 1706; probably Sarah, who married 1668, Obadiah Dickinson of Hatfield, and one or more other daughters, was Representative 1645, and often after, and died 1661.  His will of 28 September 1660, names wife and four sons, Daniel, John, Joseph, and Samuel; gives to daughters married £10 each, and a large sum to be distributed by the wife to other children probably younger, and unmarried, of who were certainly William, and Thomas.  Of the graduates at Yale, in 1828, were seven Beardsleys.


EDWARD BEAUCHAMP, or EDWARD BEACHUM, Salem 1637, joined with the church 29 December 1639, and his wife Mary joined the following year, was freeman 28 February 1643, had Samuel, baptized 31 October 1641, who died 20 November 1662; Mary, 10 September 1643, died young; Mary, again, 27 June 1647, died March 1668; and Elizabeth, 23 July 1648.  His wife had died March 1668, in the same week with her daughter Mary; and he married 8 November 1670, widow Elizabeth Metcalf.  His daughter Elizabeth, married 30 June 1666, Zechariah Coodale.

JOHN BEAUCHAMP, or JOHN BEACHUM, Boston, leather-dresser, a Huguenot, brought probably most of his children to New England, but it is not known when or where he landed first.  By wife Marguerite, we see in record of Boston, that he had here Catharine, born 10 June 1687; and Peter, 17 April 1702, perhaps youngest of the stock, if not even the sole of New England births.  Had the record of that French church been preserved, we should less often be driven to conjecture in the printed list of taxable inhabitans of Boston 1695, published by Dearborn in his Boston Notions, the French names are frequently spelled strangely; yet among them may our Huguenot leather-dresser be misrepresented as John Bashoon.  He bought of Daille, their first minister, his house in what is now Washington street, and left by his will £10 to the children.  He removed after 1711 to Hartford, there died at the age of 88, 14 November 1740, leaving large estate.  Two sons John, and Adam had died before him in South Carolina; and daughters named in the will, were Mary, Catharine, Mary Ann, Margaret, and Susanna.  Mary was wife of Rauchon, and had daughter Mary Sigourney; Catharine had married Latoille, and had son Isaac; Mary Ann married a Lawrence, and her son John Lawrence became Treasurer of Connecticut, Margaret married a Chenevard, and her descendants were long at Hartford, and at the time of the death of her father, Susanna was unmarried.

ROBERT BEAUCHAMP, or ROBERT BEACHUM, Ipswich, written Beacham, as always pronounced in England in 1651, had wife Isabel, removed 1654, probably to Norwalk, and 1664 to Fairfield, there was living 1670, with wife Elizabeth, who had perhaps got back to Ipswich, where widow Elizabeth Beauchamp was buried 18 January 1687.


THOMAS BEAUMONT, or THOMAS BEMENT, New Haven 1639, married the widow of Eleazer Stent, mother of Eleazer, and Elizabeth Stent, but had no children by her, and died 1686.


ALEXANDER BECK, Boston, freeman 3 September 1634, by wife Mary, who died 2 May 1639, had probably no children, but he soon married Elizabeth Hinds of Roxbury, had Ephraim and Deliverance, twins born 1, baptized 7 June 1640; Strange, baptized 5 June 1642, about 5 days old; though the unworthy copy of town record of births has the monstrous assertion of these three, as born at once; and Manasseh, born 8, baptized 12 October 1645.

HENRY BECK, Dover, came in the Blessing, 1635, aged 18, embarked at London late in July, as I saw in the record of London custom house for that year, so far more probably than the tradition given by Coffin in Genealogical Registrar XI. 256, of his coming the same year in the Angel Gabriel, wrecked at Pemaquid the middle of August.  The Blessing did not reach Boston before October.  Part of the same story is, that he was from Hertfordshire which is so near to London, whence sixteen ships brought passengers to Boston, that we can never believe he would have gone to the other side of the kingdom, for the voyage of the Angel Gabriel, beginning at Bristol, 22 June.  He married Ann Frost, had Joshua; Thomas, born about 1657; Caleb; and Henry; besides daughter Mary, who married a White.  Coffin adds, that he lived to be 110; and how great this would appear to be exaggerated.  We may better judge, when the time of his death is ascertain.

MANASSEH BECK, Boston, son of Alexander Beck, was freeman 1672, and this is all I know of him.

THOMAS BECK, Dover, probably son of Henry Beck, in Coffin's Representative, married Mary Frost, had eight children of who he names Thomas, Joshua, Abigail, Henry, Mary, Samuel, and Hannah; and he died 7 November 1734, aged 77.  His widow Mary died 25 February 1753, aged 94.


JOHN BECKET, Salem, shipwright, mentioned first in 1655, died 26 November 1683, aged about 57, leaving widow Margaret, then 56 years old, children William, Mary, Sarah, John, and Hannah the youngest.  His widow married Philip Cromwell, and died at ninety years.  Mary married 20 July 1675, Daniel Webb.

JOHN BECKET, Salem, son of the preceding, married 26 September 1711, Susanna Mason, had Mary, born 25 July 1712.

STEPHEN BECKET, Roxbury, came from Ipswich in the Francis, 1634, aged 11 years only, and under the charge of Richard Pepper, who after a few years at Roxbury, removed to Connecticut probably, for that Colony was resident of his apprentice in 1649.  See Beckwith.

WILLIAM BECKET, Salem, son of John Becket the first, by wife Hannah, had John, born 10 August 1684; Hannah, 17 July 1685; and Margaret, 14 May 1688.


GEORGE BECKFORD, or GEORGE BICKFORD (more common in early days), had, in 1666, wife Christian, and servant Hugh Hancock, as Coffin tells in Genealogical Registrar VI. 243; but of what settlement he was, we must trust to conjecture for Dover.  His widow took administration at Marblehead in June 1678.

JOHN BECKFORD, or JOHN BICKFORD (more common in early days), Dover 1647, in 1669 was of that part called Oyster river, now Durham, freeman of Massachusetts 1671, had sons John, and Joseph.

JOHN BECKFORD, or JOHN BICKFORD (more common in early days), Dover, son of the preceding, by wife Temperance Furber, daughter of William Furber of the same, had Thomas, born 1660; Hannah, 5 November 1665; and Benjamin, 20 October 1672.  He or son John married Elizabeth Tibbets, daughter of Jeremy Tibbets of the same, but confusion easily arises between family connection of second and third John.

SAMUEL BECKFORD, or SAMUEL BICKFORD (more common in early days), Salisbury, married a daughter of Edward Cottle, and removed to Nantucket, where he purchased 12 November 1678, a half share, had Elizabeth, born 16 February 1672; and Deborah, 5 February 1674.

THOMAS BECKFORD, or THOMAS BICKFORD (more common in early days), Dover, or Durham, brother of the second John Beckford, married Bridget Furber, daughter of William Furber.  He was in great danger at the assault by the Indians 18 July 1694, saved by skill and courage, as may be read in the Magnalia VII. appx. art. 20; or Farmer's Belknap I. 140.


JOHN BECKLEY, Hartford, probably son of Richard Beckley, had Hannah, who married 10 September 1689, Robert Webster.

RICHARD BECKLEY, New Haven 1639, removed to Wethersfield before 1668, had probably two wives, of whom the latter was a daughter of John Deming, children Sarah, perhaps born in England married 21 October 1657, John Church of Hartford; John, born 6 March 1642; Mary, baptized 12 September 1647; Benjamin, 27 January baptized 10 March 1650; Nathaniel, born 13 October 1652, baptized 15 October 1653; and Hannah, 14 October 1656; and died 5 August 1690 at Wethersfield.


JOSEPH BECKWITH, Lyme, son of Matthew Beckwith, by wife Susanna, had Sarah, 14 April 1677; and Joseph, 15 April 1679.

 MATTHEW BECKWITH, New London 1652, Hartford 1658, then a freeman, and had first lived there 1639, removed to Branford, there in 1668 was one of the founders of church, thence to Lyme, there died 21 October 1680, aged about 70, by fall in a dark night down a ledge of rocks.  See Reverend Mr. Bradstreet's journal in Genealogical Registrar IX. 50.  He had two daughters, besides sons Matthew, John, and Joseph.  His widow married Samuel Buckland; and of the daughters, one married Benjamin Grant; the other, Robert Gerard; but the name of either is not seen.

MATTHEW BECKWITH, Lyme, son of the preceding, by wife Elizabeth, had Matthew, John, and James, the last born 1 June 1671, and all were baptized 10 September following; Jonah, born 27 December 1673; Prudence, 22 August 1676; Elizabeth, 4 February 1679; Ruth, 14 March 1681; and Sarah December 1684.  A second wife Elizabeth Griswold, widow of Peter Pratt, who she married after divorce from John Rogers, was daughter of Matthew Griswold.  Her he married 1691, had a daughter Griswold; and he died 4 June 1727, in his will named all the children except Sarah, perhaps deceased, and his widow died next month.

NATHANIEL BECKWITH, Lyme, son perhaps of Matthew Beckwith the first, there in 1675, had Nathaniel, born 28 May 1679 and was living 1690.  Of descendants some are still at New London, Miss Caulkins says, and often called Becket; while at Branford it appears Bickatt.

STEPHEN BECKWITH, Norwalk 1654, removed soon, but came back after 1655.  Perhaps he was that passenger in the Francis, mentioned under Becket.

THOMAS BECKWITH, Roxbury 1650, removed perhaps to Fairfield, and left his wife, who obtained divorce 1655.


ROBERT BEDELL, ROBERT BEDLE, or ROBERT BEEDLE, New London 1648, had, perhaps, been at Wethersfield, where Hinman, 164, ranks him among first settlers there, probably had Robert, born 1642; and he removed 1650, to Newbury, I presume.

ROBERT BEDELL, ROBERT BEDLE, or ROBERT BEEDLE, Salisbury, son probably of the preceding, by wife Martha, had Mary, born 31 July 1666; removed to Newbury, and had Thomas, 30 April 1668; Elizabeth, 22 November 1669; Judith, 29 March 1671, died at 2 years; Robert, January 1675; Judith again, 8 March 1676, died next year; and John, 23 April 1678.  Coffin, in his History says Hannah, perhaps his wife, died 15 November 1678.


NATHAN BEDFORD, Scarborough, was constable 1665, kept the inn, and died 1681 by drowning.  In Southgate's History the strange wildness of a story, how he was murdered by the venerable Joshua Scottow, may be read.  He left widow Ann.


MORGAN BEDIENT, Hadley, came with his mother Mary from Staines, near London, to record the estate devised by her brother John Barnard, and died before reaching his majority.

THOMAS BEDIENT, Hadley, younger brother of the preceding, born 1654, a co-devisee, came with his mother, removed to Fairfield, and died about 1698.


JOHN BEDURTHA, JOHN BEDORTHA, or JOHN BODURTHA, Springfield, son of Rice Bedurtha, as drowned 18 March 1683, with his father and Lydia, wife of his brother Joseph, and Mercy Samuel, daughter of his brother Samuel.

JOSEPH BEDURTHA, JOSEPH BEDORTHA, or JOSEPH BODURTHA, Springfield, brother of the preceding, had three wives and eleven children, but details are not known to me, though in Genealogical Registrar XII. 176, we almost discovered one of the wives Rice, Reice, Reise, or Roise (as if the surname were not sufficiently various in spelling), Springfield, married 1646, Blanch Lewis, had Joseph, born 1649; Samuel, 1651; John, 1654; besides two younger children, and he was drowned with son John.

SAMUEL BEDURTHA, SAMUEL BEDORTHA, or SAMUEL BODURTHA, Springfield, son of the preceding, had two wives of which one was Mary, widow of Able Leonard, who he married July 1691, and he had fourteen children, but I know nothing of them, only that he died 1728.


SAMUEL BEDWELL, Boston, married 2 February 1654, Mary Hodgkinson, perhaps had that

SAMUEL BEDWELL, of Middletown, who died April 1715, or may be the same.


JAMES BEEBE, or JAMES BEEBY, Hadley, married 24 October 1667, Mary Boltwood, daughter of Robert Boltwood, had Mary, born 18 August 1668, died young; James, 9 December 1669, died young; Rebecca, 8 December 1670; Samuel, 26 June 1672; and Mary, again, 1675.  Perhaps, as this family soon removed, it may, in some branches, be found Bibby.

JAMES BEEBE, or JAMES BEEBY, Stratford, married 19 December 1679, Sarah Benedict, daughter of the first Thomas Benedict, had Sarah, born 13 November 1680; and James; removed to Norwalk, thence to Danbury, and may be the same as the foregoing.

JOHN BEEBE, or JOHN BEEBY, New London 1651, married Abigail York, daughter of James York of Stonington, had John, Benjamin, and Rebecca; was twenty years Sergeant, and in 1690 Lieutenant, lived to great age, died about 1708.  His widow died 9 March 1725, aged 86.  Rebecca married Richard Shaw of Easthampton, Long Island,  

NATHANIEL BEEBE, or NATHANIEL BEEBY, New London, youngest brother of the preceding, removed 1670, or earlier, to Stonington, had probably no children, and died 17 December 1724, aged 93.

SAMUEL BEEBE, or SAMUEL BEEBY, New London, brother of the preceding, married Agnes Keeny, daughter of William Keeny, had also second wife Mary.  His children were Samuel, William, Nathaniel, Thomas, Jonathan, Agnes, Ann, Susanna, and Mary; but I am unable to divide them between the wives, yet doubt not, that nearly all were by the first.  He owned the chief part of Plumb Island and removed to it, died 1712, aged 91, leaving widow.  Of the daughters, Agnes married John Daniels; Ann married Thomas Crocker; Susanna married Aaron Fountain; and Mary married Richard Tozer. 

THOMAS BEEBE, or THOMAS BEEBY, New London 1651, brother of the preceding, married Milicent Addis, widow first of William Southmayd, and next of William Ash, daughter of William Addis, had only son Thomas, and daughters Hannah, who married 1697, John Hawke; Milicent, who married Nicholas Darrow; and Rebecca, who married Nathaniel Holt; and he died 1699.  His son, who never married, died 1727.


ISAAC BEECHER, or ISAAC BEACHER, New Haven, had Isaac, born 18 August 1650; Samuel, 17 October 1652; and Eleazer, 8 April 1655.  Perhaps he had other children John and Joseph.  His mother Hannah, a widow in her will, 1657, mentioned two children, this Isaac Beecher, and William Potter, son of her former husband in England.  In 1685 Isaac senior, Isaac junior, and Eleazer were proprietors.  His will was of 26 September 1689; and inventory of 28 August following.